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Barbara Hepworth, Pelagos, 1946

The title of this sculpture means ‘sea’ in Greek. The artist lived and worked by the sea in St Ives, Cornwall.  The shapes she made remind us of shells, waves, rolling hills and gusting winds.

Imagine you found this on the beach and picked it up. How would it feel in you hand?  Now imagine putting it close to you ear. Listen . . . it is telling you a story about where it has come from, what adventures it has been on and how it has got to you.  Can you write about what it told you?

Pelagos, copyright Barbara Hepworth Estate

231 stories about “Barbara Hepworth, Pelagos, 1946”

  1. i love whrestling do u, age 8, from the whrestling studio

    This ball is as round as a apple and the white bit lookes like egg white.
    And when you lick it it tastes like a skotch egg.

  2. drew, age 6, from uk

    it is cool

  3. shawny kazim, age 8, from uk

    once therewas a rubish ball

  4. caliala, age 14, from america

    It began with the circle of life.But then the cruelty broke the sphere.There are strings of hope than begin and End.It ended with the circle of life.

  5. hi nice, age 57, from england

    this was a peiceof metall olololo

  6. sabrina, age 11, from england

    Trapped in a stormy sea which you can never be freeded from someone help me but silence is my reply i try to swim home but insted i go back even further i cant escape from here as i begin to know now the end is near…………….. I stop,confused i stare at the sea its like the story is real or is it???

  7. Elisha, age 12, from England

    I picked this weirdly shaped object from the piles of sea shells. I admired its shape and felt it in my hands. It was round but with clumps taken out of it. It was truly amazing to have found this rarely shaped object. I showed mum and dad and they said it was called a Pelagos. It was quite small but it was heavier than you would expect. I kept it forever and treasured it with all of my heart.

  8. Jason Andrew Parton, age 12, from England

    This Sculpture is as round as a football but it as a space in the middle of the sculpture so it isn;t all that round like a football because a football asn;t got a space. THE END

  9. Rebecca, age 12, from UK

    Once upon a time a boy called Luke was Bullied. At school the children jeered and sneered at him and at home his parents yelled at him and his brother teased him. So one day Luke saw a hedgehog curled up tightly in its own little ball so Luke decided to curl up in his own little ball, and there he stays, curled up, to this day.

  10. lres yuo, age 12, from poiuytreswvbnmjuygv

    thepic is boss lovin it

  11. hannah montana, age 18, from amarica

    hi it is boss looks like a egg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111oooooooooooo

  12. alicia, age 8, from united kingdome

    it seems like its ctottish but it is a sphere shape and some say it looks like egg in the middle. people would say but this peice of art is an ordinary piece of art it looks like it is made of a special kind of glass and looks like it has patterns of stripes on it and that is the magnificent piece of art

  13. trinity dodds, age 6, from england living in nepal

    It has come from egypt and it has washed up on the scottish sea and it has gone through storms and because the waves are so strong on it it has made it very smooth and it turned the other way round and the waves pushed into the middle of it and it made a whole in it. There was some seaweed and the seaweed ripped and it kind of stuck onto the side because it was wet. Maybe it passed by a giant dinosaur tooth and the dinosaur tooth stuck to it and it kind of looks like a nut.

  14. dannielle, age 11, from england

    this one ordinary day a man took a paculiar pot to an orction.when he got there he got offered £10000.so he took th offer but the next day he found out that the peice of pottery was actully jam jar from 1801 when a rich person put it in there attick and left it there.

  15. dannielle, age 11, from england

    it made jam

  16. A, age 10, from UK

    A tiny wooden ball with the makes of the ocean inside. All of the waves , living creatures inside with their secrets yet to be discovered and many tales across the sea; tales of friendship, love and the future of life.

    With its razor sharp waves tumbling over the cliffs of wooden rock and the deep blue metalic splashes of metal crashing down on the ocean bed of polished wood.

  17. cayleigh, age 10, from london

    Once apon a time there was a princess called roxy and her prince charmin boat her a work of art.It was a beutiful peace of art but soon as he gave it to her she dropped it,when she dropped it she screemed and the prince said that was £9000 and he ran off forever and ever,but 5 years later he came back with a diffrent one that was £10000.
    Soon as he got to the castle to give it to her he whent in,and she had a house full off them so he fanted soon as the princess so that hed fanted she gave him a true loves kiss and he came back……….

  18. Gifted, age 27, from USA

    Tired of the ukulele being the most popular instrument in Hawaii, a frustrated resident of the state invented a new, modern instrument to strum by the sea. Still a stringed instrument, this bizarre but elegant piece produces a more rhythmic, more “aquatic” sounding tune. Much to the inventor’s dismay, the instrument, deemed the title”conch shell,” was not a huge hit in Hawaii. It could not surpass the popularity of its predecessor, the ukulele. All was not lost, however. Aside from producing the most alluring sound the inventor had ever heard, the “conch shell” also had a tendency to attract rather colorful (and delicious when deep-fried) fish to the crests of the ocean waves. Hungry from debt, the inventor snatched the fish and has used his marvelous invention ever since to never go hungry.

  19. dylan, age 12, from newcastle

    an oak look a like ball with a shine to it this is a portal to the future

  20. rooz, age 10, from liby

    i like this pictsher pecose is verey good

  21. CASEY YEATES, age 12, from DUBLIN IRE


  22. shaz baz, age 9, from eng,sheff

    one snowy morning i met a eggy apple called jedfreeee and he was a robot
    egg .
    his sur name was12dooodidle his fone number was 1289076*238173095@robot
    ….ive never met such a fun robot bud .when i got 12 the robot was 1.

    im called doodidle i said in a shy voice cause i knew his sir name was my name.

    by mr shazbaz

  23. achel, age 127, from Mars

    One day, Babara Hepworth was walking on the beach when she heard there was a contest. She asked for more details for the contest and quickly said ”I’m in!” She went home and made a nice sculpture of the Earth curled up with the sea. She won a million bucks and a thousand gold bars as well as the contest. When she died the museum janitor, who was having a day off at the beach found it and put it into a beautiful case.

  24. sandra, age 9, from uk

    it’s like a apple carved by a normal person and added string

  25. chelsea, age 12, from glasgo

    This ball is as round as a apple and the white bit lookes like egg white.
    And when you lick it it tastes like a skotch egg and circle

  26. kelly caampbell, age 12, from scotland

    this is a very morden and no a easy thing to make it is a nice shape and and a very bueatyful colours and reminds me of when i was on holiday to the beach and saw shells that had looked like it. iwould recomend this object to all the people i know.

  27. Olivia, age 7, from England

    I arrived on this shore from Greece. It has been a long journey. I have been bounced around and the waves gave me this shape, before I was just a bit of wood. I am beautiful now, I look like a shell. If you pluck my strings you will hear the sound of the sea.

  28. Sara Currey, age 10, from England

    this is a round wishing globe and when you touch it you have to close your eyes and make your wish.

  29. hointet hointeta hointets, age 11, from london

    it is brown and roundish

  30. hointet hointeta hointets, age 11, from london

    it looks like it has like gutar strings on it it is round as an orange it is brown on the outside and white on the inside and it also has a brown stand for it to be on (and this is ny real one sorry about the other 1)

  31. faye, age 8, from engoland

    There was a young man who wated years and years for love. He thort “I have
    wated long a nuth I am going to do it”
    So he went in the town he did find some one but she was rich. Well he was
    not very rich so he lied.” emm im rich two” he said
    Atlkast she found out . They both are ded now.

    The End

  32. damien, age 6, from enland

    its round and its like a nut and if i ut it on my face its warm and the strings are what i could use to tye round my neck like mum odes

  33. Isabel Naomi Clarke, age 6, from UK

    Once there was a man and that man decided that he wanted to carve something curvy so he did and it looked very curvy indeed.The man was finished now but he didn’t know what to do with it then he had a idea he decided he would put it in a Museum.Yes a Museum perfect but witch Museum!Mmm.The Tate maybe. Yes the Tate perfect.So he put it in the Tate.THE END!!!!!!

