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John Constable, A Bank on Hampstead Heath, 1820-2

John Constable was an artist who was interested in capturing the ever changing skies. He liked to paint their different moods and he often shows skies that look as though they are about to turn nasty. Can you see the tiny figures going for a walk along the horizon? They may have been caught out by the rumbling storm clouds. Have you ever been soaked by the rain while going for a walk? What happened? Can you think of a way to make the weather change the mood in your story, or create drama and atmosphere?

23 stories about “John Constable, A Bank on Hampstead Heath, 1820-2”

  1. Linda, age 14, from Ireland

    I was with my parents that day. We went for a very long walk in the forest. We got lost and had to spend the night there. It was a cold night and the rain started falling on us. We were hungry and tired. My dad decided to go and look for help. But he never came back. We are still looking for him…That was 2 years ago

  2. Emily Fox, age 10, from England

    Long ago there was a witch a she had no friends. One day she found an open book on a bank in Hampsted heath. It read
    A spell to make friends. The witch followed the instructions and ended up with two new friends called maggie and tillie. The end

  3. Georgina Tunn, age 12, from England

    This is the mighty ‘Hampstead Heath hill’ or the triple H as many of the local village people call it. The hill towers down above the tiny little village called Brocklesworth and creates a massive shadow on the place. The hill has many secrets lying within, one of them is the snake that lives in the pit below the hill. If anything ever joins the snake in the pit, it will be eaten alive. The village only has 54 residents, 15 families and 1 old woman. The old woman is a fortune teller and every friday evening after the children have eaten there supper, they all run up to the very top of the hill to the fortune tellers house, and she tells them a magical story about the magical hill. Story, after story she told to the children and every time they became more intrigued obout the magical happenings on ‘triple H’. But one evening, after supper, the children ran up the hill to find the woman gone, all her belongings abandoned. Where had she gone? The children wonderd, where could she be? The children sat for hours trying to think where she could be, until a particually clever little girl called Molly Evans, remembered something; ” Do you remember the story she told us a few weeks ago, about the curse that was put on her because she told a lie to one of the priests” she said worriedly “Oh…yes” replyed the children.” She said that they told her if she ever told a lie again she would be packed up and imprisoned in the pit, below Hampstead Heath hill, well she must have told a lie to us in the story last week” “Yes there was a lie” said James Cook, quickly “She said the tomato was a vegetable, when actually it is a fruit” “Shut up, clever clogs” shouted Emielia Boworth briskly. “He might be right” said Molly quietly. “Whatever you think then, but you won’t see me climbing into the depths of this hill to rescue some old granny” Emielia said and stormed off down the hill, back home. “What else did she say, James?” Molly asked. “I think we can rescue her by throwing whatever she lied about down the hill into the pit at the bottom, and letting the snake eat it alive” James said proudly. “Oh thats nice” cried Molly. So the children went to fetch a tomato from Molly’s garden. They raced back to the hill and prepared to throw the tomato. Angela Smith stepped forward to throw the tomato. She was the tallest so she could throw the furthest. She threw it and it flew down the hill like a bullet from a gun. The children all ran down the hill after it, to see where it had landed, but to there surprise, they didnt see the tomato on the pit, but in the fortune tellers mouth. “Ohhh…tomatoes are my favourite FRUIT, now they are falling from the sky…marvelous!” exclaimed the fortune teller.

  4. Alexandra, age 8, from England

    One upon a time there was a storm on a mountain.
    That day ther where some people climbing it.
    One of the people fell doun and went to hospital. But all the people lived happly ever after.

