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Cecil Collins, The Poet, 1941

Here are some strange figures in a strange landscape. What do you think might be going on? What can you see on fire in the far distance? What is happening to the man in the front of the painting?

And what kind of creature follows behind? Are they men or gods, superheroes or villains? Tell us your own story of the mysterious fires and blinding lights in this painting.

29 stories about “Cecil Collins, The Poet, 1941”

  1. claire, age 9, from mexico

    once upon a time there was a man called jesus how lived here thats him in the picture the end

  2. stacey hughes, age 12, from uk

    this is my story it is a good picher but sum of it i dont get it is like the sun is hiting them on the head and he is gust sand thir it is very culfull it got buls and greens two well it is a sorrt sorry but i think it good.

  3. Marcella, age 10, from U.S.A.

    A young man captures a godess in his winding nets for fishing. She ries to break free and she pulls a star down from the sky. She puts in on his head and tangels him in the net . She escapes right before a fire starts in the wods near by.

  4. jivya, age 7, from England

    One day I was walking, then suddenly, a man cut my head of. Suddenly a bright light came and I became normal again.

  5. sam and harry, age 11, from brittain

    this shows a cheeky mango dancing around another tribe of blubber muffins who are trying to take over the world muhahahahahahahahaha . Then out of no where came an army of cheeky mangos who with their chocolate chip launchers defeated the blubber muffins ….. the end

  6. jessica jackso, age 13, from usa

    Lighting strikes

    One stormy night there was a boy who was walking down a street and it starting raining then all of a sudden it was a bolt of lighting that strikes the boy in the face and suddenly he had a little bit of vision left and he saw that the tree had got stuck by lighting and then he died. y here…

  7. Joseph, age 10, from England

    A mirrored sun blaze killed fred!!!!!!!!

  8. guy, age 9, from england

    a cyclops and a harpey being vaporised by god

  9. Da Man, age 0, from UK

    Beatle looked out onto the hills, observing how the twisted paths mingled together as one. This really is home, he thought. The sun set, it’s milky light turning a deep crimson.
    “And how the sun shines down on us!” he called out, his voice carried on the breeze.
    Then, he spotted a stampede of wildebeast cantering along, tossing their massive heads. Beatle raced out among them, not caring if they crushed him with their galloping hooves.
    He leapt onto the back of one, and grabbed onto it’s shaggy fur. The beast swerved, and reared up on it’s hind legs. Beatle crashed to the ground, unsure why it no longer liked him.
    “It’s me!” yelled Beatle, shielding himself with a bruised arm.
    For the beast he had jumped onto was Beastie, his pet wildebeast. For a while when they lived together in Camp Woodlock, they could never be parted. But now, it seemed like a dream.
    “Beastie, it’s Beatle!”
    The wildebeast snorted, and stamped the ground with his hooves. Beatle watched, suddenly realising this was not Beastie. Beastie had a big, brown spot on his back, but this one didn’t.
    In fact, this was the wildebeast Beastie always talked about, that had three horns, and a long, swaying tail. “I am Weatherhorn,” it grunted. “You have upset me greatly. I shall end you here and now…”
    Weatherhorn made to kick Beatle, hard. But Beatle rolled over, drew his dagger and stood up. It was a long battle. They kicked, bit and rolled in the dirt, fiercely.
    Then, Beatle, who had been knocked down by Weatherhorn said, “Look, Weatherhorn! Behind you!”
    “I don’t fall for tricks!” snarled Weatherhorn. “You mean for me to be off my guard!”
    “No!” cried Beatle, staring at the sky.
    For in the sky, a distant blue light shone. It was coming closer, and closer by the second. Now, it was so close that Beatle had to look away from it’s light.
    “Watch out, Weatherhorn!”
    As Weatherhorn turned, the light smashed into him, knocking the wildebeast to the ground. The earth rose up, and absorbed him completely. Then the light spoke.
    “I have sent Weatherhorn to the ground. He will become the mountains and valleys. And now for you…”
    Suddenly, a light shone out of Beatle’s face, light a lighthouse. His skin became a deep blue, and then, he melted into the sea.
    Beatle’s tears of anger turned into salt, and from then on, the mountains and the sea forged together to make a new, better Earth.