  34. chloe davies, age 9, from winterbourn 33 crosman ave

    It is looks like a scoch egg.
    It is like a gaitar,because of the strings.
    one side it will taste like fish and the other side will taste like a christmas pudding.
    it will sould like sea.
    it has been on many exiting advenchers like on a parite ship wil captin claw and red eye and robin caruso.
    it got to us by captin claws ship that sank in the sea and then some one piked it up and worshipt it and called it the tiki god.

  35. Lilly, age 11, from England

    ” My harp is all that is worth to me,” whispered a young girl who strummed her harp to the beat of the waves.A tall figure stood by her his long black hair billowing in the wind.”I do not want your harp!” he spat “I want your life.”
    ” my life belongs in this harp !” she muttered turning her silky blonde hair from her face.Strumming twice on her strings the sound echoed from the instrument…At that precise moment the sea parted and the waves dived and curled before forming into a human and slithering up to her.She strummed several times more on her harp,and the figure rigid with terror got swept from his feet and plunged into the wild sea.
    “thank you” she whispered.

  36. morgan hoggart, age 10, from uk

    The pirate treasure. (The title of this sculpture means ‘sea’ in Greek. The artist lived and worked by the sea in St Ives, Cornwall. The shapes she made remind us of shells, waves, rolling hills and gusting winds.)

    (Imagine you found this on the beach and picked it up. How would it feel in you hand? Now imagine putting it close to you ear. Listen . . . it is telling you a story about where it has come from, what adventures it has been on and how it has got to you)
    This butifull piece of art was pirate treasure whitch blackbeard kept whith him on all of his attacks for good luck but the day of the attack on a pirate called white beard it was lost.Everyone thought it was lost until 2000 by a boy called adulemier milnereshnine ( a real person my uncle but im british he was german but lived in the uk from the age of 9 he today is 19 but on that lucky day he was 13)found it and then put it in the museum(i dont know the musems name)and thats the end of this story.sorry about this but sjfiurgvaifgrvguapgua

  37. i love whrstling do u, age 8, from the whrstling studio

    well it looks like a christmas pudding but it’s ball shaped
    the strings look like the strings of a violin.
    its browny redish…
    it lookes about £600…
    i think hmmmmmmmmm…it’s amazing….

  38. Natsuha, age 10, from Pluto

    Strings that flutter and dance. He cries himself a river, that soon becomes a fountain and makes the laughter bounce like a spider web. Thick circle grows, trapping the boy in utter sadness and depression, whom is filled with happy bright colors, yet controls your emotions slowly. Mermaids sing to him slowly, and as he falls under their spell, he cripples in their arms, his river fading away…

  39. Ethan Sutherland, age 11, from England

    When i saw the picture of the shell. The first thing i thought was, what sort of creature made it. Had that been the only creature to have made its home in the shell. If the colour of the shell was to camouflage it, to hide it from other creatures that might eat it. And from what part of the world a shell like that come from.When i put it to my ear i can hear the sea lapping on a beach of white tropical sand.

  40. chloe, age 8, from uk

    I love the way its made because the round part its shape is cool the white swirl is awsome shape.

  41. Aaron murphy, age 12, from england

    This artefact peace of art wash found after the great world, it was made by the Chinese to show as a reword to the side that won,sadly it was lost actually it was actually hidden by a swift an sly Chinese solider because he thought they didn’t deserve this monument so hid it at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean UN till now.

    20 years later
    just as a wonderer was passing through the Atlantic ocean he spotted it as he looked over he saw light shining on to the ocean bed which alouing him to spot the artefact.

    Suddenly a sunami came rushing at the wonderer lifting up the monument falling in to the boats nett. The wonderer took it went back to his home country(U.S.A) as he got of his boat he as fast as he could got to the nearest dealer and found out how much it was it was worth 700,000$ so he traded it after he spent his money on scratch cards and wasted all of his money.

  42. chris, age 12, from us

    once there whas a gem that glaemed a brileant red! yet it was so brileant that men kings and feroes alike would kill for it. and then it vanished! just like that and hundreds of years later was discoverd in peru by a young boy on a delivorie for his faroe the faroe had herd of the lost gem and had almost died of tifis loking for it himself. and yert the theyung mesengerdesided it was beter to ceap the finding away from loalty of aal tipes so it would still be a mistreie to them!

  43. Emmie, age 10, from England

    “what are you” i whispered pulling the smooth perfect round dark shape close to my ear. its centre was as white as pure milk and its outside as smooth as mahogany.
    “im a sea lobe” the creature replied ” i have come to save your people”
    ” im listening” i replied “tell me your adventures”

    Read my other stories to find out what happens

  44. chloe u, age 13, from england

    a look at this pure white shell as i picked it up i heard the waves rippling in the sea. i thouhgt to my self how has it got there start from a little town in france and now washed up apon my feet it smooth shine and oo i little ad resting it clawws on the we suface i do love the beach i wonder wo else has picked this and lissten to the waves i wonder…….?

  45. britney, age 11, from northern ireland

    my story is about ME i love guinea pigs westie pups and hamsters i love pop music clothes and make up i really love sparkling jewerlery and boys yyyooo xoxo bye

  46. taylor, age 12, from us

    this really reminds me about the ocean a still remids me of other things

  47. britney, age 11, from northern ireland

    this ball looks wierd is it wood with a big hole in side it painted white ? it does not look like an egg at all ha ha lol

  48. britney, age 11, from NORTHERN IRELAND


  49. maryiana-anne, age 12, from poland

    its a brown smooth sphere

  50. Thien, age 8, from usa

    The Dark Cave

  51. devon, age 9, from england

    it was a dark, eeary night when saint nicoles moriarty was closing down his very sucsesfull museum……… hey only £1.50 to get in great deal huh.Anyway he was in his museum when he heard a crash, so he went down the hallway to the royal bridges artwork and to his surprise…there was nothing there,just silence.His mind was saying to go back to the hall and stay calm but his eyes were drawn to a large curled up object next to a very old painting,this curled up object made nicoles wonder…just then the object started to slip and slide turning its’self into round no more, it was a sort of straight curved shape kind of like a human.Just then the shape walked up to nicoles slowely like a ghost at midnight,suddenly the shape sullumly moved it’s hand( which proved that it was a human) into its waist and pulled out a long silver tube then pointed it at nicoles.Nicoleses life flashed befor his eyes with a bang and as nicoles layed in the middle of the room gasping for life suddenly everything in the world was blank to him,oh yes he had died.So if you EVER go to a museum and fing a round object DONT GO NEAR IT or the same thing will happen to you that happend to nicoles……..

  52. Finnley, age 11, from England

    this art work reminds meof the spirals of life and this is how my story goes

    once apon a timre and in the hevans god was creating a buitiful lady and a hansome man and he made a wonderfull land called erthe and he put them on this world to do a quest for him as he was a gom so he coulde not go down toerthe as a mear human so he sent them in stead and thear quest was to make a peice of art work to repersent life on erthe so thylived a life on erthe and then god bought them bach to heven and thay showd him the pece of art work thay had produced

  53. harley, age 10, from u.s

    it looks like a egg.

  54. emily maturo, age 10, from united s.

    This is a round shape it looks like a shell because it shiny pretty thats why it looks like a shell. And its magic because it can shine so bright all of the turtlues pray for it because its so pretty and shiny

  55. Stephanie, age 9, from Scotland

    This a beautiful sculpure and I love it.

  56. Stephanie, age 9, from Scotland

    This sculpure is a round sculpure and it is very pretty I have never seen it before it looks like some sort of shell and it was made in 1946 which was 64 years ago and that is a very long time ago.

  57. bethan, age 10, from whales

    this picher is swurly

  58. i love justin bieber girl, age 9, from america

    once my grandad was in a museum with me and he went to an object just like that one and when it was time to go he had disappeared i went to look for him and all i saw next to the object was a skeleton and blood all over !!!!!

  59. Joanne Broughton, age 13, from England

    I was on a lovely beach on a planet called MIAIMA. The sand was white. White as a polar bears fur. I saw this unusal shell. I picked I could hear the beutiful sea. It sounded like a rythum.

