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Bernard Meadows, Black Crab, 1951-2

Meadows lived on the Cocos Islands in the South Indian Ocean during the Second World War. He became very interested in crabs and their behaviour when he was there.He said that this sculpture was ‘the essence of crabness’, which means that he believes that this work shows exactly what typical crabs are like, and how they behave.

If you were going to write a tale about a crab, what would the crab be like? Where would it live? Which animals would your crab be friends with, if any?

Black Crab

107 stories about “Bernard Meadows, Black Crab, 1951-2”

  1. Charlie, age 13, from Britan

    Lia looked out across the dark sea. She called to her friends the Black Sea Crabs using high pitched chirping noises. The crabs came quickly, scuttling across the sand. She told them she was sad, that a tall ship would come to take her away from Prelandrea forever. Jorge, the king of the crabs asked Lia if she would like to be a crab. Lia was glad the tall ship would never capture her. Quietly, she slipped away to join the crab people.

  2. Rebecca, age 11, from Hampshire, England

    Immo was a black crab, roaming around the sands of the south coast of England. The other crabs were all dark shades of red or brown – Immo was the only crab of black. Nobody respected him… until the day of the storm. Lightning came and violently killed a few of the crabs. Others were bashed to death by the huge hailstones that came pelting down towards the ground. The only survivors were the ones who scurried to hide under rock and in caves – all except Immo. Immo stood still in the middle of the beach, a contrast to the couple of dozen red crabs who had not made it through the storm. Immo was struck by lighting twice and the hailstones seemed to deliberately aim at her, making her body completely deformed beyond repair. But she didn’t tumble down towards the waves like the dead crabs. She suddenly jerked, and a stunning blue light came shooting out of her eyes. The bullets of blue that came from Immo hit the black clouds and every single strike of lightning until the storm had fleed. Within seconds, the sun was shining and the sea was blue and warm. Immo, the immortal crab, looked like a beast, an animal that had never been discovered before – but she still owned her kind heart. The other crabs emerged carefully out of their hiding places. When they saw Immo, they didn’t snigger or shriek like they had done before – one by one, they scuttled towards her, as only a crab can, and thanked her. Immo was then made Queen of the Crabs and was forever admired by the creatures of the sea. Now, several generations later, the story of Immo is told to smaller crabs and will, without a doubt, be passed on throughout future generations.

  3. Lucy McClure, age 6, from England

    Once upon a time, there was a crab called Benny. Benny had no friends. One sunny day he went on a walk to find some friends. First he saw Sally the dolphin. Sally said she would be Benny’s friend if he gave her some flowers. Benny couldn’t find any flowers, so he went to tell Sally. “Fine then, I won’t be your friend” said Sally. Benny felt upset, at least I still have a family.

    The End

  4. Sabah, age 6, from England

    One night , Linda was going bed like evryone else was. In the night Linda found a shooting star in the sky , she quickly made a wish. Her wish was”to see a black crab.” Then she went back to sleep. In the morning she saw a black crab on her book shelf. She was so happy.

  5. KARINA, age 10, from MEXICO


  6. Nelson, age 12, from England

    I saw lots of crabs on the shore of palalem in goa. When the tide came in it washed up lots of tiny crabs,who busily dug them selfes into a sandy grave.Every now and then they would pop thier crabby hends out of the holes .

  7. Jodie Pynn, age 9, from England

    Sglod at the swimming pool

    One hot day Sglod wanted to go for a swim so Sglod got everything he needed and went to the swimming pool. When Sglod got there he told the lady that he wanted to go for an hour.
    “That will be £2.50 please”,said the lady so Sglod gave her his money and went in. First Sglod went to the changing rooms and put on his truncks. Then he had a key which he put his clothes and towel into a locker then locked it with the key. Sglod in the swimming pool and he swam about happily for half an hour. Then it was closing time and the lifeguard told everybody to get out of the pool. Sglod was just about to get out of the pool when all of a sudden a kid was screaming,
    “HELP HELP!” Sglod jumped back in and saved him from drowning. His name was Dominic. Sglod was a hero,he got a reward. It was a £100.00 cheque.

  8. boogeyman, age 0, from boogeymanland

    im the boogeyman im im coming to get the black crab!

  9. simone theaker, age 8, from ingellmells

    once upon a time there lived a boy called sam and he went to the shop and found a key and he picked it up therewas a slug on it and went home to show his mum and dad wouw what have you found there.he went to his bedroom and put it on his wallthen suddenly he went out of his room and to a place he did not no.so he called help anyone here then a man and a woman came next to my.talk my back to my bedroom so they did and he was all save and sound.

    The end

  10. simone theaker, age 8, from england

    one day a girl was going to a party and was very exsited to go.then a girl said;come and see the cake its big then suddenly it exsploded with a bang 2341 it shouted a bee is here and ran away never to be seen again.

  11. Elle, age 12, from Manchester, England, Irlam

    Rory was a crab. He didnt have big pinsors, or a big muscular body, all the other crabs picked on him and bullied him. Rory didnt care. He just stayed away from all the popular people , out of trouble and away from danger. Although where ever rory went, danger always followed.
    Rory lived in the canary rock pools. From time to time he wonderd the beach picking shells and rocks up.

    Gill was flying home from her morning flight. ( Gill was a seagull,his best friend)
    ” Those morning winds are terrible” she gasped
    ” Oh PLEASE take me up there” Pleded rory.
    “What if i dropped you an you fell to your deth?” Whiperd gill with a terrible shudder.
    ” Oh. okay” sighed rory.
    ” Well, okay maybe for a miniuit, but you will have to be so careful… ok?” Said gill with a sturn look.
    “Whoopie!!” Screamed rory
    So gill took off with rory in her clutched claws.
    ” Oh my gosh!” Scremed rory over the high piched winds.
    ” WHATT” Wailed gill
    ” its amazing up here!”
    Then the wind struck gill so hard it knocked her off course, down, down into the black sea.
    Rory woke up on the beach. he had such a head ache.
    Had that been a dream? Where was gill?
    Gill was lying next to him moaning.
    Suddenly a group of crabs were screaming, scuttling towards him.
    Rory scuttled as fast as his little legs could carry him all the way home. He heved up his really heavy rocks onto his little back and took them to the huge gap in the wall were all the oil and rubish was pouring in. There and back he walked untill every little gap in the wall was covered. No more polution could get in. Rory was exausted. He fell to the floor but before he could close his eyes he was held in the air. “RORY RORY RORY RORY!!”
    Rory had shown one thing no other crab could show. Bravary. He was stronger than every other crab on the beach.
    The crabs made a statue of rory holding up rocks. Rory the crab’s bravery and courage will always be rememberd…..

  12. ASHLEY, age 15, from KIRBYVILLE


  13. noelle, age 11, from G.A

    There it was the rare and prislese black sea crab but it loked not so prittey as every one said it was black tall and scary,i was so scared so i rain as fast as i could to live then i stoped.”WHHOOO”!!!then ther it was following me,”AAAAAHHHHHH HHHHEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP MMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!”!!!and then i ran and i ran as fast as i can and i stop then there it was”GASP”!!!!i was bout to run but then it said something it said “please dont run i wont hert you i give people good luck when they hug me and then ill tern buetiful so she huged here and wished”i wish my mom necver died”AND POOOFFFF here mom and here huged and then the crab terend in to a merimad she was in a spell!!!!

    the end!!

