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Gillian Wearing, from Signs that Say What You Want Them To Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say, ‘I’m desperate’, 1992-3

This photograph is from a series called ‘Signs..(you can see the very long title above)’. Gillian Wearing asked random people who walked by to write down their thoughts on a piece of paper.

If Wearing stopped you on the street today, what would you write down on the piece of paper? Desperate means the same as ‘really need’ – what do you think this man needed? What do you think happened to him after this picture was taken?

90 stories about “Gillian Wearing, from Signs that Say What You Want Them To Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say, ‘I’m desperate’, 1992-3”

  1. katie, age 10, from england

    A man stands in a corner desperately

  2. laura, age 8, from Ireland

    em I dont this man but i like him alot.

  3. Bex, age 18, from Land of the Striving Art Student

    Isn’t everybody desperate once in a while.
    Desperate for success.
    Desperate for love.
    Desperate for life.
    Desperate for death.
    Being desperate is a part of being human.

  4. yo, age 12, from Tompkinsville,Ky

    em I dont this man but i like him alot.

  5. katie bailes, age 7, from england

    a man standsin a corner desperately

  6. Brenda, age 40, from USA

    David might have been his name.
    Eventually he would learn it was a common name.
    Sometimes he would wake,
    Pull on his clean, pressed suit,
    Evaluate his reflection,
    Realize it, too, was common,
    And wonder if anything at all about him was exceptional,
    Thrilling, or even

  7. Tamara, age 11, from serbia

    this is a men who is desperate.

  8. Adam Maric-Cleaver, age 9, from italy

    HElooks desperate but dont we all we may have our different reasons but collectively they all mean the same thing some ofus are pushed by our desires and someour feeling.Everyone shares the feling of desperation as we have allbeen through it
    or for love fame

  9. Lucy, age 11, from England

    I stand here, pleading for help.
    Money isnt a thing I own a lot of.
    Bank managers have done all they could.
    Every one that walks past me stares an runs.
    Getting on my nerves really.
    Getting panicy.
    I hope my life dosent end here
    Nothing to eat or drink
    Going to jail for stealing i dont fancy, so i just stand where i am. Im begging.

  10. Kitty Royle :) :), age 11, from England

    “Im desparate, theres an evil vampire Emmett Cullen w”os going to suck my blood”

    “What wil I do, My daughter Isobella Swan has already been sucked in by those evil creatures”


    “HUH what was that?”

    “It was I Edward Cullen, Join the Cullens and you will never be thirsty again!!!”

    “OK sounds like a fair deal I’m coming Bella”


  11. Anna, age 11, from UK

    Maybe he was desperate for food, maybe for , maybe for a home. He felt desperate for some reason. No one knows. Everyone feels desperate sometimes it just depends when and what about. Maybe he turned out to be lucky and something or someone came along and helped him so he wasn’t desperate. Maybe he wasn’t so lucky, maybe no one came and helped him, maybe he is still desperate. Maybe he has forgotten he was desperate or maybe he still remembers it like a sharp pain from yesterday. Nobody knows.

  12. Bernard Lumapas, age 12, from Australia

    One stormy day as the days rolled passed a man in a suite looks inside a window waiting for a warm place to stay. Looking smart the man in the suite waits and waits until a job was opened for him. But day by day he waits for only one thing a warm place to live.

  13. Katie, age 12, from England Rules!

    Gillian Wearing is desparate for a girlfriend! He refuses to change his looks because he thinks its whats on the inside that counts. I suppose its only true! You can care what you look like but dont worry about what other people think!

  14. Emma Davies, age 12, from England

    When he seems desperate i don’t know what he is desperate for but most people do end up in a situation where they are desperate for something and it looks to me as if he is desperate or ideas and for creativity in life and something to do instead of repeating his life everyday.

  15. Hollie, age 11, from England

    This man had just got a divorce withhis beautiful wife and she took their children with her! he is desperate for his wife and children to come back to him he does’nt want to miss out on their lives but he doe’nt know where they went to so he is just pleading for his wife ang kids back into his life!!!!!!!