  60. robin, age 10, from qatar

    once apon a time there was an artist the end

  61. bayley, age 8, from england

    THIS MODEL IS A ANCIENT GREEK OF THE QUEEN CUPID. Everyone admired her clothes head to toe except one lady.once there lived a wicked witch she hated the queens guts but there is a twist they where sisters but the queen acted like she was a brother who fights,kicks and stuf like that. one day the witch had a idea so she got this ball what looked like a apple and when the queen had her drink at dinner time the witch put a spell in it but then she mixed them up and thought her drink was hers so she drank it and the queen picked it up and swirled it around the witch and the witch was sucked up in it.so dont try and be mean to anyone because something may hurt you instead.

  62. Piper, age 8, from USA

    Once upon a time, there was me. Someone accidentally dropped me in the ocean, and then there was like this big storm. And then it washed me toward here and here I am. And then you picked me up, and you’re inspecting me like Frankenstein’s guts. And I’m telling you this story that’s just happened.

  63. Eva, age 7, from N ireland

    it looks like a musical instrument.

  64. Billy, age 6, from uk

    it looks like a skan of an appel.

  65. Lara, age 9, from Malaysia

    I was walking on the beach, collecting stones and twigs,
    found this object washed up on shore
    And now I try to describe it
    It’s round and solid like an apple
    The inside’s obviously white
    It has strings ike the violin
    I held it to my ear
    And to me it spoke:
    “I like living in this shell
    Don’t be fooled by the smell
    It smells like sugar
    And tastes like liqour
    Behold! It’s an Amivourva!
    I used to be in Rome
    Invaders came, and i was tossed to sea
    You might think something might had eaten me,
    But oh, not at all
    I’m half magical as you can see
    Strum my strings!
    I’ll make a pot of tea!
    But beware, if you gone mad with power
    I’ll end up being locked in a tower!”
    It said nothing more
    I was scared, so I tossed it to the floor
    I ran as fast as my feet could take me
    So I wouldn’t meet that object ever again

  66. Carrie, age 10, from UK

    The orange peel was so depresed because it was curled. It was so jelouse of all the other pieces of artwork like the vase. So it decided to go on a walk. First it went to a building site and hid under a roller but it was found and taken back to it’s glass cabinet, but before taken back it was dusted varneshed had a full head to toe wash. “why did I have to be made?” and he died.

  67. NICK HIPER, age 12, from CANADA

    once apon a time there was a clementine, it lived happily ever after <3
    THE END :)

  68. Joe Hooper, age 11, from England

    It looks like a passway to a kingdom so great, even God and Jesus lives there! Its just magical.

  69. danielle, age 14, from england

    It’s round and swirly.

  70. cassie, age 7, from ENGLENED

    Thier was once a boy called eve . He was a good boy . One day he was bad. But he was good agin and he had lots of fun.

  71. cassie, age 7, from EGLENED

    IT iS cool

  72. mrs guinea pig, age 0, from Hutch


  73. mrs guinea pig, age 1, from Hutch

    It is the waves of moonlight, as she rocks her small blue child.
    Lettece! Yum Yum. I can’t write any more becoase I’ve got some work to do.
    Chomp chomp!

  74. mrs guinea pig, age 2, from Hutch

    It goes around and around and a round… and a ro u n d … . . . and a . . . . . .

  75. Izzy, age 10, from USA

    “This raindrop harp is for you.” her crazy old lady neighbor said. “It’s not a harp,even though it has strings doesn’t make it one, but thanks.” Sally replied. “It’s a harp. The raindrop shape is water,the wood shell is protecter, and the strings is music. Just believe,Sally,believe.” she answered. That very next day,the woman died. Sally’s father was put in charge of the funeral,since the old nut didn’t have any family or friends. “Dad,are you okay?” she asked him. I don’t any music for the funeral.” he answered. “I’ll play.” she answered. “What?” he asked. “I will,play the raindrop harp she gave me.” she said. Her dad looked confused. “Trust me.” she said. Sally played pefectly at the funeral. She majored in music,and played 15 different instruments,but her main music was on the raindrop harp.

  76. shaymaa, age 9, from England

    once upon a time there waas a little orphan in a near village.She was very sad that she had no family at all.One earky morning the little girl flound that the room she was in had a big window.That window was opened so she went out of the window and walked along a very long path.As she was walking she saw a little boy.The little boy came up to the little girl and said , do you want to be my new big sister.The girl said of course im an orphan and i dont live with any family at all.The little boy was so happy because he was an orphan as well so the little boy and the big girl lived happily ever after.But they still had to go and look for a new mum and dad.THE END.

  77. Ben Calder, age 8, from Nepal

    one day i was in space when some big galumfing rocket hit me and sent me flying though space into the earth’s atmosphere. then i came hurtling down onto a beach. some time later a kid picked me up and played with me. he didn’t know i was an alien jewel, but he liked to play with me. a week later, the aliens realised the jewel from the alien king’s sceptre was missing. so they sent an alien agent down to earth and when he was on earth he saw the kid playing with me. then the alien agent told him what the object really was – an alien jewel. so he gave it back. and now i live in space again

  78. jade, age 9, from england

    it is very lovely a lot .
    the arts is very good at is jod.
    it is like a ball but a hole in the midal
    it look like a egg.
    it is cool.
    it is nice.
    the arts is talentad

  79. lucille, age 8, from ghana

    Once upon a time a very old man built an amazing sculpture. The sculpture was the most famous sculpture in the whole wide world.Everyone adored the sculpture because he took his time and made it. the end

  80. POPPY JANE, age 9, from BRITON

    The Pelagos.Im not shore what Barbara was thinking but whatever she was thinking she turned it into something Butiful. To me it looks like its between a harp and a ball.

  81. dj, age 11, from Bangor

    hello my name is lina.This is my story……. one day i was swimming on the on the outside of the reef and i came across a another whale .She said that her name was anya . Then she was very sick and that she was going to die,i thought that that was awful and said i was so sorry to hear that.But then she said something amazing :’I am not scared of death the only thing I am worried about is saying goodbye.

    A few days later there was news of Anyas death. Her last ever words were ‘ goodbye. And that was my story.

  82. chloe knott, age 12, from reading

    This is a mistry thing you have found it under the golden sand this is jokes lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Popsty, age 8, from UK

    Queenie was a vet. She loved cocunuts, and one day she ran out of milk and cocunuts. So she ran all the way to Tesco, where she got a coconut, and some long life milk. Then, as she walked down the home aisle, she spotted a real coconut that always grew back if you ate it all, and gave milk. She was suprised and joyful at the same time. So she bought it, and the shop assitent, Zara, said
    “You got the last one of those. I would really like one.”
    Queenie felt sorry for her, so she suggeted something, which Zara thanked her for.
    “Why don’t we be mates? We can swap phone numbers and e-mail adresses. And you can come round on Thursday evning.”
    So that was settled, and Queenie never ran out of milk and coconuts again.


  84. marian, age 7, from united states

    this ball is pretty,
    this ball is big,
    this ball make smile,like a little pig

  85. louise, age 10, from England

    this is a story about love

  86. ellie, age 9, from england

    rough, smooth they come in all diffrent shapes and sizes you guessed it, its one of barbra hepworths sculptures

  87. Barney and Nev, age 22, from America, Amazon.

    The sun shone high in the sky like a giant spotlight. The smell of sweet grass tookadvantage of the winds gentle blowing and spread across the entire field of sheep.
    “Baaaaa!”as the fluffy head butted against her knee she smiled. She always loved the deer sweet sheep.

  88. Amelia, age 11, from England

    I lie so still while spinning over,
    I cause a wave that never stops,
    Strum me like a guitar ,
    Do i sound nice ,
    Sing to me secretly ,
    The whole in my heart needs to be filled ,
    And the force of the wave needs to be pulled
    Help me live

  89. jaydee ... x :), age 15, from uk

    this is like an scotch egg or a cricket ball ,
    the strings are like guitar strings,
    the middle is like a water fish tank ,
    it will sound like music playing and water splashes in the background
    this is a good art peice it has loads of things about it
    and it stands out an old un usuall work peice ,

  90. mojo, age 10, from neverlands

    funnily enough, the insperation for this came from the greek godess of love,Afridtiy. It started as a little stone i found on the coasts of Cedtha, the most amazing place away from Earth , away from all the little vocies that circle your ears outside the warm shelter of your home. Now you must be wondering wear this marvel must of come from? Well, its from the land of thoughts and dreams , a place known as Cedtha.
    The insperation(from the godess) is in the shape. The glorious curls of this structer are so nutral and calming, many people would accocate this feelings with the powers of love. And the strings, oh the wonderful strings, are like the harps strings strumming as if to content a lonely king or queen before their nights slumber.

