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Johan Zoffany, Three Sons of John, 3rd Earl of Bute, 1763-4

John Stuart, the 3rd Earl of Bute, paid the artist Johan Zoffany to paint this portrait of his three sons in 1763. The boys have left their bows and arrows on the ground and one of them has climbed a tree to find a bird’s nest. The boy’s brother is holding up his hat to collect the nest.

Can you see the boys’ poodle, waiting to join in the fun?

Do you enjoy climbing trees? What do you think happens next in this painting? Will the poodle eat the eggs? Will the boys shoot anything with their bows and arrows?

77 stories about “Johan Zoffany, Three Sons of John, 3rd Earl of Bute, 1763-4”

  1. nik, age 9, from usa

    they were 2 ferinds wich were sad so thet found a dog and became happy
    they went to beach

  2. jordyn, age 8, from japan FROM usa

    a dog is looking at these crazy people trying to get in a tree or get out I really don’t know. the guy in the orange has a bow and arrow getting ready to KILL!! then the girl or guy in the black is giving his or her hat to some weird looking guy to put on in the tree…that is WEIRD!! finally the guy in the tree is….doing nothing, he is just sitting stupidly in the tree.



  3. megan, age 10, from usa

    one day a boy got stuck in a tree

  4. Beth, age 12, from Arkansas

    One day there where three friends who shared a dog the youngest saw something in a tree and went in it to find it while the middle aged child held up his hat for the youngest to put the object in it,all the while the oldest practiced with his bow and the dog watched them all carefully making sure they do not get lost.

  5. sophia, age 7, from sharjah

    one day i was in the ghost forest when i was walking to the house sudendlly i saw a killled man going to chatch me than i ran to the butiful forest there i saw a beautiful flowre than taha houes.

  6. Mia, age 10, from England

    There lived a small boy, Karuchi. Karuchi lived in the deep depths of Russia and lived with his father in a small, secluded cottage. Karuchi and his father were very poor and struggled through the hardest of times. Every day Karuchi helped his father pick the crops in the farm, which he worked for. You’re probably wandering why Karuchi’s mother hasn’t been mentioned yet. Well, reader Karuchi’s mother had gone. One evening when Karuchi was asleep in his bed she crept outside and was gone. Nobody knows where she went and why, but the family make the best of things. Ever since the disappearance of Rushchia (Karuchi’s mother) times have been hard.

    One summers morning, Karuchi was playing with his friends Raj and Lirena when he had a sudden desire, an urge pulling him towards a nearby tree. Without thinking, Karuchi climbed up the tree, ignoring the calls from his nearby friends. He had to discover this tangible feeling. But the question is, what is the discovery?

  7. iHeartPandas, age 13, from Earth

    Whatever time it is in history, some people just want to have fun climbing trees, playing with dogs and enjoying the fresh air, right? And that dog is a cute one, a really soppy li’l thing by the looks of it! However, just because that boy is holding a bow that doesn’t mean he’s a killer – attitudes were different hundreds of years, don’t judge without sufficient evidence!!!!!

  8. Jaspal bedi, age 9, from England

    I hate my brother. Do you know why because we keep arguing. So one day my Mum plus my Dad got fed up so told us th go to the feilds. I said why don’t we try to find the bigest tree. you can but i am going to sleep. Fine i will find one by myself. I fond a high tree but not to high because i need to get on. I thought that this tree could be a tree house. Later my brother woke up and fond me, he said let’s go home. On the way home i met a freind called Cester and he had a dog which was named Fluff. Sadly i needed to stop talking to him and my brother draged me home. When i arrived home and told my Mum that my brother draged me home then i got told of for not walking. I felt like running away from home this always happens. It’s so unfair. Mum, Dad can i go to the feilds okay just take your brother to. What! He bulley’s me. When i came back my family were being kind to me. Including me stupid brother who’s name was lovely and great brother. From that day we nether argued again.

