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Martin Creed, Work No. 232: the whole world + the work = the whole world, 2000

This artwork is made up of neon tubes that spell out words. It was created to be shown at Tate Britain in 2000, but now it’s going to be on show at Tate St Ives until September 2011.

This work can be put anywhere. Where would you put it?

It features an equation – a sum – that might be a little bit confusing. What do you think the equation means?

Think about lights in different spaces. Do you have a nightlight, or did you have one when you were little? What if the lights in your room started spelling out words? What would they say?

the whole world + the work = the whole world, martin Creed, 2000

© Martin Creed


81 stories about “Martin Creed, Work No. 232: the whole world + the work = the whole world, 2000”

  1. shamili, age 15, from vizag

    in this house a king has been lived for a long time his name is chakravarthi and he roam all over the world.one day he find a beautiful girl in andhra state his name is chandramukhi but she already in love with akbar but chakravarthi forced him and get to marry but after few days the king killed the chandramukhi then she become devil and roam in that palace and try to kill the chakravarthi

  2. sadi giles, age 11, from sherman texas

    The house is a very emotional, place a Tate place to express your your self.me i never been in to art but i am defiantly into art now that i have saw this filthy ole hose n dats all ima put tadae im out dizz yall bieee!!!!!!!!!p.s dis house is haunted

  3. bvhj, age 0, from southside

    i luv dis house

  4. Tom lord, age 14, from uk

    i would put it in a cafe
    i think this means a lot of diffrent styles
    go to sleep

  5. Larissa, age 10, from Malaysia

    ‘O’ how this building catches my heart!
    If I try to sketch it I’d never start!
    Great tall columns at the entrance!
    It’s so great I can hardly make a sentence!
    How it scapes the sky,
    ‘O’ this mighty building so high!
    The beautiful statues on the roof,
    I can almost see the unicorn stamp it’s hoof!
    Now I enter.
    Now I see.
    What this building is to me!

  6. Shannon Casey, age 10, from England

    Tate kids are cool
    they make all the other websites drool
    you create, think and build too
    and maybe the next artist….

  7. sam, age 9, from uk

    my story is about poo and that poo was a sloppy monster who ruled the world by jumping on the radio broad cast staion and you heard a big loud sloppy bang and it went all around the world and the earth stood still the air went to pluto,the air
    became like the poo smell in the world and the sloppy poo became prime minster and king of all ythe world and for the record this story has nothing to do with this art work and this art work is amzing

  8. isabelle, age 9, from england

    this artwork was created to be shown at tate briton in 2000.when i look at this painting it makes me think of roilty it might be haunuted i give this painting 10 out of 10

  9. Marina, age 11, from Argentina

    There was once a rich man, long ago, who owned a house. A very big one. But it was colour-less. So, he made painters from the whole wide world, to make him paints. Soon, his house was like a museum, full of art works, all unique. Everybody peeked over the windows, so, he left them go inside, and soon it was crowded.
    After his death, his son, wanted to make a real museum, but there was something missing, so he called an artist to make an artistic phrase, for it to be in the museum.
    Martin Creed-the artist- loved maths, so he made an artistic phrase: “the whole world + work = the whole world”.
    He thought that the work made the wold. The son of the rich man loved it, and made the phrase to shine day and night, so everyone would know what the world was made of, and for it to be a phrase that would encourage people.
    Today, it still hangs there, reminding people of what the world is really made of in the thoughts of Martin Creed.

  10. kimberley heseltine, age 14, from england

    there was a house a big horted house and there was a goust that lined there. The gost did a painting of his house but sortly aftet he dided of the black death then his friend beried him and put his painting with him them from that day paple say they see him walking arand or panting so thats the story. the end

  11. louise shields, age 11, from scotland

    Its a very old house where a king lived his name is chakravarthi, and he forced a women that he liked to marry him but she refused to marry him so he said he would seek his revenge her name was chandramaki and 2 days later that name had been written on a grave becuase the king chakravarthi had chopped off her head, he was a horrible man and chandramaki thought the same thing and huanted him, but 1 day he said ” he couldn’t take it any longer”, and he jumped out the window of that house and ever since it has been acient history.

  12. simran, age 10, from india

    one day there was a palace it is the queen palace and it had lots of gold inside suddenly a big monster came into the palace and destroy it all and the the police came and took the monster into jail and then the monster have to pay because the
    monster took all the gold and they all lived happily ever after.

  13. Jessica Louise, age 13, from uk

    ‘O’ how this building catches my heart!
    If I try to sketch it I’d never start!
    Great tall columns at the entrance!
    It’s so great I can hardly make a sentence!
    How it scapes the sky,
    ‘O’ this mighty building so high!
    The beautiful statues on the roof,
    I can almost see the unicorn stamp it’s hoof!
    Now I enter.
    Now I see.
    What this building is to me!