  14. Hubbah, age 9, from England

    kate looked at the dark sea, she wondered where the mermaids were. The reason why she was looking for the mermaids was because they promised kate that they will take her to see their land, what kate didn’t know is that mermaids were dangerouse they drown anyone who
    they hated. kate didn’t know that the mermaids hated her, so when the met again the mermaids drowned her and nobody ever seen kate again!


  15. Emma :), age 14, from scotland

    One day Mary was sitting at her bedroom window.
    All of a sudden she screamed with horror,, and called over Sandra,
    Sandra asked ” what was wrong?”
    she was to mcuh in sock to talk.
    Then Sandra looked out the bedroom window,
    there was nothing there,, apart from the sea!
    But when she turned away there was a high pitched cry comeing from the sea!

    Sandra turned around quickly and there it was,
    the blue crab!

    It was ugly.. it had five legs and one giant head, it only had to sharp teeth,
    but they looked deadly.

    As they both backed away,, they saw a hole in it’s head.
    They screamed and ran out of her room.
    The blue crab jumped into the window and smashed it.
    It ran after them but, it’s head was so big it slowed it down,
    but after a while it caught up with them,
    and thats the last they have every heard from Mary and Sandra.

  16. Yasmin, age 11, from England

    One sunny day, benny the crab was on the beach. even thouh it was a lovely day, benny was very gloomy. He was very sad because his house (which is made of sand) was washed up by the water.

    Suddenly, bennys friends came over, callum and cara.
    “Dont worry, we will build a new home, away from the sea!” said Callum.

    A few days later, Cara and Callum had finished the house and Benny was ready to move in!

    The End…. or is it????

  17. max, age 6, from ISRAEL

    Once a crab was walking on a beach and fell into a hole. It wasn’t a ordanary hole!It was a
    carbon freese! The crab came out wraped in carbon.


    By maimillian Daniel Rake


  18. cooool dude, age 0, from ftt

    the once was a small boy called thsmelly, who went to the thames river t catch a fish.
    he caught one and eats it……………. mwwhahahahah!!!!!
    then he caugt a cat and eat it all….. haaaaaaaaa,! funny hey.

  19. nell stwart, age 7, from English

    once upon a time there was a artist called William he was very poplar for his designs. william wanted to make a new design but he couldnt thikn of one . A couple of weeks later he had a great idea so he always used to do painting . But ths time he made a sculputre he didnt now what the scupyur was going to be so he just mde a crazy shape. It took him weeks and weeks to make it becaue he had los o differant designs. Then he chose t best design went to the shops, brought some clay and started working. When he finished he gave it to a gallery and the next day everyone came to see it. everyone was trying t buy i fo millions and milloons of dollars. But h woldnt gve it away. and they made him the bst artist o all.

  20. kaya, age 11, from uk

    one day there was a little girl she loved to drew pics so one day she got out her art stuf and closed her eyes and found lots of paint and splashed it every were she opened her eyes and there it was the most amazing painting in the world

  21. Rikka, age 12, from USA

    Every day there was a beautiful girl tht went to the beach. A gold crab always spotted her there and befriended her. One day the girl didn’t come to the beach. The crab waited and waited but she didn’t appear. The next day it happened again. The crab waited and grew more sorrowful each and every day. It passed months and the months turned to years. The golden crab lost some of his shine each and everyday untill he turned black. He was depressed. Because the black crab was so heartbroken, he turned into stone. One day the girl came back to the beach. She was old. All she saw was a black, shiny stone that was shaped like a crab she used to play with. She mourned and felt the sorrow the crab felt. Again, everyday the lady went to the beach.

  22. lethecia, age 8, from england

    one day i had a dream and i woke up and found my self at my mum’s work place and went on the computer and it said bad forcast there was going to be a hurracanie i went home and told my mum to pack and lets leave we went to canada and it was the same we went to cayman islands and we had some ice-cream and went to find a hotel and we were safe i stayed there for a long time

  23. becky, age 11, from us

    Once there was a crab that loved to eat. She especially loved eating pie, but there wasn’t much pie on the seashore. So she went to a store but didn’t have any money. The store person said – what do you have to trade for pies? The crab thout and said – sand! The store person said he didnt need sand. but then he said – wait, i do want a fish pond. so the crab dug a fish pond with her claws and got pies.

  24. CHARLOTTE, age 0, from ENGLAND

    once there was a living piece of art work called susie she was the only painting which was alive intheworld. OONE DAY SHE WAS WALKING TO SCHOOL WHEN SUDDE NLy she saw a living sculpture. ‘hello. what’s your name?’ Ruby';said thesculpture’My name is susie and can i go to an art exhibition with you”SURE” SO THEY WENT OF TOGETYER AND NOT EVEN CAREING WHEN PEPOLE STARED AT THENM THE END

  25. Grace, age 10, from England

    Once, on a dark stormy night, a cry could be heard from the distance. Who knows who it was that let out that severe cry could not be told. But there it was, still haunting everyone, the cry that symbolised something as indesribably terrible as death. The ledgend of the black crab had been told and another poor helpless soul had heard it being told, not willingly but forcefully. The black crab was a fearsome creature. Some say it is a myth, some say it is real and it is coming. Which ever you choose to believe in, stay true to yourself or you know what will happen and you know when it will….. NOW!!!

  26. lucy, age 0, from australia

    One day there lived a spanish baby crab called Diego. Diego was diffrent to other crabs because he could speak spanish and only spanish. then one day he went to the center of the ocean on a boat. too the wishing circle and wished he could speak english and only english and tiny bubbles appeared . then they popped diffrent colours. then he spooked “hello” he said. ” cha ching” he said again then his wish back fired and he could not speak crab languge “help” he screamed.then he decided he would play a trick on the humans. he’d sceam help then ran to another spot. this lasted to days then a little boy picked him up and took him home . he stayed silent for the rest of his life. the lesson is don’t trust a wishing circle THE END.

  27. SHAUN AND TASHA, age 8, from UK

    One day a black crab named: Crabby was side stepping along the shore when he say a group of other crabs. He went over to them and said ” Please can I be your friend please?”
    But horridly all the other crabs scuttled away. Sadly the little black crab went back to his home. A hole in the rock. He went on crying for the rest of the years until he made a friend called Imo. Imo and Crabby went along the shore together happily singing ” FreinDs Friends”

    THE END.

  28. Prav, age 13, from England

    Once upon a time there was a pharaoh who had a pet spider. One day the pharoah died of a cardiac arrest. The spider was in so much shock he tryed to kill himself so he travelled to Mt St Helens and through himself into the molten magma. From this he was not killed but turned into the artifact above. Thry all lived happily ever after.

  29. Lucy, age 5, from U.S.A

    When I went to the beach I found a crab and I named him Tom.

