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Margaret Mellis, Sobranie Collage, 1942

This artwork is by an artist from St Ives, Margaret Mellis, and Tate St Ives will be showing it until September 2011. It’s made of collage materials pasted onto cardboard.

The artist has used labels from grocery packets for their colours, including a toilet paper wrapper!

Does it remind you of an international letter, with lots of different stamps and postmarks on it? Another way to look at it would be as two people on a cliffside, looking out at a big sail on the sea. What does the collage look like to you?

Margaret Mellis, Sobranie Collage, 1942

© The estate of Margaret Mellis

133 stories about “Margaret Mellis, Sobranie Collage, 1942”

  1. carl murray, age 9, from uk

    Once upona time there was a king and his 3 sons and there was a eval monster in the land and many people have died of that monster. One day a man came hi was a good man the king and his sons and the man went to kill the monster.


  2. carl murray, age 9, from uk

    I was a dark winnter and monsters were comeing for the people in the land.But army men came then there was a war in the sercret bit of land were nobody nose were it is. The war lastid 100 years and the monsters were wining the war but more army men came.


  3. Tom lord, age 14, from UK

    in my opinion i think the collarge looks like an old beach post card and reminds me of the sea and beach

  4. ava, age 10, from usa

    One day a girl named Sophia got home from a very long trip.
    “What’s this?” Asked Sophia.
    “Papers and stuff.” Said Sophia’s older sister Opal.
    “From who?”
    Wind wooshed though the house.
    “I guess that I frogot to close the door.”
    “Ya thanks a lot”!
    Your wlcome!
    The end

  5. Abigail, age 9, from England

    One day there whas a little girl called Angela she liked to draw art works with paint pastels and colouring penciles.She had a teacher called miss browny she whas here own teacher who liked to teach her alot……

  6. hannah thomas, age 12, from england

    Once upon there was a young woman called Margaret Mellis and she lived with her father and her step mother called lady vain

    she was really mean to Margaret and her father.

    Lady vain was really nice to margaret’s father but she was’nt nice to Margaret

  7. Katie Capps, age 9, from United States

    One day a family of 2 came to Calovia. When they came in the land land they saw that people were trembling and when they looked at the sky they saw a red sheet covering the sky. They did not know what to think so they backed up to leave. But when they did they hit something cold and thick. They looked up and saw a monster with fangs and claws. They Calovians screamed and one said ” run the zageria is back. The father asked ” what is a zageria?”. The woman answered him with ” a zageria is a terrible beast that comes back on a full moon every 2 years to find a feast. Last year he ate the mayor and his wife.”. The family wanted to run but it was to late. They had been swept up by the terrible beast and taken to a dark dungeon. They were thrown into it with a single bulb light and only a pail of water to drink and a single loaf of bread to eat. They waited for weeks to be taken out and rescued. But nobody ever came. One day while sleeping among the filth a light shone above them. The terrible beast swept the son up and gobbled him down. The father was furious. He grabbed the sword and shield and stabbed the beast in the heart. The beast fell and died. Even though he had lost his son he was proud he concered a mighty beast. Every one in the land worshiped him and one of his servants married him and they had 1 son and 1 daughter. When he died they built a statue of him in the park. Nobody knew what had happened to his son. Only the father knew. But one day the people went to see where the beast had died. When they got there they found the mayor,the mayor`s wife, and the son alive and well in the belly of the beast. When they had climbed out they fed them and told their story. Soon after everyone died, they land turned to ice and melted. Nobody was left to tell their story. Exept me.

  8. Alexandra, age 12, from United kingdom

    This artwork of Margaret Mellis it expresses her feelings and has lots of textures. It reminds me of summer with different types of weather for instance the rough heat and the smooth heat.

  9. michaela, age 9, from England

    It Is Great

  10. brianna, age 13, from wisconsin

    This paintingis telling me a sory, about a little girl and here is the beginning.

    One day a little girl tells her mom ” mom i ant a candy bar.” her mom said “no maybe later.” so later she and her mom go out get two chocolate candy bars and walk home. when they where done the mom put the rappers on the har wood surface coffee table. So what im saying is that the back of the painting is a hard wooden coffee table and the front looks like a old fashion candy bar raper.

  11. Martin Applegate, age 13, from britain

    its the borrowers! they had made a wall out of some stuff and this artist has borrowed it from them. the artist is stealing the credit!

  12. saskia, age 7, from uk


  13. yara, age 10, from suadi arbia ( jeddah)

    a fish bit me at the sea
    when i was yong a fish bit my foot at the sea i start sckreaming and i shouted :”dadyyyyyyyyy” he came and said : “what!” i said:”some thing bit my foot” they all laugh and said :”its a fish” and from that day i didn’t swim at the sea becuse i thought it was a shark at first time fish i don’t know what at the second……

    the end
    bye bue

  14. Wayne Young, age 52, from Townsville

    Once apon atime a very very very very very very very very very very good boy liked
    A very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very, good cat!


  15. Madeline, age 10, from England

    Short and Spooky: Sticky Ending(5)

    Biking girl.
    Trailing dress.
    Catch in wheel.
    Nasty mess.

  16. saggygoldfish, age 127, from moon

    hi. my name is saggygoldfish. my age is 389561956438056819068406513465734850 and i live on the moon. goodbye. kthanksbye.

    i like gin. and my nickname is sabbyboobiefishbreath. i like fish and i go too a fish shop everyday to buy fush to havemy fishy breath. i also like fish bread and fish-ade. ilike FISH. hahahahahahahahhhha
    hope you like fish and mystory abvout fish because i am going to carry on talking baout fish.


  17. Jade O'Mahoney, age 14, from England

    I gental sunk my fangs into the foxes neak and felt the blood flow into my mouth. My sences were on fire. I could feel the nip of the wind on my bare arms like it was going as fast as a cheetah. The blood tasted sweet. I could feel that too. I could feel it slide down my throat, warm and great tasting. I could not help what i was. My whole life was now a blood bath.
    I used to be a normal human. I was 18 during the first world war, however being a women I was not alowed to join the war. On my 19th birthday a was walking home when I was attacked by a beast in human form… and that is what i have become.

