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René Magritte, The Future of Statues, 1937

Drifting across a dreaming face, are dazzling clouds of white and grey. Beneath the painted surface is rock hard plaster, cast in the form of the death mask of the famous French Emperor, Napoleon. The face floats high on the gallery wall as if in the sky.

Why do you think the artist has painted clouds on the face? Would it make you feel different if he had painted lightening and thunder? Imagine this character came to life. What would his story be?

40 stories about “René Magritte, The Future of Statues, 1937”

  1. Roshni L, age 13, from England

    The day started off very bad the man had woken up late for work, his children were late for school and he had missed the bus to work. Could his day go from bad to worse?
    He was rushing down the street trying to run to the nearest bus station, when all of a sudden he tripped and fell over his own shoe lace. He got up rapidy trying not to make a fool of his self when all of a sudden he blacked out….
    Was he dreaming or was he really seeing all blue? It just didnt make sense anymore, he tried to get up but the wind kept of pushing him straight back down he kept trying for about five minutes or so, when he just gave up.
    It made the man think, has the sky really fallen? He had heard the phrase sleeping on a bed of clouds, but was this really happening to him? Had the sky really fallen on top of him, right under his nose???

  2. Shelby, age 12, from Indiana

    I can see it in my eyes .i can see the white clodes in the sky and a blue skyiin my mined. i see a new world in my head.

  3. Cora, age 5, from UK

    Once upon a time there was a girl and she was an orphan. She had no friends at all. She was very sad. One day she looked at a cloud that was the shape of a face. She looked at it with interest and she kept looking until it was night-time. The next morning, as it got lighter the sun came out and the cloud came out again so she stared at it again and she started thinking, ‘it’s just a normal cloud,’ so she looked away from it and she thought to herself that she would promise herself never to think the cloud was interesting … until it started moving quickly. She followed it the whole way until it went into the ground in a hole. She couldn’t get down there until she had an idea: she tied a rope to a tree and she went down and down until the rope wasn’t long enough. So she just had to let go of the rope and go down and down and down until the cloud started to turn into a man. And he stared at her. And she stared at him. She was shy. The cloud-man was too. She had no choice so she said, ‘Hello’. He didn’t answer back to her. So she said, ‘Who are you?’ And he answered her this time: ‘I’m Cloud-Man,’ and he showed her a way to get out and she found her feet coming off the ground. She realised she was flying! They flew home. The end.

  4. Lauren, age 13, from Paddock Wood

    there once was a man who lived in the sky he always flys in the sky why did he fly in the sky because he was cloud man.

  5. Merrin G, age 11, from England

    There once was a sculpture his face was as if it were the sky. People looked at him everywhere he went, people even asked him if it were going to rain! He was always so upset about it that he never opened his eyes and as the days past his teasing got worse so he stayed at home and the hundreds of years later some one found his head in his house (as he had died years ago of old age) and they took it to a musium and it has been there ever since!

  6. Connor, age 12, from England

    He is a spirit from the sky, he is as free as a bird. He is very peacful and as you can see he is very calm. He soars through the sky like a plane. He is invisable to human eyes.

  7. George H, age 11, from England

    this man was cloud watching to long and turned into this horrible monster and huantes the groundes of his manor house.CLOUDBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Mike, age 2, from Spain


  9. Nathan, age 11, from England

    it was a cold winter night and the tate was having something to eatwhen he nocked over a vase and 1 of the shards looked like a face so he picked it up and painted it and carved it into more detale. then the next day he took it out side and it became famous ad he got in to a nice big house propbably one of the biggest houses in the country.

  10. Brendan, age 12, from England

    It was a sunny day and an artis went to the sea side to do face paints. A young girl walked past and look at the artis face and notice something. She didnt no if he was a stone person or was he real because he face and clothes camerflaged againest the sunny/ cloudy sky.
    The girl asker her mum to look closer at the thing ( stone man or man). Her mum had a close look and saw nothing. she couldnt see it. was it reral what the girl saw or not?

  11. Luke, age 12, from England


  12. Josie W, age 11, from England

    from England, age 11

    this man always fasinated about the sky around him. so one day on his 19th B-DAY his parents took him to a face painter where he got his face painted like a sky.

  13. William, age 5, from New Zealand

    Once upon a time there was a sky man. He was the King of the Sky. One day he talked to somebody and the person didn’t see him.