  30. RAFAELA, age 11, from Germany

    Once upon a time there was a crab named Rufus. He went every morning to his school, but he did not like it. The other animals were not very nice to him. The reason for that was, that Rufus’ skin was black. His uncle Franky, who is dead, had been black, too.
    Rufus usually walked slowly on the way to school. One day, he arrived at the playground. Suddenly Rufus saw a big trouble in front of the school-building.
    Puzzled Rufus started to run. Bobbie, a fat pink pig, shouted: “I’ll get it, dudes!”
    A big sheep laughed: “You?You must be joking! You are too little! But me… I am looking forward to the meeting with Ryan Smith!”
    Rufus couldn’t believe what he heard. A meeting with the Star Ryan Smith? Wow…
    Smith was very popular. Everybody knew him. When a new film (of course for animals!) came out, he was the most important person.
    Rufus smiled. When the bell rang, the pupils went away. Finally Rufus was able to read a big poster. He read:” YOU CAN MEET A STAR! NOW !!! CASTING FOR THE NEW FILM WITH RYAN SMITH, THE LION, IS TOMORROW. COME AND COMPETE AGAINST THE OTHER CANDIDATES!!! GOOD LUCK ;)
    Rufus felt dizzy. It was his greatest wish, to meet Ryan Smith. But he was only a little black crab without any friends.
    In a hurry, he ran into his classroom. The teacher wasn’t here yet.
    After school, all pupils stood in front of the poster again.
    Bobbie showed off, that he would win the competition.
    Suddenly, a rabbit shouted. “Oh no! Listen, what you forgot on the bottom of the poster: THE TRICKY THING IS, THAT ALL CANDIDATES HAVE TO BE BLACK!THE ROLE MUST BE BLACK.”
    Everybody turned around to Rufus. He was very very surprised.
    Black? Maybe he could win! He smiled.
    “Oh. Look at Rufus! Isn’t he black?”, Bobbie called.
    “He, dudes! Don’t worry.I’ts not important, right?”
    “HAHAHA”, the others answered Rufus.
    As fast as he could, Rufus ran home. His classmates followed him. Eric, the classclown, suddenly stopped running.
    He called the others and they whispered for a few minutes.
    Rufus suspiciously looked at them. It was clear, that they were angry and jealous.
    Then Eric came to him.
    “Well… we have thought about your situation. We shouldn’t be jealous. We should congratulate you!!!”
    “Really?Thank you!”
    And it was not a joke from Eric. Rufus’ class became his greatest fans, when Rufus got the role.
    And they lived happily ever after.

    THE END ;)

  31. molly, age 7, from united kingdom

    There was a little girl who had her hair curled. One day her father took her the beach “Oh Father This is buetifull” the little girl said she walks to the splishy splashy waves just then she heared a snippy sound she followed the snippy sound just there in front of her was a little black crab the little girl shouted her father “FATHER FATHER COME HERE QUICK” the father ran to her as fast as he could and her father said “look its a rare black crab u can keep it for a pet if u like” said the father . the little girl shook her head ” no” she said “this belongs here”
    Good choice said father soon it was time to go “it was a great day” Said the little girl THE END.

  32. doogaloogie, age 12, from boogieland

    i bought a pet dog called fluffy , this is him!
    i called him fluffy because he was very sharp and shiny and odd, not fluffy at all!:D
    he has two tetch in his big mouth and one masssive eye!
    he is black and died some where soon in the future!
    and thats my dog called fluffy!:)

  33. sarah, age 11, from england

    there was a strange creaking c0oming from tate gallery woods, sue walked hesitantly over to the mythical plant that looked like a tree from a horror film. as she walked over to it she saw 2 eyes a mouth and a nose , it was a half eaten wolf!

  34. Antonia, age 20, from UK

    The Big Bang

    At first and for a long time, nothing.

    Silent, Still, Black.

    The world was nothing but a stretching, endless darkness that reched out into forever.

    Then, much to its own suprise, something moved.

    It awoke, as if from dreaming, into existance. It had no sense of anything except that it was and it could not recollect why or how it came to be.

    It was black so invisible in the darkness, yet had you seen it, you would have seen smooth spindle objects at the bottom, its legs- four of them, leading up to an equally smooth elongated, yet slightly angular oval serving as body and tail. Above that was a mouth, well a gaping hole of slightly darker blackness (if that is possible) with two spikes for teeth and a massive angular head. Massive could be the wrong word for without a point of reference the creature could have been as small as a pin or as big as a thousand of our suns, it didn’t matter to the creature either way, it was beyond such trivial wonderings.

    It floated in nothingness for many years just content to be. then after an indeterminable time it felt its first sensation- a strange tickling on the front of its face. The creature wriggled its face a bit for it had decided that this wasn’t a good sensation and wanted rid of it.
    Suddenly its head jerked backwards and its entire body began to shake voilently. Its legs flying out in all direcions as it gave into a wave of panic. All of a sudden the creature froze, legs askew, every muscle in its body tense and rigid.


    The creature let out an explosive sneeze that sent it flying backwards and out of his nose came planets, stars, comets, moons and infact everything that makes up a universe. The force of the sneeze sent the creature flying into forever and the universes spread out and out and out into eternity.

  35. hiiiiii, age 10, from french

    le developement d’ un crabe et d’un scorpion S’es mal passer cei donna unr oeuvre d’art

  36. Joey, age 14, from England

    He scuttled across the sand, his sharp feet poking tiny potholes in the freshly revealed shore. He stopped. His hole should have been here but the tide had collapsed the burrow and now he must begin his never-ending job again.
    The sea crashed and he turned, his large pincer held high in the air in case of attack, his legs outstretched, ready to pounce and his eyes tucked close to his sleek black body on their two delicate stalks. He crouched, waiting, as the seagulls swarmed.

  37. 55656, age 8, from uk

    Once there was a little girl called emma. emma was a kind girl and allways hoping to go to the beach to find the black crab. one day she pleased and pleased and her father said ok then so they went there . emma new where you could find them in a beach. she walked over to the sharp rock part she looked in but there was no black crab. emma was sure it was here somewhere so she sat and waited.but there was no sign of a black crab. “Father”.”Yes” is this the right beach of course not said her dad. so her dad took her to the right place to find 1 she walked over to the sharp rock bit and there was millions on crabs but they were all red no sign of 1. the little girl sighed ill never find a black crab then she found a black thing in the sea she went over to it but i was a little fish ill never find 1 she said lets go back tomorrow.the next morning they hurried to the beach but there was still no black crab. the little girl was very confused where is that crab she said. well check back tomorrow. so the went home. then the little girl went to bed. the next morning hopefully shed saw a black crab but no sign of 1 im real sad now father theres no blsack crab. lets go to crabby beach ok said the little girl so they went there and there were millions of crabs but no black crab there. the little girl was mad now she stomped her feet back home. she nver found 1 but the next morning she went again and she looked in the sharp rocks and ther was a newborn black crab she said dad look its a black crab.

  38. Carly, age 8, from England

    Once upon a time there lived a Queen and a King which had a baby that was born on the 4th of June. She was a UGLY baby her skin was covered in moles her nose was like a PIG, her hands were like a sunburnt penguin so as you can see she’s very UGLY. One day her mother and father got upset because people were laughing at them because of their UGLY child! So they gave her to a EVIL fairy and the next day claimed that she was stolen. 10 years later the EVIL fairy decided to leave the girl all alone in a dark cold forest. she found a litle rabbit hole in the ground. When a sudden strike of lightning STRUCK.

  39. nya, age 7, from gv

    One gloomy day on a torturous Night a bank robber came into our house.
    He stole all our money and all our stuff!Then he crashed our window with a bang! suddenly the next thing we knew we were poor.Then we stamped down stairs

  40. Nyasha Nhamo, age 7, from England uk

    One gloomy torterarus scary me and my friend owen.h.
    were finding what job we could get when suddenly black
    krab burst into our house!You have to admit he is scary
    well sort of carrying on he was trying to be friends with
    us.So we let him in but as soon as we let him in he was
    kaos even though we made a bed next to ours.Even better
    a stampeed of football players came in with a bag full of
    ca$h wicked a!When we took black krab shopping
    he was a little pest wanting everything in the shops,
    dont talk about swimming he pinched every one in
    the swimming pool.But we defenetly did,nt take
    him to football training you now why don,t you
    at the end of the day we had to say good
    bye even though me & Owen soor him as
    a pest we still liked him well inside only

  41. Tawana Nhamo, age 4, from England uk

    I looked out of my window
    what i soor was you know
    what right on the sand
    of my back yard playing
    in the swimming pool

    I took him in
    he was beutifull.

