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George Stubbs, Bay Hunter by a Lake, 1787

In this painting called ‘Bay Hunter by a Lake’, the artist, George Stubbs, has made the horse the focus of the painting. Notice how there are no people in the painting.

This horse has no name. How do you think this horse is feeling? Who do you think he/she belongs to? If it could speak, what do you think the horse might say?

Have you seen this horse’s tail? It is cut to look fashionable. Does this give you some clues about the horse?

124 stories about “George Stubbs, Bay Hunter by a Lake, 1787”

  1. Ariana, age 6, from USA

    The horse name is Kitzy. The owner of Kitzy is Ariana. Kitzy ran away from her owner. The End.

  2. Mary Elizabeth,, age 4, from USA

    Once upon a time Princess Tilana rode a horse

  3. Georges D'Oeuf, age 12, from France

    The horse went to see his barber to get a haircut, only his old friend the trusty Greek barber was not there. When he asked the owner of the barbershop where his favourite barber was it turned out that he had been stealing from the owner when the owner had been on holiday. The owner cut the horse’s hair as he told him this tale. Only his tail cut was not as good as that of the dishonest barber.

  4. Lola, age 7, from England

    Once there was a horse that swam so much his tail came off.

  5. Michelle, age 9, from England

    There lived a horse called Shooting Star also known us Star, she escaped from a stable full of racing horses, the reason why she escaped is because the owner of the stable was very strict, she used to hit him with a whip when he lost the race. Star was always last place on the races and the other horses hated her and laughed at her whenever she lost a race. That’s why Shooting Star escaped. Shooting Star had soft, short, brown fur, black legs and a short black tail that got cut at the stable. Star lives by a lake and loves standing under a tree in the shade, she thinks about her frightening days in the stable and her peaceful days by the lake she has now. Shooting Star is still very lonely and wants a owner who treats her better but she could never find one.

  6. Connie, age 6, from England

    this is a horse called patch who looked at a cloud. he found some food in the trees and ate it then his tail fell off!

  7. Scarlet Watts, age 7, from England

    Once a horse called Velvet lived in a meadow. He once had an owner called Elizabeth but one day she and her parents had to move but they couldn’t, take Velvet with them so Velvet was left behind.

    3 years later an old lady came to live at the house and she looked after him and loved him but four months later she died and so that meant that velvet was a wild pony.

    One day, Velvet went for a walk in the countryside. Eventually he came across a stream. To his surprise another pony was standing there. he trotted up and stood next to it. In a few minutes they were friends. They galloped across the field together and drank from the stream together, they slept together under the old oak tree.

    A few years later a person was walking by the lake and saw Velvet. He took him. He rode Velvet back to his house and to Velvet’s surprise a few weeks later he took Velvet to a racecourse. After a week of practise Velvet was like one of the professional racehorses.

    One day the jockey called Frankie entered Velvet in a race. They were in the lead but suddenly another horse overtook them but then they overtook him back and they were so close to the finishing line but another horse took over again but at last Velvet had won.

    The jockey decided to get married and Velvet was at the wedding pulling the carriage. The jockey and his wife got out of the carriage and to Velvets surprise the bride was Elizabeth. They all lived happily ever after.

  8. Polina, age 11, from Pa

    There once was a girl named, Gia. and she loved horses especially one particular horse. She called her brownie because of her colour. And she lived right in her grandfathers farm where Gia spend her summer every time with her sister Beth. One day As Gia was packing for her visit. Her mom came in. Honey she said. Brownie is missing. Missing!? Gia exclaimed. Yes. my father will look for her and he wants you to draw some posters of her and send it to her. Of course she drew about 40 paintings of her. and her grandfather hung up everyone. except 2. he said. you will keep one as the same for me and your grandma. 1 year past when Gia turned 13 and she was watching TV Her Mother had just put the cake in the oven for the next day party. when her mom was about to change the channel.

    A man Showed up on the screen he was the news man. He was standing in a Park with many people there. Hey! Gia said that’s Duquan Park. grandfather always used to take me there. Just then her grandfather, was showed on TV. he said the horrible words that Gia never wanted to hear, Our horse brownie has been shot and trapped by a cruel man. we just found that out by a young women. over there. there was a women crying. I never seen something so awful! she cried. Please The horse is in the Vet hospital and he wish the most for her at the moment.

    Just then the mom turned of the TV. And said I’ll call your father while you go to bed. The next day when breakfast was served, Gia didn’t eat, brownie was in the park when a man attacked her. the man had never the right to do that. Gia said. your right, her mom said. People just don’t know what they’re doing. From that day on Gia painted and painted and grew up to be famous especially for her Painting of Brownie.

  9. Conor Burton, age 9, from Boston, Lincs

    Once upon a time there was a horse called Monty. He was going into the forest to get some food. The next thing he heard was ROAR!!!!!! There was a golden lion stood right in front of him. they started to have a battle …….

  10. Sean Clifford, age 13, from UK

    The horse stood alone, she was all by herself, no one there, no one to care. Her tail was cut, for no reason at all, she stood by herself but admired by all.

    Not really a story, more like a poem.

  11. Blake Sellors, age 9, from England

    One sunny day, a beautiful brown horse was standing alone by the edge of a lake. It was a medium sized horse with massive bright eyes. It looked lost and also maybe a little bored. It had a short tail and it looked healthy.

