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Julian Opie, Gary,Popstar, 1998-9

Julian Opie created this painting by making a stencil from a photograph of a real person. There are other ‘Garys’ – In 1998, a series of them was created in colour in four different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large.  They look a bit like this Gary, but some of them have longer, messier hair. Some wear beaded necklaces, and some have beards.

What do you think Gary is like? Is he in a band? If so, what kind of music do they play?  Do you like his music? What might happen at one of his concerts? Can you write a review of his concert?

78 stories about “Julian Opie, Gary,Popstar, 1998-9”

  1. Señor Moogle, age 11, from Destiny Islands

    Gary Garingsbottom was the leader of the most garyish band ever- The Garies! Their first ever gig was so garsome, it was at the biggest club in all of Gartopia- The Garrick! But, another band were playing on the exact same night over in downtown Gartopia, at Garibar. They were a girl group called Garlicous, and were competition for The Garies ever since! When The Garies were number 2 in the charts with ‘Oh My Gary’, they were number 1 with ‘Garurbia’! Then it came down to The Garmy Awards, held in the most garisticated area in all of Garis. The two bands battled it out to become the most garected band in all of Garitania! The judges thought long and hard… The winner was… Garusted! ‘They didn’t even perform!’ questioned Gary.

  2. josh, age 11, from england

    Another excellent performance from Gary and his band The Hariy Dogos. Today they have just finished their 40th concert. Gary, what do you have to say?
    “Well, I’m shocked that all these people came to see The Hairy Dogos and that we have just performed our 40th concert. My throat hurts from singing, Sean’s fingers hurt from playing the guitar and Rich’s arms hurt from bashing the drums.”
    Lets see what the crowd says. This is a man from Cambridge, and his name is John. So John, what do you have to say?
    “The concert was amazing. The music was loud, the music was great and the talent on Rich is just phenomenal.”
    Finally, let’s hear what Anna has to say. She came here all the way from Manchester.
    ” The music is wonderful. I don’t come out here for nothing. And I don’t pay £60 a ticket for nothing, either. I don’t know what to say. All I can say is that it was worth every penny coming out here tonight.”
    Well, that’s all we can say tonight. Thank you for joining us. This has been Sue, from the BBC. Have a good evening. Goodnight.

  3. Joanna greenhill, age 9, from Great Britain

    …..The man just stood there with an astonished look on his face, then suddenly
    I realised that I was all alone on the roof of Buckingham palace with only the wind on my side.My heart was thumping louder and louder as this man came
    nearer and nearer, then I noticed that he not only had a bag, he had gloves, black
    gloves . I was just thinking that if he came any nearer I was bound to faint or
    something when suddenly he screamed, that’s right, screamed. I instantly grabbed my polka-dot scarf and wrapped it tight around his mouth, then, after a few minutes of having to bear the muffled din, he stopped shouting and said in a shaky voice ” please tell me who you are?”

    I introduced myself as Joey Former from Katwith high school ”How did you get here?” was this guy’s next question ”errrrmm” I started to try and explain ”Well it’s rather difficult to explain, you see, I was sleeping in my own home in Katwith last night when suddenly I heard gunfire,I got up to see what it was when I was suddenly… I dunno, knocked out by somthing hard on my head?” ”YOU WERE WHAT????” exclaimed black-haired guy ”eerrrr, yeah, what’s so dreadfully surprising about that?” I replied
    ”Anyway, we’ve got to get you down from here, that’s what matters, oh did I already tell you my name? It’s David Riddleby from Austria , as you can hear,I have a strange accent, it is half cockney; Half Austrian, the question is how are we going to get down safely?” ”don’t ask me” I said ”Aha!” said David pulling out a long, thickish piece of rope and a thread of crafting wire about a foot long. I returned his triumphant gaze whith a very puzzled one ”what are we going to do with that lot?” I asked ” Get down with it” replied David, still grinning,he wrapped one end of the rope around the balastrade and tied it in a double knot, then he wrapped the wire around the rope and absailed down,down,down until he got to the bottom of the enormous building where he waited and beckoned for me to come down, I thought I had best go – I swung down, down, down until
    I hit the ground with a small bump. I looked around but David was gone! I spent some more time looking for him but then I suddenly noticed the turning for Katwith 1 mile. Then I heard the guards footsteps coming down the path- I just turned tail and ran, it was the least I could do, hmmmm if I ran quick I thought
    I might get home just in time for breakfast, after a very strange night I was amazingly tired and AMAZNGLY hungry.

  4. Fayzzee, age 9, from England

    Gary stood there with astonishment. He climbed Mount Everest.

  5. Lucy, age 8, from Scotland

    It was a dark night. A figure was facing me. He had a black beard black hair and black eyes. Who could he be?

  6. hunter rae, age 10, from United States

    jerry could not believe it he climbed mount everest. yippee iwon

  7. Charlie11, age 11, from England

    The man in the black shirt was the brother of the once famous pop star unfortuatley his brother was better looking than him so the artist chose him instead HA!HA!HA! that is not actually a picture of him.

