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Agnes Martin, Untitled #5, 1991

This work will be on display at Tate St Ives until September 2011.

Agnes Martin has said that her work is about the inner emotional world, contentment and serenity. You could think about the time when you were most content, and write a happy story about the memories you have.

The artist wrote that all her work, “is about perfection as we are aware of it in our minds but the paintings are very far from being perfect.” Have you ever tried to draw something that you pictured in your mind, but it didn’t come out as you imagined?

Agnes Martin, Untitled #5, 1991

© Estate of Agnes Martin / DACS, 2009

346 stories about “Agnes Martin, Untitled #5, 1991”

  1. Marika, age 11, from England

    This used to be an amazing picture.However, when it was being delivered to Tate, it fell out of the van and straight into plain grey paint (which a man was using to paint a wall) In addition to that ; it splatted on a new painted (dark grey) bench which gave it it’s lines.So thats how it turned from a landscape to this unique grey portrait.

  2. MANUSHI, age 11, from England

    There is a girl in India called Brocolina. She wants to be artist so she can be famous through the world. Her parents think she should be pilot ut she doesn’t want to be pilot. You can be famous by a proffesional doctor or something else, lots of different things. And the reason why she wants to be an artist is she likes to draw a lot and painting and colouring. She is interested in being artist. She also likes to teach the people who don’t know how to draw, paint, colour.


    AS SHE WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tom lord, age 14, from UK

    yes i have and i couldant manage to draw any thing it was thrustrating

  4. Lily, age 6, from England

    This work will be on display at Tate St Ives until September 2011.

    Agnes Martin has said that her work is about the inner emotional world, contentment and serenity. You could think about the time when you were most content, and write a happy story about the memories you have.

    The artist wrote that all her work, “is about perfection as we are aware of it in our minds but the paintings are very far from being perfect.” Have you ever tried to draw something that you pictured in your mind, but it didn’t come out as you imagined?

    By Lily Burdett

  5. Lily, age 9, from Whitwell

    This work will be on display at Tate St Ives until September 2011.

    Agnes Martin has said that her work is about the inner emotional world, contentment and serenity. You could think about the time when you were most content, and write a happy story about the memories you have.

    The artist wrote that all her work, “is about perfection as we are aware of it in our minds but the paintings are very far from being perfect.” Have you ever tried to draw something that you pictured in your mind, but it didn’t come out as you imagined?

  6. haya, age 8, from qatar

    There is a girl in India called Brocolina. She wants to be artist so she can be famous through the world. Her parents think she should be pilot ut she doesn’t want to be pilot. You can be famous by a proffesional doctor or something else, lots of different things. And the reason why she wants to be an artist is she likes to draw a lot and painting and colouring. She is interested in being artist. She also likes to teach the people who don’t know how to draw, paint, colour.


    AS SHE WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bethany, age 13, from uk

    I didn’t stop I knew I couldn’t if I tried they were coming and fast I thought about maybe just rounding the corner,no they would still find my I didn’t no what to do i couldn’t take them to where my family were nor could i run all night

    nothing to do with the story but there we are

  8. bethany, age 14, from uk

    i didn’t move like my legs were not mine i stayed smiling “what do you wont sir” he looked at me for a moment “you owe me you know” his voice was care i didn’t say why i wonted to run from the figure in black intill his words sunk in then the worry came back “i don’t no you sir” he smiled “well knowing and remembering are two different things” i didn’t no what to say, if a weird person in black with a bright blue dragon scar came up to you saying that he know you and you owed him what would you say, he laughed “confused miss” his laugh was like a excited child. he walked away still laughing he throw me a small blue and silver box the size of my hand. i waited in’till he was away to open it inside there was a blue necklace in a dragon shape with silver on its face.

  9. olivia, age 10, from england

    Little red riding hood
    Scene one
    Little red riding hood is on her bed, eating crisps while watching doctor who.
    (Red’s mum shouts from the bottom of the stairs)
    Mum: Red! Come down here
    (Red is felling unsure)Red: why?
    Mum: you’re going to give this cake to grandma
    Red: but I’m watching doctor who!
    Mum: no your not
    Red: gran? Why can’t I have it, gran lives miles from here
    Mum: you already had your piece of cake! If you eat it you will be in serious trouble
    Red: fine if I have to
    Scene two
    Red is walking in the woods, when she finds two big red doors, in font of her.
    Red: what are these strange doors?
    (A strange man stands in front of the doors and start’s talking to red)
    Man: these are the opposite doors
    (The man opens the doors red looks down the man push’s red down the deep hole)
    Red: ahh

  10. SOPHIE, age 9, from ENGLAND

    A long time ago there lived a boy and a girl. The girl was rich and the boy was poor. One day the girl was showing off about her jewellery and the boy got jesalous she was showing off to much everything she touched turned in to jewlerry she got so angry and she stayed like that forever and on the other hand the boy collected everything the girl touched sold it and he became rich but he wasnt a show off.
    Moral: Dont showw of the things you have to other people would you like i if they done it to you.

  11. frankie, age 11, from abredeen

    hello my name is frankie i go to sunnybank school and i am in p 7 and my teacher is called mrs wallace and ,miss buchen and my birthday is on the 3rd of july and i am going on holiday from my birthday to blackpool with hollie she is in my class sin ce p1

  12. tiana, age 12, from aberdeen grampain

    Hello my name is grace i am little girl i love to play with my toys but at the moment i am very sad because my mum is in town and she left me in hollister and she said i am away to put my feet in fish you stauy here or you will be lost then mu mummy never came back for me and they said just stay hee ti mummy comes then i meet my bestfriend jade and tiana sarah and they said to me come with me i will help you look for your mum the we all went to look for my mum but we could not find her then i seen her with a nother boy kissing in hollister and she said to me go away right know and the i went to sit in her car and there was my mum a man and another baby boy called leroy and she sed to me i am having a baby and i am calling it frankie and i thought she was trying to copy my best friends name and i thought she should not call i t that because all my friends might think my mum is copying her name so i said please dont call your baby frankie call is jessica and i thought ithat muy sisters name i my mum told me that my dad left her because he only wanted one baby but know she has got 5 baby and she still wants more babys but she i said to her you will leave me out and you will need a new car for all of us and my mum thought i that i was cleaver so we looked in shop for cars and toys for me and then my mum said to my that i was very good with babys so my mum wanted 10 babys so i let her but then 2 of the passed away then we all went to pets at home i got a gerbile i thought my mum was very good to me know i love my mum so much n the end

  13. jade, age 11, from uk

    Once upon a time me and my class mates p6/7 went on a school trip we went to this place called do not fear which was a really scary castle. We were all really excited but we dident no what was going to happen something bad was going to happen something you could never imagine.
    The bus came to pick us up at sunrise so we would arrive at nine o clock all we did on the bus was speak about it we were all laughing because we dident think the castle was scary and that this trip was just to showe us that there are no such thing as GHOSTS. Frankie said “what is this trip gonna be about” just as she said that we arrived at the castle and it loooked a lot worse than we thought. There was a graveyard beside it and we were alll creeped out we wanted to go back in the bus then lewis said “Frankie does that answer your question”. Frankie took a big gulp in fear we had to enter this castle no guide to guide us just p6/7 mrs wallace and miss buchan . We started to explore we dident no where we were going so we just took a blind guess. Some of us started to go missing but i stuck with Tiana,Frankie,Brandon and Lewis. It was dark in the castle no lights or nothing then Brandon said “what if this place is haunted “i replied “dont be stupid”. We stoped we heard screaming in the distancs we started to get a bit worried we thought we just head back to the bus. There was no chance of finding our way back we climbed to the top floor not the best place to go but it will do. Along climb up there but the door was locked. “Lewis said i will knock it down” Tiana replied ” what with” Lewis said “with my muscles” i said “lewis just use that chair thats over there your never going to knock it down ” fine then said lewis so he picked the chair up and CRASH…………….

  14. kirsty, age 11, from scotland

    Once upon a art gallary a man called Bob was at work. Bob’s job was not very fun he sat and looked at painting for hours! One day Bob thought what it would be like to be in a painting. Then a big cloud of puff shucked Bob up and he fell in to a new world! But this new world was no normal world it was a painting! Bob’s thouhgts had come to life and he had to. All of a sudden Bob knew were he was and gasped,”Wow i’m in a painting!” Then the ground started to rumble and giant man poped out the ground. you! your name!,he roared as Bob plucked up his courage. “my name is Bob”,he said in a mouse like voice.”you have a hour to escape the painting”, said the man and with that the man disapeared. ” oh no what am i going to do!”,said Bob in a sad voice as a tear slowly ran down his face. ” I can help.”, said a shy voice as a little head poped round a tree. I can show you the way sorry i am rosie.”, she said. And on that note they ran off down a little path.Then they came to a stop there were two paths one went to the dark forest and the other to the art gallery. but some one had swaped the shigh post and they went down the wrong path! it started to get very dark and scary. “oh no we are in the forest”, said Bob and then there was a loud howl and a fox apeared from the fog. “Stay back i don’t want to hert you!”,said rosie. I don’t want to hert you i thought you were lost. I know a short cut to get to the bottom of mount lollypop!”,he said. “That’s where we need to go! can you get us there?”,Bob said as his eyes lit up.”ok!”,said the fox.they ran as fast as they could and they got to the bottom of mount lollypop in no time.Bob and Rosie ran up the side of the mountin and there was the giant at the top of the mountin.”you made it just in time!”,said the gaint as the cought there breth.”Yes! we did it! I knew we could! i’m going to miss you.”,said Rosie “me two.”,said Bob as he huged her.Then he rose into the air. “goodbye”,said Bob. “goodbye “, said rosie and then Bob disapeared and was back in the art gallery. That was the best day of his life. The End!

  15. olivia payne, age 12, from liverpool

    once upon a time there lived an old painting called the mona lisa.
    the mona lisa is a piece of art by leonardo da vinci.
    however, when it fell out of the truck to the museum, the glass broke very badly.
    but the security guard spotted it, he fixed it back together.
    when it got to the museum just in time, they sold the painting to a 20 yr old man
    the man took care with it and put it in his art shop to people in his home town in london.
    he became a artist and painted some friends for the mona lisa
    then when he was finished , he painted and painted more friends for the mona lisa. then when he had finished, he went to bed. the end!

  16. olivia payne, age 12, from liverpool

    when i was nearly 6 i was diagnosed with autism
    it was so frustrating
    why me? i thought
    why is it me, i thought
    why am i the only one with autism?
    i’m not alone, thousands of people are on the autism spectrum,and many people don’t know what causes autism
    why are people diagnosed with autism
    why does it cause communication problems?
    why does it have related autism like, injury related autism.

  17. olivia payne, age 12, from liverpool

    my pretend brother robbie has got autism when he was 7 yrs old.
    he didn’t look me in the eye.
    he had a lot of attention from films and movies
    he started lining up things over and over again
    he also has adhd.
    he has the hyperactive- inpulsive type
    he is very wobbly, he can’t stand waiting on his chair at school
    he is restless and very active, which means he’s always running and climbing on stuff.
    he also has epilepsy, i have given his teachers his seizure medicine
    thank you for listening to my pretend brother’s life

  18. Alicia and Cameron Backham, age 10, from England

    One day in the past, a piece of artwork-a complete masterpiece-was being delivered to the greatest art gallery of all times…TATE PAINT!!!When they got there ,the carnival came to town and trampled all over the van and smashed the artwork to smitherines!Unfortuanatly-and I mean unfortuanatly-it was raining that day so everything ended up in a muddy great puddle.That was the end of that piece of artwork-and now it has come to the end of my facsinating story.
    THE END!!!

  19. Alexandra, age 12, from United kingdom

    This Artwork of Agnes Martin shows deep emotion and serenity. This reminds me of being calm and looking towards the sea on a warm day.

  20. Gabrielle, age 8, from england

    Once there was a little girl called Alexandra.One day there was a terrible storm and the Painting by Beatrix Potter was thrown out in the storm!!!!!!!(Out of the van)
    People were so terrified by the storm that they had given the fabulous painting out of the van and threw it down a well!!!!!!Soon everyone had remembered that the painting was sinking in the well!!!!!!!!!!!So people phoned the people who ran the Olympics,to send them one of the best swimmers ever to come and collect the painting out of the well!!!!!!!!As soon it was fished out of the well, they thanked the best swimmer in the world and copied the painting again so if you go to tate now you will see it but you it had been copied!!!!!!!
    P.S.This is not real!!

  21. ariana, age 8, from ohio

    there was a boy how fell in love with a prinses and they got mared the end

  22. fred, age 5, from usa


  23. molly jones, age 15, from england

    once were was a lose girl called annabell

  24. molly jones, age 17, from spabncgh cxhd

    one day a girl called molly jones age 17

  25. dylan jackson, age 11, from england

    once there was a boy called dylan and his penguin joe they were looking for the horse matt. matt is black with an athro he is very big. they are looking for the horse because he was the fastest of them all.

    joe saw the horse and got him.

    the end

  26. Nick Burton, age 12, from England

    The man and his gasibo

    Chapter 1
    The man walk into the basibo

    Chapter 2
    He went for a nap

    Chapter 3
    He died


  27. lucy, age 12, from uk

    what would you do if you found out your parents got you a pony for christmas and you got them a toothbrush? nothing? i would until i grow up then i would buy them a car

  28. catelyn jones, age 11, from london , england

    once upon a time lived a tiny cat named broady . she was a kitten .Her and her family lived in a village called quiet villiage . It was so boring there all they had was silent toys for the kids . And yes you guessed it everyone had to be * Qiet , . she had been brought up qiet and had aways been quiet , however on the 4th july some thing temendousely bad happend … there tiny little village was getting invaded by evil monkeys named the evilcons . So everyone had to take shelter and hope for the best but Broady was always saving people around the world , wether it was near or far . But Broady was fed up of always saving the day so she and her family left the village .

    So insead they moved from quiet village to NOISY town .What a huge change that was .They were used to going to bed at 8pm and getting up at 7am .But they had the total oppersit here , they went to bed at 4am and got up at 3pm so the girls could get ready to go to parties to go to conserts to see celebs .

    However after three weeks of her and the family been used to it and they got to know their way to the shops and back and to everywhere . The thing that really made broady shocked was there was no cat school in noisy town .

    then they lived happily ever after , the endd xx by catelyn jones, 11yearsold

  29. Josie, age 13, from England

    This a picture used to be an outstanding and fascinating artwork. However when it got Tate it fall out of the blue van and landed in some grey paint.,

  30. sky, age 1, from uk

    there was a monkey who liked bananas so she went ans got one the end

  31. mollie humphreys, age 10, from england

    one day i went too the park with my brothers and sister and went on a rope swing in some trees near by and my first brother went on then my other brother jumped on then my sister went on by the time it was my turn to go on the swing it was nearly lunch time so my brother sed well u have a quick go then we’ll have to come back when i got on the swing i high really high higher than all of them but suddenly BANG CRASH BOOM the swing had snapped and i had broken my arm amidiatly my brother carried me home and took me strate to hospital too get a plaster cast after the hospital we went back to the park with some fresh really thick roap and again we all took turns to go on the swing inclueding me even though mum told me not to after that we decidedewe wanted too build a lift and a platform on a tree one by one we all got up onto the platform then i had an idea if we could build a roof then we could probaly camp here tonight with all our old camping gear later on that evening we went home got some food clothes what ever else we needed then set off agian too go camping when we got there we setled down talked for a while then went to sleep the next morning we got up and ready to go to the beach we went into the town and bought ice creams then got some surf boards not for me obviously me and my sister just sun bathed for a while then ran across the waters edge at lunch time we got a bag of chips each we went home that night thinking wow how good can u make two days

  32. Aoife pearson, age 7, from london

    one day a baby was going to be born. Oh so sorry, the year is 2004 “however” said Annie, “whether its a boy or girl I prefer it to be a girl!”said Alan!. when the Last scan
    approached when mr docter dot said miss Annie pearson he said stay hear your
    reddy! alan go home! please get stuff !