  16. Sam Reneé, age 14, from London, England

    The man on the corner street grimaced as the early morning sun struck upon him and woke him while shifting the sleepy cobwebs out of the street so the market people could set up their stalls without trouble.
    The man was lonely, and nothing could make him feel so ashamed of the trials he had comitted, which were now haunting him as he got up to assume his regular job, A plea. “I’m Desperate” read the sign he would hold up, each morning, which we carry him nowhere among the crowd, And he was without money. As his sorrow grew to such a painted hole, he became Desperate, as his sign said. One morning, as the sun shifted the cobwebs, and the man woke, a newspaper was thrown at him…..”The Plead Carrier”. It was full of sad and needy people, desperate for someone to save them, and them the man had an Idea. He spoke it out loud “Well, I think I should apply for this newspaper, It seems full of needy souls, which I shall reach out to and touch the heart” he said, and followed the adress on the paper.
    When he arrived, he applied for the job, and wrote his first article. “The Desperate Corner”. It was his mini autobiography. He was desperate no longer. The usual faces that gave him sympathatic looks, now not needed was depressed to see him go, but happy for his fortune. And then, as the wind carried him away, in his van to move to a new house, the faces of his past swirled around him, sending him into a drifting tide of sleepiness.

  17. Ellie, age 9, from London

    I am the man on the corner,
    The one who wants his life back,
    The one who stands and waits,
    For pain to consume him,
    Once more.

  18. Nafessa :), age 11, from England!!!

    I think that this man is desperate for the woman of his dreams! He may not be the best looking man in the world but he thinks that one day he will find the perfect woman but for now he’s still going to carry on being desperate!

  19. Abbi-Lee Riggs, age 12, from England, LGGS..x

    To those who read this; My art homework was to come on here and write a story from ‘behind’ the painting. I hope you like it!

    Christopher Brown, 27 and, unsuprisingly, single. He is scared – what of, he doesn’t know. He wears his suit to give the impression that he is ‘superior’, but the little amount of people who know him would insist on otherwise. He wakes up in the morning with a day that is always the same. He has a routine, and sticks to it. But there are voices in his head, people that no one should know about. They tell him to scrap his routine, and let some excitement into his life. But he knows this is schizophrenzia [sp?] and those voices should be, undoubtedly, ignored. He would never confide of this problem in anyone else.
    But maybe… just maybe… those voices in his head, were no side effect of a serious illness. They were his heart. Speaking out… Yet being ignored.

    Listen to your heart.

  20. harry walton, age 11, from england

    Desperate can mean a range of things :

    desperate for love
    desperate for victory
    desperate for food
    desperate for water
    desperate for fun
    desperate for beauty
    thertefore this picture could mean a range of things
    i think this man is meaning that he is desperate for elp or supprot because he looks pretty wealthy but he looks quite evil as if he has just murdered someone and has just been caught where he feels good that he got rid of the person that was causing him trouble but hasjust suddenly realised whatte qonsequences

  21. magda, age 12, from scotland

    I can see a man round a corner with a card saying “Im desperate”….
    Desperate for what? and why is he smiling its either a joke or he is the mistery guy/

  22. Ellie, age 9, from London

    I write in this diary as my last hope. I have resided into a beggar. A BEGGAR! I used to be a business man, with a family and a life. But, now? Pfff. Nothing. And all because of Big Boss Ben. I hate Big Boss Ben. Tossed me out soon as he saw my shoes. I knew knew knew I shouldn’t have worn them, but the wife, well…she insisted. As I write these last words, and hope for someone to find them, I write the line:

    I’m Desparate.

    As I move to Venice, These be my last thoughts, before, I am Danny Sprarrow no more.

  23. SORAroxas, age 12, from Radiant Garden (I moved)

    Me, and my two friends luvhart and Señor Moogle went shopping in Twilight Town one day. Señor was flicking luvhart when a man stopped and asked us what we were thinking, and if we could write it down on a piece of paper. Luvhart wrote “Señor is really annoying!”. He wrote “luvhart is Reeeeelly anoyin!” I wrote “You’re both really annoying!”

  24. ria, age 14, from england

    once there was a man. but he was not just any man, he was lonely. his parents had deserted him at the age of 4 and he got taken into an orfanage. his foster parents beat him up and swore at him. he got taken back into care where he was bullied by all the kids coz of his scars which he got at his last house. when he was 18 he got kicked out of care and now lives on the streets with only £100. he is despare for love and money. can you help him?

  25. ina, age 10, from germany

    i think this man looks really sad and maybe his wife left him and thats why he is so sad.
    i would write on this paper just my feeling at this moment.

