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The British School, The Cholmondeley Ladies, circa 1600-10

These two ladies were apparently from the same family – they were born on the same day, they got married on the same day and gave birth on the same day, too. This painting was created to celebrate the babies being born.

Look closely at the ladies and their babies. They look identical at first, but they’re not, are they? Who do you think these ladies might be? How might they be feeling?

The Cholmondeley Ladies

34 stories about “The British School, The Cholmondeley Ladies, circa 1600-10”

  1. Me, age 1, from Iran

    Do you realise you look slightly like each other? Said David Beckham

  2. olivia, age 13, from england

    the cholmondeley ladies is about two twins and one night the got incredibly ill know one could help them a year later they herd noises down stairs they called for help but ther was know one ther so know one would belive them so they tryed to forget then sudenly ther was foot steps in the hall way they both pick there children up and held it in ther hands they were so scared they were going to die one of the twins showted show your self show your self we dont care if we die i do showted the other twin bang bang two gun shots whent of then anopther two but they were closer than the others this time now they were so scared they thought they were going to die but not by a gun buy scardnes but they didn’t knowone knows what happend next i wriet this from memory and my dreems the baby on the right no family no nothing just a lonly sole a cold one twobye this is the last that you will here from me good bye

  3. klot ed krim, age 127, from tartary

    “come in!” said mrs Cholmondeley .The visitor was a tall man,with dark curls.”I am mr scott,private detective.””And why have you come?”she asked.”Don’t play innocent with me! You are suspected of murder & drug-smuggling!””me?!””Yes,you!First case: killing a child. Second case: smuggling opium into America!””and what child was that ?””that one!”he said,gesturing towards the cot.Sure enough,the child was dead!”there is the evidence!”.

  4. tina, age 10, from england

    it was late at night.the cholmodeley ladies were up in bed they had just given birth to their first babieswhen suddenly a crack of thunder split the roof open.”give me the babies , give me the babies or else i will kill you”obediently they handed them over and the only sound was the chukle of the leaking pipe wich had burst when the lightning had smashed it.

  5. THe candy tiger, age 1, from japan

    i wonder if she noticed that i swaped the babies anyway this one is nicer

  6. Lucy Phan, age 10, from U.S.A

    There once was a queen who was very poor but she thought she was the most beautiful person of all. One day she was walking in the forest and saw a pond. She glared at herself and then her mirror image in the pond smiled a scary smile and grabbed her and pulled her into the pond. Her pond image was having an evil laughing time. The evil women ordered the queen to bring her to the outside world because her hair could not grow under water. The queen pulled the evil women up and then they found a husband later in life and gave birth to a baby by different men. The evil twin also got married and gave birth to a son but the queen and the evil women had differences. The evil women had a shorter neck than the queen and the baby that belonged to the evil women had a shorter neck.The mystery is not discovered yet why the babies are different. But then one day there was a laughing wizard behind the old oak tree.

  7. Sarah Willesborough Junior School, age 11, from England

    As the night was appoching and my mother was rocking me to sleep,I was listening out for any unusual happening and sounds that evening. I could sense something was going to happen that night.Something evil.Causiouly I began to crawl out of my mother lap down the crooked stairs. To my surprise I was stopped by towering burning flames as tall as skyscrapers and severe smoke as thick as wool. I had to battle through.I kept telling my self I was on a mission. I got out the house alright and I went to live with my mothers twin who lived next door.Did my mother ever get out alive?

  8. Ali G Willesborough Junior School, age 11, from England

    “Finally!” yelled the first twin as she held her baby up in the air and spun around. Then she then observed that her twin sister was going through the same pain and agony that she had. She bit her lip and prayed that it would be successful. The curtain drew back. The sister took a deep breath, lowered her head, closed her eyes and sighed. Her sistr had not been as lucky as the first twin. The nurse whispered into her ear
    “I’m…….so sorry” the nurse padded away, leaving the first twin with her sister’s deceased body lying on the bed, as the twin sobbed, bewildered and shell-shocked.