  33. bethany, age 9, from England

    Once upon a time thier were one was 8 and the over girl was 9 years old .They were both really best friends.One day the girls went out on thier owen and they saw tow bad men saw them and chased them.So they sarted running away from them and the men saw where they went home but befor they got thier the men caught them and they found out that it was thierone of thier dad.But they found out that the over one was a robber.

  34. carina, age 12, from usa

    The works of this beutiful painting were over seen by many ctitics and haters, mostly beacue of the artist himself. They thought the man was to disturbed to ever be a true artist, but there were few who could see past the disured outlook of the man and were able to capture the true meaning of his artwork. that behind the grey stripped outward apperence of, as he quatoed, “wall”, were the makings of anything the beholder could wish it to be. This is why this painting is one of the most glorious painting ever to be created in the history of art.

  35. francis raynes, age 10, from England

    The mist swirled closer round the battered ,cramped car,mixing with the exhaust smoke . Inside,the hunched up old man with a moustache who was a grump got angry because the car would not go.A man decided to paint the car and this is it.

  36. jessica, age 10, from canada

    once upon a time there lived a crecher in the misty woods. No one dared to go in there. One day a littel girl named Emily went to see her grandmother that lived 3 kilomiters away from the woods. So Emily got her green basket full of flowers and went pass the woods where she heard a really weird noise. “Is that garndma”. Emily ran and ran, suddendly she ran into he creacher. The creacher took a HUGE bite out of Emily and Emily was never seen again………

  37. Martin Applegate, age 13, from Britain

    this kid painted a canvas and a trolley ran over it and added some lines. He was not impressed!

  38. Charmaine, age 8, from England

    The little old women
    Once upon a time there lived a little old women she lived on her own she washed
    up the little teapot and the little cups and plates,she got her little duster and little broom and her little brush and swept the little house clean. And as she swept and
    she sang,Sweep brush! Sweep broom! Make our house clean! My Little,old cottage fit for a Queen! One day while she was sweeping and singing the Queen
    herself came by.And when she heard what the little, old women singing she saw
    what a dear little,clean little house it was ,the Queen said your house is so clean
    and pretty and bright, i am coming to tea here tomorrow night!

  39. chloe Deeming, age 11, from birmingham

    One foggy night, there lived a boy and girl called Joe and Zoe. They were adventering off into the dark misty woods when all of a sudden, they were lost! until they found a mansion a haunted mansion in fact, they eneterd and as 17 years past they have never came out all we have heard is screaming from two kids!

  40. MICHELLE, age 11, from UK


  41. megan, age 8, from ireland

    once apone atime there was a girle she was a nice girle but no 1 liked her her dad died when she was 4 and her class called her names and threw stuff at her and 1s the teacher brought her into a room the door was coverd behind a pichture she brought her in and burnd her she went to the doctores and a nurse looked at her even thoght there was a big sine that said do not look and she did and blood came from her eyes when the nures ran a girle look at her she was a dead gire no 1could see her she said we can get revenge i will help u.

  42. naeboogie, age 12, from CaLi

    okay so this is agnes’ portrait is very boring

  43. LAUREN, age 11, from ENGLAND


  44. Asheligh Durkin, age 5, from Australia Perth

    A little girl named Ashleigh, Who wanted to be fairy, went to the the woods to find her powders but there was nothing there she wonderd for a second Ashleigh never got her powers. THE END

  45. kayleigh, age 71, from 270685

    love you because you are best

  46. Emily, age 7, from united kingdom

    once apon a time there lived a girl called molly who played a game from the tate modern called the secret dancer. she reached the end and she was shivering.

  47. kyle jones, age 13, from uk

    it all starded

  48. kyle, age 13, from uk

    it all started in new york i was heading to see the statue of liberty when police pulled me over and started asking me questions. the police took me to the police station and asked me what is my home telephone number so i told him my parents died when i was 5 years old he did not belive me so i had powers as well. i had my hands and made a circle shape with my hands and tried to shoot a lightning bolt through the wall but my powers didnt work my brain controls my powers and it wont let me do anything evil because i am suppose to be a superhero not a villian the end

  49. melissa, age 10, from england uk

    once there was a girl called monalisa and this is a story of how she got her smile

    this girl called monalisa was so poor that she only had one pair of shoes so she went to town and she did not know why she was miserable and every one fort she was a miserable person so they kept away from her and she went to a therapist and said why is every one ignoring me in a moaning force and he said i dont know why but you shorly have nice shoes oh why thankfull she said i will take them off so you can see them more close up so u edmira them more and he said oh why thank you i will have a closer look at your lovely red shoes i would like to by these for my wife i would give you 5 pounds for them and she brought some new shoe and she relised that it was that she was misrable because of her shoes was too small

    and thats how she got her smile

  50. ryan, age 11, from England

    this pice of lovely art is very BAD

  51. seniz, age 8, from england

    once upon a time lived three farmer’s that were so mean they would kill a fly anyway this story stars about a fow called mr fox he had a wife called mrs fox they had 4 children one day the farmers said ” we better get rid of them foxes” they all said yes we really need to they have been killing my chikens they have benn killing my ducks they have been eating my turky’s they all said. so one of the farmers said i have got a ider the farmer said another farmer said what is it
    the farmer said ”we get shuvels and dig there hole” so all the famers said ok the foxes esscaped the hole they lives happly ever after

  52. Charlie, age 11, from england

    i am a person and live in a house and i have a dog and cat and hamster and bird and a mjum and dad and a nan and grandan and they are all my pets and i own them and they live in my garden shed in a whole.

  53. Vicky, age 8, from England

    Once apon a time there lived a little girl called Katie who lived with her mum,dad and annoying bigger brother,Jake. One day,Katie’s baby nephew,Tina came over to stay for the week. And it was a VERY , VERY busy week!
    On Monday Tina wrote a swear on the wall and Jake and Katie had to scrub it off!
    On Tuesday Tina messed up the Sitting Room and broke the computer!
    On Wednesday Tina climbed up a tree and wouldn’t come down!
    On Thursday Tina put speggehti meat balls all over her face!
    On Friday Tina wouldn’t go to bed when she was told to!
    On Saturday Tina had to get her diaper changed in Nursery!
    On Sunday Tina started crying because it started raining!
    Finally that afternoon, Tina left with her mother.But before leaving, Tina gave Katie a grey painting they gave Tina at the Art Mueseum. She toddled off with her mother and they slammed the door behind them. Katie put the painting in a frame Tina gave her last year and continued to play on her DS.


  54. Ieva Rudminaite, age 9, from London

    Believe in yourself,whatever you do dont give up.
    Practising makes you perfect.
    If you make a mistake you will learn from that mistake.

  55. Georgina, age 10, from United Kingdom

    There used to be a painting about an Apple tree. This was no ordinary Apple tree it was an 10,000 year old Apple Tree. There was a girl called Daisy and she lived near the Apple tree. Everyday she would go near the Apple tree and she prayed near it. One day the Tree came to live and the next time Daisy would go near the Tree , The Tree would offer her an apple. Daisy called the Apple tree MR TREE but one day the said it was called Araine. The Tree said it’s name means hope. Then the tree disappered and Daisy started to paint of the tree (always)

  56. zoey, age 13, from jepan

    once I was a ballarina then a man painted me in to a picture that night I had a
    dream about beeing the picture but i was falling and falling and half of me landed in a buket of grey paint but Agnes Martin turned me into a land scape
    then he said on his deth bed to send me to tate kids.

  57. lauren hussey, age 7, from England

    At 2003, the was a new king in England, BUT no-one liked him. He was cruel,he was vicious and worst of all he was BAD, bad I say.I wished i didn’t live at that year.You could only be king or queen for a year.It is the law.But a month later things started to chang he dissagreed he changed the law that you could be king or queen for as long as you want.King Henry ( the king) was ordering everybody to bring him £10 EVERYDAY!and if you didn’t you would be exicuted!like 900people would be exicuted a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s grooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i’ve seen every person have it done because if you didn’t you would have it done tooooo!!!!

  58. tia firth, age 10, from england

    One sunny day a school of art came to the art museam and saw a tate modern painting one child said i love that then another said no well they diddnt really know who it was and then when they went home they played all the games and done reviews

  59. edward, age 13, from lonodon

    one day they was boy call tom he went to the park he saw a bike with a helmet
    he ride but don/t really notest it was a police bike the man said can I have my bike please it my work bike tom tock it home he saw a police car at his house
    tom said no no no

  60. Shauna, age 11, from Ireland

    well, its hard to discribe this….. piece of grey wall thing!!! ok, ill try, its grey!!! hehe, although people think this is absolute beauty!!!! (built to perfection!!!)

  61. Ella Wallace, age 10, from England

    All that i wanted, was to live. not to die. bieng murdered isnt nice. i was stabbed actually. by a man. in the mall. i knew that man, we were actually on a date. i loved him i DID! but he didnt seem to love me. he stabed me in the leg privately behind some clothes. at leat i died in JD not on the street. he stabbed in the leg then in the head. i hope he has been brought to JUSTICE!! well now i can only see whiteness now with a few lines. it is very boring and i am starving. i wish it at least had a T.V and i could actually move. grrr i hate death :(

  62. i luv tate, age 10, from England

    happyness thats what i was that day nothing could bring me down.I was going to be sleeping over my best friends i was leaving my home at 1:00 and leaving tomorow at about 5:00 she had a dog to.so i got ready and want over and had a great time we want to or dance class.we did everything when i woke up her dog was on my pilow so i took him out the room.Im a morning person but her family are not morning people.but after 30 min they are fine we played on the wii.it was a happy two day thing but that was a time i was happy.

  63. jessica, age 8, from uk

    i have 4 rabbits and i enjoyed playing tate games

  64. niamh, age 11, from scotland

    complete stillness. calm and serenity.
    she sat on the window ledge, her head pressed gently againt the white pained window.
    outside the snow settled with a sigh of releif as it hit the ground after its long journey and the silver birch swayed to some silent music. that was it, a complete moment of nothingness that was everything.
    distracted by the beauty of it, she flitted through her thoughts slowly, surely like pages in a book.
    she didn’t want to settle on those harsh battles of life but on maybe the eerily calm after math of one of those battles.

  65. Avidavikillyo, age 2, from Bosnia and Herzegovina

    bob and ben
    bob was walking down the road when he met ben ben was a murderer and killed bob there and then
    the end

  66. Jess, age 12, from England

    i like cheese. yes. i like cheese biscuits. i like cheese burgers. i like cheese cakes. i like cheese strings. i like cheese sandwiches. i like cheese babybells. i like cheese pizza. i like cheese casserole. i like macaroni cheese. i like cauliflower cheese. DO YOU LIKE CHEESE?? DO YOU??? DO YOU REALLY??!!

    i don’t

  67. priya, age 11, from england

    hello this story is based a cow hed she is just really weird and looks like her mum and sisterson my friend priya

  68. ria, age 5, from india

    once apon a time there was girl she wanted to go town but she had to go to spain so her dad took her to town to stasy instead for about 10 weeks

    the end

  69. scarlett smith, age 3, from u.k.

    scarlett – once upon a time there was a little girl,

  70. David Spencer, age 3, from Liverpool, The World

    On a beautiful, sun-kissed day in the great city of Liverpool, there lived a young seagul called Joseph. Joseph was a beatiful bird with snow white feathers that seamlessly merged into the darker rich grey flocking that dotted his tail. Josephs wings could spread far and wide, effortlessly moving back and forth as if themselves powered by the wind. Joseph could fly to the edges of the clouds, under the darkest bridges and swoop like a floating leaf in glorious cirlces of elegant design. On this spectacular summers day, Joseph decided to take a tour of his great city. He swooped in adn around the Liver Building, circled the towering skyscrapers, perused the shops on Bold Street from above and dived to within a starling’s beak-length of the water.
    Josephs concentration was suddenly broken just as he broke free above the Mersey, very quickly he was brought crashing back to earth with the realisation that mother was calling;
    “Come now Joseph, time to visit the gift shop before it closes”.
    Joseph returned from his daydream as he continued to look out of the window of the Tate Gallery at the passing feathered aviators. He would of course, only fly as the birds do in his imagination, still in a way only a child can understand, that was enough.

  71. Jessica Louise, age 13, from uk

    Once upon a art gallary a man called Bob was at work. Bob’s job was not very fun he sat and looked at painting for hours! One day Bob thought what it would be like to be in a painting. Then a big cloud of puff shucked Bob up and he fell in to a new world! But this new world was no normal world it was a painting! Bob’s thouhgts had come to life and he had to. All of a sudden Bob knew were he was and gasped,”Wow i’m in a painting!” Then the ground started to rumble and giant man poped out the ground. you! your name!,he roared as Bob plucked up his courage. “my name is Bob”,he said in a mouse like voice.”you have a hour to escape the painting”, said the man and with that the man disapeared. ” oh no what am i going to do!”,said Bob in a sad voice as a tear slowly ran down his face. ” I can help.”, said a shy voice as a little head poped round a tree. I can show you the way sorry i am rosie.”, she said. And on that note they ran off down a little path.Then they came to a stop there were two paths one went to the dark forest and the other to the art gallery. but some one had swaped the shigh post and they went down the wrong path! it started to get very dark and scary. “oh no we are in the forest”, said Bob and then there was a loud howl and a fox apeared from the fog. “Stay back i don’t want to hert you!”,said rosie. I don’t want to hert you i thought you were lost. I know a short cut to get to the bottom of mount lollypop!”,he said. “That’s where we need to go! can you get us there?”,Bob said as his eyes lit up.”ok!”,said the fox.they ran as fast as they could and they got to the bottom of mount lollypop in no time.Bob and Rosie ran up the side of the mountin and there was the giant at the top of the mountin.”you made it just in time!”,said the gaint as the cought there breth.”Yes! we did it! I knew we could! i’m going to miss you.”,said Rosie “me two.”,said Bob as he huged her.Then he rose into the air. “goodbye”,said Bob. “goodbye “, said rosie and then Bob disapeared and was back in the art gallery. That was the best day of his life. The End!

  72. courtney, age 10, from england

    All the bells were ringing,
    And all the birds were singing,
    When molly sat down crying,
    For her broken doll:
    O you silly moll!
    Sobbing and sighing
    For a broken doll,
    When all the bells are ringing
    And all the birds are singing.

  73. rachel harrison, age 11, from england

    there were 29 sheep in a field all but 9 had disappeared but then they realised there was a stream of blood coming from the house across the street. They saw children singing ring a ring of roses in a scary voice suddenly they started to stop and stare at the man and his family. In the end it was just a dream or was it.


  74. Assante, age 10, from England

    Agnes Martin painted this with so much colour that it shone even when it was midnight. Back in the days it was very valuable; everyone wanted it but it was locked up in a secret warehouse.
    But one night when the painting was locked up in the warehouse like normal, an evil man(who was the most wanted criminal) named phillip Edgitht snuck in the warehouse somehow but to his suprise, the painting wasn’t shining and it didnt even have any colour; it was just a grey smudge. After that the painting was not really as famous. Even now some say that Agnes snuck in before he did and took all the colour away, but some say that it was a ghost lurking in the warehouse…..

