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Juan Muñoz, Towards the corner, 1998

Seen from behind, seven grey figures dressed in suits are standing, sitting and slouching on some wooden benches. They all seem to be looking at something we can’t see. Walk around and you see a collection of identical oriental-looking faces – all smiling and laughing at something that seems to have vanished. It’s like an illusion!

Think about what makes you laugh? Imagine you are performing in front of the group, what stories would you tell them? Imagine a magician has played a trick on the group turning them all grey. Think about what they were like before this happened, what colour clothes would they have been wearing and what would have brought them together?

82 stories about “Juan Muñoz, Towards the corner, 1998”

  1. Josh, age 13, from United Kingdom

    every day, every 12 o clock, 7 men would meet each other, they would talk about the news, the weather and even each other. they would always sit in the same place and always talk in the same way. days turned into months and months turned into years and yet they all dies on the same day in the same place when they were 100. the end.

  2. Ariana, age 6, from USA

    They are singing in front of people. There wear lots and lots of colors when they wear their usual clothing but when sing they only wear one color. And you know who makes those benches? I know who made those benches. You want to know who made those benches? Ariana.

  3. kris, age 8, from I.L.

    Once there was seven men how got glued to a the bench. and thay started to laughing for fun but thay got locked in the trird dimension the twilight zone where the past and the futuer culied into one.

  4. Catherine, age 11, from England

    The Singers sat on a bench and when people went by they sang what they were saying. One girl was new and didn’t now about the singers. As she walked by she told a secret. The singers heard it and sang it extra loud. For if you said something quiet they would sing it loud!

  5. Casey Clark, age 12, from UK

    ‘Seven Still Men’

    One day seven men were walking the silent streets of London when they decided to go and watch a street entertainer. They sat down on wooden benches and watched the performer. The entertainer told the seven men he was rehearsing for his magic show. As time went on the seven men watched the entertainer, he then told the men he was going to do an amazing trick, the men got excited. The magician raised his wand and turned the seven men into men. The seven men turned into seven stone men. Every one that went past thought they were just statues. The next day the magician said to the audience that he would turn the statue of the seven men back into men. He did. He winked at the men and they were alive again. THE END.

  6. Pia Innes, age 12, from England

    ‘The Seven Men’

    The seven people in the piece of artwork are at a circus. They arrived just thirty minutes ago. They were all brothers that’s why their faces are all similar. They sat down on their benches and waited for the show to begin. They were all joking around when the show began. The man welcomed everyone to the Middlesbrough circus. After a woman came on. She introduced herself and performed her swinging on a trapeze while balancing a tray with a glass of orange. All the men were laughing. Laughing because the show was funny and because they were glad to be together. The woman went off and the next act came on. Over the microphone it said “and now introducing the magic man. ” He came on and said “I will disappear while turning you to stone. ” He got a cloth and threw it into the air. He clapped. All the seven men were laughing when suddenly their expressions stayed still. Frozen. The magic man had disappeared and the seven men were stuck in stone.

  7. Emma Whorlton, age 12, from England

    was called to come down from the boss of the foling factory because some of his men had raised £500,000,000 for the factory for new equipment and better facilities for employees and customers to use. You see I am Bob the magician and I can perform all the tricks in the book but when I do them I perform them with a twist. I was told what the men had done and I was happy for them so I decided to give a performance of a lifetime. When I entered the elegant hall, the men were dressed in scruffy blue overalls and were happy to see me. I happily shook and congratulated them on their money-raising. I performed all the tricks and then it came to my newest trick called “shine on me, mirror. ” I stood the mirror up on its polished wooden legs the view in the mirror was forming the men into women. They all laughed cheerfully but then I wanted to steal their money so I turned them all into grey stone.

  8. Kelly Spence, age 12, from England

    ‘The Seven Grey People’

    It was a Friday, 2 days before a special magic act involving Jack. His six friends told him to practice it on them and see if they enjoyed it. He told them it was a bit embarrassing and he didn’t want to do it in public. So the six friends decided to take Jack to their secret hiding place because they thought it would be private and he could be able to do his act with only them seeing it. As he prepared his friends were talking and joking and messing about. Jacks act was very long and it took him a while to prepare. As he was doing his tricks he friends watched very carefully, clapped when they were meant to and took notes of his performance. When Jack had finished he went and started talking to his friends and laughing with them and told them the reason he was doing this. After he finished they all began to talk and joke again. They all sat there through the night joking and Jack was telling them some of his magic tricks like making things disappear and how to turn things to stone! By the morning they had been turned to stone! No one ever saw them again and they were forgotten!