  18. beverley ramogi, age 7, from England

    Once upon a time there was a girl called Chloe she was playing with her mother and father. But one sunny morning she was looking for her parents she looked all over the house but she could’ent find her parents. She was crying as a yellow letter came she got the yellow letter then started reading. It said dear Chloe I’m sorry but your parents have been killed because they were going to get you a suprise. But then a man had a caning ball and sadly aimed it at them and there it went and killed your parents were all very sorry well bye hope they go to heaven but then last night her parents came and then she new mr white was lying and all of them went to bed cuderling her up.

  19. JESS, age 12, from bogford


    mess(thats what it is)

  20. Jessica Louise, age 13, from uk

    One day a family of 2 came to Calovia. When they came in the land land they saw that people were trembling and when they looked at the sky they saw a red sheet covering the sky. They did not know what to think so they backed up to leave. But when they did they hit something cold and thick. They looked up and saw a monster with fangs and claws. They Calovians screamed and one said ” run the zageria is back. The father asked ” what is a zageria?”. The woman answered him with ” a zageria is a terrible beast that comes back on a full moon every 2 years to find a feast. Last year he ate the mayor and his wife.”. The family wanted to run but it was to late. They had been swept up by the terrible beast and taken to a dark dungeon. They were thrown into it with a single bulb light and only a pail of water to drink and a single loaf of bread to eat. They waited for weeks to be taken out and rescued. But nobody ever came. One day while sleeping among the filth a light shone above them. The terrible beast swept the son up and gobbled him down. The father was furious. He grabbed the sword and shield and stabbed the beast in the heart. The beast fell and died. Even though he had lost his son he was proud he concered a mighty beast. Every one in the land worshiped him and one of his servants married him and they had 1 son and 1 daughter. When he died they built a statue of him in the park. Nobody knew what had happened to his son. Only the father knew. But one day the people went to see where the beast had died. When they got there they found the mayor,the mayor`s wife, and the son alive and well in the belly of the beast. When they had climbed out they fed them and told their story. Soon after everyone died, they land turned to ice and melted. Nobody was left to tell their story. Exept me.

  21. charlotteeee, age 127, from nowhere

    Alice is a freak;) the main story is that alicce drew this picture :)

  22. Aliceeeeee, age 127, from no where

    Charlotte is a freak;) the main story is that charlotte drew this;)

  23. charlotteeee, age 127, from no where

    once upon time, i grew up, the end ;)

  24. Aliceeeeee, age 127, from no where

    once upon a[time i NEVER gre up:)

    The End

  25. evie, age 7, from scotland

    oh no the room is emty nobods there or is there

  26. Qayla Yusri, age 10, from Malaysia

    One day in 1942, a very Eco-friendly artist named Margaret Mellis saw many reusable things on the floor of her friend’s house. She thought that if she coud gather reusable thinngs like what she saw, she could make art. She told her friend, Alice (i made the name up) ” Alice, do you mind if I take these things on the floor?” Her friend was puzzled. Alice said: “Marga(nickname), why on earth would you collect rubbish?!” “Alice, these are reusable things, not rubbish at all! I could make millions with this. I will continue the rest of my life with art, art made of these, these as in reusable things, not rubbish. You’ll see, I will become famous!” So, Mellis collected the things and went home. She used things like labels, and the wrapper for toilet paper! She made a collage of reusable things on card board. She called the collage “Sobranie Collage”.

  27. kieran, age 9, from uk

    my day has been horri

  28. Larissa, age 10, from Malaysia

    It was a hot day at the oasis in the Sahara desert. The hilly dunes were being blown away by the harsh wind. The water was evaporating. The sky was no longer a cornflower blue but a sky that was as deep and red as blood. And the ruins of the ghers from yesterday’s storm were slashed up and lifeless, on the sand. The horrible sight was being stared at from innocent, wide, brown eyes of a little girl.

  29. Emily, age 11, from uk/Bedford

    One dark moning Rosebean work up tofound that her littel sister ell was verry ill inded.Rosebean and her brother’s Tom and jim had to go to poland to bring back a box full of things to help Ell get better Rosebean wasint sure about this when her brother Tim came up with this wild idear.She could not lever Ell here alone so she would have to bring her along they mother and farther had died because they were Jews and were sent to the camp.Rosebean and her sister and brothers were hiding in an old farm house they had found two mouths ago.This would mean jumping on trains haveing to found places to sleep at night and hunting for evren more food.Tim thouget that it was a verry good idear and it would make they sister better.But thouget Rosebean will she last.?


  30. confidential, age 0, from uk

    once there was some paper and empty wrappers flying around who wanted friends. they met some glue which introduced them to each other and unfortunatly, because it was glue stuck them together forever.

  31. Bronagh, age 12, from Ireland

    I like pancakes with nutella on them. Yesterday i had 4 pancakes for my breakfast but i was meant to have 5 but my camel ate it. My mum offered to make me another one , but i was stuffed anyway.

  32. Emily, age 11, from Engand

    One cold night a family of five were going up to the cliff to see if they could see any old flowers.But when they got up they all they could see was dark tall figure eating something they all put they touches on and it was a beat! eating up all the flowers and crying them it saw the light and saw the family and said.”Need to eat people!” so they all doped they touches and run back down and the beast followed them.Then right at the bottom the Beat gaped them up in his big hairy green arm and that was the end of the them and from this day on people still what to know what happened to them! And I’m the only one that knowns the true story

  33. Britney, age 11, from U.S.A

    Once apon a time there were two little birds. One of them had bright, colorful feathers of red, orange, pink, and yellow with all the shades in between. The other one was dark with earthy tones of black, blue, green, and brown. The birds names were Light and Dark. Even though they were twin sisters they weren’t alike. Dark liked the nighttime, moon and damp caves. Light enjoyed the sun, daytime, and sunny meadows. One day they had a huge fight about if the sun or moon is better. “The moon is better because it’s when nighttime is . It’s nice and cool and it’s when the stars come out and the crickets start to sing.” Dark said. “No, the sun is better because that when daytime is out. It’s warm and sunny and it helps the tress and plants grow.” Light said. “The moon is better!,” Dark shouted. “No, the sun is!,” Light shouted back.
    “The moon is!,” Dark shouted.
    “The sun is!,” Light shouted back.
    “The moon!”
    “The sun!”
    They went like that forever until Light said “Fine! If you like the moon so much why don’t you go live there.” “Fine! If you like the sun so much why don’t you live there,” Dark shouted back. “Fine. I guess I will,” Light said as she started to fly away, then Dark started to fly away too. After they left they never talked too each other again. After that day the sun and moon never met again because Dark and Light were still mad at each other and made sure the sun and moon never were together. That’s why the sun and moon are never together and never will be until the birds forgive each other.

