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Peter Doig, Ski Jacket, 1994

This painting by Peter Doig is called Ski Jacket. If you look carefully at this snowy scene, you can see tiny colourful figures of people skiing dotted about the picture. Peter Doig said that, ‘Ski Jacket … is about the fumbling and awkwardness when learning to ski, how when you start skiing you slip all over the place, yet over a period of time you learn to cope and eventually manage to ski.’

Do you enjoy playing in the snow? Do you find yourself slipping around and falling over like the people in the painting? Do you think the people learning to ski are having fun?

© Peter Doig

19 stories about “Peter Doig, Ski Jacket, 1994”

  1. Phoebe and Lily-Jane, age 6, from England

    An amazing picture it looks there having fun. Skiing is really fun! You can see that the picture has been painted.

  2. Elizabeth, age 11, from Sweden

    Wonderful picture it really inspired me. Just using dots to create one massive piece of art work is so clever. Well done Peter for creating such a outstanding picture. Every dot shows a story. I personally think I would give it a 10 out of 10. Amazing

  3. Riyadh, age 11, from England

    My name is Xavier and Im going to tell you a true story. I was on my way to california when I heard a loud bang! Because I know quite a bit about planes, I recognised the sound and it was the sound of hydraulics exploding. I felt a shiver down my spine. My family kept asking me what was going on but I didn’t want to tell them because, they will probably get scared and shocked. Everyone heard the Captain say ‘ Can anyone fly a plane’!!! I assumed the First Officer was dead. There were 146 people on the plane, thats when I saw empty seats. I told everyone in my family to move to the back. I kept getting asked why, but at the time I was in a state of panic and confusion, so I didn’t answer. I looked out the window and I saw the plane turn to the right instead of strait!!! Thats when we hit a mountain! I passed out for about 10 minutes. Their were people skiing everywhere and they tried to pull people away from the fire and debris, unfortunately 105 people died including the staff. Because we moved to the back we had a better chance of surviving, as all the fuel is in the wings so that would catch fire first. The Plane was on fire and even some people, and me and my sister had two broken ribs. I was correct the hydraulics on the left wing exploded therefore it made us turn right into green land. I now live a happy life in England with my mum, dad and sister. This story is not true and I hope you enjoyed reading my story.

  4. ashley, age 11, from uk

    so good

  5. Sarah Samad, age 9, from India

    I like what peter Doig said about his wonderful piece “ski jacket … is about the fumbling and awkwardness when learning to ski, how when you start skiing you slip all over the place, yet over a period of time you learn to cope and eventually manage to ski.”I love this piece that peter made with so many spots.I wonder if he is alive still if he is, then i am waiting for his new pieces of art!!!!

    – Sarah Samad

  6. Helena, age 13, from Slovenia

    Winter has come and family Jones from England decided to travel to Switzerland for Christmas holidays. Family Jones had four members : dad John, mum Stephanie and there was their two children, Hannah and Matt. Matt was older brother and he had 16 years and he always tease his young sister Hannah. Hannah were 10 and she been shy and big daydreamer. Matt and Hannah has got a lots of differences.

    On the day of travel, whole family been in hurry. Everybody been so exited except Matt because he planed to go with his friends to Germany in Berlin where his friend’s grandpa had a big house. At 7 AM everyone came to airport. The fly was very comfortable and the view was beautiful, big mountains with long ski ways. Hannah was drawing a picture of mountains and thinking that she would like to live there and ski whole winter, but again she cannot live somewhere without friends. She almost fall asleep and her brother wake her up.

    “Wake up, sleeping beauty! Oh, what is this? Boring drawing.” and he throw her drawing into the trash.

    “Why are you do that? You are the worst brother in the world!” Hannah start to cry.

    Mum and dad heard Hannah crying and what they told to each other and dad said to Matt :

    “Son, why are you always doing mess? Say sorry to your sister!”

    “But what i made now? She start crying because nothing.”

    “Say sorry to your sister or i will take your Ipad.”

    “Sorry, are everyone happy now? OK?”

    They arrived to Switzerland. The fresh mountain air, the magical nature and amazing view become the best memory to everyone. When they get their hotel rooms it was been lunch time. The delicious soup warm they on the cold days. After lunch family go outside to have fun on snow. Matt asked parents can he go skiing. Mum answer him:

    “We will go skiing after together, now we will make snowman”

    “But snowmans are for small kids. I can take care for myself and i can go alone to skiing.”

    Dad said :

    “Stephanie, we can let him go, he isn’t child anymore.”

    Matt has go to skiing and parents and Hannah had fun in the snow. Mum was still worried because they let Matt alone but dad said that he will be fine.

    During that time, Matt has been ready to ski and he heard known voice.

    “I see you are ready for skiing, Matt.”

    He looked back and seen his friend Claire.

    “Yes I am. What are you doing here?”

    “I’m on holidays with family”

    “Me too”

    “Do you want to have a walk after first skiing round?”

