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Michael Landy, Scrapheap Services 1995

A gallery floor lies scattered with thousands of tiny human figures, each one cut from discarded materials – tin cans, cigarette boxes and fast-food wrappers. Dressed in bright red uniforms under intense bright light, strange characters sweep up these little figures and drop them in bins, ready for the shredding machine called The Vulture.

Imagine you are in this strange place, amongst these strange characters. What can you see? What sounds can you hear? How do you feel? What do you think will happen next?

One story about “Michael Landy, Scrapheap Services 1995”

  1. Emma, age 12, from England

    In the middle of Hartlepool four busy men were hard at work, sweeping up all the junk and clutter that gangs had threw on the floor. While they were doing this a young girl called Natalie started to make a picture. So she turned on the tv then she drew on the sign posts lovely pictures of a happy town.