  9. Nathan McCoy, age 11, from England

    ‘The 7 Grey People’

    The seven people in the picture all have the same face and all look the same. It is as if they are all the same person they it is also as if they are made of stone before that I think they would of looked like old men with the same old smiling jolly face laughing at something that must have been really funny. It would be like a lovely sunny morning at the beech. It could also have been that music is playing in the background and they are all talking. It also looks like they are really close friend’s maybe even relatives. But the reason I think they would have turned to stone is because I think they would have been a circus across the road and the worlds best magician was in town and the magician said to the men ” I will turn you all in to stone” The seven men just laughed at the magician and didn’t believe he would be able to turn them in to stone. But after a puff of smoke the seven men were still laughing but weren’t moving they were solid stone. But the men were never seen of or heard of ever again. I don’t know were they are or if they are still stone. What do you think?

  10. Daniel Norman, age 1, from England

    They had been a murder in the newly opened museum but this wasn’t just a normal murder the victim had been turned to stone. Later that week agent Norman and six other men went to the museum to investigate. As they arrived they where told to sit down and watch the show .suddenly a magician jumped out he started performing tricks.

  11. Leigh Thompson, age 11, from England

    ‘The Seven Grey Men’

    The seven grey were walking down the path when they saw a magic act and decided to watch it. The magician was using an assistant to help him into a big glass bowl of water. His assistant strapped him down onto a raft with real chains then tipped the raft upside down and, very dramatically he took a big breath and was dropped into the 20 litres of water. The assistants pulled a curtain down. There was no way he could breathe and he was suspended upside down in water for two minutes. After two minutes the assistants carefully pulled the curtain back up and there he was. The magician was still fine. The assistants pulled the curtain back down and left it for another minute. Then a minute later they, once again, pulled the curtain back up and he was standing on the raft. Not even a scratch. The grey men were stunned at the amazing magician they started laughing. The magician had now started his next act which was to change seven men into stone. He decided to change the seven ‘grey’ men into stone because they were laughing at his close-death. He changed them into stone and couldn’t change them back.

  12. Ryan Grier, age 11, from England

    ‘The Seven Grey Fellars’

    I think this piece of art work is about: The seven grey fellars went to watch a show at a theatre. They went to watch a show called Peter Pan. But the seven grey fellars noticed that they couldn’t see any other people apart from themselves. So once the show had started all they could do is listen to the story. Once the story had finished the seven grey fellars went home and all of them went to sleep. Once the seven grey fellars woke up they started to build a big wooden bench. Then suddenly a magician appeared right in front of them he said to them once you have finished this bench you will sit you will all be turned into stone for a hundred years.

  13. Samantha Clark, age 11, from England

    ‘The 7 Dull Grey Looking Men’

    A show was going on in Greyville Lane. It was called the Magicians Magic. As the 7 seven men were talking to each other a magician walked out in front of them on to the stage . It all went silent but then an astonishing around of applause came by the seven men. The magician started doing magic tricks and he started with the one where he has a handkerchief in his hand and then made it vanish. All seven of the men were clapping and laughing. He then took his hat off and a white rabbit hopped out. The men were laughing more and more. They were also clapping faster and faster. They eventually calmed down and the magician did another trick where he made a glass cup float in mid air. The seven men burst out laughing and chatting louder but then they stopped all of a sudden. Their eyes closed and they stopped breathing because of this the magician turned them to stone. They have never been seen since.