  42. Carolina Emma, age 10, from usa

    Once upon a time, there was a smart and fat crab called Sonic! Sonic have 2 friends a see sail called Ken and a fish called Max one
    happy day Max see one pen in the see and tell that to Ken and Ken
    tell that to Sonic . Sonic tell to Ken Wat that thing look like? Oh
    that think look like like a kalamari! ha ha ha ha ha ha ! The End!

  43. will stonier, age 12, from England

    Max looked into the blue swaying sea when all of a sudden a strange mutant crab jumped out and smashed back onto the surface of water like the first raindrop falling onto the ground in winter.

  44. liam cuxton, age 11, from uk

    They were
    two people who lived in a honted house every night they here the stair moves ever night and the windows shaky all night they never had a good night sleep for ages .
    they what to buy a new house but they havent got the money to buy a house
    they thrad to get a job but no one let them so they hated it but the lived in there house.

    One day someone came to the house and said you whant to get a house for free
    they said yes , so they did the pased it they got a free house and they lived happy ever after

    the END

  45. Christopher Wilkinson, age 12, from England

    What does this mean? Is this adaptation? What is this?

    I looked at the sculpture, completely confused, there was supposed to be an easy guide of what everything is in this museum, however this sculpture was completely confusing. Then a rush of water surronded the black crab, the dark water flowed over the marble floor. Then the black crab moved slightly, then it whispered quietly “Some things in this world are a mystery, some should be never found out, some should be left as confusing, you will understand eventually” then the water evaporated and the black mold started to turn back into the shape of a normal crab. I only had one question now

    “Are question supposed to be asked? Or should they be left as what they are now?

  46. timmy cheese, age 43, from everton

    I saw something near my shoes and had alook it was a black crab called bob he said he could change colour and he was my friend for a while. but I found out he was a liverpool fan so I stepped on him. so I say har har to the liverpool fan

  47. Oliver Murray, age 11, from England

    It all happened in one night, the murdering, the kidnapping and the war itself. It was horrible. But then again everything was horrible was horrible in those days, 1867 really wasn’t the greatest year to live in.


    “let me in you orrible’ thieves!”
    ”Jake, who is it?”
    “No idea Callum, but they don’t sound nice”

    Next mnute you now the door was broken down and three big men stepped in.
    “I’ve come to kill you so stay still!” shouted one of the three men
    “Quick run for it!” ordered Jake.

    TO BE CONTUNUED!……………………………………………

  48. erica, age 9, from uae

    once upon a time,there was a girl who love to buy a toys but she didnt fix her toys…and her mom and said,trishia why are you not fixing your toys??do you know a children didnt not fix there toys will be a crazy that a black crab bite your feet while you are sleeping!!!!!!!in that morning trishia said to her mom,mom im so sorry because i didnt fix my toys from now on i will fix my toys after i play…….because the black crab is my bestfriend.thay said to me to follow your attenions….: ):) :)

  49. Jack Williams, age 12, from England

    Lucien, leader of the black crab brotherhood, a society of talented assasins from the ocean, called to his people. He took off his black cloak and gave it to his son, who placed it inside a clam carefully,” Are you ready dad?” he whispered.

    ” Yes my son, bring in the warriors…” he replied. One hundred of the strongest armed warriors in the sea flooded through the castle gates whilst the city people watched, weapons in hand. the warriors wanted one thing… Luciens head.

    “Son, my sword, bring it to me.” said Lucien calmly and his son placed the solid, 48 inch, Elven Kamikaze warblade into his hand, he held it like it was a feather.

    The city people charged, Luciens soldiers charged, the opposing warriors cahrged and Lucien charged. He walked into the middle of the vast battlefield and slammed his sword into the ground sending shockwaves through the ocean and wiping out everyone within his city. The only thing left, was the Black Crab sculpure as it is now known, made of a strange substance that formed from Lucien and his sword when they collided with such a massive force…

  50. Peter Donnington, age 15, from England

    In West Philedelphia, born and raised, in a playground is where I spent most of my days. Chilling, relaxing and maxing so cool, having meatballs outside with my friends on a stool. When a couple of guys, who were upto no good, starting making trouble in the neighbourhood. I got in one little fight and my Mum got scared! She said: “You’re moving with your aunty and uncle in Bel Air. The End.

  51. lexi :), age 9, from usa

    Brooke looked out across the dark black sea she was worried because her and her parents where on a ship called the rover of the seas. But while they were on the ship a storm came and fliped the ship Brooke had to swim to the small island in front of her. She made it but her parents did not follow her. She sat on the island looking at the sea crying for hours. She heard noises and out came a crab he said ” Hi my name is Max whats your name?” My name is Brooke.” She said. Brooke Marchbanks right. Yes that is right. Guess what we found your parents. YOU DID! Yes we did and they still have dry clothes from your trip. So she got dressed and they were on there way home. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. SHAN, age 9, from ENGLAND


  53. lucy, age 10, from england

    a large black crab was crawling up my leg i screamed as loud as i could but people could’nt hear me. I was sucked through my bed ,at night, and taken away to some sort of world that knowone had discovered yet. i called louder and louder but still there was know answer. I heard a loud noise, it was a screaching noise and i walked slowly over to where i heard the noise. i peaked behind the bush and saw my best friend that i had’nt seen since my last school. she was being bitten by the large black crab that was cralwing up my le at home. we went to the place where we were droppedoff and we saw a spinning gust of wind. we walked into it and we found ourselves in my back yard. i called my friends mum, and then she was picked up and brought home. i ran through my back gate and crept up to bed.

    more or less thats the end

  54. Geo_rocker, age 12, from England

    There was a crab named Fred. He was a little daredevil and would try something if his friends did. He lived in the Fomerato Ocean with his 2 best friends Arnie and
    Bobby. Although he didn’t have many friends, he loved to explore on his own and with Arnie and Bobby. Arnie was a seahorse and Bobby was a jellyfish. One day all three of them went exploring. And they bumped into some mean fish(Jerry and Max) “Hey it’s Fred! said Jerry. Check out that cave over there, I bet you’re to scared to go inside it.”
    “No I’m not! Replied Fred. I’ll do it.”
    “Go on then,”said Jerry. Fred approached the cave entrance.
    “Go fred, Go Fred,you can do it!”shouted Arnie and Bobby.
    Fred began to slowly walk in and was in there for exactly thirty seconds.
    “I can’t believe he did it!”gasped Max.
    “Neither can I!”Jerry responded.
    “Now let’s see you try , Jerry,”said,cunningly.
    There was an awkward silence.
    Eventually, Jerry and Max ran off screaming.”Ha ha, I’ve finally proved I’m tougher than them!”Fred said, proudly.
    “Hooray for Fred!” Said Arnie and Bobby,happily.

  55. Katie Eastell, age 9, from England Sheffield

    Once upon a time over 500 years ago there was a black crab called Bernard. He was very popular with the female crabs and also some of the male crabs. But life as he knew it was about to change.