  10. luke herbert, age 9, from wales

    there once was a poor man his wife died in a fire he escaped from the blaze. He found sticks and sheels and made a hut then a portal ripped open and then a black shadowman apeared he said “i am the black shadow” the black shadow gave him a blanket. And left

  11. Allie Spurgeon, age 12, from usa

    Once upon a time there was a woman, not just any woman, a woman from the grass, the god of the grass, a magical woman. She came to life as a human and worked and looked as a man. She plowed the fields and brought money back to a cottage she had magically built in the forest west of a village. One day while she was plowing the fields, something happened. The Evil Side of the Sun. He came out raging, yelling, and wanting to fight to take over the world. The grass was first. The god of the grass transformed into herself………………….and was ready to fight. (To Be Continued)

  12. Cullen, age 11, from US

    A man named Arconolee tries to escape from his village which is burning to the ground after a small star hurtled to earth and set fire to everything. Arconolee is all alone and walking down a path when a hand reaches out of the ground and offers him a key to get his entire life back into structure. He dosen’t know if he should trust the thing, but he goes up to it and starts to take the key, but a light shines from the heavens and a voice yells out to not except the offer from which the devil is offering and to go to the nearest village to help your people. Arconolee does not know which offer he should refuse. He wants to except the devil’s offer to leave this world, to see his family who are all dead , but he also wants to help his fellow villagers. He tries run away, but the devil yells at him to come back, that he will see his family again. Arconolee stopped and thought over the offers. An hour later he yells I have made my desicion! He takes the key from the devil and accepts his offer. A light shines and he can hear the voice from the heavens calling his name. Arconolee wakes up to see his family rising on a cloud and him being pulled under by a thousand hands. He called their name, but they didn’t hear him. He was pulled down realizing he had accepted the offer by temptation.

  13. Tallulah, age 6, from England

    Once upon a time, there was an evil villain and a hero. The villan took the power of the sun to destroy the hero but, the hero was trapped so he couldn’t escape. Behind them was a raging forest fire with black smoke coming out of it. The fire spread up the ropes of the net and killed the villain and the hero escaped. The end.

  14. henry tufnell, age 12, from England

    the fire made by a chaos of darkness
    the fire made by a chaos of darkness
    a faded sun
    a dead end
    a creators work destroyed
    the light in the eye leading the goodness
    with a helping item wrapped by the wires
    the faded sunlight hitting the darkness
    this first figure the angel of light
    followed by the fool of destruction
    the scattered sapphire items broken
    the religion of darkness close behind
    This light creator looking up as a last final prayer.
    This is war.

  15. George Craven, age 13, from England

    The sky is dark.
    There is a town in the background that is burning.
    In the foreground a man is getting blinded by a light.
    There is a tree behind him who is angry because the town had been bombed.
    The man has left a track from were the town was burning.
    Pieces of rubble lie on the ground from the explosion.
    The tree is now following the man that came from the town.

  16. Kit Haig, age 13, from England

    The sky is dark, flat against the faded sun
    Its rays attacking a Dark figure,
    Maybe a traveller, maybe a follower, or maybe a shadow
    Following something, with a glimmer of hope,
    Travelling away from the fire,
    The fire caused by chaos.

    The town in the background was made by it,
    But chaos has followed, leaving death, destruction, and flame in its path
    Weaving, it creates its track for people to follow
    But it is misused, by the shadow, to track and burn whatever is created by it
    And day by day its material runs out until it will have no more
    And the darkness will succeed for a time until a new one will come
    And create,
    But time is against them, for shade is everywhere
    And it will not stop.