  9. Courteney, Willesborough Junior School, age 11, from England

    The Cholmondeley Ladies have just given birth to their daughters, who are cousins. All of a sudden the door screeched open, then there was a shadow. The shadow got bigger and the ladies saw a man walk into the light. The man told them to get into the bed and have a painting done otherwise he would take all of their jewellery, money and their babies. He told them to stay still whilst he painted a picture of them. Once he had finished the painting he took his bags and filled them with the ladies money and he took their babies, then left the cabin. All he left the ladies with was a few shillings and the painting of them…….

  10. THE AUTHER, age 11, from ENGLAND

    As morning had broken and both of the twin sisters had awoken with yawns and stretches of tiredness ,an air of mystery ,gloom and a touch of adventure filled the room.There was mist of the foggy kind and it spread around like a forest fire which had just been litten.
    As if he had just appeared out of thin air,Inspecter Brown,the local inspecter, was standing stock still at the front door of the house. At first sight of the tired yawning sisters, the hulky lion strided into the room.He scaned the room like a computer scaning a CD and then seated himself on the cosy warm couch by the blazing bright fire.
    “There is a report on two missing babies,anounced the stout inspecter proudly,and I have been sent on the very important mission of making everyone in this neighberhood aware of the details.If you happen to sight any of these two,he explained handing over a black and white photo of twins,then report to me at once.”
    Then swiftly,Inspecter Brown stepped out of the room and exited the building.
    As soon he had gone out the Cholmondeley Ladies stared out of the window simultaneously ,to see the most amazing sight meet their eyes.
    It was …


    Uptill now no information or clues have been found out about the missing twins…

  11. Tom.s Willesborough Junior School, age 11, from England

    Aamzingly, the Chomondeley ladies hajust been involved in a dreadful war against a formidible opponent, in addition to Russia! Fortunately they have briefly cleaned them selves up for a extreamly inprotant meeting with King Donald!

    Donald was like a cheetah in war allways racing to the heart of the intence action! He was a truly wonderful man; his eyes are the great Atlantic ocean; his hair as balck as burnt wood. He was a tall slim figure. The atmosphere around him was exciting as he could allways predict the inevtitable!

    Unfortunately, the two battered ladies had to say there goodbies to the squalid babies once again. They had to make the trek through the quagmire of a town they lived in to the King Donalds beautiful castle towering above all else; casting a dark shadow on the town…

  12. sarah-jane willesburough, age 11, from England

    It was a cold Thursday night and the royal Queens were walking up to there Chamber”Smithey,Smithey”shouted one of the Cholmondeley sisters.Her sister had allready gone up to there Chamber.As quick as a wink there was a flash of lightning and the window broke.The other sister ran dowm the stairs to find her beloved Smithey on the cold solid floor,glass through his heart.She ran upstairs to find her sister on thr bed with a lovley baby called Poppy.It was raining and up the Ivy wall crept a man.The Queen relisied that it was her Husband Albert the 1.He decided to stay and see her have birth.After the birth her breathing got shallow and she died.He swaped the babies and crept out the window.will the babies know who is there real mother? will the baby know her mum died?

  13. Lauren Willesborough Junior School, age 11, from England

    After the two Cholmondeley ladies had both given birth to their children, a strange man dressed in black came charging through the hospital doors, like a heard of bufferloes chassing after their prei. He said that he was the artist but that couldn’t be posssible as the artist was already there. It ened up that he was a robber, conserqently he asked for all their money aswellas their jewellery.