  8. lucy willett, age 8, from englend

    One day i pform in front of lots of popel i sead the rong words.

  9. Charlie11, age 11, from England

    “How can any one bear this music” screamed monty “I know its rubbish” shouted Minty trying to be heard over the music,this music was being played by Gary unfortunatly for Gary he had a rubbish voice (he didnt know that though) Monty shouted “get of the stage!” Gary and his fellow band mates got off the stage and sat down and started crying. Minty asked “why are you crying?” one of the band member sobbed “you see,we are just rubbish and i finally thought i was good at something” Minty thought for a moment “I know Im an artist and you have a good pop art face so lets make a deal, you stop screeching down here every Friday and I will popart you” The band member lightend up “thanks, my names Gary but what will happen to my band mates” Monty butts in and says “I’ve got the perfect job. Now instead of the Gary band going down to the cafe and screeching Gary goes to Mintys art studio and the rest his band work at Montys market shouting the stool names. A happy ending dont you think.

  10. Marika, age 8, from England

    hi you are a great drawer and sick at painting, but what i have to say is thank you forbringing this picture in.

  11. Humera, age 12, from England

    Gary? Hmmm… Who is he? I don’t know any Gary’s. Who is he then?
    Well Gary is a online band member: The Cheese Sandwich. That’s what they’re called. The other members are his brother and his dog Jiberish who is a pretty good at drums. His brother is 5 and plays the pot and pans and Gary sits at the computer, making sound affects which sound like a cat dieing. Great or What?
    Urm… What? What type of band is that meant to be? Pathetic i think! How about telling me about someone who has got some value?
    I am Gary.

  12. lucy, age 9, from eckington

    the basic grathic design is great the contrasp of the black and white put togherth eyes just like tiny button holes his black sruffy hair is just great!

  13. scoobycharlie, age 11, from england

    There once was a man who didn’t shave or cut his hair, when he asked for a self portrait to be drawn of him, the painter thought it was so amazing that a man wouldn’t cut his hair then ask for a close up self portrait he made that picture famous.

  14. Tina, age 12, from U.S.

    hey u are a awesome drawer and that is an awesome painting!!!! i really like his because it looks like he would listen to like punk or rock and that music ROKS!!!

  15. Bryan N, age 15, from texas

    you see here the
    gothic king full of
    rock and roll

  16. katie bailes, age 7, from england

    i think gary popstar is nasty

  17. neggnog, age 12, from Symphonia

    Juli Garson always wanted to be a popstar… yet he never got over his fear to face the crowd. He asked his buddies for advice, but it’s no help because his only buddy is a rock and his mom. His rock isn’t alive, and her all her mom can do is sleep. The New Up Rising Star Competition is today and, and he has guitar, the only thing he needs is to get his act together. After slapping himself multiple times, he still didn’t want to go out. Just when he was about to leave, he tripped on his rock buddy which made him roll down center stage. With no chance of just running out, he just started playing. He won the competition, and won a record deal. Juli can’t believe it, and he still thinks of his rock buddy for helping him with his fear, now that he’s a popstar and all.

  18. julia, age 11, from England

    The Man

    He’s a man A man I say
    He’s a man Yes, a man I say
    He’s a painting of a man I wouldn’t lie to you
    Do you know who he is? I sure don’t
    Coz I don’t No i don’t
    That’s it

  19. julia, age 11, from England


    All black and white
    And he’s sad,
    He didn’t get the job,
    He dosen’t get it.
    The boss,
    He said “No”
    No way.
    You won’t do that
    It won’t work
    You can’t.
    He went home,
    He was sad.

  20. lily, age 8, from england

    This is Richie a very bad man. when he was young he was brought up by his Uncle a bad man to. He went to a school full of bad people. He lived a Bad life. He had a bad girfriend. he is avery bad Man.

  21. Bethan Abra, age 11, from England

    Gary hadn’t washed, shaved or changed his clothes in six weeks. He was in depression.” Why was he in depression?” I hear you ask. Well six weeks ago something dreadful happened, six weeks ago Gary lost his colour. It just suddenly dissapeared. Gary screamed and screamed at his colour to come back but it just went, it fluttered away in the breeze.

  22. Sophie, age 11, from England

    This is me. My life is plain and simple. I am not special. I have no friends. No-body knows me. When i was younger i ran away so I dont know any of my family One day an artist saw me on the street and wanted to paint me, i agreed and he did. Here is the painting. I’m the most random famous personever. I’m the most randomist person.

  23. a person, age 11, from a chicken

    I had found a weird painting on the street outside my house. It was a black and white picture of a man. On the back it said “Hello my name is Gary the Popstar. I was put in this painting ten years ago by an evil wizard named Melvin. He made me magic so i could grant his every wish. Please take me home with you.”
    Itook it straight to lost property but outside the door it came to life and started talking to me!
    “No! please! My mater will find me. He makes me do terrible things like start wars and make volcano’s explode. Soon he will destroy the whole world. If you take me hyome i will give you five wishes.”
    I took him home because i got scared of this Melvin guy. I had used up four of my wishes in four weeks. I had one wish a week.
    I was about to make my last wish when i saw that Gary was sad.
    I asked him what the matter was and he started to talk to me again.
    “It’s just that i meet some one and they use up four of the wishes. After their last wish i dissapear into a puff of smoke and appear somewhere else. I just wish i could live my dream of being a popstar and then i can see whoever i want. Look just make your last wish forget about me.”
    I was feeling realy sorry for Gary. His life was horrible. I wouldn’t be able to live like that. No one would.
    My last wish was that Gary would be set free and would be the best pop sensation of the world and that happened.
    Me and Gary see eachover all the time now. Its great well thats the story cya later.

