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Mark Gertler, Merry-Go-Round, 1916

What do you normally think of when you think about going to a fair or carnival? Fun? Excitement? Fear, maybe? Gertler imagined this carousel as a scary place to be. The people look very stiff, they might be screaming and there doesn’t look like a way to get off the ride. They might be stuck on there. Forever.

Gertler painted this picture during the First World War and may have been influenced by a fair for injured soliders that took place in large park near his home in London.
Are there any rides you are scared of at the fair? What is your favourite ride? If you could create a scary ride, what would be on it, and what would happen if someone rode it?


83 stories about “Mark Gertler, Merry-Go-Round, 1916”

  1. Charlie, age 13, from Britan

    Around the world they said to the sky.
    Past the end and back over the night.
    A circle to nowhere lets take up the cry.
    Its a pain in the neck and its makeing us sick.
    Way past the end back over again.
    The quiet, lets riot realese. Police!
    Let us off the political merry-go-round.

  2. Round and Round, age 0, from Round and Round

    Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round the merry go round

  3. Katie, age 11, from Britain

    Around and round the horses go
    They canter, gallop and trot
    Do not fear the people riding them
    They feed on fear and grief
    You shalt not quiver with fear at the sight of them
    You must not fear the merry go round

  4. MEGHNA, age 8, from ENGLAND

    My friends,rose+mary
    went to the carnival it was so much funand there was a

  5. lola, age 11, from bromley common

    once there was a girl called lola yes lola

  6. klot ed krim, age 127, from tartary

    ”The Fakir raised his arms and cried out ‘xhumbazar!’.The wind howled. A carousel,loaded with spirits,rose from the ground. They were spirits of death and destruction.’Die!’ he shouted,as he directed the spirits towards the altar that the desperate Helena was bound down on. In a flash Ganesha appeared and Helena was free.’Run’ said Ganesha.She obeyed him,taking off into the night.And from that day on,the spot has been known as Devils Roundabout.”

  7. Tommi and Aidan, age 7, from Nottingham England

    Once upon a time there were two boys Aidan and Tommi. Once Aidan saw a merry go round. He said “lets go on that merry go round”. When they got on it it stopped. Aidan fell asleep. It started to fly. Aidan woke up “I’m flying I’m flying” he said and then the horses fell off. BANG! Well that hurt a lot. “Shall we go skiing” said Tommi. “But I have no skis” said Aidan. “You do have a bottom you know” “On Mount Everest”said Tommi. “Isnt that the tallest mountain in the world”said Aidan yes woooooooooooohooooooooooooo.
    “I’m going to beat you” said tommi “no your not TURBO WINGS”said Aidan. “i’l see you at the finsh line bye” said Aidan. BANG once again. Did I cause a avalanche? 2 hours later Tommi comes and does a back flip. Tommi falls asleep and then Tommi woke up “did I just faint”said Tommi ‘no you fell asleep’ ‘ok that’s weird’ ‘ok again again one last time yipeeeee’ ‘TURBO WINGS won again lets go back’ ‘ok’ The End.

  8. Ryan and Callum, age 6, from Nottingham England

    Once upon a time there was a merry-go-round. All of it got broken and one horse got stolen. There were muddy foot prints so we followed them . It
    took a long time to get there . When we arrived we opened the door. We
    fell down a passage way. There was a secret door. There was a ladder. We climbed up it . There was treasure. We had to fight a dragon. We got the treasure. We climbed down the ladders through the secret door , through the passage way back to the merry-go-round. We gave the treasure back. We saved the day!

  9. CANDY, age 0, from SWEETY LAND

    ”aahh!! i am feeling very dizzy!!”

    i love horses

    THE END!!

  10. Serena, age 12, from Colarado

    “Ahh.this is so scary”
    “No it is not”
    “There is so many moons”
    “What ever!”
    ” Lets count them”
    “They are coming closer”
    “Squishy squishy squishy”,screamed the moons

  11. callum, age 7, from nottingham england

    once upon a time there was two boys.There names was limo and liam they was a merry-go-round. We wanted to go on it but we was to small there was
    a rollercoaster it took a long time. it was hours then we went up a hill in space ,,weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee;; is that it said limo.I didnt get to ride the
    merry-go-round it is not fair.I no what to do i will make a merry-go-round it
    was missing the horses i know what to do. I will look in the dump i found a boy his name was ben what are you doing in there.Ben said i am sad and
    lonely do you what to come and play with us. yes please i dont no what to
    play we can play horses when you was in the dump. I did see ten of them
    can we borrow them but bring them back we will said liam we got back we
    we started we was stuck on it we were missing a bit we looked every where
    ben looked at limo it is in your hand limo said i forgot it was there we put the missing bit to gether we had a go on the merry-go-round we
    didnt want to leave the end

  12. Elliot Broadfoot, age 11, from england

    The roundabout stood still for hundreds of years in the gallery, but one night the music started again. The people woke up from their slumber, but they didnt know what to do. when the roundabout started moving the people screamed and ran out of the painting from the noise the rest of the characters ran out of the painting to. the morning after the gallery was never the same again!