    One scintallating day Bernard set off to meet his friends deep in the ocean when something quite peculliar happened there were no crabs, no sea, no seaweed, nothing. Bernard was quite worried by now and started to pace up and down trying to make up an explaination. After a couple of minutes Bernard decided to give up when all of a sudden there was a black mass submerging from the corner of his eye and taking over his body…..

    Bernard found himself in the middle of nowhere the sky was indigo and the ground he could not yet see since his eyes were still weak and his vision blury. he heard a voice calling from what seemed like a distant galaxy. He started to pace up and down again. There was a pandemonium of loud and noisiness. Scarcly Bernard got up shut his eyes and he was back home in bed it had been a dream.


  56. Katie Eastell, age 9, from England Sheffield

    Hello my name is Jenna and I’m a black crab. I’m going to tell you about my latest adventure. I hope you enjoy beaches because this has got alot of beaches in it.

    One day I was walking across the ocean floor when I noticed a female human sitting on a wall staring out into the horizon. I stood still for a while to see what happened but she was as steady as a rock. I scurried home to see my family. My mum my dad and my sister. But when I got there, there was something a little better. Stood in front of me was a huge chain with pearls and diamonds. I stepped forwards a little then hesitated to touch one of the shimmering diamonds. When I finally touched it a huge black object seized the chain and dragged it up above the surface. My eyes were weak and my vision was blurry and in contrary to this, I hit my shell and cracked it. I woke up in a giant glass dome which seemed to be warm and bright and filled with artificial rocks. I struggled to the surface and climbed out of the dome. There was a beach so I scuttled to the sea for a while. I noticed after a while that this wasn’t my sea so I climbed back out and fell into a hole. I then found myself in another sea and again this wasn’t mine. I saw the human girl again and she picked me up and said “Why are you here? Let me take you to your sea”. She ran and ran to another beach dropped my in and said goodbye. I was back home. Finally.


  57. SHANNON, age 9, from uk

    . . . The bitaba bird.

    There are birds like no other birds because they are not real.
    They play tag with the earth and stars on wings of mist and light.
    Above the clouds, their crystal eyes sparkle in the blue. One appears every 100 years on a black and storming night. A lightening flash, a terrible crash, and a rock egg splits open. From within come brand new wings of a brand new thing.
    The End

  58. Faye, age 9, from UK

    The Black Crab

    I stroll on the beach all day long.
    Play with my friends all day long.
    I live in my shell all day long.
    And I love my family all day long.

    By Faye Maria Wilson

  59. Charlie, age 12, from Uk

    The black crab crawled along the beach. All of a sudden a pram came rolling over it…


    He could only see darkness!

    When he awoke he was disformed! The poor crab. Now he lives in exile! The other crabs are scared and laugh at him!

  60. Kealey, age 8, from England

    One warm stary night a gikrl called kealey she saw a shooting star she ha always had 2 wishes one was that her parents would say she could have a black crab and a trip to safari animal zoo in a jeep.

  61. Humna, age 10, from United Kingdom

    I have a sister called Aimen and she is very nice and kind to me but sometimes, she is even nicer and kinder than usual. The other day she bought me a packet of chewing gum and I gave her one because she was being so kind to me. But something terrible happened to her. She fell down and grazed her knee very badly and it was bleeding a lot. I felt so bad for her and I got the first aid kit and made most of the blood go away. It was nothing serious but for a sister that does so much for me, getting the first aid kit was nothing compared to it! =]

  62. veronica, age 10, from georgia

    Once apon a time it was summer.The ocean was still and and nice until a little black crab was seen bye a huge shark! The crab ran as fast as his little legs could.Then he turned around and saw the mean ugly shark right in fornt of him.The little crab was scared so he snaped the shark right on the nose and said “say sorry” for trying to eat me.The shark said sorry and swimed off as a new vegitarian.

  63. Hannah, age 12, from UK

    Lobster the crab lived in the pacific ocean and wouldn’t come out of his shell until one day, he was floating around waiting for food to drift in when he found himself in a cage , he was hauled aboard and the next thing he saw was a little boy, out fishing with his dad, “get anything son?” Uh-oh, thought Lobster “ermm……… no! not this time” he said and shoved him deep into his pocket, his shell hurt, he was wriggling in there for an hour or more before he finally got out and crawled along the rotting wooden pier. Before making it back into the sea he was attacked by two seagulls and his shell was dislodged and hanging by a millimetre. Lobster hadn’t had a good day, but at least he had come out of his shell.

  64. PeterPan, age 0, from NeverLand

    The black crab somehow open the door he was sweating he anxiously walked down and he feared some one was behind him as he looked on the wall there was a shadow it got bigger and bigger he ran down to the other room , ” Cluck Clock” …” BOOM BAAM ” where that sound coming from ? , No one knew as he walked up to see he saw a mysterious creature it was in the kitchen the house turned upside down it wasn’t a nice sight!

    The black crab couldn’t do anything because no one liked him and no one was his friend but he did try to scream but he knew no one would come so ..” Help me some one please ! ” and as he shouted some one came he said ” What’s the matter , u ok?” He Said…(Wakes up from dream) Uh what a terrifying dream but im surprised some one came to help me ! And as he got out of bed and got dressed he saw everyone being supportive to him and being nice and polite

    After all this bit wasn’t a dream ! and now he knew people are always there for him ..

    The End x

  65. aleena white, age 12, from england

    the best version of:
    once there was a black crab and she lived on the bottom of the white sea. the white sea was a lake and even if its name made no sense, it was still the home of the biggest black crab colony in Tanaza. the black crab that stars this story, however, was named clover.
    clover never liked being the littlest crab of the bunch. she never got to go explore the caves of del, or the hills of nye. clover alway was invited to partys and such but never anywhere where there was any concept of adventure. she had dicided to leave.
    clover had one great friend named lilac who she made the horrible mistake of telling these thought to.
    “clover you mustn’t go away,” cried lilac as she scuttled up a rock, as though standing wasn’t enough to tower over her friend. “I would be all alone.”
    “not really.” clover said simply. “besides theres so much in the white sea we haven’t seen!”
    “fine, but i’m coming.” said lilac.
    they set off. soon they came across 90 black crabs sealing the entrance to the city.
    “too many dangers for the city.” grunted one when asked why they were sealing the gates. then another one grunted in the same tone, “you stayin’ in or out?”
    “clover,” whined lilac. “we have to go back.”
    “i’m not.” clover said deffiantly.
    “oh…oh…,” said lilac torn. “fine. we have to stick together.”
    “any one of you want to come?” clover asked.
    the whole team went up in a chorus of “me!”s.
    familys had to all work as one team and the friends you meet are in your work groups, so, they weren’t leaving anything behind.
    with the sealing crew gone, the door stayed open.
    as the new family left there home to follow there life of adventure, other creatures followed their example; spreading out to find an adventure for their own, knowing their friends were at their backs and the homes door was always open, you just had to find out where you’re home was, if you don’t know where your home is, have more adventure finding it or making one.
    the end.

  66. Christian, age 18, from Deutschland/Germany

    I am made of black metal.
    I am a child of a storm.
    I am an animal but not real.
    I am a creature living in shadow.
    I am huge but nobody can see me.
    I am the opposite of heaven – I am not the devil.

    I am a simple crab.
    But I am something special!