  14. Richard Coupla, age 11, from England

    ‘7 Greys’

    There were once 7 young gentlemen. They lived in a large house next to the sea. There was a new zoo, starting up in the centre town. They all decided that on Saturday they would all go. When Saturday came round the 7 lads were ready to leave. They left. They arrived at the zoo and paid there price to get in. They walked round the zoo. They saw monkeys, lions, parrots, dolphins, flamingos, bears and many more. They watched shows on dolphins, Kangaroos, parrots and others. They came to one show which was quite empty; they sat down in a seat. The zoo keeper came out with 3 elephants, one yellow. They did lots of tricks like riding on tiny bikes whilst balancing a ball on there head. The show lasted half an hour but in the last five minutes. The yellow elephant looked at the men and they turned to stone looking very old. They were like that for ever and ever. Now you know why you were it was empty. Richard Coupland

  15. Andrew Harland, age 12, from England

    ‘7 Gray Bench Men’

    Every day, the seven grey bench men, join up and sit on the same bench every day. All they do is watch the world go by. Day after day, after day, watch, watch, watch. Then one day, they all started singing. Then day after day, song after song, the seven men started to attracted people. Every day, tourists would come to watch and listen to the peace music. They became a group called the’ 7 grey bench men’. Sing, sing, sing, that’s all they did. Then one day the men were old and tired and decided to not sing as much. But two weeks later, when they all met up, there were only five of them. Then four next week, then three, next week two then one. All of them had became old and grey and had died. Poor 7 grey bench men.

  16. Brad Bennions, age 12, from England

    ‘The 7 Dwarfs’

    Another fine day at Grayville Courts, the seven dwarfs woke up with a ‘hi-ho’ and also the sound of the Grayville bell. They raced down the stairs for the newspaper and then to breakfast, after they ate they raced back upstairs to get changed out of their PJ’s. They were very organised dwarfs. Today they were going for a photo shoot as they were the main characters in the new movie ‘7 Blind Men’. They went into the studio and got prepared for the shoots they had to stand, slouch and sit on two benches and a comedian behind the camera made them laugh and they raced straight to their house and straight to bed.

  17. Zak Moore, age 11, from England

    ‘7 Gray Men’

    I think this piece of work is about: A man laughing at a magician hypnotizing people and telling them to do weird things like act like chickens and monkeys but the magician was actually looking for some statues to go around his house. The man was laughing so hard he looked like he was about to bust a gut. One man overheard the other man laughing. The man came over and then another and another until there were seven. Then the magician thought he had enough so he turned them into stone. Then he thought how he would get seven stone men home without a crane. So their were 7 grey stone men left on a bench.

  18. Umar Mahmood, age 12, from Britain

    ‘Stone Men Story’

    One Day a man wanted to be a famous magician so he opened up a circus. He did lots of magic tricks. He used to do them on volunteers. He was very good but a bit clumsy so sometimes he ended up hurting the volunteers. Everyone left because they did not think it was safe and they did not want to get hurt. So then he was bankrupt and lived in the circus for five years. Then he sent out an advertisement for volunteers. Seven drunken men applied by accident and found themselves in the circus. They messed up all the acts like the tight rope and the unicycle. On the tight rope the man fell and seriously got hurt. On the unicycle the man kept falling off. The magician caught the men messing up the acts and messing around. When it was their act he turned them all grey and they were laughing at themselves and at the magician so he turned them to stone and their laughs got stuck.

  19. Adam Davies, age 11, from England

    There was once some men who where all sent to a bench in England. All the people came from different countries and came to this bench. Quite freakishly they all spoke one language, English. There was a message on the bench for the people saying they must try and get along together. After a couple of day’s one man said “What are we doing here,” then another said “I don’t know” Then a person came across to the people and said “I got you to come here, I have chosen you people because I am running a program to see if people from different countries can bond.” Then a couple of day’s later 1 or 2 started to bond but 1 or 2 couldn’t be bothered. The people had to go on a day out together to a zoo. Some refused to go but were taken with them anyway. The person running the programme said “This week were all going out everyday and then your all going to say what you think of if people from different countries can bond.” Once they had finished the week the people had to be questioned on the program. All the people said it is possible that many people from different countries could bond. The people were all taken to the bench and they all sat whilst some people took some pictures of the group.

  20. Danielle Thoma, age 11, from England

    ‘The 7 Grey People’

    It was Sunday, a day before Bills Performance. He was a magician and his first ever show was on Monday the 17th October. Bill thought that he was the best magician ever but everything he did went wrong. Really wrong. People laughed at him every time things went wrong, but he thought nothing of it and decided to carry on his career as a magician. The night before Bills big performance he had packed his car and placed his suit in the cupboard on a coat hanger. He woke up the next day bright and early. He arrived on the field and discovered that only 3 people were their. Eventually 4 other people turned up and his show began. First he tried to pull a rabbit out of his hat but he pulled hi hat inside out. The audience was not impressed. Next he tried to make a dog disappear but he turned it into a turkey. The audience burst out laughing, Bill tried again but he turned the audience into stone.

