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Barbara Hepworth, Infant, 1929

Barbara made this wooden sculpture when her first son, Paul, was born. It is the same size as a real baby. She talked about looking at Paul in his cot or lying on the rug when she was carving. If you look carefully you can see that Barbara has left out the fingers, toes, belly-button and eyes! It seems as if she is more interested in the shape of the baby’s body rather than all the detail. Perhaps Paul is asleep? I wonder what will happen when he wakes up? ….Ssshhh!

10 stories about “Barbara Hepworth, Infant, 1929”

  1. Snitzel, age 10, from Ireland

    Once there was a midget that disobayed everyone and one day he disobayed a king and he froze him for all of eternity. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. KK, age 10, from USA

    katie sat nervously biting her nails and twiidling her thumbs she was in the waiting rooms waiting for her mom dad and new little sister to come out she was sitting with her fat aunt emma. finnally her dad came out holding the baby and crying. emma started crying. wheresz mom katie asked but as soon as the words passed her lips she new what hapend ma wuz gone. she ran to her dad and cried two wewks later she named her sister mama jr.

  3. Kiran, age 12, from Australia

    This a little person like a animal. His name is Hanby and this little baby fancies Pain. They went to the cinéma together and much more!

  4. Otto, age 9, from Iraq

    Skin softer than velvet.
    Eyes purer than water.
    No taste they like but milk.
    Smell like a rose garden.
    Ears like tiny shells.
    Senses thier mothers presence.

  5. Elanor, age 9, from England

    Alice looked at her baby girl in horror. It was cold. dead cold. she looked closer. Yes, stone, that’s it. My baby’s been reduced to a lump of granite. Medusa must have looked into the pram!

  6. Jacob Lee, age 3, from England

    One day mummy’s tummy got bigger and bigger and they decided the baby would be called Jacob. Out popped Jacob and he said ‘Ga Ga’ and he played with his baby toys. Jacob is showing his muscles to his mummy and daddy. He is a happy boy.

  7. Jade, age 10, from New Zealand

    “What is it!?” John exclaimed. His leaned into get a closer look. “This is and infant” The Artist said. They felt so proud. “Looks like a naked chiken.” Bob laughed as they walked off to the next piece of art.

  8. Grettle King, age 9, from Australia

    This picture is a very magnificent peice of art. it has very good carves in it.

  9. James Read, age 11, from England

    This little boy has a fammily a Mum a Dad a Sister an a little borther. The little boys family was very very poor they only could just eford to buy some bread, normally the dad and the little borther would go out to catch some fish. but the little boy once went to get some water from the river near by and he took is little borther with him, and just before they got there……. there was a big wolf and he ran off the wolf chased him the wolf cought him the wolf got him and he was dead. the little baby had to fend for himself and he did the little baby boy ran into a cave and when he came back out he was bigger and stronger than he was he was a man ! then a wolf was near the river again the man went to kill it and he got eaten himself and that was the story of the little boy and his familly

    THE END!

  10. Kim Whitehead, age 11, from England

    Kims Story

    Me and my friends ,sarah and Jade were off on holiday from school. We decided to pack our rucksacks and go off to the beach . The weather was nice and sunny. While walking
    Along the beach we came across a cave. After hearing a strange sound coming from the cave we decided to investigate. As we walked into the dark cave a bright light caught our
    Attention. We headed towards the light as fast as we could until we could see a shadow of a baby. It became clear as we approached the light source that the shadow was from a
    Statue of a baby. It was black and looked like it was made of stone. We picked it up and took it home and placed it in the bottom of the garden. Everytime we went to see it the statue lit up so bright the whole garden came alight.