  34. niamh, age 9, from uk

    one day a girl called margaret mellis went to some castle ruins .down in a corner there was a package margaret opend it .there was a few bits and bobs in it .Margaret had always wanted to be a artist she thought a while and then made a drawing in a note book. The drawing was great .One day she went to tate modern and showed profeshinals her art work.she then lead a wonderful life as an artist.i would love to be a artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    the end

  35. carl murray, age 9, from uk

    Once apon a time there was a king and his three sons and there was an evil monster in the land and many people have died of that monster. One day a man came he was a good man the king and his sons went to kill the monster

  36. Tyler, age 9, from Australia

    I like this collage because it reminds me of an envalope….

  37. Alishba, age 7, from birmigahm

    In a villige a little girl was trying too get rid of her wicked mother.Her mom served her WARMS,.She didont eat them she chucked it in her garden when her mom wasont looking.She had a idia that when she would go outside she would lock the door. she was walking she locked the door she would not come back.
    The End

  38. grace, age 10, from uk

    One day in a dark cold forest in the middle of the night,there was a boy woh was with his mother,sister’s and other brother’s were having tea.Now you see the boy and the rest of the family arn’t as big as you expected,they are smaller.But the thing is the mother dosen’t play with the kid’s because the boy’s father died when he was born so she spends all her time in morning.But the boy dosen’t know this.Oh and by the way the boys name is Darren.And darren’s people type is called minpins like we are humans.Minpins are like a smaller version of humans but teay live in trees and make there house’s out of trees.

    to be continued

  39. grace, age 10, from uk


    The minpins dont have a separete family like us,there just one big family that live in
    separete houes.The mimpins are afraid of one thing allthough they are very small
    and the thing teay are afraid of is a BIG FEARSOME FIREBREATHING DRAGON who come’s in the forest every once in a while to try and KILL them…this is how Darron’s dad died when he was onely half a day old.So poor Darren i feel sorry for him at onely 3 and a half.

    to be continued……….

  40. Chloe, age 9, from AMERICA

    Here is MY story!!!

    One day a girl and her mum went out for a walk. They had to go to the post office to post a letter to the mum’s (Polly, the mum’s name was) friend, Annette. Also, in that envelope, there was some coins and a candy bar wrapper because the coin and the candy bar wrapper both had Annette’s face on them. ”I hope Annette likes this gift!” Polly mumbled to her daughter, Jessica. The letter read

    I have sent you these gifts. You will see these when you return from Poland. I got Jessica to draw you a picture of your favorite animal. I hope Jessie’s drawing is purr-fect!


  41. Jasmine, age 10, from England

    one day I was walking through the tate gallery when suddenly the lights went out when they came back on again there was no one to be seen so I shouted ‘ hello , is any body here? ‘ there was no reply . I shouted again and again there was no reply.
    Then to my amazment the paintings began to speak !
    A guard arrived and then told me to get out of the building so I did .

    the end

  42. leon smith, age 12, from uk

    this is call and weard it is a pieace of art :)

  43. Chrissy, age 7, from Ghana

    Little gold shiny skirt

    One day, Little gold shiny skirt went to get to the woods to get sweeties and ate too much sweeties.

  44. cudlybum, age 127, from yemen

    there used to be a lad name margaret mellis he was a kind guy until he suddenly didnt become kind because something happened to him, if i told u i would hve to kil u . Lets just say it would suck to be him ;)

  45. cudlybum, age 6, from 7

    there once was a monster called glenn, he was harsh guy and he use to gobble up people if they were bad, he lived in a run-down apartment somewhere in frankurt, he is still alive to this day ;)

  46. rez, age 7, from england

    dear tate your wesite needs more art games

  47. Taylor, age 12, from england

    This painting is just amazingly very quirky its a very diffrent picture. This is not a story but i dont quiet see that theres well 3 princes and a king or a queen and so on and so on but for me this picture is telling a story of love. where the man is the quiet bigger round sticker the black one and the woman is the blue one. As Taliah and Sam sweep through the air to the edge of the cliffs of dover they come to a stand still. Taliah looks out along the long blue ocean. But Sam as he comes to a stand still he looks out along the coast he sees a a chance to sweep taliah off her feet with a line “Will you Marry me” Taliah turned to answer but slipped and fell back but lucky sam reaches her at the right moment and pulls her close. She hears his heart pounding. She starts to cry and just when sam was going to say something. Taliah says “YES” at the top of her lungs and they then both were flooding with tears of joy. The End :)

  48. blake morton, age 11, from england

    Yesterday the 15th november 1978, a young, selfish boy learnt the meaning of ART. His name was Bobby Stevenson. One day he came home from school with a painting of a maid serving a king. The young boy pictured nature as art and noticed nothing else. Each day he came home from school with another painting.
    As Bobby got older and fought through the years he become more famous because of his paintings went into the local museum. In 1985 Bobby turnt 59 as he became the most famous painter in all the world. 1 monph later Bobby Stevenson had a tragic death of cancer in his lungs, he is still remebered deerly by each of his friends and family.

  49. Caleb, age 10, from USA

    It’s the year 2453, and the people are cowering in fear from an evil demon. Suddenly, a hero appears from the darkness and begins to fight the evil demon! The battle is rough and lasts a year, and many are turned into random objects, but in the end, the hero prevails by sealing the demon into the depths of the earth, undoing the curse, and freeing the people from his reign.

  50. Laura-May, age 11, from England

    Lauren was at home doing her work when ‘crash’…..

    ” Oh no. Floss what have you done?” Sadly Lauren watched as coke spilt all over her art work. ” Bad dog.” Sadly, Floss, Lauren’s 11 month old collie, wimpered. Lauren started to clean it up with a cloth. “Oh im sorry Floss. I’ll make up for it I promiss.”

    The next day Lauren took Floss on a walk to the park. On that day there was a big great dane at the park. He was a harsh dog so Lauren whent the long way arund the park and back to her house.

    “See I told you I would make it up to you.”