  26. andrew, age 10, from england

    “i’m desperate”say’s Gillan wearing. please help me “i’m desperate for love,find a wife for me so i can get love.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. annie g, age 12, from England

    I’am a boy who was verry sad because I havent got a mum

  28. jenna brame, age 11, from england

    He stood there waiting,waiting for anything to happen something good he hoped.He looked like a rather wealthy man but looks can be decieving he was a tramp and just got enough money for this suit but he was desperate for more he wanted a house a bed, everything an average person would have. But the thing he was really desperate for was a family,someone to love and look after. It happened exactly one month later he had enough money for a lottery ticket but guess what he hit the jackpot he won the lottery and he even found a lady friend with perfect blonde hair rosy red cheeks who really liked him they soon became closer and closer they bought a house together and the he did it asked the question he was happy now in love and they got married but the only thing he was desperate for now was her love.

  29. Georgia, age 11, from England

    Everyone is desparate in life,
    But This man…
    he’s desparate for a new hair cut,
    I mean a COMB OVER what the!.!.!.!

  30. Georgia, age 11, from England

    I stood there, with a sign, waiting… waiting… waiting for love.
    I was alone but i smiled, and you smiled back at me.
    I’m here. Stuck here. Right here…


  31. kid, age 10, from england

    It could be becouse he`s desperate to have a life!

  32. matticooscoos, age 11, from desperate

    Bob was a very desperate man. He ate desperatley and walked desperatly and talked in a desperate way. He died a desperate man.
    so thus i end this desperate tale of a desperate man wo lived a desperate life in a desperate world.
    P.S his second name was desperate!!!!

  33. FUNNY!!!!!!, age 12, from England

    for the loo!!!!!!…….
    to late!!!!

  34. Bethany, age 9, from Scotland

    Its just a greedy man asking for money.

  35. kayla, age 12, from usa

    Marco walks into the office of employment for the 5th time that week. It seems as though no one wants any workers….its not the great depression, so wheres the employee-less buisnesses?? The lady at the desk, Sandy, greets Marco as he walks into Mr. Bib’s office. “Sorry Mr. Willo, there are no jobs.” Dissapointed and frustrated, Marco makes a sign that says “Im Desperate” and walks outside. Maybe someone will see it and offer Marco a job..

  36. simela sakolevids, age 9, from USA

    he is not desperate he is a good man .LOL

  37. holly, age 0, from ?4 me 2 no only?

    he stood there,holding a sighn obviously needed help but yet there was something in his eyes something about him it was like he was happy the way he was yet he felt like he shouldnt be… i dont no wat he needed yet i dont no wat he had . i carried on walking and say more ppl in that mans position yet they didnt have the same glint the same …atmosphere i decided to call that man “HIM” for him wouldnt have wanted a long important name he would want 1 that single him out like the glint in his eye.

  38. ?????????????????, age 0, from uk

    why is evry one desperate
    its bad
    desperate for love
    desperate for death
    desperate for antthing

  39. Casey, age 12, from USA

    Well, isn’t everyone?
    That’s what I thought.
    This guy is so desperate he’d admit it.
    We’re all desperate, but we’re proud.
    We won’t admit it.
    But he will.
    Why can’t we?

  40. The painter, age 0, from the ocean in my thoughts I told you that already

    When I am desperte he is desperte for some one to just say hi. “Please say hi that will cheer me up

  41. babycravat, age 10, from England

    I stand here….

    I’ve missed the last bus!

  42. Claire McGowan, age 11, from Scotland

    My name is Claire McGowan and this is my story about a man called Jimmy Clarkson. He told me this story once I had asked him to write his feelings on a piece of card and he wrote ‘desperate’ while his fingers were trembling. Jimmy is years old and has a beautiful wife called Amanda Clarkson, who wants and needs everything as well as having two children, a young boy aged nine called Jimmy jnr and his teenage girl Amy, aged thirteen. Jimmy earned a living by working hard in his office. He ‘was’ the manager until he got a little bit big headed. He would buy lots of flashy cars, designer wear, expensive after shave and lots more including all the nice things for his pushover wife. When I first heard this I wondered how he paid for everything. He managed to pay for all of this by a credit card. Due to all of this he then couldn’t pay the rent and bills. Every time he spoke to me his eyes seemed to fill up.

    So here’s how it all started, Jimmy was doing very well in work until he got told he couldn’t have a promotion and got sacked from being the manager. He couldn’t pay for the house, bills and now he can’t afford his wife because she wants everything!
    However he really, really needs a job and cannot afford anything. Plus he now has to pay back all of the money he used for his credit card, and this why Jimmy Clarkson is DESPERATE!