  24. Ella, age 12, from England

    The picture was slammed down on the table in front of him. It showed a man in his 30’s with black hair and a black beard. “Who is he?” He asked.
    “You know who he is. Now tell us where you are hiding him.”
    “Me? I don’t know this man. I have never seen him before and I don’t knbow anything about him.”
    “Don’t you?” The man across the table asked sarcasticly. “Well explain why you just happened to show this man into your house and he has never come out.”
    “We know you are hiding him now just hand him over to us!”

  25. sally, age 13, from italia

    gary was a young fello who had a passion for music. so one day he invited all his friends over, luke sam and tom. gary told them about his passion for music. the young men decided to start a band called the “aguments”. their first song was dreaming on a cloud after their third cd the band was very popular. one day gary was day dreaming and came up with a brilliant idea for their new album. so the young men got together and disscused it. but luke and sam did not agree. the band had troubles and split up. when gary was 64 he died from being shot. and this painting was taken 14 days before his death. 1998-2022

  26. Megan W, age 12, from England

    Gary stared at the crowd, his stage fright overwhelming his thoughts. Was there really that many people standing there, screaming, and waving banners. Could “Out Too Late” really be this popular? Danny, his brother and Out Too Late’s lead guitarist stood beside him.
    “Wow, look at that!” he whispered, gazing into the audience, “this is, just, like, awesome!” Danny jumped up and down. Gary couldn’t speak. The rest of the band came out from the dressing room. Their first tconcert, from their first tour, was about to begin…

  27. JESS, age 5, from NOTTS

    one stormy day gary went for a walk and sour jim the fames gatter player how retyerd last year he said “hi” gary gary said arrrrrrrr your jim the gatter player jim said wheres mr jackson gary said im mr jackson ow said jim well wellcome to the grope what?

    said gary the gropes in and your now names jim the 4. and that night was the best day of his live


  28. Natasha Crossley, age 12, from England

    This is gary he is part of a band called the gary garies where all the people in it are called gary.This gary is the lead singer in this band and is having a rough time keeping up on their world tour, he is looking at himself in the mirror, thinking…
    “Oh why am I doing this to myself ….I am just so tired and jet lagged from late nights then early mornings on a plane with us having our only time to sleep when traveling..all the others seem ok, why aren’t I?…..i just feel so ill ..like i could be asleep for 15 years…I COULD JUST GIVE UP …….should I?….no..I would be missed..would I?…WHY DONT I JUST LEAVE THE BAND…YEAH..GOOD IDEA…I would be missed by the band but health comes first …right?..well I am just gonna end up crazy if I carry on like this..so thats settled I am going to leave the band …..I am just so tired now …i am gonna go to bed ..yeah..nice …nice..bed……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” he fell asleep.The next day he anounced he was leaving and he did just as he said and left.But on the way home from his last concert his car crashed and he whent into a coma so now he did exactly as he had said and fell asleap in a nice bed for 15 years….

  29. emily wakefield, age 11, from uk

    secrets revealed……

    There was a girl called Cheryl who loved the band- klash. one day, Cheryl entered an amazing competition of which the prize was to meet klash, all she had to do was guess the missing words in one of klash`s songs. One day, when she came home from school, she found a letter adressed to her. She opened it, her face lit up, she had won the competition. Cheryl couldnt believe it, she was going to see her favourite band in the world. When she arrived, she found out that she wasnt allowed to touch klash, just see them from a distance. She was devastated, though she still wanted to see them. When she went in, she couldn’t believe her eyes, she was so close to the best band in the world-although there was something wrong – they didnt look real. When she got talking to them their voices sounded unusual, she went to touch them but her hand went straight through. At first she was scared but then she was annoyed that her favourite band were just computer generated. She stormed home and never listened to their music again….

  30. pinkotter18, age 11, from USA

    There once was a man with small eyes. He could see through them,and stare at people without them knowing. One Day, he was staring at a little dog.The dog was scared of the man so he started to pull his eyes out. Eventually, his eyes squeezed out to be of normal size. From that day forward he looked like a man with eyes, that weren’t so small

  31. carla, age 25, from asia

    suddenly a spot of wetness dribbled down his cheak. then another and another until his eyes were pouring out with water. i just couldn’t help him. as i ventured on the thought kept haunting my mind i did want to help him but he just looked to upset and anry. he could of done anything to me. after a while the thought of his akeing face wondered out of my mind. i guess it didn’t matter to me any more. as i was lyeing upon my bed the thought just wouldn’t stop. when i fell asleep i had a dream about him. this dream didn’t help. stop thinking about it anna you will get over it.