  91. Shauna, age 11, from Ireland

    It kind of looks like a harp-shell thing……infact, i have never seen one of theese, it looks AMAZING!!! I’d love to touch it! I wonder what its made of! All i really want to say is…..its BEAUTIFUL!!! Bye xxx

  92. grxfcgjhkol;'/# BVN, age 127, from bcvdtpo9]8]#

    this shell is very special i think it would feel very smooth.

    well done!!!!!!!!

  93. Phyre Rutherford-power, age 12, from England

    this picture is the world, more like the people on it
    everybody is trying to prove themselves of who or what they are
    just like why most people are on this site to try prove that maybe there really artistic or
    creative or that maybe someone may spot them on here who is from a art gallery agency or somthing and like there art work
    but at the end of the day who needs to prove themselves to people they dont know
    all they need to do is prove themselves TO themselves
    and that is what should make them happy
    it makes me happy
    but that is what this peice of ‘art’ reminds me of ME AND YOU

  94. Bailey, age 7, from Scottland

    It looks very pretty and the coulors are very pretty to.
    The strings on it look very thin and delicate.

  95. Bailey, age 7, from Scottland

    I like it alot beacuse it is so unique and coulorful.

  96. Nick, age 9, from ohio

    I am a very wise gift from god.I will give you luck.I will stay unbroken until the devil breaks me although I will remain a memory.

  97. esther, age 10, from england

    a cocanut cross cupids harp

  98. maurizio, age 9, from italy

    a long time ago someone sticked a rope to a circle and from that moment everything started

  99. Unknown, age 14, from Greece

    Once upon a time, this artifact was a star which lived in a planet. The star was the most precious star existed in the World. A star called Bad hated this star and it wanted to extinct it. So, he was in a deep focus, in order to find a solution to its problem. And one day, it founded.It thought, that Bad will go and push the most beautiful Star. And he did it. Bad thought that Star will die. But it didn’t. He fell in Earth but it could not speak and move. That is why a so beautiful Star is now here.

  100. emily gummery, age 10, from England

    In 1946 a lady called Barbara Hepworth created this lovely piece of art work, which you would think is kind of newly fashioned.
    It was 65 years ago since it is 2011 now, i a not so sure about if it was 65 years ago, but hay ho.
    as you know it is a lovely at piece, but it is very old. thanks for your convineince
    emily gummery

  101. ellie, age 9, from uk

    its round as the sun and shiny as the moon!

  102. cdb, age 12, from lexington

    i think its really not that of good of art with the colors

  103. poppy, age 8, from UK

    Barbara thought and thought about what to make. Then, she saw a coconut perched on her mantlepiece. An idea struck her. “I’ll make a sort of coconut!” So she did, and everyone loved it.

  104. Bea, age 10, from London, UK

    I held the perfectly-rounded, wooden ball in my hand, marvelling at it’s wonder. I closed my hand for a moment, and when I opened my hand, it was glowwing, and so was I! I was glowing inside, and out. My body was lit up with the golden glow of angels, and I felt like my life had finally started.

  105. daina, age 12, from united kingdom

    it all started when i was walking down the stairs and noticed somthng odd i had never seen it before .i asked my mum but she replied back and said no i havnt seen it .the thing looked like a ball shaped object with a shaped chunk out of it .

    It was made of complete wood and it was shiny but i had never foun out where this thing had come from .its a big mystery and i am still trying to find out about it

  106. Miss V, age 11, from England


    Is as round as an apple and as jagged as a bread knife.
    They use it as a instrument.

    The harp is nothing like a pelagos.

    But what is a pelagos?

    A pelagos, is the symbol of life.

  107. MILLIE, age 9, from falmouth

    This reminds me of a violin but it’s red and it’s curled up in a ball.

  108. aqua, age 127, from atlantis

    the is the most magical music player in the world

  109. NIMRA, age 8, from ENGLAND


  110. NIMRA, age 8, from ENGLAND


  111. Brylee, age 11, from Missouri

    One day a little girl goes to the beach with her parents. She find a rock , Only its not a rock. Its very smooth it has strings and it was very pretty looking so she took it home. She put it close to her ear and it said ” I came to you because i want to tell you a story. here it goes i used to be a big circle of wood but Barbara Hepworth made me into this pretty sculpture.My name is Pelagos.”

  112. jfhjghj, age 24, from us

    there once was a gurl named lucinda and she had done something terrible to some one and they had hit her in the head with a apple which it turned her circular

  113. saara h, age 9, from england

    once there was a pelagos it was found by a man but he got killed by fog which sucked him up. then there was a girl that was 9 years old just like me she lived next to a sea side that was were the pelagos was found then barbara found it and made a peace of art that is why she is an artist

  114. matthew joseph, age 13, from billingshurst

    It is a well known and widely accepted fact that snails live in shells. And despite what several bigger and more…um…stuck up humans,who therefore consider themselves educated, the snails themselves consider their shells a mark of their sophistacation above the lesser (and homeless) slugs. But their is on slug that considers it self so vastly superior and sophisticated that it, as well as forming its shell over several weeks from rock, delights in paying the harp. It’s, or rather his, name is Edward. And this is his shell.

  115. matthew joseph, age 13, from billingshurst

    An lifeless sun has reached it end.
    the everlasting darkness does impend.
    the star begins to fall inside.
    it’s shining light now slowly dies.
    Into blackness.

    now my freind if you looked up high.
    as to see the star burning way up high
    instead you’d see the light turn dark.
    collapsing to a swirling sea.
    of nothing.

    you may panic but ‘twould not help.
    as you know you are truly doomed.
    the dark now draws ever near’.
    into a whirlpool of dispair.
    into the black hole.

  116. Henn, age 7, from England

    There once was a man named johnnie hameresde. He was about 86 years old and he had whiskers all over his face, concealing his patchy skin and ageing chin. He had a disability that meant that he couldn’t speak, he let his feelings out through painting, drawing and sculpting. One day johnnie was on the beach outside his lighthouse home, sculpting a shell out of clay, then he decided to make an instrument so he added some of his chin-whiskers. But it didn’t work so he threw it to sea and some bird on a boat brought it to the tate museam and it has been in storage ever since.

  117. ziare, age 8, from usa

    this is a really cool sculpture

  118. Emma, age 8, from USA

    If I found this I think it would tell me that it went on an adventure and it was a mighty wave and every year on May first it wuold come out and the best surfers from all over would try to surf it and how 1 surfer survied. And won!! Fist place.

  119. Caitlyn, age 8, from U.S.A

    I think it is somth. I whsh i had to make it because it`s good.If i look at that i more time i im go to say WOW THAT`S GOOD.I like the shape.IT`S SO GOOD.

  120. Andrew, age 8, from U.S.A.

    I like this beacus how it is cut and the caler of it and wer it was found it is cool beacus it would tell you wer it has com frum.

  121. De'shaud, age 7, from u.s.a

    this sculpture reminds me of a sphere, a discoball, basketball, harp she got the shape by taking a and sphere taking nife and started cuting to make the shape then took some string and cuted it then put it on.

  122. Colin, age 7, from U.S.A

    It looks like a circle with a hole but in the hole theres a dove without wings. The thing looks like a shell. Theres strings reminds me of my guitar. I like the brown and white those are my favorite colors. If you look from the side it looks like a heart.

  123. Jackson chinnici, age 8, from U.S.A

    This masterpeice looks like some waves with some strings on the end.The color of it is a little bit brown and tan and white on the inside. This makes me feel nice and warm. this masterpeice was built by Barbara Hepworth in 1946. I think this is realy pretty! I allso think it looks like a shell.

  124. Claire, age 7, from U.S.A

    This object remindes me of a sea shell. The blue inside looks like waves, it hits the shell and bounces off. The blue also looks like it could glow. The stirings make it look like an insterment you can play. It is a brown circle. It has a very big base. The shape of the object remindes me of an apple. I can amagen it being driffent colors like it being red, black, green, white and yellow and it being a shape of a cube. If it was it would look like a rubeics cube. There many driffent things about this object!