  14. Natalie S, age 8, from USA

    The guy was 100 feet tall. One day he decieded he wanted to check out the sky. So he got a realy tall lader even though he is very tall. He started climbing up the ladder. He stuck up his head and it got an imprint. So now he walks around with it they call him Sky Guy.

  15. Melissa, age 9, from USA

    Once upon a time there was an evil mastermind called Pete. This may sound friendly to you, but Pete loved to torture people. He tortured about 35 people every day. He was addicted to it and he had all sorts of gadgets he used. Pete lived in the mask above. One day, as Pete was on his way to torture the 35 people of the day, he heard a noise. CCCCCRRRRRAAAACCCCKKKK! It sounded like his evil hideout snapping. He immediatly rushed back to his mask. Sure enough, he found that his mask was cracked all over. Pete was very mad about this. He had to find out who the culprit was so he could show them not to mess with him. Pete took out his special finger print detector and started to look. But what Pete did not know was that the culprit was right under her nose.

  16. Danielle, age 9, from Pennsylvania

    a man fell into a river made of the sky and it stained his face forever and ever……………..the End.

  17. Sarah, age 10, from USA

    Once apon a time there lived a young man who was realy angry because his skin was different from everybody else and they made fun of him. His skin was a nice brown color and everybody else had white skin the people made fun of him because they were jelous. But the young man did not know that for he thout they were making fun of him because he was different. So one fine morning the man packed a bag the bag was ful of food and water and he carried a tent on his back and he set out to see a witch, he was gone for many day and the people were worried about him but soon he returned with a blue back round with white clouds and the people thout he was a angel from heven, and begain to respect him in many ways.

  18. Emmet, age 10, from USA

    I believe I can be the sky! I am the weather man. Itell you tomorrow’s weather. But I can’t talk. I show you the weather for tomorrow. Iam one of the few left on Earth. Please trust my judgement, I have not been wrong yet.

  19. Creig, age 9, from USA

    I beilieve I can fly. I think about it every day. I spred my wings and fly away.

  20. Jazmine, age 10, from USA

    Once long ago there was a sculpter named Paulu. He beleived he could create a brand new type of statue. He would call it ” The Future Statue”. Paulu loved the sky so he sculpt himself with sky paint. His eyes were closed because he was day dreaming about Fantasy land in the sky. He laid on clouds admiring the sky’s beauty. He enjoyed the gentle breeze. This is the “Statue of the Future”.

  21. Kyle, age 9, from USA

    This story happens when a man wished on a shooting star that he could become part of the sky he went to sleep and the naxt morning his face was what the weatherman predicted and if the weatherman was wrong he would start dissipering and he ended up as a floating head the weatherman was alwas right so he stade a dissinbodyed haed for ever intill the world belwup into a million pices

  22. Anonymous, age 0, from not known

    This mask was owned by indians. It would be worn by the tribal cheiftan during the most important cerimony that occers once a year. The rest of the year it would be hung at the very top of the tallest totem pole, (which had masks showing all of their gods,) and polished frequently. The mask shows the king of all their other gods, Cloud Father.

  23. Adrian, age 10, from USA

    There once was a man who was rich and famous. Then his wife died and he attemted suicide 24 times and then he fell in paint and died when he was 13 years old

  24. Anonymous, age 0, from not known

    Here I stand looking up at the clouds and I see that they are the same color as my facial features. I also see the clouds drifting slowly across the sky just as on my face.

  25. Caleb L, age 8, from England

    once apon a time there was a chicken and he was walking down the road and a piece of the sky fell on his head and before he could say boo the sky became his face…

  26. MayMay, age 0, from Singapore

    A little cloud was dancing happily in the sky when one day, she looked down on Earth and saw a beautiful statue facing up at her from the ground. It was the most serene face she had ever seen. Everyday she would ask the wind to blow her closer to Earth so she could have a look at him. She marvelled at how he never looked angry or sad, always at peace with the world around him. In time, she loved his face so much she cast a perpetual shadow over him. People on Earth began to get angry. Their beautiful statue could never be kissed by the light of the sun. They tried to chase the little cloud away. She was heartbroken. An angel passing by, took pity on her and because of her love for the statue, imprinted the little cloud everywhere on the face of the statue. So now, the little cloud and the statue would never be apart from each other, forever.