  51. sofia, age 2, from england

    i love this pictur :]

  52. Maya, age 11, from Belfast

    Litter litter
    Crisp packets scattered shinning shimmering
    litter litter
    A bell rings
    Distant yet near
    An army of children run
    A second bell rings
    all is silent
    litter litter
    grounded into the earth
    squashed by bulldozers
    Covered in glue
    Cleaners puzzle
    who did it

  53. lol, age 10, from hull

    a baby is born with big ears and named dumbo

  54. lol, age 9, from africa

    one day daddy pig is stealing

  55. tan, age 6, from london

    once upon a time they was a lady called rapunzel and she went to work when she comes back lm going to tell you .


  56. Moo, age 0, from united kingdom

    One day there was a very small man and a very chubby man. They went out to look at the sea from on the top of the cliff. Suddenly a great big whale jumped up and almost touched them it went so high! Then it jumped back into the sea with a great big SPLASH!! And soaked the two men that had froze in amazement at the sight of it!

  57. aseel hassan, age 11, from saudi arabia-dammam

    once upon a time there was a girl her name is elizibath she want to be an artist and she was a nice drawer she could draw every thing every one love her she was a kind girl and a beautiful girl and then she became an famous artist she is in tv!!!!! every one said and then she was dead when she was 70 years old and every one cry !!!
    i hope you like the story

  58. Ana, age 1, from wfsd

    Samdey vas a girl

  59. carrie-anne, age 9, from england

    i was walking through the art garlly and i saw a panting that was called the deer by carrie-anne :]

  60. Luke, age 11, from United Kingdom

    Once there was a girl and she drew a fantastic detailed piece of work called the estate of Margaret Mellis and it took her ages to do it her mum said that is brilliant why don’t we put it on the wall and they did when Margarets friends saw her work they ripped it upp because they were jealous Margaret pushed her friend and said get out and when she was gone Margaret was crying holding pieces of the work but a miracle happened her mum already put on the online gallery of Tate and it won they won a full big art Set Margaret was jumping for joy. THE END

  61. Priya Mcneill, age 13, from England

    Micqua was writing in her diary in her room when her mum came in with a letter – it was very old and she recognised it.
    Surely, it couldn’t be…

  62. sophie, age 8, from woodhouse eaves

    one day a young budding artist made from labels. she was called margaret mellis. it was one night when margaret was just getting ready to go to bed she thought about a brilliant picture. so the next day she just started to collect some labels and some paperand started sticking it down. And now days it is a famous portrait.

  63. laura, age 12, from england

    It was a dark and stormy night. I was about to go to bed when I heard a tapping sound on my window.
    “Who’s there?” I shouted. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning; I saw a face at the window. It looked like an alien … an alien that I had seen on the television show, “the X files.”
    I felt very scared. I ran to my bed and pulled my blanket over my head. I started to shout for my parents but there was no reply. Then I remembered that they were at a fancy dress party.

    I peeped out of my blanket but it was too dark to see anything. Then I heard footsteps. They were getting louder and louder. It was dark but I knew the way to my drawer where I kept my camera. I ran there and took out my camera and started to take pictures in the direction of the window. Soon the footsteps died off.

    The grandfather clock struck … … It was 12 midnight. I went back to my bed and tried to sleep. But I could not sleep. I felt too frightened. I sat up, my mind was full of thoughts. Time passed … one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, four o’clock. Finally, I fell asleep.
    I woke up only after eight and decided to investigate. I found some footprints outside my bedroom window. I measured them with a tape and found them to be exactly the same size as my father’s shoes. The footprints ended at the door of my house. I then went to town to get the film developed. But when I saw the photos I was shocked. They were black and I could hardly see anything. Then I remembered that I did not use the flash.

    When I reached home I told my father the whole incident and he started to laugh. I started laughing too when he told me that he had dressed up as an alien for the party. Today, I am still amused to think I was so afraid of my own father.

  64. Saskia Lewis, age 10, from England

    I opened the cupboard and gazed in amazement at two tins, paint scraped on their dented aliminium surface. I stroked the little bumps and closed my eyes for a minute. I opened them shortly afterwards and saw no tins in my hands. I looked at the floor, and then at the bare cupboard. Had this happened to everything else? Had they ALL simply disappeared? I picked up the scraps of paper from cereal packets and boxes of tea and kitchen roll and wrapped chocolate and examined them. I never remembered eating them, or anyone else eating them. I sighed and shook my head. My life was full of mysteries. Mysteries, but never adventurous ones. Not the kind of mysteries you’d find in detectives stories or anything, just unexplained, easily forgetable mysteries.

  65. AZITA, age 19, from ENGLAND

    one calm and peaceful day i saw 2 colossle boat gliding in the sea.i went to the castle and i saw the princesses little puppy!!!it was so cute!!!!!!!you should saw it was so imaganative.she had some royal chefs and royal waiters i had roast dinner it was delicious and scrumptious!!HANG ON!!! WAIT A MINUTE…THAT IS MY FAVIROUTE FOOD!!!!


  66. rochell, age 8, from usa

    it is lovele i wish you told me how to mack it

  67. Esra Tezgel, age 10, from uk

    I think the collage looks like a palace with 2 big umbrells hanging out of the window,
    if im not mistaken i see a little girl probably about 6 or 7 playing a game with her teddy which has a colour that i thinks called cheer.

  68. kelly, age 11, from england

    It was 1939 wen I had to move out of the city and in to the contre side because we
    wher at WAR.I had not slept that night as I had dredfull thouts about what will happen
    to my parents.That next moning my uncle dave showed me how to cleen out the stabells and feed the horse’s.
    Then my auntie merry showed me how to sow my cloths infact thay wher my only cloths.Athter a lot of time had gon by I was helping my auntie and uncle collect the vegatabels in the filds and wrighting back to my parents.But one day I receved a
    dredfull letter and it was that day I found out that I whoud not see my parents agen .
    My life was never the same .(not real)

  69. Luxa Phantomhive, age 13, from Ukraine

    It traveled far. Far across the world, across the universe it seemed. It flew through space; through time its self. Its great adventures, it could not tell, but I can make those up for myself.
    It started one day in the house of miss Anabell Lee. She love to write and one day she decided to pick a random adress to send something to. In this letter she wrote.
    “To whom it may concern:
    Hello! I am writing to see how far this can go. After you get it add your name to the bottom of the card and send it along it’s merry way.
    Thank you,
    Miss Anabell Lee”

    So when this reached the next person, he sent it along and so did all the others after it. Then I got it. And I, just as the others sent it along. I tried to find Miss Anabell, but she was nowhere. Later I found that she had passed away. I her honor, I painted this picture to show how important this letter was to people. This is how I came to paint this time less peice of art.