  14. Liam, age 13, from England

    the world + work + the world = boredem

  15. DAISY EFFENY, age 10, from ENGLAND

    once a poner time there lived a gohst and he lived in here and also he is 10001 so he is very lonely because 800 years ago hes mum and dad died on the same week so its very sad for him now because he has no one so he thort in hes head and he thort that he has never been seen so now he wanted to be seen and when he sed somethink to hes selfno body could ever here him and he always talked to hes self because he diddent have anyone to speake to . but one day he was drinking some water and he spiled some down him and someone sore him and he sore his self but the person diddent tell any one because the person diddent reamember the next day so he putted the drink all over him and he said to himself tommoro i am going to get a cup of water and put it all down me so thene every how comes here will see me . so the next day he did and when people sore him they screemed to the top of there lungs so thene the gohst hid behind the wall and wiped the water off of him and thene he said to himself i ges i dont want anyone to see me . but the sad thing is that he died the next week after. so its a sad ending but at lest he will always remember thate day that everybody sore him. THE END

  16. dan, age 11, from notts

    A old man lived in this house untill he died in 1940 in a car accident.Then the owner of the house burnt it down.71 years later a flat was placed in the same place as that house and stayed there for a week,before being mysteriously disappeared……..

  17. kirushanth, age 9, from london

    martian from orter space

  18. kirushanth, age 9, from london

    martion kill the earth and took it away from the sun and moon the superheros were trapped in polttue in 2008 the daleks and cybermens changed time now is 3098.what has happened to time?
    In 2011 in america the doctor is died.
    In 3017 9 angents were deafeated by the silence eye patch lady and the 1 of it is in a pandorica.100 ANGENTS DEAFEATED THE silence eye patch lady sontran headless monks and the odd the vasternada but don’t BLINK AND TURN AROUND BECAUSE THE WEEPING ANGELS ARE APPROCHING!!!!!!The judoon and the entity are driving the tardis for the dalek leader to explode time and space.suliruns will kill the army of the the other 10 doctors when the 11th doctor died it came through its heart of the
    RIVER SONG IS MELODY THEN SHE IS TURNING IN TO A pirate.(Who is going to save the day?)

  19. jean, age 7, from england

    one day a little girl went out for a walk when she came to a knear by pond when sudnely a sticy, whet, frog came leaping out of the pond and back in again.while he was doing it he said something rather strange.the little girl said what but the frog did not heer her.ther second time he did it it he landed out of the pond. He said “kiss me”, so she did and then the frog turned into a man and the man said “will you marry me in the morning?”, so she said “yes”.

  20. izzy, age 8, from united kingdom

    one cloudy day tourists were looking at the martin creed buildingwhen somthing very unexpected happen the king walled out his palace and clearly spoke “peole tourist and animals watching me you may be very shocked that I am here wlking out of my old fellow home but belive me you town is in grave danger the spirites of my old wife my old servants will come to hount you villiage be aware”. so every tourist ran to the nearest selter or home or bus or coach to another town or city. that night one ghost of the kings wife awoke from he death bed and haunted the village “hello, dont be scared old queen here wont bite” shouted the queen. the queen was staring at one house the light of all the houses had lights out exept one house the light was on and she could see a young little boy walking towards the front door he opened the door and bang gulp the boy was gobbled up by the spites.

  21. izzy, age 8, from united kingdom

    myne is a story

  22. Ryan Goff, age 9, from Uk

    In a very posh manchion lived a very posh king and 3 boys all aged 9 but what they didnt know was that they lived in a haunted house wich explained the vanishing stuff. The 3 boys all went in the garden suddenley mwuhahaha a devil laughed as he bellowed Your dad is dead they rushed in the house and there was the king lying there dead all 3 kids killed there self to be with the king but ended up in hell. The end

  23. coco, age 2, from england

    i love this picture xx

  24. ellie, age 0, from england

    i luv dis pictur

  25. heidi, age 13, from england

    last night a man in mustard mini pulled up outside fulfen primary school in burntwood with these glow tubes on the roof of his car. these tubes spelt out the words “the whole world+the work=the whole world” He stuck them to the side of the school and zoomed off in his mustard mini. the next day the pupils at fulfen were suprised and confused to find these words outside the school. the mystery still remains on who put them there

