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Lubaina Himid, Between the Two my Heart is Balanced, 1991

Lubaina Himid has painted two women sitting in a small boat on choppy waters. Where do you think they are going? What do you think they are leaving behind? Have you ever had to make a difficult journey?

Himid is known for rewriting histories. In her art, she reuses old stories and tells them in different ways and from a different perspective. This picture of two women in a boat has the same title as an etching by a Victorian artist, James Tissot, which shows a man sitting in a boat between two women. Why do you think Himid has used the same title but changed the story so that there are two figures instead of three? What do you think the title means? Have you ever had to choose between two things you really wanted?

5 stories about “Lubaina Himid, Between the Two my Heart is Balanced, 1991”

  1. Michelle Sauns, age 12, from England

    A long time ago there was two brothers they never got along not even a little bit. One day they were told by there mother to go out and find some fish in the sea because they was nothing to eat in the house.

    So the two brothers(adam and john) went to get some fish in the boat it started two get cloudy and dark after they got about 5 fishes and only then they stopped fighting and got along they helped each other to go back home. Now they are like best mates. Thats what you should do with your brothers and sisters.

  2. Charlotte, age 10, from England

    Once there was a man called bill and another one called ben. No they were not the flower pot men they were the one and only BOAT BUSTERS!!!!! bill and ben were sent out on a mission to go out on there boat and fall off the end of the world. They set off on there journy last Saturday but they still havent got to the end of the world. Well, here is what happend…… first they went over a whale. That might sound strange but it is acctually very fun.

    They then went over a wave and unfortunatly capsized . They climbed back into the boat and saw that all of there sandwiches had gone. So they are now stARVING they then met a shark. The shark, like all sharks do, tried to eat them but luckely ben threw his blue marbles at him. The shark got scared and ran away. That is all i know. We dont know where they are now but we got a post card from them yesterday and this is what it sAID……. We have been telling each other stories about ducks. We were not concerntrating where we were going and we fell. we are now stuck in a hole please help.

    That is all we know about them. The police have flown on helecoptors to try and find them. That is it. Thank you for listning.

    THE END!!!

  3. Katy, age 10, from England

    The sea was powerful and the people were weak and cold. Will they make it to the island? You need to find out!

  4. Tom, age 5, from England

    There were once two ladys in a boat they were talking about food they said food was too expensive and that they grew ther own they were both very sad when ther town flooded that is why they were in the boat.

  5. Beatriz Santos, age 29, from Chile

    Ebano y alba viajaban de noche para evitar ser vistas. Su preciosa carga de libros no podí¡ ser descubierta, o las auto impuestas autoridades les destruirí¡®. A