  70. uefa, age 8, from Thailand

    there was a girl called Mellis she was very rich but no imagination would come out of her head so Cathy decided to used recycled things.Suddenly she made this her mother and father saw it Mrs Margaret (Mellis’s mother) loved it but Mr.Margaret hate he tried everything to rib and destroy it but mrs. Margaret helped Mellis and thought team work was like an angel so they named it Mellis Margaret then Mrs.Margaret nearly died in the age of 92 but the thing that’s important is that before she died she hugged the picture and Mellis. I hope you enjoyed reading this long story!

  71. candy, age 10, from candy\'s land

    a colage of wood?,cardbord,a tin lid?,a jar lid put together it makes me think of out art/math in school puting together shapes has got this kind of way of making peopol think of …………..well …………………

  72. NIKO, age 10, from canada n.s.

    The Quilt
    This is a story of a quilt as you can see in the title.It all started when the the queen of smileyland’s girl lost he quilt so she had to go and find it but after looking for ever and ever the girl came back her mother was very upset because that had been her great great great great great great great great great grandmothers great great great great great great great great great grandmothes grandmother this was very confusing to the little girl so in about 2 days her mother had died.The very little girl was very sad and tried to make another quilt to pass down to all of her grandkids and great grandkids and so on and so on intill it happend again again for ever and ever

  73. sharni, age 12, from uk

    it was the most boringness day on earth usually when I am bored I draw but all my scrap book ran out so I made something out of this equipment I don’t have much money so I just found scrap

  74. Melia, age 12, from hi

    One day a little girl was playing in the garden when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind came and knocked her flat into the sandpit. Her mother was cake-baking inside and didn’t want her messing up the dough and getting the way of things. She was not allowed in. She used the supplies to hold her down

  75. Elise, age 11, from Sweden

    Once Upona time there was a little girl who was 11 years old. She had 3 brothers and 1 sister. Shes dad has been a lie in all the years. And The mother didnt understand it first but after a couple years she did. The parents divorced after 20 years. The father moved little further away. But the mom didnt find a house. The little girl was sad but she did understand mom why she did divorce. She said: Daddy have alwyse cared about himself but nowan else. He have never cared about us and he even didnt took care about us. I mean what is that for a kind of dad. They had to live with their father a time but then mother find a house but not a big one. So me and my brother lived with mom and the other with my dad. He even dont deserves to be called dad. after 3 years the dad have a whole new world with his new wife. He hav not even now her in 2 years. its to early to be married. And he have move in togheter with her. Mom knew he was stupid but not that stupid. The girl was very sad. Shes friends did understand her. But she had very hard time right now. The mother had hard when she was young to. Shes mother died when she was 6 years old and then her father sent her to a childrens home. I mean that to sad. But we hope it will be better. The End!!!!

  76. MILLIE, age 7, from ENGLAND

    Once up on a time there lived four horses there names are amber,lily,cerry and musca there onere’s are called millie phoebe and jessica. One day they went on a hack and they all canterd down the feeld’s when they got back they were all tierd so the horses had a drink and so did there onere’s. The horses went in there feeld’s and the onere’s went home . The next morningthe horses were gon mill phoebe and jessica looked for them and they found the horses and they lived haply ever after THE END

  77. katia, age 127, from poopooland

    one day there was a caterpilla the end!

  78. maggy, age 10, from uk

    Once apone a time their was a king and queen they had beutiful daughters one called snow white the second one was called sleeping beuty the third was called airiel the fourth was called cinderella the ugliest one the fith one was called bella the sixth one was called ghost and last but not least princess bubble gum.
    a knight called casper and fin and jake and lmfao and muck and cake and fionis and beast and smellies mould they all lived happily except ugly betty

  79. asd, age 0, from af

    Her Travels and her adventures, her dearst possesions and her most worrying moments. He memorys will live on through her art, through her drams

  80. lani bartlett, age 14, from tamworth

    oneupon a time there was a tree this tree was so shiney that one day there was a litte bit of money growing of to of the lefa the kings said show me that tree so he got his peoplo to dig it out of the ground but there was nothing thier the king was very angey he sid weres all the money gone . but only this poor boy new the trick he grew that tree for along time so he said to the king well why dont we slpit all of the money half to me and half to you ok then said the king so they tried agin yes said the king all mine but the boy said what about awear deal hahahah i lied the litte boy was crying he told his mother his mother said well have nasty i no mother so his mother said to the king how nasty can you really be so i dont caer its mine now so the king sat donw with all his money but he had a think and went over to the boys houese and said you need it more then me ok thanks said the boy and his mother they got a new house some food and then they got a new tree maybe this could just be the same xx

  81. nicole, age 13, from uk

    I was a dark winnter and monsters were comeing for the people in the land.But army men came then there was a war in the sercret bit of land were nobody nose were it is. The war lastid 100 years and the monsters were wining the war but more army men came.


  82. mia, age 8, from england

    there was a girl called mia and she wanted to play on the biff and chip games but alisha wouldnt let her.

  83. Lauren, age 11, from Scotland

    Once upon a time a girl went to the beach and played in the water and in the sand.
    (That’s what I see)

  84. Lauren, age 11, from Scotland

    It all of a sudden started raining so the girl went home.
    the end

  85. Little Miss Sunshine, age 12, from Australia

    I stare at the peices of wrapping at my feet. I am simple. Not important. But this peice of art changes all that.

  86. cool girl, age 9, from a good one

    Once apon a time there was a castle in Pimpilio,there was a king called Sir Lancot and the queen Fair Mealisera, they had two children Albert and lseliba,Albert was a wizard but a beginer,Iseliba want’s to be a kinght but her mum and dad and her brother what her to take after them and the books of magic want everyone to be wizards now how well thats a story for another day

    look out for my work
    name:cool girl age:9 country:a good one

  87. cool girl, age 9, from england

    I took a deep breath and silently, steadily and with great excitement I stepped into the cool, dark cave. I had been waiting all my young life to get here, within stepping distance of one of the most magical creatures to have ever been imagined. Would I survive, or would I be swallowed up in the hot, licking flames of the creature’s breath? I could only keep walking towards my destiny. In the dim light, I could just see the leathery scales and I could hear the gentle rise and fall of the creature’s breathing. Then, the dragon slowly stirred.