  26. lucia, age 11, from England

    Adventuring through the waterfall of saphirfe named after the great, blue jewel two children each longing to find this buety explored. one hoping to capture for the countries riches and one to only heal the harmed. But only one could take the jewel and they knew it so Emily, (who seeked the jewel for healing) tried to have a freindship with the other (Bernard) but he rejected thinking she only did so to earn his trust and take the jewel although this was most certainly not the case. Eentually after 16 full days of searching they came across a river, behind the river was a perfect blue magnificent jewel which was gaurded by golden gates that were unfortunatly LOCKED! Then bernardrealised that knowing that Emily couldn’t swim Bernard decided this was his chance. If he got rid of Emily, he could find a way to get in the secure, golden bars. Here goes…. ‘AAAHHHH!’ Emily was pushed in and everything went according to plan, Bernard was right Emily couldn’t swim therefore she was carried away with the current. ‘Yes! Now I am certain to get my hands on that glamorous jewel!’. laughing with evil pride he examened the gates as Emily was slowy disapearing. Dern dern dern! Emily woke up lying on a green, grassy bank, which was extremely unusual considering that the bank was half a metre down something must have carried her or was it just an illusion. ‘hello, my name is Chuck, what’s yours?’ a squeeky voice asked. Emily sat up, but to her amazment there was no body there… or was there? ‘Um, down here’ that little voice again. She looked down and saw a weird gerkin thing!
    ‘Did i hit my head. and err, how hard?’ Emily wondered slightly confused. ‘What are you?’. ‘I happened to be a gerkin!’he joked ‘Really! Nice to meet you Chuck the gerkin.’ Emily greeted him freindly ‘I was kidding anyway you have come to seek the saphire, what for?’ asked Chuck the gerkin-looking thing. ‘Umm, to heal’ replied Emily quite dazed. ‘Then there’s no time for jokes we must hurry, come on!’ said the gerkin thing quickly. They ran, well Chuck ran but to stay at the same pase Emily walked. Finally there infront of them was a tiny door about 15 centremetres high. ‘I’m supposed to go through that!’ Emily was astonished and started to panic. ‘No, no, no! You have to fit through that hole I susspect it will be large enough for you.’ He said opening and fitting through his door shortly followed by Emily (but through her hole). And then, there stood the saphire in it’s pure glory. ‘Well, what are you waiting for grab it and run, NOW!’ exclaimed the gerkin panicing. ‘Why is there such a rush?’ Emily asked, but before there could have been an answer a giant, terrifieing monster rose up and attemted to eat Emily’s leg just as Bernard spotted her with the jewel as his mouth gaped wide open. Emily, saphire, talking gerkin span round in his head over and over again. Emily dived through the hole and saved her life! They had done it who would have thought that a talking gerkin could have changed so many peoples lives, saving lives, wounds, curing deseases he was a miricle and this is where the story ends and oh, Bernard was eaten by a crocidle… only joking he was turned into a bowl of soup. The end!

  27. tegan, age 10, from engaland

    it was as if a ghost had lived there for his after life and would haurnt or kill who came in

  28. Tegan, age 10, from engaland

    wow such a big tower
    but no little pink flower
    the light blue tate
    on the dark grey slate
    no one around
    so not one sound
    untill you take a look
    inside the giant art book xxxx

  29. Joshua, age 9, from England

    There was a skunk who stinked.

    The End.

  30. lydia, age 11, from england

    Once upon a time there was a girl a very curious girl named cleopatra, now Cleopatra came upon a tower which was delicate and fragile. Therefore Cleopatra destroyed the peeling tower and replaced it with a plastic bag factory which was actually a secret M.I.9 headquarters. Everyone wanted her to be killed ,apart from her family the Dergradies so they hid Cleopatra from the egyptian soldiers. A week after they had been hiding her they heard a crash coming from downstairs where they had been hiding Cleopatra… Cleopatra had been pulling faces out of the window and the egyptian soldiers had seen her and smashed through the window to arrest her.Therefore the Dergradies including Cleopatra were the main event at the next execution.

  31. Taylor, age 12, from england

    This house is a very beatiful place to express your self i always was into art ever since i was a toddler art is my life now i am older in fact i wanna be a artist when i am older well or a archtect they both are good jobs. If i had to choose the words for a light i would be freedom for everyone is free in soul and heart but they just need to get there i guess. I have never had a night light as far as i am concerned. who ever made this peice of art must of thought what an random thing to do it is just so amazing how people can randomly think up things and just draw/write it i think this personal art work looks just fab on this building it not to stupied and its not to out standing its just ing the middle.