  43. Barry, age 11, from Scotland

    Hello There. My name is George Regal and I’m desperate for a job because I’ve been unemployed for 2 years. Just yesterday I was given the opportunity to work for Asda, but first I had to go to a job interview. Today I am returning to Asda to see if I get the job or not and it would mean the world to me if I got it because if I did I would no longer need to live with my mother.

    The country I live in is good old Scotland where my family lives. I am the only child and my dad passed away.

    If I don’t get this job I will be heartbroken and will fall to pieces. If I do get this job I will run out into the street and start jumping with joy. I’ll be over the moon.

  44. kayley carmichael, age 11, from Scotland

    Hi my name is Jim. I live in Edinburgh which is the capital city of Scotland. I live with my wife, kids and my two cute little puppies In an old fashioned house. My wife stays at home so it’s me that has to earn all the money I can. My two children are called Ashley and Nicole. The dogs are called molly and Harvey.

    I am the head teacher of an incredible school called st Barton’s primary school. That’s where the stories begin. Well I was sitting in my messy office and I was going through all the mail and I found that all it was bills at three thousand pounds. My heart dropped at the site of the high prices which was very unfortunate because I still had to pay all the house bills and my employees.

    The next day I hurriedly got out of bed and realised that it was half past nine so I rushed to do everything and then saw it was the day I had to pay all the bills and the employees in just two hours. I ARRIVED AT SCHOOL AND ALL MY STAFF WAS SO ANGRY WITH ME. I TOLD THEM I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR WAGES BY THE END OF THE WEEK.THE WHOLE OF THE STAFF RAN TO THEIR CLASSES WHILE I SAID TO MYSELF WHAT AM I GOING TO DO I’M BROKE.

  45. chelsea breslin, age 12, from scotland


    My tale begins with a man called Bob. He was living the good life furthermore a business man. Although he was only 22 he had an astonishing fortune. About a year ago he met his model girl friend Molly. Immediately after work Bob had to study. Despite Molly’s dazzling job she felt left out and not spoken to. Although there was the usual “Hi Hunni” and “How was work” that was it. 

    At last Molly felt a sudden emptiness. Finally she asked Bob, “Want to go clubbing?”
    Bob muttered “Ehmm…..Well….mmmmm…Okay”
    After wards Molly gave an immaculate smile.

    At last Friday came. Molly was overwhelmed with excitement. They went in Bob feeling as small as a mouse. Without warning the multi coloured lights whizzed around the room. Bob was anxious, too anxious. “I’m Going to the loo,” muttered Bob.
    “Ok”said Molly with her glitter sparks in her eyes. As pleasure less Bob came out from the loo, he scrutinised his eyes.” Is that my Molly kissing another man?” After looking for two seconds his heart snapped in two. Instead of making a show he walked, his eyes blurred.

    The next day Molly chapped the door. Heart broken Bob ignored it. If only if she knew how empty he felt as if he was invisible..”.I’m Desperate!” he wrote.

    About a week after he found someone new. His heart healed. He was honestly living the good life. 

  46. Kimberly Connor, age 11, from Scotland

    12th February 2009 Desperate

    Hello, my name is Jim. I am 26 and I work as an office man. One Monday morning I was off to work at 9.00am in the morning. I was going to meet my friend bob at the Asda car park. My back was sore because I was carrying a heavy bag full of papers and folders.

    Today in work I was meant to be doing a presentation about my life and how much I love it.
    When I brought it out of my bag it was all ripped “Oh no! “ I said into myself “What am I going to do? “ I thought to myself. It was dirty as well so, I couldn’t even celatape it up or anything like that.

    Before very long my smartly dressed boss came out of his room and I was holding the paper in front of my face. So obviously he was going to see the state that my presentation was in “What is this?” my boss exclaimed.
    “Emm….. Well I brought it out of my bag and it was like that.”
    “Who did it?”
    “Well…Well…Well..! “
    “I think we are going to hear some bad news then, Jim“, my boss said.” I think that you have to leave the shop. Don’t come back! “
    “What? “
    “Don’t come back!”
    “What about a job?”

    “Well I think you will have to go and find one .Well I think you can go out tomorrow.”
    “I can’t.”
    “Why not?”
    “Can I just stay?”
    “No everyone had to do it because it was a test!” Everyone didn’t have a choice .If they wanted to do it or not!