  14. the monster under your bed, age 11, from scary vill

    this is a song

    there was two twins with little girls
    they were so cute and…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….then they melted and ate you

  15. Megan. E. hill, age 7, from England wimbledon High school

    Look at our little sweetepies arnt they cute exclaimed the first twin happly yes,yes there adorable said the second twin dreimly BANG wat on earth was that said the first twin jumping then out of the dust came a man the size of ten houses put on top of each other my my said the first twin GIVE ME YOURE BABIES shouted the man NO screamed the twins but just then both of the twins husbands ran through the no longer a door for it had already been broken down carried there now screaming wives through the no longer door down the stairs and out of the house where are we going AHHHHHHH screemed the first twin clining on to her baby as her husband jumped on the back of a lorry she looked over at her twin to see that she was having the same shock as she was then her sisters eyes closed and she died.

  16. Olivia Nelson, age 9, from England

    Once upon a time,in a land far far away,lived two beautifully formed twin sisters called Mary and Elizabeth.They may be twins but Mary was a cruel queen and was exceedingly greedy and yet Elizabeth was sweet and kind but being the younger one she wasn’t queen yet. One day, both sisters had a babies on the same day! Mary boasted about her new child as they lay in their bed but just thenone of Marys servants walked in,bowed and said”Your majesty,people are complaining about your service.They want you to come and speak to them!”So mary did but her people weren’t satisfyed and exicuted her.Now she is known as bloody Mary.Elizabeth took Marys daughter and adopted her and a few days later, she became queen and ruled over her people fairly until she died.

  17. corky, age 9, from United States

    two twins look at you two twins look at me and we both get scared


  18. May, age 14, from England

    As the sun rose, child’s laughter could be heard from inside the manor house. One sister smiled joyfully, relieved to be holding a beautiful, healthy child after many months of waiting. She flitted between attending to the baby, quietly mulling over her good fortune and eagerly telling her future plans to her twin. Her twin, however, though kindly listening to the first sister, could not help but envy the carefree life of the first sister. After years of coming second best, she now longed to hold a beautiful healthy child, to plan exciting plans and to excitedly tell said plans to anyone who would listen. Yet healthy the child was not and eventually the truth would be revealed, the whole truth.

  19. dbhsaafboi, age 22, from London

    These ladies might be born on the same day and given birth on the same day but they are worst enimaies!

  20. lucy, age 10, from australia

    one day at the break of dawn two young women each had a baby. They were so happy they were going to bye a painting (which didn’t happan very ofen). they bought a butiful senary painting. When they got home one of the women touched the painting and her finger became part of it. They were so scared they ran away. Now there are two mystery woman the strange part was that one of them had a missing finger.

  21. Samantha, age 10, from England

    Once their was too twins.They had grown up as wonderful adults,one day they had a baby each.What they did not know is that their babys where born on the same day in the same place…………………………..

    The twins have not seen each other for a long time but they finaly meet again.While they went to the markit with their babys they walked into each other and they said at the same time”But….You…..You look like me.”
    One of the twins called Victoria said”Are we………….”
    The other twin called margert said”I think we are twins to be honest.”They scearmed…………………..
    The story will go on next time.
    That is chapter one.

  22. Samantha, age 10, from England

    Hello I’m back again,now I’m here to finish of my story.
    This is chapter two.
    The two twins see each other all the time.

    The two twins had bought things together,theyhad to go home now.
    Victora’s husband souted to her”Who is that you are with?!”
    “Its my twin I have been looking for!”Shouted to her husband Thomas because they were far away.
    Margert’s husband louis looked terrible shocked,his mouth was wide open!
    So the two twins went home with their husband and children.The next day they met again and thay both seemed to be seeing their mother at the same time and the same day.They both thought in their head(Strange very strange.)Their mother Mary-Anne said”Hello,its good to see you two again toghether.”
    “Mother.”Said victoria.
    “Yes.”Said their mother.
    “We know that we are sisters,you know like twins.”Replied Margert.
    That is end of chapter two.
    Tommorrow i will tell you chapter three so for now bye bye.

  23. Ellery, age 9, from PA

    Thy name is day thy twins name is night. Tis one day thy had a fight of who had the best baby. Her baby could speak and mine could not there for I lost thy fight. so ashamed I told Master Art to lock us in thy painting. If thy looks closely you see her smile and I do not.