    The End

  88. cool girl, age 9, from England


    In the morning I got out of bed grabbed my phone and dialed :0957294, I was relieved Clara answered quickly.
    “I have a feeling we will have to sneak out.” I said
    “Why?” said Clara Doors
    ”I have seen loads of lost puppy signs, they seem to be every where.“
    “Ok, thanks speak to you later” I said
    “Jones” (the butler)
    “Yes madam?“
    ”I am breaking out.“ I said jumping out the window on my jet wings, after a short journey I landed at Clara’s house.
    While I was walking to Clara’s front door, Harry and George came on their scooters “Rosie” they chanted.
    “What?” I replied
    “ You are walking to the wrong place.”
    ”No I’m not”
    “Oh yes you are, we saw a strange looking bloke going inside, he opened the door with a key, maybe Clara has moved?”
    “Really, well she has asked me to come over as she had something urgent to tell me about the puppy posters that are stuck to every lamp-post and tree in the district.”
    “Perhaps, you should be careful, Rosie.”

  89. Tink, age 13, from Germany

    Once, there was an big family. They was three adults, because there grandpa lived at there house and 15 ! childs. When parents was old and the childs are gone to the world, they stayed alone in a little house near Scarborough Fair. But all year, some days before chrismas, there come lots of letters to there house. They are from there children, because they live all around the world and can’t visit there parents in Great Britain. They all tell them from there live and there familys and send them lots of pictuares. The parents are very happy about this, so they made this collage. Because all the time, when they feel lounly, they see it and think about there childs and know, that they are not alone.

    Lieben Gruß, ich hoffe euch gefällt die Geschichte. Eure Tink

  90. Abby, age 10, from USA

    My Letter heads sea I hope he sees my letter that is going out to see.

  91. rosiec, age 5, from UK

    what a fab collage

  92. ADAM, age 2, from england

    there once lived a brave knight called theseus his father was called king minos. Every 6 years a king in crete asked for 7 boys and 7 girls to go to crete. the cretes king asked for this so his minotaur could eat them for his supper.but theseus had had enough of this so he took the people to crete left them in a boat and went to fight the minotaur.It was a long thought battle but finally te minotaur was dead so theseus went home and lived happily ever after.

  93. codf, age 1, from barbados

    once there was a robber he got caught by the police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. dora, age 12, from england

    once apon a little town a little old witch how had no powers live in that little town called mary street the witch name was called lucy the frog witch, she kept practising her magic but nothing happend ”abra ca dabra” but nothing happend she was up set and she got angry and…. her magic a peard then she maid living people appear and living animals and she became the whole world queen and she was very rich.
    this is part one of the witch story hope you enjoy.

  95. marcus, age 3, from uk

    on the day me and my mummy went to the shops and i got a ben ten toy for my daddy and he love it and he gave me a kiss on the cheke

  96. Caroline, age 6, from USA

    Well one dark winter day, A lot of monsters were tring to get people.

  97. meg, age 12, from England

    one day a girl was looking in her bedroom for her fave top and came across some card and bits and bobs “hmmmm i can recycle all of this!” she was so exsited! her plan worked after a bit of prepiration and it became a beautiful bit of art. THE END

  98. Jmaie, age 14, from usa

    A king and his 3 sons were faced by an evil monster. The monster killed many people. But then came a good, brave man and he took the king and his 3 sons and together they killed the monster.

  99. umar khan, age 8, from leyton,london

    my story was when i went learnt to swim withoutmy parents.then i became to swim in the big pool.after i lost my swimming test so then i colden’t swim then i knew how to swim

  100. umar khan, age 9, from leyton, london

    my story was when i was eating my chicken and chipsand somebody came.

    a man said somebody had a heart attack so i called the ambulance and police and they arrived the bad time becouse the man lied so the ppolice arrested the man

  101. hump, age 5, from uk

    a girl went to the seaside and saw some excellent postcards then one day she thort im going to make a post card she thort and thort about what to put on it then she had a magnificent idea she stuck and cut and soon she had a post card that had everything she got at the seaside on it .

  102. lydia, age 12, from england

    it sprung to life like it was searching it screamed, petrified of its own uglyness it was a killer a hater an abomination. this was the story of ‘the abomination’ by leonardo da vinci

  103. tykiasha washington, age 13, from usa

    There was once a girl who didnt know what she wanted to be . she searched and searched and there was still nothing for her. she wondered why everything seemed so dark and cold for her. Untilled somthing inspiered her. she notice that she wanted to do fashion because she does it every day. she laughed and said’ ole silly me’ of all that searching for nothing and i didnt know what i do best. that night that girl had a big dream and that dream came TRUE……..

  104. tykiasha washington, age 13, from usa

    many things inspire me

  105. kevinthepiedgon, age 10, from Antartica

    Last week me and my good freind found ourselves stuck on a dessert island. It was really hot and we had hardly nothing with us which proved to be quite useful in the end though. We both sat down next to a massive camel which looked quite human, in fact it didn’t look like a camel at all. Anyway we both took off our backpacks so that we could lie down. I don’t how this next bit happened but we both drifted off to sleep and woke up to find shreads of the piece paper that were in backpack, we also woke up to an old gentleman who decieded to take us back to Tate Modern so that we could make our way back. Once we had arrived back in Tate Modern I suddenly had a thought, that the shreads of paper in our backpack we could use to make a collage. So that we could always rememeber that day of the backpack and the camel.

  106. faisa, age 11, from manchester

    Carlton’s Magic Trainers

    There was a lovely coll trainer but Carlton could not buy it cause his mum could not a ford any money and his dad want on a holiday to Jamaica . So he want and did not spend his money . Hope fully he want and got the money and brought his special trainers . But he did not know that is magic . But he find out when he do thing he does it right not only right coll . And that day Carlton never wore his magic shoes and put it in a special box .

    The end

  107. Nayanjoti, age 0, from TrxhsyAQboD

    Shiver me tibmres, them’s some great information.