  21. Megan Connor, age 11, from England

    One day there were 7 men that were all watching a play. This play they were watching was at a theatre. The play was about magic. They had just been watching the play when all of a sudden the 7 men turned grey. But they didn’t seem to notice they had changed colour. Something had some how turn them grey. For so strange reason everyone else had realised they had changed. Straight after it was time for the break half way through. Afterwards was the next part of the play and the 7 men were still just sat there watching what was going on. The magician was telling a joke and doing magic at the same time. All 7m men turned into stone. So the men had somehow turned grey and then into grey stone. The only thing is, is that nobody ever found out how the magician had changed them in pure grey stone.

  22. Charlie Neale, age 12, from England

    ‘Seven Men’

    I was an apprentice in a magic show/ the best magician in town, the world even. It is said that God had blessed him. I was lucky to get the position. He was having a grand opening of a theme park, he had invented. So all his men set up the stage . The show began. He was doing amazing tricks like splitting me in half with a saw, then putting me back together again. Then it happened. Late arrivals had just come in and sat down. There were seven of them. They all started to giggle and chuckle. Then they all burst out laughing, very loudly. The magician (his name was mike) said “what’s so funny about my show?!?” The seven men replied “It’s not the show! Its how your dressed!! HAHAHA!” they all laughed. Mike got annoyed, so he shouted “you will pay for this!” and in a mad fury, he threw his arms up and two great bolts of lightning shot out of his hands. You could only see smoke where they sat, but when it cleared, the seven men were turned into stone. Just solid lifeless stone. Mike had his men move the benches on which they sat out of sight, for the very sight of then enraged him. They were never seen again.

  23. jay, age 30, from Portugal

    Its seems to me that these seven men are watching a comedy play because they’re all enjoying the moment, or they are just admiring something really bizarre that they find amusing or completely ridiculous. They all seem very conservative on the way they expressed themselves, very composed on there seats expect for one of them. He might be the foolish one on the group.

  24. Eliza Hancock, age 13, from England

    The boys sit and wait. One of the workers stands up to see if the train’s coming. No such luck. It’s getting cold now – and dark. Even though the night is peaceful and tranquil, to the workers every minute they wait and watch the night set in their heads ache and they begin to laugh. ‘Why are we here’, ‘What is the point of being here’ ‘Are we meant to be here’ The laughing is not like when you laugh at a joke it’s a laugh that helps the workers forget all the troubles they have been through during the day. It helps them remember the good times when they were not mining to earn enough money to buy a loaf of bread.

  25. Jordan, age 11, from England

    Once upon a time there was seven clay, men and they sat on a bench they did not like sitting on the bench all the time because they sat there all the time.and one day the first man said let try and get peoples attention so they can try to get a witch and try a make a spell to make us free. So that day they sore a witch and explained what two do.the witch set of to her house and got one frogs legs a potion and mixed it together the she finished. In the morning she took it to them and she got a brush and passed it all over them and all of a sudden the plaster came off and they where human, the men said thank you.so they where not plaster again.

  26. Karina, age 10, from USA

    Clay. I’m made out of clay. I laugh and I hoot cause I’m made out of clay. I’m no one to be feared or to be feared of someone else, cause I’m hooting and hollering cause I’m made out of clay. I as strong as what I’m made of cause I’m made out of clay. Be happy who you are no matter what your made of. I happy and glad cause I’m made out of…… clay!

  27. Laila Hussein, age 12, from London, England

    one day there were seven men and they were country folk they were all bored at there job so they decided to do something even better so they all covered there selves in grey spray paint they then sat in the great hall and they posed for pictures and children.

  28. Adrian, age 11, from USA

    These people are real and they turned to stone by the modern day Medusa Alexis Bethel

  29. Polina, age 11, from Pennsylvania

    The once was a family who lived in Arizona and The family was very cranky especially after they lost their cousin Beth. So the father couldn’t take it anymore. And he made an add saying who ever makes then laugh will get 600 dollars. At first an old women named Nana brought her dog to dance to a weird song, but the family just sat there and no one said a word, The next day a boy named Charles Came and sang a funny song. But that made Flora the daughter cry because it was Beth’s favourite song. The next person was an British man who tried to show them a interesting magic trick. but the other daughter Sandra just said it was not working and went away.

