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Harold Gilman, Leeds Market, circa 1913

Harold Gilman painted images of everyday life. This work was painted from a detailed drawing he made on the spot during a visit to Leeds.

This market is an indoor market with a glass roof. Notice how the artist has painted the intricate structure of the roof and has created a sense of the vast space of the market. An old lady in a shawl and a man with a basket stand at a market stall. Behind the stall barrels, boxes and baskets are piled high.

Think of a visit you have made to a busy market or shop. Try and remember the sounds you heard – these might be the chatter of shoppers or the shouts of stall-holders drawing attention to their goods. Think about the smells – the sweet smell of fruit or the earthy smell of vegetables or the tempting warm smell of doughnuts or fish and chips. How did the bustle of all the people make you feel?

12 stories about “Harold Gilman, Leeds Market, circa 1913”

  1. bl ac ss nh hm, age 7, from England

    One day there was a market, but not just an ordenery market. People say that it was haunted because one day someone disapeared for five days. When he came back he put his hand over a sharks head the shark was dead but then the shark came to life and the shark gulped him
    up, his mum fainted. Evrybody ran in panick screming “ahhhhhhhh” skeletons ran after them….Everybody fled from the market.

  2. Harry/Callum, age 7, from UK

    At the market there was sweets, fruit and everything. But some items were haunted nobody knew about it except one. Can you guess what? It was a mummy its name was Techno nobody knew about him. One night at midnight Techno went to the market. There was someone still at the market!

  3. Sarah Madden, age 9, from England

    Halo went to the market and stole nine pears, six mangos and an apple. He hoped for a clean flee today, but as always, the cops where on his tail. But now, as he stopped to take some meat, they got him.

  4. Jan Cantle, age 0, from England

    I am standing, looking at the fruit on the market stall, I need to buy some oranges….I must have oranges in good condition. I wonder how many I can have for four pennies?

    The children would love to eat them, but they are not for eating. My Annie is going into service in the country, and she will need to put her bottom drawer chest into storage in the loft. The oranges will be wrapped in ribbon – I saved some from her school Maypole dance – wellm the teacher was putting it in the bin – can you imagine the waste? Then, we can poke cloves into them, and they will keep the linens as sweet as a country girl’s smile. The cloves are a bit ropey -the mistress has been using them for toothache, but they did not cost me a penny. There we are then, I can but ask if he’ll let me have four for a penny………

  5. Kajol5, age 13, from India

    One day, Granny and Grampsie took me to the market. Granny needed things for dinner. When we went in, I went to the spice booth. The smells of cinnamon, saffron, and all the other spices overwhelmed me. It was amazing. Granny bought some stuff and took me to the next booth. Vegetables. OOH! I decided to go and hide. Once Granny and Grampsie started to call I would come out. I hid behind some barrels, and looked at the roof. It didn’t look to sturdy, in fact, it looked like it was moving! One of the rafters fell right by me. I screamed. “Granny, Grampsie save me!” I couldn’t see them. Another one fell behind me. I started to cry. I ran and ran. Always trying not to get hit by a falling rafter. Finally, I got to Granny and Grampsie. I was so relieved. We went home then.

  6. Patricia Marqu, age 9, from Portyugal

    Era uma vez…uma vaquinha…chamada Vitória…morreu a Vaquina…e acabou-se a história.

  7. Tom Waugh, age 12, from England

    This Picture is about Leeds market in 1913 Were everyone had to work hard to earn money. What happened here was everyone carried barols of corn and flour. The people had to carrie these because there was no transport this early in time. Everyone was old fasioned and wore horible clothes in this time. Leeds was a very busy place at this time.

  8. Aaron Kazarian, age 13, from USA

    One foggy raining day Phil was working at his store like usually. But he didn’t know today was going to be one of the wildest days in his life. It was around 5 o’clock in the morning and he was unlocking the doors and getting everything ready for his store to open. But when he opened it he felt that something was wrong. It was still a little dark out because the sun was just starting to rise. He flicked the light switch but the lights didn’t turn on! He was getting worried now. Then he heard a loud crash noise near the back. Phil was starting to get very nervous his palms were sweaty and his knees were shaking. Then he heard another noise but this one was right near him. He jumped back and flew into the barrels full of potatoes and then all came crashing down. He pushed them aside carefully and got up. His head was killing him. One of the boxes landed right on his head. Then he saw something move. It was kind of small but he didn’t know what it was. He started to the door but stopped and turned around. The sun was starting to rise. He then saw the thing move again and this time he notices it was kid! Phil grabs him by the arm and looked at him. The kid looks at him but jolts away. Then the kid came back but this time with 4 other kids. “We just wanted something to eat”, said the tallest kid. Phil smiled and gave the kids some food. “Where is your parents”, said Phil. Were homeless they said. We ran away from the orphanage. Well I guess you can stay around here only if you help me run the store. The kids agreed and every day the kids help old man Phil put up the boxes and set up the store and Phil would give them food and let them sleep in the store. Then one day Phil died. The kids took over the store and they made a promise never to sell the store or give it up and they didn’t.

  9. Ralph S.G., age 13, from USA

    Once upon a time there was an old man named Bob and an old woman named Kayla. They were very hungry but they had no food. So the old man decided to go to the market. When he got to the market he wondered if the big bowl kind of thing was filled with fish. So he went over and there were fish in it but it was smelly. So he bought some and went home .But it was nasty so he went back to sue them. the people were having fun but the old man wasn’t. so he saw some boxes and checked them and took the good fish. but then clowns started to chase him because they wanted the fish. so the old man ran got on a boat and went to his house. The old man an women lived happily ever after with there fish.

  10. Victoria Serra, age 13, from USA

    There once was a man named Antonio. One day in Rome, Italy, he was selling shrimp to pay for his expenses. Not many people in Italy like to eat shrimp because, most preferred to eat pasta or Italian ham or broccoli. Antonio gave up and thought that if he met someone he could join in selling goods. On March 21st, 1956, Antonio met a very nice lady on the streets in Rome. They talked over lunch and he asked her out on another date. Mariana said yes so they did. Antonio went off to work at the airport, to sell shrimp. Mariana showed up at the airport mysteriously.

    Antonio asked her where she was headed? Mariana said that she was here on business, and could not stay! Antonio felt like he couldn’t live without her. So Antonio, at the age of 24 ran to catch Mariana. Mariana said that she had to go to back to Spain were she lives. Antonio said, “I’ll come to Spain with you, I can’t live without you.” Mariana told him that she could not pay for a ticket, at least to get him where she was headed next. Antonio was actually saving up to pay for his rent, but he told his landlord that he was leaving. So Antonio paid for his ticket and boarded with the love-of-his-life, Mariana! When Antonio and Mariana ran down the crowded streets of Spain. Antonio made a fortune on selling “SHRIMP!” in Spain. Antonio wound up marring Mariana and they lived with each other until the day they parted!


  11. Honali, age 7, from England

    There is a market it just any old market it a hauted market but no body knew about it becacse one day someone had died not even if were 900.000 years old. Someone did die he was 100 years old know knew how he died but from that day people knew that the market was haunted.

  12. Adam Takis, age 12, from USA

    These people lived good happy lives with good paying jobs, good enough on keeping food on there tables and clothes on there backs. They worked in Pharmacies, and Drug stores, and any other kind of stores. But one day the stores they worked in were bought out by Packing Co.. Now they work for minimum wage, barely enough to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs. These people are forced to work 22 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are old, young catholic, Russian, everybody works there. They are in pain because of using their hands. But every thing down and every body got there old jobs back. changed one day, Packing Co. was then shut down and everybody got there jobs back.