  32. midge, age 11, from UK

    gary. gary is a lead singer in a band. he died in 2000. he was just half way through a gig when a member of the audience ran on stage and killed him. but before he had gone on stage he had his portraite painted. useing stencills. now he hangs in that hall that he did the gig in. he haunts it trying to come on stage while others are performing and finish his gig. he has scared thousands. the people on stage have had thier careers ruined because they ran of stage. some never to be seen again………………………….
    hes still there though…

  33. Nikki JS, age 10, from Australia

    It was night, not a good time for Gary to be walking his dog. He had forgotten to do it in the day and so, being very caring for his dog, went for the walk at 11 o’clock. As he reached the top of Bennerson St, he realised somthing was very, very wrong. The eerie mist swirled and twirled and danced hypnotically while covering the jat black asphalt road as if it was a flock of birds with not a care in the world. The wrong thing was that the mist shouldn’t have been there because it was a simmering Australian summer night and Gary was sweating in a singlet and shorts. The mystical grace that the mist emmitted created the illusion that strange yellow eyes peered at him from the murky depths of the swirling occurance to only disappear soon after. Gary stood motionless, drawn to the intricate patterns the mist was creating. After a minute or two, some larger, more brighter eyes appeared in the whirlpools of mist. Gary blinked twice but the eyes didn’t go away. Instead, they blinked as well. Greg, Gary’s dog started jumping up and down madly and barking at the evil eyes. Despite Gary’s efforts to restrain him, Greg broke free of the leash and sprinted into the twirling abyss of Mother Natures dark side. Gary hesitated, then ran after him with all speed. This was a big mistake. Slimey, lumpy tentacles shot out from nowhere and wrapped themselves violently around his ankles. He felt himself being dragged down and as he was, the mist cleared and he glimpesed his dog barking at his attackers from the footpath on Bennerson St. Then his head was dragged under, and to his surprise, he was surrounded by mirrors. Gary then felt his head swirling and twirling more than the mist was. The blood drained out of his face as he realised that he was suffocating. He stared panickedly at the mirrors, desperate to find a way out. He didn’t. The last thing he saw was his pale, almost deathly face staring at his with lifeless eyes, and a blank expression.

  34. vanita kaur, age 15, from india

    Juli Garson always wanted to be a popstar… yet he never got over his fear to face the crowd. He asked his buddies for advice, but it’s no help because his only buddy is a rock and his mom. His rock isn’t alive, and her all her mom can do is sleep. The New Up Rising Star Competition is today and, and he has guitar, the only thing he needs is to get his act together. After slapping himself multiple times, he still didn’t want to go out. Just when he was about to leave, he tripped on his rock buddy which made him roll down center stage. With no chance of just running out, he just started playing. He won the competition, and won a record deal. Juli can’t believe it, and he still thinks of his rock buddy for helping him with his fear, now that he’s a popstar and all.

  35. megan sunshine, age 11, from england

    i was causiously strolling down the roads and streets of london when suddenly…….he was there,the man who inspired me to carry on with my career,my heart was thumping my head was shaking,my hands were trembling with exitment,it was,julian opie.i was astonished that he would be here in a poxy old city like london,i was getting very figetty indeed,i wanted to present myself to him but i was to shy then in the blink of an eye he had vanished,had it all been my imagenation?

  36. livvy, age 11, from england

    There is a world that most of us hasn’t entered. That is the world of stardom.We all think being famous would be the best thing to happen to you including gary. Gary was a normal person like you and me but what he didn’t know was that the one audition could change his life.

  37. jordan beswick, age 9, from birmingham

    one day there lived a pop star he loved singing with band and all he could think aboute was his singing life with his band and ten minuits later he band konked on his door and seaid to him we have got a gig in london wow seiad fred that is brilliant but what part of london by london zoo wow then befor our gig we can
    go to london zoo yes we can and go to shops yes and when tay got there thay did all of them suf and at 10:00 they all done there gig in frot of miollons of people so after the gig thay when back home thay sat down and eat there dinner and had a
    drink and all of there band had a sleep over and when to bed

  38. jiji, age 8, from china

    I am so cool everybodies world revolves around me and every body wants to be like me some people say Iam consided but I know I am not!

  39. CALLIE MENSER, age 12, from AMERICA

    Gary was a 25 year old man. He had allways dreamed of being a world known rock sensation! One day, while alking through his city streets, he say a add that said, ” COME ONE AND COME ALL. ADDITIONS ARE TODAY! COME TO THE COMUNITY CINTER TO BECOMNE A ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!! Gary knew he could could do it. SOhe took off like a rocket to the center.When he got there he won! now hews a rock star!