  75. megan and amelia, age 9, from england

    One day an adventure happened, 5 children began a treasure hunt there was Sandra, Mark, Megan, Amelia and Sam.

    They walked out of the seceret den and sneakily ran out of the house.
    As they were passing by they saw a crimanal running away with a blag bin bag.
    We all thought he stole money.

  76. Georgia x, age 11, from uk

    started to paint it, it failed so auctioned it off. because of there big name went for loads.

  77. Megan, age 8, from united kindom

    Once upon a time there was a little fairy called Rebeka who loved to fly round the world.

    One sunny morning she woke up and her wing was bent, she and her family rushed to the magical fairy hospital and overheard the doctor telling her that her wing was broken.

    When Rebeka came out she looked disopointed, she told them her wing was broken they were very upset she said can she still go to fairy school.

    They said yes if your ok in the mornings.

    So the next morning she felt a bit ok so she went to school at lunch she felt a bit hurt so she went home and was sick that night and stayed at home for the rest 5 days.

  78. ruby, age 7, from England

    once upon a time there was a little girl called Amy one day on her birthday
    she deicide to make a dolly in half an hour the dolly was done to days later
    Amy started to do every think with the doll but one day they went on a picnic
    and in the middle of the picnic Amy fell asleep so her mum and dad picked her up
    and took her home but they left the doll Amy searched and searched but
    could but never fond the lonely doll.

  79. olivia, age 12, from england

    once upon a time there lived a beautiful city in liverpool named the tate art gallery. one day a couple of burglars stole some paintings from the tate museum.
    they stole many pictures.

  80. Alexandra, age 19, from England

    Once Upon a time there was a little princess who wanted to be a narmal regular girl a witch caught her and cept her in her carcle where it was all green slimly carcle. once a prince came to the carcle and said “Hello anybody here?” The princess said “Yes im here please help me im suck up here I have long hair you can come up and bring a rope and then we can climb down!”
    The prince said “Yes I have a rope with me!” So the princsess let down her butifal blond soft sparily hair. the prince climbes up her hair and got his rope out and the princess and the prince both climbed down the rope. And they both run away and went back home.
    The next day the witch was looking for the pincess but couldent fine her. The princess dad was a wizerd so he put a spell on the witch so she is trapped in her own carsel!
    And they lived happyily ever after.
    The End!

  81. Darby Walker-Harpham, age 10, from England

    Once upon a time, there lived a fraile, old women who loved painting and drawing. She had a daughter and two sons. When they were little, the were so interested in their mothers paintings, but now they couldnt care less. So she lo
    oked on Tate art for kids, and found ways to get her children into drawing and painting again.
    The children looked on the website, and were interested again. Tate art for kids , art made fun and easy. Try it out. THE END

  82. Abbi White, age 12, from London

    Once apon a time there was a guy called blondey he sat down and drew a gorgeous picture of his girlfriend she was ugly but he made her pretty on the drawing so she put it on her waal:)

  83. Larissa, age 10, from Malaysia

    “Will she be all right?” Ms. Green’s voice boomed inside Simone’s ears. Simone wanted to scream, “No! I am not all right!” but when she tried to open her lips, she couldn’t. Her lips felt as if they were sewn together.
    “She will,” declared a voice she didn’t know, probably a doctor. “We will plug in something, to see what’s in her brain.”
    “Wait!” said Ms. Green, but she was too late. An electrical pain shot through her brain. Simone felt herself falling…Then nothing.

  84. Flubny, age 17, from UK

    I looked down at the grey pavement before me, the divisions between the blocks blurring into long straight lines with my movement. The bluish square of light on my phone blared through the drips of water coming off the hood of my raincoat and told me I was late.

  85. September, age 3, from UK

    A sheep that goes in the field along with a cow. They go to a different field and in the end they go to party.

  86. Callan McKee, age 5, from UK

    One day a sheep went to play with its friends and then they saw a bush. They went to the bush and one of them went through the bush. The others went too and then they saw a big animal, it was a cow. The cow said “Why are you not in you’re field?”

  87. Shawn, age 8, from U.S.A

    Amy Winehouse died last weak because alcohol and drugs and it is extera sad because she was 27 years old.

  88. shivvy, age 27, from blanglachesh

    oncde apon a time thre was a very boring artist and she ainted this picture. she sold to the tate and they bought it. she was very surprised cuz she thought it was rubbish x she got a million pounds for it so she kept on making boring paitings


  89. Dai Dal, age 13, from timbuktu

    the girl wanted to do something impressing but it was as if her brain was blocked from being creative as it usually was. this was what happened when she was under pressure… if she didn’t have something soon she would be a failure and let down her family! the clock was ticking she had two minutes to go!! all she had was a canvas with lines on it! the bell went to stop the artist, the girl nearly cried… the judges took the paints to find the one they liked best and that was that the end. the girl’s family looked up at her smiling. What was she going to do?

    after a few minutes the judges were ready and the girl was ready too, to cry! a hush went over the crowd, who was it going to be? in all the parent’s minds it was set to be there child and no other. the girl waited too in suspention…waiting and waiting, then suddenly the girl heard her name, what?? she thought, it couldn’t be. the crowd was erupt with sound most parents sending there child on the stage kiss and congratulating the girl’s parents, thought most just gave jealous looks. the judges said the painting was a great show of emotion and that it was moving. the girl was happy and soon feel in love with her painting too, like the millions of other people who say it.

  90. we, age 0, from india

    one day there lived a girl called aliyaia she

  91. landeep, age 7, from india

    hello my name is landeep I am from india.I like playing with my toys.my bedroom is pink. my favrite program is childern bed time

  92. eve, age 9, from england

    once up on a time there lived a little girl her farther and mother one day when she was twentyfour and had a crush on a guy her mother said to her ‘ its time to go’ and the girl said why i love it here there is so mainy places i would like to go can we go next week to india no the taxie is here so they went and she asked if her crush could come and they lived happyly ever after the end

  93. hats, age 0, from england

    once apan a time theere was a cow in a field of buutercups but it rained and rained until the whole land went bleak and very foggy. The cow was very sad because his beatiful land was ruined. THE END

  94. hats, age 23, from ENGLAND

    one day a million years ago there was a magical forest near my house. However there was a terrible storm and the whole forests magic powers swirled and got muddled leaving a massive grey pool, so the magic animals made bridges across the lake so they could live happily again!


  95. rehiannon, age 10, from enegland

    This used to be an amazing picture.However, when it was being delivered to Tate, it fell out of the van and straight into plain grey paint (which a man was using to paint a wall) In addition to that ; it splatted on a new painted (dark grey) bench which gave it it’s lines.So thats how it turned from a landscape to this unique grey portrait.

    There is a girl in India called Brocolina. She wants to be artist so she can be famous through the world. Her parents think she should be pilot ut she doesn’t want to be pilot. You can be famous by a proffesional doctor or something else, lots of different things. And the reason why she wants to be an artist is she likes to draw a lot and painting and colouring. She is interested in being artist. She also likes to teach the people who don’t know how to draw, paint, colour.


    AS SHE WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This work will be on display at Tate St Ives until September 2011.

    Agnes Martin has said that her work is about the inner emotional world, contentment and serenity. You could think about the time when you were most content, and write a happy story about the memories you have.

    The artist wrote that all her work, “is about perfection as we are aware of it in our minds but the paintings are very far from being perfect.” Have you ever tried to draw something that you pictured in your mind, but it didn’t come out as you imagined?

  96. stephanie, age 11, from scottland

    one day i was on my way to my friends houis then we were going swimming so then i saw a littel dog all sad with a bad leg so i phone my friend saying i need to tack this gog to the vet then my mum came i said can i take him home

    this was a very short story

  97. edward, age 13, from london

    one day thay was a boy called tom he went to the bike shop he buy a new bike he had no money in he is bay some one took the money the man said were is your money if you don/t show the money i will called the police on you the phone was in the tom ran to get some one help him he went to the bag mum forget her tom said i havet seen it i was in my bed room playing on on my psp and
    he had the money the was some one at the door it was the police asking for all the money the mum was crying in her bed room i will go back on by taxi to live with dad he will get me a new bike with helmet tom said yes i like it tom and jamie went to the park to buy some ice cream with two cokes and a spoon happy day the end

  98. shaun, age 8, from uk

    Once upon a time there lived a boy named as shaun with his mum and sister named as melissa shaun + melissa had a fight.

  99. veroika, age 28, from Ukraine

    i am very like animals.
    ones upon a time i see the dog.
    it was puppy-dog.
    i say to here

    -whats your name?
    she ahswer me:
    -i am dog of lucki.
    whats your wishes to me?
    i want to be with you!
    i am very lonely!
    since this day i am & this dog are friends!
    it name Milly!

  100. Jess, age 15, from Malaysia

    Paintings huh?No words to say it.It is just loveable,pretty and the most likely me ;)

  101. ellie, age 8, from england

    one day a artist named kile mcsteveson sat down in his studio and began to paint a master picece when he had finished he went to give it to the art gallery but then someone wallked into him and dropped the painting and it landed in a muddy puddle then a thieth came and took the painting the thithe cleaned the painting up and then the thieth published it in his name wich is known as mr more so mr more became quite famous in his contry known as england in a place called st helens now st helens is a very special place it is a good place to go shoping anywho the thithe wich i will call mr more mr more had girlfriend and soon got engaged so mr and mrs more had two kids one named joss and the other danny they where twins but nobody knew that he took the painting the end

  102. jasmine youssef, age 6, from uk

    The hownd in the house every night i hrad some fin in the house and i went in to my frunt room i side it must be it is the hownd in the house!, i rund out and i fouwnd my water. pistol and then i sneet in to the hall way and i swarkid the hownd he trnd a rownd and he bit me! but it he ran out i side why did he run out? so i just went back to bed and got to sleep.

  103. Rahma, age 8, from England

    It was the middle of the night and Anne heard an Ice-Cream sound .Anne got out of her bed and dressed in here night gown and slippers and went outside.She opened the door and saw a mysterious ice-cream van.She was shocked that there were children crowding behind the ice-cream van.She got one ice-cream and went back home.

  104. holly peddie, age 9, from england

    my name is jenny this is how I became one of the most known artests it started at cronny down school it disscoridges art my mother and father wore dark people but tate kids made me happy it gave me so meany insparashons it took me 4 years to make my mum see I was ment to be an artest it torns out my dad was with me all the way by the time I was sixteen evreone new me when I was twenty I got engaged to a wonder full man when I was twenty two I had a baby girl leana my best frend lilly helped me throo it all I hat to give up art I am twenty seven now when I tornd swentey five I whent back to art now I an world wide THE END

  105. tina, age 8, from austrlia

    Once upon a time in a dark wood there lived a dark and unknown stranger. Nobody ever made an effort to stop and say Hello. Because they thought he was mean, Tough and Scary but he wasnt he was just a ordaniry man who didnt have a home.

  106. cudlybum, age 11, from Engaland

    A long time ago there lived a raison called cudlybum this raison was a mp40


  107. abby, age 9, from uk

    once apon a time there was a boy called james he was a very good drawer james was bored he didnt’ know wat to do then when he looked out the window he saw cool grafiti and he went out and asked i am very good at drawing can i help you ? the man said sure pick a spray can and start spraying so james was not bored after all.

  108. Chloe, age 13, from UK

    This painting was painted by a alien on another planet. It was sent as a special massage but no one can understant what it says. It is in an alien language so only someone really weird or another alien can understand what the picture means. It was sent to Tate by a man who found it in the desert. The man also said there was an unusual item next to the painting. He described the unusual item as out of this world. But who knows what the item is or what it does. Is the painting a warning that something bad may happen or is it just something the aliens left behind?

  109. emma, age 5, from glasgo

    look emma hony lets buy some ok amy

  110. Jess, age 9, from England

    In a land called crustocala there was a city called brumbolandika in that city was a town and in that town was a street and in that street there was a house in that house there was a girl called Sky.She loved painting but could never get any encouragment from her family.So she ran away to learn about art.Years later she became a famous artist known all around the world.When Sky finally visited her family they where all amazed at what she had acheived they where sorry for every thing and they came to live with Sky in her mansion.

  111. Rachel, age 9, from England

    In a land called crustocala there was a city called brumbolandika in that city was a town and in that town was a street and in that street there was a house in that house there was a girl called Sky.She loved painting but could never get any encouragment from her family.So she ran away to learn about art.Years later she became a famous artist known all around the world.When Sky finally visited her family they where all amazed at what she had acheived they where sorry for every thing and they came to live with Sky in her mansion.

  112. alia, age 0, from england

    once a pun a time ther lived a princess who wanted to meet ben 10 but her dad al wase yousto shout so she could not meet ben 10 so what was she going to do “oh no i cant meet ben 10 and it is the consort said the pincess but lukily she ran away

  113. fru fru, age 5, from england

    well one day a painter painted a beautiful picture of the clouds and then a storm came up and cleared the pretty picture away and then there was rain and all the farmers seeds were growing very tall and this picture is of them but its got no colour and its sideways

  114. Lia Johnson, age 11, from English

    Lia saw a hilarious cookie caper movie made by Elf Emmup Allready in Lagoopeeland during a Caribbean reindeer cookie eating contest because her mouth was watering for a good gumdrop cookie and chased a crazed blue-striped Easter bunny seeking cookie eggs which upset the North Pole moose clan, she made a run for it and to the surprise of the elves Lia became the first to successfully satisfy the gigantic toad fairy Brutus with White Chocolate Frosted Almond Oatmeal Delights and made it on the cover of Martha Stewski’s magazine Cookie Living.

  115. harry, age 7, from unitid kindom

    uns uponertime a old man got chest dan the road. in til he ternd in to a monsder and sced the dogs a way the end.

  116. leon smith, age 12, from uk

    hi this is so amazing how did they make it

  117. kayleigh, age 9, from england

    when i sent my picture to tate it fell out a bag of over ones and every one went searching for it and it was on a car as a sticker so tate went to see the owner of the car and asked them to peel it off and they said yes so the owner keepted his promise and it got delived safely and it got put in the gallery.

  118. natasha, age 12, from england

    a little boy was satanging on a rock in a farm surronded in sheep he shouted help wplf every on ca,e running but there was no wolf the forth time he did well a big hairy hungry growling wolf eat the poor little boy dont lie little kids

  119. esther, age 11, from chester

    Once their was a young beutiful girl called mona lisa she loved art but if someone painted her she would stay in the painting forever but she would be able to move and talk it had happened to her past family members if you were lonley you would sit and talk to a painting. When she was twenty she was asked for her hand in marrige by vincent van gough, she gladly agreed. This was to be the happiest day until lilly who had pearl earrings new she would disappear if painted, lilly was jealous of lisa so painted her and broke the painting she disappeared forever and lilly married vincent.

    THE END.

  120. serena, age 10, from London

    There was a photo once and it was a picture of a man and and night time the picture would come alive!! The late night security guards were amazed at this sight until it went evil on them. Then when the early hours of the morning came it would creep back into its picture tying not to wake up the guard after his late night feast of sugar and jam dounuts!!! YUMMY!!

  121. michaela, age 10, from england

    one day there was not a handsome princed or a princess there was no magical kindom or rupenzle just normal life . its now 2013 and everybody is living there life. i met a girl called lillie and she was sent to boarding school.

