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Francis Bacon, Study of a Dog, 1952

Francis Bacon looked at photographs of dogs moving to create this work. He smeared the paint to suggest that the dog may have been mentally ill. Bacon used animals to demonstrate danger and the fear of danger.

You can see this painting and other works by Bacon at Tate Britain until January 4 2009. You might find some of the works scary, so ask your parents to check it is suitable for you before you arrive.

What happened to this dog? Why might it be ill? Where is it? Why is it there? Where are it’s owners? There is a beach in the background – do you know where this might be?

163 stories about “Francis Bacon, Study of a Dog, 1952”

  1. jaja, age 9, from daventry

    The ghost dog was there. In the moonlight, he could only see it’s tail peering out from behind the bushes. Suddenly, the dog sprang out.
    the end

  2. Jerrithan, age 87, from United Kingdom

    This dogs name is Cuddles Cienn its owners goin’ to get her suntain loition and the dog is absouloutly finE!

  3. crystal, age 12, from england

    the dog was so thin i felt like taking it to the vet but obviously i was lost so i found some bread in my bag so i gave the dog all of my bread . and then my dad came past in his car and i was so relived but i didn’t want to leave the dog here so i brought him with me … …THE END…





  5. Sophie Middlehurst, age 10, from United Kingdom

    The dog’s head peeped around the corner, it walked towards me but it had no body, i reached out for the matches in my pocket, the maches were put into my hand.

  6. kid, age 10, from england

    A dog sits there cleaning itself in a red room.

  7. kid, age 10, from england

    Sitting on a beach alone with the sunsetting in the
    sky is a dog lying there waiting for its owner. But
    they won`t come. So he sits there not eating or
    drinking and slowly fading away into the ghost dog.
    That my friends is cruelty.

  8. callum bassett, age 8, from england

    once upon a time a mine dog he livd in this house he got fron out becuse he didn/t do what he was sopost to do so he got a dopted he cadt find a home he was living in the strets eno day a car went past they saw that dog a lown they took him home they rapthim up in a tawle a thyou days later the dog had pupes
    there names were staliy and zack cody

  9. jade, age 10, from wales

    this dog was suffering from the tiny space it was like a boxing ring he couldt get out he was stuck…..
    to be continued
    the end

  10. jade, age 10, from wales

    hi my name is the dog i am inside this place i dont know where it is but i was taken away from my rightfull owner and was being treated like a slave for money it was pure animal cruilty they made me do tricks and if i didnt do it they would hit me with a chain and bar it hurted i coudlnt stand it i just kept thinking to myself i want to go home!

  11. kyrah, age 10, from u.k

    the dog is a ghost
    a creepy scary ghost

  12. Stephanie, age 12, from Allerton

    once a pon a time there was a dog how was all alon no one could help him or hear infact because he was in a weard but wounder full place.No one could hear him eveno he could hear them.He looked up all he could see was a plane rofe.Then the dog starded to panik and his head spun rourd looking of a door.Then he coulder hear some one shouting his name all we coulder hear was “sam sam where are you.”Then sam notist it was his oner but when he barked he could only hear himself.Sam stud still for a moment and then slowly walked 50 steps to the right.Sam sore a bulding but every time Sam got clost it moved fever away.Sown sam was running then he notist that the ereayer had changed and then agin and agin.He wounder what was going on.He had got in this mess by smelling bacon and seeing the bacon in the box.All of a suden the box started to move.It shuk and agin then the lide opend he sore a big black hand coming to get him.Sam ran around and around the box meanwil sam oner was starting to get sceard.Just befor the hand cort him a light shon.after a wil he work up and he sore that he was in his owen bed and a plate of bacon was in front of him

  13. jada, age 7, from england

    Once apon a time there lived a man who wanted to paint a dog but every time he came near a dog they ran away so he bruot a stahatu and succsessfully comepleated the painting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THE END

  14. megan, age 7, from england

    the dog is ill becuase the owners have not feed it.

    The owners where washed away by a big wave

  15. Tilly Macpherson Bruty, age 0, from Wallingford

    The dog called Simon had been left all alone in a giant mansion when his owner William died> Simon didnt know what to do so he left to go to the been in search of a new owner> For days he searched for a person to take him in and feed him Simon turned into a ghost dog The locals called him Simon the dead dog> Then one day as the sun was rising on the beach in St> Ives Simon found some food She fed him and renamed him Mr Fluff> She was only $> From then on the little girl and Simon lived a happy life together> By Tilly!!!

  16. Niamh Kennedy, age 11, from England

    This is a dog called….
    Well, he doesn’t really have a name.
    He he was left on a beach to survive on his own, when his owners moved abroad.
    I’m sure, that if he could speak, he would say:

    “I am so hungry. Oh so hungry, and wet, and cold. My paws ache from walking on the rough sand for so long, and I think I have fleas, as I can’t stop scratching.
    But, looking on the bright side, there is a man who goes by the name of Francis Bacon, who sits on the sand, and observes me from a distance. He uses colours to paint me. To be honest, I can’t understand why he wants to watch me. Most people walk past me without a second glance. Some people walk past me with a look of discust on their faces.
    But maybe he likes me? Maybe he will take me home with him. Maybe not.
    After all, not all stories have a happy ending.”