  125. Jordan, age 7, from U.S.A.

    The tittel of this object is Mean ”sea’in greek. The aother workes and lives by the sea. The shape of this object is a circle. I like this object because it is beutful.If i had a museam i would like it in my museam. It cindof lookes like a sea shell. It a lot of brown. i like how it has the hole in the middel. It would be cool if i had it in my houes. This is a cool object !

  126. Deborah, age 7, from u.s.a

    This object is blueish, whitsh in inside. On the outside it is brown. When you put it to your ear you can hear the sea. their are string”s on the side.on it On the bottom of it ii a squaure. That is why piket it because soooooooooooo! cool!

  127. Hannah, age 8, from U.S.A

    This masterpiece is cool work. It is cool because is better then me. I also like it because I like art. I have one more thing I like about it and it is a masterpiece. It looks like a insterment. It is a beutauful work of art. It was made by Barbera Hepworth. She made it in 1946. I think she is a awesome women because she made this pitcher.

  128. michael, age 8, from U.S.A.

    I Iike this art work because it looks fance. If I had it in my hands it would feel heavey. The artist lived and worked by the sea. If I picked it up on the beach it would feel even heaveyer from all the sand on it. It looks like ocean waves. The shapes she made remind me of shells, rolling hills and gusting winds. It looks very cool.

  129. Megan, age 8, from USA

    It is raownd and it has hols.It has string.It looks like a sea seal.It looks like a big bascball.

  130. Emily, age 8, from us

    I like this skallshr becus it kloo

  131. Maggie, age 7, from usa

    It does not have that many colors.Its a good art work! Its a ball with a holl in the middle. Its so so cool! It looks like a beach ball. But it has a holl in the middle.It was made in 1946.It has a cercle and a square.

  132. Samantha, age 8, from USA

    It looks like the world with 7 strings on it .It iooks like a big ball on a flat rock it feels like i am insid it.the deatal is so itrsting.And if you look up it will look like skinny monkybars.it gust so intrsting.

  133. Gerrit, age 8, from USA

    Thia makes me think about the ocean . How the waves go up and down. About sea shells flying throw the air. How the crabs walk up and down the sand. How the fish go swimming in the water. How the fish jumping throw the water. How the waves hit the sand and how the waves hit you and me.

  134. Carter McAbier, age 8, from USA

    This sculpture is very cool. I like it because it seems wise. I wish I could have it. My favorit part about the sculpture is that it’s round. When I see it I think OMG that is good!

  135. Angelina, age 8, from ohio

    I love this panting because it insper me and my favort color is orange and this is my faviot panting! If Iwere the artist I would say this is my favort panting!!

  136. Ben, age 8, from sagrin folse

    It looks like a boll. It could be a sign of pece. It looks ood. It looks frajle. I like it. Someone would whont to stele it. I like the artist how made it.

  137. Grace, age 7, from USA

    This makes me think rond, hills, seeshells, waves, happy, and good

  138. Baylor, age 8, from U.S.A.

    This art work is a sculpture.This sculpture means sea.It has 7 sterings.It is shere staped.It is browen and blue.

  139. Victoria, age 8, from U.S.A

    This sculpture makes me feel mysteareus becuase there is this really cool gap in it. Also I like the shaed of brown in it. Thats some of the things I like about this wonderful pees of art!

  140. Henry Cregar, age 7, from U.S.A

    The artist of the artwork is named Barbara Hepworth. It looks like a muoosicol ball.

  141. Tara, age 7, from USA

    It looks like a ball with a hole in it. Barbra Hepworth must be proud! Her artwork is pretty. It’s like a harp. I like her artwork.I t was made in 1946.

  142. Kate, age 8, from Ohio

    This artwork is a great masterpeice by Barbara Hepworth. I like this because it calms people down if you feel mad or stresed. It also looks like a coconut and I like coconuts. If you would find this anywere would you keep it or sell it? If you kept it where would you put it? If you sold it how much would it cost? I would sell it for $300,00 dollers

  143. Stanley, age 7, from Ohio

    It made in 1946.It was made by Barbara Hepworth.It looks like a sphere the color is brown and Blue.The art work is rely nise and i like the color blue because i like the color of the sky.

  144. hannah, age 7, from U.S.A

    It was made in 1946.The painter that made that made this was Barbra Hepworth.The artist worked by the sea in lvs cornwall.The name of this masterpeice is called Pelagos.Barbra loves wrestling.She was 6 years old when she drew it.It looks like a harp.The strings look you can pluck them.I like harp becuse they play butifull music.It is a shpere.And it also is a ball.

  145. Natalie, age 8, from USA

    To us it looked like gusting wind, rolling hills and waves. She worked by the sea to make it. He made it in 1946. Barbara Hepworth made it.

  146. Anthony, age 8, from usa

    It tells storys. He works by the sea to make it. The sculpture name is ,The shapes she made. It was made in 1946,. It is big. It makes peaple think of waves and shells. She had to be by the beach to make it. I like it a lot it is cool. It has been to a lot of musems. She was famus


  147. Adelaie, age 8, from USA

    The thing is cercylar. It has a thing coming down in the mital.I t is brown. Is has strings in the mital. Made of wood. I like it because it cknd of sworly in the medal. The strings might be for dekarashane.

  148. Kyle, age 8, from U.S.A

    I think it is made of wood. The disian is really cool! The shape is round. It does not have a inside. I wonder if it can roll? I wonder how she thought of the idea?
    The srting might make sound.

  149. Molly, age 7, from U.S.A.

    I think the pelages is made of wood. I wonder what the thing in the mittle of the pelages! What is the string in the mittle is? It looks like a shell sort of. I like it! Do you like it?

  150. Paxton, age 8, from USA

    I think it looks cool!!!! it look like a instrment. if it was bigger I will drive my bick on it. it looks sharp at the end.I love it!!!!!!

  151. Lucy, age 11, from England

    As I strolled along the beach I looked out onto sea. The sunset was beautiful tonight, I came down here every night but this was the prettiest I’d ever seen it. I kept walking smelling in the sea and just thinking. Suddenly, I stepped on something hard, I bent down and picked it up.
    It was weird a sphere that looked as if someone had carved it inside. I brought it back home and looked up references on the internet and decided to name it sea in Greek. I put it up to my ear to see if I could here the sea.
    Instead I heard a whisper. It was the rock the story it told me has been passed on for years. Maybe one day it will come to you.

  152. jessica blythe, age 8, from england

    once upone a time lived a scary WITCH! she mad a poistion to turn the princess

  153. jess, age 8, from england

    surper chicken and the x chickens
    one day there was a chicken called bob he w as looking at this gaint big enormas grisly be THEN BOB CHASED THE GRISLY BEAR…

    the next day bob was in the chicken house with his chicken friends fred and helga [helga is german] they were making a plan to save the wold from bears [helga is chicken woman and freds chicken man] they made up an idea helga flew to the roof the others were diging a whole then they put in the whole a trampolene helga jumped of the roof on to the trampolene she bounced up very very high then she landed on a roof it was the cave roof of the grisly bears! helga waited for bob and fred when they got there she said look its the grisly bear cave!!! then they found a hole bob looked in it the bears were talking about there plans then fred fell in then all the rocks did the other chickens fell in the bears caught them and tied them up on sticks then tied them on the wall helga pecked her way out while the others didnt know because they were busy argueing she said “boys” then she waved they said what how then she helped them get out the bears charged i to them but sudenly chicken X the chicken hero [hes realy gruber the german chicken surper hero]and alasta chicken [realy ruby the english chicken]they said “LETS FIGHT THESE BEARS!”then rest said “ok”
    gruber said”quick in the chicken mobele” they all jumped in. The grisley bears told there gaurds to chase them in the bear planes then helga holded on to rubys feet while ruby streached to hold on to the plane helga let go and ruby hung on to the plane, then climed in she pushed the bears out then drove the plane she got a specal jar then jumed out of the plan hanging on to the jar she landed on a roof then jumped on when the chicken mobele came she landed in the chicken mobele they opended the jar then all the bears gor sucked in the jar they went to the lake the next day and the threw the jar in the lake they waited and waited… then out came a swirly statue they took it to the museum then went to there home the next day they got medals then went to there home the chicken house they had tea then changed to go to bed then they went to there beds in the house
    the end

  154. un known, age 0, from un known


  155. Faith Macey, age 9, from England/Weymouth

    this lovely painting so brightly coloured so how was it made?
    what is it about why did she make this curved lovely and beautiful model?