  9. Erin, age 9, from Scotland

    Hello, I’m Kaskia .I am a 9 yr old boy with hopes of becoming a knight.So I ran out to the fields and pretended I was a brave knight,twirling and charging about on my horse AKA My dog .I slammend my sword (stick) into a tree and leapt up.Two rich boys came over to me and said “what are you doing up there ? ” “Uh cl-im-b-i-n-g a tr-ee” The rich boys sighed and walked away to their rich homes and I leapt down and took me and my dog to get some food for my ragged hut.

  10. katie, age 9, from scotland but with a posh accent

    one miserable day thethree brother’s mum sent them out to play in the fields. the first boy brought his bow and arrow, to shoot at faraway trees. meanwhile, the othertwo boys climbed up this magnificent tree they had seen in he middle of the fields. they all wore some fancy coats, to dress up as silors in the navy and they pretended this tree was a boat. one boy got up in the tree to pretend to drive the boat because, he wanted to be captain for once. the boy on the far left handed his captain hat to the boy in the tree while the dog stared in amazement. erm………… thats all i can think of right now.

  11. Chanel, age 9, from England

    “Here I found something!!” Said Peta
    “What, what is it?” Asked Griffin
    “It’s an old necklace” Said Peta
    “Well I will find who it belongs to!” Said William proudly.
    “No your not, because I am” Said Peta
    “No I am!” Said Griffin. They started fighting until the dog barked and said
    “Eveybody stop, now!!” Said Mark, The dog
    ” Did Mark our dog just talk!” Said Peta
    “I don’t talk” Said Mark
    “I mean umm rough” Said Mark
    William closed his eyes and then sat down and started meditating.
    “what do you think your doing?” Said Peta
    “Meditating” Said William
    “Oh not again, not again Peta don’t meditate again!!!” Said Griffin feeling anxious

  12. Cindy, age 10, from USA

    Crack!The huge tree branch that held the nest broke.Poodle saw his chance.He leaped straight to the falling nest.”Bad dog!” said one of the brothers.They had tried so hard to get the mother bird away.Now stood poodle gnawing on the three blue eggs they had almost gotten.The brothers had gone through a few days with no food.They looked limp and pale as if a ghost. Suddenly the mother bird flew by.The brothers looked at the plump bird and imagined a roasted bird for dinner.But the thoughts were driven away when mother bird pecked themwith her beak. How dare they do such harm to her unborn children!The oldest child was not pleased with all the pecking.He lifted his bow and aimed for the mother bird.Pow!In seconds mother bird was dead.Since then her ghost haunts them ever since…

  13. Emily-may, age 5, from kingston opon thems

    a boy a boy got from a boy the boy looked good for gremlin piy oa yes oa yes he cried the old wiyd he went doun on foot with footsteps as big as a blood oa yes oa yes he cryd ones again he went down the

  14. georgia, age 8, from aus

    Three boys set off to an old tree far from where they lived. Jacob, the youngest
    boy brought his dog Bardo. Liam the second youngest boy, climbed up the tree to discover. Cooper heard a strange noise and pulled out his arrow and was ready to fire an arrow. Liam climbed down from the tree and asked what was wrong.
    Cooper said nothing and carried on.

  15. offlonosh, age 9, from germany

    the two rich boys chased the poor boy and he tried to hide in a tree but his dog couldn’t get up the tree and the boy just wanted to give the poor boy his hat back. But the poor boy thought that they would kill his dog or him then they was friends and died the end

