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Jesse Maycock, King Alfred

How tall is straw man? Straw man is taller than your front door. He was created using the same techniques involved in making a thatched roof, where straw or reeds are used protect the top of a building.

Currently this straw man stands in Tate Britain alongside other strange creatures in the British Folk Art exhibition, but where do you think he normally lives?

Do you think he looks friendly? If he had super powers, what would they be? Write a story about straw man!

Jesse Maycock King Alfred Tate

Jesse Maycock King Alfred 1961, Museum of English Rural Life Photo: Tate

13 stories about “Jesse Maycock, King Alfred”

  1. Aidan, age 11, from Britain

    Once There Was This Guy He Lived After 60 Years He Died… The End

  2. CatherineNH, age 9, from England

    One day, a man was out for a walk, when a wizard came and turned him into straw.

  3. MATILDA, age 6, from AMERICA

    once upon a time there was a person called Matilda she was a ballerina that had dance class. then she met a boy called Curt. he was a singer . and curt loved her so mash that he sied can i merry you? yes but i am 18 i am still a kid my mum will say no . the end!!!

  4. chelan, age 10, from America

    Long ago in the deep part of the forest was a kingdom made entirely of straw.The ruler was (as expected)a tall straw king alongside his straw Queen.One day an evil force froze every one in the kingdom ,soon they got to the king and froze him in complete humiliation of not being able to save his kingdom,let a lone his Queen.The force destroyed all of the people including the Queen,and left the king to stay in complete humiliation forever.The end.

  5. sophie, age 12, from england

    the cat ran over the park its head got chopped off …. the end

  6. Jade, age 13, from UK

    Once there was a king called Alfred. He loved his people and his people loved him. One day King James came to attack the city for no reason. They killed most of the towns people and they broke into the castle. They went up the chambers to find King Alfred, they found him, took him to a barn then burnt him alive. After all the millarky the towns people who where still alive made a straw sculpture of King Alfred.

  7. Carrie Ann, age 9, from Somewhere in Europe...

    There once was a king. His name was Straw, because his mum named him after her favorite material. People laughed at him, pointed at him in the streets. One day he decided whether to leave to another town, or put himself out of his misery. He eventually decided to kill himself, because if he moved, other people would laugh and point. He asked the captain of the guards and best friend, Perrault, to kill him. Straw closed his eyes and took a deep breath, unknown to the fact that Perrault was magical. Instead of killing Straw, Perrault decided to freeze him, and turn him into a straw sculpture. He did this so he could see Straw everyday, not mourn over his death.
    This was the story of King Straw and his trustworthy best friend Perrault.

  8. Bobbi, age 8, from England

    Once there was a little girl called Sam Montgomery.Her stepsisters were horrid to her. Their names were Rihana and Gabriella. Their mummy was called Fiona.She owned Hal Diner. She ordered Sam to work there.

  9. cameron, age 8, from England, London

    One day tom went outside he rubbed his head “can i really be seeing this?” the straw man. he decided what he would do he looked friendly…….enough. tom thought if he had a superpower it would be flying!

    the end

  10. kirsten blackburn, age 9, from england

    a man did not like who he was so he asked a wizard to make him powerful. so the wizard made him powerful, but he was evil! arfter 3 months the man turned into straw and could not move! the evil wizards plan had worked!

  11. amelia, age 8, from england

    once upon a time there was this old ,old ,old wizard . He was the greatest ,mean socerer of a 100 years .And one day he flew on his broomstick to a distant land where a princesse was having a birthday party. He turned everybody except the princesse into stone and with a mocking laugh he turned into straw. the end

  12. TS, age 13, from Canada

    There once was a king in a faraway kingdom. He had many things and much riches. The king loved games and competition, so he ordered all of his sculptors to try to build a statue of him and the one he liked best would win. The sculptors could use any materials they wanted. There was a reward of much gold and silver. The first sculptor asked for marble. The second asked for clay. The last one asked for hay. The other sculptors laughed, sure that the third would be easy to beat. But when the king saw the hay statue, he pronounced the third sculptor the winner.

  13. Rose, age 14, from UK

    One Day a old king went for a walk around a village next to his castle. Everybody loved him and he had many friends. His birthday was today and his friends had a planned a suprise party for him. The king was told by farmer’s wife to go to the ballroom at the castle. When he arrived they all shouted suprise and he was so frightened he turned in to STRAW!!!