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Derek Boshier, The Identi-Kit Man, 1962

Does this painting make you think about cleaning your teeth? This work is a one of a number of paintings that Boshier created that feature toothpaste. He was also interested in advertising, and toothpaste was the very first product that was advertised on British TV.

Did you remember to brush your teeth this morning? Have you ever forgotten to brush them? What happened?

The Identi-Kit Man

32 stories about “Derek Boshier, The Identi-Kit Man, 1962”

  1. Colgate Man, age 0, from Colgate Man

    The man is coming……

    He is deadly………

    Look out…….

    He is coming………

    Striped with colgate………

    He is coming……

    With a Toothbrush



  3. KIERAN, age 127, from LEAF LAND

    The man walked into the street. That street wasent just a normal street because the lamps were toothbruses!!! HE RAN FOR HIS LIFE

  4. Frally Palmer, age 49, from Toothbrush land

    There once was a man called Colgate and he walked into Brush city. Everywhere he looked he saw toothbrushes and dimwits holding the toothbrushes.
    Then, out of nowhere, a massive man picked him up and ate him. Thats when he realised he was a big marshmellow.

  5. Lolly, age 0, from Cherry land

    Look out! Beware! Aquafresh man is coming! He will smack you and slash you and not let you go! You must brush your teeth or he will brush them for you. He is red and white, like the cloths dripping with blood. Look out, the aquafresh man is coming.

  6. klot ed krim, age 127, from tartary

    Brush thy teeth,little ones thou must brush thy teeth thou must protect them

  7. Cheese, age 127, from Antarctica

    Once upon a time there was a guy who never brushed his teeth. The tooth fairy got so mad at him for not taking care of his teeth, so she sent an army of giant toothbrushes to his house. While he was sleeping that night, the toothbrushes stormed into his house, stripped him naked, and began brushing him to death. The man (whose name was Cornelius), could do nothing but scream in pain and terror as the giant toothbrushes brushed him until he was nothing but a bloody pulp on the floor.

    So kids, always remember to brush your teeth. Because if you don’t, the tooth fairy will send her army of giant toothbrushes to your house while you are sleeping and they will brush you to death until nothing remains of you except for a nice, warm pool of your blood surrounding a lovely pile of your bloody internal organs, which the Giant Toothbrushes will then eat. THE END! :D

  8. Eva and Lauren, age 7, from England

    Once upon a time there lived a Toothpaste bottle who could transform into a toothpaste man, He had a pet, a toothpaste dog who could transform into a toothpaste lid. They were space men. They went to Saturn and Jupiter, Neptune and Mars. They met an alien called Ping. toothpaste Man’s dog fell in love with Ping and they got married. Toothpaste Man fell in love with Toothpaste Lady and they got married.
    THE END.

  9. holly, age 11, from new york

    ”ahhh!!! i am getting brushed away. i like being backteria in someone’s mouth!! so stop brushing me away!!” exlaimed the backteria,
    ”nooo!! i want to brush you away so my mouth can be clean!! so brush brush brush!” said the mouth,
    ”ahh!! i am melting!!” screached the backteria

  10. susanna strange huth, age 4, from london

    the man with the toothbrush was trying to kill me with his brush my marshmellow body was bouncing from one wall to another . a pice of puzzel fell on my head. the man was canting i want your eye balls. the man bit my foot of i was dead bobobobobobobobobo that what the man said

  11. Will Trowbridge, age 8, from U.S.

    A person used 3 toothbrushes. He even left behind a puzzle piece. And and an action figure in motion.

  12. corky, age 9, from united States

    candy cane candy cane yum yum yum toothpaste

  13. Like you need to know?, age 46, from Far away from you.

    There once was a man named Boisher,
    who loved to paint Mr.Toothbrusher.
    Now, Mr. Toothbrusher was such a good fellow,
    that his teeth were never ever yellow.
    He brushed and he brushed till all his teeth
    yes indeed every crease,
    was gone like the missing puzzle peice.
    Now Mr. Toothbrusher, decided to become a preist,
    whom Boisher loved to paint, because he was very sad.
    He was sad because he wasnt able to brush his beloved teeth cause they were all mad.
    So Mr. Toothbrusher was stuck in one of Boisher’s paintings forevermore,
    just cause he liked to not have yellow teeth , right down to his core.

  14. Simon Wyatt, age 12, from France

    Once they was a man and he was dirty and was in great need of a scrub so one day his mother bought him a toothbrush. ‘A toothbrush?’
    ‘Yes so yu can brush your discusting teeth beacause they’re horrible!’ Francois – the discusting man – touch his teeth a shivered. He pulled a horrible face and immediately started scrubbing his teeth.
    The next day his mother bought him some shampoo. ‘What’s that for?’ Asked Francois.
    ‘It’s for your hair, you’ve got dandruff.’
    ‘What’s that?’
    ‘Who cares, just wash it!’