  32. Joy, age 11, from Whocaresistan

    The castle of Princess Kaitlyn in London, England. This castle was the building of which she would marry Prince Walker. She hummed as she twirled around her bedroom in her beauiful silk wedding gown. Her veil flowed down to her hips and her boquet of roses gave off a beautiful fragrance. “Your majesty, it is time.” Announced her makeup and hair artist, Emily. She quickly hustled down to the hallway, and took a quick glance into the ballroom. 1000 people were sitting in the beautifully laced chairs. As the music started, she began to step down the aisle. Hundreds of cameras were flashing and Walker was staring at her, his mouth agape. As she went through her vows and his, she quickly said I do, an d they were announced husband and wife

  33. Loveridge, age 12, from England

    A peom
    Oh how beautiful is this piece of art
    When I see it i place my hand on my heart
    I think to myself it just can’t be
    How someone could paint thee
    Then I thought maybe I could be taught of how
    Then when I am finished i will take a big bow

  34. Abbie Chesworth, age 9, from united kingdom

    toot toot said mother hen as she climed out of her pen. She loved sunday mornings because sunday was the day she layed her eggs ready for Monday. she went to wake up lucky,toot and chuck and they set off to the laying lounge so mother hen could lay her eggs. But she had some bad news the laying lounge was closed because it was being decorated mother hen was so upset and went back to her pen in missory.

  35. olivia kershaw, age 9, from uk

    ko said max as he set of in the woods his mum said are you sure he should be going on his own. his dad with a leaf half way up his nose i think he with be ok !!!!!!!!

  36. JD, age 10, from england

    WOW! WHAT AN AMAZING SIGHT! wish I could go there….. GEEZ!!! WE NEED MONEY!

  37. lucy dodman, age 10, from united kingdom

    ‘O’ how this building catches my heart!
    If I try to sketch it I’d never start!
    Great tall columns at the entrance!
    It’s so great I can hardly make a sentence!
    How it scapes the sky,
    ‘O’ this mighty building so high!
    The beautiful statues on the roof,
    I can almost see the unicorn stamp it’s hoof!
    Now I enter.
    Now I see.
    What this building is to me!

  38. lilliecaiger, age 6, from uk

    one day i was out going shopping with my mummy and my sister. We were buying a coco pops bar and lots of other things and then suddenley the coco pops bar came alive i was so scared that i ran off screaming then i ran out of the shop.Then the coco pop bar was walking then he was chasing me out of the shop in and out of every shop.

  39. courtney, age 10, from uk

    this painting is weird and how it is painted is also weird but whoever drew it is a good drawer

  40. Sarah, age 11, from United Kingdom

    This house was once owned by a rich man. Marik was his name. He was popular and was rich. He would have parties every weekend with neighbours and friends. He was happy to live in a house as big as that. The house was covered with leaves and at dawn flowers would blossem every time. It bloom and look beautiful. Marik would pick them and hand them to his wife Maraa so she could make them into a necklace for his guests. Maraa loved Marik dearly, he was the one. The one and only one she loved. Whenever he gave her the flowers, she would keep two and put them in a vase, with the other ones he gave her. The house in whiched they lived in, was famous for flowers. The flowers were the most prettiest and loveilst flowers you could ever imagine. Maraa and Marik were happy, and joyful. Their house was big, beautiful and lived in my a couple in love.

  41. Twyla, age 6, from UK

    once upon a time there lived a little girl who lived in a big castle and here name was rosy she was very nise and fort full evry one new that she lived in a castle and they were very jellese that she achly lived in a castle but then her dad told her to come home to have tea so she did and she had fish and chips then it was six oclock so she went in the bath and went to bed

  42. Rachel, age 10, from England

    Once there was a great building with the word Tate written brightly on the dark door.
    A little girl called Molly decided one day that she would go in. Little did she know her whole life would change. When she entered the large oak wood doors closed around her and many pieces of bright and dull art hung around her. Names were engraved in gold lettering at the bottom and she walked up to one with a strange coloured face. It read at the bottom Piccasso. Soon a man in a dark cloak and a long black beard appeared and told her to follow him. He led her into a a small room and asked her to paint her favourite painting in the building. She decided to paint the bright face she had seen earlier in the entrance hall. Finding oil paints, Molly was keen to start her painting and soon had all her equipment ready. Hours passed and soon the man came back and asked to see what she had done. Molly handed him her master piece and he stared at it in surprise. Minutes later the man spoke, “You are a true artist” he said happily and smiled for the first time that day. “You are to stay here and become an artist. As Molly was an orphan she agreed easily and in no time she was painting in her own style and selling many pieces. One day she thought to herself, what would of happened to me if i hadn’t entered that door, but she could never find out and went back to her marvelous life as an artist, retired as a million air and lived the rest of her life in luxary.

  43. eesha, age 10, from india

    once there were a king and a queen.they lived in this castle.when the king died the queen also died and the castle got rid of them.