  40. Megan, age 12, from England

    This is the story of the man that you just clicked on. He has no name.” i thought his name was gary.” will you be quiet?! i’m TRYING to tell a story here! “sorry.” As i was saying, he had no name, b….” HIS NAME IS GARY!” Will you be quiet?! “fine.” As i was saying, for the THIRD time, he had no name, because…”Gar…” No, his name was NOT GARY, if, for SOME REASON you were thinking that. “Hmph.” He had no name because he was always told that he had no parents, but that is not what he belived. he tried to call a hospital, to see if they had his footprints. no match. nowhere in the country could he find his parents, or his footprints. but he kept on looking, just praying that he would find at least some evidence that he exited, exept for himself, of course. Determend to find his family, or his footprints, he went out on his world tour, but not just to play awesome music with his band, but to search across the world for his very existance. Alas, he had no luck, until one day, it happened… it was this very day, in 1973, when he finnaly found h…

    “awww!!!!! are you happy now? you made me run out of space!”
    “strangley, yes. i am rather happy, just by making YOOOU misreble. thats what little sisters do.”
    “yeah?! well… I…I’m telling mum!”
    “go ahead.”
    “fine. Hey mum!!!”

    “YES HUN?”

    ” lucy’s annoying me!”


    “no i’m not, mummy, i was just pwaying with my lovely big sister.”

    “you’re just gonna let her get away with it?!”


    “ANNOYING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “oh, i give up.”

  41. Clare Walmsley an art spark, age 12, from England

    Who is it? Could it be Jesus? Maybe, but nobody knows. He’s dark, tall and very handsome but who knows him? Not me! If you know anything about this man than perhaps you could clue us in. But for now, hes just a mystery man in the dark mists of time.

  42. Georgia, age 11, from England

    His eyes,
    They stared at me,
    You focused on me,
    You fixed on me,
    You gaped at me,
    But i fell in to your trap
    I stared, focused, fixed and gaped back at YOU!

  43. sasha, age 10, from louth

    Garry the popstar is the main singer and the rock guitarist of the group. he is mardy most of the time and is very scruufy. One day at his concert he made the crowd shout with cheer that he fainted. Garry was rushed to hospital, the doctor said that he was never to preform on stage ever agian or he will cause a very bad pain in his chest.Garry didn’t believe him so he went to sing at a different concert and he caused himself to have pains in his chest. He never sang again.

  44. anisha lesley chatterton, age 8, from engaland

    gary the pop star was going to the singing compatition so he got ready and set of for his journey when he got there there was more than1000 people there .so he went behind stage and got his mic and sang a song called pink get this party started on a saturday night evrey bodys waiting for me to rise e.t.c.at the end he got a masive plause . so he went back stage and put his mic back and rushed all the way back home because it was midnight………….chapter 2 the next day he got a letter through the door so he opeand his letter .and he got a big suprise the letter said DEAR GARY I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS IM SORRY BUT YOU WON THE COMPATITION WELL DONE.so gary was jumping up and down he was so happy that he started to shout across the country it was so loud sooner i got to bed time so he went to bed ………..chapter 3 a few weeks later he got his gold medle the end.

  45. amy warren, age 10, from louth

    i was sat at a beach eating ice cream and a man came up to me and guess who it was…. it was Gary the popstar and julian opie i scremed and ran of and they followed me and i was running as fast as i could and they carried on chasing me till i reached my house and my mum opend the door and said what is the matter amy why are you running i thought you were then i stopped her from saying any more the i found out it was a ghost by my best buddy katie that they were a dream . Evant though they did come up to me on the beach but it nall aws a drem thank goodness for that.

  46. conner, age 8, from england

    One day a man called Ben was in a spooky house with Gary the popstar. Then thay went up the stairs and saw a kreepy room and Gary opened the door and then thay both went in and saw a big chest .Then thay opened the it and saw a load of gold.

  47. bethany cross, age 9, from louth

    this is Gary.hes a nice bloke, he has a sister.Her name is quiz shes weird,very weird.Now Gary is a popstar as you know, and he plays the drums and trumpet.He likes sport and one day he did a concert at sheffield.he was rubbish.the band was ok,it was just him that was rubbish because he kept getting all the notes wong so that made the band rubbish!it had to happen!!!!!

    The End.

  48. yes, age 13, from tygf

    This is quiet unusual becasue not many people paint pictures with people holding signs o] them that is why this picture is quiet unusual.

  49. Caroline, age 10, from USA

    Gary’s band was just performing their newest song- ‘Goopy Gary’. They played so awesomely! Gary’s band (Gary Gary) was number 3 on the charts with ‘Gary’s Gone!’. They were at the Two Eyed Cyclops and were performing right before another band called the Greens. At the awards, the Greens won. That is why Gary looks so sad.