  156. B VCBM CY7, age 6, from BZ XB BXBHNC C

    ones upon a time there was a wich that lived in a house in a forest and nobody
    can get there beacuse she is evel

  157. Nisha, age 9, from jine


  158. Ciksha, age 9, from Bhavisha

    A boy and a girl was in love. it was the girl birthday. the girl name is Mala. the boy name is Carlo. the Carlo give Mala a Barbara Hepworth Plagos

  159. Ciksha, age 9, from Bhavisha

    A boy and a girl was in love. it was the girl birthday. the girl name is Mala. the boy name is Carlo. Carlo give Mala a Barbara Hepworth Plagos

  160. tarssa, age 11, from america

    the waves froze as tara fell deeper sha saw the boats string that had been frozen a swell

  161. emmie, age 13, from lound

    once there was a man next to the dark dark forest and there was a dark dark house in a dark dark tree

  162. rosiy, age 6, from englind

    ounce apon a time a little girl who was called thumberlena who was in a little
    flower and then happly ever after

  163. zara, age 8, from london

    Once apon a time there was a girl called thumberlina lived in a tiny flower, one sunny day a old womnen,come to buy some flowers and the oner of the seed shop said to the old, women to buy this special seed so she bought it.Then she planted it in the growned,then one day the flower started to open wide when the flower had, opened the old women looked at it and she was amased, and never seen a little girl in a flower.Then she took the girl inside her house and she called the girl thumberlina by the time she grow a little, the old women made her a nice and cafterble bed for her to sleep in it.Then one day thumberlina went to the pond thumberlina was sad because this, wicked which frog wanted to marry her but she did not want to marry him then,someone took thumberlina on a boat and it was a frog who thought she was famous and she could sing better as thumberlina, thuberlina was so angry and feedup she wanted to go then she went and got lost in the forest then creachers,came to her and showed her to her house and when she got home she had, a cup of tea and lived happly everafter.

  164. Isobel, age 15, from ireland

    one day bell was walking home from school and she got to her house and put her bag down on the sofa. And she wacthed tv and then saw an advert coming on it about a fair that was coimg today. Bell was exicted that she got her money and went to the fair

  165. lineke, age 13, from germany

    once there was a tree. the tree was happy because he had a lot of apples. a woman came and picked the apples. the woman was happy, because she wanted to bake a cake with the apples. she called her son. Boy, please remove the skin from the apples.
    the boy was happy to use his new knife to cut away the skin from the apples. the apple skin he brought to the compost heap. in the heap lived a snail. the snail was happy to get fresh food, but: too hard to eat yet. just the two endings are soft enough. so the snail jumped from one end to the other end of the apple skin. she did this seven times always leaving a small trail of slime behind which connected the two ends. the wind saw the fine strings of slime and was happy because again, he could try an new instrument. the winds lullaby made his way through the garden. and reached the tree. the tree could not sleep. too fresh were the wounds of loosing all his babys. but the beautiful melody softend his heart. small tears came out covering hundreds of tiny wounds.

  166. Emily M, age 11, from England

    I found it on the beach. The thing. It was as smooth as a baby’s bottom and it curved around my finger. It was a weird shape, yet perfect. I propped it against my ear. It was wispering to me. “Hello Em, lucky I found you! I have been tossed here by Posidion, my father. he named me Pelagos after the sea in greek. Help me! I need to be returned to the sea or i shall die!” Why me? I thought. I carried the shell back to the sea. Home. I let him go. “Thank you! Thank you!” It shouted. I found a small shape in my hand. It was a Pelagos shell.

    I found a silver chain to put the shell on.
    The shell was passed down to my daughter, Barbara.
    She then made a bigger replica of the shell which she called Pelagos too.

  167. Amelia, age 8, from london

    Diray of a bad man
    3 mounths later blad weres the girls grass blad tres a fox did a tuty i can smell it

  168. remz, age 11, from england

    I love wrestling 2 :)

  169. un known, age 0, from un known

    I’m Random! Super Chicken!
    Pea Soup!
    Un known Wrote diz so dont b me blud yeh!!

    Yo! :) :) :) :P :P :P

  170. maura chapman, age 10, from USA

    Shhh! It’s whispering. I listen close. It whispers, I have come far away to see you, please take me home with you. My name is Barbara Hepworth, Pelagos which means sea in Greek. I love the wavy, silky waves of the sea. It is my home. I am amazed at this object so I take it home. I try to see if it will talk to me again but all is silent. I go back to the sea. This is my turn to speak to the strange object. I am so amazed at you, I say, but now I am going to put you back where you belong. Goodbye! Goodbye. It whispers lovingly. I’ll see you again. It says.

  171. courtney, age 10, from england

    there once was a verry extremalycurly art work

  172. ciara i. b-l, age 10, from england

    A man was in a cave one day carving and sanding a rock with: a piece of bamboo, a sharp flint and a sandy rough palm tree leaf. The man looked like a cave man abadoned on a small deserted island. He had been there for such a long time that he’d forgotten his name. Within the years his hair and beard had grown long and knotty. His only friend was an old white Wilson football called ‘Wilson’- the man had painted Wilson a face with blood and stuck dead beach grass onto Wilson’s head. He had once been a local sculpturist in New York, America. Years, many many years he had spent carving and sanding that same rock. But then at that moment he realized it was finished, him and Wilson partied for the whole night- but then got too tired so went to sleep. In the morning, the man cut some bamboo with his flint and stuck the strips of bamboo onto the rock with sap out of a tree. He later checked the weather, if the rocky woody thing would float and if he could write a note to try and get help. Once he had written the note he tied it to the rock and pushed into the sea.
    A lady named Barbara Hepworth found it on the sea shore in Pelagos. She read the note and alarmed the ‘SEA PATRO’L to find him straight away.
    They found the man and Wilson, he was rushed to hospital and was treated to lots of medicine.

    But unfortunately he died, his condition could not be treated. Barbara later took the rock to a museum and claimed as her’s.

    Once upon a time, that is my story,


  173. Emily, age 8, from united kingdom

    I woke up one morning and by the side of my bunk bed on the book shelf I found a weird object I went down stairs and asked my mum what it was she said it was wildlife capcherd in a amazing piece of art work !!! She said she looked it up on the internet but I said “not everything is true on the internet” well she still was into her computer!!!


  174. caitlin, age 8, from england

    ONCE there was a kid she was called holly .Oneday she found a jarey
    holly pick it up and …. look at it the end

  175. caitlin, age 8, from england

    oneday a little girl called caitlin went for a walk in the park of a day . but a soon she got in she seen alion a lion in the park she said.But then the lion got really cross what she had said th he. Sow she ran really fast very very fast and she got home in time I don’t want to go walking with out my mum in a millean years .

  176. thhh, age 12, from candea


  177. mariah, age 10, from oh

    This is a great art work said Barbra Hepworth, it needs a name… i know what about Pelagos. everyone agreed this was great name but what was it,why did she make it, and why is it named Pelagos?People wanted to find out so people started
    to find out where Barbra Hepworth.If they did she was getting questioned but she wouldn`t answer.She would say fgure it out.In 1961 she died but still people don`t
    know the answer.why,why,and why?will these 3 questions be answered.But now people didn`t care about the Pelagos they care about the Mona Lisa!the end

  178. delany, age 11, from USA

    once apone a time there was an artest named barbra helth word and she had an inspraration to make this wonderful peace of art baced of the picthure thay give me i think it is made out ofstring wood and panit

    this story is coming to an end so good by people reading

    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY

  179. Ashley W., age 11, from USA

    Bethany was on her very first vacation!!! She was so excited! She imagined herself walking on the beach, no weird pottery popping up from nowhere, just sand,surf, and fun! Then the time finally came, the vacation she had been waiting for, where would it be?! “We are going to Pottery Island!” shouted her mother. Bethany and Gigi stared blank faced at their mother. “I thought we were taking a break from pottery, and i don’t mean breaking pottery!” well Bethany couldn’t fix it and soon they were on a plane to Pottery Island. They started walking on the beach when Bethany stepped on something hard. She dug around it and found the oddest looking harp in the world. “I guess that is why they call it Pottery Island!” yelled her mom as she reached for the harp. Bethany tugged away. “No way! You aren’t going to put this in your collection mother, I may be sick of pottery, but this is mine.” Bethany took it home, she loved it.