    Now I am DESPERATE!

    Yours Sincerely
    Kimberly Connor 

  47. RAECHEL, age 13, from ENGLAND

    I write signs,banners whatever I want.

    I write what i want to write, not what THEY want me to write.
    I have my own spirit and let everyone around me realise that.
    I am one with the wind, and one with GOD.
    We have our own minds,souls and hearts so why not use them.
    My sign would say…….


    GO TO THE LOO THEN DUH !!!!!!!!

  49. clara, age 11, from england

    This man is stupid, and homeless. he stowle the suit frrom a rich fat man. The coat had money in it so he isn’t as desperate. He has no job so he is pretending he is poor to recive money.

  50. Strawberry, age 10, from england

    Here is a picture of a buisness manager who is very greedy. He has all the money of the world, but one day he reads the independent and it says, richest man of the world is the king. The man was outraged, how could the king be richer then the worlds greatest and most succsesful bank maneger. So he takes a piece of paper and writes ” I am poor and desperate.” so people start coming to him and dropping £1 coins into his hat. This is how he became the richest man in the world. Even richere than the king.

  51. Emma and Elizabeth, age 10, from England

    This man is desperate. He has been fired from his job, and he has no money. Its all gone. Spent on a new suit so he can make a good impression on the job centre. HE HAS TO LIVE IN HIS CAR. But somebody hated him for it. HIs wife.
    He was fast asleep hoping the morning would bring a job. He never saw the morning his wife murdered him in his sleep. She was convicted of murder and sent to jail, this is what the credit crunch does.

  52. desiree, age 14, from united states

    Everyone is desperate sometimes and all you can do is ask, and it would help if you just give.
    I mean how can you get something without asking ?

  53. jacky boy, age 15, from england


    i am desperate. i dont like the world fighting and want it to be a better place. i want us not as a country, nor as a continent but as a world together to not fight, to not be in poverty but to be in harmeny.

  54. Bob, age 5, from New Irland

    Hi i’m Bob and i have lost my job but still dress like this because ithink i have a job in a card boared box. :-o

  55. Matt Newbery, age 0, from Uk

    I am desperate. Im the guy on the street. Im a homeless tramp. I have no food and im poor i have only 2 sets of clothes and in desperate need of food drink and new clothes. I have a friend that lives beneth the bench with me and we share the same leaves to sleep on. We live in the cold, dark and scary alley ways with only the birds and the bats to keep up company and maybe occasionly a lost dog. we always get rejected from everyone and people just walk past without a care in the world. They dont understand my pain. I wish i was living in a proper bed with nothing but the soft pillows and the duvet. Im lonely and need some help so please dont just walk past come and give me some attention- I deserve it.

  56. Nicole seward, age 13, from england

    What does desperate mean?
    and what are you desperate for?
    Love . . . no it comes when you want
    to find it and its unstopable and risky.
    Money . . . no you can make that so easly with
    lie, cheats and swindles no it cant be money he is wearing a suit
    freedom . . . everyone should be born free and to live free and to be free he should be then free but what if theres someone stopping him from being as free as a bird
    Desperate . . . maby hes there to make you think, to make you wonder about the word desperate to make you think about freedom, life and the word around you.
    x x x

    or mabey its just another random abstract picture!!!!

  57. weirdo 24/7, age 7, from hhh

    I dont know whats wrong
    Everythings a blur
    No one undersdtands me
    and can answer my prayers
    im deserate for help
    but no one can answer my call
    I dont understand what is wrong with me
    I dont understand why i cant break free
    My life is a mess
    My life is a bore
    I live with suffering
    in a cold broken world
    I scream and i shout.
    But i put up a fight.
    But my world isnt complete
    as i cant sleep at night

  58. Sophie M, age 12, from England

    I was walking down a lonely street when I saw a man, he looked quite posh wearing a suit and tie but he was holding a sign. The sign said “I’m desperate” I went up to him and asked what he meant, and he replied by saying, “I may have money, a lovely house, an amazing car and a good paying job but I don’t have the one thing I wan’t desperately and that is someone who loves me for who I am and not for what I have.” I told him that he can get anyone and a year later he got married to a woman who loved him only from him personality and not what he owned.