  17. Tayszea, age 9, from england

    one day a dog was with it owner in the park. They were playing chase. when the little girls mum told her to buy an ice-cream. the little girl ran to the ice-cream van in delight with £2.50. when she got back with her change crashing in her pocket. but her dog was gone she sherched the pack calling her name asking people. one person she asked was sitting on a ruug drinking and eating with a boy and he was playing, he was playing with a scuplure which looked just like her dog. the little girl never knew that that was her own dog turned into a scupture.


  18. callum edwards, age 11, from england

    One day a big hairy monster appered. Also a nasty and a voice creped out WITH echo and shouted out im going to get you.you better watch yourself because im only a mile away.

  19. lilly, age 10, from england

    once upon a time there was a boy called jack and he realy wanted a puppy on his bday he got a dog and he started crying and his mum said whats wrong and jack said I wated a puppy and his mum said a dog is just as good and he scremmed its not a mounth later bronzo jack dog had puppies and jane jacks mum shouted to jack you wanted one puppy now youve got six and jack shouted yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  20. Myquasia, age 11, from aiken

    I couldn’t belive my eyes my mom was really choosing a dog over me I cryed “please please help stay with me”. She said ‘No’ and ‘leave Me alone’ mi cryed everyday and school didn’t sleep a wink i didn’t even close my eyes shut not for 1 second. Then i saw on T.V. a show called the Helpers i dialed the number right away: 555-654-7890 The hoasted voice anwsered and said:caller#:25 whats your question and i said my mom left me and know i need something cheer me up and the man said you need an artwork that shows how you feel.I said okay and went down to the art musem and 99 out of 100 was not how i felt but i came up to the last one and it was beautiful it looked how i felt and i had my true passion ARTWORK.

  21. Dogface, age 127, from DOGOPHOBIA

    A dog was on the carpet OMG THE DOGS ON THE CARPET !!! MUM !!!!!!

  22. hunter rae, age 10, from United States

    i was in my house trembling from the big killer hurricane.i just heard on the news that millions of people had broken bones.i really wanted to look outside so i tiptoed outside.i opened the door and the look was horrifing!suddenly,i hear a whimper.it sounded like a horse no,a cat.oh, i dont know , but i know it was something. i walk to the torn bush. i see a bloody dog. his leg was actually broken and cut by barb wire.i show my parents and they say i can keep him.years pass and the dog becomes a champion agility dog. the end

  23. Elizabeth, age 10, from america

    A black dog. Standing still in the moonlight. He let out a growl. A family soon moved in to a house next to where the dog lived. The kids went to explore around where the dog was. They heard a loud and low growl and let out a scream. By seconds the kids were dragged down and pulled into a deep dark place. They woke up as two black dogs…

  24. Myquasia, age 11, from aiken

    The Dog was Mysterious and crooked I couldn’t believe my eyes there were all kind of dogs:Skinnydogs, fat dogs,and even small dogs that you had to have a microscope to see. I couldn’t take pictures of this fine art but something was urging me too then i just thought i can come back everyday and everynight to see this art I could feel that i loved this artwork I thought of Buying but it was 222,934,000,990 I said I will save up for this painting even though I dont have the money

  25. Riya, age 9, from UK, Blackpool

    The dog’s tail was shimmering in the moonlight. Suddenly it jumped out at me, from behind the trees.
    It didnt bite or scratch, just look at me, without blinking .
    Then it suddenly fades away. Leaving nothing in its name. It was a ghost.

  26. Zoe em, age 10, from United Kingdom

    Here sits a dog(Besty),so alone;so frightend.It sits and waits for its owner in the abandond circus on the beach.The dog had problems and was metally ill and the owners(Louise and Jamey)couldnt cope,so they left it one day when they were walking.Very soon the dog started to go mad.It was hungry.It was thirsty and it was losing its mind.It was so hungry that it ate some of the sandy chips on the beach.Then the day came.The poor dog was now so ill that it had went insane.It ate some of its flesh,and scratched through its skin becase of fleas.It hurt itself so much that it lay in agony on the floor that night slowly dying.Of course its spirit never rested,and on seaburn beach at 10:00 in the evening,you can still see betsy,waiting for her owners to return for her.Untill then she will never rest.

  27. Catherine, age 10, from USA

    The dog has been neglected on a beach by its owners. It is loyal, so it doesn’t want to move from where the owners told it to stay. But after a while, it realizes the owners aren’t coming back. And it realizes it has been sitting there for days on end.The dog is really sick, and it’s trying hard to survive, but it doesn’t have food. It sits there, waiting to die, slowly dying. Waiting for the inevitable to come.