  44. Bethany Gent, age 9, from EnGlAnD

    One creepy night Were Wolfs were alive, Zombies were alive also Creepers worst of all Vampires. There was two young twins who coulden`t sleep at night so they went to thier parents room but before they opened the creepy door the Vampires were there and sucked their Father dry. They were pactrafied. The Vampires are in danger `coz` they have a ` Vampire Killer necalos` and the sun was about to rise so the Vampires turned into a bat and quickly in a flash of lighting they were gone like dust. But the mum was alive and she cheeked the kids room they were gone but they were under the bed crying. A nother night came and the creepers and zombies were outside fighting a old man so the zombies bit him and the creepers exploded and a massive hole was in the ground….. The vampires never came back but the mum had a clever thought if they look like a realist zombie and act like one the will never die so they did just that. But one of the twins were missing she was outside with the zombies but she was not in danger coz sunrise and creepers eploied and the zombies could catch on fire but she was in shade and a zombie was behind her and bit her and shewas dead. They feeded on her for 2 days. So the mum thought to die in a peaceful way by to be put to sleep and eated by zombies. the end i dont care if i had to write something else down ok hope u like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Caitriona, age 13, from UK

    As I lay in my hard little bed, the darkness began to close in on all sides. The usual anxieties were creeping into my spinning head. What was that strange shadow? Why were the curtains twitching? Maybe I just left the window open, but hang on, that meant someone could get in! Suddenly, I sat bolt upright inbed, slamming the switch of my nightlight hard. Phew. I flicked on a torch for good measure, banishing the lingering blackness from every last corner. This happened every night. Pathetic really, but I could never stand the dark. Maybe I’d just keep the light on tonight.
    SQUEAK! I started at the strange, plasicy sound and whirled around to see my night light stretching eerily into the most horrifying shapes. I screamed as it contorted itself into a word, two words!
    I’m Tired.

    “What…” I stammered
    “You turn me on every night” the lamp now read, “It tires me out!”
    “I nodded and switched it off, wondering why I was taking orders from a night light. Then I began to feel creeped out again. How had it moved? Was it haunted. That’s when I woke up in the morning. It was a ll a dream. Phew. As I left the room, there was a strange SQUEAK. Turning around, I saw the word “Thanks!” Shining out of my night light…………

  46. SaveEarth, age 10, from England

    The wind conducted the light, and nothing like it had ever been seen before. It shone, in hues of yellow and red, onto the most magnificent piece of art; words. What is more creative – more imaginative, than words?

  47. uefa, age 8, from Thailand

    long ago their was a builder his name was hushi he was from japan he wasn’t rich. after a few weeks his wife died his son moved away hushi was alone one day it began their was world war 1 because he is in France he got hurt so he run and hide himself at this place (before it was a library) he thought this is where the god and goddess live because he survive and he thought it the building whispered to him. 1day later he got killed but before that he prayed for this building to survive and got killed. after a few days his son san ugo heard that his dad got killed at this building so he name it Martin creed because it means father and war. San ugo lived here until he was 85 and died.

  48. niamh bruce townsley, age 7, from england

    I was about to go to sleep when I heard a U.F.O fly and land on my porch.
    Then when i did not here it anymore i saw an alien face at my window.


  49. lisa, age 10, from america

    A poem

    How beutiful thiis

  50. millie, age 7, from england

    Once there was a beautiful building with a shining label saying”tate kids coming soon.” A little girl named Ashley was soon to be making a opening speech about tate kids.Ashley was making this speech because she was a normal kid who was chosen to make an opening speech with her mom.Last week Ashley made a fact that only 4 people were trying to get chosen out this hat.Soon Ashley’s big day came and it was today she made a little test on the microphone and then she said,”I would like to open with art centre with support and care my name is Ashley and I am 8 years old and I would like to hand it over to my mom,Sally to cut the red ribbon.” Her mom began to speak,”I would like to declare this art centre open.” Everybody went wild when it opened and that is the END!

  51. tia, age 10, from engaland

    once there was a big building called something in the castle lived a king called chakravarthi one day he found a girl that he liked so he asked her to marry him but she already had a man so the king killed the man and married her xxx

  52. vickie, age 6, from china

    this is the whole world +the work= the whole world. It is a church a old working church

  53. Catherine, age 6, from UK

    The Castle

    Once upon a time there lived some girls in a Whole world – the castle was their whole world. One girl was called Ashley, one was great, one was Anne and one was Catherine Princess and all of the girls sat down. The very next day there was a castle building contest it was summer and the people were lying back and the girls had gone inside to finish the painting. And they lived happily ever after.