  13. Josh, age 11, from England

    You would think a merry go round would be fun and joyful……. well you’re wrong
    Here’s the real deal!

    “Wow!” said Dorris, sharply, “look at that merry go round, I wonder if it has Donkies! “Her mum let her on the ride, first it was ecstatic – but then it got terrible.” Mum help!” said Dorris frantically, “there’s a monster running straight at me!”
    “Don’t be silly Dorris, there’s no monster.”
    “Yes there is, it’s making a thunderous noise!” Dorris’s told her that they had to leave. Tragically, Dorris obliterated completely because the ride exploded.

  14. Kaitlin, age 12, from Britain

    The song from the Merry-Go-Round echoed through the silent streets, no one dared go near.The screams, the laughter, the words ran through the streets, teasing the people to come closer. Elizabeth heard them louder than anyone. Each night she dreamt of the ride, of the people on it, each morning she woke up in a hot sweat. During the day, she had to walk past the Ride to go to work – she was a handmaid, she heard the song in her mind, hummed it to herself when no one was near, thought of it when she had nothing else to do. Elizabeth knew she had to go on the Merry-Go-Round, she didnt know why, but she felt like she was being pulled towards it.

    At the dead of night on the 26th May, three days after her 18th Birthday, she knew it was time.She put on her petticoats, and a bonnet, she walked out into the street, towards the Merry-Go-Round, the song continued in her head, the ride moving slowly, as if coaxing her closer. She lifted the hem of her dress, as she climbed onto the ride. As soon as she sat on the empty horse closest to her, she knew she made a deadly mistake. She screamed, and shouted, no one heard her.

    Just like the others on the ride, her screams echoed through the streets at night, the song was drowned out, and for years the Merry-Go-Round stood still, gathering dust, until…

  15. Marcia, age 10, from England

    I got up onto the merry- go -round. Something was wrong. The ride started and the horses clicked into movement. A slow sad song started. It was a horrible to be on the ride. I wished I hadn’t gone on it. After 2 minutes it didn’t stop. 5 minutes passed I started to get worried. I tried to climb off. The song got faster so did the ride. I was thrown into darkness.

  16. I. B. White, age 13, from USA

    The merry go round has a whole bunch of fake people. The fake people are stiff. The fake people are friendly. However, they are having fun. Therefore, they are going around in circles, until they puke on themselves. When they puke, they fall off the merry go round. If they bust their head they die.

  17. dd, age 9, from s

    its a sunny day and its fair time kids like the marry go ride i like when it goes round all about the ground

  18. Charlotte, age 9, from England

    Have you heard of the fair on the common. Well if you went there and went on the merry-go-round you might have felt something srange. The thing I’m trying to tell you is that under the merry-go-round live a family of moles! They live a hard life because people tread on there homes and don’t even care! But the most annoying thing is that every year they put the merry-go-round on top of there home so they have to knock on the bottom of the merry-go-round so the children get scared and want to get off. Luckily one year ago someone found the moles and moved them. Now they live happily but next time I hope you think before you tread on a moles home again.

  19. mimi, age 9, from England

    Once upon a time there was a lady ,she was quite old.She was lookind back on her diaryof when she was a littli girl.She was looking back on the 14th May when she whent to the fair with her dad.She said Please daddy please may I go on the merry go round.So the dad said ok darrling. so she hopped on to the shiny blue horse ,it had a lovely red seat .Then the merry go round started it was so fun i could feel blowing across my face.

  20. Isobel Halliagan, age 9, from England

    Late that night everybody slowly started to leave the merry-go-round.
    It got late and all the stalls started to pack up.
    It struck midnight and nobody was left in the grounds of the merry-go-round except an
    evil looking man that was feeling very suspicious.
    This evil looking man was very small and very sly.
    He wanted to play a trick on the owner of the merry-go-round.

    1 O’clock, 2 O’clock, 3 O’clock and 4 O’clock….. It was coming into morning so he had to think fast.
    “GOT IT!” He shouted to himself.
    I will cut all the wires and important pieces of tecnology so the ride
    won’t work and he will lose buisness because no one will be able to go on the merry-go-round.

    Won’t he look stupid! ……………………………………………..