  50. bethany mbb, age 11, from preston england

    Hi im gwen and im 12. i got to go backstage at a concert , I will tell you more it was a man called gary that made this happen . So heres the story”lets go guys”said an upbeat gary . tonight was the 1st night of garys sold out concert .his band were called weird and wacky they played modern , rock and r’n’b .
    “hello and welcome eastbourne” gary yelled ” are you ready to rock “. A shockwave of noise came hurtling towards the stage . they were playing they’re song ‘ unbelievable’ and were amazing but a heard creaking behind me . I turned around thinking it was just me but i so 1 .. 2 .. 3 ..4 shadows creep past and then two more, I followed them to have a closer look . They had tampered with the sound box and then unplugged all the instruments and microphones until I recognised one of their faces it was rival bad STINKS ( steven trevor it ( dont ask 0) nathan kyle and sam ).but i think they actually do stink (as in rubbish not as in smelly )
    they had only 1 sold out tour and only 10 of their cds have been sold in britain .
    i managed to stop them luckily and the gig carried on …
    it was the end of the show gary thanked me and said he could have done today without me so … he made me their assitant manager of they’re band . so i have been an all of they’re tour and they rock . gary is 1 of my bestest friends
    i could and never lived my life without him
    go weird and wacky

  51. belu, age 12, from Argentina

    a gary nunca le gusto el blanco y el negro. vivia con opuestos por lo que todo el tiempo cuando el queria hacer algo dudaba…blanco o negro? nunca se sabra…

  52. Caroline, age 10, from USA

    Gary was SO famous. Other than being the president of Garyland, being in the television show called “Gary and Garyer”, being the best race car driver in Garyland… Gary was in a band- The Gary Guys! He was the lead singer and guitarist in The Gary Guys. The Gary Guys were the best, and only band in Garyland! They played everywhere. That includes Downtown Garyland at the Gary Gary Theater, and the capital and most popular place in Garyland… Garyland’s Best! It was amazing. One day, a man named George started a band. They called it the Georgy George Georges. They competed again and again against the Gary Guys. Then, a horrible day came for the Georgy George Georges. The Gary Guys were having more fans when the Georgy George Georges had no fans. They quit and had to leave Garyland. Nobody ever competed the Gary Guys ever, again.

  53. Casey, age 12, from USA

    His beard is way cool.
    We should all get one.
    But girls shouldn’t.
    Don’t you love beards?
    I do.

  54. unkown, age 28, from spain

    this person reminds me of a singer!
    he would burst in to song and fill your ears with dreaded beauty then when the song ends u will be left feelin empty and alone the beauty has gone, its that type of song that reminds u of happy times such as ur wedding day or the time u fisrt met. happy songs always make u feel like ur on cloud 9 or just in a happy bubble.

  55. Lily, age 10, from England

    Gary was playing at a gig that night ,when a strange man came up to him and said to him:
    ” I will make you last forever if you let me have half of the money you have earnt already.”

    ” Can I think about the offer first?” Gary asked,but as he looked the man in the face he thought that he saw the glimmer of evil in the old man’s green eye’s.

    The next day the old man came back and Gary, as he had decided that he would take the offer, handed the wad of money over to the man and just as Gary was about to turn and go back into his house the old man said;
    ” Are you shore that you want to last forever?”
    ” Yes, I’m shore” replied Gary.
    ” So be it,”said the man and with a flourish of the cloak he wore he had dissapeared.

    The next morning Gary couldn’t get up! Just as he started to panick the old man came in.
    ” Look at yourself,” the man holared and helt up a mirror and there staring back at him was a black and white picture of Gary.

    The End

  56. Christian, age 10, from U.S.A.

    Gary once had a great band
    He had most of the money and land
    But they got in a fight
    And that very same night
    Someone found him buried in sand.

  57. Asia, age 11, from Jamming City

    Gary is a lifeless man who wanders the street looking for a place for one of his gigs. The band plays great music and gets everyone swaying to it. Everyone chants their name “Musika Drums” but Gary has no emotion, no smile. Nothing. He has nothing to do yet he is to busy to look after his toussled hair and beard.

    Day after day Gary has no emotion and gets lonely. Then one day hears a knock on the door.
    “Hey , dude what ya been doing?” asked a band member as they came into his flat. Gary grins. Today was the day that someone asked him what he was doing.

  58. Hanifah, age 6, from Exeter

    This is a story about Gary the Rock star who is also in a band .He had the following Instruments a Guitar 2 Digerydoos 7 Drums 4 Tamberines and a
    Shaker .Gary also did funny Dances to amuse adults and there children .
    Gary makes everyone laugh loudly and also plays games with children .

  59. Luke Pomery, age 11, from England

    I liked your work and keep it up and do more art

  60. angel, age 13, from philippines

    Another excellent performance from Gary and his band The Hariy Dogos. Today they have just finished their 40th concert. Gary, what do you have to say?
    “Well, I’m shocked that all these people came to see The Hairy Dogos and that we have just performed our 40th concert. My throat hurts from singing, Sean’s fingers hurt from playing the guitar and Rich’s arms hurt from bashing the drums.”
    Lets see what the crowd says. This is a man from Cambridge, and his name is John. So John, what do you have to say?
    “The concert was amazing. The music was loud, the music was great and the talent on Rich is just phenomenal.”
    Finally, let’s hear what Anna has to say. She came here all the way from Manchester.
    ” The music is wonderful. I don’t come out here for nothing. And I don’t pay £60 a ticket for nothing, either. I don’t know what to say. All I can say is that it was worth every penny coming out here tonight.”
    Well, that’s all we can say tonight. Thank you for joining us. This has been Sue, from the BBC. Have a good evening. Goodnight.