  54. Kenadi Pumphrey, age 13, from tennesseee

    Not long ago i was in this house big but quiet. Dejah my bestfriend and Tara myslef we went to this old creepy house for our 6th grade field trip very creeped out. The whole class was there an then ………….. some would just be gone like somthimg had happen it was OIctober 31 an that ment halloween. When i was a liltle girl my parents and I would visit this house but then my mom died cancer hit her quick took her faster she was my everything i lookd ip too her as well did my sister jasmyn she also died at the age of 13 tumber took her away we all loved her. Now its my dad and me quit house he dosnt play with me as much anymore.Mt friend dejah lost her dad form a car wreck she was the biggest daddys girl ever. Her mom suffers alot now being black and a single mother its hard is what Dejah tells me. Dejah and I went to the big quit house and as it was just the two of us…… we walked upstair all we heard was eqqqq ewqq the stairs squeaky. just before we could get upstairs we hear a “BOOM!” we jumped the window the foggy couldnt really see anything one big house by our selfs we thaught…….!.We tossed and we turned through the night never any sleep tried to turn the tv on no cable.Dejah i whisperd “yess Tara” “will you please turn on the lights” okayy i will just go to sleep okay”kay thanks” knowing that Dejah’s mom will be her tommorow and my dad will be too was a great feeling.Dejah and I always thaught our parents were perfect for eachother and weve always wanted to be sisters.”BOOM” there it went again somthing was in the house but what…. Dejah woke up shortly after the boom we talked tried to calm eachother down. Then we heard foot steps coming from downstairs the kitchen the pantry opend. The foot steps were gettting closer close enough to our room. The person was upstairs and in the room looking for someone or somthing.Dejah grab my hand and said lets pray “Dear god please bring me and my friend through this i dont know what to i do and i know i need to follow you till the god i know that you are listeng i talk to you everyday in jesus name amen” amen”. The door knob turned back and forth then it opend there Dejah and i sat in the closet there was a man he was dark and with all white on. Could it be an angel or was it my final resting spot he walked towards the closter looked in there and saw Dejah grab her foot will im just sitting there letting this happen.Out the door he went with my bestfirend gone…..!. I just let my bestfriend get kidnapped what am i going to tell my dad more importanley Ms.Goins. My bestfriends life was iin my hands now. Early that morning i called and told them what hapen tears everywhere from Ms.Goins “Im sorry she told me to stay that she would be ok” “And you listend to her you could have saved my daugter but you didnt. When they arrived i was in the kitchen crying a river. I told them everythhing i saw i describe the man who took my best firend she was only 12 soon Ms.Goins relized somthing. “Tara did this man have all white on “yess why though”. I know who took my babygirl and this is not good at all. Who took my bestfriend i asked.It was Melvin. That was Ms.Goins ex boyfriend drug dealer. I didnt pay the money too him and he going to make me suffer my whole life without her….We got to find Dejah!

  55. karima, age 8, from swedan

    malcum lived in london 1345 his parents died from a black death his an orphan he loves whith his grumpy grandad

  56. karima, age 9, from SWNDIN

    i was sleeping then i heard a strange noise creeeep croooock a ran downstairs as fast as my legs could cary me it was a GHOST from the leagand past it left green slime down the stairs TO BE CONTINED

  57. Emarald star, age 8, from England

    Once, a long, long, LONG time ago, there was an artist called Klack but people thought this quite an unusual name so they called him Bob. Now, one day Bob decided to become an architect so he built a building.
    On the 3rd of may he found out that his own building was haunted, so that night he went to see if it was true or if it was just a rumour.

    As he approached the door he heard an “OOOOOOOOOOHHH!””OOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!”
    but he told himself these exact words : “I am not scared, I am not scared!” he repeated this again and again, until he got to be just a few centimetres away from the door. He reached out a hand to open the door, he stepped in.CRRRRREEEEEEEEEK!!! SLAM!!! The door had closed, but Bob had already closed it. “AgggHHHHHHHHH!” This was a girl’s scream. Bob knew that it was his turn to be heroic and rescue a princess, he ran to the rescue.
    He heard the screaming getting nearer and nearer, BUT, to his disoápointment when he got there he only found a six year old girl with ruby red hair., but as he was about to leave her she started to cry, and talking to me knoboddy likes to see a six year old cry , so he told her that he was going to get her out of the small space (for she was tied to the wall) so he made his way out of the room ( passed a couple of dead bodies) and into another room which had 1 ghost, 10 dead body’s and a skeleton that was alive in it. “Well, well, well, what have we here?” said the skeleton “I believe he has come to rescue Sapphire!” said the ghost “fight me” said the skeleton” if you kill me then you get Sapphire-“And if I don’t, then you get to keep her and” here he gulped and then carried on like this: ” And I die” Bob won the fight (even though it’s vertuely impossible to kill a skeleton)
    “oh no. your not finished with yet! ” said the ghost “and who says I am?!”Said Bob “I do!” The ghost turned into a blood -sucking vampire. Bob killed the vampire and seized the largest fang out of it.
    He ran into the room with Sapphire in it and cut the rope;
    Sapphire thanked him more than enough and they ran out of the building together to Sapphire’s house.
    At her house Sapphire told Bob that she was really the princess of the world RIGHTFULLY queen! but that would be another story!

