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Harold Gilman, Mrs Mounter at the Breakfast Table, exhibited 1917

This painting is of someone called Mrs Mounter. She is having her breakfast and looking straight at you. What kind of lady do you think Mrs Mounter might be? Have you met anyone who looks a bit like her? Where does she live? Who might she live with? What sort of mood do you think she is in?

Imagine you are having a cup of tea with Mrs Mounter. Have you done something to make her cross or is she telling you a sad story about her life? Using clues from the painting, imagine you are having a cup of tea with her and write her story…

28 stories about “Harold Gilman, Mrs Mounter at the Breakfast Table, exhibited 1917”

  1. Amelia, age 4, from England

    Mrs Mounter was having tea for breakfast. It was hot and she was waiting for it to cool down. She was looking at me and smiling. She looked lovely in the sunlight. Then she drunk her tea.

  2. Xavier, age 10, from England

    There she was sitting at the table having a delicious cup of tea and thinking what she would do next

  3. Bradley, age 11, from England

    this is a great pice of work its got lots of detail you can see it clearly

  4. Olivia B-S, age 10, from England

    Mrs mounter was a very stern and who never never smiled she was perplexed by the smiling eye twinkling children who dkipped along the cobled paths every after noon at 4;00 going home for tea after a tiring day at school. But you see she was not always like thi sso i will tell you the strange and curious tale of Mrs Mounter…… Before not so long ago she would sit on her front lawn in a deck chair every day at 4 oclock when the children were going home from school. and once a week she would give every child in her street (there were 9) that walked pased on there way home from school a freshly backed bun or muffin and a loaf of freash bread to give to mummy for supper.. but one day no children came skipping past whilst waving at her smiling face and they did not for a long time Mrs Mounter was very sad bu tone day she saw a girll come by callled Esther and when she asked why cildren don’t come by anymore Esther said
    ‘ what children i am the only child for miles and miles
    and always have been nd i never new you ..
    and know one quite knows what happened after that because know one sees Mrs Mounter any more because she never goes outside anymore and all she does all day is sit at the breakfast table and sip tea next to emty spaces with cupps of hot cocoa and piles of bunns where cildren one day would have sat.

    when children run past she gets the empty feeling you or i fel that cesation of de gar vou or when you can;t rememper whta tou ere going to say or do.

  5. Kiralee G, age 12, from England

    This is a good watercolour picture it has all of the detail of the face and a really textured frown, its almost like she is trying to smile of laugh, any way she looks like shes lonly lonly like some one has left her or shes just board.

  6. Victoria D, age 11, from England

    The pictures coloures are good they are also shaded in to the face and good use of coloures.

  7. Zahra N, age 12, from England

    its a women that is waiting for he husband because she has cooked him tea and he hasnt come and shes worried about him and scared he mite have been murderd

  8. David C, age 12, from England

    a old gran lookin bored with a weird lookin face .she reminds me of the queen on a bad day!!!!

  9. Kayleigh H, age 12, from England

    There was a women sat at a table waiting for her husband to come home from war, but he never did because he died and when she herd the news he spiked her own drink and she died too and some say that in a stromy night they can hear her wailing for her husband.

  10. Cara, age 12, from England


  11. Polina L, age 10, from Blair

    The women was a famous star, she was a actress who sang and danced, but one day there was a flood and the women was doing national performince at that time so when she was about to do the big finish, the doors burst open and the people ran out luckily all of the people made out on time on the boat but the star woman was still there ,she was in the attic alone then shw began to worry if she lost everything like her friends and boyfriend, but she was very glad that her family was out of town at the point, but she was very tired and then she just laid on the old dusty couch and and fell asleep. about 20 min later there was a loud knock on the medal door, the women sat up and let an police men in he said the town people has been saved but he said that one man and women didnt survive, who she asked and the hospital people brought in her boyfriend and her cousin. No! She yelled dropping own fell crying.. the people calmed her down. So when she left the doctor the next day she walked alone in the quite street. When she got home, she just sat and sat. and for 30 years she didnt do nothing but drink tea and wait for her family come, and her true love, even though she knew that would not come true she would wait and wait. But 6 days later her parents came, and she was a little happy but not al the way. so here she is drinking tea.