  16. gabriella crombie, age 9, from england great paxton

    once upon a time there lived 3 boys named Alfred, who was 13, Stuart that was 8 and Charles was 6 . they lived there life in the butternut castle in Northampton. there was a forest , a forest that they had never seen or found before. they found a fruit tree and went to pick the apples on the tree and ate some. Alfred said that the apples taste as sweet as ice cream with toffee source and chocolate flakes. the summer hot sun was shining down on our faces as we looked at the puffy clouds that looked like white candyfloss. there mother was ill and she suffered with cancer but the boys had the idea of picking the sweet apples for her. they made a pie because Alfred went to cookery club that was only 3 shillings so that’s how he knows how to make the lovely tarts crumbles and pies! as they made the pie there mother awoke. and Alfred said to the 2 boys “go and distract mother from coming down stairs because we wanted it to be a surprise” ok” said the boys so they went to distract their mother.
    as Alfred finished the pie he got his mother and the boys to come down stairs. surprise they all said all at the exact same time . oh boys said mother its wonderful. thank you said the boys w e made it especially for you . well that’s very kind and they lived happily ever after .

  17. chelan, age 9, from u.s.a

    Two brothers trying too climb a tree but the third one has just shoot an arrow in the bulls eye and is showing his brothers.

  18. scarlett, age 8, from england

    Lilly saw the floor,it was shaking suddenly a flood of paint came.Soon after that Lilly was in the shower!

  19. Bianca, age 13, from England

    “Argh! My mouth is hurting from smiling for this painting” Screeched Mylo
    “I cant even feel my hand anymore Mylo and look who is complaining!” answered Fredrickson
    “If there is somone to be complainig it should be me as this bow is not as light as a feather!” commanded Adam
    “And remmember that father told us not to tell anyone that Goldie is a stuffed dog beause remmember that the painter couldnt stand the real Goldie” whispered Mylo
    “Ok children! Ive finished!”
    “Wow im off to the Gym to exercise!” shouted Mylo
    “Ok me too” answered the other two boys
    “So why are we still here?”
    “I think its because we are numb.”
    ” Yes ive turned to stone”

  20. Lisa, age 13, from Australia

    The story of three little boys.
    One cloudy day there were three little boys in the park. They were playing around with their arrow and walking with their dog Floyd.
    After some time in the park Floyd, who was chasing smells through the park, followed his nose and ran away from the boys.
    The boys searched high and low and called out to their dog “Floyd…. come back!!”.
    Finally Peter decided to climb a tree to see if he could see Floyd. While he was in the tree and his brothers around the base of the tree calling out to Floyd and seeing if they could see him, they heard a bark. Floyd came running over to the big tree and they were reunited. THE END.

  21. blossm18, age 8, from karalm

    Once there was a kind young lady named Elisa she was born in January sixth 2001 she was always wishing to have a dog one day but her stepmother would not let her have a dog the next day was her birthday she wish for a dog then a mail lady came and told her you get eight wishes she first wished for a dog then second wish was for her stepmother to be kind the third wish was that she would never be treated like a baby her fourth wish was so she can have a pack of glowing nail polish her fifth wish was so she can have the most shiniest lipstick ever made sixth wish was so she could have friends her seventh wish was so no won would bully her her eight wish was so she can go to school. the end

  22. Izzy, age 9, from USA

    Three boys there names were bradley, jake, and cameron.They were out hunting.The youngest boy(jake) saw something shiny in an oak tree so, he climbed it.The middle boy(cameron) he held out his hat for jake to put the object in it.Meanwhile the eldest boy bradley was scowling at them telling them to get down the end

  23. Esmay, age 9, from Earth

    There was a Archbishop and a Armach and a very very rich boy and they were playing then the Armach got stuck up a tree.

  24. Esmay, age 9, from Earth

    The guy in red is armed
    the boy in the tree just staring
    the other boy is starring back

  25. catstar, age 8, from UK

    One little girl called amy and one little called sam they are brother and sister did not go to same school and every day they came home crying saying what happen at school,it was not very good so here is the st

  26. keley, age 9, from england

    There was 3 best friend and a little cute dog.But the dog was staring up at the big brown tree.They was on a hill with lot of tree all diffrent kind of tree sizes and a nice blue long river which went around in a cricle.There were builds near the tree and it was as quite as a house with no 1 in it .

