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Alfred Wallis, The Blue Ship

This painting is called The Blue Ship and is by artist Alfred Wallis, who spent most of his life working as a fisherman before starting to paint. Many of his paintings are inspired by the sea and landscapes of St Ives, Cornwall, an area which he knew well.

Where do you think the mysterious blue ship has come from? Has it been sailing across the seas for hundreds of years? Has it come from a far off, strange world? You’ll notice that there are no people in this painting, so where do you think they are?

Alfred Wallis, The Blue Ship,

Alfred Wallis The Blue Ship 1934. Presented by H.S. Ede 1959 The estate of Alfred Wallis

21 stories about “Alfred Wallis, The Blue Ship”

  1. kirsten blackburn, age 9, from england

    Salty sea was washing up the the shore. Then suddenly a fierce blue ship appeared out of no where.
    A wild storm rose quickly. The people of ST Ives were afraid.

  2. Dorcas!!!!!!!, age 8, from england

    One day there lived a girl called allies.She loved to sail on the boat with her dad but her mum was to busy and she allays got to stay with her dad but not her mummy.One day they went sailing on the sea when Suddenly there ship got broken by he waves in the sea and they had to swim from the middle of the sea.She was up set because she loved the boat that she loved sailing to catch fish and it took Allies favorite toy and it was DEEP deep deep down in the sea.Calling to get a new boat, the people on the phone said that the boat costs £100 to get a new one.ONE morning allies dad was so excited because they had finally got a new boat. When they went to the people the people that sells boats, she spotted a boat lying on the sand . She thought of a name to call it .Coming with a good name , she called it the blue ship. Dad shouted allies I found a boat. Dad said we can get this one.I gave it a name ….what the blue ship. they had the boat and they lived happily ever after!!!!

  3. bethany, age 8, from england

    a ship of beauty crashing against the waves trying to get through it but the wave glop the beauty and only leaves one plank

  4. by aimee, age 12, from france

    the last unicorn

  5. casper, age 10, from english

    In 1938 this peace of art work was made and is called The Edtate of Alfred Wallis. No one knows where the boat ended upbut one things for sure the people on the boat were never found nor the boat.

  6. tinybig_18, age 10, from inglend

    the 3 pigs

  7. Hadia, age 14, from UnitedKingdom

    “Turn around, turn around!” I yelled to my father, who was steering the ship. “We’re leaving the lighthouse behind! The water is too choppy ahead!”
    But my father’s gaze remained steadfast upon the teal waters. He was ignoring me again, as usual. Ever since mum left, he hates me. He thinks it’s my fault that she left; I was too much of a burden on her, apparently. Well, it isn’t my fault I was born! We live on this boat, and I absolutely hate it. Moving schools constantly, not being able to settle down, and living with my maniacal father. In short, it is never ending torture. How I long to move out, but being only 15, I have quite a while to wait.
    A violent jerk from the boat thrust me across deck, pulling me out of my deep thought. He didn’t care though. He didn’t even look back. It gets lonely on this boat sometimes, which I why I like to get transfixed by the water below. It is as though it’s another realm, unexplored. Beneath the sapphire surface, there is a whole world of colour and magic, life and animals. A world of happiness. I feel free to imagine on days like this, what my life would have been like if she hadn’t left. Sometimes, I see my reflection, distorted in the choppy water, and I like to think that if she were still here, she’d look something like me.

  8. Plum, age 6, from australia

    A huge big wet ocean splashed on an innocent man

  9. Plum, age 6, from sweden

    Plum went on a magical adventure

  10. Grace, age 9, from england

    There once was a ship that sailed through waves, just to get to the deep dark caves.In there was a treasure small but great, it was a can of paint. The captain was happy the crew were not, this wouldn’t sell for a lot. The captain made the crew paint the ship, when they had finished the boat was hip!

  11. Poppy Porter-Mascull, age 7, from England

    Once upon a time there was a man in the north seas called Sinbad. He had a mighty crew called the mariners. All that he wanted was to be rich so he sailed the 7 seas and searched for other boats followed by islands.

    Then he started to steer the boat back to his living street and looked around the shops. He told his mighty crew to come off the big ship. “Where are we heading to captain Sinbad?” asked a fellow member of his crew.

    “We are going to a vehicle sale to buy a brand new boat. It is going to be faster and also blue. When they got there the boat was 2 dollars and they bought it. I wonder if there feeling happier or un happier with there new boat?

