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Natalya Goncharova, Gardening, 1908

Goncharova painted many scenes of life in rural Russia. The decorative, stylised quality of this work reflects her interest in folk arts and religious icons.

In this painting two women in a garden lift and carry potted flowers. Behind them other women are carrying more flowers; and behind them we can just about make out the rooftops of a village.

Who do you think the two women are? Notice the way they are dressed with headscarves and bare feet. Do you think they are rich or poor? Where do you think they are taking the flowers to? The artist has used a narrow range of colours in this painting – mainly blues, purples and greys. How do the colours affect the mood of the picture?

11 stories about “Natalya Goncharova, Gardening, 1908”

  1. Saxon Gamblin, age 13, from UK

    The lady is bending down to put down the thrid magic plant. The plants control the weather. If the containers are in the right place, then they can control the weather. They stay the same size but changes colour and shape.

    Each one of the three plants has a different power over the weather. One controls the sun, one controls the rain and one controls the storms and lightning.

    A magician is trying to get these plants because he wants more power to control the world. The flowers are hidden by these women so that he cannot find them.

    One day the magician managed to get past one of the women and stole the flower that has power over the sun. And that is why we now have global warming!

  2. Chloe and Rhea, age 7, from England

    When the princess was married she had a beautiful palce and the most wonderful thing happed to her. The thing was a BABY! GIRL. She was called Annabell. They had a lovely life together the baby and husband.

  3. Eg,Ew,Op, age 7, from England

    One day at the garden center. There were two ladies who were very poor. They wanted some flowers for cheep so they got them for one penny then thay called there frends to help, to carry the flowers. So they offerred them all down the street and everyone said, “spend this, money to get some new purple clothers “So she did, first things first. She brought some new clothes. The ladies looked so pretty, then everyone was running to them saying “Where did you get them lovely clothes?”

  4. Alana, age 16, from USA

    I am bent and spent
    for making flowers
    for you lady
    this pool of white
    this gathering of sun drops
    my fingers cupped around this light
    offered like a pearl of moon–
    if only you would

  5. Amena, age 10, from United States

    One day, in China, two girls,: ying and Yang were planting flowers for the Emperor and everyone passed their butiful garden caring boxes of flowers or flowerpots full of butiful plants like tulips and roses to give to the girls to plant their soon to be garden out on the vacent lot that was cleared a while back. And know because of the young girls’ genorosity, and the town’s help, the garden blooms every Spring where you can see butiful blooming flowers sprout out of the rich soil of the vacent lot that the girls used to plant these wonderful flowers in.

  6. Paige Charlton, age 11, from Boston

    it was a hot day and five women was doing their kings garden, they was very hungry and thirsty. Two women planted the flowers while the the other three took the flowers to the planters. They were very unhappy that they had to do this evry day. Every time they tried to speak, they got hit or shouted at and thats the story of there life


  7. Chloe B, age 11, from England

    This garden seems harmless and beautiful, but have you never heard of the saying ‘Looks can be deceiving’ ? Just in case you haven’t, i’ll tell you my story….
    Nina and Kiaro were replanting the garden in the old house that they had just bought. Everything was going well, until that is , Kiaro collapsed. Just like that.
    “oh Kiaro! ” screamed Nina. “I don’t know what i would do without you.” she sobbed. She knelt down beside the cold body on the garden floor, and felt his pulse. There was nothing there.
    Nina however, carried on with the garden, thinking it would take her mind off Kiaro, but how wrong she was. She was watering the reed plants. She thought she saw something move in the reeds, but came to the conclusion that it was the light. Then the reeds started wrapping round her body, and pulled her into the dark depths. The roots sucked her in, deep under the ground.
    And that, i’m afraid to say, is the last anyone ever heard of those two. But i can tell you that soon after Nina disappeared, the house vanished off the face of the earth.
    That’s my story.

  8. Mathilda, age 5, from UK

    These ladis are picin flowers up for a festival. There are people holdin fiowers behind these lades. The festiaval of light is in ideyr in ideyr peple light candls colled dever lamps. The flowers in the picture are very special. Everybody is happy.

  9. Kristina Teong, age 14, from UK

    There once lived a young man named Akim. His home was in Burwem. His livelihood depended on his gardening skills. Night and day, people from all over the country would travel to come to buy beautiful flowers from his little home.

    One day, word reached a King’s ears in a Kingdom called Lornway. The King ruled this Kingdom but his kingdom lacked one thing, colour. The streets were dull and grey. The roofs of the houses were black. Nothing was colourful nor bright.

    The King had a marvellous plan. The first man to save his Kingdom and brighten it with colours would have the promise of the King’s daughter, Princess Aileany. Now the King was curious about Akim. He wondered whether he would be the man to bring life back into the dull streets with his magical flowers. The King decided to send a messenger to summon Akim.
    Two day’s later, Akim came to Lornway not knowing the reason he was there. The King told him to decorate the streets with beautiful flowers. Everyday he laboured, sweating as he heaved pot after pot of flowers onto the streets and houses.

    One day, as he was working, he met a young woman by the name of Kirea. He fell in love with her at first sight for she was more beautiful than any of his flowers, sweeter than any scent and gentler than the soft winds. Little did he know that Kirea was in fact the Princess in disguise. She was sent to test the heart of the young man, to see whether he would love her if she was indeed a poor peasant.

    Akim invited her to tend his flowers and taught her skills that she had never knew existed. She knew immediately that this young man was a kind hearted person that did not care for wealth. And so she revealed her true identity to the shocked man.

    They wed in a months time. The streets were filled with flowers, sweet smelling and beautiful. The King knew that his decision was right. And from that day Akim and the Princess lived happily in the Kingdom and never did a day pass without a new blossom.

  10. Autumn Evans, age 6, from England

    once there were poor women, that were intrested in flowers. And awalys behind them were other people carring some more flowers. And thier names were Sofe and Charrlotte. And they planted the flowers too. And the flowers were in boxs and on trays. And they were slaves for a wedding and it was the princess victoria’s wedding and the slaves were getting the flower’s.

  11. Lois Westall, age 6, from England

    Once upon a time there were two sisters called Natasha and Emily. They loved to play in their garden. It was fun and there was lots of things to do in the garden. They played in the garden lots, because it was fun. One day they became very sad though because they had to move house to a house that didn’t have a garden.