  59. bob, age 13, from england

    This man is called bob. He is always desperate for success, desperate for love, desperate for life and desperate for death. But most of all he is desperate to go to the toilet now!!! so cya :)

  60. Niamh Elstone, age 12, from England

    I think the piece artwork “Im Desperate” is about a buisness man who is desperate for someone to buy what he is selling.

    It also looks as if he need money because he has financial problems.

  61. Callum and Andrew, age 12, from England

    A chairman of the goverment in desparate need of help for the globel econemy because of the credit crunch and to help the banks.

  62. Carrie, age 10, from SC, USA

    Interview of Desperate Man:

    Me: What is your name?
    Desperate Man: John.
    Me: Why are you desperate?
    John: I WAS desperate because I had no home.
    Me: Were you a hobo with one pair of clothes?
    John: Yes, I was.
    Me: What do you mean you WERE desperate?
    John: I now am rich and famous from this painting!

    That’s your interview, folks!

  63. Shannon, age 8, from United Kimdom

    Everyone Is Desperate
    For Food
    For Drink
    For Friends
    For Love
    For Fun
    For All Sorts Of Things!!

  64. Ellie, age 9, from Ireland, Galway

    I’m Desperate.
    Days were slow,
    Entertaining never helped,
    Silence on the street,
    Passers by vanished,
    Everything was still,
    Remembering his past,
    Asking for an answer,
    To get out of there, that prison
    Ever lasting freedom.
    The man was never happy. His life, was never full of magic, the exciting burst you get when you see an old friend in the street, winning your first ever art award, or writing a prize winning adventure story. The thrill you get when you find old socks with £50 in them, or the sweet and sorrowful melancholy tunes of a grand piano. Never was his life like ours, with pain but secretly love between the heart breaking gaps to it, the soothing of a savage breast by music on the breeze, or a different culture, celebrating the days made in history, or a summers day, turning into a summers night. Loneliness was a constant protecter of his feelings, could he not show them now? Against the backdrop, where did he stand?

    So, against the corner, he holds the sign.

    ‘I’m Desperate’.

  65. Lisa J, age 9, from London

    There is a man on the corner, a single corner of the street. Where people ignore because there is nothing there, apart from the man. He does not laugh as he walks the streets up and down, with his single sign. Nobody pays attention, because he is nothing against the backdrop of crowded people, chattering in the morning sun. The bleak and smelly street, buses come and go and people sway on the rhythm. Slowly, one by one, the people vanish into midnight, and the man is once more alone on the street. And his song, based on the song of I’m The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, By The Script, is sung now by all those who remembered his brave journey:

    Going back to the corner, where I first stood,
    Gonna sit down and wait, like I know I should,
    Got some words on cardboard,
    Got a heavy heart,
    Saying “I’m desperate, it’s tearing me apart!”

    And now, as he slips into his own memory, his sheet of cardboard read, in the end:

    “I’m Desperate”

  66. Sarah, age 13, from England

    I knew an old man who lived in the same apartment building as me, here in Lyon. He had no money and he had no friends and he had no family,
    and he had no food.

    He was polite and discreet.

    Every night he would go down to the rubbish bins and try to find something to eat in our rubbish. Every night, we could hear him ripping open the plastic bags and opening and closing the rubbish bins and talking to himself.

    Every night…..

    I used to invite him into my apartment every now and again and give him a little food and try to persuade him to find help with Social Security or something, or find his family and friends. Or something, anything, or anyone………….but he was completely alone in the world.

    Then I went away for a couple of years to Bordeaux to launch a small restaurant with a friend.

    When I got back to Lyon he had disappeared, and a neighbour told me that no-one was sure where he was, and that he had most certainly left the area. Ok, I hoped all was well with him.

    A couple of months later I was coming home from work and there was an ambulance outside the apartment building. A police car too. The shopkeeper from the general store next door was there and I asked him what was going on.

    He said “Oh, you remember the old guy who used to eat from the rubbish bins? The landlord had the police enter his apartment a couple of hours ago because he hadn’t paid rent for nine months. They found him dead in his kitchen”.

    We later found out that he had been dead, in his kitchen, for around seven months.

    And no-one tried to knock on his door when he first went missing. No one thought about why he suddenly disappeared and no-one thought to question why no-one had seen a removal van or people to help him move.. No-one. He just died, alone, poor, and hungry, without anyone in the world knowing, in his kitchen, with people above and below and on either side of him.

    I think this is this man.

  67. Ciara Keating, age 13, from Galway Ireland

    Desperate for a Woman in his life.