    “Pilgrim, where are you?”

    Suddenly Ben, a wealthy little boy ran around the corner.

    “I love you Pilgrim. Don’t get lost ever again, you naughty horse!”

  12. Tatyana, age 11, from USA

    This horse I named Alitia. She is named after her great grandmother. She is different than others. She doesn’t like to travel and be ridden on as much as others. Every time time someone tries to ride her, she throws them off her back and the person is badly injured. The reason she does this is because her great grandmother did it, but she didn’t know her grandmother did it because of a rock stuck on her shoe. to be continued…..

  13. Karina, age 10, from USA

    Her coat of short hair is gleaming in the bask of the sun. The shade is covering her balance in grace and beauty. As swift as she can be, she will neigh with a soft call like the wind. If only I could ride her. Her mane in the wind. The cold air stinging my face as me and her swept the valley in grace as we ran with out care. To me, that would be a memory I shall treasure till I die. If only I could hear that soft lulling cry before I wake up and realize, it was just a dream. Oh, sweet hose that changed my life forever. Good-bye.

  14. Emma, age 11, from England

    one day an old man brought a horse he soon died and his beautiful horse was passed down to his evil grandson Henry. Henry abused the horse and tried to kill it. He took it to a lake and drowned the horse. Many years later a man called George saw the horse and painted this picture. But it was the ghost of the horse.

  15. Ella, age 10, from England

    A horse was grazing in a field on a mid summers day when he saw a green, juicy, delectable path of grass. Oh how much this horse wanted the grass but he could not because horrid green leaves had fallen down what could he do?

  16. Rebecca, age 8, from England

    there was once a horse named Rebecca she had no friends she was all alone one day and a badger came along he asked her if she had any friends and she said no. so the horse and the badger became best friends. and they lived happily ever after.

  17. Natasha, age 6, from England

    On a cloudy day in a forest, a brown chocolate horse stood by a river. The horse had black hooves with two black eyes. The horse lay by the very special tree with dark green leaves with a lump of leaves under the tree for the horse to sleep in. If you can see there is a beautiful view in the background with mountains which look like they are purple. The houses are covered by bushes on the mountains.

  18. Hapsa, age 9, from England

    The horse looks like he’s not trained for a circus. he looks very sad, unhappy maybe miserable. if I was like that I would have no friends, no name maybe no family.

  19. Ria Fern, age 12, from England

    A lonely horse wandered along the bay. It lent down and ate some sweet grass, then chose to lay down on a nice soft patch of land. It slept for abut an hour, but was woken with a start. He could hear a young girl crying for help not too far away. He galloped as fast as he could, finally finding the lady trapped up a tree. Their was a few very large foxes at the base of the tree, obviously waiting for her to fall. She couldn’t hold on much longer. The horse, which was called Derry, Galloped and cried out, frightening them away. He then stood underneath the tree, as the girl jumped on to his back. Derry then heard a guy calling for the girl. “Trisha what happened?!” he asked? She told him. He stroked Derry, and then they walked off. Derry settled back on a nice patch of land, and began to drift off, with the cool breeze of victory lulling him to sleep.

  20. Fiona, age 8, from England

    once there was a horse, it had no owner it just ran free. It was hard to find food in the Winter. It’s eyes glimmered in the sun light, it’s coat was a chocolate colour. The day I saw it I wished it was mine. I raced home to get our dog lead, I ran back at top speed was he still there? no my face dropped. but then I saw him by the water. He looked very slim, he probably hadn’t eaten for a long time I took him home and feed him.

  21. Emily Tustian, age 12, from England

    spirit has just been ridden by his owner Jordan Penelope. Jordan has come for a picnic. with his baby girl Lucy who is one. he is sitting by the river while spirit goes off into the woods to find Jordan’s wife and older girls horse who have gone off. Jordan’s wife is called Becky. Hannah is Jordan’s older daughter who is 6.they live in a huge house with horses dogs and servants.

  22. Megan, age 7, from England

    long ago there lived a horse called Beller and she lived to work. she worked all day and never had a rest from it. One day she ran away from home. she went to a cottage (well at lest she fort it was)But it wasn’t it was a witch cave and that’s how it started. the witch spotted her and ran to her as fast as ever and while she ran she muttered a spell ipitey dapitey frogs and snails curse this horse to fail. then Beller was no longer a horse but a rocking horse a little girl named Abigail saw Beller and immediately fell in love and went into the shop and spent all her pocket money on her and of course it happed she got into trouble. when Abigail went to bed she herd a horse neighing. she got out of bed and to her shock she saw Beller running around. she wok up her mum but she just saw it as a rocking horse. but the next morning Beller was a horse again the spell was broken. her mum was shocked but Abigail’s mum said she cud keep her . Beller had a foal and then they al lived happily ever after.

  23. Eve McKenna, age 8, from unknown

    This horse has run away from its cruel master and wants to find a new home. he swims across the lake where he is rescued by a kind man called Jeffery.

  24. Ben, age 40, from Mexico

    I call this beautiful horse: noble. He is waiting for the lady. who is the owner. Where is she? Noble is seeing her and she is just between the horse and you spectator.