  108. kaitlyn nick, age 13, from goos lak

    thar was a grils nam nick and kaitlyn thye wat to tawn and aet luch and naw sows.

  109. chad, age 8, from wales

    i love jersey to bits

  110. jj white, age 10, from united states

    one day jj went to get milk when a horrible storm prevented him from getting home.so as he knew he was a vampire so he flew home but the milk wasnt in his hand did somebody take it?

  111. natasha wood, age 9, from birkenshaw lane

    Then the king said”i will fayt the monster”! so hi went in to the ring and started to fayt the monster.” give me the sord qick the monster will kill me “!

    in julie 22 october

  112. Sydney, age 11, from Australia

    Haunted School And The Girl Who Was Locked Inside The Bathroom

    James and Kelly were walking through the streets quickly, the wind blew heavily like a ghost flying in with his companions. Shivering in the cold wind, they ended up to a school with 3 planks of wood across the door “DO NOT TRY ENTER…” It red dripping red paint, at least they thought it was….

    Banging the door down, they entered the school. windows smashed like a burglar broke inside, grafitti in red and black “BAD PLACE…”
    “GO AWAY” James and Kelly, thought it was a bad idea to be here. They went upstairs, into a classroom with dusty chairs “DEATH” Wrote on the chalkboard as a rotten skeleton sat on a half-broken chair. They continued there journey round the Horror school. reaching to a girls bathroom, hearing echoing Mysterious Whispers, kelly gasped seeing a white mist ‘Humans arent allowed..” james gulped shaking “Who are you?” the ghost hovered at flew slowly to the children “Im Ella…I Got locked inside this bathroom, by 2 mean girls who always bullied me..” james looked at the sad ghost weird;y “How long have you been locked in here?” as the ghost rubbing her hand up slowly and down the bathroom door she replied in a ghostly gentle voice “In Ghost Years… 10000 Years” James shedded a tear, feeling sorry for the young ghost ‘You best be off… Hurry, My Mentors will be back…GO!” She screamed in a echoing way. They both ran as fast as cheetah, going past clinking chains and splattterd blood on the wall. Back at home, they breathed heavily “Lets promise to never ever go anywhere like that again!” James wiped his forehead ‘Agreed… Now Give me £10!’ James replied “What For!?” If Kelly can remember she then said ‘I Said this place would be Scary!” James moaned queitly as Kelly clicked her fingers quickly. “Goodnight!’ they both said

  113. kate teh-op, age 10, from uk

    Once upon a time the moon shone bright as a huge star in the hole university each kid loved the moon so last night the kid played with the moon all day night 10 day’s the monsters it was kind.But everyone think’s he’s bad


  114. Sacha Mann, age 11, from West Midlands

    Lorry was an inquisitive child of 10 years. Of course, he wasnt called Lorry in actual true life. No, his name was egglebert.
    GOTCHA!!!! His real name in actual PROPERLY true life was Lauren. But you see, this was such an embarrasing name, he decided to call him self Lorry (in my opinion i think this name is worse!! but dont tell him i said that!!)
    So, Lorry was genuinly being an idiot in Biology class, boring the hours away, with the teacher rabbiting on, by trying to blu tack his pencil to his foot and then trying( i said TRYING) to bite the pencil off his foot. All under his desk in the Biology Lab. Oh, he just couldnt WAIT to fool around in the Bottlesby Manor woods (strictly forbidden to any non members of the Thierry-Edgar family. That was the reason that it was fun…

  115. yoop ratas goop, age 1, from holand

    i is good
    the end

  116. susanna, age 6, from England

    One day I did not understand why this collage was made but soon I knew.

  117. francesco, age 7, from campania

    c’era una volta in un paese lontano dove i draghi si allenavano per diventare un drago nero per batterlo l’unico drago nero
    un giorno il drago rosso disse -ragazzi ma perche diventare drago nero in tanti possiamo uccidere il drago nero
    e andassero al castello del drago nero e disse:-chi osa disturbare il drago nero e all’improssiviso morisse.

  118. millie h, age 8, from engaland

    the pony story once up on a time there lived a little girl called Emily who had a pony called Lilly Emily was 19 and Lilly was 1. They had grate time together Emily road Lilly lots. But one day Emily fall of Lilly and broak her arm and that meant that she couldnt ride Lilly. Emily kept on asking if she could ride but her mum kept on sayin no not until your arm is better.In to months Emily’s arm was better so Emily road Lily as much as she could.

  119. millie h, age 8, from engaland

    Fish, yellow fish, red fish, orange fish, big fish, small fish, nasty fish, good fish, fish that bite, fish that love, fish that fly, fish that swim THE END

  120. Ida, age 12, from U.S.A.

    There was once a little boy named Velera who lived with his parents in a country side in Ukraine. His parents names were Andre and Lana. He loved his Babushka (grandma) very much but his parents and he had to move to America.
    He packed his books, clothes and a scarf that Babushka had made for him.
    He said goodbye to his friend Victor and went up to the house to bid farewell to Babushka.
    She gave him a cardboard sheet with many different pieces of paper, tram tickets, an advertisement for chocolate covered wafflis and said to him ” Remember your homeland. Remember me when you look at this collage. Remember that I love you to the moon and back!”
    And Velara began his journey to America with a little bit of Ukraine in his hand, a nervous twist in his stomach and a heart full of love for Babushka.

  121. adela hussaini, age 10, from austraila

    once upon a time there lived a boy neamed sam but his mother had diead when he was litle but he only had a father and were boyhpoor expit they only had an old car.
    sam was 19 year old and he had finished school and his dad was 75 yearsold.
    one sunny day sam and his dad were plaing in there backyerd playing balls.
    when they were playing they saw a post man post an emil from the king mr authar he writted a nsw and it was like this, there is a reacing car in my catsl and win the reac i would gave them my doughtor miss pritry.
    sam said to his dad that can he joun and his dad said ok and you can practis doing it in my ca so sampractised and practised until he knoew how to ride a car.
    it was the people reac and sam’s dad said that good luck.
    sam said by dad i will see you leater.
    mr authar said ready steady and go they all reaced.
    sam saw a 19 year old boy was at the front so sam went fast ad fast unilt he was next to the finished and win the reac.
    sam’s dad was so happy and the king gave his doughter to sam and golds and a castl to live in to so was sam’s dad was with them aswell.
    they lived happily ever after.
    the end
    by adela: i all wanted to writ a story and when i grow up i would be an auther and share my story for peaple to read it if they like them.