    The End

  21. Sabrina Morice-Broom, age 13, from U.K.

    It was like a merry-go-round. Just not so merry. You are invited on from pleasant people, making you feel safe. But then the truth hits you just you get going. There is no way out. You scream, because everyone else is, it also seems a good idea at the time. You try jumping off, but just before you do, someone else does, and it ends there life. But maybe thats what you want. You don’t want to carry on in circles for the rest of your life. So you jump. Give someone else the pain instead.

  22. Aaron, age 10, from united states

    that people are inchina and evrything you do in the musem it has has rides that go up all the way to the sky and spin.peoplee bats onpeson jumps of and nearily faints. it was so shooking that the door would not open and the people in there could not breath till the manager finally opened it.They were foud dead.10 people died.the next day people came to take the bodies for funarells.then to repezent the people that died the people that were to pull the pull the 10 sitizes that died yesturday evrything was normal but no no got hurt. evrybody stod around thinking what had happen diffrent today and yesturday afater when people were thinking and one of the ralized that they jinsing themselves then on the way down.someone nerly died cause his door would not close on the ride down.

  23. Savanna, age 10, from U.S.A

    The ride began and people started screaming. There was something wrong. But what? It started spining faster and faster until it came to a complete stop. Everyone got off dizzy, some started to throw up. Then everyone found out that the person that works that job put it on high not medium.

  24. Coolybeany, age 127, from Bulgaria

    Once upon a time Anita was having a spiffing time on the merry go round. she was going round and round and round and round and round like there was no tomorrow. it was fun and she liked it. then, she fell off and broke her leg. she didn’t like it anymore. then, she stepped on a mole home and a snail came out and carved his name on her heart. he wrote: “BOB WOZ HERE”. the end.

  25. Roberto Picciau, age 17, from England

    the round about never stop goin round and the people upon it my survived to see ‘still life’ again. The end.

  26. morisc, age 127, from poop town

    The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round all throw the town.

  27. lexi, age 9, from u.s.a

    i do not see how he did not get sick with all that circling round and round and round and round and round. that would make me sick and when i got off i would b dizzy.

  28. Lucy and Molly, age 10, from Australia

    I knew it was a bad idea to go on the Merry-Go-Round.
    Everybody knew that it was haunted ,but I wanted to know the truth.
    You could here the screams coming from the ride a mile away.
    It started like this.I woke up at midnight and i put my jumper on and followed the screams.
    I got on the nearest horse.It was a dark horse ,but I thought it was just the darkness.Boy was i wrong.
    The ride started. i waited for the music ,but it did not come.All I heared was ”Bock Bock” the sound that chickens make.I looked behind and i saw a headless chicken holding a daggar it jumped forwards towards me.I screamed and leaped forward the chicken just missed me with the daggar.
    I knew that I was going to die that is until i saw………….

  29. Olivia, age 3, from France

    Once upon a time there was a lion and he tried to eat a little girl who was so lonely and couldn’t find her Mummy and Daddy. But her Mummy and Daddy had got stolen. There were some horsies and some manèges and people who helped her to get her Mummy and Daddy back. Elephants walked around, tied the lion up and put him in a fire. The end.

  30. Samantha, age 10, from England

    Once there was a magic merry go round,nobody knew it was magic.One day at the fun fair
    a litle girl called Samantha,went on the merry go round but something was funny.It was going backwords and everyone else was going forwards.It got fater and faster!Until………stooooooooop!It stoped.When she came off she went into the mirros of doom.When she got in she looked into one mirro”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”She screamed!
    She tunered then looked back again,it was weired.She was turned into an adult.She went to her mother but she said”Have you seen my little girl?”
    “Mother,its me.”said Samantha.
    “You can’t be,your an aldult!””Come home with your father and me tell us what happend.”
    So they got home had tea and she said what happend.
    “What happend is that I went on the merry go round,it was new and it went backwords.”Samantha said”Then I got off and I went into the mirros of doomand I looked in a mirro and I was an aldult,I could not beleave it,did you hear me scream?”
    “Well we did hear a scream but we did not know it was you.”Said her father Tony.
    Then her brother Michael came in for tea he said”Who is that girl?”
    “It is your sister Michael.”Said suzzane their mother.
    The next day they went to the fair and Samantha went on the merry go round,it went backwords again and it got faster and fater until…………..Stoooooooooooooop!It stoped and she went off she went to the mirro of doom and looked at a mirro and it was a mirrical…………………………she was a kid again and so her family went home and they had a lovely life.
    THE END!

  31. Melissa, age 8, from England

    Lucy climbed on the horse and felt it spinning. She was the only one on she wizzed and poof! she was riding over the sea to wards China and went all around the world and landed by the merry-go-round. She felt like the most happy person in the world!