  25. Anna, age 9, from England

    once upon a time there live a beautiful horse named flash .she was not wild of course .her mother died when she was very young. she had a nice paddock to live in but one problem she had a horrid master .Her master lady Sara didn’t care about anyone but herself .her stable-boy, tom was cared about flash very much and he knew that lady Sara only had flash for showing of. he promised flash that him or any of his family will free her when lady Sara dies.

    Five years passed and lady Sara was getting to be an old age. She was writing her will. Many people had tried to kill her all of which were the stable boys. They had all (before they got hanged) said to the new stable boy that when Lady Sara died that they should free Flash. Everyone got impatient with waiting for Lady Sara to die because they had seen how mean she was to Flash. Then the 19th stable boy who was a patient young lad named William Turner who could wait for Lady Sarah to die. One day he heard a sound that he had thought he would never hear. From the high turret of the castle, the guard shouted “Lady Sara is dead” at the top of his voice. Williams day had come. He ran to the paddock where Flash was grazing. He quickly put on her bridle and saddle and quickly galloped round the field. One of the guards saw him and chased him on his horse. He tooted the horn and more guards joined the chase. they came to the end of the paddock. The guards thought he was trapped but William and Flash went faster and jumped high over the gate. The guards tried to chase but they could not jump as high as they did. Flash was free, free from Lady Sara. She reared in triumph. William turned her to his home town and galloped off.

  26. Bryony, age 11, from England

    ‘The Hunt’

    Some time ago Coco a brown horse lived in Canada. He lived with his master lord corin, they were going out hunting. The forest was infested with dear and boar. This was good and bad, because that meant the forest had bears and wolves to. They were galloping through the forest when a thought struck Coco, he always wanted to be free like a normal horse he thought if he bucked off his master he would never be ridden again. They were deep in the forest, Coco started bucking and rearing. Finally his master fell off, he was free to find a heard of horses and live happily for the rest of his life.

  27. Lara Hall, age 5, from England

    I lost my pony in the barn. I went looking for it. I found It in the woods I brought it home. the end.

  28. Riogan, age 8, from England

    once their was a man called John. One day a girl called Ellen came to the Ireland that moment they both fell in love and her horse disappeared to a far far far far far far far far island and was never seen again!

  29. Xavi, age 10, from England

    bay stepped into the misty wood, she could smell the luscious smell coming from the fresh grass and she could hear the calming sound of birds twittering and water slowly making its way down the stream, she found a shady spot under a tree and she lay down, her memories from the past slowly uncoiled.

  30. Bethany Murrel, age 9, from England

    last year in a field far away a horse stood. The horse had no name, but it was a male. He was lost in the countryside. He got lost in the countryside because he did not listen to his owner Tim. Tim said to his horse “come here for a groom”, but his horse did not come to him. In the stables. The horse cantered away from the stables in a mood to the countryside.

  31. Megs, age 12, from UK

    This is a story about a horse who was wondering around in the countryside as his mum/dad/owner didn’t want him any-more.

  32. Cloyo, age 0, from England

    the story about this horse is that it is very lonely and it has no home to go to…the man that owned this horse left him when he went to ride it. The horse is called Billy! i think you have figured out why…Billy has been at this place for ages that’s why its sooooooooo skinny

  33. Jess, age 0, from England

    Hello am Jess and this is my pet horse Jolly! She has hardly any tale because she’s a short tail horse. I keep her in paddock near the river as you may see! That’s her shady tree she has a friend called Bobby the hedgehog. He is a Cat she is scatty and homeless! Bless her! That’s the end of my story thanks.

  34. Aruna Medina, age 8, from Mexico

    El caballo estaba tomando agua en el lago 5 minutos des pues.En el bosque gritaron unos señores en el bosque pues eran los dueños de el caballo. El caballo corrio rapi damente de susto 2 años despues conocio a una princesa que se llama Hana y fueron amigos por siempre FIN.

  35. Josh Hargreave, age 13, from England

    once upon a time there was a horse you was used for racing. however he didn’t like racing, so he decided to run away into a place where no person can ever go to hurt or to steal animals.

  36. Fares, age 13, from UAE

    please, this is getting boring standing by a lake all day. And who is this guy called Stubbs?

  37. Chloe Narey, age 11, from UK

    Chestnut was still interested in the unknown carvings on the tree. She couldn’t work out what the letters meant? Dazzle circled the tree time and time again, but still found no evidence! The lake had risen higher so Dazzle had to go!

  38. Isabella. T., age 9, from England

    On a cloudy, misty morning this chocolate brown horse was resting peacefully on the dewy, emerald grass. The horse was resting by a sky blue pond. Then suddenly the horse herd a crash. That crash was the horse’s favourite tree. The horse decided that he would never go back to that place, all because his favourite tree was gone.

  39. Kayla Brown, age 11, from North America

    Once upon a time there lived a horse named Isabella.

    she was the wildest horse in the whole wide world, until she met a 9 year old little girl who loved her. Everyone laughed at her saying “you’ll never tame the horse”. The little girl never listened to them and kept trying ,and one day Isabella cooperated with the little girl, so the little girl takes Isabella home with her without promotion. Her parents end up finding out, but they let her keep it ,and they go down in history.