  5. Rosie, age 8, from England

    Once upon a time there lived a girl called Ruby she lived in a cottage with her mum and dad and her dog she was an only child. One day she went for a walk

  6. Erin, age 8, from England

    Our story begins with a buetiful countryside there lived a
    little girl called Ruby she lived in a pretty cottage Ruby liked her cottage she said she will never leave the countryside Ruby always rides her bike when she goes out side. A few years went by and Ruby was thirty now and she got married and had chirldren and lived happly ever after

  7. Shannon, age 9, from England

    one day there was a fire then the firemen came then he let out the fire then the fire was gun the end

  8. Vrishil Patel, age 13, from England

    A large roar came from the sky. clouds began to encircle the ship, engulfing the sky aswell. bolts of lightining shot out of the sky targeting the sea. “Its a storm,” a man shouted from the basket above. The boat began to jolt , making it swing like a metronome. Suddenly rain began to lash onto the ship making the ships floorboards devour the water. I ran to our hammocks seeing only our belongings float apon the water.
    Floorboards began to screech. I looked up and saw an army of woodlice consuming the wood. Gallons of water began to leek in. I had to warn the captain. stepping on the poop deck i shouted “sir ,there`s a leak”.
    A piece of lightning whiped onto the mast of the boat making it crash onto the floor , causing sevear damage. Large splinters were launched into many sailors. The eye of the storm was near.
    The water had risen to the deck. The sails were forced of their ropes. A huge wava targeted the ship. The collision was brutal. Many men were driven of the ship, but i hung onto my belt which was attached to the mast, in hope that i would not fall.
    “Up the masts,”exclaimed the captain. Iheld the rope tight and pulled myself to the ladder. Untieing the rope from my waist i began to ascent up the rope ladder till the top. “Sir, the nest cant fit no more,” i shouted. Underneath me i saw the floorbards devoured by the mouth of the sea.
    “Were all doomed!”,i said. “were all doomed!”.

  9. Tilly, age 6, from UK

    On this hill lived a herd of Horses. The leder was calld
    Spirit and he had a wife calld Sparkle and she had a
    foal calld Starlithe. One day a hunter came and caught
    Starlithe and then Spirit and Sparkle killd the hunter
    and got Starlithe back and they lived happly ever after.

  10. el, age 12, from England

    The strong north east wind bashed against the side of the heath. I struggle to walk as the storm brews and hits my face, I can see my desination but it feels a million miles away in the distance.
    The sky grumbles at the sight of the heath and suddenly… crash the heavens open. Cold water splashes off my back as I try to reach my destination. A bright light fills the sky followed by a bang. Mud sprays up my leds as I run and run and run…

  11. James Batterha, age 12, from England

    one day people were climbin these rocks. An all of the people got 2 the the top but 1 person was still on his way up .An he slipped down a 50ft drop and landed on a rock an he had 2 go 2 hospital on a helicopter an he had brain concution and a broken back an all of his friend came 2 visit him an he was looking horrible he had bruces all ove him he had a back brace on an he look horrible an he soon recoverd an his family said do u want 2 go 2 the mountin again!!!!!!!!!!!,he said no thanks. THE END

  12. Chelsea, age 11, from England

    millions of people were killed by this huge volacano in the bank of hamstaed heath you could see the smoke from a offfice in whistle church. lots of people survived the irupt but still lots of people died. no one new it would irurpt but still it did.

  13. Jamie Campbell, age 12, from England

    One day a man and his wife went for a nice walk than they seen a wolf so they was going to jump of it was a 500ft drop sould we do it i just dont now but i love you steven dont let me go haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa come on then wolf you killed my wife now i will kill you and he punch the wolf and fell of THE END

  14. Ryan Gadsby, age 11, from England

    one day two mean people called luke and dan went up a hill a big fire storm came full speed down the hill and nearly hit them and knocked them over and it did not stop falling with fire and in 50 years it stoped they were so happy so they went bake home to celabrete that it fainly stoped

  15. Matthew Rutter, age 11, from England

    There was once a little village called mashubi and it was under the ruling of the great volcano mount humi. Every year the great volcano demanded that, in order to stop itself from errupting and destroying there prcious village there must be a price to be payed. There must be at least 5 people from the village to jump into the volcano for his amusement. In the village there was a farm boy called Jim. Jim didn’t like the idea of people jumping into the volcano. He didn’t like it even more when his name was pulled out of the hat to jump into the volcano. Jim stayed up all night thinking of a plan to stop this evil thing from happening. After about 5 painstaking hours he had finally thought of a plan. Early the next morning Jim had to march up to the volcano. Jim climbed to the top and instead of the people in the volcano he pet in 5 sheep and at last the village was safe for another year.