  32. Clara, age 8, from England

    I was walking throow the gates to the fair and felt the exitment tickling down my spine. As a walked throow the fair I heard some music . I want over to the place the noise was coming from and there stood the most magnifacent merry-go-round. It was glistening in the sun and as I watched the music began to stop and the horses began to stop and everyone got of because it was the end of there go. I payed as quickley as I could and climbed onto a bright white horse and it began to move. I had the most wonderfull time on it! When i got home I told my Mum all about and she said that I was lucky to get a go because now the que is gigantic and if i went now then I would be waiting for a couple of hours intill I got a go.
    The End

  33. Clara, age 8, from England

    As I walked throow the golden gate way to the fair I heard some joyful music. I wandered to where the music was and there stood a magnificent merry-go-round. It was glistening in the bright sun. I saw the children laurghing as they whizzed around the gold pole and screaming ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh, it’s really fast!’ I watched as they slowed down and the music started drifting of and then it suddenly halted. it was the end of their go. I decided I would have a go. As I climbed onto a bright white horse the music began, quiet at first and then it got gradully louder. When it was the end of my go I decided that I would sprint home and tell my Mum and Dad about it and they said that I was lucky to have a go because when they saw itthe que was packed and it would take a couple of hours till I got my go.
    THE END!

  34. Paige, age 7, from Dubai

    At the fair I am horrified of ferris wheels because i am afraid of heights. When I go on the ferris wheel i feel sick and i cuddle my mum. I would invent a ride called THE XL 2. It would be dark and it would be like getting flushed down a toilet. You are allowed ten people on THE XL 2, they would be strapped in really tightly. Everybody would scream their socks off. Weeeeee! I wouldn’t go on because the customers have to enjoy it. I would like to take care of the ride at the fair. I would say “Come on THE XL 2, your socks will fly and you will have great fun. It’s like getting flushed down the toilet.”

  35. Anonymous, age 14, from France

    Long ago, there was a myth that the merry go round was actually a play area for a devil that lived in a city called Rathville. The devil was known to be a mad child that had murdered his own parents. The devil use to force children to sit on his merry go round and send them to a horrible place called hell. Since then man kind has known that if you are bad you go to hell and that the merry go round was used in our world so that the devil wouldn’t harm us people and would stay in its own world.

  36. Ebony Johnson, age 11, from England

    Angus & Angelina were playing in the garden. “i’m bored!!!” moaned Angus. “Can’t you play a game?” asked mum, coming out of the back door to see what they were up to. “We’ve played every game on the face of the earth!” mumbled Angelina. “Well then, we best get our thinking caps on and start doing some imagining!” Smiled mum. She was always trying to get everyones spirits up, and she belived that she could get everyone smiling and having fun if only they used their imagination! “Where do you want to go?” asked Mum sitting on the grass barefoot next to the children. “A Museum!” “No, too boring” “York!” “No, too far” “The Fair?” “YES!!!” the children were finally using their imagination. Carasells and Candyfloss stalls. Never too busy but always fun!!! That day they rode on the carasell ’till they were dizzy and ate Candyfloss ’till they felt sick. Then ended the day with a big group hug before slowly floating back to garden. Happier than ever.


  37. Stacy, age 9, from USA

    There I was spinning, twirling on the merry-go-round. I could hear screams of children off the merry-go-round. My mother was there but I was dreaming, dreaming of this merry-go-round. I dreamt my horse came to life and galloped, with me on it’s back, around in the fields. Suddenly I awakened and then I fell…
    All I could hear was the sirens screeching.

  38. Ashley Burke, age 13, from England

    There is a legend.. That the HP Merry go round is cursed. The owners of the merry go round didn’t believe this so the man went on the merry go round. His girlfriend got a sponsor for his 42 hour ride and off he went. But 2 hours later he complained that the horse bit him. His girlfriend dismissed it as absurd. 3 hours later the man died of poisoning. It had turned out that a snake had been in the horses mouth. It had snuck in at the winter. The curse strikes again…

  39. ?, age 0, from ?

    oi a sed wat the hell yooh doin?
    :0 dont mek it gar fasta am gonna b sik u moron.
    the man yelld at es so a ran off da end :D

  40. TSP, age 12, from england

    Nothing can escape from the Phantom Merry go round. If you look at a horse’s eye then you turn to stone. The owner is called Drellis. He loves to kill. 10 minutes later the police came and saw Johnny dead on the floor!