  40. Nina, age 13, from Slovenia

    all alone but happy horse. he is not worried about anything.

  41. Brenna, age 10, from USA

    This is about a horse named Fudge. He was grazing on the field on the barn. Then, he saw a pond so he trampled over and stopped for a slurp. Next he saw bright green grass and started chomping down on it. In this picture he saw a squirrel starting to go up a tree.

  42. Burgundy, age 6, from UK

    the horse is called Ella and she is 16. she lives in a forest and loves it. Her tail is short and really nice you can’t believe it is so small. She’s turning round to smile. She has a pond in her forest.

  43. Savannah, age 9, from United States

    once upon a time there was a horse that got lost and couldn’t find his way back to his home were his mom was at and so I got so hot one day and was starving and thirsty so he kept on walking and then he ran as fast as he can because he saw a pond and some shade so he ran and he ran to the shade to cool off and he drank some water and then he was so hungry when he took one sip or 2 sips he felt funny and then he just fell and he died. POOR HORSE. True story u know that is what happened to my sisters horse.

  44. Chloe, age 14, from USA

    There once was a horse, it lived in the forest. One day as the horse was drinking from the river, it wondered, “Why aren’t there any other horses around, why am I the only horse in the forest, why don’t I have any friends?” The horse was so lonely and desperately wanted friends to run and play with. Soon after that the horse went out of the forest in search of other horses. This poor horse had not left the forest since his birth, so little did he know that very near by, other horses were having fun, running and playing with each other. The horse soon found the other horses and they all quickly became friends with the new horse.

  45. Theo, age 7, from Ireland

    ‘The Horse’s Mane’

    There was an ugly horse who was a very fast runner. He was better than everyone else. the other horses made fun of him. He was sad. the horses played games without him.

    One day the horse went away. He grew up. One day he came back. The other horses said you are not Chestnut. Chestnut said I am! They said prove it. He said I am the fastest runner. Well, said the horses, then show us. He ran around the field. Yes said the horses, surprised. It is him! From then on, the horses played with that horse and were nice. THE END.

  46. Louis Perry, age 12, from USA

    mr. bunbun had his tail cut off by his owner when mr. bunbun didn’t eat his owners homework. mr. bunbun was never smart like when he fell into a hole. one day he was hungry and found a muffin on the ground. Then he was sent in a horse world but no horses were there….. THE END

  47. Brittany, age 12, from United States

    wander through the meadow
    Looking for a way out
    For now I will stay till dark
    Then I will stop
    And when day comes I will look again
    Unless I don’t wake
    I will still remember my days as a horse
    What I see is an earth down there
    I look up and see that I have died
    I found my way out
    I still say to myself
    Will I wake?

  48. Ariel, age 12, from USA

    The Horse With No Name
    I wandered in the meadow
    Looking for food
    Looking for a place to nap
    For days I walked and talked to the birds that sang.
    As I walked I saw a people gang.
    Suddenly they captured me.
    At that moment, I knew I was going to die.
    They made me cry
    Then I knew where they were taking me.
    A place that you should never know

  49. George, age 10, from England

    Once upon a time there was a horse called jimbo, he was a very big horsy and he was a wild horse. He lived next to a big lake he sometimes ate leaves and worms and grass. He had no friends, but he didn’t mind. He lived happily ever after.

  50. William, age 11, from England

    Once upon a time there was a horse called selina . selina was a very quite horse ,who loved to stay by a river. one day selina was by the pond when she saw some teenagers come along and start spitting in the pond and ,so she went over to them and scared them off.

  51. Thabiso, age 11, from England

    Once upon a time there was a horse who lived in the woods. He had no friends but didn’t care. He sometimes talked to the rabbits but mostly ignored him. Mostly he ate apples from the tree, but nothing important happened in his life. Suddenly a new rabbit moved in ,he was shy a part from when the Horse came by, he talked for days .The horse never really liked him. At least he had someone to talk to!!!!!!

  52. Michael Abbley, age 11, from England

    Once there was a horse who was lost but an artist found it and drew a picture of it he then rode away and they all lived happily ever after.

  53. Symron Bains, age 11, from England

    It was a ordinary day in a ordinary way. I was walking down the street and I saw a horse. It ran at me and it killed me. I never saw the horse again because I was dead. God told me the horse became famous.

  54. Kevin, age 11, from England

    It was a fine morning. Jane was out for a walk by the hay bails.

    The trees blew about. It was a windy day. “Nice day a mate” Said Mat the rat. Yeah. You want to take a walk down by the river. Sure .So off they went to walk down by the lake. Suddenly a wolf appeared. I want blood he growled .The wolf killed Jane and Mat the rat. The wolf had had enough of a meal for one day. And Jane and Mat the rat lived happily ever after, In a stomach of a wolf.

  55. Eden, age 11, from England

    Some time ago, there was a horse who lived in a beautiful forest. Every animal in the forest knew this horse. He was called Harry and was going to enter a race. Lots of animals were entering the race, and Harry was renowned for winning.

    It was the day of the race, and Harry was making his way to the starting line. As he lined up with the other competitors he was getting nervous. Then they were off! Harry was in the lead and won the race easily. Harry was still the champion.