  67. lucy, age 10, from australia

    there once was a young crab called koala now one day he found a old old old old old old old lamp.he thourt he would give it a rub and so he did and he rub and rub and POOF!! out poped a genie in the bath tub he screamed well you’re a new one whats your name “Koala” said koala “hello koala marster” said the genie first koala asked his first wish ” I wish i had a home”
    “o.k. done” said genie and poof poof poof there before his eyes was a magnifasint house .Then he made his second wish ” I wish for money” said Koala
    ” o.k. done” said genie and poof poof poof it started raining money on him.
    days past and he was getting bored with all his stuff .
    then finelly he said the biggest mistake of his live.
    “I wish I wasn’t a crab any more” yelled koala.
    “done”said genie and poof whosh whosh poof whosh whosh and koala was nomore a crab he was a fuzzy creature also non as a Koala.
    and if you look hard anofe you will see the ghost of Koala the koala crab.
    now the there is two leasons in this storie leason one is don’t be greedy
    And leason two be careful what you wish for

  68. Am, age 8, from luv


    Once upon the sea I found a black crab he had a bad leg.

  69. amelia smith, age 11, from uk

    There once lived a boy called james. it was about 1997 and james was very interested in crabs. He went to the beach every day, crabbing. He was looking for crabs one day and saw something black crawling through the sand. He walked up to it and picked it up. It was a CRAB!!.

  70. JUDE, age 11, from U.K

    I wnt to the beach and i saw a black crab,it had red eyes i went up to it then it nipped me on the knee. It lived in a tiny-rock pool, i saw its family there where tiny crabs too. I could see it was friends with a white and red fish,i had to go my family calling me,i said “bye litte guy”

  71. Isobel Chester, age 11, from England

    I was standing on a edge of a golden island, with the heat pouring out of the sky onto my face. I felt so agitated, no one to comfort me. I was by myself. No mum, no dad no family, no nothing.

    They had all died right in front of me. I was setting down in our tree house, hoping that someone would come back from the war. /The war had all started when my family wouldn’t let them cut down all the trees in the forest. I was as cold as ice. No one came back, even when the war had finished. I went straight to the battle field and found all of my family dead, no one had lasted.

    I am now standing on the beach where they didn’t get to. Feeling frustration running through my hot face. I made a wish that someone would come and fetch me. Someone who was human. At that moment a black crab came up to me and did nothing. I left and went to our – no my tree house.

    I woke up by the sound of a helicopter and opened my eyes like I never had heard one before. I went out; and there standing in front of me were my family back in Britain. I ran up to them and hugged them. Over there shoulder I could see the black crab that had helped me. He stood stone still. I took him back home, and now I am standing here looking at him in a glass case, at the Tate.

  72. Anfal, age 9, from England

    There once lived a girl who was very greedy. She kept on moaning for food. She loved chocolate cake, and flake 99 ice-cream. All sh dreamed of was food. All she had in the whole world was food. That was why she was greedy. She wished that everything she touched was just food.

    As this story carries on…

  73. Anfal, age 9, from England

    Carrying on the story about the greedy girl

    One day when she was going to school her teacher bought in some lolipops to share after the children had done there work. They started. When the teacher wasn’t looking, the greedy girl creeped straight towards the lolipops and gobbled them up in one single mouthful. Then she went back to her desk and finished her work. It was time to share the lolipops. The teacher looked in to the packet to get them and she said”It’s EMPTY! Who did this?”
    The children looked at each other and then towards the greedy girl. The greedy girl said” What have I done, Why are you looking at me?” at that moment she was lying. The teacher believed the greedy girl that it wasn’t her and said” Then who was it then?” The children all said at once” Well it certainly was not us”. The teacher said ”Never Mind” Because She had bought an extra packet. So they all shared them. That means that the greedy girl had extra lolipops!!!!!!!!! She was glad that she wasn’t in trouble.
    As this story comes to an end.
    The End!

  74. charley, age 9, from engerland

    There was a crab called lucy she is black and she lived so close to the beatch that she couled hear dolphins in the morning.One day she wolk up one morning and she saw a big strang thing.

  75. yusuf, age 8, from holland

    The black crab was once held by the king of the sea.
    oh what what a wonderful crab it would grow up to be.
    and thoghout his genaration he would sigh.
    almost as if he where going to die.
    one day he was swimming he made a wish.
    NOT TO BE A FISH!!!!!!
    he wished that he was a sculpture.

  76. josh, age 12, from scotland

    one dark cold night a man and a lady was walking along the beach with there children .When all of a sudden the man begain to ran the lady shouted WHERE ARE U GOIN???? but he did not reply but then she heard a scream she ran to find out what thats was . When she had found what it was she was surprised it was a little emo boy about 10 she picked him and took him to the police station . When they got there the little boy begain to cry .The lady picked him up and sang to him he fell a sleep as soon as they enter the police station cops where looking for the boy the lady had because he was apart a a crime seen . When the cops asked for the boy she refused and they ran off into a car . When the little boy had woke up they were on the road heading to new jersey . 7 hours later they had arrivered they pull up beside a mansion . they all jumped and went inside . The next day they went to a care home and asked for some adoption papers for the kid they fill them out as fast as prossable . 4 years went and came and that famaly lived happy ever after the end . p.s. well lived happly ever thats untill he growns all the way up of coruse

  77. Olivia, age 11, from England

    In the country-sides of England, there was the most deepest darkest caves anyone had ever seen. Noone would go near to the cave because a story was told about a horrible monster lurking in the caves. One day a girl named Lara, a tall blonde girl the age of 11, was walking along the beaches of England. She saw this deep dark cave, and wondered into it, as she walked in she didnt noticea creature on the ceiling watching her… All of a sudden it jumped infront of her, with his sharp teeth baring. Lara screamed. However the creature didnt hurt her at all, but welcomed her instead. He announced “Blurghhh, Im Black Crab blurghhh urghhhh” Lara replied “Im Lara, Black Crab there was storys about you killing someone and you were horrible” The crab looked offended but simply said “No, no, no he fainted and when he awoke i was staring over him!” Lara was surprised and said goodbye and ran home and told all folk of friendly crabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Katie, age 12, from Britain

    I am a dark crab, son of the sea, king of the rockpool
    I have no friends, I have no enemies
    I lead a solitary life in this lonely rockpool
    My life is forged by the heavens, yet the tide is my leader
    I scuttle about, scavenging and crawling about in the murky depths of this lonesome pool
    This is my life and I Long to change it

  79. Natasha, age 12, from England

    Chloe sat on the soft, warm sand and stared into the deep blue blanket of water, thinking of what to wear for her best friends party when she noticed something skuttle into the water. It looked like a kind of black crab. She wandered over to it to see what it was but it had dissapeared into the depths of the sea.
    That night she came back from the party and the sky was as black as cole and she stared blankley into the sea the waves galaping like horses. She could hear them beating against the rocks. Then she noticed the same black crab on the beach.
    “Chloe” she heard the crab whisper,
    “Come here I need to speak to you.” Chloe listened quielty but undrstood every word the crab spoke. She ran down to the beach filling her lungs with the salty fresh air. She could feel the breeze flowing through her hair as she ran to the awaiting crab.
    When she approuched it, it looked even more beautiful than before. It’s hard shell glinting in the moonlight.
    “Hello.” She said nervously.
    “Hi. Now Chloe. I am the last crab of my kind and I’m rather lonely and I was wondering if you would join me in the sea?” Chloe was lost at words. She wanted to say no because she would miss her family awfully and miss her friends. But as if the crab read her mind he said,
    “As soon as you get dry you will turn to human and can visit your family!” So she agreed and slipped away into the blue blanket of water as quiet as a mouse.

