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JMW Turner, Ivy Bridge, Devonshire circa 1813

Turner toured the South West on two occasions and sketched many places that we can still recognise today. His journey took him around Devon and Cornwall where he used his sketchbook to make observations and notes of what he saw, which he then used to create paintings such as this one at Ivybridge.

In the days that Turner toured the South West the only way to travel was by horse-drawn carriage. In this picture you can see the mail coach which often carried passengers as well. Ivybridge was a very important stopping point on the journey from London to Plymouth which in those days took 24 hours!

Can you spot the man that missed the coach? Who could he be and what will happen to him now? You could imagine you are a time traveller; either in the past or the future. This painting is very descriptive – Turner has used colours to describe the time of year and the type of place. Try and use descriptive words in your story to describe a journey.

29 stories about “JMW Turner, Ivy Bridge, Devonshire circa 1813”

  1. Shiphrah, age 9, from United Kingdom

    I and my cousin Dick (who was for the holidays) were walking over the bridge when i suddenly saw something stuggling in the water.
    I shouted to Dick ‘come on!’ we scrambled down to the waters edge, pulled off our jumpers and started to wade through the water to the ‘thing’
    As i got closer to it i suddenly realized it was a dog!
    i held him firmly round his belly and dragged him to the waters-edge.
    when we eventually got to the shore we wrapped our jumpers round him – he was shaking off though he was still very shocked.
    we decided to get him back to the farm as soon as possible, so he could have a proper sleep and dry off in front of the fire-place in the kitchen. when we back home we were so exited we just knocked knocked on the door and mother opened it to us. she stared at us as if she had seen a ghost ‘what’s on your clothes and why are you so wet?
    ‘oh, we – I was cut short by mother who stopped staring at us and said in her normal brisk voice well you’d better get changed – for we don’t want you to get a phenomia and – who’s that? (meaning the dog) ‘Oh, i’ll explain later.’ i said. ‘well he’d better come in then had’nt he she said plesantly, hurrying into the kitchen to fetch some blankets, a left over bit of roast chicken and and some milk for him. she to us and said ‘go up stairs and get out of those wet clothes, put your damp things into a basket
    outside your room.’ we ran up stairs 2 at a time as we got changed we started to think a little more slowly
    ‘ Just think we could talk him for walks every day – sleep on our beds!’ the more the two boys thought about it the more exited they became.
    when they came down stairs again father was sitting back in an armchair in front of the fire with the dog sitting on his feet. we started to raise our voices trying to tell him the whole story sh

  2. Freya W, age 7, from England

    One autumn day the rich Roberts family came travelling by coach from London to North Devon for a holiday that lasted six weeks. They were tired and the coach was stuffy. They came across Ivy Bridge; they decided to have a picnic by the stream.
    ‘This is very nice’, said Mr Roberts, ‘but we must hurry or we’ll never get there before nightfall.’ So they climbed into their coach and the horses set off at a gallop. However, they left the smallest girl, Victoria Roberts, behind. Victoria didn’t notice that they had got on the coach, as she was drawing a sketch of Ivy Bridge.
    When she had finished her sketch she looked around and her family were gone. Inside the coach her family had also noticed that Victoria had disappeared. ‘Where’s Vicky?’ said the oldest Roberts sister, Charlotte. ‘I don’t know’, said Mr Roberts. ‘We must have left her behind when she was drawing her sketch of Ivy Bridge,’ said Mrs Roberts.
    Victoria now knew that her parents had left her behind. Then she started to walk around. She was scared, but then she spotted a mallard duck on the ground. It was injured and its wing was hanging at an odd angle. She gently picked it up and cradled it in her shawl. She realised that it was lost. The duck seemed to be trying to speak. Victoria guessed that the duck lived in London.
    In the meantime her parents were worried sick. ‘I can’t believe that we could be so careless,’ said Mrs Roberts. Just then, Victoria spotted a carriage that was riding by and she asked if she could hitch a ride. ‘Do you allow ducks in your carriage?’ she asked the stranger. ‘Yes, as a matter of fact, I do,’ he answered. ‘Can you take me to London? I can find my way from there,’ she said. So he did. When they got to London, Victoria paid the man, and she scampered back home. When she got there, her mother, father and sister were very pleased to see her, and she asked if she could keep the duck. Her father was so happy to see her he didn’t argue. After that, Victoria told her family about her adventure with the duck, and everyone was happy. THE END!!!