  68. Peace, age 21, from Usa

    we all are. we all are.

  69. woxiewoo, age 12, from england

    this man is desperate he is holding a sign saying ‘im desperate which is desperate!

  70. Bradley Sloan, age 11, from United Kingdom

    Today I’m desparate, not desparate for food ,I’m desparate for my job back.When I got to the building I use to work in the boss said , I was a stupid, unreliable, disgrace to man kind. Well I flipped out, and well, I trashed his desk and threw everything on the floor, including him. I dashed down stairs , but it was too late to leave.The cops got me and took me to jail, so now I’m living in a prision cell.

  71. Rosanna Amy Douglas, age 11, from England

    One day, Albert was doing his daily work.He was a banker but this time it was different.There had been a crime at the bank but all the security was said that there hadn’t .So the boss assumed that it was someone who worked there. He lined them all up and asked each person a few questions. When he came to Albert, he was so nervous, the boss thought he looked very suspicious and when he asked him some questions, he hesitated so much his boss wouldn’t take any chances so he fired him. Albert was so desperate for another job he wrote on a piece of cardboard ‘Im Desperate’. Some say he is still there today!

  72. jade, age 8, from australia

    a bisness man who had just been fired had only a texta and paper in his hand he couId not speak he gently neatly wrote im desprate everyone felt sad and donated money he finally went home and bought himself something for crismas he thanked everyone .

  73. Jasmine, age 10, from London

    A man stand at a empty crossroad yet it seemed like millions were racing past. Once full now empty. Empty of everything needless to say the man still really yearned for a job.

  74. jade n katie n laura, age 9, from england

    The man on the corner street grimaced as the early morning sun struck upon him and woke him while shifting the sleepy cobwebs out of the street so the market people could set up their stalls without trouble.
    The man was lonely, and nothing could make him feel so ashamed of the trials he had comitted, which were now haunting him as he got up to assume his regular job, A plea. “I’m Desperate” read the sign he would hold up, each morning, which we carry him nowhere among the crowd, And he was without money. As his sorrow grew to such a painted hole, he became Desperate, as his sign said. One morning, as the sun shifted the cobwebs, and the man woke, a newspaper was thrown at him…..”The Plead Carrier”. It was full of sad and needy people, desperate for someone to save them, and them the man had an Idea. He spoke it out loud “Well, I think I should apply for this newspaper, It seems full of needy souls, which I shall reach out to and touch the heart” he said, and followed the adress on the paper.
    When he arrived, he applied for the job, and wrote his first article. “The Desperate Corner”. It was his mini autobiography. He was desperate no longer. The usual faces that gave him sympathatic looks, now not needed was depressed to see him go, but happy for his fortune. And then, as the wind carried him away, in his van to move to a new house, the faces of his past swirled around him, sending him into a drifting tide of sleepiness.

  75. Charlotte Kirkwood, age 10, from Scotland

    the man stood on a street corner with a sign that stated he was despeate .he had just been fired from work. he began to walk on . he saw a sign that said hiring he ran and got the job

    THE END :D

  76. Summer, age 13, from Japan

    A man stands on the corner of New York holding a sign.
    It says, “I’m Desperate!”
    But the kind people of New York will not be fooled so easily. If this young man is so desperate why is he wearing a suit that he could clearly sell and buy him another pair of clothes. Next time your holding a sign saying, “I’m desperate!” wear much raggy clothes than a $500 suit.

  77. Tiger, age 11, from England

    Maybe if he wasn’t desperate, he wouldn’t have ironed his shirt. His trousered, his suit. His life. But, when he’s desperate, nothing would matter. Dogs, people, they pass by as his sign shows them the inside reason he stands there. “I’m desperate,” He’ll croak, day after day. He wishes that those people would look towards him, and acknowledge that somehow a human being is being neglected.
    “But oh,” He’ll say “Their life is more important then mine.” Wishing he somehow could be with them. To be excepted.

    The newspaper falls at his feet. “Weary Hearts?” He asks. On the front it stands out, it blinks at him. ‘WEARY HEARTS: A CHANCE FOR THOSE TO REDEEM A LIFE.’ A Miracle. He reads. “Yes!” His hole widens as the glimmer of hope that has been dulled for so long tears through the darkness to reach HIS wearied heart.