  80. JACK, age 8, from MARTIN


  81. Sophie Middlehurst, age 10, from England

    The Black Crab was a sacred item and still is, the myth of The Black Crab said that whoever finds it and rubs the top of it will be granted their every wish.
    Jake, a young boy from Devon, went on holiday to Havana in Cuba. Near his hotel was a cave. He asked if he
    could go inside the cave. Hid dad had to come with him. The cave was dark but luckily Jake’s dad always carried a torch so they walked on and on and on through the cave until the cave came to a dead end. What were they going to do? Suddenly Jake said he’d spotted something above their heads, they shone the torch upwards and there was The Black Crab they rubbed the top together and wish all their wishes, ( including to get back to mum! ) told mum all about it and Jake couldn’t wait to tell his friends about his fun time on holiday in Havana, Cuba

    The End = )

  82. Molly, age 7, from United Kindom

    Once There Was A Little Girl And She Loved To Travel. She Asked Her Father To Go To The Beach One DAy. And On Her Birthday She Asked Her Father Again “Can We Go To The Beach?” And Her Father Said Yes But I Have To Go To Work Tomorrow Why Cant We Go Today? Asked The Little Girl And Her Father Said Ok Why Not So They Both Got In The Car And Drove Off To THe Beach. When They Got There There Was A Little Crab Which Wasnt Black It Was Red. Her Father Said Why Dont You Find A Black Crab? Ok Said The Little Girl And She Looked In The Sea She Looked In A Rock Pool She Looked In A Sand Whole And There Was Another Shiny Pebble That She Keep Finding EveryWere So She Kept Colecting Them And Once She Got To The Other RockPool There Was A Black Crab Arm. Father. Why Is There A Black Thing In The Water The Little Girl Said? :O Its A Black Crab Arm. He Picked It Up And Said. Theres A Black Crab Somewere Around This Part. And There Was A Little Hole A Crabs Size. We Carfully Looked In It And There Was A Black Crab They Picked It Up And Put It In A Jar And Took It Home THE END.

  83. micheal, age 100, from egypt

    Immo was a black crab, roaming around the sands of the south coast of England. The other crabs were all dark shades of red or brown – Immo was the only crab of black. Nobody respected him… until the day of the storm. Lightning came and violently killed a few of the crabs. Others were bashed to death by the huge hailstones that came pelting down towards the ground. The only survivors were the ones who scurried to hide under rock and in caves – all except Immo. Immo stood still in the middle of the beach, a contrast to the couple of dozen red crabs who had not made it through the storm. Immo was struck by lighting twice and the hailstones seemed to deliberately aim at her, making her body completely deformed beyond repair. But she didn’t tumble down towards the waves like the dead crabs. She suddenly jerked, and a stunning blue light came shooting out of her eyes. The bullets of blue that came from Immo hit the black clouds and every single strike of lightning until the storm had fleed. Within seconds, the sun was shining and the sea was blue and warm. Immo, the immortal crab, looked like a beast, an animal that had never been discovered before – but she still owned her kind heart. The other crabs emerged carefully out of their hiding places. When they saw Immo, they didn’t snigger or shriek like they had done before – one by one, they scuttled towards her, as only a crab can, and thanked her. Immo was then made Queen of the Crabs and was forever admired by the creatures of the sea. Now, several generations later, the story of Immo is told to smaller crabs and will, without a doubt, be passed on throughout future generations.

  84. Leafbell, age 9, from Canada

    Lila, was a crab of red, just like the other crabs. Deep down, she wished she was diffrent, even if the others laughed at her. She didn’t care. Suddenly, lightning struck and hit her! The ashs’ burned her black forever. 100 years later, Lila’s great great great great grandaughter who was black like the rest of her family, was playing by the beach with her red crab friends. Lila came to warn them of the rain, but they did not listen. At least they made it home before the rain, Lila thought. Suddenly, in the crab den, Lila’s really great grandaughter, Mally and her best friend, Calice, got in a fight. Calice beat up Mally, but Mally still lived. All the red crabs laughed at Mally’s odd form. Then the king crab, baned the black crabs from the kindom. Suddenly, they all had the same odd form as Mally. But they walked away proudly. Later, they had found a whole kingdom for black crabs only, with many other black crabs there. They asked the black crab king, Orion, if they could live there. They were accapded so they finaly had a real home!

  85. gurtej, age 7, from uk

    once there was a spider called gaga he was teased a lot it was beacose he was called gaga so he dicied ton get maried even tho he was only 9 so he did and then he got maired to misses boleten then he changed his name to alfie witch he still got teased so he changed it to boblington witch he did not get teased so they lived happley ever after.THE END.

  86. briana, age 9, from indianapolis

    ‘gallery arts mommy mommy lats go there please.’called allen.Sure honey
    we can look around for a few munites . when they walked they seen
    somthing about vensinvango Wow!!!!!!! that looks cool mom its on sale by it please.

    learn more about briana’s stories thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. DanielCantore, age 12, from Britain

    The rock shuddered as the builder drilled into it. There was an almighty boom as the rock came to life.”That’s the biggest rock monster yet!” Helt thought. He grabbed the keys to the teleporter pad just as the monster smashed the vehicles. But Helt had what he wanted. The last energy crystal. The teleporter hissed and SHVWAMPPPPPPP… He was gone. Traveling through cyberspace. And….Boomph. He was on the LMS explorer. He slapped it in the generator and it happened. The energy crystal went purple.”WHHHAAATTT!!!!!!”Bellowed General Claxon as the generators exploded. A piece of searing metal and a small computer fused onto Helt’s arm. The ship was not disintegrating. It was disassembling, straight into the fabric of space and time. Helts was thrown towards the planet. The rest of the crew were shielded by the ships centinary drive and floated down to the planet. They would have to find a way to survive…

    Helt tended to his arm for the next few years. It grew into the shape of the rock monster that had caused him all this pain, the black crab he soon learned. It was studded with crystals and he soon discovered he could dematerialize and rematerialize anything he liked to anything he wanted, but only if he’d seen it. Meanwhile the rest of the crew fixed the main teleport pad and escaped to earth. And Helt still lives on that planet, planning his revenge for the human race…

  88. Lucy Olivia Docherty, age 8, from hamilton in scotland

    Xanthe was on her way to the sea when it started to rain so she went home “Wait a minute”She said. She saw a statue of a crab what did it do ……..

  89. vfgjvhifdkgjhhgioghuytestiohf, age 127, from efgthui.ll;\'\'#fghj

    the black rab kreeped up the lie gaurds nback and clawed him

  90. Olivia, age 12, from England

    How They Danced.