  12. Annie, age 13, from Australia

    Emily sat on the beach. Gazing up at the bright, blue sky as the white mist of clouds drifted along slowly.

    She was reading her book. ‘Long Lost Ships’ It said on the front cover with white swirls and fresh clean looking white pages.

    ‘Mum’ Emily called.
    ‘Yes, my love?” Said mum, in her gentle feminine voice.

    ‘What do you know about the Blue ship?’ Emily was gazing upon this Blue Ship.

    Oh my! It was beautiful. Emily thought It was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. It was a great big boat with smooth carved wood.

    The sails were made out of the finest soft fabric, due to what the description said In the book.

    ‘This is such a wonderful boat’ She said to herself.

    When It turned Dark, Annie got out of bed quietly and went to the beach with nothing but her night dress, wellington boots and a torch with little of light.

    She walked into the sea. Making her boots and night dress soaking.
    But what you didn’t know is that Emily was a young mermaid. A mermaid only by a single drop of water.

    So, Emily was swimming along when she remembered that the Blue Ship was located in the somewhere in the West of the sea.

    Then suddenly, She could see a faint view of something clutching against a rock. When it was the Blue Ship.

    ‘Marvellous!’ Emily thought. She swam inside and could see something shimmering. ‘treasure?’ she thought. And it was.

    It was a gold chain with a broken ruby attached in the centre of the locket.
    Finally, She swam home. Feeling excited.

  13. CatherineNH, age 9, from England

    One evening a blue boat came from a voyage from America……………………………………………………………………………………AAAAAHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It came home with a boommmmmmm!

  14. Dror dolev, age 10, from isral

    there was a large ship that was cold dominint it was an a amasing ship but one day the ship went to sea because the people on the ship had to work but they did not know that there was that day really strong wind so the ship was carried by the wind to the middle of the ocean and was never seen again
    the end.

  15. Robbie, age 10, from England

    Over the vast seas the blue ship sailed, every sailor sick after hours of sailing in the rough ocean. As the beauty landed at the port, cheers rose from the crowd infront of them

  16. Jessica, age 9, from Scotland

    One day Esme found a BLUE SHIP but it was no ordinary ship because it was the only ship in Australia that was blue,so Esme visited the ship every day.Her oly wish was to sit in it.But 3 weeks later she saw it sinking and her wish could not come true.


  17. Artschool, age 10, from Uk

    one night there was a ship . Many

  18. india, age 10, from england

    Once upon a time there was a great blue ship, everyone called it the Blue Whale boat. The one thing that confused the town of greendale, was that everytime the awoke the boat was in a diffrent place! People of the town would offten go down and check wether the boat had an owner. They would walk down the long pier adn tap on the side of the boat and say ” anyone down there?” But as always there was never a reply. One day a women named Deadre had an amazing idea. ” we should get a night watcher, any volentiers?” she announced in the village meeting that friday. so it was desided a lockal man named billy.

    That night billy sat in his deckchair staring out to the pier fell asleep.

    ” BILLY WAKE UP YOU SILLY OLD COW!” It was deadre and a crowd of villagers waiting to hear what billy had to say about the night. Deadre was furious with him and now so where the villagers! Billy was sent back to his cottage! A tall man broke the huge sqauble of villagers angrily cursing to each other in rage! ” SILENCE” shouted the tall man. he pushed through the crowd climbed onto the boat and told his tale. he was the owner of the boat, he is a wizard and put billy to sleep! the villagers went to billy and said sorry and he forgave them and so the tale was told for many years about the wizard

  19. Nadine, age 12, from Wales

    Once upon a time the blue ship was sailing among the beautiful, big, blue sea from Cornwall to New York. It had to sail for 3,292 miles, 3 days and 12 hours. But one day disaster struck. The boat wasn’t levelled the same on both sides so it sunk, taking 100 people with it. Everyone remembers it as a very sad night. It sank at precisely 10:06 PM. PS. This is not a real story.

  20. Susanna, age 8, from England

    The artist’s brush strokes really look like the sea: reflecting the silvery shade of the ocean, and the boat looks like wood.

  21. Anton Mayer, age 14, from Germany

    A long time ago,there was an accident on a big hill !!! Three peoples died. Everybody was sad. So a rich man baught a long fence and nobody can fall down the cliffs. The rich man became famous and everbody likes him and he was the star in his city.


    And the moral of the story: You have to be rich to become famous.

    :D ;D