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Keith Edmier, Beverly Edmier, 1967

A woman sits with her head bowed towards her belly which she both exposes and protects with her hand at the same time.

This is a portrait of the artist and his pregnant mother in 1967. She wears a suit which is very similar to the one worn by Jackie Kennedy on the day her husband President John F. Kennedy was shot.

The artist finds a new way to explore his identity. He shows how certain celebrity figures and events have had an effect on his memories of growing up.

Imagine time has moved forward twenty years! It is 2026!

How old are you now?
Which celebrity figures do you remember and why?
What events do you remember from when you were younger? What do you remember about them?
Are they part of your own history? Why?

11 stories about “Keith Edmier, Beverly Edmier, 1967”

  1. TJ, age 10, from England

    the glowing mutation liquid had been perfected to maximum mutation. the new assistant scientest, milly, had been working hard and she needed something to quench her thirst. In a mear matter of seconds she had already seen the special liquid, since she was only the assistant she had no idea of what it was so she guzzled it down, then she just carried on working. she began to feel drowzy. she was still working into the small hours and suddenly she just collapssed to the ground and turned bright red. The next morning the other scientests saw her and put her into a chamber.

  2. Victoria, age 11, from England

    This picture is intresting because it is wearing propper clothes. It also is a nice red and pink body

  3. George, age 12, from England

    i look like a obducted alian im goin to obduct u beware!!!

  4. Charlotte A, age 14, from England

    “Beverly Edmier ?” “yes” Beverly placed her hand on her stomach, as if she were unsure to her decision. Her protruding stomach, it felt surreal. Her hand gently moved around the area of her stomach. She began to feel under an immense pressure; one she had never quite felt before. She had this huge responsibility, she had to raise this new life. Life, she realised, was something you have to treasure. What if her child didn’t like her? What if she wasn’t a good enough mother? What if? The possiblities where endless.

    Beverly realised this was her last chance of ever having a child, if she waited any longer, her child would be born to a pensioner. She was going to bring her child up with every joy and happiness an adult wishes they could have had as a child, after all she would have more wisdom and experiences than any other mother when the time came.

    Beverly worried if people would deem her too old to have a child. “No” thought Beverly, “I’ve given up so much for this child and come so far, I deserve this baby!”

    Beverly stood up and walked towards too where the nurse had gone. She walked through the door and the doctor ushered her to lie on the bed. She took a deep breath and waited. The doctor tapped her lightly and said “Look, that’s your baby”. Beverly lifted her head, a large smile spread across her face. Every doubt and worry vanished. Teras flowed down her cheeks and Beverly said “That’s my baby”.

  5. Danielle, age 16, from Pennsylvania

    A lady fell into a river that dyed her whole body red and pink so then she cheked her belly to make sure that her stomach was also red or pink.

  6. Craig, age 11, from Wisconsin

    A woman ate at a resturant and ordered the beef… it wasen`t cooked, so, she woke up wiith a stomach ache. And then she checked her aching stomach.

  7. Bryan, age 28, from USA

    My baby is going to spill out of this bowl of jello if this train doesn’t stop sloshing about.

  8. Molly, age 8, from England

    A woman is pregnant and is going to birst.

  9. Arnie, age 14, from England

    Oh the pinkness of it all. Soon it would be born and she would hold her.

  10. Sarah and Tali, age 12, from England

    Once upon a time.. the gawjus RED woman was feeling her tummy with an apple!!!!!! Her face was red and her arms and legs were a b-e-autiful PINK!! She was soo desperate to have a baby, that she put a huuugee apple up her top so it looked like she was pregnant!! Then everyone found out that she was not pregnant, and it was an apple and everyone thought she was crazy!! Years later.. she had a baby and as a joke, called it APPLE!!! and the womans name who had the fake baby, and then the real baby caled apple, was called GWYNETH PALTROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Omran, age 13, from Oman

    Keith edmier is acrazy women .She wants to know what is in her stomach . She is very fat, with a red and ablond hear. mabey she is going to work today ,or mabeyto the hospital!!.