    Later that night when the fathers wife was asleep he went to the kitchen and began to whimper, He knew the family was not going to ever laugh. So he decided to give up hope. But he didn’t notice their cooks Grace And Tom looking at them through the window. The next morning when the family sat down to eat mashed potatoes with bacon. grace didn’t give them bacon exactly So then when the wife Picked up her bacon it squeaked the wife jumped up.! Augh!! she screamed what is that! that’s Randy’s chew toy. grace said pointing at their white pooch. the wife smiled a tiny smile and went off. Later when the family was sitting on the bench the wife glared at the dog who was chewing that. just then she burst out laughing and the family joined her about the chew toy. And from that day on the family can be made laughed easily

  30. Achilleas, age 13, from Cyprus

    crazy people with problems in their minds and laughing with themselves

  31. Georgina Tunn, age 12, from England

    ‘Mr Nobody’

    There once was a family called the Lion family. They had 7 children who were all boys. The oldest, Leonard, was very loud and overpowering. One of those “in-ya-face” type people. In fact the whole family was like this except from Daniel. The youngest. He was and always had been a quiet and well mannered boy. He kept himself to himself and got on with his life. But all of the other boys always had a problem, or something to moan about. Steven, Mark, George, Robert and Frederick were the other 5 boys. They all looked up to there older Brother Leonard and followed in his foot-steppes if you know what I mean.

    They all said Daniel would be a mr nobody when he was older, no-one would like him and he would end up stacking shelves. But Daniel didn’t fight back; he didn’t want to make a scene. They bullied Daniel badly and made him feel terrible, but his parents never believed him. They treated his older brothers better than they treated him.

    One day things started to get a bit out of control; Leonard brought some friends home from a night out drinking. Mr and mrs Lion had gone on a weekend in the countryside and left Leonard in charge of his 6 brothers. Leonard’s drunken friends started to trash the house. Leonard just watched and laughed. Daniel came out of his room to see what was going on. He didn’t know they were Leonard’s friends and he confronted them “what are you doing in our house? Who are you? Why are you smashing our things?” cried Daniel, it was the loudest he’d ever spoken. “Oooh this must be the little mr nobody our Len told us about. We are here coz’ your brother invited us, and we are smashing things coz its fun!” the boys sniggered and left the house. A couple of minutes later Leonard came back from the shop with a crate full of beer. “Where the hell are my friends?” exclaimed Leonard. “They’ve gone” said Daniel timidly – “they were smashing our stuff”. “So what” replied Leonard angrily.

    By this time all 6 boys had crowded around Daniel. They were all extremely annoyed that Daniel had ruined there little ‘drinking party’. “You little grass” shouted Frederick. “Mr nobody, mr nobody, mr nobody…” chanted the brothers. A sudden rush of hatred ran through Daniel, “I hate you, I hate you all!” Daniel screamed. Leonard had never seen his brother so confident before, he was shocked (and very drunk), so he hit him. Punched him right in the face. Daniel was knocked out, and all of his brothers fled the scene. His parents found him the next day and phoned the police immediately. Leonard was arrested for assault and some of his friends were arrested for criminal damage.

    10 years later:

    Steven lives in Sweden and works as a bin man. Mark is in prison for stealing from his job as a salesman. George is in a mental institute for trying to throw himself into the crusher at the car scrap yard he worked at. Robert got 1 GCSE which was in PE. Frederick works in a supermarket and has a wife and children, but he’s an alcoholic and he’s in debt from gambling.

    One similarity between them all is that they have few friends, they all got terrible results at school and they all drink heavily.

    Daniel is a successful business man who owns his own company: ‘Lions, the jewellery company, which he runs with his wife and some friends. His wife is called Hollie and he has 7 (!!!) children called Hollie-may, Daniel-lee, Samantha, Joanna, Joshua, Lily and Christopher. He is very happy and loves his life. He wants to give his children the life he never had, he makes sure his children don’t fight and all get treated fairly.