    ”i wish i had friends ”lillie said she was only 9.this old lady decided to be her friend .she was only 90 so they linved hapily ever after for 7 years.

    the old lady sadly died in 2018

  122. MICHAELA, age 10, from ENGLAND

    when i went into tate britan i saw lots of cool stachues . i learnt more than i proberly learnt in 2 weeks. i had alot of fun. but i saw a strange man.he escaped from a picture. i was sooo scared. me and my couson went around looking for clues,we saw cctv people hiding because they were to scared to show themselves. we saw lots of people following a fat white man . i asked a child what time was it she said it was 1836.


  123. Emily, age 9, from uk

    My story starts in the dark times.On a very stormy night in the old tate art museam
    a littel stachu of a baletreen stood in a glass case and There was a grumpy old man called Mr.Gum. He was looking after the littel ston baletreener.When Mr.Gum
    fell asleep the littel ston baletreener came out of the glass case!.Another woker step in to the room where the baletreen was hiding.Chloe the woker got a texes messge on her phone it was the baletreeneter! this is what it said “chloe thats play from Lolo”.Chole did not know it was the baletreener,she thoght to her self
    “who is she???”. As chole walk throw a door she saw the baletreener,chloe said to the baletreener”who are you and w,w,where is the real baletreener??”.”Sweet
    littel chloe i am the real baletreener!!!!” “THE END”,” THANK YOU FOR READING” I’M EMILY SAYING GOOD BYE

  124. zac efron, age 102, from american democracy sucks!!!!

    one day zac took a picture of a wall and it became famous!!!!

  125. kiera, age 10, from england

    one sunny day a lady had a baby she called the baby elizabeth and when the dad fond out was a girl he went made, when the baby was two the dad cut of the mums head. then when the dad die the girl became the queen, after when she died her brother who was 11 became king at the age 15 he died his over sister became queen. THE END

    you guest it………its henry the 8th

  126. chelsea, age 12, from england

    lalala la la la la alal laaaaaaaaaaaaaa LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !SMASH! ………………… sorry

  127. deserae young, age 11, from forsyth county

    i can not make a painting we dont have it i live in forsyth county not any were else and its fun i have no story bye

  128. deserae young, age 11, from forsyth

    me and friends are in secusse maker right now and we found this and we wanted to try it out and it is fun

  129. diamond, age 11, from winston slame

    my best firend name is tuddy my best borther duces

  130. diamond, age 11, from winston slame

    i got lots of firends thise year i am so happy and one more thing i like my teacher and my mom duces people plese text me back duces

  131. Otis Mathur, age 4, from Cambodia

    One day there was a little princess named Ona who was Agnes’ friend and she didn’t have any coins to buy food so she went to the shopping and she bought a caterpillar, a crunch eating bug and a slap.

    She didn’t know what they were so she ate them all up but she felt sick.

    She puked and then she died forever.

    Otis came and gave her some kisses and woke her up. Otis felt happy.

  132. molly, age 1, from greatbritan

    hello my name is MOLLY iam 1years old i am very smart ia m a su

  133. jade, age 19, from 14 heolbradford near bridgend

    once apong a time there was a girl called rose doson

  134. Molly, age 12, from Wales

    Sally had never felt so happy.
    She stared out from the English class window, gazing over the miles and miles of beautiful, summer greenery. She could see a lake in the distance, and the forest and fields that surrounded it. This was her home. Something nudged her rudely from behind, snapping her away from her daydreamimg. Preparing to snap at whoever had nudged her, she spun around.
    But, it was just her best friend, Valerie.
    ‘Congrats on winning that match, Sally!’ She whispered. No more than two hours ago, she’d won the national netball frontier with her team. Sally beamed. ‘Thanks, Jo.’

  135. Mea Anne Byrne, age 11, from united kindom

    one early,sunny day,Sam , the fire man , went for a stroll down the forest looking at the golden brown leaves whilst,lisenening to the singing birds as well as looking at the sunrise All of a sudden,he smelt wood fire sam raced to the phone box to phone 999

  136. sheikh, age 9, from london

    ones there was a king called king charless the 2 he like partying once he done a party at 10:00 pm everbody came.The king was talking to his friend then he want to the toilet when he went in the toilet he saw a door that nobody ever deared to go in there then he went ghost was makeing him scared but he was brave he saw a dead body jumping out at him he got even more scared but he still went he saw the 1st king he was thinking how much years did he rule for he didnt know saw we was walking back when he was walk back the door was going to close saw ran to get out but

    find out in my story part 2 this is part 1 to be continued

  137. shannon, age 14, from england

    I am a ghost of a picture that no longer can cease to exist my memory brings back joy full times but ones that some may forget.i can bring sadness i can bring anger the only thing i can not bring is my painter.

  138. Skhai, age 8, from Todd

    Hello,my name is Lorna Pexes
    I have 3 brothers and 5 sisters also a mum and dad.My sisters are called Lisa,Lexie,Maeya,Maddy and Tegan.My brothers are called Ben,Max and Joe.My mum and dad are Lily and Jack.Lisa and Lexie are twins they are both 6.Maeya is 4.Maddy is 7 and Tegan is 3.Well,im 9.Im the eldest.Tegan is the youngest.My best sister is Maddy the 7 year old.My brothers are 8,4,1 Joe is 4 Max is 8 and Ben is 1.My favorite brother is Max that is 8.One day Tegan,Joe and Ben went missing when Me my brother and 4 sisters were on ower bikes.But we found out were they are.Tegan was at Marys front door and the two boys were on the scooters just up the road.Mum and Dad were cooking dinner.5 mins later Ben was gone.So we all when searching all around the house!Max saw Ben on Lornas bike trying to ride it.Max souted “sis,bro come and see this!!”.They all went to the window and they saw the amazing thing of………….TO BE CONTINUED!!!

  139. ryan, age 12, from india

    I am your most treasured memory i am your hidden talent, I was once known as your freind,we treasured every moment together, we enjoyed life while it lasted,we are known but ignored we are buitfull l but mirrors still crack we are funny but no one laughs we are popular but have no freinds we are loved but never missed we are no one but we count as someone we are souless creatures who lie slep for ever we have no organs yet our hearts still pound we are the decesed

  140. sophie barry, age 0, from united kingdom

    Many years ago, there lived a goblin who was really lazy. Goblins are usually very vigorous, hardworking people, but this one, whoose name was boxwood, was really not energetic. If there was an easy way to do something, he always took it . If there is a corner to be cut , he cut it. And that is perhaps why boxwoodalways looks like he has been draged through a hedge backwards. He never could be bothered to so on a button , so his clothes were held together with safety pins . Things improved a great deal for boxwood when he married a very sensible goblin called Dahlia. she soon smartened boxwood up and made his home , which had not really been the kind of place you would want to visit, into a palace.

  141. Maya, age 11, from Belfast

    Straight lines, grow row in row
    never can they reach out hold hands
    like a trail left by an army of snails,
    slithering, slimely across the canvas,
    Disepering into emptiness
    Straight lines grow row upon
    upon Row
    upon row

  142. fahmida, age 15, from england

    one day agnes martin was lying outside in the garden looking at the bland canvos. while the artist was deciding which colours to use on the canvos, a big gust of wind came and blew the canvas away and den the wind took it all the way around the world and one person from every country had painted something unique, different and special on to the canvas and then after one day and one night the paining blew back in to the artists garden and the artist woke up and emmidiatly ran outside and found to his amazement that the painting on the canvos which so many people painted on was a painting of the artist his/her self!…x

  143. sasha, age 12, from England

    i was at riding lesson with three of my BFFS and we decided to have a race! My horse was in the lead but i could hear the others behind me so i turned around to see how close they were. At that moment the horse chose to stop so i went flying over its head – and landed in a big pile of poo!My friends still lol themselfs silly about it!

  144. Maya, age 11, from Belfast

    line up
    line up
    line up
    straight lines
    tall lines
    long lines twirling round the playground and off the canvas
    short lines
    fat squashed up lines
    the lines in my picture are
    fat but not thin
    my lines are untitled

  145. ben, age 9, from britain

    once upon a time bob marley wrote a song and michael jackson shot him with his sniper rifle and the take away man come and hit michael and batman hit him and it went on forever finally pinoccio killed superman and pinoccio died and bob marley come back and carried on with his song like nothing happened the end

  146. Lucy Roweee, age 5, from Britain

    The artist felt sad. He could not imagine the sorrow his son was going through. His son’s wife had just died and he and his son were both becoming useless. The artist walked into his Art Room, he had to get his emotions out somehow. He picked up a paintbrush and a pot of grey paint and splash… he splattered his feelings on the canvas. “I will continue to express my sadness by painting!” thought the artist. He continued to paint dark grey lines across the grey canvas. Finally, he was finished. He took the painting to his son’s house and explained how painting this picture helped ease his pain. The artist’s son agreed that this was a good idea. Every time the artist had a different emotion, he painted it.


  147. katiebrennan, age 12, from doncaster


  148. nikita, age 11, from count

    once upon a time there were a dog it went to bed and he didnt wake up in the morning

  149. Linzi, age 12, from Scotlan

    This used to be a copy of the Monalisa painted by Leonardo Davinchi, But as it was being delivered to a museum the van carrying the painting flew off the hill and into a nearby pond and washed all the colour off the canavs and left it blank.

  150. clodagh, age 15, from englandddddddddd :p

    once apon a time there were a group of children from calderhigh school they included three friends : claire ,clodagh ( me, pronounced cloda) and grace .the school were taking us on a trip to liverpool tate and they walked into the doors of the gallery …well after they had all got a bit stuck in the rotating doors and then we saw the giant chairs and tables …………………… they are awesome ..to be honest they should have let groups have picknicks on top of them …after a fee of i dont know £2.00 and then everyone would have been happy for ever and ever …..byeeeeeee
    p.s claire says hi
    p.p.s my quails rule specially quentin

  151. michelle, age 10, from g

    hey i love art bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  152. lol, age 10, from hull

    my story starts with mum cross

  153. maya, age 0, from belfast

    line line line line o sorry its a thick line line line

  154. jess, age 127, from bolton

    im walking down the street and i see a little ghost who u gonna call ghost bustrers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  155. littlfly, age 8, from england

    I did onces have a good picture but it fell down a hole .

  156. shanice, age 10, from england

    one day a girl called shanice was born she grow up and turned 10 and wanted to be a famous artist so she asked her dad how can i become a artist? her dad said just be ur self and make a lovely piece of work wot u like and wot other people like and just be ur self so she was and a famous artist fount her and wanted to buy her work for £1,00,000 so her mum said w-w-w-w-wot u wanna buy my daughts work foe £1,00,000 of course we will and her daughter shanice became a famous artist her mum ended up begn a fanous cook and her dad a famous comedion and brother a famous footballer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  157. ocean atkins, age 10, from united kingdome essex

    The phone rang in the museum one afternoon so the security guard picked up it said in a deep down voice take two steps back and down to the basment pick up the phone and liston or face the conequences so the security guard put down the phone took two steps backand went to the basment picked up the phone and listond for a voice but this time there was a girl saying set me free get a knife a box and set it free after that follow to the phone and await the voice so she put down the phone picked up the knif e cut through the box and nothing but smoke came free after that a little girl lifted through the box and giggled through her giggles she semt to say pick up the dolls head and follow to the phone so as she said she left but she fell through the box and awoke in not a museum but a libary im mersea she followed to the phone and waited for the voice it started to ring so she picked it as the voices came through as a gigle and then a evil laugh reng through the phone and the guard asked why why why you

  158. aseel hassan, age 11, from saudi arabia-dammam

    once upon a time there was four friends they love each other they stay togeather from 7 years old and now they became bigger and they live togeather in the same house and they have a work and a house and everthing they want they will have it to still togeather an advice:you should not lie and be good with your friends please do this its good!!!!!

  159. Moo, age 11, from united kindom

    On the way to tate Adam was carrying the painting. He was a very stubborn man.
    He walked under a ladder with a which a man was painting a house grey. Adam suddenly got spattered with grey paint as the man dropped it. And that’s how the painting is now a grey portrait!

  160. maisie rose taylor, age 9, from england/uk

    one day in the country side 3 little children came but not any kind of children they were evacuees looking for a home, and there was one person giding them a billeting officer. the billeting officer was a tall lady, and to the children she looked like a giant “come on,” she shouted loudly. All the children new they would be split up to diffrent homes they mite be going to a farm one of the children thought and then one thought maybe i will be with a posh lady, and the other one thought of a fisher man.in the end all of the evacuees got to safe homes and finaly went back to there home in the city.
    world war 2 evacuees at the country side

  161. Marika, age 11, from England


  162. Gertrude Smith, age 12, from ill

    Lara created an amazing Picture. When it was being delivered to Tate, it fell out the car, and that’s when a little girl found it, she got on her bicycle and tried to give them the patting, that’s when the car stopped where the Painting should have been dropped off. The car driver looked in the back and was shocked,”here you go said the little girl”, Thank you said the driver,so they went inside and told Tate what happened, they asked the little girl what would she like “she said a trip for me an my Family”

  163. the kid that wrote this, age 14, from England

    her story..,.her story gose like this, she saw a peice of paper when she was a little child, she hate it and the world around her, she wanted to brighten things up make its more colouful. She grew up to be a buzzing artist she left home and rememebred that day when she was a kid and decided to turn her boring peice of paper into a peice of art, and then decided to turn it into a canvas.

  164. Amira, age 8, from englend

    Cheryl Cole

    One fine morning a girl woke up and her name was called Cheryl Cole. Now Cheryl Cole had a brilliant idea and her idea was that she could be a famous pop girl so she went to London. When she was in London she saw her friend and her name was called Sally. So Sally and Cheryl Cole were taking about why they were in London as they were walking they sore their boss as well. And her boss said as well to both of them why are you here so they told him. And then he said well I have a pop star and they both said can we be in it. But their was a problem and they both said what? So he said their is only one space left and he said sorry so Sally and Cheryl Cole started to ague. and he said STOP! so sally and Cheryl Cole worn’t friend any more. but the their boss knocked on the door and said you both can be in the pop star. And so Sally and Cheryl Cole were the best of friends THE END.

  165. MEGAN, age 8, from UK

    one day i was sat on a moutain and a dragon tried to eat me but i set fire to the dragon

  166. grace, age 6, from england

    Once upon a time there was a girl called Isabell she hated to go to school she told herbut her mother said you have to tho evan if you dont like it i dont like work but i have to do it see it’s esaypeasy.But idont like it i have allreadytold you you have to so

  167. natalia, age 9, from united kindom

    One day a girl called Alice was walking on a street it was cheely and Alice felt goose bumpes on her back. Before she got back home the lantens were turend on and it was black Alice heard a scream she shiverd and walked on she started walking quicer and quicer then suddenly she heard a louder scream and decided to go in a different direction then she tripped other thin air it seemed mictiries , after a while she tripped again .

  168. JADE, age 9, from ENGLAND

    One day the fox was claing his home,evreything and eneything that he could find.
    “Oh bother I am fed up of cealing and I am going out side”he remarcedwith a strat face.AS he wen out side he sore a MOTER CAR!

  169. JADE, age 9, from ENGLAND

    One day the Fox was cealing out his home evrthing he could find.
    “Oh bother I give up with cleanling my home I am going out side”
    so Fox got harf way throth the door.

    “If i walked more forwods i would be an EGG a roten,smelly egg TOAD what is the meanig for this!