  27. Siobhan, age 15, from England

    The scent of jasmine hung heavy on the air and he inhaled deeply. His mind raced and yet his heart beat so slowly. His eyes were closed and yet he saw everything, felt everything, knew, everything. The hopelessly screamed pleas of mankind span through his head, the desolately lonely sighs of nature laced his mind, and the longing whispers of unfulfilled promises wrapped themselves around his senses. But he made no sound. He barely even moved. But he breathed, he filled his whole body with air saturated with life and allowed himself to be engulfed once again in the heady ocean of his sub-conscious. He would answer no prayers, though he heard them, his compassion was endless yet he chose not to help. Not for him was it to meddle with mortality or murmured memories. He was the observer, the calm guardian of a precious stone, sparkling and flashing with the fire of uncertainty. But he was certain, he was stable, he was Eternity.

  28. Molly, age 8, from England

    Some of the sky fell. The bit sky hit the ground and morthed in to a sky face.

  29. Alice, age 9, from England

    once upon a time there was a man called Robert, God had asked him to run the marathon or pay. but Robert thought that God could not do much to him. and he was wrong. God made his face as blue as the sky with clouds on. And nobody could see his face because it blended in with the sky.

  30. Arnie, age 14, from England

    “Cloudy,” they’d said. “Cloudy expressions like his didn’t signify happiness…” He had to agree, afterall he spent most of his day dreaming of all he wanted in this life. How sad that soon he would wear a mask of death and dream no more.

  31. Amber S, age 15, from England

    careful you dont stare at the sky too much… you might be a chameleon.

  32. Caitlin H, age 9, from England

    This man is a god of the sky. He doesn’t know much other than why the clouds move. He came down to earth one day and met a lot of new people “my only friends are the clouds that pass through the sky” he sighed . Although he was not very popular he still always looked down on everyone and made sure the clouds didn’t burst.

  33. Glenda, age 57, from USA

    I close my eyes and wonder where was the beginning, where is the end. I can sense the shadows moving across my face–time moving on without my affecting it in any way. It is the master, I am the servant

  34. Claire, age 15, from UK

    this picture is all about the sky with bright blue and the fact that the clouds are all over the models face.

  35. Loopy Loz, age 7, from USA

    A long, long time there was a young man called william. He was a very kind and friendly man who were always there for you. But one day unfortunally he died of old age. Everyone was very, very miserable in the village. It as very hard for the people in the village to work because he was the king of his country. Everytime they worked they couldn’t stand the heat no longer so they dug a tunnel.
    “Aaaaarrrggghhhh” cried one of the village people.
    “what, what is it” replied the other.
    “It’s king williams grave. they dug it up”
    Everyone was appalled to see that one of the village people dug up king williams grave. That person was very very serios. And that person is very naughty so was locked up in jail for years and years.

  36. Niamh, age 7, from England

    One day a time capsule landed in England. A girl called Niamh was walking home from school when she saw a strange man open the door. His skin was like the sky and his clothes where most peculiar, they where made of what looked like clouds. Niamh went over to him, she asked him his name he replied” Froody whats yours” “Niamh” niamh answered. “weird name Niamh is” froody said. “Hey why don’t we be friends as i’m the only one who has seen you” just then Niamhs best friend Sian appeared and gasped. “Who the hell is he” “Sian meet Froody Froody meet Sian” Froody and Sian shook hands. Then Sian had a great idea “why don’t we all be best friends” “great idea sian” cried Froody ” yeah” niamh thought and they lived like that for their hole life. THE END.

  37. EJ/AW, age 9, from England

    one day i was walking through the town and some one chopped of my head

  38. Tariq, age 11, from Oman

    This picture is nice that make you if you see it you will be happy because it look like the sky and its blue so it makes you relax

  39. Gais & Salim, age 10, from Oman

    The emperor ordered his artist to make the statue of him of his face! He ordered the art to be like the sky, but why? Because maybe he loved the sky or he said so or his wife loved the sky too! But nobody knows why I did this. So scientists and biologisits want to discover why he did this. so a time machine is so good to go through time and see why emperor napeleon did make a statue of the face of his own!

  40. Callan E, age 6, from Ireland

    This is a cloudy man whose eyes are closed