    The black crab called down the dusty seabed path, waiting for his love to call. When he got no reply he just sat. And sat. And waited. But still no reply. Years went past and every day he called and waited for a reply, but everyday all he heard was the wind splashing onto the waves above his head. Then one day, he heard a distant sound, a sound from above the ocean.The black crab climbed up a tall rock near his resting place and came out above the water. It was a little girl floating out on the waves. She had fallen off a passing boat and no one had noticed. The black crab swam over to her. “Oh little crab! Please help me get home!” She cried. But he could not help her. All he could do was take her to the rock. She climbed upon the rock and thanked the little crab. “But what should i do for food, small crab?” she wondered. Then the black crab remembered that hidden deep inside his shell was a potion that could transform people into crabs! He pulled the bottle out from his hard, black shell and passed to the little girl. “Oh crab! How kind of you, but i know not what this is so i shant drink it in case it is poison!” She muttered. The black crab sighed a heavy sigh and crawled back down to the depths, leaving the bottle behind. A week later the black crab heard a strange scuttling noise behind him. He turned around and saw the most gorgeous, little, black, girl crab in the world. She scuttled up to him and said in crab talk: “Thank you my dearest little crab, i drank the potion you gave me. I think i shall be happy as a crab.” The black crab was amazed! He didnt think that the girl he saved would drink the potion. They got married in an undersea wedding and they lived happily ever after. The End

  91. Erin Barnes, age 0, from England

    Bibbo was a crab. he was a red crab. not respected at all. one day, Bibbo was scouring the ocean floor when he saw a wiggly worm that seemed to be coming from the sky. he ran for it and was happy when his teeth sank into the flesh of the worm. before Bibbo knew what hit him, the worm pulled him out of the water with one sharp tug and then he was in the hands of a big man. he shuved poor Bibbo in the oven that he had on his boat meaning to eat him for supper, after all, Bibbo was a very large crab.
    Bibbo was panicing and with the oven getting hotter he started to think faster and faster when he had an idea. with one mighty swing Bibbo hit his claw against the lock on the oven door. with that Bibbo left the crazy man and jumped over the side of the boat. he looked at himself to check he was okay. Bibbo looked at his claw. it was a burnt black colour from the oven! from then on all the other crabs and fishes respected him as the only black crab in the world and Bibbo was very happy indeed.

  92. Anna Sanders, age 11, from England

    When I went to Cornwall over the summer holidays,I was crabbing with my bro and cousins when my crabbing line fell into the water!!A seagull had eaten my bate but taken the whole line with it.Luckily there was a young fisherman next to us and caught it.He said”Oh I’ve just caught a pink crabbing line!” “Thats mine, thats mine.”I said and thanked him.But the line werent expensive they were only 99p down a nearby shop!

  93. annie and yasmin, age 8, from england

    the black crab wrigel’s throyugh the sand in the night on the beach when it’s dark at night

  94. annie and yasmin, age 8, from UK

    the black crab wriggles through the sand in the dark dark night biting people’s feet as it’s wrigled around through the sand

  95. Ginger, age 12, from Peterborough, England

    Mine is more of a poem than a story

    I once new a girl called Tess
    Who wore the most hidious dress
    It was green and blue
    And looked like goo
    I wonder what happened to that terobol mess.

  96. yasmin, age 10, from england

    Tess looked out across the deserted beach as she stood on the balcony of her holiday villa in France. She had come on holiday with her mother last week and this was their last day there, Tess’ father had dissapeared 2 years ago and nobody knew how or why. Tess glanced down at her watch to check to check what the time was: 7:00am, exactly. She checked whether any one was around and then she put her fingers in her mouth and whistled softly out towards the sea. A little black crab came scuttling out of the sea when it heard this. It dissapeared out of Tess’ view and then suddenly, like it had flewn, it appeared next to her on the balcony. Tess lifted what looked like a tiny test tube from a science lab out of her pocket which was filled with plain water. She poored 3 drops over the crab and then a gust of wind picked up around just Tess and the crab. Once the wind had died down, the crab was no longer there, in it’s place was a tall man who looked very similair to Tess. Suddenly she flung herself into his arms and said: “I missed you Dad”…

  97. katie, age 10, from england

    My stepdad somtimes gets crabby in the morning so he should make some artwork like that himself.

  98. Logan, age 7, from England

    Crab, crab , snap! Crawling across the ocean floor. He looks for food, scratching and hunting. Its sniffing around the warm sea with its magical crab friends.

  99. emma, age 10, from South Wales

    i was going to tate’s famous gallery i was walking along when this piece of fabulous art work caught my eye i asked how much it was they said it was on sale for £50 so i said ill buy it so i was taking home a famous i took it home and i saw a button so i pressed it and a whole lot of crabs came out they were black crabs very exstinct i was trapped inside forever and ever ………………………………..

  100. rosie sudall, age 7, from burnley

    One tired looking crab was dreaming of a freind to come come and play with him.The crab was called Aruther, Angrey Aruther. Not one animal ,seehorse,rat ,donkey or other crab wanted to play.One day Aruther decided that somthing was wrong maybe he was wearing his underwear like overwear ,or perhaps that his house at the bottom of the sea was a complete mess,or maybe he just was angrey . But guess what , he was the angriest crab in the world. One day someone walked to the shiny red door,”hello i’m looking for a angrey crab to play with.”the green turtle shieked .”of corse i’m angrey and i’ve been wishing for freinds since i was born”said Aruther. They lived happily ever after. The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. bethany, age 11, from portsmuth

    lia run from a lieing blak crab
    with it’s eyes in a glowy grab
    her friend picked it up and said
    it’s just a bit of slab.

  102. ceri hopkins, age 8, from United Kingdom

    One day a little girl called Serena was playing in the sand, when sudenly she saw a black crab staring at her.She went over to it and said
    “hello”.Suprisingly the crab answered her and said
    “hello, how are you?”.Serena was just about to run and tell her parents but the crab said “please don’t run away I won’t hurt you . I am actually a mermaid under a spell! I will give you 3 wishes if you kiss me and turn me back into a mermaid”.When Serena herd this she went over to the crab and kissed it.Then there was a flash of light, the crab was gone! In it’s place was a beautiful mermaid.Serena did get her 3 wishes and lived happily ever after.

    The End

  103. Valerie and Charles, age 13, from England & Ireland

    Valerie And Charles Enjoyed where very happy eating a yummy ice cream (it was banoffe flavour) When this pretty crab came to talk to them he said “hello my name is mr krabs i have a lovely village called the krusty krab which is in a place called bikini bottom it has lots of friendly people like spongebob and squidward and sandy cheeks and many many more friendly people to meet, I will give you a submarine pass for free to come. Valerie and charles dropped there ice cream and said “im happy to come”

  104. bethany, age 9, from england

    I was making stuff in art class and this werid pice of art came out i thought it looked like a big spider but it was this amazing bernd meadows black crab i. And then it came to life it was cralling every were it went to the beach i shouted;what i can not run as fast as you.That was the best pice of art and it had to come a life and run away.


  105. pete, age 10, from drew ms

    that is awsome that look like a ant carrying a tea pot

  106. Rijaygirl, age 9, from St.Lucia (Caribbean)


    One day there was a little crab called Sammy. This perticular crab liked to pop out of his hole at the times when the people went crab hunting, his parents have been trying to tell Sammy to go out and play in early morning or past 7o clock, but Sammy never listened he just carried on having the time of his life outside of his hole went he would be likely to be caught by the crab hunters.
    One day Sammy went out to have the time of his life when he herd some stomping, stomp,stomp,stomp. Sammy but Sammy had ran of so far from his mum and dads hole he could not get back there in time, he tried to hide but the crab hunter didn’t stop running after Sammy… HE WAS STUCK! Sammy kept running but he fell in a trap, Sammy was captured and eatern alive as i herd and that horrible crab Sammy was never ever seen again.

  107. Jasmine, age 9, from UK

    My crab is orange. His name is Snappy because he pinches people except
    his friends. His friends are lobsters and his best friends are called Pinchy and Shelly. He is always very happy. He likes to go swimming in the warm blue sea. He has a pretty shell.