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Juan Gris, Pierrot with Book, 1924

Like many other modern artists at this time Juan Gris chose to paint traditional characters from the circus and theatre. The clown Pierrot is often shown as a sad person.

Juan Gris was a friend and fellow artist of Pablo Picasso who had a life long interest in the circus and theatre and the people who worked there. Both artists were interested in the behind the scenes life of these famous personalities.

One story about “Juan Gris, Pierrot with Book, 1924”

  1. Alice Clifford, age 12, from England

    The lonely gentleman sat there that day staring, wondering, whispering to himself reading the book that he had held for so many years. His tear filled eyes glared at the pages, it was a book of distant memories one that he had shared his whole life with, one that had poured all his emotions into, a book that was like a best friend. When the lonely gentleman died he was buried with that book by his side, the book of distant memories.