    Oh yes and last and defiantly least, there is Leonard. He left school at 15 and moved to America with some money he stole from his parents. This left the family with no money and they ended up living in a flat. Anyway, whilst in America, he got arrested 5 times in 1 month and ended up in jail for 3 months. He got a girlfriend, and they had a son. Leonard left his son, Daniel (!!!), in a supermarket when he was drunk. When the police brought the baby back to there house, his girlfriend left him immediately and never wanted anything to do with him again. He then went to prison for 4 years for drink driving, he was badly drunk and he was driving around. He crashed right in to the back of a family car (at 60 mph) and killed a woman. Now he has no house, no friends, no job, and no money and he lives on the streets.

    Now who’s the Mr Nobody? Ha-ha.

  32. Farjhana, age 11, from England

    One day there was a party in the house. Everyone was at home. The people in the party was having some great fun. There was lots of guest in the house.

  33. Siyanda, age 10, from South Africa

    One day I was walking in the park when I saw 7 men sitting on a bench. The men’s faces looked the same but some were wearing different clothes and were in different positions. It was very strange.

  34. Daniel Crenol, age 12, from England

    One day, there were five men sitting and standing on a bench watching a play. Time passed and two more men came along and asked to sit down. The five men told them to go away, so they did. The next day the same five men were on the bench and the same two men came along and asked to sit down. Again the five men refused, however this time, the two men didn’t back down so easily. They decided to fight the five men and miraculously won. The two men weren’t really nasty though. They took half the bench for themselves and left half the bench for the five men.

    The moral of this story is:

    Share or face the consequences!

  35. Jennifer, age 11, from England

    Laughing crying, standing sitting. Men sit on hard wood benches, bright clothes and differences, muted to a subtle grey, all individuality lost. Who are they? Their living breath turned to cold stone, frozen in glory and despair. Voice stilled to a creaking groan. Different shades of grey flicker as light moves and night comes and goes. And finally, a cheer! A young boys goal at his cold mornings football match.

  36. Ruby Smart, age 12, from England

    Matty was the captain of the London Football team. he always had good ideas and listened to everybody. however he didn’t like Andy, and Andy didn’t like him. While Matty was cleaning his football, Andy tied his shoelaces together so that Matty would fall over.

    Matty and Andy and the rest of the team went out to the pitch. Matty took a running kick at the ball, but fell over in the mud! Everyone laughed, and that night, after three hundred phone calls from people who laughed at him, Matty died of embarrassment! The end!!!

  37. Chas Smith, age 9, from England

    One Autumn night, there were seven friends, seven friends who were having a lovely time! They were having a glass of beer at The Merry Monk. Now, these friends are a funny bunch. They even have a comedy show on T.V. They were getting ready for the magician special. The magician special is on every Tuesday at 8:00pm. The magician special is when an unknown magician comes on the show, that magician plays one trick on the seven, if that trick succeeds then the magician gets £100 prize money! But sadly, not one had ever won the money.

    This weeks magician sounded pretty convincing. “I can turn seven men into stone” he boasted. “And now, the magician special starring the seven mates!” pronounced the announcer. ” This week’s magician is Elastico, he said he could turn us into stone” mocked friend # 1. “Let him try” exclaimed friend # 4. ” Even if it is impossible” pronounced freind # 7 wisely who was standing on the bench with his chin up high. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” shouted Elastico. But to everybody’s surprise the seven friends were STONE! “Don’t worry the stone wears off in 10 minutes flat” Explained Elastico. So Elastico, the magician got his money, the men were now known as the stony seven and they all had a happy life.

  38. Danny, age 12, from England

    This picture looks like a loud of people singing but turn into cement also it is a very old picture by the benches they are sitting on.

  39. Ashley, age 9, from England

    One day long ago seven men were walking to a bus stop. When they got there they saw an old woman sitting right in the middle of the bench.

    She got up and walked on to a bus that she was looking for. The men sat on the two benches. Then Jim told a joke and they all started laughing. Then the bus came by and the old woman stared out the window of the bus at the men and she blinked and they turned into stone figures.

  40. Jake Meadville, age 9, from PA

    It looks like men and girls laughing on the bench together.