    I guess that wasn’t very strange

  180. sophie laura walsh, age 9, from england

    this piece orf artwork looks like an apple shaped instrument.

  181. harvey, age 5, from spane

    i like it

  182. ava, age 10, from new mexico

    this piece is a picture that looks like the time of the titanic because when the titanic was sinking musicians played songs to calm the passangers in the art work i can see a violin but also waves tumbling over the violin just like when thev titanic sunk the people were falling off the boat. this picture is as close as artwork could be to a real life scene!!!!

  183. ellie, age 12, from england

    It is a musical instrument made by the sea, showing it’s power, but also beauty, shown through the delicate music it poduces.

  184. vghm,, age 0, from iuaEF

    The title of this sculpture means ‘sea’ in Greek. The artist lived and worked by the sea in St Ives, Cornwall. The shapes she made remind us of shells, waves, rolling hills and gusting winds.

    Imagine you found this on the beach and picked it up. How would it feel in you hand? Now imagine putting it close to you ear. Listen . . . it is telling you a story about where it has come from, what adventures it has been on and how it has got to you. Can you write about what it told you?

  185. Aymann, age 7, from london

    this ball looks beutyfull.

  186. Aymann, age 7, from london

    Hi im aymann and this is my story one day I whent to brighten beach then suddenly my brother fell in the walter but luckly my dad saved him.

  187. jazmin, age 13, from wales

    I have picked this original piece because it reminds me of a wave crashing at the rocks and the lines at the top are very straight and thin aswell as diagonal across the piece which can suggest it is very confused piece.The sea has been tossed around in the storm.The bottom could just be to hold it up but to me it is the sea bed with millions of fish and coral like the great barrier reef sharks and squid being tossed underneath. A torrent of darkness creeps in like a tunnel is closing and that is what i think of this piece .

  188. Amber Azzopardi, age 12, from Wales

    This is the story of this art.
    There was once a sailer, who crossed the seas in search of tresure. One day the ship was catch in a storm, the sailer had to abandon ship and try to surive on a row boat. A gaint wave came crashing down on the boat as the sailer neared the cost of Wales. Wood crash around the wave, the sailer was sucked below the sea and lost forever. To remember the sailer, one of the sailers crew made this art. It shows the wave as it cashed down with the wood of the boat curled around the wave.

  189. mary, age 13, from euope

    i saw this brown ,silver heart

  190. Leea, age 10, from usa

    what is the pots name and how old is the pot and how long have you had the pot

  191. lovelife, age 11, from united states

    once there was a headchog it was lonly he had no were to go so he curled up in a ball to keep him warm . the next day people looked a the headchog wirdly wondering what he was doing . 4 months later people were stil confussed , the little hedchog had given birth and they curled up to . soon all the headchogs in the world curled up when thay where scared or cold . about 17 years later the first headchog ever curld up in a ball was put in a musseum scientists came and looked at the headchog it was still in its warm ball shape . thay took it to a famouse artist in 1946 name babara hepworth she said she wanted to make a sculptur but she dident want it to just be a normal headchog so she made it into a sircle . it became a very famouse pice of work and was dispalyed in a musseum when she died x.

  192. des, age 11, from england

    i am the sea
    i am the waves
    i am the ripples
    i am the shell
    i am the wind
    shh listen to the quiet revalution

  193. coolio, age 12, from LONDON mate

    it lookes like the waves of the ocan and i think it is very cool beaxe i am can type ver fast and i hope [eople atalook ing to they see how goood i am at typing os i do it like ervyday7y@_Pn

  194. deimante, age 9, from lefthania

    i love my mum and dad so much.

  195. josie, age 6, from u.k

    one day there was anold man he went shopping and he forgot to lock the door when he came back it had gone his beutiful piece of art work then the phone was ringing but he just hanged up the end

  196. ASHLEY, age 10, from GEORGIA

    WOW i jus saw a famous person on tv .yestreday after noon at the school house and it was so boring cause i wasnt in the t v yesterday afternoon.

  197. MARY, age 12, from FLORDIA


  198. U-we-tsi-a-ge-ya, age 10, from England

    I looked deep within the sphere with it’s middle missing, thinking to myself how on Earth it was formed, and then, like a flash, I saw a vision. I was the sphere, I was being carried gently by the sea, although the sea was rough and stormy, I felt at peace with the world. As I approached the shore, I could see a human, standing, watching as I glided towards her. Then I realised, the human was me, when I fianally approached her, she plucked me from the shallow water, leaving water to rush down again from the hole in my middle which made me feel heavy and very fragile. When she put me to her ear, I was back, as myself. In a half confused, half satisfied daze, I walked back, knowing more than I knew before.

  199. agha kashaf ali pathan, age 13, from kamber in sindh in pakistan

    one night . i was sleeping . i saw a dream this thing came in my dream

  200. Aymann, age 7, from london

    One day I soot a tiger and I thout that it was cute but suddenly it started to get angry of me becos it was a wild one then it nearly eat me up but instead I growld at it realy loud and instead of fighting back it likd me and we became best frends.

  201. kadishea, age 11, from london

    i see a mix of shapes maid of wood it reminds me of a candle flicering in the dusty wind the tip like water from the finist sea ocen
    its a home thing like a bath to a shower or a toilit to a tap
    what i mean is that it belongs in someones heart just like a home

  202. charlotte, age 9, from united kingdom

    As i pull it back and forth it gentley makes a swift,sound.I roll it and it makes a bold BANG! what was that it was the string pulling back and forth on its own i didnt know what do do. I ran out of my room screaming not knowing what to do i ran into mum and dads room and they werent there. Were wer theyi couldnt hear a thing exsept the ball moving with the horible bold dark sound f it coming towards me …

  203. ASDA, age 9, from ENGLAND


  204. tate kid, age 8, from england

    it is as round as the moon with a hole in the middle.it has a imaginary egg inside but even when you CAN imagine the egg the yellow is not there.the outside is like a coconut.if you look very closely there is a mini guitar.

  205. cheryl cole, age 29, from united kingdom

    cool lines how much!!!!!!!!!!

  206. ella, age 9, from irland

    It is a bit like a coconut if you think about it. I really like it is one of thoes that really inspiers poppel

  207. Elhana, age 11, from England

    The life of the sea is true and tuff, and people dont know where to go, when the world is evolving around them like the life of the sea, the sea doesnt know where it is going untill it gets there but the world is cuel and tuff and hard thats what broke the life of the sea and never again will it re-build.

    The moral is that when things on earth get tuff dont give in like the sea and when things go wrong build back strength and courage not like the sea be brave and continue and enjoy what you have before its too late .

  208. megan, age 9, from eggy land

    once upon a time there lived a girl called emma she had some artwork called barbara hepworth it had a curse she pood on it like weee poo dominos pizzsa anybody mental goon nigro LOL BOB wot

  209. megan, age 9, from england

    this is some beautiful art im honoured to have it in this country if it is scotch egg anyone LOL

  210. lollipop, age 11, from m

    an old wizard was hunting for ingredients for a potion and another wizard killed him so all his ingredients molded into this.

  211. Isabella, age 9, from Italy and US

    This is a story about a magical harp. One day a little girl called Charlotte was at the beach. She found the magic harp. When she played for her parents it put spell on them so that they would do any thing she wanted. The next day she went to school. At school she played the magic harp to all the mean kids and told them to be nice to all the people they bullied. Then she played it to all the mean teachers and made them nice. In the end, Charlotte created a buisness called “Charlotte’s Help” so that if anyone had problems she could help them.

    The End

  212. chloe, age 11, from UK

    i love this art work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. Campbell, age 9, from US

    Once a guitar was floating away in the ocean. It got traped in a whirl-pool. A sailor was singing a delightful tune when the whirled-up guitar washed up on his boat! One day the sailor was manning his boat when everything became dark and he got caught in a whirl-pool! The guitar served the sailo as a life saver! Sadly, this guitar didn’t last this ocean story, but the sailor survived and dedicated this peice of art to all!