  12. Shantanu, age 9, from USA

    This is an ugly lady who is 96.34 years old. She is cranky because she got fired from her age. She then tried to calm down by having tea. a couple moments later… WHOLY CRUD THATS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Now she was realy mad of age discrimanation and burn tounge. Then she went to africa to live. 3 years she died>

  13. David, age 10, from America

    The old lady is a witch and is at the moment. She was betrayed by Mukius, the evil magician of the land of Tarian. Mrs. Mounter is a very sad lady with no son or daughter. The tea is a potion which makes the person who drink it loyal to the witch for the rest of there life! Of course she is not evil but now you will always be loyal to her. Then the lady got up and said “You will be my servant forever!” And then you wake up and it’s all over.

  14. Danielle, age 9, from Pennsylvania

    One day an old lady was having a teaparty with her friends and then out of nowhere a rober broke in and froze her and she is still not unfrozen.

  15. Molly, age 8, from England

    The lady is saying goodby to the outside worlld.

  16. Lucy, age 12, from UK

    Mrs Mounter was a stern lady but she had a heart of gold. If you went to see her on a Monday morning she would sit you down in her freezing cold kitchen, with some stale bisctuits and her cat Winston on her lap, and listen to you intently. She gave you honest advise but your heart went out to her.
    She was very lonely and apart from her cat all of her friends and family were no longer in the village. As a young child, you never knew why but just knew that she ached like a swollen heart for truths that had happened a very long time ago but were no less recent than yesterday.

  17. Imogen, age 12, from England

    So i stood in the old lady’s tea room she sat me down. She told me her name was mrs mounter she was having breakfast at the time. I had obviously come at the wrong time, her budgie benjemen kept sqwarking “Pretty Mounter.” he said. I sat down next to her and she started telling me about him. About Filly she called him. His real name was Phillip though. After about half an hour she stopped and looked at me just to check i was listening. I smiled and carried on with my notes. She was telling all these things about what he had said before he went and how she found out that he had died in the war. I didn’t ask any more because she was almost in tears. I had already got all the information i needed, althhough i wasn’t sure i really wanted many people to no, mrs mounter was a lovely little old lady and it would seem disrespectful to share her thoughts with the world.

  18. Maya, age 8, from UK

    Once upon a time there lived an old woman, she was aged 86 and had a simple life. She was quite a poor woman and did not have many valuable things but her most treasured possession was her old black teapot.

  19. Poppy, age 10, from Spain

    Once apon a time there lived an old lady . She lived in hicaldy Town. hat lady was poor. she had a husband , but he had no job .but they did have a daughter a very pretty daughter her name was rebecca. one day the old lady sent rebecca out to get married . sadly rebecca’s mom and died and rebecca was all on her own. one day rebecca was in the market and bom! she accidently bashed in to a young man ._im so sorry _ rebecca said piking up her bags, _ no problem_ he said they loked at one another and imediatly fell in lovea month pased they spent lots of time with each other. and they married on1993 . and they lived happily ever after.THE END.

  20. Nathanieliza, age 0, from Canada

    There was nothing to be done now. Apparently Sally was here to stay, and Mrs. Mounter has just realized it as fact. Not that Sally was rude, or crude, or even mean; that was not what upset Mrs. Mounter. If that had been the case, Mrs. Mounter would have been gracious, and… back in control. No, Sally was none of those things. Instead, she was well bred, kind, resourceful, and dare she admit it? Beautiful! Sally was the kind of wife her son thought only existed in dreams; yet, that distant dream had come true. It was all too true; but would he need his mother anymore?
    True, Sally had decorated the cottage better than she had ever seen it. Why hadn’t she thought to paint the walls that lucid blue or place flowers of complementary colors in the dry sink? Well, they would be coming over in about two hours for a dinner of her best Irish stew and soda bread. She would serve tea; they would banter about Tom’s childhood and life in Ireland.
    Yet, Mrs. Mounter was already thinking about a strategy for this new and entirely unsettling situation. She knew she had no business thinking some of her thoughts. The moment of decision was here, now. Would she swallow her pride, anger, sense of emptiness and shower the blessings and love that only Tom’s mother on this Earth could and should do? Or…would she begin to sabotage their joy with her special acerbic strategies?
    Well, it wasn’t her fault that financial urgency brought them herenow. Or that Sally was pregnant; Tom out of work; and her cottage the barrier between them and the street. She could really make them feel it, or be so gracious they would never notice their imposition? HMMM…which way would she go?

  21. Calyx, age 9, from London


  22. Beth, age 10, from England

    There once was an old Lady who looked after cats

  23. Amanda, age 14, from Scotland

    this is a old lady who has been painted in a kitchen

  24. Ali, age 19, from UK

    once there was a old granny called gabby and she was very bad .She did bad tricks on people like say “there is a rolling donut on the path”

    So one day she looked in the mirror and all those days she was a WITCH so one day she went out side to see the people ond there was none!!!