  27. sharoxie, age 10, from U.S.A

    Ther was some boys play.One of them climed a tree.He got stuk in the tree.The other boy left the boy .He cryed and cryed untel a man come.He aks the man could get he out.The man got he out and saved the day

    By Sharoxie

  28. shannon, age 9, from englang

    Ones a poner time there was a girl called Shannon and she lived in new youk she has bean very nortaie so there peronts said.

    ,you have bin very nortie so me and you muther thout that we shod send you to Elingland,

  29. Alissa, age 9, from india

    once i had a sister named after my best friend my sister sang like the ocean breeze and beautiful birds singing in harmony and peace and she had a very beautiful voice like an angel singing after she died i was so sad and lonely.

  30. Nat, age 11, from United States

    These boys had a day off from school. They decided to play a game with each other and their dog. They like to climb the trees.

  31. Emily-may, age 5, from kingston apon thems

    once my sisder cryed i fellt really sorry for rosie my sisder. but she was still crying i went and turnd rownd for agers when i turnd back rownd she whasont there i came to 1 brown tree and i took a pear off it then i came to 2 schools and i went in to them and took out a beed-string and a number sqare then i came to 3 oringe trees i took a oringe of them then i came to 4 hoseis and went into them. then i came to 5 appls and took them. then i came to 6 cafes and at in them and took the shef hats with me. i went home i coudnt find rosie. i went in the hose and thare she was siting and pleying i dident notes the things i brot home. then i rememberd the things i brot home but i said ive got sapryses for you and we pleyd and pleyd the end

  32. nojus, age 9, from lithai

    the olden days

  33. nojus, age 9, from lithainau

    the dog wanted some water he went into water world but he

    got tolled of by the guards then he found water world for dog only
    he drank 677587685685786 litre of the water but there was lots and lots of

    and then he lived hapless ever after .THE END

  34. Georgia, age 11, from England

    As I climbed up the tree i could feel the wind getting cooler Jaymie Kept watch with his arrow brandished high,whilst Phil on the other hand held up his hat so i could put
    fruit into it. We werent suposed to be taking the eggs out of the prize birds nests but it tasted so yummy we just had to risk it. suddenly we heard a gun shot and a few seconds later sudden shouting.The voice apeard to be shouting at us.”RUN”Jaymie cried out.So we did The man had a gun Jaymie Backfired. I started running “aaahhhhh” I heard a Painfull cry.”Oh my gosh ,Jaymies been shot!!!!!!!”. “Keep…..on…go..ing” . “No we cant leave you” We ran back and helped him up and we were soon home,With Jamie safe and soon and lilly the poodle running along behind. We also had some explaining to do to Ma and pa,but theye did complament the egg and toast thet night.

  35. Blue Heart, age 10, from France

    One day, a man climbed a very tall tree and discovered a birds nest inside the tree. But when the man’s friend helped the man down the tree his dog was waiting for the man to put the birds nest down so he could sniff it and track the birds. But the man don’t really worry because he knew his dog was stupid and that his dog wouldn’t harm any birds.
    The End

  36. izzie, age 9, from uk

    William toby and George were out in the garden with Williams dog Charles playing their favourite game archery…

  37. Vanesa, age 100, from earth

    Once upon a time there lived two boys called prince Edward Tudor and was rich cause his dad was a king and his name was Henry VIII and there was a pauper called Tom canty and his dad Jhon canty . Jhon canty was mean to Tom canty so one day his dad told him to get money but no one did he went back home his dad shouted at him saying why didnt you get money but they had a bit of bread and toms room was smelly he felt tired so he went back sleep he watched a dream of westmington palace but after he went somewhere .Tom saw a soldier that hurt tom with a brooze on his hand.Edward saw the brooze so he went to one of the guards and shouted at him why did u hit the boys hand! he invited tom in the palace

  38. lola, age 8, from england

    a dog is looking at these crazy poeple trying to get into a tree or out I really don’t know. the guy in the orange has a bow and arrow getting ready to kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!then the guy or the girl in the black is giving his or her hat to the guy in the tree … that is weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    then the guy in the tree is just sitting there stupidly .THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:]

  39. CatherineNH, age 8, from England

    Young pirates have been climbing up a tree , and been sailing out to sea , again!