  170. Ellen & Helen, age 13, from Northern Ireland

    Once apon a time there was a princess who had the most amazing painting that she had done one time. She was never very good but this one was good… But someting was wrong she back to her room and it was gone forever. The evil stalkerish cat had poured boring paint on it and the paing looked ugly. The princess was angry and she shot the cat. THE END

  171. christina agullera, age 19, from havana cuba

    hello my name is rosvia aleksandre i live in dery my adress is society place my works on bank my mum works on chiken factory. naow i going to tell you about one atr story one time i wasent a artest so my dad did write one man on the wall so my dad was so popiler person….?oestion why dose my dad is a popiler artest.

  172. maria.monika, age 12, from slovakia

    maria and monika

  173. christina agullera, age 15, from tokyo

    Hello my name is christina agullera i going to tell you a story a artest porson is vey good but why my selve i con’t get uot from the lettal taype of big play basket ball why evry one seying that i con’t darw a basket ball

  174. latoyaforever, age 9, from United Kingdom

    there was a girl called kalya she was always upset and she did have a bestfriend but her bestfriend does not even share secrets with her so she went to america and she had a bestfreind called chrissela and she was the best best friendin the whole world for kayla and few years her old bestfriend and chrissela married together the end

  175. JADE, age 9, from ENGLAND

    One day fox was cealing out his home,evrething he could find ( in his home).
    “Oh bother i give up NO MORE CEALING im going out side”fox cride
    so the Fox whent half way

  176. ryan, age 127, from usa

    im a story that needs to be told not yet wriiten not yet herd :D and i fat

  177. boo, age 78, from england

    This is a story xx

  178. Sarah Nicholls, age 15, from England

    There was once a famous artist named Anges Martin she had said her work was the inner emotional world her work off art was worked to perfection There was a young girl wanting to be exactly like this artist all she wanted to do was show people her walk she didnt do very good at school the only lesson she ever took part in was art and 1 day she followed her dream she set out to find the artist she had longing to be like she traveled round for days on end until 1 day she found her she found the artist she had always wanted to be like the artist started her off with her carrier so the girl could be just like her they both was drawing all night long and finally finished a masterpiece so they took it in to a muesum and every1 loved it and the girl told them her story about her dream off finding the artist she looked up 2 and how she has loved her experiance and can not wait to see where life brings her as an artist as she gets older.

    so the moral of the story is you can do anything if you put your mind to it .

  179. Daniel sved, age 11, from England

    Agnes martin started out as a graphic designer.
    where he would take pictures of random object and ilustrate them.
    In this perticular one he took a close up of a park bench and turned couler in to gray and the texture to.

  180. bobby, age 123, from bobland

    Once there was a blob who liked painting…. he became famouse ……….yeeey! the end#!

  181. lucas, age 9, from uk

    once there was a littel boy named “Jo”,
    one day he felt like gowing to the arts musiam in london.when he was there he saw the best charcowl drawing,he loved it so much he kissed it andit got so smuged.

  182. Anna, age 12, from UK

    The sky was grey, bleak not a splash of colour . it felt as if i was up in the clouds soaring letting my emotions flow. i saw her face smile at me it dazzling my eyes taking away the thoughts of sadness. sadness. I thought what an emotion, but it is the one emotion that can alays be cured. it may take hours, even weeks but just think it can always be cured.

  183. Natalya, age 12, from England

    The artists next-door neighbour’s son was riding his bike when there was a gust of wind blew the painting out of the window and the boy rode his bike into dark grey paint from over the street and bob’s you uncle. Done

  184. The painting, age 0, from Mars

    In a grand museum, there were lots of beautiful, ancient paintings and a plain old painting. Swarms of people gathered to see the beautiful, ancient paintings, leaving out the plain old painting. When the museum was closed, the paintings talked to each other.

    One night, when the paintings were talking, a painting by some famous painter bloke said to the plain old painting:

    ” Why are you here? We are all beautiful, while you are not. ” said the ancient painting.

    ” I was sold to the museum by my owner. She did not insult me because of my beauty or anything. Why can’t you be like her? ”

    After hearing those words the ancient paintings became speechless. The next night, no painting said a word. Until about 12 midnight there wasn’t a single noise.
    Then, someone took down the plain old painting. The other paintings thought that they were going to lock the plain painting in the dusty prison thing. Then they realized that they were going to sell the plain painting to a popular modern cafe. The other paintings were sooo jealous

    THE END…

  185. hanah ( gumbuddy17), age 12, from England

    scean: fire lit living room, stormy weather, Aggie and Irene sitting in armchair drinking hot chocolate, or so we thought…

    ” Oh reany, I wish this awful weather would stop, I’m frightened!”
    No answere… ” reany? Irene? hello? oh bother I’ve been talking to myself again!”
    Crash! Aggie leaped out of her chair, she swung round, only to find the window had slipped off the latch and flown upward cracking the glass. ” oh great” Aggie exclaimed ” reany, REANY!”
    “Hey! who, what? Oh sorry dear must have dropped off” drooled Irene.
    ” What? in this great thundering storm?!” Exclaimed Aggie.
    Irene tucked her warm goose feather blanket around her and sat up.
    Aggie went over to the window to somehow close it, not that this would do any good, being broken and all. As she turned to go back to her chair, something caught her eye… what could it be? an odd shaped man… but not a man? a leopard… no what? a..a a leopard man!
    ” Leop, Leop!” stuttered aggie
    ” what’s up with you tonight Ag?” asked Irene bemused
    ” I, I just saw a leopard man!” whispered Aggie
    ” what? your eyes must be playing tricks on you ol’ girl!” mused Irene
    But as Irene finished her sentence, a huge crashing thing shattered the rest of the broken window, Aggie leapt behind Irene. A tall sleek figure stood up, wearing a suite.
    ” Sorry chaps, yes I’ll have to get my jumps practised, must stop breaking windows!” said the thing.
    ” wh, what are you? who are you?” asked Irene
    ” Oh my name is Conel combat, Leopard man legend!” said the leopard
    “Mind if I have a spot of tea?” he asked
    As Aggie pour conel combat a mug of tea, He told them how he was on a mission to stop the evil mad scientist, Dr Kinnock, from going through with his evil plan to make a giant water spout devastation to wash out the whole of Europe!
    ” So you see I need you to hide me here until my duty is done!” He finished.
    ” Ahh I see, so you want us to hide you? when will you be on mission?” asked Irene.
    ” Every evening and I will be staying over night in different hideouts.” begged combat.

    ( This is as far as I got, I was hoping different people could add to it, but keep more or less the same characters).

  186. Emily, age 9, from England

    There was a girl. Imaginative and clever. She was good at everything. She was given a piece of paper to paint a picture on. Her teacher thought that she’d do a perfect picture. Immie was told to express herself, her mood- nothing. So, on her paper was nothing. No greater way to express yourself!
    “Where is your painting, Immie Minth?” asked her teacher, crossly.
    “You wanted us to express ourselves. I did. I felt nothing. I did express myself!” replied Immie, confidently.
    That piece of work made her famous and her teacher bleed with jealousy.

  187. ellie, age 7, from england

    Once upon a art gallary a man called Bob was at work. Bob’s job was not very fun he sat and looked at painting for hours! One day Bob thought what it would be like to be in a painting. Then a big cloud of puff shucked Bob up and he fell in to a new world! But this new world was no normal world it was a painting! Bob’s thouhgts had come to life and he had to. All of a sudden Bob knew were he was and gasped,”Wow i’m in a painting!” Then the ground started to rumble and giant man poped out the ground. you! your name!,he roared as Bob plucked up his courage. “my name is Bob”,he said in a mouse like voice.”you have a hour to escape the painting”, said the man and with that the man disapeared. ” oh no what am i going to do!”,said Bob in a sad voice as a tear slowly ran down his face. ” I can help.”, said a shy voice as a little head poped round a tree. I can show you the way sorry i am rosie.”, she said. And on that note they ran off down a little path.Then they came to a stop there were two paths one went to the dark forest and the other to the art gallery. but some one had swaped the shigh post and they went down the wrong path! it started to get very dark and scary. “oh no we are in the forest”, said Bob and then there was a loud howl and a fox apeared from the fog. “Stay back i don’t want to hert you!”,said rosie. I don’t want to hert you i thought you were lost. I know a short cut to get to the bottom of mount lollypop!”,he said. “That’s where we need to go! can you get us there?”,Bob said as his eyes lit up.”ok!”,said the fox.they ran as fast as they could and they got to the bottom of mount lollypop in no time.Bob and Rosie ran up the side of the mountin and there was the giant at the top of the mountin.”you made it just in time!”,said the gaint as the cought there breth.”Yes! we did it! I knew we could! i’m going to miss you.”,said Rosie “me two.”,said Bob as he huged her.Then he rose into the air. “goodbye”,said Bob. “goodbye “, said rosie and then Bob disapeared and was back in the art gallery. That was the best day of his life. I would love to do that all over a gen well yerr i would .
    wold u coz i wold the end

  188. jade winterbottom, age 13, from UK

    this picture looks like a grey,gloomy sky,but I’ll tell you why…
    this picture was dropped in grey paint,that’s too bad!
    but you know what did actually make the artist mad.
    it dropped on a bench,fancy that…
    what next? mauled by a rat? because of the bench catastrophe it got it’s lines
    but actually nobody would want it any different!

  189. 180 stories about “Agnes Martin, Untitled #5, 1991”, age 9, from England

    Marika, age 11, from England
    Tuesday 17 May 2011

    This used to be an amazing picture.However, when it was being delivered to Tate, it fell out of the van and straight into plain grey paint (which a man was using to paint a wall) In addition to that ; it splatted on a new painted (dark grey) bench which gave it it’s lines.So thats how it turned from a landscape to this unique grey portrait.

  190. sydney, age 8, from tx

    this is the best site about art and kids youger than me will know a lot about art at this website

  191. lucy -jude campbell, age 9, from uk

    one day a kid painted a glorios piture better than pacasso or vinsant van goth combined but it was on its way 2 tates kids and it fell out the van and hit athat was being panted then tada it im printed on the walls and never came off even when they painted over it and nocked it down then it got deliverd 2 tates kids

  192. XAria EVe, age 13, from britain

    one day in a dark conor in a dark suit lived mr polly he sat there thinking and writing and drawing he thort that if he found just th write story he would become famous and he knew that leah his crush would finally fall for him Bang she threw the door open and kissed him softly and said i love you


  193. olivia, age 12, from england

    once upon a time there lived a boy named joe. he lived in london with his mum and dad and 2 sisters. he had one wish to be the next artist in his home town.
    1. he got some paintbrushes
    2. he got an easel
    3. he got some paint
    4. he started painting
    5. he adds the finishing touches
    6. he shows it to his family
    7. his family say it’s beautiful
    8. he gives his painting a name
    9. he goes to bed
    the end!

  194. f, age 0, from f

    A long time ago in a land of kindness and heart but there was one person who was down all the time his name was Sunny.Sunny was different to other people he had a horn on his head it was little but other children bullied him.Sunny’s mum said that he should say ”Sticks and stones may break my bones nut words will never hurt me”.So the next day he went to school and when the bullies came up to him he said ”sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” so the bullies got some sticks and stones and threw them at him.When he came home he had a bleeding nose anda brused eye and acut down his face sunnys mum said ”baby what happened to you thats it im going to ring your head teacher
    Head teacher: ”

    hello this is mrs poppet speaking how may i help you”

  195. Crystal Witts, age 12, from wales

    My story is about Agnes Martin,she explains to as that all artwork don’t have to be perfect to others just yourself.She says her work is about her inner emotional world she tries to tell you that you might think of something happy something in your memory you maybe draw or paint or put down in words,but when you come to do this work it isn’t perfect like you wanted it to be.Remember art only has to be important or perfect to you!.

  196. Petronia, age 9, from United Kingdom

    Agnes Martin was very famous, everyone loved him but he used to spend his money on useless things. One day the studio that filmed him closed down so Agnes became very poor. One day a man came to agnes. “Why are you coming to me for, young man?” Agnes asked, ashamed because the man was weathly and dressed in velet. “I was wondering why you are so poor.” the man asked. Agnes nearly cried. “I’m so poor because I kept wasting my money.” he said.

  197. kell, age 10, from england

    Wons upon a time there lived a yung farm girl and one night she hered a noise from the barn.So she looked out side and sow a bright glow she was scared. But she went ahed and opend the door and…shoom up she went and no one ever herd of her agen…[she went with aliens]

  198. Khanh, age 7, from Vietnam

    Imagine a world without a purpose… And you, A lowly blue person in a world that has no defining purpose. But you will create a purpose, and that purpose is to do the unthinkable. The extraordinary. The tasks that few have thought to achieve. The world you struggle in pushes back with tremendously nonsensical world… coins that pay for things you would only imagine should have been free to begin with. Death will be a pain in causing your demise. This will not be easy. And while the road of purpose will be overbearing you will succeed. You know why?

  199. Florence, age 14, from England

    Grey. That was the first thought to register in my mind. Just greyness, with a few darker grey stripes. I stretched out my hand, and watched as the greyness shimmered, and parted for my hand. Fog. Some sort of weird fog.

    I walked forwards, somewhat hesitant- not knowing whether I was going to meet friend or foe on the other side of the veil, or perhaps something even stranger. But I kept going, anyway.

    As I walked, memories started to drift back into my mind, amost like driftwood coming to rest on a lonely and distant shore.

    There had been a woman. That much I could remember. I couldn’t quite recall her face. I know that she was beautiful, but trying to remember her face was like trying to clasp hold of a dream. The further you reached, the faster it slipped away.

    She had been sad, too. Because of… me? Maybe.

    And more memories, all with the same woman.

    Walking along a grey beach, hair untidy, feet bare, stopping every now and again to pick up a shell…

    Curled in front of a fire, with a book and a mug of something warm, a contented smile on that hidden face…

    Perched high in a tree, gripping the branches with white knuckes, gingerly picking her way through the branches…

    The pictures flashed before my eyes before I could register them in my head. Who was she, this woman? Was she somebody I knew? Perhaps somebod I loved.

    The mist was growing clearer now. Soon, I would break through the other side. As I approached, I had the strangest feeling that if I could just reach the other side, perhaps I could remember that woman’s face…

    More details came back to me. Grey eyes the colour of a thunderstorm. Auburn hair, always tangled. Glasses, sitting wonky on her snub nose.

    FInally, I break through, and find myself rising up, the woman’s face in perfect clarity before me.

    And all of a sudden, I am lying on my back, head propped up on pillows. Staring at a mirror on the other side of the room.

    I try to stand up, but my limbs won’t obey me, so I settle for staring around the room. Pale green walls, comfy-looking chairs, draped with what looked like silk, but from this distance I couldn’t be sure, and that mirror.

    Staring at me from inside the wooden frame of the mirror was the auburn-haired woman.

    My name flies back to me in a trice. Lydia Jane Marshall. Lydia. Lydia Marshell. Lyddie. And there is my face in the mirror, glasses, grey eyes, auburn hair and all.

    And I now remember the rest. Paralysed. I flinch mentally at the word. But, at least I feel I have a chance now.

    My name is Lydia. Lyddie for short. Not with an i, with a y. I am paralysed, and I think I used to be in a coma, too.

    But I’ve found myself now. And all that matters for now is that I don’t lose myself again…

    (Bah. Not exactly my best, but that’s what you get for writing late at night, I suppose. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.)