  56. Katie, age 12, from England

    ‘Sleep Tight Lo’

    There was a horse called Lo. Her master was a mean man. He would never ride her, which you would think is good, but Lo loved to be ridden. Lo loved to wake up in the morning and hear the birds sing and talking to each other. Sometime she thought that she knew what the birds were saying.

    On day Lo woke up to find that all her riding gear was on her and a little boy about 10 was walking to her. He had his riding gear on as well. Lo was so happy. She tried to say thank you, but the boy didn’t know what she had said.

    They where out for hours and hours. Soon it began to rain and they went back. Then Lo fell and bady hurt her leg. The boy was fine but he didn’t know what to do. Lo lay there slowly dying. The boy lay there with here. Until on day when the master came. He pick up his son and lifted Lo. She lay there for another two days until se went to sleep and never woke up again.

  57. roisin, age 8, from England

    hey you already awake darling pegric boy! it is Christmas day in the city village and every one is singing Christmas carols and all them sorts. i go out to pick some rasberry and blackberries that are on the bush. I come back waking mummy with a big bowl of berries and she says merry Christmas sweat heart merry Christmas. open the presents then. ok mummy and bro jo . hehe look you guys!

  58. Josephine, age 12, from England

    The young colt stood shallowly under the tree. The war had finished, his pelt could grow long and soft once more. He stopped what he had seen during battle had scared him, the shouting, banging and screaming red everywhere. He let himself breath, then trotted over to the shade and stood for a while, just thinking, he wondered what had happened to the beautiful silver mare he had once rode beside. He had been running along side her whilst the battle was on. But then her rider had been shot and he slowly slumped off her. Startled she had run off into the centre off the battle and there was a loud whiney and she disappeared. The colt felt like a thunder cloud was dawning inside him, he was desperate to see her again.

  59. Natalie, age 10, from England

    George was outside. He didn’t hear his mother calling him for dinner or his Father telling him to go to bed. “They don’t know he thought”, when he heard them shouting. He was miserable. His favourite horse Stubbs had gone missing! He then saw a movement by the lake. He ran and saw Stubbs happily chewing Mr gates apple tree!

  60. Daniel Crenol, age 12, from England

    The horse was called Bay. While he was out enjoying a lovely stroll by the lake, a sea monster came out and ate him up.

  61. George, age 14, from England

    I am a horse. I’m just a simple horse whose name is Bob. My horse group abandoned me when I was young because I was too small but I grew and now I’m tall. But, I have no friends. O Well

  62. Sean Sathiyjit, age 11, from England

    One bright summer’s morning a horse named Tom was walking by the river. He was admiring the beautiful scenery. Suddenly out of nowhere came a troll and knocked Tom in the river. The horse was drowning but the Troll did not help. It had just left the horse to drown.

    A metre a way a person had noticed the Horse in the river and had chosen it to help it out. The man pulled the horse out and gave it a towel to dry itself.The horse was very thankful and had promised to watch out in the future. Moral-Don’t be selfish.

  63. Dulcie, age 8, from England

    in a little village not far from here there was a brown horse who’s mane swayed in the air and never stopped looking beautiful. His owner really adored him and always did the right things for him. She had well trained him so he could be aloud outside with no-one beside him or riding him. The trees were magnificent there where they lived and they were very happy. Nobody could treat a horse as well as this particular owner and no horse could outsmart that particular horse! I t was the best life anyone could want.

  64. Chloe Narey, age 11, from UK

    As Myth galloped, finally, away from the Prince’s Castle, with her mane and tail groomed beautifully, she came upon a lake and a beautiful tree! She knew she’d found her home…

  65. James Samuel, age 9, from UK

    On a Sunday morning I went to see my magic horse. It had looked like it had been attacked by wolves because half its tail was missing. It was weird because it only went to this river when it was frightened. But the strangest thing was that there was no wolves or any dangerous animals like that .It was a mystery for ever never to be discovered!

  66. Cameron Kieran, age 9, from UK

    This picture is called Bay Hunter By a Lake. It was painted in 1787 it was painted by George Stubbs, now we are going to tell a short story about a horse. There was once a magical horse . By the side of a beautiful lake there was a stallion it was running full speed by the lake. Then suddenly he saw a beautiful white female stallion they fell in love at first sight! The male stallion had to go back to it’s group. The white one also had to go back to it’s group but it got lost in the dark woods. The brown stallion saw the white one go in to the dark woods and followed it heard some terrifying noises they got louder and louder! He start staggering into the woods.

  67. Owain, age 9, from UK

    ‘The Brown Magic Horse’

    On a Monday morning a horse walked into a field to graze on some delicious green grass.

  68. Malikl, age 9, from km US

    Once there was a horse that stole peoples money. So the town tried to kill him. But then he was gone. Some say that you can still see his soul.

  69. Anjeleine, age 9, from KM USA

    Once a horse named Woody lived in the woods. His owner lost him when they were going out for a walk. Woody was a special horse because he was the only horse in the world who had a chopped of tale. So one day Woody was on a walk. Woody heard a strange noise. He heard it coming from the way back of the woods. When he saw what was the noise was ran away because that noise was a snake. Then Woody went to the lake to get a drink. He saw a girl horse. He fell in love. The girl horse had no name. But the girl horse was the same looking horse. The girl horse fell in love with Woody also. So they had babies and lived happily ever after.