    “OK, deal”

    And they had very good time skiing and had fun. After Matt called Claire to dinner in hotel where his family is. When they came in hotel, his parents greet they. After dinner, Claire ask Hannah:

    “Are you interested in Art group? My dad is Art teacher and he started that group for talented children.”

    “I would like to go. Thank you for invitation.”

    “Here in Switzerland is the first meeting of group so you can go.”

    “Great” Hannah were happy.

    Matt keep eyes on Claire. He liked her look and her character. She always wanted to help everyone and with her Matt was change his behavior. He was in love with her.

    Tomorrow after Hannah been back from Art group meeting, teacher said that Claire is a big art talent and that everyone will be satisfied if she can continue with going to that group. Everyone been happy and this was their best holiday.


    P.S. Happy Christmas and New year and have a great holidays !!!

  7. izzy, age 7, from united kingdom

    once upon a time in a far away land there was a christmas tree that glowed so bright that everyone woke up in the whole city.But that night a criminal came to town and he stole the lights of the christmas tree.But in the morning a person who loved christmas so much every single night on christmas eve he ran outside and sat outside and watched the lights on the christmas tree but the next morning all the lights were gone.All the village was so upset suddenly the police came and he found the criminal and arrested
    and they found the lights they gave it to the people they rapped it around the christmas tree and they lived happily ever after. the end.

  8. rainbowdash, age 11, from usa

    once upon an idk a person got shot and everyone ran and got nosy just to see wht happened

  9. katie, age 9, from edinburgh but with a posh accent

    in this picture i see a massive christmas tree like the one in trafalgur square in london. and i can see an ice rink eith loads of people slipping about on the shimmering ice. i really like thid picture because it tells everyone a different vision and one thing always comes to mind when i see it. i feel the excitement of christmas in myself and i cant wait! the first thing that comes to mind when i see this picture is christmas. actually, i think this is more of a review than a story. but i still love this picture!

  10. Georgia, age 8, from Australia

    One day, all the people of Tropical Court were sitting on thier beds wishing for this Christmas to be snowy, some wished for it to be the same, tropical. Most people wanted a change. God heard thier wish and remembered it until Christmas day. Christmas had arrived and people looked out of thier windows to see if thier wish had come true. It had. They went outside and saw the world split in half with thier wish come true of seasons.

  11. Conan Edogawa, age 10, from Ireland

    This picture is interesting

  12. SUMAIYA, age 9, from THE UK

    having at my house ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why is every one screaming


  13. ellie, age 5, from england

    I went to see the crismas trey at meciso and I likced the pepol

  14. ef blogs, age 14, from the world

    this piece of art looks amazing

  15. charlotte, age 12, from scotland

    There was once a girl , her father didnt let her out of his sight . Not a second, minaute ,hour ,day , week , month , and year. He was scared one day she might find a boy love him , then he’ll break her heart.This girl was called Ann, she was only a teenager ,Anns life was owned by her father and bullying . Ann was bullied at School.Her father always told her to stand up for her self stop being afraid , but Ann woudnt even hurt a fly.Her father was a darker man ,nothing like Ann . He didnt like Ann , he was always wanted a son not a daughter. He tried to take Ann fishing , but Ann didnt want to hurt fish. He tried to teach her shooting , she wouldnt even hold the gun.He called her useless , good for nothing . Ann would always return to her room crying .Her dads name was Will . They lived in the Uk ,in Scotland .Ann was scottish and so was her mother who died when she was just a baby.Her dad was American and hated Scotland he almost hated everything.The only thing her dad did was buy her christmas and birthday presents .Her dad worked in the army . Always dressed smart , no fear , and anyone he saw even if he didnt know them it was always straiten your back you useless peace of **** . PART 1 / PART 2 TOMMOROW

  16. ciara, age 8, from cuba m.o.

    I live in a forest .it is cold.their are lots of snow days in school . im home schooled its fun. my brother mike isint home schooled he is rich and moved to newyork The end

  17. Emily, age 7, from uk

    The queen has been to a carnival and is being the only one who is star.
    The only person who is not happy with the queen is …the black witch!

  18. Kate, age 6, from USA

    I am a mirror of the past and present. I old bustling town in the past but now only a shell of that in the present. I am the tree used to flashing lights and talking to snowmen but now they aren’t there,

  19. Adriel Tillis, age 16, from United States

    There once was an artist named George Frier. He had a little brother named Sam Frier. They always fight let alone argue. George started a rumor about his brother saying that he pees in the bed. Sam wanted to get revenge, and made one of george’s artworks a disaster by painted all over the brilliant work of art. George didn’t find out until he showed other people. Somebody asked him what was wrong and he said his brother messed up his work of art. Then, people asked who was his brother and he said Sam Frier. So, they wanted to speak with him in helping him get a career for this field. George was both mad and jealous. Sam was becoming what his brother always wanted to be. So, george was no longer painting and he became homeless while his brother was became famous. That’s all payment to the people who is evil, huh?