  40. CatherineNH, age 8, from England

    Poodle , Captain Sputspot , with his friends , join together out at sea , and NEVER get lost forever . It is up to you , young fellow , to join their crew . And now , let me tell you their names : Salmon , the guard , L ongley , the caretaker , and finally , James , the smallest of all four!

    The End.

  41. emma, age 7, from wales

    Once apon a time there was a ghost and he snickt in my bedroom and he killed me
    and my mother was shoced

  42. beth, age 7, from england

    Beth and the FIRE
    One day Beth took a stroll. She smelled something like smoke. Then she went round
    a corner and she saw a house on fire her mum and dad called the fire station people to rescue the people inside. When they got there Beth saw a dog with the fire station people her mum explained why they had a dogs Beth thought maybe she would want a dog so she said could I have a dog her parents said yes. The next day they went to the petshop she looked at lods of dogs then she saw the perfect dog she named it Friendly. One day mum left the stove on then the whole family took a stroll the dog smelled something funny then he ran back to the house leaving the others after him then the mum realise what the dog was saying she ran as fast as she could after him they were home but the stove had FIRE on it her dad quikly called the fire engine people they stopped the fire and thanks to the dog they lived happily ever after. THE END

  43. Chloe, age 8, from Edinburgh

    One astonishing day lived 3 brothers they liked exploring and so they did explore but today was a day of battle soon it had ended and the boys found two bows and some arrows suddenly…

    Bruno the dog came!!! Bruno was special and they knew whenever Bruno comes an awsome adventure begins.

  44. roma, age 6, from UK

    once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a castle one day she wanted to go for a walk when she walked she saw a beautiful place she danced and danced t

  45. roma, age 6, from UK

    Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a castle one day she wanted to go for a walk when she walked she saw a beautiful place she danced and danced then suddenly it rained her dress got wet and shoes and hair she still had a coat so she got home and went to bed

  46. Emily, age 8, from England

    stories are to hard for me the end

  47. natalie, age 8, from canada

    once upon a time there was a little girl named Cornelia Parker she played the trumpet. she loved to play, but she did not like how it looked she thought it was very ugly one day she got so mad that she smashed the trumpet she took a close look she had turned an ugly trumpet into a work of art she has been a little artist ever since.

  48. lily, age 11, from europe

    This picture is amazing its so good you are a really good artist you should be very proud of your self!!!!!!

  49. Ciara, age 6, from Oxford

    Ones there lived a pig called pig asoa . He could do caraty, hip hop
    And mostovl art. The end

  50. mary, age 24, from sudamerica

    el perro come pizza y los tres comen arroz pollo y verduras

  51. kylee, age 8, from usa

    in 1733-1810 this is really popular this painting is really cool and I hope you like it
    and it is really and really cool

  52. Discord, age 23, from Equestria

    once upon a time there lived three young boys one of the boys liked pirates and bowen arrows.well,as you might know they all liked pirates.the boys had a pet called fluffy he was a dog. normally they played in a tree they always had fun playing pirates one of the boys said ”ship ahoy” but when they where playing a tornado hit but super man rescued all of them and said ”never play pirates on a windy day” and the boys said ”sorry ” and they lived happily ever after the end

  53. chloe, age 9, from ipswich

    then the boy ate his lunch and told his mother he would never do it again.

  54. kylee, age 8, from ill

    the people were really fameis but they died in 1999 – 2001 it is really said they died.

  55. Franco, age 8, from Argentina

    When he got the eggs he dropped the nest and the eggs fell into a hole. When the children looked in the hole it was deep and they jumped into it. When they got to the hole the eggs were moving and of these three eggs, three dragons came out and they fought the children. One dragon ate one child but the child had a sword and he cut the dragon`s belly and he killed it! Then, the other dragons ate the other children and one of the boys inside the dragon`s neck cut him from inside. And the last dragon was so scared that he ran away!!!

