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Andre Derain, The Pool of London, 1906

Before planes, ships were the only way to move people and goods from one continent to another. Ships sailed all over the world from the river Thames.

London was the heart of the British Empire and the Thames was the beginning and end of many journeys.

In this painting Derain uses bright colours painted in simple broad brush strokes to capture the structure and excitement of the ship and dockside. Hot reds and cool blues create a dazzling view across the surface of the painting.

5 stories about “Andre Derain, The Pool of London, 1906”

  1. Hannah, age 8, from England

    Once uppon a time there was a group of frends who were all fishermen. One day one fisherman got at 5.00am in the morning, got breakfast and got dressed when he got is watch he realised he was late! It was 6.00am it had taken him one hour to get redy! so he ran out of the door and out of the gate when he forgot his bag! “OH! For the wale of the sea ah fogot mi bag!” So he ran inside and got his bag
    shut the door and got off to work.When he got there he ran into the manager’s office and said “Boss I’m sor…”
    “Your late!” said his boss “five days in a row! One more late day ONE MORE LATE DAY and… … your fiered O.K?”
    “Okey then boss i’l got of to work then!” said the fisher -man. The next day another fisher man was late the same happend to him. This time they were all on time!
    “yes am on time!” They both said as they came in.
    ” you were late? I wa late too then!” they both said together.
    That was the day the 2 fisher Men were late


  2. Amelia, age 3, from England

    It was raining. The rain was splashing. The cranes were lifting bales onto the boats. Captain Pegleg called ‘drop the coal’. The coal went CLONK! The men said ‘Hip, Hip hooray!’ On another barge they loaded cement. ‘ The big boat has arrived’ they called. It was getting dark and they all went home to bed.

  3. Ross, age 11, from England

    One dull day on a ship called the H.M.S Arizona the crew was waiting to cruise through the River Thames. I was on the H.M.S Arizona, I was quite excited to go and explore the River Thames for the very first time.

    We had just left the docks and now we was cruising through the River Thames for the first time in a month. We had just gone about 9 miles when I noticed another ship cruising towards us, it was about 3 miles ahead of us. The ship got closer by the second. I knew we was going to hit it, the captain try his best to turn our ship around, but it was to late we hit, we was sinking rapidly, until the whole of our ship was underwater. We all survived, except three. We swam all the way back to our starting point.

    Months later we was trying to construct a new ship called the S.P 500. Another month later it was built. It looked alot different to the H.M.S Arizona, I will miss her.

    The next day we was going to cruise in the S.P 500. I was as excited going on the Arizona. At 11 o clock we was leaving the docks on the S.P 500. Before we left the docks we had an engine problem but that was no problem because we had an engineer on board to fix it . The engineer said it was going to take about half an hour, we had to wait. Half an hour later she was ready, we all got on board. 5 minutes later we was on floating on the River Thames, we sailed for hours, it was a great experience for me and the crew to be cruising through all of the River Thames. We arrived at our destination 5-6 hours later. Then got to our starting point, 3 hours later and got off the S.P 500.

  4. Ryan and Tom, age 7, from England

    One day some pirates were sword and musket fighting.

    The ship got hit by a canon ball.Ten minutes later half the shiphad sunk.The men got into rowingboats and rowed away.Then one got hit and sunk.

    The captain survived and swam to shore.He had a broken arm.He sat on the river wall and waited for his crew. We wached it all.We asked him if we could join his crew. 15 minutes later the captain died of hunger. Two days later we found the crew with a map. We became friends and stole a new ship and went out to find treasure. We dived to get it. We payed for ship and never stole again.

  5. George, age 10, from Spain

    The live picture.

    Vivian pulled a face, her mother made going to the art-gallery sound fun and exciting, but really it was awful. There were all these sad, old and grey people wandering around looking interested. Vivian tried to look interested but really she was bored stiff. “Vivian! Vivian come and look at this beautiful work of art”, shouted a familiar voice that pulled Vivian out of her thoughts, she trotted over to her mother and looked at the picture her mother was pointing at, “wow” said Vivian glumly, she was about to walk away when something on the picture caught her eye .The picture of a boat , but not an ordinary boat it had something magical about it. She was just about to turn away, thinking herself silly when something on the picture moved, a boy looking confused was looking at her straight in the eye. Vivian was quite sure he had not been there before. Then all of a sudden the boy’s eyes moved, he was blinking!

    Then he lifted both his hands and rubbed his eyes, then a mischievous smile came across his face.
    Vivian noticed that the picture was moving towards her, she looked behind her and noticed that it was not the picture that was moving it was her!

    She was shrinking faster and faster. Then a massive blue flash blinded her for a few minutes and then she fell flat on her face knocking herself unconscious.

    She woke up with a salty flavour in her mouth, and, slimy wet wood on her face. She opened her eyes couldn’t believe what saw and closing it again thought that she was being silly and thought she was dreaming. She opened both eyes again and this time she sat up. She was looking into the face of the boy in the picture. “Hi, I’m Ben! Your cabin is downstairs on the right” Vivian just stood there shocked, “Come on then get to work!” he shouted at her giving her a slap around the face. “There is a storm coming on and I want to get going!” “But where am I what am I doing here?” asked Vivian desperately; she was already beginning to dislike the place. “Well, every year we take a new shipmate on board, we take then from your world, you know, all those strange disappearances? there all here, NOW GET TO WORK!!! Then all the clouds went dark and it started to team down with rain, Vivian started to back away from the boy whose eyes had gone a scary shade of red. Then a humongous wave crashed over the boat and sucked Vivian into the sea where she sank down, down to her death.

    Vivian opened her eyes and found her mother staring into her face. “Vivian, Vivian dear are you O.K?”
    “Yeh, yeh but what happened ? how did I get back here?”

    “It’s O.K dear you just fainted, your fine” Vivian sat up and looked at the picture, the boy was still there but not moving but she could swear she saw a slight glint in his eyes.