  41. BETHANY, age 10, from ENGLAND


  42. josie and sexy bexy, age 127, from http://www.pPeru

    Mr Gertler walked towards the mery go round. He watched it spin incessantly, the colours blurring andthe children shriekingbefore him. How I wish to be young again.. he thought as he watched their innocent faces. All he saw when he looked at this roundabout; was dictatorship, war and death. the merry go rund slowed to a halt, and the sour faced operator stepped out of his dark cabin. “All you kids, get offnow, no double rides today,” he grunted as the children had no choice but to exit the ride. Mark Gertler ate cheese thoughtfully.

  43. valerie, age 11, from usa

    Once the merry-go-round when so fast that a little boy has died. When his mother has found out, she fainted. Two days later she woke up somehow her sole came from heaven and back to her body. Now everytime the mother comes home she heres voices from her son wich was 7 when he has died now 17 years passed and the mother is now realy old and is still getting hounted bye the story and bye her ghost son.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The end (scary story)
    hope you enjoyed the story
    not real…… but ghosts are real…… :) see you in your dreams………….

  44. georgia + rhiannon, age 4, from cornwall

    a sunny day

    by georgia.j and help rhiannon.t

    age 4+10

    ” wow mum look its a beutiful day can we go to the park please?”
    “yes of corse we can emma and you can feed the ducks if you want with the left over bread from last night yes?”
    “oh yes pleese!! i love feeding the ducks!!!!”
    “come on then lets get our sun hats on. oh and dont forget to put on your sun cream ok?”
    and off they went to the park.when they got there emma went right u to the ducks were and sat down quietly so they would come right up close.
    ” yaaaay!!! come on mum hurry up i want to feed the ducks!”
    ” alright alright im coming!”
    and they sat there hours on end feeding the ducks untill it was time to go home.
    ” come on emma time to go home and relax for a while before bed ok?”

  45. naomi, age 14, from england

    “here we go round the mulberry bush” was echoing in my head as i stepped onto the merry go round. there was a roar of laughter as i tripped while rushing to the last available horse. My world was a blurr as i went swinging round and round, the breese through my hair was lovely. then BANG it stopped i flew forrawds into the pole. thats the last i remember of my ride on the merry go round.

  46. Lexx, age 14, from neverland

    horse failures pinned to a stick,
    riders and children must chose who they pick,
    voices and music fill the air of noise,
    however this novelty is no such toy,
    i went on the horse and never came back,
    my childhood vunrability had gone,
    my heart turned to mourning,
    but my head grew strong,
    as the years go by i forget that song,
    da da daa daa da da da,
    i wish that the song may play once more,
    i hear that i may never feel the tune ring through my ears,
    as it once did,
    i wonder whether my fears will overcome the childhood strength,
    alas – an old man to whom sits in his chair,
    takes his last breathe of air,
    sleeping or dying each one is decieved,
    for a smile arises – as that song is once more played,
    loud it flows through every cell in his body,
    until it slows down the heart and whispers a lie,
    it stops and no sound is heard again,
    the man and the child boy in side,
    could never live forever whilst one survived.

  47. katie, age 10, from usa

    merry-go-round is a fun activity for youth. it normally has horses and a carrage, sometimes something else like….. dragons. merry-go-rounds are very colourful and exciting for younger children, aged, 1-12. adults can go on to with their children.

  48. cor, age 13, from United States

    There was a place where whoever went would not come back. It is said that fairies would take them to this place, called Gallaya, and then turn them into fairies by putting them on a mary-go-round. What would happen s as the people are going around they say; turn around around around turn these people into fairies found, and POOF! They were fairies when I was brought there I was turned into quenn of fairies and I still rule today. I guess being who I am is bringing back something for me. I even learned the language of pixies. Gaijngd jhud, this means, The End.

  49. Ellie, age 9, from United Kingdom

    From: The Black Hole Series

    Around, Around they go at night
    Scaring children with a big fright
    Posessed by hunger and greed
    The want, the fear, the need
    To scare young people onto their backs
    A scary deamon with an axe
    To come onto the Merry-go-round
    You will return off without a sound
    As the wolves doth scream at night
    The Merry-Go-Round, Is truly a sight

  50. Natalie Hill, age 8, from united states

    I go to a certain park to ride a carousel. Sometimes I feel seasick and want to get off. But I know I can’t. I already started. I am trapped.

  51. Extremely Short Story Writer, age 11, from United Kingdom

    Bright lights flashing, spinning and whirling as the loud music plays and people laugh merrily. White horses frozen, spin endlessly through the night.
    The moon glows on them all, giving everything an exciting yet sinister feel.
    The smell of candy is in the air as nearby children gather round a candyfloss stall, spending their weeks pocket money on a quick sugar rush.
    Courting couples, giggling, hurry off behind old buildings and rides to find some privacy.
    Old women with their grandchildren count out money for the Merry Go Round, they’ve been waiting months for the circus to come into town and they can now finally ride the white horses they’ve dreamed about for so long.