  15. leila, age 8, from Britainia

    hurry up run said lola dropping her tooth brush on the bathroom sink there’s a man covered in colgate stripes sabrina scarpped with all her might until her and her sister finely reached the door and ran with out no breth to breath lola calls sabrina i’ve left my tooth brush in there you have to wait until he’s gone OK saidlola sreaming at sabrina the colgate monsters gone now so you can get your tooth brush and bush your teeth.


  16. lucy, age 10, from australia

    one day there lived a tooth paste man who was the sizes of a thimble he lived in a bathroom sink. he came out at night. until BANG! the door of his house crashed down and evil tooth brush ninjars ran in and scrubbed him clean (he was very smelly). he lost a arm then they stopped.

  17. penny, age 8, from england

    connected to a thousand people i give up. i have given in and lended my arm to the brush

  18. prue, age 10, from england

    in the day i sleep
    i toil at the birth and death of day
    and the night belongs to me
    i decrease always
    and soon i will be gone
    apart from the remenants which can’t be squeezed out
    but until then I lend myself to you

  19. muffin man, age 17, from scotland

    i ate myself then i thought i better brush my teeth MWAH HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!

  20. loo loo, age 127, from loo loo loo loo loo loo llama

    Miriam picked up the key to the bathroom from the floor underneath the door of the family’s bathroom
    for the past 20 minutes hour Miriam had heard her daughters shrieks of delight as she ignored her mother’s pleas, threats and bribes while she turned taps on and off, always terrified the two year old would burn herself or break something.
    the key had finaally been forgotton and kicked out of the way
    Mirian inserted it in the lock and opened the door.
    Jess stood in the bath grinning at her mother

    “look mummy, pictuh!”

    several jigsaw pieces covered the pinkish lino (which needed replacing)
    each adorned with a blob of toothpaste and a green toothbrush. (jess’ father couldnt throw things away…)
    In the middle of it all was Miriam’s priceless “china man” there were no arms now except for streaks of colgate and the beautiful porcerlain body was no longer attached to the head…

  21. Samantha, age 10, from England(Pudsey.)

    Once there was a very starange picture made by Derek Bosheir,he was very famous for his pictures but this one was very strange.It looked like a mediem sized man with ulture big tooth brushes!His body looked like tooth paste.He did not look very strong but this marvellous painting turned out to be very famous and it made lodes of money!
    He loved his painting soooooo much that he made a big big big big big big book!
    But everyone has to die and a few years later after his painting he got shoot.
    It is a sad ending to my story I made but it is my imagination.
    THE END!

  22. TSP, age 0, from 23

    Everybody loves the toothbrush kid even the owner of centerparcs and jigsaw pieces

  23. G?, age 21, from England

    The Love and Life of Identi-Kit Man?

  24. Shelby, age 11, from United States

    Once there was a little boy that never brushed his teeth. Even as an adult, he never brushed. He always said “Why should I brush them if they’re just going to get messy again?”
    One morning he woke up and got dressed. But, when he tried to open his bedroom door, it wouldn’t open! He got scared because there was no lock on the door.
    Suddenly,toothbrushes came out of the floor. They said “Since you never brush, dying is now a must!”
    They got close to him and when they touched him, he turned to toothpaste! They bushed were the toothpaste was until there was nothing left. Then, they went back into the floor. The man was gone forever.
    The motto is brush your teeth or your toothbrush will come back to haunt you.

  25. Emelyne, age 10, from Belgium

    One day a man named Salvatore wanted to paint a picture so he thought and he said: “I will draw somebody with three big green brushes and a body half-angel and half-lollipop. Then he chose these colours: white for vanilla, red for strawberry and green for apple. Around the body he put a rectangle and some pieces of puzzle are around the puzzle…

  26. lucy, age 10, from australia


  27. amelia smith, age 11, from uk

    there once was a great man named james
    he lived in toothpaste land
    he dressed very very silly
    he’s a very very good bloke

  28. Tooth Fairy, age 12, from Toothland

    He comes to those who won’t brush their teeth
    He brushes them with colgate
    He comes
    He comes
    He will eat your sweets so you wont get rotten teeth
    He comes
    He comes
    He came

  29. Emma Carolina, age 10, from USA

    Once upon a time there was a very good toothbrash and puzzle man

    ho named Andrius . He lived in a toothpaste and puzzle land! He was very curious men ( bat I tell you that is very good and very graet men) THE END Emma Carolina ( I like this painting)

  30. christy, age -12, from england

    The man had only toothbrushes as friends. For he was a lonely man in a jigsaw puzzle of a world. And his only friends turned at him, scrubbing him away ’til he is no more. For this is a sad story of a man with no friends.

  31. katie, age 10, from england

    I think all kids should have that picture in there bathroom becouse then they`d never foget to brush there teeth.

  32. who's askin?, age 10, from north pole

    once upon there was a boy who forgot to brush his teeth. he got acid erosion and all of his teeth fell out. he never had teeth again.