    How do I know this?

    Because my great, great, great, well basicly one-million x great grandpa’s grandpa is (drum-roll )

    BOB !

    (or Klack)

  58. natalia, age 9, from bratford

    in this hause ives a queen and king

  59. Theo, age 9, from Australia

    This painting is an old temple a foumos artist did a pating of it it was very until Tate found it and redid it now it looks like the tate temple.

  60. Natalia Smith, age 112, from North Gallifrey

    As the Tardis moaned, the crew where debating who’s go it was it open the doors and breathe the Cardiff air. ‘I should, I’ve been with the Doctor longest-he trusted me longer than you.’ Amy gabbled quickly, making up some nonsense.
    ‘Look, let Natalia do it- she’s the newest, and then again, probaly the most trust worthy here.’ the Doctor discussed fairly. Natalia rose to the moment, giggling happily seen as she had never stepped out there since she was very little- only 100 years old. She was born on Gallifrey, and the Doctor felt like he needed to run- only if he left her, she would live in wreckage and choke with musty burning of wood. He wished with all his heart she could of run along the red grass, capped with peaking snow. So he took her for apperently one trip, but she could not help looking mercyful. She was 90 years old when she met him. You may think she is old, but on Gallifrey you could live for thousands of years.
    As she stepped out, all she could see was a giant house, or building. ‘Doctor,’ she said ‘whats this? It’s not Cardiff….’
    ‘I’ll tell you what date is,’ he said, looking proud ’30th of october….2000?’
    ‘Wait, I regonise this building,’ Amy replied, stepping out of the Tardis ‘wait… is this the tate modern, Rory?’
    ‘Mm, I think so,’ Rory smiled ‘why are we here though? Are the paintings coming alive?’

    To be continued….

    Next 3 paragraphs coming soon….

  61. korrell, age 9, from enngland

    this is nice and magnificent who lives in this tell them i love to live in it to?

  62. Bethanie, age 10, from England

    In the palace an ancient king has lived for centuries. His name is King Steven Mullard Kensington. Unfortunately the ancient King is trapped inside and cannot escape. The only way to escape is by handing the throne over to his sister. King Steven’s sister is a kind woman and always thinks about others. She will do anything to save her brother , as she loves him dearly. Because the King is trapped inside no – one can enter. Luckily King Steven has servants and butlers and people to do everything for him, to keep him company. Unfortunately , this is the only company he gets. One day King Steven was terribly bored and so asked one of his servants to come up with a phrase to cheer him up. When the servant came back he read the phrase to him. “the whole world + the work = the whole world.” King Steven loved and after that he was a much happier man…

  63. Elise, age 11, from England

    This is a place deep to the heart, emotion and feeling floods through the door when opened. Where Princess Tate once lived, loved, died. The reason it id called tate morden is because of the history of the lonely princess wishing to be modern

  64. Eleanor, age 10, from Wales

    The temple was only a few inches away from me. I could feal my heart bumping and beating as fast as a rocket. My eyes were Bulging with life in excitment for my new friendship.
    Im lucy by the way the best name in the world and I am going to meat my long lost cousin…

  65. Reza, age 0, from jexmClyp

    Ahh! Such a wonderful pcuitre I know Sandi and Ryan are so grateful to have had you there to capture the day. The memories are priceless. Congratulations to the family from Allen and me!

  66. katie, age 8, from edinburgh

    once upon a time there was a house in the middle of nowhere. tourists never seemed to visit, for a tale said that it was haunted. and so it was, for a little talking monument called Gary lived there and stayed on his little podium all day long. he was a lonely little monument, sitting there all day with nothing to do exept for his sister, Maisie. One day they felt a little adventurous and gary stiffly pushed himself of his podium and attempted to walk for the first time. He shuffled. He shifted. He tried his best to create some movement for the first time EVER. Noone was sucsessful, not even his best friend, Barrie. Finally they borrowed some spare arms from Andy the octopus with never ending legs. They enjoyed pushing themselves like crutches onthe floor VERY VERY slowly. then suddenly a creak came from the entrance. a person came in. It was the deadly NIGHTGUARD. the monuments panicked a shook and limped back to their podiums as quick as possible. the night guard spotted both of them and jumped at both of them. They both smashed, and the nightguard payed £3,000 to the museums lawyer and all the monuments has a minutes silence every 11th of november and that, my friend is how rememberance day was invented and they all lived miserably ever after

  67. Jess, age 10, from England

    This gallery was once owned by a king and his wife. The building had started crumbling and the queen was getting worries. Unfortunately, one day they went out, and when they got back their building had crumbled down. They were devastated and thought their building would never be the same again, so they didn’t bother trying to build it back into their home again. They thought about what they loved best. Art! So they decided to turn it into a gallery. All of the top artists wanted to feature their work in the King and Queens art gallery. Everyone came to this gallery and it is still standing today.