    There’s a barely noticable disturbance in the shadows, and suddenly a putrid smell fills the air, as a hunched, spider-like figure emerges slightly from the darkness, before disappearing back into the night.

    The people laugh and play all through the night, blissfully unaware of the hatred and turmoil that surrounds them.

  52. tanvi, age 11, from india

    during the month of december ,a famous fun fair came to hyderabad.most of those who played the games were very happy.there were many boys and girls there.they all had a lot of fun there.there was a boy named alex he was very exited to go on the special ride of the day.that was merry-go-round he liked it very much.there was a fairy there who knew every thing about the magical merry-go-round.but the fairy was disguised as the horse in one of the seat alex paid money and has gone to sit on the horse the moment he sat the horse began to run out of the path and has gone flying in the air the boy was enjoying the ride in the sky but the fairy that is the horse told alex hi ,alex was surprised to see the horse talking in that mood he told who r u ? the horse replied i am fairy i am the christmas fairy will come every christmas to one of the house in any country where santa tells me to go .but then alex mom began to call alex!alex!so he opened his eyes and saw atlast he realised that it was his dream but he told to himself there is a fairy in this house …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  53. Hollie, age 12, from England

    Everybody gather round and come on the merry go round.

    when they did it went whizzing round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round!

    When everyone got off they were so dizzy that they all colapsed on the floor. Then the guy who was opporating the merry go round took them to an underground science lab. when they all woke up they tried to escape, but they couldn’t get free.

    They were stuck there forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Humza Raza, age 7, from England

    once their waz a great family called the RAZA they rule !!! lol

  55. Ella, age 9, from Jersey

    spinning spinning around the world
    for me and you to see
    the colors so bright
    will it stop for me to get on
    I hope so for me tonight

  56. poop, age 127, from afganastan

    dylan went on a merry go round
    and his head fell off and then a cat came and ate it

  57. abigail, age 6, from england

    when I went to the fun fair I fel of the meree go rand. I didnt lik it i was in pain thet was not gooD Bot my mummy and daddy didunt.

  58. beth, age 13, from england

    The merry-go-round went round and round, i was dizzy afterwards :)

  59. Clara, age 8, from England

    I went over to the merry-go-round. At first it looked like it would be a spectral ride, but that was from a long way from it. As I walked closer thoughts I didn’t dare to think about rushed throow my mind. It couldn’t, why would it? It had cracks all around the side. It looked almost as if it was going to crumble to bits! It had a rusty metal slope to get onto the ride. Even that didn’t make me change my mind! I wanted my turn so desprately! I went to the owner of the ride. He was in a rotton hut. His teeth were like a twin brother to the hut. Rotton all over! I asked if I could have a ride and he said in a voice that didn’t sound convincing ” I’d do anything to please you. ” I got on a brown horse. When the ride started The slope went down. I wondered if it was meant to be part of the ride. It turned out it wasn’t part of the ride. Bars came crashing down surrounding me. That was when I realised no-one else was on the ride. I saw people crowding round the merry-go-round gasping with terror. What would happen to me? YOU have to guess.

  60. Tooth Fairy, age 127, from hg

    The merry go round goes round and round
    It spins
    You get dizzzzy
    You fall off
    You want to get off but the world and the gravoty wont lets you in planet maaaarrrrrs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh helpppp

  61. Marigieo, age 7, from Polend

    Tie Mago BiE Mona. Si Moogie Tharet Roundo Roundo Roundo She Gotteo Dizza
    andog itart wonteao stopti. Ti Ghooj Noggd wooad! soe sheminco lilet me huoro pixer goodiiiii!!!!! Samo Comchusin erou , Timoching Kierz
    hugby vibeo vicsd! Debbedei Biedoi Vaed
    Limingef! Soeh Shoeg Leftiosi THEOGF ENDII!

  62. Leafbell, age 9, from Canada

    The peolple of the merry go round were still as rock, as they were rock indeed. One wanted to roam earth, so this is his story. Stone of happiness wanted to be free, like the birds in the sky, to roam and fly high. He comanded his horse to break free of the metal poles and reins. He did as told. Stone of happiness ran away and was never seen again.

  63. Elmo fishy, age 10, from england

    i was running through the woods when i suddenly saw some bright tiny lights. i ran even faster to find sitting right in front of me was a large merry go round. i stepped on but it started moving going round and round. soon it was going so fast that i couldn’t think of jumping off without breaking every bone in my body. just then the spinning came to a halt and i jumped off again. i found that the surroundings were different from last time. “What has just happened ” i thought dizzily. so i ran back the other way to tell of the happenings.