  3. George B, age 12, from England

    once apon a time there was a beast and it would come to this place to kill its next victim. one night the beast returned to kill another victom so it begain, but its victom was not an ordanary person it was an alian. the beast begain to atack, but the alian sliced its head of.

  4. Kiralee G, age 12, from England

    this is a really good picture that someone has drew of a pond sort of thing. It makes you feel mor relaxed and calm.

  5. Danielle, age 12, from England

    One day i went out and i was walking to a woods and i come to this one and when i went throgh the frost when i got to the end i saw a big rocks laying there.
    There was a lot of water there and we can swim in it and we can jump in it and every thing else that we can.
    People always go down there and when we sat on the rocks we get our bum wet and every thing.

  6. Mckayla, age 9, from USA

    tanya green was sitting ona rock with her toes dangling in the water, she watched as ducks floated by and she fed them crumbs of bread. she had the worst day ever, during school she was sent to the principal’s office for playing a prank on the teacher (tanya was a trouble maker.) and when she got home she sassed her mother and was sent to her room. instead she ran away so hereshe was sitting and feeding the ducks. she was plannin to go to ol’man simons house after sunset but she decided to stay with the ducks forever and become the lady of ducks. and she fell asleepon the rock. the next morning her mother found her and she did not become lady of the ducks, she became what mom called little- miss -grounded-for -the-rest-of-her-life!

  7. GDFG, age 11, from USA

    One night a man was walking through the woods in Michigan, and came apon a place with rats and broken bottles and dead raccoons. The man said
    Well, I should clean this place uuo a bit
    So, thats just what he did . Then a river came in and someone put a bridge in it.

  8. Jason, age 9, from USA

    This is a forist of deth. No one came out. There are 3 batles in the forist: first a giant snake, second an evean biger snake, and finally the ruler of the forist. win all batles and you can leave.

  9. Selcen, age 9, from USA

    The day of the earthquake, everybody’s homes were destroyed. People had gotten hurt, but the pond was still there. It had not been crushed, as everything else had. Collina, who’s mom had died during the earth-shattering earthquake, was now all alone. As she saw the pond, she wondered how it had survived. She got in. The warm feel of the water seemed to wash all her fears away. She saw the trees, hanging on the rocks for dear life. She knew the end of them would come soon. But they were enjoying their last moments of life. And she should enjoy life, too, no matter how many people were with her, because the number did not matter, it would still be life, no matter if she was alone, or with a crowd. It was life, no matter who she was.

  10. Daniella, age 9, from USA

    Once apona time there was a little girl and a boy there names were Zack and Annie. They were playing in the pond one day when they were both 2 years old. Sunddneliy, a man came to Zack and Annie’s parents “tommorw your children will be killed if you do not get them out of here today”! So there Mother put them in a apple basket down the Duck pond and the Mother told Jessica and Jackson, there older brother and sister to go down the pond with them to make sure they are safe. They went down the pond with Zack and Annie. this lady found them and Jessica and Jackson told them what will happen if they don’t get rid of it and she said I will keep them safe and everday at night I will come to your house and they will visit you. So they told there mom and everynight they saw there Zack and Annie.

  11. Kelly, age 10, from USA

    The worrior cat black tail was on a mission to save the kits that fores clan stole. when he was searching he found his friend treetail because she was also an apentise she had also ben sent on a mission to save her father so she said “what are you doing blacktail” “going to find the kits forest clan stole” said blacktail “good luck” said treetail. “So you finally are going to pick your worrior name” said tree tail “well not yet” said blacktail “why” said tree tail. “because I need to go to the sun cove with broken paw”. “Oh” so I have to go and save those kits bye. So she went to find her big sisters litter of kits. When she reached the border and sniffed the air she smelled the kits and also their mother the still have their mothers sent after all they are only one year old. TO BE CONTINUED…………..