  70. Amelia, age 10, from KM USA

    Once a man released a horse into a fence before he cut the tail short. Soon the horse found a happy home in the wild to live. After a while the horse’s tail grew out and she lived happily ever after.

  71. Scott, age 10, from USA

    This is a fascinating picture I have shaved a horse before I have fed, shaved, pet, and rode a horse u can trim the hair on the edge of the horse you can cut the mane. Here’s my story: once there was a nice horse named Sundae she is a nice horse then after she got shaved and died I was sad

  72. Randi, age 9, from IL, USA

    Once upon a time…. There lived in 1324, she saw a horse by a lake. She got so scared and ran away. She told her mom, she took her mom to the place she saw it. But it was gone, her mom said: Sweetie where is it? She saw a sign, it said: Ghost Horse Park.

  73. Meriecel, age 10, from USA Illinois

    A hundred years before this time a young horse rider named Jessica got a brown and black horse for her birthday and named her Anjie. One day they went for a walk and a huge storm was starting. Thunder and lighting shot from the sky. Jessica and Anjie got separated and Anjie was never seen again. Two years past and Jessica was heartbroken you see her parents begged her to get another horse but she always said “No” so then her parents gave up. One poor couple found Anjie and treated her like she was their own horse. Jessica was taking her walk and saw Anjie in a stable. “Is this horse for sale? “she ask the couple. “I’m sorry dear but no.” they said. “You have to!” “She is my horse!” she sobbed. “How do we know she’s your horse?” the wife said sternly.” But-bu-. “After that she broke down crying. “I’m sorry dear but she is not for sale.” the husband said. Jessica just said she’s mine. She went home and died of sadness.

  74. Connor, age 9, from USA

    Once upon a time their was a horse named America. Now America had a long tail before two mean farmers cut off her tail.

  75. Randi, age 9, from IL, USA

    In1996 December 23 ,there was a horse born. Its name was Snowflake, but it was a strange name because ,it was a brown horse! Its was white!

  76. Luke, age 11, from England

    horsey, horsey in the country
    out on a morning run,
    looking at the pretty flowers
    and glazing in the sun.

  77. Faye, age 11, from England

    One day in the country side a horse wandered lost and alone by the lake.

  78. Ben, age 12, from England

    the horse was sad because the other horses took the mic out of him. he loved this beautiful horse and he wanted to show her he was the boss to make her love him.

  79. Katie Graham, age 12, from England

    There I was, my friend beside me. All dressed up in what my owners called ‘armor’. But wait… What’s that? A loud bang. I’ve heard this in training before but… this wasn’t the training ground. No this place was cloudy. There was no roof over my head. My friends and I began to feel worried. I looked over at Hugh my best friend. He was a Bay Hunter like me. On the horizon black silhouettes began to appear. What was happening? Why weren’t our owner moving, backing away?

  80. Louise, age 11, from England

    once upon a time there was a horse named ellis she was a very old horse and she liked going to the hillside beneath the trees. she is a brown and white horse!!!

  81. Ben, age 12, from England

    there was a horse he liked playing football u wouldn’t see a horse playing footie but he liked it

  82. Kirsty Tomlins, age 11, from England

    once their was a young beautiful horse called coco she was a wild horse that liked her own whey but one day a hunter got her and tuck her to a farm to be sold. A year later she ran away and finally got into the wild again.

  83. Maya, age 14, from unknown

    the horse trotted past the forest and into the clearing by the river it was quite no people came here he was running away, away from his old life, away from the same routine day in day out. He had got away he had run far and he knew that they would start looking for him soon but they would never find him here not here ,here he was safe he lapped up some water and then he came to rest by the tree

  84. Torie, age 11, from America

    One day when I was taking a walk by the river, i spotted something brown. So I walked around the river, to the other side, and I found a horse. It was a very beautiful horse. I was a little worried, that it might hurt me, so I was very careful. I was standing there looking at it, and it started to walk towards me. So i stuck out my hand for it to smell me, and it put it’s nose on my hand. It felt kind of weird. It felt like wet worms in my hand. So I decided to get on it’s back and rode it. It was very bumpy. Although it was very fun and exciting. It brought me back to my home. I got off of it, and then I told him that I hope we can meet again. It was a very stupendous day for me.

  85. Michael P, age 8, from USA

    One day in 1998 a horse was born he was born with a short tale. The next day a man found the horse he kept the horse. The next day the horse ran away. The man said ran away go! The horse tale got bigger the horse died in 2006 his head got caught against a rope.

  86. Jewel, age 9, from USA

    Once upon a time there was a horse name Jewel. Jewel wanted to go to the lake so she went to the lake and found her self face to face with another horse. The other horse had a short tail because the people cut the horses hair. The horse was following Jewel. So Jewel lifted the horse alone and walked away.

  87. Ami P, age 9, from USA

    Dear Mom,

    I wish you were here. I got a new horse and it has a short tail its fashionable. I named it Katharine exactly like your name.

    Oh I forgot my name is Anna I’m six years old. Anna’s mom is named Katharine. Anna is writing to her because her parents are divorced for about two years now. Anna loves her parents but Katharine lives in London and Anna lives in Illinois. Anna writes to her mom every month and this month was June. So Anna is going to write her new horse all summer.