  41. Lucy I, age 11, from England

    one day, a few people were waiting for a check up at the doctors. The doctors were taking a while because they were making up a substance to freeze these people for some scientists they new. the place was actually a science laboratory but they changed the sign outside and took over. these people were soildated with this substance and were used to do experiments on. That was the end of those people.

    they carried on doing this but someone outside saw what happened in the “other room” and called the police. they only caught six of the seven “doctors”. The other one is STILL on the loose. You better watch out”

  42. Francesca, age 6, from UK

    they are looking at a window which just disappeared. though it was a clown who was pulling a funny face. they are grey because it had been raining through the window. they were wearing jeans and red spotty tops

  43. Isabel Olliffe, age 13, from England

    Once long ago there was a little village that held a circus every year. Because men were richer they would only be aloud in. One particular year was the end of it all. The men laughed so much that they were turned into stone. A man named Juan found the men buried in his local park he gave them to the Tate and passed it of as his own art work.

  44. Fintan Lennon, age 11, from England

    Seven men came together to have a meeting. Suddenly the wicked witch appeared. She was angry with them and turned them all to stone.

  45. Jem, age 11, from England

    The men were tired just come home from somewhere they cannot remember they were jolly they saw a bench and fell they were stone

  46. Duncan, age 0, from unknown

    it looks like sculpture. They look like they are cheering on a football team Realistic, he has not used the same material. It seems to be like a still life

  47. Andrew, age 9, from Illinois Chicago

    these people are laughing because they are watching this show that a comedy. so you could freeze to death just like these people. the end

  48. Taylor Wiggan, age 10, from KM, USA

    There was 7 men laughing about another man who looked just like them. But the men who were laughing did not know what they looked like. Soooo….. The man who was being laughed at laughed back at them.

  49. Scott, age 10, from America

    Once upon a time there was 8 men they laughing because they were in class and one of them put a bomb in the chair and the teacher exploded into and was reborn back together irregularly the looked like an octopus Loch Ness monster like teacher

  50. Jon Ferrer, age 9, from America

    100 B.C. ago there were flying rocks. 7 people turned in to rocks.

  51. Becky, age 11, from England

    it began in the football stand.Men laughing for no reason what so ever. Laughing at the referee, MAYBE. Laughing at the other side, MAYBE. No one never knew why a bunch of men started laughing dressed in grey.

  52. Adell C, age 8, from KM USA

    Once upon a time there was 7 man laughing at how funny this fun funny book about a man that always used to tell a lot of jokes that they could not stop laughing. One was about a real funny joke. The joke was knock knock, who’s there, nobody, nobody who, and he did not say anything. THE END.

  53. Garrett D, age 8, from KM USA

    There were 7 guys laughing at someone that fell on a banana slip. It was so funny they could not stop laughing the man fell again they laughed even harder the 8 men were laughing so hard they fell off the to benches THE END

  54. T.J.L, age 9, from USA

    Once there were 7 men who were laughing because of a one legged dog. The dog who had no nose and ate wood. He ate the bench so they had to sit on the floor. but the dog ate the wood floor. Then the 7 men fell in to the water and that was the end of the 7 men. THE END

  55. Daniel G, age 9, from KM, USA

    Once there were 7 old people. And the year was1998!!!There was a bench build from Erik Rios and 7 old person were setting on it. And there were laughing! And do you now why there laughing? Because there was a play and a little baby was liking a phone because he thought it was a chocolate ice-cream cone!!!

  56. Wister L, age 9, from ILL

    Once there were 7men. There names were Alex Ryan, Wister, Carlos, CJ, Austen, David. They laughed and laughed. So when a man came by he asked why they were laughing. They laughed the man thought they were laughing at him. So he put a spell on them. They became frozen. They now know never to laugh around a stranger.

  57. David R., age 9, from KM IL USA

    What’s so funny? People were thinking. Seven men were always laughing. The village was afraid. They did not know the story of seven men. The seven menwere hit by a wizard and they were frozen. THE END

  58. Austin O., age 11, from USA

    Old people watching Seinfeld

  59. David F, age 12, from China USA

    This picture shows lots of old mans sitting down and watching a movie. A funny movie that make them laugh for one hundred years. They could barely breath they are falling to the floor.

  60. Cara G., age 10, from unknown

    It was time for basket ball. A kid got hit in the head with the ball in the gym. Seven men laughed at him. Then they turned to stone. No one herd there laugh again.

  61. Micaela D., age 11, from USA

    The laughing 7 men.

    Once there was seven laughing men they were joking, and they were laughing their lugs off. So later the men wanted to go home, but instead the men stayed the night together!