  61. Ciara Keating, age 13, from Galway Ireland

    I think Gary is a quite man, who does not like to show emotion and does not relly engage in whats happening around him. I would think this if I was walking down the street and saw Gary as a
    stranger. I guess you could say never judge a book by it’s cover. I know I did when I first saw Garry as a stranger. Altough Garry has a blanc face he has alot to say and shows it through music.
    You see Garry is partially blind, and is not aware to the enviroment he is in. We first met at one of Garry’s performance. He plays Jazz, and could at it too! One of his mates introduced me to Garry
    confident we would make a great couple. And he was right.

  62. RHYS.LL, age 11, from Wales

    This is Garerth Charles, Gary for short. In school, Gary was bullied by a group of people, the guitars. they could play the guitar but Gary couldn’t so he sang. He was very good at singing an in the school talent contest he was up against the guitars. He sang like he never sang before. In the end, Gary won and they asked him to join the guitars. And he did. thats him now.

  63. shannon, age 12, from England

    Gary seems like someone who can be kind but firm when he needs to. He thinks alot about things that don’t really matter in the real world. He dreams all the time and writes alot of songs. I think Gary is in a rock band but he is the guatarist and also sings some of the songs. Gary’s music is all about life and death what they are, what they meanto him. He writes his songs when he is alone in a quiet place. When he was at one of his concerts it was their turn to preform but as soon as they got out there he heard a gun shot. It turned out that someone had shot is lead singer. He was devestated for months. He was scared, lost and connfused. He didn’t know what to do.

  64. woxiewoo, age 12, from england

    he is 1/2 mr T and 1/4 zack efron and 1/4 james morrison

  65. laila, age 4, from usa

    jack got home and he just sore his wife . and he saw his wife hanging out with a
    nuther boy called joe he was a rock star to he sang more songs the jack
    jack was upset because he wife had a new boy friend. once jack saw a
    nicer girl and her name was jayne . jayne had black hair jack went to
    the bang and he got some mouny . he went back to jayne and gave all the
    mouny to her and she just smiled at him. so jack toke jayne to his new
    house and they kissed when the door just oped and gary popstar came in the
    room and saw them kissing . gary was angry and just pushed jack away and jack
    was upset because anuther girl went. the end

  66. Katie Greggory, age 9, from England


    G=Great shaggy mane of hair
    A=Artful look in his eyes
    R=Ragged look
    Y=Young and full of dreams.


  67. Libby S, age 11, from United Kingdom

    “Guys, we’re on in 5,4,3,2…1″ Gary called to his bandmates, together they were knows as the Rittlers, who made the fans at their concerts go wild almost every night! As the curtains lifted, the peircing screams made Gary cover his ears.
    “GAZZA, GAZZA, GAZZA” men charted from the back of the 02 Arena. After strumming his guitar, Gary decided in a second that he would try something new.
    “Follow my lead!” He shouted over the crazed fans. A song, very different from the Rittlers usual heavy metal begun, a song called ‘Oh, I think I love ya!’ As Gary reached the third line of the first verse, everyone groaned and stood up from their seats.
    “EVERYONE HAS TO TAKE A CHANCE, TAKE A RISK, LIVE ON THE WILD SIDE SOMETIME!” Gary shouted into his microphone, everyone stood and thought about what he had just said.
    Gary was right.

  68. Tiger, age 11, from United Kingdom

    “Another excellent performance!” Commented the Manager of The Great Melons. “Never better.” All of Gary’s Band slapped each other on the back, but Gary turned away. He walked up the road, away from The Golden Bottom Gig Bar, and up towards his penthouse.
    Julia was in the house. “Hi, Gary, Honey.” She called. “Ahm knackered.” He replied. “Dinner’s on the table.”
    Julia pointed towards the lavish dining table, “It’s your favourite; Cheese Lasagna.” Gary smiled half-heartedly. After dinner, he shoved the bands payroll into his safe. Julia kicked into bed, and Gary joined her.

    “And so…..Great Melons, another astounding performance………..No.1 with ‘Never lie, I’ll let you go’………And you say, Gary is resigning from the top lead singer?” Droned the TV, spilling rumours again from it’s gossiping mouth. Gary waited for the papers to blab another fact they thought they had dibs on.

    Gary was tired of his life. His Manager, his band. The newspapers, his secrets. “Someday, I want to be someone who is really proud of their life.” And as he fell asleep, Gary dreamed of his perfect life, a life where he could be a popstar, without having to wish that he wasn’t.

  69. Sarah, age 13, from England

    Hi my name is Gary i live in a penthouse hollywood. When i was young i thought being a popstar was everyones dream. Fans screaming your name day and night. Smile and wave my friends always said but sometimes i just cant take it anymore. I clutch my ears longing for silence but the ringing never goes away. It drives me insane. I then sing my heart out to all my fans, lost in song i dont notice them forever chanting my name. Happiness fills me as i feel every heavy drop of pressure on my chest sinking to the floor. I feel myself fly. Up, Up higher i go until i am dancing among the clouds. I finish the finale note and the music dies away. I am brought back to reality with the fans oohing and aaaaahing at my momentous performous.