  88. Samantha T, age 9, from unknown

    This story is based on a horse named Tiny he was always made fun of because his name was Tiny. then one day he went up to the other horses and said i don’t care.

  89. DEJA S, age 9, from KM ILL

    Once there was a horse that was magical. The horse was so magical that it turned her tail short. So the farmer kicked hem out.

  90. Carlos, age 10, from USA

    Once there lived a horse named Mystyrio. But Mystyrio was not a ordinary horse Mystyrio was a ghost horse.

  91. Komey, age 7, from India

    A horse one day looked at a tree by a river and while looking it got a long tail.

  92. Jazlyn m., age 10, from USA

    This picture of a horse is not just a picture of a horse, it is was a very fashionable kind of horse back then people who had horses they would go cut there horses hair and give it a hair cut . So this picture was very fashionable back then.

  93. Hector R., age 11, from USA

    Once their was an old lady that chopped off a horses tale because the horse was drinking her water. Then he said what can I do to get my tale back . Next he thought if I get off land may I have my tale back ”No!” said you can’t have your tale because I’m a witch or I’m I?

  94. Paige W., age 11, from K.M Beach Park

    A brown and black horse in the wood’s. The horse is spotted by a person. The horse is calm and soothed. She is going home to see her babies. She is going to feed her babies.

  95. Caity M., age 10, from KM Beach Park

    One day there was a horse named Sally she was taking a walk. I want to play with someone she said. But I have to play alone, she said to her self. But she herd a noise but it was just the wind.

  96. Aaron M, age 10, from Beachpark km USA

    Once upon a time there was a special horse. It was special because of its tail. The tail was special because it made the horse fly. The horse saved someone falling out an airplane and the horse then ran away and no one ever heard about the special again.

  97. Pauly D, age 11, from USA

    Once upon a time a horse lived in the woods. He tried to hunt for food but the animals beat him up a dog bit his tail off. Until one day the dog taught him how to fight and hunt. Then one day a person brought him to her house and she tried to ride the but he killed her.

  98. Sabrina K, age 11, from Zion, Illinois

    Once upon a time there was a family that owned a farm. There was horses only. Well one day the horse, named Brownie didn’t want the same food every day, so he fought with his owner. His owner got mad, and cut his tail. The next day he did it again. So his owner let him free. Brownie found a spot that someone would not find him. He wanted to live his life. And he did. No one bothered him. The End!

  99. Suzette B, age 12, from Houston

    This is a tale of a beautiful horse named Odie. It loves to go to the lake and run around in the fields. It was getting dark so it had to go home and lay down to rest. When the sun was coming up it was crawling in the hay, and something was wrong his tail was cut off, and so he liked it

  100. Mrs. Green, age 34, from United States

    One day as I walked up the shore and saw this beautiful horse alone. I guess the horse wander off from his master. The horse looked lonely and sad. I tried to get the horse attention but he ran away. I hope the horse find his rightful owner. I don’t know where he ran to.

  101. Naomi H, age 11, from Beach Park

    Once upon a time a time there was this horse it was a boy. It was lonely it never saw any one on the land .The horse name was bob. Bob was no ordinary horse it had a cut tail. Also he looked nice but on the inside he was mean. Then came along a horse that was black and brown. The horse Bob was mad because he liked his life. So Bob thought about fighting the other horse but Bob thought about letting the horse stay so he won’t be lonely. Bob had made a new friend and became un lonely.

  102. Lauren.G, age 10, from Illinois

    One day in the meadows of the land of happiness their was a horse and her name was Flicka she was wild and free. She never saw people then one day she saw a girl and the girl was make a home because her family died in the fire. So she looked at the girl the girl saw her. So they took care of each other.

  103. Austin A Weber, age 8, from Zion, IL USA

    Once there was a ugly fat horse with no tail. A man cut it off with a 900000 in. machete. One day he went too the lake and fell in. Then a barracuda came and bit his leg off. Then Wet Willy took lip stick, put it on then kissed his lips!!!!!!!!!! Then the horse blew up. THE END.

  104. Chris, age 9, from USA

    Once there was a horse who got his tail cut off . A guy came near a horse that was wadding in a lake. Then the horse ran off from fright. Then a Argentinosuarus came and the guy got squished by the Argetinosuarus. An black hole came and destroyed the planet THE END

  105. Gabrielle G, age 8, from IL USA

    Once upon a time there was a horse, she was brown with black hair. He lived in the forest all alone he pretty much lived in the dark, then one day he found a lake he was so happy he jumped right in. He did not know that some body was there when he came out he saw that his tale was cut off.

  106. Mariah R, age 8, from USA

    Once upon a time two men were ride horses. And they stopped to get some water and they cut there tales off. They fell into the lake and the horses ran away and they were never found aging.

  107. Victoria, age 9, from IL

    Once upon a time there was a horse named Marian she lived in a forest by a lake. One day Marian was drinking water and some men cut off her tail and forever she had to stay like that for all her life.