  24. Clara, age 8, from England

    We are the same. There is no diffrence in our personality. What if we die on the same day. Will there be screeching of a painful death, or will we suddenly drop on the floor?


  25. jessica spedding, age 13, from china

    This is a story about a girl called Jessica Spedding and she was looking in a mirror when someone took this picture, that is why there are two of her. Jessica has a boyfriend called Alex Candlin and they adopted a child called Alexica. But then she got the ugly disease, which both her ‘adoptive’ parents had and died. They were so upset they went and brought a puppy. They called the puppy Jelex. Then Jelex died because he ate to much pie, which Jessica and Alex had in the house often and exploded. Then, because Alex was in love with Jelex, killed himself by drinking toilet water. Jessica was so upset she went to pizza hut and then killed her sister Stephanie and smacked Stephanie’s boyfriend until he died.
    The end.

  26. TSP, age 12, from Canada

    The two babies of Tate town have been born. One became president of America on his 1st birthday and the other became a wildlife presenter called Bill Oddie on his 3rd birthday. Oh, I forgot, the president baby is called George Tree.

  27. annmarie, age 10, from U.S.A

    Oh, to what a joy is a twin! Someone to share your laughter. To join in your happiness and festivities! To dress like you. To look like you. Your clothes all matched and the same. Most think of you two the same in every such way. But that is not true at all. Your hearts are different. Your thoughts are different. Your interests are different. Always together, forever and ever. Never apart. Oh, to what a joy is a twin!

  28. Ariana, age 8, from USA

    There were two queens. They both had babies. One was named Lilly. The other one was Annie.
    They both were girls. When they were older they both played together.The queens were happy!

  29. Faye, age 9, from UK

    The Twins

    We are Young
    We are Young
    We are Twins
    We are Twins
    We’ve had Babies
    We’ve had Babies
    We Sail Across the Seven Seas
    We Sail Across the Seven Seas
    We are Young
    We are Young

  30. Chloe, age 10, from Brussels

    Two girls but not sister have e baby on the same day, same time and in the same room .
    One of the girls is not happy but the other is really happy .
    One of the girls has alot of money and she buys some clothes for the babies.
    One of the girls is a queen and she has a new friend. Both girls going to sleep in the same bed. The name of the babies is the same (mary and mary).
    However the fathers are really angry with both girls. They think that the girls should live in different houses. But the girls told the boys to go and live in another house. Now both girls live in the same house.


  31. Nana, age 12, from London

    The Cholmondley Ladies
    Two women,two babies.
    The first woman named Mary was tall and very fair which was considered as beautiful in the Victorian era,the second woman named Ann who was much more petit than Mary and more skinnier.
    Both concieved their children around about the same day,and both were in competition of whos son was to the throne.


  32. Ella S, age 11, from England, Devon

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful brunet women about 20 yrs of age and she gave birth to near enough identical to herself and each other. The twins did every thing together including, at the age of 19, a few years later Alice, the oldest twin to the right, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She stood up and pick her baby boy and listen to her younger sister, Elizabeth, go thought the pain and agony she had been thought a few hours before finally with a grunt the nurse came rushing thought the curtains she’s had a girl you’ve got a niece . A month later the Artist came round to paint a portrat of the proud mothers and new family members. They all live happily ever after.

  33. apoa, age 15, from london

    agatha had always loved having a twin.
    someone to turn to in times of need,
    someone to always help her succeed-
    and someone to make her look good.

    bertha had always hated having a twin.
    someone who’d always treat her badly,
    someone to get what she wanted madly-
    and someone to whom she was second.

    and now two babies, both brand new.
    now two babies with eyes of blue.
    both so innocent, looking so true,
    but bertha knew just what to do.

    her child would not live in anyone’s shadow.
    her child would never feel second best.
    for her child was the son of a king,
    it was just bertha who wore his ring.

  34. rebecca, age 10, from dover

    spot the difference?
    you tell me blud.