  17. Hugo Higginson, age 13, from England

    Remember that day,
    the day when I was running away from my soul,
    running away from the legions of dark figures in cloaks,
    carrying flaming torches and shouting at the top of
    their lungs.

    BANG, BANG gunshots firing in the air,
    men, children and dogs letting of rounds with
    a petrifying shriek with a petrifying laugh.

    The only glimmer of hope was that message
    from God shot down by his finest archer.
    and my gown, my lovely gown, made of
    dragons skin that sends up brain-waves
    to my ears.

    I could sense my feet being cut on
    the pebbles, but my gown could not
    figure out what sense it actually was.

    I was in agony, the agony that I was
    given in birth, I was disabled when I
    was so very young, so young that I still do
    not understand what it is
    but I was blessed, blessed by my father.

  18. sophee, age 13, from England

    once 1 sunny day The greek goddess’ eyes went away and replaced her motals eyes astray.

  19. tom, age 9, from Japan

    There was farmer who grow crops and ate them himself.
    God did not like this so he punished the farmer. So never be greedy.

  20. Tylavia Harris, age 11, from Canada

    Today I am alive and free at last. The heavens is alive. He set me free. Come with me for freedom. ALIVE we go.

  21. Andrew Thakkar, age 13, from England

    “i curse the sun over your blazing body and send the life of the ground through your spine” said the black curser with hatrid and sorrow. As the man was going to be indugled by the elements he had a prayer “my life is going to the dark abyss so shall my god not rescue me from this forbidden creature. This earthy vine is cutting my leg as a lion would claw its prey. So if you care oh father send fire to kill this beast for i will serve for you eternity.”

  22. Tia knight, age 11, from UK

    once upon a time there lived a scorceress she was so pretty any scocerer would do any thing for her steel, kill even kidnap children but under all of that she had a deep dark the darkest secret of all these were her secrets;

    1) She killed her husband on the night of the honeymoon

    2) She was really ugly

    3)and she sucked the blood of the victim

    one day while she was looking for a victim a bird flew down and killed her “agggggggggg” she screamed she died and exploded into a million pieces she was gone forever

  23. Ciara doyle, age 11, from Ireland

    As you look at this picture you wonder what it is, well let me tell you the whole story. This is the picture of man named jeamui he lives in africa. One day he went out to cut the crops for his master when he saw a beam of light coming towards him, he was blinded and could not see a thing suddenly the beam disappeard .He was trapped in red laser beams All he could see was a man in a black suit he through a ball of light and fire at his heart. Jeamui was never seen again some people said that his master was a very evill god who was trying to wipe the out the universe ………

  24. barry, age 9, from England

    there once were two men who were born with no faces, to move around they used there noses, until one day a bolt of lightning came bolting down and gave them faces to use and see with. they were so happy they could see and they all lived happily ever after.

  25. holly griffin, age 6, from England

    One day in whales a little girl came running to her mum and said ,mum mum an alain has stole my freind Mary,. youve made it up. But it was true. The next day mum was watching the tv it said an alain from out of space has stole a child called mary. So it was true and she had learnt her leasen THE END

  26. amber, age 9, from England

    one day two men were fighting as a village was burned down in the distance

  27. Rosa Simms-Pre, age 8, from England

    A reflection on the world shines upon me. Sunsets upon our world and life became darkness. I lost my head and now I’m dead I will not be coming back again thou my sole will still live.

  28. oliver greaves, age 6, from uk

    once upon atime there was a man and he lived very happily in his home but once he accidentlly lit match and accidently burn a house on fire and then he saw a big black man with black eyes and a black mouth and he looked at him and there was a diamond on his head. He looked at him and there was a sun on the gods head. and then he dies and he rose up in heaven and became the loveliest man in the whole wide world. The end.

  29. maria, age 10, from england

    5his story looks like the god is giving the power to the man. Because the man is very poor but itz also very good.