  56. Alice, age 11, from Kent

    Once upon a time there was a girl called charlotte she had a nice pretty dress and she live on top on a hill that was so high that you could see it from the top of pisa tower.

  57. heaven, age 10, from tampa

    Once opun, a time was three sister rachel,keila,and heaven.They loved each other dearly intill there father found onther wife .This had pimples growing and the uglyest hairdo. one day before the wedding there dad went hunting for the last time he was looking for the QUEEN OF THE FOREST. The queen of the forst was the most powerful creature in the forset.She was wicked , deadly, most she can hurt you in a blink of an eye,bout she was beautifull it made man wanting her she was not ven telling them her darkest secret.When the farther found her he wanted to know his fate with the women he was about to get married with.But as soon as he saw her he felled madley in love.But she did’nt like him so the only way he loving her was to kill him.She stabed him back then placeed him at his door then she vanished.Keila open the door she found her fater lying down dead she told her sisters they was pouring there eyes out the women came out and saw what was going on ,but instead of crying she thought daughters did it then them in a hostpital.Then kept all the money for her self.

  58. keke, age 11, from us

    3 friends were bored with nothing to do so they went outside with their dog to play. One boy was chased another and the last one brought his bow.

  59. sapna, age 8, from usa

    the children were playing on tree.”how will we get up?” asked Ashly.”Scooter could help us!But dogs aren’t that strong,”he told Isabell.
    ”I have an idea!We can help each other,”said Isabell.
    So Isabell and Rodney helped Ashly up.
    ”there is a great view up here!”he said.

  60. DIAMOIND, age 25, from ENJGLAND

    They were frolicking when Bob got stuck up there

  61. kelly, age 12, from united kingdom

    once there was three friends bob bert and mick they played and ran until…
    bert got stuck up the tree

  62. ayah, age 9, from England

    one the were three kids called Edward,Henry And Tony. They were abandon on a beach then then they saw family and went and lived with them and they were rich also they lived happy ever after.

  63. martina, age 16, from paris


  64. polo, age 9, from ameraca

    all a want is….

  65. CatherineNH, age 9, from England

    One day , three boys and a poodle , were playing near a tree. Their ages were 4 , 7 and 10 and they were best friends. It was teatime and their mum was calling , “Dinnertime! Dinnertime!”The boys were starving , but they wanted to have an adventure , so they stayed with their poodle and the tree. One of them saw baby chicks hatching because it was Spring.These were magic chicks. If you are wondering if the poodle ate them , he didn’t because he wasn’t allowed to eat babies then. THAT was the true tale.What happened to the boys? They went in for tea!

  66. Bobbi, age 8, from England

    Once upon a time there was a Little Girl called Violet Bearaguade and she lived with her Mum and Dad .Her Mum and Dad were going to have a wedding.

  67. Bobbi, age 8, from England

    Once there was a little girl called Zoe and a girl called Alice. They were Sisters their Mum was called Rochelle and their Dad was called Simon. They had a Sister called Lily.They had two friends called Cassie and Marnie. Now one day they were taking a Snooze and they woke up to find that their Sister Lily had gone out of the house. They rushed to tell their parents. Their parents were so so worried that they let out an Horrendus Scream that Shook the Whole house.Their Mum told them to phone everyone they knew.But however hard they tried they got nobody on the phone. THE END

  68. Asia, age 11, from Usa

    The dog saw a squirrel in a tree and decided he wanted it, so he ran after it. Ran through bushes and trees until he got to this tree. However the dog quickly discovered that he could not climb the tree….so he ran to his three human friends. When they all got there they realized it wasn’t a squirrel. It was a chipmunk. The chipmunk sighed and said “I hate it when people think I’m a squirrel”. FIN

