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Cornelia Parker, Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, 1991

Cornelia Parker was born in Cheshire in I956 and lives and works in London. She is interested in how everyday objects can be changed by (often violent) processes. During her career she has used a steamroller to flatten silver plates and has transformed a wedding ring into metres of fine, gold thread. Although at first glance it might seem that she is interested in destroying objects, she is in fact fascinated by how change can create something completely new.

Cold Dark Matter began life as a garden shed filled with objects from her own and friends’ sheds and things bought at a car boot sale. She then asked the army to blow up the shed under very controlled conditions. The objects, along with the fragments of the shed, were collected and suspended in a closed room in an attempt to recreate the moment just after the explosion. The installation is lit with a single light-bulb at the very centre of the arrangement, casting shadows on the walls. The title gives us a whole new way of understanding the artwork, making us think of other dramatic moments of destruction and creation in the much wider universe.

One story about “Cornelia Parker, Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, 1991”

  1. Matin, age 9, from Iran

    The Dark Hole of the Mine

    Long long ago there lived a little boy who went to work in the mines as usual, and when he was most surprised in his whole life, there was no wagons left for him! So he had to carry the load to the rich people by hand.
    But that was just a mistake he did…he should have just skipped his work.
    When he reached the middle of the mine, he stopped. It was the most strangest thing ever; he just kept hearing whispers that said: “Come to me!, Come to the light!”.

    The little boy’s actual name was: george stevens. And just then he saw some white light with lots of shadows in it some shadows looked like his old wagons pieces, one like an old invention he once found in the middle of the mine! But he just couldn’t resist following the light.

    When he reached the end of the mine he saw a ball full of cracked pieces of metal, wood, iron and engines. As he stepped forward he realised that his body was shrinking! But he didn’t care he wanted to see what’s inside the hole. But when he stepped inside he was gone and was never seen again…