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Edouard Vuillard, Girl in an Interior, circa 1910

At the beginning of the twentieth century the ‘Domestic Interior’ became a popular subject matter for artists.

The artist Edouard Vuilliard frequently used friends as his models and painted them in their homes. He used the home as a setting for his painting and surrounded the models with their belongings to give us clues about their life and personality. Vuilliard said, ‘I don’t make portraits; I paint people in their homes.’

If you could talk to the girl in the painting, what would you ask her? What objects surround her? What does the room and furniture tell us about her life? What could her body and facial expressions tell us about her personality?

If you had to make an image of yourself at home, which room would you choose? Think about what it looks like. What belongings would you surround yourself with and how would you pose to represent your personality and the things you like?

10 stories about “Edouard Vuillard, Girl in an Interior, circa 1910”

  1. Rosie, age 10, from England

    My Grandmother invited me to tea, one day. She got out her best tea set. We drunk our tea (I was trying very hard not to slurp!) My Grandmother went out to go to the loo when I heard a BANG. I looked out of window. There was millions of planes zooming around. I shouted to my Grandmother, but because of her deafness she couldn’t hear me. I rushed down to her bomb shelter. A bomb hit her house. When I went back I saw her on the floor. For many days on I sobbed.

  2. SH/SY/CB, age 9, from England

    Late one dark spooky night something was tapping at syvias window. A wicked witch on a broomstick had come to kidnap her… suddenly she woke, she was terrifyed! sylvia was shivering with terror as she walked over to the window.

  3. Ashley, age 12, from England

    “I will never have my true love” said the lady in the blue cotton dress. Everybody stares, “why am i so different to everyone else”.
    “You’re not” said a perticuler stranger standing on the stare case “Your my angel, my baby” “Oh honey, will you be mine?”

  4. JE Hargreaves, age 12, from UK

    A long time ago there was a rich girl who lived up to be posh but when turned 15 she dicided that she wants to be normal but her parents wouldnt let her so the parents locked her up in a red lonely room but the parents never let her out. NEVER.

  5. Charlote Hicks, age 1, from England

    Who am I you ask. I ask that question to myself very offten, I ask my dad but he just says “girl in an interior”. I suppose thats all I am and ever will be, a girl in an interior.

    “Come on darling hurry up getting changed, this painting is for the queen” he would say. Whenever he goes down to the market, or to Scarborough Manor he would boast, exclaming that I, his precious daughter, would be posing for a painting in the Duke of York’s dining room or the Queens bedroom.

    My mother would collect our most valuble items and place them on the table beside me. Once I knocked my arm on a single cup and the painter went crazy. The painters always complain that I am moving too much or not smiling enough.

    Well,that is my life story. I didn’t have an enjoyable life not like David Beckham or Michel Shoemaker, but that’s my tale.

  6. Anna, age 12, from England

    The girl sat, her hands folded in her lap. Although she smiled, she was not smiling inside. How do you tell someone something you know they do not want to hear? She did not want to be the same as everyone else. She thought she could see the future differently to everyone else. Maybe she could, but if no one listened to her then no one would ever know.

  7. Hayley, age 12, from USA

    Leslie was anxiously waiting for her grandmother to arrive for their afternoon tea. She had been waiting for almost 20 minutes now, and her grandmother was never late. Leslie called the butler, Geoffrey in the room to question him where her grandmother was.

    “Geoffrey?” She called into the kitchen

    “Yes, Miss Leslie?” He came into the large tearoom.

    “Geoffrey, where is my grandmother?” She asked politely.

    “I do not know, I will ask the maids” He said to her. “Would that be all?”

  8. Jackie Lamarsh, age 12, from USA

    “Just why, why can’t my parents, my friends, my whole life be like they are in my dreams. Why?” the little girl said as she had awoke from her daydream. Her mother walked into the room.” why aren’t you in your dinner outfit? We are sitting down for dinner in a minute” but the girl didn’t want to change, she wanted her life to be like it is in her dreams. In her dreams she didn’t have to change, she didn’t have to dress up just to have a cup of tea, she didn’t have to do any of the boring stupid things that her parents made her do. In her dreams her friends were not perfect. In reality her friends were perfect. They were always wearing nice dresses with their hair in bows, but the girl didn’t want her friends to be perfect. She wanted them to be the way they are in her dreams.

  9. Sara Breslin, age 13, from USA

    It was a winter day and little Meagan was sitting on she red window seat looking at the milkman would stop at every house. All the houses were over lapping and there was a thick blanket of snow on the road. Meagan’s nanny was running around the room trying to get her ready for the painter to come in and paint a picture of her. Meagan’s father owned his own bank so they had a lot of money. Her mother had past away when she was giving birth, so all Meagan had was her father and nanny. It was almost noon and the painter was to be here in an hour.

    Meagan was sitting daydreaming about what it would be like to have friends to play with and what snow felt like. Her father would never let her out side so she was very sad. Just then she looked down and saw three boys running around having a snowball fight. She jumped up and ran to her nanny and said “oh nanny pleas, oh pleas may I go out in to the snow to frolic and play?” the nanny just stud there and said “no miss you know you are not to go out, it is forbidden!” just then there was a knock at the door and a deep man’s voice said “Meagan are you dressed yet? The painter will be here in a minute and I would like you ready and down here in 5 minutes. OK?” and then there were footsteps leading away from the door and down stars.

    Meagan got dressed in her black dress that her mother would have given her but she died. So Meagan walked down the big black, red, and gold start case to her father waiting at the bottom. He put his hand around her shoulders and said “you look gorges>” Meagan smiled back up at her father. Then he led her into the living room where the painter was set up. Her father then sat her right next to a silver teapot on a red couch. With in an hour he was dun painting.

    And so Meagan lives her days in her room looking at all of the happy children be happy and stay happy for the rest of there life. But I do not know what happened to little Meagan and her father in their little London sweet. All I know is that little old Meagan died.

  10. Ashley Conway, age 13, from USA

    “Oh how I wish there were some freedom in this life,” the young girl thought while she spaced out into a daydream. “Sometimes there is just to much stress. All between so much beings expected of my schoolwork, my dreams, and me. I wish my parents would appreciate what I would like to do and not what they want me to do”.

    The young girl sat there and thought. She dreamed of how it would be to get some freedom. She dreamed of herself in the valley dancing so peacefully like when the breeze brushed the trees on a nice spring morning. Pictures of her singing and dancing just swept her mind of everything around her. So much as though it was like she wasn’t even dreaming, but that her dream had become her reality.

    In her past this girl had been cooped up in her house with her brothers and sisters. Being the oldest brought more responsibilities, and more sacrifices. Especially her dreams. Though her sacrifice of a dream was the most important lost she knew she could still dream to her hearts extent. And she did so.

    “I know my dream will come true”. She said in her head while she was still dancing around. She felt an eccentric rush of happiness rush though her. She feet like a witch just touched her arm with her cold frigid hand as she got Goosebumps up her arm because she had woke up. In her now calm excitement she smiled and sighed. She breathed in slowly as a smirk dreamingly and softly grew on her face. And an I-know-I-will-make-it-someday gaze in her eyes.

    “I know I’ll be free from this childish work filled life someday” she stated in a in a whisper that was the rustle of the leaves. Soft and sweet as ever before.