  69. Eleanor, age 9, from Canada

    Once upona a time, lived two lonley girls called Danniele and Olive. This story starts when Olive was asleep in bed. Like a lion, she snored so loud, her cosion Rosa, could hear her. Then, Rosa clamberd out of bed and shouted in her ear. ” SHUT UP YOU LAZY WOMAN!” Olive, suddenly fell out of bed
    In the next house, Danniele was crying her eyes out as her dog was lost. When the two friends met up in the affternoon, Olive was too soon cyring. Then, out of the blue, a soft, silky dog bounded up to them. ” Terrance?” gasped Danniele. ” *BARK!!*” yelled Terrance back. “TERRANCE!” yelled Olive, whilst grasping her by the ears and lifted the dog up.
    After that, they took a trip to the beach. The two girls were running around in their matching bikinis and throwing beach balls at eachother. Terrance was running around their heals, yapping joyfully. What a lovley ending!

    The end ;D!!!!

  70. Shenara, age 8, from England

    A man hid behind a tree spying at two men so he could kill them.they were part of the Goverment. But a dog barked and they killed him instead

  71. sophie, age 10, from united kingdom

    one day a little boy named joshua got stuck in a tree “what are u doing up there ?” his dad said cautiously. ” MAGIC a horrible wizard got me up here im scared daddy!”

  72. Anushka, age 8, from Brazil

    A little boy was climbing he want to get a nest on the tree .His biggest brother was a painter so he gave the hat that he was wearing .The middle brother was patting the puddle and practicing his bow and arrows. A Big storm came all of the birds who were living in the tree came back , the middle brother shoot his bow so all the birds flow away again. Tree was slippery because of rain so the little boy was afraid to climb down. So little boy closed his eyes and jumped down the tree. They enjoyed there picnic.

  73. kylee, age 9, from usa

    hello these people worked a lot okay and like the emtrake did you here about that train falling I seen a picture of it it was pretty bad my dad he staid up for 2 day’s and 2night fixing it and my dad omlost fell a sleep on his ware home love kylee

  74. emily-may, age 6, from kingston apon thames

    once apon a time ther was me. i has 3 children and they were loosinda baby anbere and clara. one day somthing good happenend. i had another baby. and i wonderd what to call it. but losinda said i shold call emma. so i did and afder it had been 1 it was 2 and we sent her to school and we did . and now i had 4 children. the end

  75. Clayasha Thomas, age 13, from South, Carolina

    Once upon a time there was a girl who always loved to dance but she was always lonely. She didn’t have any friends and was the only child in her family. Her name was Ilonois, Ilonois dream was to bee a professional dancer and to follow her dreams to be famous. Her and her family lived in a village named Towland their was barely anyone who lived in the village but poor people who couldn’t afford big fancy houses. Her mom did everything she could to keep them alive and living til sun up tip sun down. Until one night Ilonois wished upon a star to make her wish come true. That morning she woke up in a mansion with a big kitchen servants and a dancing room room filled with all her trophies and achievements. Then she gets a call from her family, saying that they also have a huge mansion. So forth then she and her family lived happily ever after. P.S She became a professional dancer owning her own studio teaching not only her self but others how to dance as well.

  76. karma, age 13, from washingtin

    the love is so nice i will take the paniting i love it.

  77. Ruby, age 9, from England

    Mason Michael, Finlay Michael, Robin Michael and Henry the dog were bored so they decided to go to the Park. Robin climbed a tree and Mason played bow and arrow trying to hit a nearby tree also Finlay tried to climb the tree. But as soon as Finlay tried to climb tree which Robin was on. But as son as he tried he grabbed Robins leg for support to climb Robin came tumbling down the tree bumped his head on the tree. Finlay jumped back and Mason came running to his youngest brother he said ” Robin are you okay?” no reply came from this 9 and 3 quarter boy… but suddenly he moved and said ” I need the doctor”. So he was rushed to hospital he had a broken arm and leg Finlay made up for it by staying in hospital with him. In the end he was fine.

    THE END!