    Gabby was so sad! But then she saw a person but not a propper person she was a WITCH she zoomed off on her broomstick and then there was another witch so Gabby asked the witch person were she could buy a broomstick but then she said something “I have some here if you want one there is an old one that does not fly and one that is new and that does fly!!!”

    so Gabby shyly said “can i have the one that flys please and the new one aaa tue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    ok said the other witch “what is your name and were do you live”
    “my name is gena and i live at 71 froom way were do you live and what is your name!!”
    “well I have just moved here so I live no were and my name is Gabby and were is the nerest cafe or restoront or an eating place”
    “well there is one it is called spider broom cafe and thay serve fried spiders and fried froggs and stuff like that OK”

    So the witches went down the road and when they got to the sider broom cafe they whent in and orderd Gabby had frozzen spiders and frogg soup Gena had frog leg soup and toad eye frie up!

    so after that they both went to meet genas friends and they were called gemma genna bizy bibzzy beeny and alga after that thay had a party to welcome Gabby and they had drinks snacks and lots of yummy FOOD after that they all had a sleep over and stayed up till past ten in the morning and had no sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the morning they all fell asleep on the soafa when they woke up they had an swap dresses and out fits thing so Gabby had some clothes to were and then when they had there brecy they all whent home and Gabby found a home aswell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Kay & Bryo, age 9, from Uk

    There once was a woman called Mrs Mounter. And one morning she was eating her breakfast in her little cottage on her own in the woods. Everyone new she was a witch and thought she was a bad witch but she was really a very kind witch, witch that got rid of nasty witches. But noone ever beleived her they all thought it was a lie. The next day she saw the most horrible witch there could be in all of witch world. So she told everyone that there was a witch in town but noone believed her ” There is a witch in town!” shouted Mrs Mounter.
    “Yeah,right Mrs Mounter” said Mrs Cricket.
    ” You’ve got to believe me” shouted Mounter.
    “Of course we don’t believe you” said Mrs Cricket.
    “You usually believe me why don’t you any more” said Mrs mounter.
    “We don’t believe you how could there be a witch in town your the only one that exists” said Mr Brown.
    “Come on I’ll show you” said Mrs Mounter. So everyone followed her.
    “Look there she is” shouted Mrs Mounter.
    “Good joke there is nothing there” Mrs Mounter. That night Mrs Mounter got out of bed and went downstairs and outside. There was the witch flying on her broom across the sky Mrs Mounter got out her broom and flew after Grunty the witch she had a very fast broom and Mrs Mounter struggled to catch up with her eventually Mrs Mounter caught up with her. She got out her wand and cast a spell on Grunty and out of the wand came a net that landed on Grunty she fell to the ground and everyone in the town saw that Mrs Mounter was telling the truth after all. so from then on everyone believed Mrs Mounter.
    *!!THE END!!*

  26. Ahmed A, age 12, from Muscat/Oman

    Mrs mounter is having her break fast. She is looking to me, she is a fat strange woman. I dont think that a healthy human will drink in the breakfast two cups of tea and wearing new clouths for going out side only if she want to go to her work.

  27. Nadia & Marwa, age 14, from Russia

    This painting is about an old woman . Her name is Mrs Manter. She’s having her breakfast and she’s looks staright at you. She’s having a cup of tea with you. She’s telling stories about her life. She lives alone for along time. She lives in a wooden house for along time. She is asking you if you can live with her and take care of her. would you live with her???!!!!

  28. Prashant, age 13, from Oman

    Hello. My name is Prashant. I am a friend of Mrs.Mounter. She’s having breakfast and is looking at me. As I have been a constant companion of Mrs.Mounter, I am of the view that she’s a kind and compassionate lady. She is a gem of a woman. I have met a woman like her and that’s none other than my grandmother. Mrs.Mounter lives in London. She might be living with her husband.
    At present I’m having tea with Mrs.Mounter. I haven’t done anything to make her cross. I’m in fact sorry to say that she’s telling a sad story from her life of the death of her son. He had been her dearest. From the starting of education career he had always topped in class making his parents feel proud of him. After education he joined the British Military as the Lieutenant Colonel. It was the time of the British-French wars. One fine day she came to know that her son was killed in the war. I feel really sorry for her. I am unable to console her in any manner.

    Please give me tips to console her.