    WERE THEY FRIENDS OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Mrs. G, age 34, from U.S.A.

    This is a beautiful picture. I see 7 men that are enjoying a day sitting and standing on a park bench. They look happy and excited to all be together. I guess that it is a beautiful day and they are singing on the bus stop and having a good day waiting for the bus to come or they could either be singing in a park.

  63. Michael. D, age 11, from Boston

    These seven guys are laughing at performers because one of the performers fall an made all of other performers fall an some of the performers fall off the stage so they had to help get them up and take them to the hospital to make sure they are ok

  64. Isaac M, age 11, from u.s, k.m school

    One day 7 men where sitting on a table, all of a sudden they turned into rock! I was on the case. I found out that a freeze beam hit them.

  65. Zia, age 10, from unknown

    One day there were 7 men sitting on the bench. Then one man stand up and started to laugh and the rest sat down. The end

  66. Brianna B, age 11, from unkown

    One day there was seven men. Sitting on a bench they where laughing. Almost every minute they laughed and laughed. Until the play was over they saw a fat pig trying to walk to it’s farm. They stayed there almost all night laughing at the pig trying to go home until they got tried of laughing

  67. Mike, age 11, from USA

    Once upon a time seven men were telling jokes having a good time!

  68. Kylie M., age 9, from KM,USA

    Once upon a time there were 7 men. They were so funny that the men were laughing so hard in the cold that they almost froze to death. But if you saw it with your own eyes at 7 o’clock you would believe it but it did not happen so the next day I was walking to the place and it did!

  69. Tracy M., age 9, from Beach Park

    There was 7 mens laughing, sitting, and staring at something. They were staring at the most funniest thing of all. It was a painting of something but they didn’t know what it was. The painting had dozens of hands, it even had a smile that what made the 7 men laugh most of all.

  70. Bryant R, age 8, from Beach Park

    This all happened yesterday when a group of people went into a strange town. Seven brothers those people were. They were walking threw the streets then a gust of wind made them stone.

  71. Naser E., age 8, from USA

    It all started when a basilisk was in town. Seven men were sitting on a bench and the basilisk was coming their way. When a basilisk sees you turn into stone.

  72. Dominc A., age 8, from USA

    It all started when these 7 men were sitting on a bench and saw a man that lost his pants and all of a sudden they turned to stone.

  73. JOSH C., age 9, from ZION IL

    One day there were seven people on a bench. Laughing HA HA HA HA HA HA! All of them got up but one was stuck. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They all ran towards him. but they all got stuck to the ground. they looked at the sky. THE SUN HEEELP!!!!!!!!!!! They all melted.

  74. Adam C., age 11, from Zion USA

    Once upon a time there was a man name Jimbo. He was physically challenged. But one day he ate the breakfast of champions. A egg mcmuffin.He tried to fly. He fell into a building and these old dudes were laughing. Jimbo started to cry.

  75. James.Q, age 11, from USA

    There was a group of adult males who hung out at the local park and a day ago a member joined and the first day he was very nervous. He forgot to zip up his zipper , when he got to the park the males started laughing and he didn’t know why but he laughed with them.

  76. Ryan B., age 11, from Zion USA

    There once was a big green hairy monster named Bob. One day he came to a bench were there was seven men sitting on it. He tried to scare every one but, he just made all of them laugh hysterically. So he ate a power fruit and came scarier. Then he went back to the bench and scared them all away.

  77. Darius p., age 10, from USA

    One day there were 7 men that laughed at anything. One day they saw a dog and cat and laughed. The day after that they saw a lady with snakes on her head and laughed until they realized it was Medusa and got turned to stone…… laughing I feel so bad for them.

  78. Boris R., age 10, from KM USA

    In a baseball field there were 7 men watching a game Soxs and the cubs were playing. A ball hit one of the 7 men there was silent…then they all laughed. After the game they left.

  79. Errin Ali Yesi, age 9, from Leicester

    oh look at these old men. sitting there bored probably after a big journey to town.

  80. Chiara, age 6, from Belgium

    hello I am the most angry spook in the world to midnight I eat and smile with my friends I have 2 brothers and I am happy so happy….. do you like me

  81. Natasha, age 8, from England

    It looks like they are singing.

  82. Mark, age 9, from Ireland

    Old men having fun + sitting