  108. Jorie H., age 9, from KM,USA

    One day a town full of people liked cutting off horses tails. So they start cutting off there tails. but there was one horse that was powerful and if he got his tail cut off he would die. there was a little boy named Timmy and he loved his horse apple and he knew if apples tail get cut off he would die. he told them to not cut off his tail but they didn’t listen so Apple died on April 17 1906

  109. Elise R, age 9, from USA

    Once upon a time there was a horse not an ordinary it was crazy. It died in a car accident when it was driving. Its baby went to a lake. Its tail ripped on a tree. Then it drowned in a lake. Its name was Brown. The end

  110. Katherine G, age 9, from KM, USA

    One day a horse that nobody know was walking in town. People kept wondering whose horse it was because bake in those days if someone did not own the horse they would shoot it with a bow and arrow. The king was vicious he told his men hunt down the horse so they did. One day the men found the horse they take their bow and arrow and the horse is gone. So the king would know the horse was killed he asked his men to cut off the tale. The End

  111. Ryan D, age 9, from KM RUSSIA

    Once there was a horse its fur was brown. It ran away and was never saw again…but a few years later pilgrims caught it and that was the end that horse

  112. Jade J., age 10, from USA

    On a sunny day a horse came from the direction of the woods. It was a boy it had its tail cut half way off. 5 seconds later his owner came running after it with scissors in his hand. When the horse seen its owner he start running again.

  113. Kyle K, age 11, from USA

    one day stuby the horse was out for a ride when he stumbled upon a lake. He went to take a drink but a spirit came up and scared the bagesis out of him so he ran away. the next few days he kept coming back and getting the bagesis scared out of him by the spirit. Finally he got over of his fear. he started to drink out of the lake the spirit tried to scare him but was not scared. The spirit said dang now we have to use another lake. doh.

  114. Jade J., age 10, from USA

    One sunny day I seen a horse come from the forest. It had half of a tail. 5 seconds later its owner came running from the same direction of the horse with scissors. When the horse seen its owner he start running again.

  115. Melissa G, age 10, from KM USA

    one day there was a hopelessly horse . He had his tail chopped half way off . And had problems with defending himself . well one day the SPCA helped him with his problems . what a heroic thing they did and we all appreciate them .and we thank them .

  116. Becca G, age 11, from USA

    one day I was walking around the ranch when I saw a beautiful chestnut brown mare. I stood in amazement. Before I could run back to the ranch to get my dad it was gone. I was sad but the horse left a not but I could not read it and to this day I still do not know what the note says.

  117. S. Avona, age 11, from Beach Park

    As you can see this horse is standing by this bitiful lake but this horse is missing some things! As you can see this beautiful horse does not have a tail! The only reason that she does not have a tail is because its fashionable!

  118. Mark, age 11, from China

    What a handsome horse! One day, He stands by a river and looks into the water. He saw a horse with the same face as his. He is so angry. “No one can have the same face as mine. I am the most handsome horse in the world! who are you, guy? “He says as he make faces to the horse in the water. But to his surprise, the horse make faces to him, too. He is annoyed. He can’t stand a horse doing that to him, cause in his mind, he is the king of the large kingdom of horse. “i must teach you a lesson, guy! “So he jumps into the river in order to fight with the “guy”. “I won’t let you do that anymore, you stupid guy! “But he jumps in the river and never come back again.

  119. Abbie Loughe, age 10, from England

    in the depths of a wonderful lake lives this big beautiful horse named black beauty. she wanders every night and day but you are very lucky if you see her because she is a beautiful brownish gold magical colour she likes to play hide-and-seek with you that’s why she is so hard to sees he loves to play the end……..

  120. Matilde, age 6, from UK

    One day on a Tuesday a horse was out in the woods the horse was brown and had black main and a black tail. It was looking for apples suddenly! a big storm was heading towards the horse!! the horse was frightened, he didn’t want to go with-out his apples but he didn’t want to get hurt! then while he waited for the storm to go away the storm disappeared and he lived happily ever after! THE END

  121. Chelsie and Sarah, age 9, from England

    One sunny summer’s day. A beautiful brown horse with a tiny tail, was finding a good place to rest. Then all of a sudden a bang crash she ran in the forest finding what happened. It was a baby deer she got shot in the heart. And then the hunter shot her too!

  122. Chelsie, age 9, from England

    One sunny day. A beautiful brown horse was by a tree and a blue silky lake. suddenly the brown beautiful horse heard a loud *BANG!* it frightened her to death, so the beautiful horse went to look what happened and all the horse could see was a baby deer lying there in front of the horse. Then all of a sudden the horse was dead.

  123. Johan Holm, age 12, from Denmark

    this horse has been wondering around lost from its owner in several years. some think the owner was murdered and the horse escaped, but some think, that it ate him. though there now evidence of any kind that this happened , but many people believe this even so. Some say, that the tail is so short because it was cut off by the owner, who was fighting for his life. Maybe it is all just stories. But maybe not….

  124. Pernille, age 12, from Denmark

    den her hest, er ikke bare en hest, ikke sådan en man rider på, på en rideskole, nej denne hest er eller VAR noget for sig selv.hesten var nemlig overnaturlig god til EN helt specielt ting, at drømme. hver dag stod den ude på sin fold, sammen med en masse andre heste, der kom tit børn og besøgte hestene, med gulerødder og andet, og hesten kunne være rigtig forkælet, men den var bare ligeglad, den stod bare og drømte, om alt mellem himmel og jord. især himlen, det her billede er fra hestens fantasi