  68. Molly, age 5, from Ingland

    sed the lion

  69. lydia mead, age 7, from england

    Once in America was an old but nice building in west America, it was a kind of grey colour

  70. leila, age 9, from gosport

    Once upon a time

  71. montanna, age 10, from ballarat

    in this house a king has been lived for a long time his name is chakravarthi and he roam all over the world.one day he find a beautiful girl in andhra state his name is chandramukhi but she already in love with akbar but chakravarthi forced him and get to marry but after few days the king killed the chandramukhi then she become devil and roam in that palace and try to kill the chakravarthi

  72. ashley olsen, age 8, from hollywood

    this painting is not a painting…….
    One day martin creed painted this pitchure he said to hes mum molly i want to jump in it . One day something wierd happend there was a huge storm it was magical. Martin’s dream fiannly came true!!! He jumped into the painting he…

  73. Rosie Taylor, age 11, from England uk

    once upon a time there was a dog. The dog liked carrots. The next day i named the dog Louis Tomlinson because he likes carrots. The dog also likes Cat , Nandos and Mirrors but he hates spoons so i said he had 5 different names. His names were Louis Tomlinson , Liam Payne , Niall Horan , Harry Styles and Zayn Malik

  74. isabelle, age 10, from england

    i was walking one day to find some place to sleep for the night staring at the floor i look up and suddenly their is a big house right in front of me. i run to the door and knock just softly in case some one was in bed as it was noon and then the door opened just slightly “who is it?” a voice said. “oh its just me a lonely girl looking for some place to stay for the night” i said back. “do come in then” said the voice and as i went inside …

    you will hear the next part in number 2

  75. isabelle, age 10, from england

    number 2

    i saw a huge hall the voice told me to go upstairs and find a room their will already be clothes for you up their. so i went upstairs found a room got into some warm clothes and cuddled up in my bed. they brought me some coco and hot tea
    and also got some food for me i fell asleep and in the morning i …….

    now someone make a number 3 for me and that will be the last part

  76. kirsty adey xxxx, age 11, from sunderlan , england , england , uk ,europe , world

    its Christmas tomorrow !!!!!!!!! :-) :p whoop whoop , 1 pound fish , gangnam style ………….. well today is amence !!!!!!!!!

  77. kirsty adey xxxx, age 11, from uk

    ‘O’ how this building catches my heart!
    If I try to sketch it I’d never start!
    Great tall columns at the entrance!
    It’s so great I can hardly make a sentence!
    How it scapes the sky,
    ‘O’ this mighty building so high!
    The beautiful statues on the roof,
    I can almost see the unicorn stamp it’s hoof!
    Now I enter.
    Now I see.
    What this building is to me

  78. KARA, age 12, from ENGLAND

    This is the house were a woman died and it is now haunted. You can hear shouting “no no please stop!” because those were her last words before she was murdered by her son to claim the fortune her husband had left them when he died!

  79. ann mcphee, age 12, from scotland

    some poeple say it breaks there haert and inspiers them at the start poeple say its nice and the words look like ice it inspiered my uncle and a lot more and then they made models to put in the store….

    to be continued

  80. ann mcphee, age 12, from scotland

    the continuance of my story
    martin creed has no greed and shares his creations with th wold
    i like it it lit up my eyes and its despises.

    dear editer i hope you like my poem i know its a bit to much and a bit silly but thats all that was in my mind

    regards from ann …

  81. nikki storah x, age 14, from walesx

    In this gigantic building in the middle of an empty ghost town,lived a family called the Macy family.In the Macy family there lived a young girl called lucy who wears a little pink dress and blue ribbons in her long brown hair,she believed that the whole world and the work=the whole world as her father always told her from the day she was born.Her father was a big business man and always dressed in a suit.One day her father went off to work traveling 18 miles out of the the ghost town.That was the day Lucy screamed because she did not want her father to go .The dad arrives back home at 10:30pm and goes and kiss Lucy goodnight,in the middle of the night lucy is scream the whole world +the work