  200. keira, age 7, from England

    you used a brillant pitchure for art lab and i like how theres a adult zone thats very useful and the secret dancer is so fun and amazing all my school watch it thank you for making tate kids because its lots of fun and its wonderful how you get to write your own story thank you alot for everything tate kids owner

  201. natalie, age 6, from usa

    i love tate paint

  202. Isabel, age 10, from UK

    Tick tock , went the time the boring walls of jail he thought to himself.Ah he had thought of something.It’s the jail bars if you turn it other wise it is the walls of a dark night in a jail and that’s what the walls look like!

  203. Lolly, age 9, from England

    I love this site it is so cool!! it’s the best site in the whole world I can’t belive it’s real!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this inspires me s much

  204. samantha, age 10, from florida

    art work is amazing . you can express your self. its lets me be creative . I LOVE IT.

  205. Rachael Thomson, age 9, from glassgow

    once upon a time there was a girl called clair and her best friend haliegh going to move to australia because her mum’s job.ther was a boy called raymend who all the girls adored the was a mean girl called sesellea.That night haliegh said lighting and thunder seas and waves send your magic to keep my mum in baybridge amen
    then clair said you crazy haliegh said thats what the call me mu haha clair then whispered amen then there was a big storm clairs gran came in and said what are you doing out here in this weather come on lets get you tucked up in bed they were in claires summer house haliegh said miss parson if i have nightmares tonight im blaming you.The next day the beach was destored then they saw raymend with all the other boys who worked at the beach with raymend clair asked if the pool lights were still on but then she fell in the pool and she saw somthing then raymend jumped in to save her kaliegh thought it was true love.

  206. Isabella, age 11, from UK

    bewildered tired and anxious the new piece of art work swung silently in the cold night as the other paintings watching him and grinning like a dileriase chesher cat.
    suddenly the door swung open as the day guard walked joyfully into the darked room flicked the light on and started to whistle a merry tune but art work knew this meant only one thing his nightmare was just beginning…

  207. MEEEEGGGAAANNN, age 12, from MEGAN LAND

    this used to be an amazing picture,however when it came to the tate it fell out of the van and straight into plain grey it then bounced onto a newly painted dark grey bench wich gave it its lines.

  208. charlotte, age 9, from uk

    a long time a go there lived a really nice girl called angus martain and thats it

  209. bob, age 67, from china

    one day a boy named jaymz kiss a girl called caitlin.

    the end

  210. tia-sian, age 8, from uk

    Once upon a time,a little girl farted,


  211. ΚΡΙΣΤΗ, age 10, from ?????????


  212. robert searles, age 11, from liverpool

    hello im robert i like the sign because it has alot of detail put in to it and it looks really good

  213. Jamila, age 8, from England

    The faraway tree

    Connie was covered in ink she was crying furiously “Joe was right about you” Connie cried.
    “Your friends with Joe, Beth and Franny you could have said I wouldn’t have thrown ink at you but I would have screamed at you” the grumpy elf grinned fishily. Suddenly Connie heard a sweet voice it was Silky “Come up darling I will dry you off with a nice dry towel” She whispered. Connie replied angrily,
    “Okay but make it quick”. So Silky dried Connie off. “Bob’s your uncle all done sweetypie” Silky said happily. “Thanks Silky” Connie moaned so then they all went on with their adventure and they all said good-bye and waved
    “Ouch that hurt” Connie cried they were all giggling because Connie fell over.
    “Connie is your knee okay?” Beth said sweetly.
    “NO! Obviously not I have hurt my knee and its bleeding get Joe NOW!” She screamed. So she ran as fast as possible so somehow she found Joe and ran back to Connie. “Connie I’m back” Beth said nervously
    “It’s about time you slowcoach” Connie yelled outrageously
    “I am so sorry my dear Connie” Beth cried
    “She is the slowest person I have ever met” Connie muttered

  214. Saya, age 14, from Ronald

    When you look this picture you think that it doesn’t contain ideas of revolution or even ideas of hapinisess and creativity. This artist wasn’t thinking something serious . But when you look it better you will see the truth story. Once upon a time, there was a really beautiful and good-hearted queen. Unfortuatelly, she had an angry and impolite daughter, her name was Alicia. Alicia was jealous of her own mother and one day she decided to kill her. She took a white panel and she ordered a witch to put Alicias mother into this panel. The witch managed to do this terrible action and the queen stayed there. Alicia became queen and she kept the white panel without saying anything. After twenty years something amazing happened. The white panel moved and went to Alicia’s room and said to her daughter: ” Alicia, my little daughter, you grew up and you became a woman, a queen… I love you, even after you killed me I never forget you. But you forget me, why? Then scared Alicia answered: ” Mother, I killed you and you keep loving me? How pathetic you are!!! I don’t love you and I forgot you. You will stay into this panel for ever… Alicia’s mother never appeared again, but the white panel became grey.

  215. Bethany, age 12, from England

    The lonely zebra was very lonely indeed. For he was not black and white, oh no! not even close. He was grey and then, well, grey again.
    And that’s it.

    Love to all you out there!!!!! :) x lol

  216. fergason, age 6, from canada

    this here painting is so random its kinda confusing because all it is is
    lines! don’t you agree with me ey. i personally don’t like it.

  217. lillian howells, age 9, from u.k.

    Well its not basicly a story ill tell you any way a centipete named little john was lunching with friends prompt at one but because he took so long putin shoes on every thing had been ate and he was late.

    the end!

  218. lillian howells, age 9, from u.k.

    a centipete called little john was lunching with friends prompt at 1 but because he took so long putting shoes on every thing had been ate

  219. Nida, age 7, from UK

    This was once a painting of a girl, but when it was being delivered by a van it fell and a man called Ben painted it grey and white. When the problem was sorted out, Tate repainted it again and it was painted white and grey lines. (Tate was trying to restore it before it was repainted, but it failed as it didn’t show!). So that is how it turned from a beautiful picture to a simple picture.

    The End

  220. katie, age 9, from wales

    errr…he was blind

  221. Lucy, age 8, from America

    One day a mother was sitting ,she was very quite ,her kids were sleep.

  222. Lauren, age 12, from England

    Once upon a time there lived a young girl and she loved art she loved painting drawing making anything arty. So one day she was on the website Tate Tales and she was so impressed about it she got contagious addicted to this website and she thought that Painting and Drawing on this webiste was much better that painting and drawing because you could play on it in bed you could play on it dowm stair anywhere and that is what she liked about it.

  223. Lauren, age 12, from England

    Once upon a time there lived a young girl and she loved art she loved painting drawing making anything arty. So one day she was on the website Tate Tales and she was so impressed about it she got contagious addicted to this website and she thought that Painting and Drawing on this webiste was much better that painting and drawing in real life because you could play on it in bed you could play on it dowm stair anywhere and that is what she liked about it.

  224. lucas, age 0, from swindon

    I was a dark winnter and monsters were comeing for the people in the land.But army men came then there was a war in the sercret bit of land were nobody nose were it is. The war lastid 100 years and the monsters were wining the war but more army men came.

  225. constandina, age 8, from uk

    There is a young girl in Great Britain named Constandina. Who is very good at art but she likes to be unusual she once created a master – peace called explosion she adored
    it. But when she showed it to her friends they were so jelouse that one night when she was doing more painting in her craft room one of her friends called Camille stole it .And when she went up to see her unusual master – peace she suddenly noticed that it wasent there. she was so upset that she searched all day for it without one break she could not find it so from that day she didn’t paint one portrait because she was afraid it would get taken

  226. Holly Cooper, age 11, from england

    Tom, Jody and Ellie, all had a sleepover in their tent “i wonder that is going to happen tommorow?” wondered ellie “maybe we could go to the park?” replied mollie. 5 seconds later, they all went to sleep, “good night girls!” said tom queitly.

    24 hours later, ellie could smell burito’s and could hear maraca’s. they all crawled out of the tent and noticed somthing strange… “OMG! we are in spain!” ellie, tom and jody all were so shocked… tom fainted. suddenly, a woman wear a long flowery red print dress came over “hola amigo’s! my name is christina! shall i teach you to dance?” they all nodded “uno, dos, tres!” they all started to dance and dance- they done backflips, amazing spinning and a finish: a pickup in the air! “gracias for coming chicas and chico! that means girls and boy” tom, jody ellie crawled back into the tent “wow! that was cool!” tom shouted “we need to go back!” screamed ellie “calm guys!” jody replied. 24 hours later, they arrived back to england safe and sound “this is a magic tent!” lets go to china tommorow… they all agreed :)

  227. young artist, age 10, from England

    Many years ago,lived a man named Odysseus. He had just won a battle and was heading home to Ithaca. After a weary and long journey, he and his men had reached a beautiful island. Unfortunately, this island was not as beautiful as they thought. For this was the home of the Cyclops.
    Odysseus’ men were exhausted after sailing all the way from Troy. They needed somewhere to stay as thier suplies were running short. Odysseusand his men approached a dark and gloomycave. Odysseus squeezed through a gap between a huge boulder and the entrance of the cave. His men followed. They could sense a despicable smell.
    “Well atleast it’s something,”said one of the crew. Suddenly…

    To be continued…..

  228. sally, age 7, from uk

    once upon a time there was a web site called tate kids and was full of art work films,games and more so me sally had drew a pictuer called blank where it was a blank screen it was cool . and it was white the ends of thestory sorry bye

  229. Natasha, age 11, from United Kingdom

    Blank page. Where to begin?

    I stare at the page. Thinking. Just thinking. I see all my class mates scribbling down the answers on the page. But me. No. I don’t know where to start. Is there something wrong with me? I wonder sometimes.

  230. Thomas, age 10, from United Kingdom

    This painting could be much more then we all ever imagined. Looking at t straight, it brings nothing to our minds. But this painting could be a beautiful flurry of colours. This painting has much more potential than any of us could ever imagine…

  231. Rakel berg, age 11, from norway

    det var en gang en jente som het sofia som hadde vannkopper. hun klødde på vann koppene men det sa moren til sofia at hun ikke fikk klø. ben hun klødde på en van kopp bestandi at hun til slutt var det et arr der. men hun klødde ikke på de andre. 2 uker senere var hun helt fris igjen.

  232. Nadine, age 10, from England

    there once was a boy called Simon Andrew.
    He liked football.
    The end

  233. elise, age 8, from england

    I love looking at this type of culture its quite intresting to have a look at I have a book of old art in my room some are from tate galary london they are very nice

  234. shivanie sivendra, age 10, from london

    i didnt enjoy tate when i went with my school parkhill junior school it was boring i think you should have a few work shops for childre good to be of your asstance

  235. sterw redfte, age 23, from pakistan

    this is not a very good painting its pointless

  236. Ffion Phillips, age 13, from wales

    this used to be an amazing picture. however when it was being delivered to tate, it fell out of the van and straight into plain gray paint(which a man was using to paint a wall) In additio n to that it splatted on a new painted(dark grey) bench which give it it’s lines. so thats how it turned from a lanscape to this unique grey portrait.

  237. chloe mckenna, age 11, from england

    one upon a time there was a littal boy called billy and a littal girl called elle. one day thay went out into the woods but they were very very scared becuse of the big bad wolfs. that day the big bad wolf jumped out of a bush a scared elle so bad she cryed but not to cry billy was there to save her and they went home happy as ever.

  238. niamhtownsley, age 7, from scotland in leuchars witch is in fife.

    there was a bang on my window when i was sleeping quietley. then i looked out the window and saw a terrifying alien down on my porch. and there was a space ship there too i saw with my own eyes and thought to my self that it was a dream then went back in bed to try and sleep again. but this time there was a bang on the living room door. So i went down stairs to see what it was it was realy dark then i remembered i was afraid of the dark.but i had to save my dad from being tortured like my mum…but then i remembered the alien’s face so scary so i got i sharp nife from the kitchen then killed the alien.


  239. bob, age 9, from afagan

    one day a man went to the shops, he bought some MILK. when he got home his wife Judy was in the living room she was waiting for a nice cold glass of milk the a rather large black called rick Ross entered the room and drank all of her milk judy was vex an d bit off both his nipples judy is on a RAMPAGE so she ent back shops and stole some milk went home and poured it all over rick’s shredded nipples

  240. susanna celli, age 6, from England

    once upon a time there was a boy called picasso pablo and he started painting when he was a little boy but, one day his artworks were splendid!

  241. Emily, age 6, from England

    the sweet little wolf once upon a time there was a sweet little wolf .Her mum and dad toid her to be a bad little wolf but she did n’t want to be a big bad wolf . Really she loved all things pretty and pink the woods man thought she was a bad wolf but she was n ‘t.She made freinds withlittle red riding hood The End

  242. Emma, age 9, from USA

    If you have a bunch of lines add some dots or more lines. Add some color to. And if you do, it would look much better.

  243. Makayla, age 9, from U.S

    Once Upon A Time, there was a girl names Bailey. She was very wealthy and giving.
    She was always bragged on for being so sweet. She would give items to poor families in need, and the world would reward her. She once opened a site to raise money for needy people. She grew up to be a famous actress. Bailey got to direct some movies. Her highest movie created was Hannah in Hollywood . It got 193. million dollars! Her lowest movie was still high but it did not get as much as Hannah in Hollywood. For the lowest movie, School is not a party which got 97. million dollars! One day Bailey was in her private jet secretly flying to India to help and give to these very greatful people. They were all excited to see Bailey. when She left they were all more thankful than ever. When Bailey was 47 she made another movie and made millions for it like she has always done. One time She even got a free movie theatre. When Bailey was 84, she died. Everyone will remember the great Bailey Leonard!

  244. nicole, age 13, from uk

    This work will be on display at Tate St Ives until September 2011.

    Agnes Martin has said that her work is about the inner emotional world, contentment and serenity. You could think about the time when you were most content, and write a happy story about the memories you have.

    The artist wrote that all her work, “is about perfection as we are aware of it in our minds but the paintings are very far from being perfect.” Have you ever tried to draw something that you pictured in your mind, but it didn’t come out as you imagined
    by nicole

  245. kerry, age 10, from UK

    once upon a time…


    the end

  246. Caitlin Harrris, age 8, from Englened

    Art is a very creative and if you practice you will get better and better and better.Soon you will be brilliant at it so you will be an artist

  247. TOMOS WILLIAMS-MASON, age 10, from WALES


  248. Samantha Sherwinst, age 13, from scotland

    Sam was in The Tate Modern Art Gallery with his friend, Ben. they walked around noticing a picture with four pictures of the Antartica, The desert, and A Gingerbread house. Suddenly, all the lights turned off as all the people scurried out leaving the 2 boys behind “i think we should get out of here” said ben worriedly ‘NO WAY! This is cool!” replied sam with a giant grin on his face :D suddenly, the picture started moving, the 2 boys got sucked i the first picture, the Antartica, it was very cold! “oh my gosh!” ben screamed, suddenly, 2 penguins waddled up wearing high heels, a skirt and blue wigs “helloski!” said the penguin with the green wig and yellow high heels “my name is willow, and the one with the blue heels and purple wig is wadren!” sam and bed inroduced themselves. “we love dancing, do you?”
    ‘well actaully…” ben replied
    “yes we do!” sam inttruppted, ben explained that he was a terrible dancer! wadren turned on the music and came on “The Makarina” ben was dancing so badly, the iced craked as he was stomping as dancing and fell in a hole “i have to go, bye!”
    sam jumoed down the hole and ended up in the desert “Giddyhey!” a camel said having golden teeth, with skinny jeans and a baseball cap “hello, im sam, thats ben” the camel stomped over to the boys “would you like to try my famous sandwich, i call is the camel delight! it has cinnomin; peanut butter; fries; chicken; hotdog and ham!” the boys ate a giant bite “yummy!” replied ben, not being moany for one “YUCK! YOU CALL THIS A SANDWICH!?” the camel shed a tear as he was sad “oh, dont cry mr camel, sir, how about i make sam eat it all and he WILL like it” ben rushed to sam with the camel delight andwich and shoved it in his mouth and ran of “goodbye!” shouted ben as running off with sam.