  64. Emily, age 10, from England

    Going round and round. A tune replaying in my ears. Going too fast. Please stop! My big sister calling me a wimp. “I’m only 3!” I cry back. Slowing down. Could this be the end of this torture? Stop. I get off. Run to my dad. He picks me up, spins me around and kisses me. A perfect end to my worst nightmare.

  65. neve, age 8, from uk

    by neve
    There was a boy an a girl called tom and lucy they were best friends.They done every think togever. one day they gone to the fair togever they gone on every think togever like always. They gone on the big wheel that gone round and round 10 times and they went on the swings which went side to side up and down the fun house and lots more but the last thing the was the mergo round it went round and round.the best ride was the mergo round it was the fastist ride to.They loved it they gone in the same carriage (there was to seat’s) in anover 2h they gone home.The next day they gone back 2 the fair becase it was still there. they gone every think again(but it was for a week).and they had lots of fun.
    the end

  66. Chloe Citron, age 10, from USA

    As Mori watched the carousel go around, she huffed in confusion. Why were the people so scared? When it came around, a girl screamed. She got a thought. She waited til the carousel came her way, then jumped on. She still could NOT figure out why the other people were screaming. When she looked at the fair around her, it seemed to get darker. Too dark. A little creepy, even. she decided it was time to get off. When she looked for the man who functioned the ride, she gasped. He was gone. In fact, everyone was gone. Or had there been anyone in the first place? As she called out for help, a man screamed,”There’s no escape!” Mori jumped off of her seat only to find herself right back on. This continued until finally Mori shrieked, ” STOOOOOOP!” Everything had disappeared. Or had there been a fair in the first place? Mori then ran from that spot, never to return again. She sighed. She had escaped. Or had she been in trouble in the first place? NO, she told herself. But she always questioned that choice. Or had she made the choice at all?

  67. tegan, age 9, from england

    I was just finshing my presentation for my shcool election when I desided I would go to the fair my mum and little sis emma went in the car and drove to HARRYS BIG FAIR me and emma were jiggling in excitement truth was we had never been to a fair when we got there a man was there and he said wanna buy a ticket. yes please! i said so we paid the monyey when we got in me and emma immediately spotted the merry go round we quickly ran over to the man and we paid two pounds the man liffted me and emma on to the merry go round and gave us free candyfloss we were thrilled we held on tight and off we were suddely it went BANG! and we were wizzing on the merry go round in the air there was another big BANG! and we found are selves in a stone shcool the teacher came up to us and screamed WHAT ARE YOU WEARING me and emma sqealed with fright as the teacher yanked us by the collar to her table were she gave us 3 wips each OW OW OW we said and she pushed us to are desk we opend up these funny tablets and inside was a long bit of paper and a small bottle of ink with a pretty little quill. but it was hard to write with so we jumped back on the merry go round and went home.

  68. siv, age 0, from roar.

    “mum!” said tom. “come quick mum! there’s a circus in town!” so, tom’s mum ran very fast then tripped on a rock and went onto a puddle. “oh not now mum! we need to see my favorite ride ever! then let’s go on it!” tom said with a smile. “what is it?” asked tom’s mum lazily. “duh mom! its a merry-go-round! come on! let’s go on it. its very cheap.” so off they went. they ran and then walked then ran again. “ooofff!!!!” said tom’s mom. “mum! we need to hurry dont keep banging on to people.” so they were there at last. they were on the line. “umm. me and my mum want a ride!” tom said. “oh okay! do u have a heart disease? or your mum?” said a man with a bushy old mustache under his nose. “us? heart attack! no way mister mustache sir!” said tom’s mother. “she’s always like that!”……….next they just went on a solid horse. “weeeeeeeeeee” yelled tom. it was getting faster and faster and faster and faster and faster… then stopped! they got off the solid horses. “aww. that ride was so awesome! dont ya think mom?” asked tom. ” i think it w-was…. blurgh blurgh blurgh!” SPLAT! onto tom’s new shirt landed her mom’s puke. “muuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm!!!!!!! why me??? mum??? why now?? mum?????? waaahhhhh… im gonna cry.. waaaaaaaah.” so tom was crying. tom’s mom said “I WILL NEVER EVER GO ON THAT MERRY-GO SOMETHING AGAIN!!!!! oh no! blurgh blurgh blurgh!” SPLAT! “sheeeeesssssssshhhhhhh” said tom.

    the end

  69. Rosie, age 12, from England

    Round and round the horses galloped,
    Getting faster to the deadly beat
    Stopping for no-one, slowing for no-one
    Silent screams etched on the faces
    Of young, innocent children
    Hands clutched to the rough skin
    Of the horses engulfed by evil
    Holding on for life
    Theres no way on..
    And no way out.