  122. summerleereynolds, age 6, from england

    margaret mellis went to collage in 1942 and in her collage she made lots of friends there names were milley emerson lilley.

  123. summerleereynolds, age 6, from england

    once apon a time there lived a girl called mellis she never worked hard in till she got to the top group called elephants one day there techer said to mellis stop playing around when her techer wasent looking she still played around but still she did have some friends ther names were alisabeth emerson jhon

  124. chantel, age 7, from uk

    once upon time there was a elf

  125. michelle, age 9, from england

    once upon a time there was a little girl called margaret mellis and she went to the forest…………………………………………….and when she went to the forest she fell in a pond…………………and when she went to the forest and then she fell in the pond………. and then she got killed by drowning………….and then she went to a forest and fell in a pond and got killed by drowning.

  126. Jazmine, age 9, from Bedford, England

    It was Christmas eve and Daisy, her brother Sam, Mum and Dad, were putting the presents in neat piles under their decorated Christmas tree. All the wrapping was different coulers, Red and gleaming blue, stripy yellow and orange spotty with reindeer’s, and lots of others.
    “Wow, look at that one!” Laughed Sam clapping his chubby little hands. Mum put the last 2 presents under their gleaming tree.
    “Yes Sam, and now that all of THOSE are done we can have dinner!” She declared happily. Daisy wasn’t in a talking mood. She wanted to have Christmas and play with Shibbia, the cute tabby cat that Dad bought Mum for her birthday last year. Then she would go straight to bed.
    “Yes!” Dad shouted, picking up Sam, whirling him around, and they ran into the kitchen. “Mum, can I have an early present after dinner?” Daisy asked hopefully.
    Dad frowned. “We’ll see.” He said. “You need to stop asking for things.”
    Daisy stayed silent for the rest of her delicious dinner. Why was Dad so grumpy at her? “Cheer up Daisy, sweetheart!” Mum saw her hopeful eyes and… “Yes, open a small present now,”
    Daisy sprinted to the living room where the Xmas tree was, and opened a beautiful silver parcel with her name tag attached to it. Inside was the most gorgeous diamond silver studded white gold hoop earrings, the kind Daisy had always wanted. “Wooooooow!!” Daisy whispered, her large blue eyes happily gleaming. “Well, Daisy if that’s good, then you know how much you’ll love your proper gifts tomorrow, eh?” Dad said smiling, gently patting Daisy on the back of her pink silk dressing gown.
    TO BE CONTINUED AFTER CHRISTMAS…. the name is Daisy’s Christmas

  127. Aoife pearson, age 8, from London ,uk

    There was once a cat who loved a dog the cat was called will the dog was called milli the dog was a westy the cat was a tabby cat. They licked one day and milli got pregnant she had a westy crossed with a tabby cat , she was born under the garden shed…

  128. mousetrap, age 10, from guernesy

    Dear Diary,

    I can’t believe what my mum just did! Can you guess? She threw away all my comics! And when I say all of them, I mean all of them. Well all of them ecept for the boring ones that my mum thinks are ‘sutibal’, and the way I know is this. . .
    I was looking for my skateboard outside, by the dustbins whyen a gust of wind blew the dustbin lid of (it was a windy day you see). I was just about to run after it when I saw Superman staring up at me! I rushed up the stairs and stared at the empty magazien rack. At the momment I am plucking up the courage to go downstairs and ask my mum what her mental problems are. Well good luck to me!

  129. Yoyo, age 11, from England

    It looks a bit like a piece of wood, which reminds me of the forest, which reminds me of life and the earth… and everyone else. Its colours seem pretty dull from my point of view, which also reminds me of sadness and the sky on a rainy day. Although it seems implausible, this collage does seem quite sad.

  130. jamie, age 9, from usa

    the end

  131. Millicent, age 12, from New Zealand

    As Margaret lay on her bed, complaining about the weather, about her hunger and of how bored she was her mother decided to make a suggestion.
    “Why don’t you do something creative, go out with some friends or go for a walk and grab something to eat along the way?” she asked.
    Although she was a complainer, she was obedient towards her parents and took their suggestions as an opportunity for adventure and to make the best out of it. She slowly dragged herself up off the bed and began to get ready.
    “Okay mum, I’ll do that” she replied.
    She grabbed her purse and headed out the door. Listening to her mothers words she decided she wanted to do something creative, but she also wanted to have some lunch with her friends. As she walked by the small restaurant down the road Margaret noticed a couple of her friends having lunch and took the opportunity to eat with them.
    “Hey Margaret!” yelled her friends as she walked through the door.
    “Come join us, we’ve only just ordered” they said.
    “Yeah sure” replied Margaret.
    As she sat with her friends, gossiping with their cups of coffee and meal, she noticed the cardboard that made the coffee cup, and decided she wanted to create something from it. She glanced around the table at the other mugs and wrappers from their lunch and saw the artistic side that no one usually notices.
    “Can I have your mugs and wrappers when you’re done?” she asked her friends.
    They all looked at her strangely unsure why she wanted a bunch of rubbish, “ugh okay then” they replied and with that she collected their mugs and wrappers and headed for home.
    Once she returned, she went straight to the drawing room where she laid everything out on the table and contemplated on how she was going to do this. After hours of planning and fiddling she finally had everything the way she wanted it. She had found a plain piece of cardboard and began pasting all her pieces to it. Before she knew it, her art work was complete and overtime people began to notice its texture and creativity, thus turned it from a ‘piece of cardboard with rubbish’ to an artistic masterpiece. Margaret Mellis then became an inspirational artist of all time.

    The End :)

  132. emily, age 9, from england

    it shows you materials you would most find at the beach in 1970.its also showing you what you would get in a letter from a close friend in 1950. it reminds me of learning about the past decades in year 4 .it will give your parents memorys of youth so it is a very special master peice to me

  133. nicole, age 10, from florida

    This peice is truly inspireing it has so many diffrent colors and lines. I truly love that the simple art of grocerey items can be turned into such an interesting and popular peice, at least its popular in my mind. I am though interested to know what items they are. I showed this piece to my friends and they simply loved it as well. They said that it inspired them to make pieces like it as well.