    Finally, they reached the ginger bread house. 79 sweets and sugary tasty things to shove in there bellys. sam ran as fast as a cheetah and ate all the ginger breads, the chocolates, they buttermints, the marshmellows, the gummy bears and the candy canes, sam was very big! suddenly, a huge rumble and a huge witch appeared! the size of a giant! “come here, i will eat YOU!” the boys threw all the sweets at her, turnes out she will melt “no! what a world!!!!!!!!!” the boys then appeard back to the musesum and went home “i might paint a picture when i get home…”

  249. GRACIE, age 11, from BIRMINGHAM


  250. Ruth, age 9, from uk

    Once upon a time there lived a princess called Rapunzel.Her mother was really mean to her and poor Rapunzel wasn’t allowed outside.Her hair was longer than her mean mother.When Rapunzel went outside on her own without her mother giving her permission,so her mother was sad when the guards said that Rapunzel had ran away from home and her mother was crying because she had lost her daughter.THE END

  251. sheena, age 7, from ingland

    ones there was a little boy his name was masga and he was the popular boy in school everyone loved to play with him but one person that will be aged was the lonly person in the school see what happens next in the book.

  252. mia, age 8, from englend

    once there lived on person who was made out of ice on day the ice person hade a babby and caled it ice person the same as the mothers name. one day the ice boy hade a babby and that caryed on having babbys for 1 hundred years

    the end

  253. Gabriella, age 10, from Egland

    There once was a monster painted by an artist called Leonardo. The monster was nothing to be scared about it looked just like you and me except the eyes, the pupil of the eye was tiny and black and it turned things into ice. After 100 years people feared the painting, they made a rumor that one day it would come to life and freeze us to death! Were the rumors true? Leonardo knew about this monster, he saw one! On the back of the painting he said “Don’t fear it they can not kill you, but they can imprison you and turn you into one if it likes, only if you fear them.” People ignored this warning because of the Pope, he thought Leonardo was a fool. It was was the 21st century now, march 23rd 2011. But a monster is a monster and time doesn’t matter.

  254. aimee, age 11, from the uk

    the best art that you could of seen……..

  255. zr, age 8, from fl

    i love art

  256. Esther Barbero, age 7, from United Kingdom

    Once upon a time, there was a Spanish country called Spain. Spain was a type of country that lived a very very long time ago. Lots of people speak Spanish. But most of all, there was a baby Dora. When she’d grown up, she want to meet Boots The Monkey. And, they like to explore together. So, they’ll see you again soon in Spain. Goodbye, Dora. Goodbye, Boots. iAdios, Dora! iAdios, Boots!

  257. the kid that wrote this, age 127, from nouvo camparo


  258. Alfie, age 14, from Teletubby Land

    One day there was a painting. It was light grey with even lighter grey stripes. Until one hot summer’s evening, absolutely nothing happened to it. The End.

    By Alfie Eastwick

  259. ALYSSAR, age 11, from GA

    I love art its fun and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  260. hhh, age 127, from somewhere

    it was a cold day at sea when george a little priirte child killed fish and ate them

  261. Abby, age 10, from USA

    My mind was spining what is is it a wall with stripes is it a light who made this it is so simple. Then my mom being simple is what makes us so beautiful. No one would say that. Unless it is art. Now I see it.The beauty in it.Because it is as simple as can be.

  262. emma, age 8, from UK


  263. Lauren, age 11, from England

    There once was a great painting but on it,s way to tate moden it fell out the van and straight into grey paint, witch some one was using and thats the story of how a landscape picture turned into a grey portrait.

  264. niall, age 5, from England

    there was a girl and it ternd in tt a monster and she didont no whot to do

  265. robbie dutt, age 9, from england

    Banksy is the best graffiti artist in bristal he hasnt been seen yet. He is legond!!!!! I’ve got 5 in my house. my favourite one is the panda with guns. Banksy lives in bristal and if you live in bristal you might of seen his work.

  266. leslie, age 10, from usa

    The monkey and the purple bannana.

  267. oliwia, age 9, from england

    this painting wasnt a normal painting it was the best one sawn by the president and other people but henry loved it much. one night the phone rang from the president give that painting he demanded the owner of tate was puzzuled. in the morning the tate staff went for the amazing picture they did not want to give it awawy but then they noticed that the art work has vanished.tate called the president said when we find it vanished.presindent wasnt happy and everyone who wanted to seethe paint work even queen elizabeth II came and was cross that her majesty cant see an art work.the police came and found footsteps of henry! then they folowed them to henrys house were henry was hiding the art work they found but nothing got right the picture fell onto freshly painted wall and is all red now

  268. Rhiannon, age 8, from England

    There Once a girl named Rhiannon Bridges who was on her computer she was on google and she typed the word ‘art’ and tate kids came up she clicked it and she clicked ‘games’ and a game suggestion came up and she scrolled down the page and clicked ‘tate paint’ So she started and drew a picture of a person doing gymnastics, She tried to save the picture but she couldn’t because she didn’t have an account.So Rhiannon Bridges made an account and she named her account Rihanna4 and her picture was a clay avatar of herself. Ever since she has loved this game. So she said “Add me” The End

  269. soundarya.r, age 12, from chennai

    snow white and the seven dwarfs
    one day there was a snowhite . she was able to go to her mother’s house then that time the witch came to her house and gave a apple . inside there was a poison she had it with that . and she died with the poison apple. there were maany of the dwarfs tried to tell that she is a beautiful girl. also her friends played with kids then the last the prince came to talk to her while she was sleeping prince loved her and she got married .at last they lived happily ever after and he kissed her in lips

    thank you
    the end of the story

  270. ashley, age 13, from IL

    im a 13 year old artiest and i think that all of your work is pretty and don’t stop working you will get better propose but u have to practice

  271. tate, age 7, from england

    one rainy day i whent to a wedding i loved it

  272. Davina, age 9, from Britain

    Joy loved space and decides to tell a fib. She walks into class and boasts on and on about it…”I’ve won a competition and I’m going to space!” she blurted. She even told her best friend Cloe the fib! However, she told Elizabeth the truth so the next day Cloe asks Elizabeth, Elizabeth couldn’t take it any more so she let out the truth. Back at home Joy stares at the TV for hours until… OMG there actually is a competition and a chance to go to SPACE! In school the next morning her other friend Sally was jealous in fact she was such a copy cat and copied Joy about the whole SPACE-LOVING idea. A few minutes later Kate came walking through the door…She told me I had a letter. “Yes! I’ve won! I can go to space” Joy chanted repeatedly. After that Elizabeth felt embarrassed and bullied by Cloe. “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!” Joy gasped.

  273. blah, age 4, from uk

    Aphra Southworth Simons lived in Wonderland. She fought a big scary dwagon. She died. The End.

  274. alyssa mackey, age 10, from this story is called cumputer curse

    once upon a time a kid went to this website tate kids and was playing alot of games then she got sucked into the cumputer and every time somebody goes on to this website they see her then one day someone tried to get her out and got sucked in too so to this day every person that goes to this website gets sucked in.

    the end

  275. Alexas, age 11, from Hollywood

    This used to be an amazing picture. However,when it was being deliverd to Tate, it fell out of the van and straight into pink paint splat which a man was using to paint his car so thats how it turned from a landscape to a unique pink portrait The end …….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. Lexi, age 8, from England

    This used to be an amzing piture. However,when it was being deliverd it fell out the van in grey paint the man was using it to paint a wall it splatted on a new grey painted bench which gave it lines . so thats how it turned from a landscape to this unique grey portrait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  277. awais, age 9, from england

    my story began when i nearly got killed.

    i was at home eating dinner when suddenly heard a noise that sound like this.Bang a man came and i nearly died when he tried to kill me but i throwed him out of windon and i was a hero.

    the end

  278. kaveer, age 6, from TRINIDAD AND tobago

    The three Ducklings
    One day in a pond far away,there lived three ducklings and there mother.
    One day the ducklings were wandering around a forest not far from the pond.
    Then suddenly a wolf jumped out of the forest and chased the ducklings around.
    The wolf fell in the pond and was never heard of again.

  279. Maria, age 8, from England

    Once upon a time there lived a princess and her name was Maya.One day she was walking down the street when she saw a delightful young prince. The prince name was Alex.’Hi’,said Maya.”Hi”,said Alex.Their were in love with each other. The king and queen decided that Maya can get married to Alex.Their wedding was so delightful and had a big chocolate cake which has a man and a women at the top.Years ago Maya had children a boy and a girl. Their names were Adam and Eve. Their school were called Abbey primary school. In their exams their passed and a few years passed their were married.Eves husband was called Jack and Adams wife was called Amy.The End

  280. umar, age 8, from leyton, london

    on Sunday i went swimming and i did a backstroke.
    then i went to Dagenham to go to my mum’s friends house.

  281. umar, age 8, from leyton, london

    my story was when it was the first day of school.i was in year 4.
    we do tests,learning,of couse,swimming and p.e

    we do 1 page of writing every single day.
    also we maths we are doing addition.
    then we do lunch.
    then after lunch at tuesdays we go swimming

  282. oishee roy chowdhury, age 8, from India

    there was a girl and her name was tina she loved paniting one day she was paniting suddenly a bom came and hite her and her every family member cried so much that they had dihidration that they were hospitalised i wish that i had a T.V with me then i can live a death is so boring i hate death grrrrrrrrrr.

  283. oishee roy chowdhury, age 8, from India

    once there was a girl called Tina she loved painting.One day she was painting suddenly a bom came and Tina died she was only 6 years old girl her family members cried so much that they had been hospitalised and Tina was thinking that she should have a T.V. with her she was thinking i hate deathing because it is so borring i really hate deathing grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  284. casey, age 10, from scotland

    grey.is it a colour? is it a shade? or is it a feeling..deep inside our hearts there is gray full of jelosy,anger and greed. that is what grey was until my friend Agnis martin. SHE is the one who made grey something we can see.She is the one who brought gray alive… i t all starts in our dreams. agnis was asleep.she had a bad dreem.and it was this.she was walking through the forist.the narl and twisted trees grown,an icy wind tears away the last of autumms golden leaves.as night falls,the forist comes to life.a bunch of creachers awaken.chittering in the trees,rustelling in the bracken.incy black eyes glisten in the shadows.the night air is heavy,dank with the stagnent ouder of decomposing leaves,she stumbels through razer sharp brambels.snagging on the visos thornes fighting her way to the glow. of a small flickering light.she woke up.she had a paintbrush in her hand and seemed to be mixing a coluer that she wasent familliar with but she carried on painting. added some blue and her masterpeice was created! that is how grey came to life,THAT is how a masterpeice was made.

  285. Emma-Lee, age 8, from Australia

    Once upon a time…..OK that’s just plain boring. What about
    Adventurous Amelia got trapped in space and time. Her rainbow space shuttle crashed on an unknown planet of goo and bounciness just like jelly. There is a seal that can get what you need to get home but you need to get a thing for it……. Adventurous Amelia does not now what the seal needs.

  286. Hannah, age 8, from Isle of Man

    Painting is great fun I like to paint landscapes as I find portraits too hard I have painted starry night by Vincent Van Gof a few times a vase of flowers and many other paintings I would like to go and see paintings by the old masters. I would like to see a Gainsborough and Turner painting. I would recommend painting to anyone who likes art.

  287. KEANNA, age 14, from FLORIDA


  288. courtney, age 9, from seaham uk

    One day me and my frend and i was making tatey talse but then our arch enemy came and nockt on the door.”Are you playing out today becouse i’m am going to the park whith yous if you what to come. “The end

  289. Asia, age 9, from England

    A little girl was going through Forest it was dark night but she had to go home after going to her aunties the owls where as creapy as bugs and trees as scary as sharks withs grumpy angry faces staring at you telling you to go a way the girl did not know if it was just fantasy or real but she knew she had to get back quick or it would be soon midnight tick tock tick tock whent her pocket wach but the she heard a wolf she ran for her life as fast as she could but then bang she tripped she was crying of pain but then she saw a figer her mother trying to find her it was deffenly her she took her and ran home then the girl woke up and relised it was just a dream.

  290. kaysha, age 9, from england

    this is based on a girl named rabecka. rabecka wants to be and artist she can’t thow because her father is too over pre-tecktive. now the rest is basically she wants to be and artist and fails but finds out away. so if YOU want to hear more post coments.

    thank you verry much for reading my story.

  291. ceryn, age 13, from england

    My painting was on its way to the my house and i dropped it in a puddle i had used ink to paint it so the ink ran and it look better.

  292. Louis Tomlinson, age 20, from England

    Kylie stared at the canvas blankly. She wanted to be an artist but she had no inspiration whatsoever. She had no help. She lived with Harry Styles in a large apartment. Canvases, paints, charcoals, spread everywhere. You could barely see the floor. Harry came out and saw Kylie struggling. “What are you doing?” “I am trying to think of something to draw but nothing is coming to mind.” She thought and thought and finally she finally decided to draw sponge bob! It looked so beautiful! Then as she walked away she tipped over a can of gray paint right on top of her picture. It was tragic!

  293. emgirlface, age 10, from england

    its very nice but, a little bit boring. i can imagine it in my mind. also i can imagine it took him/her a long time. it just has lines a bit boring. i had a lot of inspirational help by painting with made me want to be a artist.

  294. Aoife, age 8, from London

    I . We where going to the Tate to have a tour Of the gallery my friend said that she hated art so I said go home ! When I got back for my sleep over the girl who hated art poured water on me !

  295. Aoife, age 8, from London

    I have been to almost every gallery in london and the tate in my fave , when I was really little like 1 or 2 I would run around and screem . The gards all knew me and they would say here comes the singing baby !


  296. Jemma, age 11, from England

    This painting used to be amazing, but, when Mr Smith, the wizard, walked into Tate, he made all the paintings go grey and white.
    When he left, the paintings created many wonderful images, like this one.

  297. Ross Conboy, age 8, from ENGLAND


    Once upon a time there was a cat and a bird they didnt get along very well the next day the bird got out of the cage and never got in again as you now know his in the cats belly

  298. Joel Conboy, age 7, from ENGLAND

    Cobra and the anaconda
    Once upon a time there was a cobra and a anaconda they were brothers and best friends one day they had an argument about a girl who they liked and the anaconda said i wont be your brother if you wont let me have that girl.

  299. Katrina Jolly, age 8, from England

    Yes in fact i have, When my friends and i were at school we were asked to draw our vision of the father, the son and the holy spirit. i imagined a night sky with a burst of light, a baby and a father but when i drew it i discovered that it was not as good as i thought it would be.