  12. Terrence, age 10, from USA

    The story is about a curse village they was rich at night they get robbed

  13. Alex, age 10, from USA

    The sun was just about to set when two boys came down to a little creek. When they got there one boy rememberd that he left his pole at home so he and the other boy went back to get the pole as they came back they saw that some of there stuff was missing ,as they looked one boy saw a duck in the river with the missing stuff.

  14. Alexis B, age 9, from USA

    Once upon a time in a far, far, far away land there was a pond with rocks and trees. French people, British People, and Cave Men and Woman lived there trillions of years ago. The only thing that went wrong was the French and British wanted revenge from war. It wasn’t very pretty, it wasn’t very nice, it was plain old ugly. So the Cave Men and Woman were afraid of the people in war. They could’nt stop them in the war and everyone was hurt. The next day the war had came to an end. Everyone ate their Fish Dinners and while they were in the caves they talked about why the war came to an end.

  15. Adrian, age 10, from USA

    There once was a city that was attacked by bears and finally they got hit by a tornado

  16. Kevin, age 9, from Singapore

    John was supposed to make a picture for homework about the new bridge.

  17. Molly, age 8, from England

    Someone is watching there love dissapear and then watching it come back.

  18. Carole, age 9, from England

    I really like the ducks in this picture

  19. Beth, age 8, from England

    once upon a time there was a girl called lizzy. One day Lizzy went to the river with her pillows and her book. The wicked old witch untied the ropes of a boat that lizzy was in. The boat floated away to Paris there on the river bank she saw a boy, she called for help and the boy helped her.

  20. C Hopkinson, age 9, from England

    My mum and dad took me here when I was little. I enjoyed it very much. My two brothers fell in one time. I was very relived when they got out again. It dosen’t look quite the same as this today, but I still love it.

  21. Niamh, age 7, from Enlgand

    One day there was 3 sisters. They lived in Devon right near a lake everybody said it was haunted. The eldest of the girls was called Erika and Niamh was the youngest and Sian was half a year between Niamh and Erika. One day a girl called Charlotte moved in next door to them the next day they knocked on her door and took her to the river charlotte went on the rocks and slipped the girls gasped because when she fell in the water and disappeared never to be seen again THE END

  22. Shauna L, age 9, from UK

    Shana sat on a bank and looked through the sea. I saw a reflection in the water. I thought of my mum since i am her lookalike. Shana ran home as fast as i could but the water was rising high! My friend Lucy was screaming stay here ! …

  23. Yomna, age 11, from Egypt

    One day our school desigened a trip to the country side. the bus stopped near this bank. I Looked at this picture and forgot my friends .Ilost them. I went down searching for them hopping in finding them. BUT I will remember this picture

  24. Abdulrahman, age 11, from Egypt

    This was Egypt. It was very beautiful because it is a
    nature. I visited this place, I was very suprised to see this place because it is near the nile the old men planted trees and take after the plants it is now near the nile and I want to go to this place again because it is very beautiful and wonderful anybody want to nvisit it

  25. Aditya, age 10, from Oman

    It looks like a place where the storm came and the bridge fell down with the rain. Its a beautiful place. God has made this place with the eye of an artist.

  26. Esra & Rajwa, age 14, from Oman

    I loved this picture because is colorful and beautiful .you can see some nice tress brown. green, orange, and red you feel that you are in heaven .
    there are dazzling clouds blue and white , and the water cames from river. this is very amazing place for a camping.

  27. Sultan, age 13, from Oman

    The artist drew this picture in autume, he drew this picture in 1813.he left his bag i the stone. This is a good place for picnics. If i painted this picture i would prefer to draw it in summer because there would be more birds.

  28. Esra & Rajwa, age 14, from Oman

    I loved this picture becouse its colorfull like trees brown, blue, green and red , there is a nice view ,the water very beautifull .

  29. Gais, age 10, from Oman

    this painting is about nature. nature is so beutiful. thers a river, a bridge and trees. the man is auctully not in the picture.