  70. elle j, age 10, from england

    Goin round and round my head was spinning! like the merry-go-round i was on scary people sat next to me. With there knives, one turned round as they all turned round after him. Holding there knives up high i was petrified then all of a sudden. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  71. georgie-lee, age 4, from england

    people were on the merry go round then there was a baddy coming and everyone ran away and the baddy destroyed the whole city. then he destroyed everything and everyone came up with robot dogs and then the baddy ran away. and then someone was named becky the children jumped on the monster and tried to destroy him. then they all came up with water and food and poured it all over the monster.he was sitting on the mery go round he didnt know the children were on there and then someone let go a german shepherd and he jumped all over him and then he the monster ran away forever and the children were happy on the merry go round

  72. Emily, age 21, from U.S.

    There are people everywhere in New saintsburg. Some are nude, but many are not. Horses. Everyone rides horses in New Saintsburg because they are the fastest mode of transportation that they know of. You see, this town is a very backwards town with litttle known technology to keep them up with everyone else. This town knows nothing of anyone except for themselves. For Fun they ride around with eachother in circles. They do this often and never get anything done. Many people fall dizzy, but can’t stop riding in circles in a crazy lunacy they ccall life.

  73. john deere, age 15, from united states

    the merry go round
    goes round and
    round and when
    it goes fast then
    someone will
    fall off of it


  74. john deere, age 15, from united states

    one day i was on the
    merry go round and my
    dad was spenning it so
    fast i fell off of it and bested
    my head and so we went
    home after that and this was
    in a diff. state

  75. polkadot 97, age 12, from America

    Round and round the people go
    Hypnotised but they don’t know
    Don’t go on this merry ride
    If you want to stay alive

  76. strawberry97, age 11, from england

    Tess sat on a squashy sofa of the holiday villa she was staying in with her mother. She sipped her hot chocolate and thought about what she might do today. She picked up a book about the history of France and looked through it. She saw a page that said that on the 6th of January, 1808 there was a massive tornado, which was now refered to as ‘The Merry Go Round’ and it said that the merry go round would return in 100 years. The tornado was on the 6th of January, 1808, 8:00am. Today was the 6th of January, 2008, 7:59am. Then Tess realised the tornado would be returning in 1 minute. She panicked and tried to find her mother but her mum had gone out for a walk to get some shopping and Tess had decided to stay in the villa. 20 seconds. Tess tried to tell herself that it was not true, bu tshe knew it was. 10 seconds. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Suddenly a huge gust of wind picked up and Tess felt as if she was on a merry go round…

  77. kid, age 10, from england

    Spooky or what?It looks like they need to get off and be sick, but he`s a good artist!

  78. Rachael Kirsopp, age 13, from England

    Long ago in a far away land there was an annual fair. Everybody in the land came and everybody loved it. It took weeks to prepare and all the people had magnificent costumes. The schools would prepare great shows and it was a compertion. It was three days till the Fair and the people were very excited. A little boy knocked on everybodys door and said:”There is an enchanted Merry-go-round and it is heading this way! Everybody must go to the square imediately!”
    The people went and they saw it. Everybody said that they should have the fair early and they did. The Fair was a great success!

  79. Connie, age 12, from Newcastle, England

    A gallop a gallop,
    Over the ground,
    They come, they go,
    Without a sound.

    The devil is riding,
    Round and round,
    Seeking blood,
    Like a hungry hound.

    The sky so black,
    The moon so pale,
    It’s meant to be merry,
    But hear them wail.

  80. olivia, age 8, from england

    There once was a merry go round,
    Right next to a play-ground,
    It was pink and red,
    Not next to your bed,
    It is in a fun fair,
    Next to it is a dragns lair,
    Can you see that merry go round,
    Right next to that play-ground.

  81. ASHLEIGH, age 11, from Scotland

    once apon a time there was a girl called Amela she lived with her mum,dad,brother and sister. it was her birthday and her mum and dad promesd to take Amela to the fun fair in the town so they got there and it was very busy.
    Then Amela saw the merry go round and asked her mum if she could go on it Amelas mum said off you go then ill catch up and she spent the rest of her day on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the endx x x xX

  82. Maisie, age 8, from England

    the merry go Roundddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  83. Ellie, age 10, from England

    Once when I was 7 I went to the fair (in london). We went on the merry-go-round. I was terrified and I thought I saw a glimse of a devil in the corner of my eye. I jumped and ran and was so scared I even ran away from my mum, dad, sisters (x2) and brothers (x2)!