  300. jodie, age 17, from england

    there was once this little white rabbit i follwed in to a hole and landed in and wonderful world wonderland it was messed up and funny

  301. kizzy marie bennett, age 9, from uk wolverhampton

    once in africa there lived a lion but in thows days you culd not tell, a male from a female there was one in particular lion,his name was john one day he was out by the warter,hole and a hurd of wilder beast ran throw the sandy african land ,john heard them and his belly rumbeld soo he whent in to the long blond grass, and as he was abowt to jump a wilder beast ran infront of him why my dear said, the lion why did you do that well said the wilderbeast,becose i am not afrad of you but im a lion said
    john, lions eat wilderbeast i know said the wilderbeast look i will make you a deal
    with you ok said the, lion if you stop eating soo mutch wilderbeast and i will help find sumthing to,tell a male from a female the lion said ok but the widerbeast knew that he wuldant be able to do that so the next day ,he was out at the same spot the same thing hapend agen,as it did the day before but john thort that the wilderbeast wasant looking but she , was so she saw him she jumped out and chased him righ in to a mud hole and then in to a pile of orang and yellow, leaves and from that day on you culd tell a male lion from a female lion allto the thanks of the wilderbeast.

    now i know it isant the story of what you wanted but i wanted to share my storys with you i have more storys but i did this one three days ago thank you for reading this..

  302. Dhiaan, age 7, from eglend

    When was playing on art games I saw stret art so I prest it and I loved it so I played it .so on my life The end

  303. temi, age 6, from manchester

    once aa pon a time there was a strahj princess a girl bupted into her what happen next

  304. vicky, age 11, from GB

    once up on a time there was me!
    the end.

  305. darena, age 14, from america

    This piece of artwork was amazing it is really beutiful i think

  306. Alex, age 12, from london

    One morning me and my sister went to the park.when we were in the park we saw a UFO,i decided to call NASA.They said that it was our imagination i thought i could trust them.

    see part 2 in three min Saturday 24 Nov 2012

  307. Alex, age 12, from london


    Me and my sister looked at each other thinking if we were right. we were sure but NASA was not.We came home ,i tried to take things of my mind but my sister blabbed on and on and on talking about UFO’S.
    “can you just shut up”!i said.
    “MUM!”she shouted.such a snitch.As the time fell it became darker.It was twelve and everybody was asleep.I knew it was time to go to the park and make a pic for proof so i went.


  308. Alex, age 12, from london

    PART 3

    As i arrived to the park i saw gleaming figure walking through out the park.SNAP!I took the pic and it came out good.The figure had black eyes green hair and green skin unusual but not surprising.I ran home with excitement thinking that everybody will love me.I stopped and thought.I DONT HAVE THE KEY TO THE HOUSE!

    see part 4

  309. Alex, age 12, from london


    I panicked.But i had an idea i can go through the window so i did, i took my shoes and tiptoed up stairs.Suddenly,my sister was the in front off me.
    “where have you been?”she asked.
    “To the corner shop”i lied.
    “Lie,were is you bag then”she replied.
    “i ate it”,i said.
    “ate what,i know were you were you were in the park”she said.”i can see it in your eyes”.

  310. Alex, age 1, from london

    “OK,i was but i got a pic of a unusual figure.


  311. amy, age 9, from united kingdom

    once apon a time there was a puppie called jack . Jacks oner was called rose. one day rose her mum dad and jack went to the park.Rose fel to sleep and her mum and dad fogot all about jack . In the morning jack found him self in the park Jack tied to get home but things just got worst i got stuck in the forist .jack hered a wistel it was a post man the post man sore jack and picked him up and red his caller it said 7 tradder hose mews the post man knew wher that was so he tolk jack home knok knok the post an knoced on the door rose anerd it and sore jack the post an said this is yours and cave jack to rose THANK YOU said rose huging the post man THE END

  312. maisie, age 11, from england

    once apon a time i went to a art muesem it was awsome!! I went and said to the worker can i have this art please i said”ok mam but are you sure?” and i said angrey”yes i want that art im i nuts!!!” no mam your not nuts but this pichure is £1000!” I looked at her and said forget it then im never coming back here again bye!!!!!” so i went in my lovely red bmw and drove back home when i got there i just took my coat and shoes of and made a lovley cupa tea and turn the t.v on and relaxed, after that i went to bed early because i was very tired of today!

  313. naomi watts, age 19, from barbados

    Once upon a time there was street artist called Lucas Hayden and he did graffitti but he did good graffitti and proper art not bad non-sence art.One Friday morning at prescisley 11am he did a great piece of artwork on his garden wall about his family(sisters,mum and dad)and a news reporter saw it and it was in the papers and everyone saw it!infact it become sooooo famous that he became the worlds number 1 street artist in the world and he later became a rapper street artist!

  314. Calli Moran, age 15, from England

    I simply looked at the blank canvas in front of me. I had never throughout my life, seen anything so perfect, yet so plain and simple. I picked up my brush and glaxed it across the canvas, it became clear, that i had ruined the canvas. A single tear rolled down my smooth cheek, and i saw in the mirror, my cheek was the canvas, and the tears the brush. Although sad and depressing, this was a beauty that was oh so natural. It was beauty in it’s true and most natural form.

  315. billy bob joe, age 9, from tori universe

    One day there was a man who was painting a beutiful colorful painting. When at a factory a can of gray paint got spilled all over a semies wheels but the man did not know that that had happened. So he drove off. Then as the painter started to finish a gust of wind blew his painting away for miles. Right when the painter found his painting the semie was to fast for the painter to grab before the…. semie could run over the painting. The painter thought it was ruined but… everyne seemed to get a fancy over the painting so the painter keep it that way.

  316. AVA GALVEZ, age 8, from usa


  317. seif, age 8, from egpt

    once a pouna time there were a family live’s with a trifing monster called slenderman
    that man taked there own littel girl named jena then he let her live in the woods
    then one day her dad called the police and talked about the slenderman and discraped him. then suddenly one time the slenderman arivved! then no one of
    the family srvived but only one srvived witch is the father then the slenderman
    will come closer and the father looking for his littel girl jena.

  318. mayeesha, age 11, from Bangladesh

    My name is Mayeesha Musarrat. I am now 11 years old.I want to be a teacher.An english teacher. BYE , BYE…………….hA HA !!!!

  319. lydia, age 12, from england

    years ago a man was haunted by one of his ancestors he decided that the only way to trap it is to paint its spirit into the photo he painted and painted until he couldnt paint anymore this painting had colour and riverss of blue fields of green and skys of black but when the ghosts spirit touched the paint it turned into the gray murky stripes you see now beforee you legend has it that if you stare into the painting long enough you will see a face more horrible than you can ever imagine come out and strangle you till the very end.

  320. india, age 11, from ebngland

    the zebra has escaped from a zoo and is on a dangerous rampage.every one run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. s. ballard,jozlyn, age 9, from ?????????????????????

    i jozlyn ballard think that this is a good website for people of all ages to learn all about real art and talent.it is good for people to know between real art and not real art and this website gives a lotof good informaion about real art i jozlyn ballard am talking the truth.


  322. natalie, age 7, from canada

    once upon a time there was a princess named lily she did not live in a castle but she wanted to one day she said i dot not like living in this old house real famous people live somwhere nicer than this she said her parent said we cant live in a castle it costs to much money but im a princess i need to live in one sorry we cant so lily had to deal with it it wasnt easy peasy is was not even a little easy but one day her parents came in to her room and said we are moving into a castle yay she said so they went to the castle wow a whole castle to ourselves are we ever lucky so they all lived happly ever after

  323. angel, age 22, from new zealadn

    Rapidly the opal snow sprinted down towards the dusky ground like a polar bear running towards its mother. The carpet of snow had lots of footprints which told a story that lots of children played the snow.

  324. WoggleBrains, age 127, from Iraq

    It is a very bleak day in Wagamamma City. The birds are dying, the dogs are comitting suicide, and it just generally a boring day in Wagamamma City.

    Wagamamma City was a quiet city. So quiet, that you could even hear the cats eating their intestines.

    On this bleak, boring day in Wagamamma City, a woman named Agnes Martin painted a beautiful painting. The painting consisted of the many bright shades of the colour grey. Agnes named this piece Untitled#5. However, it is more commonly known in Wagamamma City as ‘2 or More Shades of Grey’. Then, Agnes got married to a guy called Martin. And together, they painted ‘100,000,000,000,000,000 Shades of White.’

    Unfortunately, the couple moved out of Wagamamma City to Yankydoodle World.
    Then Agnes and Martin commited suicide to be with their Nan. Yes, it turns out that Agnes and Martin were identical twins. They must have been very vain to like their twin. It also turns out that Agnes was infact a man.

    THE END.

  325. the unknown specie, age 11, from Yanky World, Chichister, Chicago

    It was a very sunny day in Yankydoodle City yet everyone was crying. This was because all the animals had been killed by a mysterious figure wearing a dog skin coat. However, as Yankydoodle city is ruled by cats, they were all crying from happiness. The worst dog, that they all hated had been Spike, who had a VERY gray coat, with millions of grey dots on it. Millicent, the Cat Queen decided to paint a picture to comemorate the death of all these dogs so she painted a picture of gray square with millions of tiny grey dots that cannot be seen by the naked human eye. She then sold many copies under the false name Agnes Martin and that is the story of untitled #5

  326. PinkCherry, age 11, from England

    There was once a place called Ching Chang Chong and in Ching Chang Chong there was a boy called Charlie. Charlie only spoke Ching Chang Chong language so he didn’t have a very wide vocabulary!

    One day Charlie was walking to Ching Chang Chong Chocolate Park where he saw a dog wondering around looking helpless and lost. Charlie walked up to the dog and sayed ‘ching chang chong chack chip chang chong?’ (This is translated into English as Hello there, what’s your name?)

    The dog did nothing and stared at Charlie for so long that he couldn’t wait any longer and walked off to the Chocolate Pool. (The park got its name from the pool). The dog followed him and again started staring at Charlie. At first he thought the dog was having a staring competition with him but then he realised the dogs eyes were turning red. Hot lasers shot out of the dogs eyes and from then on Charlie called the dog Chicky Chan Cho Chop Chap Chov! (Translated into English as Laser Eyes)!

  327. Amber, age 9, from England

    I was all alone wandering around when SPLAT! I was covered in a filthy coloured grey and in that grey puddle was a droopy drippy painting. To me it was a piece of junk, but I took it home anyway in case mum knew what it was. “Thats the Agnes Martin! Where did you get that? Did you rob a museum?” asked mum suspiciously. “no.” I replied, “it came out of nowhere and splashed me!” I was trying my best to tell the truth. I never knew it was a famous painting and mum told me it was worth!

  328. Maria, age 8, from England

    Once Upon A Time,

    There Lived A Princess Who Was Called Imogen.One Day She Met A Frog.She Tried To Kiss It But The Frog Said,”Kiss Me Please”!And The Princess Kissed Him And He Became A Prince!The Princess Was Amazed!She Asked Him,”Who Are You”?”I’Am A Prince”.The Princess Ran Home And Told Her Mum And Dad The Story. The King And Queen Ran After Her And Their Saw The Prince!The King Though That The Prince Was A Handsome Man.The King Said That He Could Marry His Daughter!The Prince Was Very Happy!Their Got Married And The Prince Took The Princess To His Beautiful Castle!The Princes Mother And Father Accepted Princess Imogen! THE END!

  329. susanna, age 6, from England


  330. susanna, age 6, from England

    I <3 this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  331. coolboy8040, age 7, from usa

    my work is base on art its lots of work im a artist i draw anything thats art its my thing i like to be a artist

  332. Elisa, age 10, from MN

    I’ve always loved art, but i’ve never been the best at it. I’m getting better, and i’ve finally found my drawing style.
    i’ve wanted to be a cartoonest, but somthings don’t come out.
    my drawing style is fast and scribbley.
    you can tell what it is, but it’s mostly abstract. Some of my major insperations are Picasso and Van Gough.
    Some day, i might become an artist.
    remember, don’t give up when somthing seems hopeless. is you dream it, you can achive it.

  333. Sophia Maria Toner, age 0, from CANADA Ontario

    The Big Bear! Once there was a bear who loved to scare people. One day he came up to a person and said, ”RRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!”.He scared the leepers out of the person.So the person called the police and the police came really fast! then the police threw him in his cage.Pointing there guns at the bear. The guy which was the police said to the lady;” Are you okay! I am really sorry about my bear hurting you if you now what i meen?”.So they took the bear to the zoo once again.The End.

  334. Aoife pearson, age 8, from uk

    There was once a dog called Agnes she had licked some grey paint and mr and mrs Art had painted it so it was a forest with a rainy sky, by the time mrs art had got back Agnes had licked on lines.


  335. Tamara Jenkins, age 56, from England

    This is a story about a girl called Lucy.Wonderful bright sky blue eyes, shiny blonde hair, glamourous red lips and a beautiful face.She was very pretty indeed,and also the smartest in the class.You would think she has a wonderful and pretty personality too, but at that your wrong.Read and find out what happens next.

    To be continued…

  336. kayf, age 3, from london

    once upon a time there was a snake /mice and a horse.one day the nasty snake said to the horse that tasty mice is nice after a while the snake said to the horse bring him over to me so the horse said ok.when the horse brought the mice and the snake ate the mice sadly.as green as a grass

  337. mya, age 10, from usa

    there was a man who had paint. but not just ant paint. a paint that can turn any thing to grey and dark grey.(which were his favorite colors). He got a colorful canvas and painted it light grey. he loved it. his mom threw it away because she didnt like grey. then agens found it. he thought it needed some thing. he got grey paint and painted stripes. even though it wasnt a good hit he loved it

  338. sassysarah, age 8, from iran

    there was a girl who wanted to be a artist her name was Sarah her work was wonderful she wanted to paint the Mona Lisa. Then when she was 15 she painted a lovely picture of the Mona Lisa. She sent to a person that make artist people fameose. she put her art in a big envelope and writed La 64 Towerland and put in the postbox. Then the day came her destiny the man said a big fat jucy YES! Sarah was so happy she told her mum and dad then she painted lots of fameose pictures and she was so happy that eveyone liked her pictures and thats the story of sarah

  339. Millsy, age 9, from UK

    This artwork was being displayed at the tate when a man came out and trapped the staff and took the painting.A young girl found the artwork and brought it back to the tate. The girl was told that she could help make the painting look georgious. That’s how it looks like this.

  340. ISMAIL, age 10, from LONDON


  341. sharna burton, age 13, from england

    agnes was a great painter, she had created so many loved ones that are still around us this day. she painted with colour and passion, but when her husband died she became heart broken and lost.
    the joy had faided from her paintings.
    she didnt paint again for two years. this painting was the first peice of artwork she had done since her husband died. she wasnt proud of it, she was to fragile to be proud of anything. she died shortly after this painting.
    this painting has lasted all these years with no love and effection so the next you see this amazing picture, dont think its dull and grey, think about agnus and how upset and lost she was

  342. isabelle, age 8, from ingland

    when this picture was first made it looked wonderfully splendid however it was rewined by a man named mr scwiddle stupid name realy

  343. freya, age 9, from england

    there are lines on paper. the end.

  344. Chelsea, age 9, from England

    Once apon a time there was a princess called Chelsea, and she always wanted to see the outside world, but the Queen refused to let Chelsea out ,but one night she snuck out! she wondered around lost, untill she found a very nice prince called Danny! It was love at first sight Chelsea was in love!!! ‘Hi, will you show me to the nearest castle in camberly please?’ he nodded his head and called Chelsea his way but he did not say a word. They went on a big adventure around camberly and finaly came across Danny’s castle they got marryed and lived happily ever after!!!

    (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

  345. kim, age 7, from crewe

    once upon a time there was a peace of art work that was nice, pretty and gorges
    the best

  346. kim, age 7, from crewe