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Bryan Wynter, Seedtime, 1958-9

This painting seems to be a mad tangle of random lines and curves but keep looking for a minute and you can start to see a structure – perhaps some kind of veil or thin curtain hanging in front of a darker image that we can’t see behind.

Maybe it reminds you of a bead curtain that might hang in a doorway, or a mobile that gently rotates in the wind. Perhaps it could suggest a thick forest or a reflection in water that’s just been disturbed.

This painting by Bryan Wynter is abstract. It’s not obvious what it’s supposed to be or how we should look at it so let your imagination run wild and see what you can make of it. Imagine the painting was just “paused” – what would happen if you pressed “play”? How would the surface move? What would it sound like?

25 stories about “Bryan Wynter, Seedtime, 1958-9”

  1. Jared, age 7, from England

    It was a great day in ghost village. The king ghost announced “leave West side and go to East side. A chocolate banana and onion storm is coming.” Everyone screamed. On the East side they found out it was raining hamburgers. They all ate one. THE END.

  2. Ariana & Eric, age 4, from USA

    There are rounds things in the painting. It makes me thing of a tube. There are pants in the picture. It reminds me of a stick. It reminds me about plants. There is a little tube in there. It looks like people. There is someone looking at a telescope. It reminds me about a lot of people.

  3. Søren Phibbs, age 8, from England

    One day ten little robots were walking down robot road. the one in the middle was telling some jokes about clowns. all the other robots laughed but one was laughing so much he bumped into a pole. all the other robots bumped into him. clang, crash, screw, eeek, ping, clatter. they ended up in a mess and got tangled up and couldn’t get fixed together again

  4. Nikhil, age 10, from England

    They were everywhere all around me thousands and thousands of cybernetic machines . I tried to scream but nothing came out just a breath of fear and confusion, I tried to run but my legs wouldn’t couldn’t move .All of a sudden something very hard and something spiky hit me on the head but the force of the blow knocked me out on the spot.

  5. Ria Fern, age 12, from England

    The curtain was ripped from the rail, as a young, modern sort of guy pulled it. “eww, where did THIS come from,?!” he said, with a little shudder. “I’m not having it in MY house.” Benny and his girlfriend Suzy had just bought the house, and it was all brand new, freshly decorated, with peaceful pastel colours, and brand new furnishings. He simply snatched it up, and tossed it to Suzy. “uh, y’know, this actually looks kind of…valuable. Maybe i should hang on to it.” she said, confused. “do what ya like” he said with a sniff. “now, I’ve got work to do. The removal guys should be hear within minutes.”

    Later that day, Suze took the curtain to a museum and was surprised when the examiner tossed it back, saying it was rubbish. Feeling peeved, Suzy threw it in the rubbish can on the street. much Later, an old lady, named Doreen walked passed it, and almost fainted. There it was. Her family blanket. Surviving 2 wars, 6 deaths, 3 bombings, and 4 fires, it was a very valuable piece. But only to her. She was about to pick it up, when she suddenly fell to the floor, complaining of a chest pain, still clutching the blanket.

  6. Karina, age 10, from USA

    How I feel so lost. I fit in oh to well. I’m one of them. One of them. I don’t hve my own tale. I don’t pick my own style. They do it for me. Can you tell which one is me? You’d think it’s is impossible. I sighed as I wondered when I would stop following them and be myself. A time for me to say “It’s enough.” I fit in oh to well.

  7. Matthew, age 11, from England

    This is very weird, the world is melting.

  8. Bradley Hill, age 11, from England

    I think that this is a very complicated piece of art work and it looks very effective.

  9. Cecilia, age 20, from China

    Now you are in the robot city. in front of you is a robot made in 2006,it’s the latest one, it can fix 20 cars at the same time, it can also fix air plan ship, even rocket. but it get hungry easily too, it has to eat every 5 hours. now it’s eating his dinner now. today his dinner is black octopus spaghetti. he eats with hundreds of his hands & move very quickly, here comes the photographer & take a photo of robot eating black octopus spaghetti, his dinner..

  10. Jon Ferrer, age 9, from America

    Long ago there lived a wizard who turned instruments into armies of knights. But he disappeared one day when I found him he was dead. Poor wizard.

  11. Eduardo, age 10, from USA

    One day there was an artist he was a terrible drawer his pictures never were famous so one day he decided to really try his best he said this will be the best masterpiece ever and it did if just stare at it you will find a face

  12. Meggie Mundell, age 11, from England

    Once one million years ago the glaknor people of 796 lived in there houses there houses here. In the day time they came out and there had picnics on there lawns they ate glibbo globbo on toast. When the 14 suns had set in the grey sky. The 22 moons came out and they danced all through the night to there version of pop Manoblap. He was the idle of every garryfrumper that lived in that planet and every cogswabble. So that’s the inhabitants of planet 967

  13. Andrea, age 9, from US

    Once upon of time there was a big storm in the U.S. But it was really cold outside and the tools were outside and the people that needed the tools did not know that the tools were outside. The storm did not end the next day. So the storm stop and so the men went outside to make more homes for the people that needed a home to live in. But the men saw that the tools were frozen.

  14. Paris, age 8, from Beach Park

    One day a farmer was planting seeds something was strange so it rained it never rains so he can ‘t farm he was so mad him and his wife did the cooking.

  15. Cinthia A, age 8, from KM USA

    Once long ago there was a big snow storm. Everyone ran to there homes but they could not all the doors where stuck. Then the sun came. The doors where unstuck.

  16. Mitchell S., age 9, from USA

    Once upon a time at night there was a dinner at a hunted house that had monsters in it. They were sure weird looking. One flicked a piece of food and then they had a food fight.

  17. Patrick M., age 11, from unknown

    Are those tools flying? Are those people flying? Are those animal fighting.

  18. Scot J, age 11, from USA

    It looks likes a robot in a fight with a robot snake in a gear store and every thing is flying around. Then robot throw the robot snake in the poisoned oil. And that’s the story.

  19. Trudy, age 40, from USA

    This Christmas season I feel the congestion and the impatience of those around me trying to get their projects completed. Surrounded by tinsel, I keep an open mind: the meaning of this Holiday season. Family and friends together.

  20. George B, age 9, from K.M USA

    The wind was whistling, howling and spitting like a cat. The tree’s were snapping and blowing.

  21. Nikko C, age 9, from USA

    Once in a land far away where the guitar heroes they loved I mean LOVED to play guitars

  22. Alyssa, age 0, from unknown

    Once there was a young man so board and lonely. Then he thought hmmm maybe I should draw or make up a weird looking art work. Then he did and he became a famous art designer.

  23. Jacob D, age 10, from USA

    Once upon a time a man collect movie clips and he took a picture. So the next day he spilled on it so he threw it out side. And somebody took it and submit it

  24. Jocelyn M, age 10, from Beach Park KM USA

    Once there was a boy who’s dram was to be a artist. so then one day he went to a art museum and he saw a famous picture that just looked like scribbles so then he went home and tried to paint a picture that was just a bunch of scribbles and turned it into the museum and his favourite artist was their and the artist thought it was a masterpiece and the boy became a famous artist THE END

  25. Nikki H, age 9, from USA

    ‘Gears and Gadgets’

    Once upon a time there was a big clock in New York City here is the inside it is broken. The care taker came up and it was broken. So one day he (the care taker) came up to fix it and it looked like this (look above)