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Alan Davie, Village Myths No. 36, 1983

Alan Davie (b.1920) is a Scottish painter and was one of the first British artists to become internationally famous after the Second World War.

He is also a jazz musician and often uses dynamic dancing forms in his large scale colourful works, like this painting.

Much of Davie’s work includes elements inspired by ancient, ethnic and religious cultures. Does this painting make you think of a fairy tale, a far-away place or a piece of music?

Davie has a strong connection with Cornwall, where he has had a studio since the late 1950s, and through his friendship with a number of St Ives artists.

8 stories about “Alan Davie, Village Myths No. 36, 1983”

  1. Annie and Blaithin, age 7, from England

    Long ago there was a village in Cornwall. It was called the village of hope. It was called this because it had a special lake. Every hour a special animal rose up from the lake . It was called the animal of hope. The people that lived in the village of hope went to pray at the lake every day at 9.00, 12.00 and 8.00. These are the times that the special animal of hope rose up. The prayers that the people in the little town of hope said were all about god and hope.

  2. Josh, age 7, from England

    Once upon a time there was a sock that wanted to eat all of the town. So he did. He ate the whole world the towns the streets and ice cream vans and all the ice cream in the vans and the trees the green grass the houses. Everybody was screaming ther heads off the sock said “emmmmmmmm that is nice”.

  3. Bhavin, age 7, from England

    One day there was a horrible puppet, he was so horrible he had a sword. One day a strange person came he was a robot and he was really strong that he killed the puppet.

    And later he was the town hero. Then one person had forgotten that the skull was the town hero. Then he remembered that the skull was the town hero. He told his dad and he shouted ”the skull is the town hero.”
    So the robot went to the skull and killed him.

  4. Emily Boyle, age 7, from England

    Once upon a time there was a queen. The queen was very greedy she was always horrible whenever somebody asked her to do anything like give them anything she wouldn’t do it because she was selfish and becase she never did the cleaning so the palace was a mess.

    Then she lost her crown she went round accusing people of stealing it but really it was under her bed! She had put loads of clothes on the floor and it got squashed under her bed and then she had learnt a lesson, to always clean up otherwise you’ll not be able to find anything. From then on she cleaned up.

  5. Jordan and Chris, age 7, from 0

    once upon a time there was a mysterious cow in a house and he killed a lady on the road . There was a man he said go away and she was going to marry me so go away or I WILL KILL YOU.

  6. Daniel and Danny, age 7, from England

    Once upon a time there was a sock who wanted to eat everything in the world. He ate everything in the world except people and one day he was so lazy he didn’t even move. But the next day he ate the president and even the king!

    Another four weeks later, he ruled the whole world. One time he even beat an army in ten seconds. One day later he ate every bug he even ate a sword without bieng hurt. There was one day when he met a person and after that they became good friends and every day they played fetch or hide and seek and after that I never heard of them again.

  7. Eve, age 4, from England

    Once upon a time there was a little boy and he met a monster and the monster said “I will eat you up!”.

  8. Lara Stanley, age 8, from England

    Once upon a time in a land called Zinia, there were lots of weird people who dressed in bright colours. And they were going to have a carnival, but the only problem was…it could be ruined by the horrible monster called Lardy. This monster had a faithful servant called Anaminta, who was an extremely sly and cunning creature.

    Now Lardy was planning a horrible wicked evil plan, which was to invent a magic potion that you could put into a trumpet and he was going to blow that trumpet. I expect you’re wondering what that potion did so I’ll tell you. It changed all the colours into black, grey and dark blue. Ha,ha,ha, thought Lardy. This will ruin their carnival forever.

    So on the day of the carnival Lardy got up early, went outside and blew his trumpet. Then he went back to bed, all his work done. Did I forget to mention that the wacky people liked to sing, and the way they sang, sang, sang! But, thought Lardy, they won’t be able to anymore. And then Lardy said to Anaminta, what we’ll do now is we’ll sit on the roof and watch and how sad it will be! So up they went onto the roof and they waited and waited until a loud noise was heard from down below. But surely it couldn’t be? Yes, they were singing!