  214. molly moore, age 9, from England

    it’s like a mystic ball that the wizards use in films its peice of art that no one would hate its just amazing so this is the story One day 2000 years ago a sacrid ball was made by a wizard he was the master and only he could touch it so one day a boy got jealouse and touched it the middle of it swirld up and cast a vicous spell on him and no one apart from the wizard ever touched it again.

    even though that didnt happen i wouldnt really be that scared if it did .

  215. Skylar Miller, age 13, from USA

    This artwork looks like a coconut and a guitar. In Hawaii people use this as a show bis thing !!!! =]

  216. daina, age 13, from united kingdom

    many people thought this was weird but mostly because it did look a bit like an ball with no middle. the weird thing is, people actually beleived it and tried to bounce it but every time it will just fall. then i think they started noticing the strings a perfect straight line the feel of them and th4e music it made when you strind them a humming sound. look i shouldnt be telling you this but it hold a load of secrets in it if you find them make a wish people say they come true

  217. i love wrestling do u, age 8, from the wrestling studio

    well im back ha ha its a scotch egg

  218. Joanne Broughton, age 14, from Thiscoolland

    I was walking a sandy beach. It was lovely and warm. The sea was calm. Then of all of a sudden I saw this peciular shell. It was a really lovely dark brown,tan and skintone colour. I knew from this moment I was lucky.

  219. Dhurga, age 12, from England

    A lovely award winning piece of opera played through the hard clashing waves and the sea hurt water how someone must have been through a great deal of something but what?! There’s a solution someone answers. A voice a familiar voice heard and shooken thouroghly. There stands a girl of his dreams and how someones purpose/destiny will be fulfilled if they want something done! A voice trails around the fit looking guy, how he could succeed in this mission and how will he through the waves crashing on him and the ides forcefully pulling him! Will he make it to rescue the damsell in distress or is this the end of our brave but not so brave hero… But to his amazement he finds a very pretty shell that he looks at and he then say this is for my angel who waits for me, I will find you my darling one, i will find you… In these last words of courage his voice soon trails of!! A hand shot out of the ravenous tides the creature was holding the shell it was him the one on the mission, he fights his way through the waves and tides and screams with frustration and there he is there on the shore, waiting and lying there in despair. Slowly, rising to his feet he makes his way towards the stars, Wishing and wishing his truely beloved will be there waiting waiting waiting for him……

  220. gypola, age 9, from england

    the elements
    A Long time ago there was a ninja who was Evil,there was four elements in tempels when you put them together they make a statue that can go anything no one controls it.The ninja went to the temple of earth one day and got past every single monster gaurd and got the first element it was a golden brown to show the ground then the other ninjas heard he had them and got there sowrds and tried to find him but when they got to the earth temple the element had gonethey new that the evil ninja,who was called rasaj had the element meanwhile rasaj had got to the temple of air!he got past the air gaurds and used the earth elemnt to destroy them and he stole the air element and put them together to upgrade his powers and defeat the next gaurds in the water temlple.He got to the water temple by the time the other ninjas got to the air temple then he got into the water temlpe and defeated them gaurds and got the next element rasaj was tierd so he has a rest just as he got out side the temple the other ninjas got him but he escaped the sensi was at the fire temple and the fire temple was the biggest temple when rasaj got there in frount of the element was sensi wu he said to get the final element you must defeat me and my ninjas so rasaj said “well i have element power now ” and suddenly a ninja grab the three elements and the ninjas got him but rasaj got them back and the element and defeated the ninjas so all he had to do was defeat the sensi and put all four elements together!!! he defeated the sensi and got back to his temple were he lived and put the four elements together and they glowed and went up into the air and a shape fell down an rasaj caught it and lightning came off it a defeated the whole lot of ninjas from both sides and nothing ever moved again and it became dark and the sketeton sensi ruled the world,who was sensi wu and he held the elemental statue for ever and ever and soon the world of ninjas ended and the land of the dinosuars started and ruled for a long time with new creatures and the giant dinosuars stomping all the giant temples so the dinosuars has the elemants that made their homes and sky and caves and water and lakes and everything they needed to eat sleep on or drink and made their colours and made lava and volcanos and everything the giagantic huge dinosurs that lived over sixty five million years ago


    THE END…

  221. Debbie, age 49, from England

    I found this beautiful sphere on a beach in St. Ives. I held it closely to my ear and it whispered softly to me. It said that all seasons of life have a purpose, just like the changing of the tides. There is richness as well as hollows in the ever changing circle of life. By feeling, touching, seeing, through mind, hand and eye we are listening to to the finely tuned song of our lives, like the strings that hold a certain tension on this perfectly weathered sculpture. Ripples never come back….

  222. olivia, age 10, from england

    i think barbara hepworth is awesome at sketchs and sculpureeds

  223. Nida, age 7, from Hounslow

    There was once a girl called Pellagra who liked to play on the beach. One Wednesday she found a beautiful stone which was very rare and there were 10 left in the world. She named it Pelagos. After she died a girl called Barbara found Pelagos she put it in her room and painted it on a easel. When Barbara died the stone was buried with her but not the painting. Many years later the painting was found and took to Tate Modern. So that is the long story of this painting and the stone.

  224. Anonymous, age 0, from Anonymous

    There was once a beautiful, round ball. He was taken, one day, and became carved, smoothed, polished with lacquer, and given strings. He became a beautiful sounding and looking instrument.

  225. ernie, age 11, from usa

    i really like these sculptures they are awesome

  226. harold, age 14, from england

    A lovely award winning piece of opera played through the hard clashing waves and the sea hurt water how someone must have been through a great deal of something but what?! There’s a solution someone answers. A voice a familiar voice heard and shooken thouroghly. There stands a girl of his dreams and how someones purpose/destiny will be fulfilled if they want something done! A voice trails around the fit looking guy, how he could succeed in this mission and how will he through the waves crashing on him and the ides forcefully pulling him! Will he make it to rescue the damsell in distress or is this the end of our brave but not so brave hero… But to his amazement he finds a very pretty shell that he looks at and he then say this is for my angel who waits for me, I will find you my darling one, i will find you… In these last words of courage his voice soon trails of!! A hand shot out of the ravenous tides the creature was holding the shell it was him the one on the mission, he fights his way through the waves and tides and screams with frustration and there he is there on the shore, waiting and lying there in despair. Slowly, rising to his feet he makes his way towards the stars, Wishing and wishing his truely beloved will be there waiting waiting waiting for him……

  227. delanie, age 10, from canada

    As I walk on the beach, the sand moving beneath my toes. it is twilight, the late sun sparkling in my eyes. then suddenly i find a ball. not a beach ball. not a soccer ball. a brown wooden ball. i find myself taking it home with me because i took a fancy to it. soon when I go to sleep,i am like an freexer. cold. hard. hate. i hear voices in late night. voices talking about warmth. coziness. love. i hear knocking at my door. when I open it i find nothing i go back to sleep. sleep, in warmth, coziness, and love.

  228. keira, age 6, from Austraia

    once i saw a round thingy on the beach from that moment on i knew i was lucky!!

  229. keira, age 6, from austria

    My prep teachers name was Mrs.Hepworth

  230. charlotte, age 11, from united kingdom

    sea is the structure of this curved, brown sculpture. The soft outing of the sculpture is as soft as a fluffy rabbit. The shape of it reminds me of shells, wave, hills and gusting wind on the beach. It’s like the waves are thrashing on the rough, cold boulder scattered on the beach.

  231. Eilidh, age 11, from Scotland

    My Shell
    I found a shell and put it to my ear,
    I heard the sound of waves crashing against the shore,
    I heard the sound of laughter at the beach,
    But the sound changed,
    I felt waves of anger coming from the shell,
    I heared a scream and then a crack,
    I realized this was my shells past,
    A boy from long ago had broke my shell,
    My shell cannot be fixed,
    As it’s other half is trapped in the ocean
    And can never be freed
    What had become of my shell I wonder but will never know
    Till we are seperated by thunder.