  70. Tayla S, age 10, from England

    There I was peforming my song , with my band and then I got sucked up into this picture.
    At first I had no idea what was going on until , I looked down to see a metal name plate saying Gary,Popstar,1998-9,by Julian Opie.
    I had just relised that there where people where staring at me.
    I tried to pull my self out , but when I did that even more people gavered around.

  71. nia, age 9, from wirral

    one day there was a popstar named michael jackson he was the king of pop no one as good as him he danced singed everything he did was amazing he did great music videos. when he wa s little he had a band with his brothers and sisters called the jacksons.
    michael was the 9 th brother or sister. michael jackson was a legend his most famous song was thrill and he sold 65 millon albums michael jackson did millons of songs but the one thing he dindnt like about himself was the coulor of his skin because when you were black you didnt get treated the same and because off that he chaned the colour of his skin to white so he would get treated betted soon michael jackson begin to fell illl and died

    the end

  72. Niamh, age 10, from England

    I used to know this man before he became famous.
    he used do the dishes clean the car.
    we used to play in the road and hide when we had to go to bed.
    now i see him everywhere even when i reading a mag or chatting.
    he’s even on coffee cups.
    i will always remember how he left me to go to meet an important guy.
    he said i will be back tomorrow.
    he never came back.
    i cried and cried for he was the one i loved through primary school and secondary.
    we emailed each other one week but i didn’t get a reply
    I kept thinking does he remember me.
    my mind whizzes round with thoughts.
    what if still loved me and wanted to be with me.
    i didn’t sleep all night i kept thinking did he or did he not.
    i had to find out i got dressed and found my self in a deserted flat.
    no one was in,wasiin a dream i realized i had gone wrong somewhere.
    were was i searched around for clues but nothing was there but a piece of scrappaper witha pic of me and him hugging when we were young.
    the letter said:

    My dear love Emily
    i know i shouldn’t of left you alone.
    i couldn’t come back.
    i was falsed to stay with the guy.
    i still love you, you were always my love from the start.
    i cried for days because i couldn’t see you beautiful face.
    i hope we will meet
    love your Gary

    I new this was the truth and from this day i have kept that note,treasured it as a child.
    the end.

  73. nats, age 89, from califoria

    In 1998 there lived a popstar called Jullian Opie. Julian Opie was a very confident,michure adult. The END XXX

  74. Bella, age 9, from england

    there was once a boy called gary. he was 37 years old. gary was marryed. he had a wife called sam. he thought one minite and said to sam ” can we get a dog? ” sam said ” well yes ok, why did you ask? ” ” because we both want to have a child, so maby we could get a dog just for practise.” said gary. sam said ” yeah great idia!” so they got in the rusty car and set of to the pet shop. when they got there, there was loads and loads of diffrent pets!!! there was big dogs, small dogs,tiny dogs, but just then gary saw the perfect dog. he was black, had a white chest, big blue eyes, and was very soft and smooth. gary said ” oh this one is perfect!!!” sam said ” wow he is loverly! ” so they paid for him and went back home. gary said to sam ” what are we going to call him?” ”maby……. buster?” asked sam. ” no. it doent suit him.” said gary. ”how about bobby?!” said gary looking hopfull. ” yeah that is a great name!!!” shouted sam. and they all had a fantastic time.

    THE END.

  75. peterpan, age 127, from neverland

    yay blur. hahaa i love blur

  76. Emma Wilcock, age 12, from England

    Eyes like mist, like coal, like fine sharp obsidian. Staring out of a ghost pale face. Eyes that flicker over the audience from face to face with a vague intensity, rather like the owner of those eyes ….. Gary the popstar raises one finely chiseled hand for silence and then brings it down hard onto the silver strings of his jet black guitar. Soft melodies and descants soar over the star struck audience as Gary plays the gig of the century, the gig of his life ….. the gig that will surely win the competition of the bands of England. He finishes the piece and there is silence, then an amazing roar of aproval sweeps over the audience towards him. He stands and smiles, and basks in the glory of that golden sense of triumph that sweeps over him for evermore.

  77. Julia, age 12, from u.s.a

    he always wanted to be in a band
    no one would hire him
    but he thought he was great
    so did his friends
    but in truth, he wasn’t
    yes, he could play guitar
    yes, he could sing
    but something was missing
    something was wrong
    couldn’t act?
    no, that’s not it
    couldn’t dance?
    he wasn’t happy
    he didn’t know why
    but he wasn’t happy as a guitar player
    i don’t know why
    no one does
    will we ever?

  78. Stevie-Lee, age 13, from England

    A man so silent. A man so still. A man with no heart beat. A lonley man so cold and shy shivers away in a locked police cell all night. For he servce time for what he done. Murdered a little girl. She was only one. 6 years he got, so gulity. Just wait tills he’s out and he’ll be sorry, for the little girl was his own periouce daughter, her mother awaits him in grive for he cause this pain so now he must pay. His caree has gone down hill thats why he did it a well famous popstar called gary certiet.