  16. Luke and Daniel, age 11, from England

    Once upon a time a man called ryan was hiking up a hill to find some treasure but he didnt know it was a volcano gaurded by a dragon who was owned by two handsome kings called daniel and luke.They heard of greedy ryan climbing this mountion so they sent the dragon who was called killer who ate ryan and then the treasure was find by a person called pigion so the dragons never caught him until the person drawn this painting.

  17. April and Nicole, age 11, from England

    Thousands of people were killed from a volcano erruption in asia, peoples homes were washed away by the boiling hot larva. Smoke was steaming over the hills. Straw houses people have taken years to build were completly washed out. My house was destroyed and my family was killed and i am alone. Im lost in dead bodies, i need help.

  18. sami.o an deni, age 12, from e.port

    I was there…. i didnt understand i was young i shouted for help no one came it was deserted. The dead bodies underneath my feet, I was affraid didnt no where to go my home was destroyed. I loved my family with all my heart i needed to get out of here my family were all gone ……well thats what i thought. Then as I began to run a enormous lava wave dropping onto me i callasped in fear then all of a sudden some one picked me up were was i….?

  19. Aneesa, age 11, from UK

    one stormy day people were climbing a hill and they died misteriosly and nobody found ouyt what happened to them

  20. Daniel Brownlee, age 11, from England

    One day a tourist called pete was walking up a hill in China looking for some treasure. But he didn’t now that is was a volcano. He eventually got to the top and he heard a rumble he “shook” his camera fell out of bag and it rolled down the hill “he said to him self ther goes my £250 pound camera. Then he heard king Harold’s voice saying “ho goes there” then. He shouted “gaurd’s” get him Pete called his 18 freind’s his friends said we will start runng to save you .The a big bolt of lighting and it st of the volcano one of his mates called Pete he said it’s to dangerous for us to come up there Pete said what good friends you are. Pete ran even faster he triped up he fell on something it was some treasure and then lava gushed out of the volcano it was inches away from him and……….

  21. Abigail, age 12, from UK

    many years ago in a far away land there lived a man and women they lived peacefully together. One day the man began to build something, ” what are you building ” ? the women asked in wonder. ” nothing special ” about one year later the women found out what the man had been hiding away and building. He had built a village a small village but it was still a village ” take a look take as long as you like and look at every detail you can see “, the women did just what she was told soon she came across a key a very small key she wonder out of the village wondering what the key was for she walked for miles the man got worried wondering weather she had found the ring he had made and run off. Later that day the woman came across a sign saying ( FOLLOW THE AROWS ) and she did just that, later she came across a door and thought ” but this is a bank why is there a door there” suddenly she remembered the key she dug it out and placed it in the lock and ” clik ” the door opened inside was a beautiful house hold she closed the door and found a note saying ” it’s under the pillow off our room my sweat ” the women coutiously lifted the pillow it there was a ring led there the women gasped. Many years on and the ouple had married and gained many members to the family, strong healthy boys to help lift things and young girls learning about the facts of womenhood and life.

  22. Ryan Gadsby, age 11, from England

    One day a boy named Dan walked up the bank with his dog. when he reached the half way point he decided to let the dog loose from its lead. This made the dog excided and they both playfully ran the rest of the way up the bank, when they reached the top they both sat down and had a rest until it was time to walk all the way down again.

  23. Mark Dean, age 9, from England

    One beautiful day before the Earth was made In Another universe There was a planet called Greta. All Greta Had on it was a Big old hill. At the top of the hill was a strange statue it was a cat made out of gold. Suddenly the hill slowly stated to fall in like a black hole was sucking it up. From then on it has never been seen again.