    Yes! He got the job. Yet, no more is he desperate. Yet, somehow his home is now this road. He gathers his stuff. The passers by that have never acknowledged him, suddenly look up. Their faces beam, and he realizes that they had noticed, they had hoped he would get his life together. As he looks at them, he realizes this is his family. Those ignorant people that notice even the smallest things.

    And so, you recognize you’re not desperate at all.

    Your life, is yours.

  78. charlie, age 12, from england

    this is bob! bob has no wife! bob is despersate! bob has only ever kissed his mum now bob is on a mission to get a girl! one day bob went to town and put a im desperate sign up so a hobbo ladyand found his dream girl!

  79. Sarah, age 13, from England

    Help! Help!
    Ge me out of this world ,out of the hatred in this life of cruel harsh ways.
    Those who are rich dont think about the every day troubles people have im desperate we need to get these people out of this disgusting world.
    Knives, drugs, politics, guns religion, race, sex, world leaders, money.
    They all cause trouble. They cause lives to be swept off the earth in a clap of the hands. The news is nothing but depressing cases over and over again with never ending evil games that syko weirdos who would do anything to spill some blood of their enemys.

  80. Izzy, age 10, from England

    Hes desperate, desperate for the world to hear him and belive in him.
    Something is going to change in his life which he dosen’t want.
    This is his last hope…

  81. cleo burton, age 10, from uk

    he looks like he needs to fart

  82. Jonada, age 9, from UK

    “im desperate for every thing”

  83. siobhan, age 9, from untied kingdom

    a lonely talks man walked the streets the alone he had ,had enough he was sad angry and depresed all at the same time the reason why nobody at work let him say the piont of view he had on things and when he did tell the comepy what he thought the credit was never given to him and in the end he ouited his job and told the athortey they just laughed and siad thats the way it is.

  84. aumrita (roo), age 13, from l\'Angleterre

    The man
    was desperate.
    the toilet
    was illiterate.

  85. saira, age 16, from west midlands

    clothes stylish hairstyle this man did not look desperate he looks as though he is smiling. who new maybe he was testing people like us to see if we would help him. may be he really did need something. maybe it was a test for us to see how we could help him or showing an example of how children adults around the world need our help.

  86. tiiz, age 16, from england...london

    ok…desperation aswell as love can be an emotion, just as anger,hurt and betrayal…howevr desperation is different. being desperate is in need of something, yet that one who needs it doesnt realise that othes have their own needs leading to question of is being desperate an act of selfishness in disguise?
    tiiz from london…someone who loves art but cant draw according to my teacher
    :)) xxxxx

  87. lucy, age 11, from england

    A sign sais “i’m desperate”, desparate for what?…mystery lies beyond this man, has he done something rong? Has he done somehting he has not been yet proud of? Is he important, chase him, follow his thoughts, he may give you money, dissapointment, mabey he wants a friend he can relie on to speek his mind. “Are you there” he sais, “are you an illusion, mirage, a mythecal creature? Am I hylusinating, I see two figures………are you there?” I make my way over to this strange male, I place my hand on his shoulder……….”ouch” I crie, I fell flat on my face, the man dissapears, a glowing silluete only to be left……………………….

  88. jessica, age 16, from the hopeful art student :)

    desperation is a human fault that everybody has.
    desperation for love?
    desperation for the meaning of life?
    even the simple things
    desperation for that new chanel handbag i saw in the window the other day but costs more than i earn in a month?

    philosophical or materialistic everybody is desperate for something. this man may be desperate to stop wearing suits and stop sitting at the same desk day after day. freedom maybe? could that be what he is desperate for? we will never know.

  89. demi, age 11, from wales

    well if he is desperate why doesnt he go to someone he can trust and tooo talk to them because maybe they can help ………. :) …………. and if they can help the problem is fine but if they cant help there has to be someone else he can talk toooo ……….. :D

  90. lauryn, age 9, from engaland

    One day there was a man who really needed some money but he didn`t know how he was going to get some money he tried to get a job but every time he wen`t to the job he got sacked so then he tried to do some kind of entertainment in the streets to see if any one was willing to put any noney in the hat but he only ended up with £2.50 wich was only enough for some food wich he was really happy about but he still needed more money then he tried to think off what he could do next then he had a great idea he was going to have a jumble sale in minutes he had a gigantick pile of valuable stuff at the end of the sale not one thing was left and he had a total of £250 pounds wich was just enough to get a job and be able to eat and drink then he wrote on a peice of card i made a goal and achived it then he prayed to god and thanked him THE END