  28. Breeanna, age 11, from Australia!

    The dog walked up to the green circle. He sat down to think some more. Should he press the star in the middle of the green circle? What would it do? Would it take him home? To his beloved owner Cianna? If it did would she remember her?
    It took him a long time but after a while, he decided to press the button. He walked up to the star in the middle of the green circle. He hesitated. No more thinking, he thought to himself. More doing. Then he quickly pressed the button and suddenly everything went black. Then memories flooded infront of him. Him, as a puppy, playing with Cianna, then many memories of Cianna growing up. Then i bad memoriy. The night that he would never forget. The bad man. The man in black taking Cianna and tieing the rest of the family up. Then him running trying to find Cianna. Running… running… running. Suddenly he was next to Cianna. What joy! How had this happend? Then he relised.
    It was all a dream.

  29. yjssloves, age 90, from london

    the dog was there stairing there just there.
    then he saw the reflection of the dog staring there and there he was just there.

  30. Chloe_the_Book_worm_, age 11, from England

    Arthur was just a painting to start off with,just a boring old dog in a boring old painting.The author of the painting was Francis Bacon.Then,one day,some men came and took the painting to a gallery in London,they hung it up on the wall and many people visited the painting.But one visitor was beyond normal,she wore a black cloak and dress and had pointy high heeled boots.As she looked at the painting,she muttered some words and there was a blinding blue light and everyone looked back at the painting,but the dog had gone! Meanwhile,Arthur the dog was trorring along the road,looking at all the strange new surroundings around him.He had a great time,snaffling chips from people and finally being able to do his buisness! Arthur was from then on a happy dog.

  31. Olivia Johnson, age 10, from England

    I saw the dog stare at me with its cold eyes. Just by glancing at it, you could tell it had had a hard life. It had seen things in a day, that most dogs see in a life. It had seen things that it would never forget. It was covered in cuts and bruises. Obviously it had been beaten with something sharp. I could not pick it up and cuddle it, as the owner ran to the dog and said “Nauughty boy. When we get home, I will whip you. It will hurt. ” The dog whimpered. Poor, poor, poor dog!

  32. Isaac, age 12, from Worksop, Notts, England

    He stood there just looking at me, with a pleak expression of hope in his eyes. As I returned his gaze I felt deeply saddened by him. Just then as I was about to turn away the creatures eyes turned red and then without a moments notice he sprang on me; I started to flail my arms around crazily but the dog just wouldn’t let go. At that moment he just let go and walked off.

  33. Madison, age 10, from Australia

    The dog was sitting in the room, all alone.
    It stayed there, remembering how he was left.
    No one had wanted him, no one had wanted to see him.
    That was because his face made the people remember the sad lonely thoughts.
    He thought his life was a life of misery.
    Suddenly he stood up.
    He decided he will not give up on getting an owner.
    He ran out the door like a brave lion.
    Now he saw a sun.
    The sun was shining so brightly that his pale face shone.
    Now his face reminded people of nice happy thoughts.
    People started to gather around.
    They all wanted the dog who reminded of nice happy thoughts.

  34. Riya, age 10, from UK

    The dog was sitting there, on top of a pile of leaves. I noticed its leg was slightly injured because it was limping. It was calling out but not making a sound, it was running round but it didn’t move. Then it turned round and looked at me. I studied him. He was scruffing and looked sick, with some kind of problem. But I noticed something, he had no shadow. Then he disappeard. He was a ghost

  35. aaron theaker, age 11, from england

    the man ran out. He could no longer bear the dreadfull skreaming of his daughter who despretly wanted a dog. He ran all the way to an old run down house. Well not a house. It was more like a what you would say, creepy shop. The man went inside the shop were he saw some wierd looking pets inside. He asked one of them for the best dog they had. The woman showed him a dog. well it carnt have been could it?.
    It hade 4 legs, one eye, a trunk, no ears and a green tail. any way the man bought the dog. and many fortunes came out of the strange dog.

  36. Tara Brown, age 11, from England

    This dog is half horse and half dog it is the worlds smallest dog too. One day the dog went to the supermarket with its owner and they were having a great time but then a group of youths came up and kicked the dog. The dog was petrified and was hurt the owner was very mad as he loved his dog so much even if he was different from all the other dogs and he got so mad with the youths that he old them off and the youths ran away and told the story to their friends and after tht noone was ever horrible to the dog slash horse again and people would stroke it because they knew it was not dangerous

  37. Toni marie Watson, age 11, from england

    On misty days in wales there is a myth that a ghostly figure of a dog roams along the beaches howling. Some say its looking for its owner some say its mentaly ill some say its haunting the streets looking for food and some say its not true at all BUT THEY ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Bernard Lumapas, age 12, from Australia

    The dog is sad it is a ghost of the owner who had pasted away and taken the the form of the dog is loved so dearly and then he disappered to the light never to be seen again.
    The End

  39. jennifer Wilson, age 12, from England

    Once upon a time, there used to be a stray female dog whowas about to give birth. That female dog gave birth on a beach, where the sunsets were spectacular, and the sea was the lightest blue.
    But when she gave birth, only one of her puppy’s was alive, so she looked after the one puppy at that beach. She named her puppy Sunset, after the sunset every day. Now Sunset got very bored all on her own, with no one to play with, so she was always curious about the beach, but her curiosity got the better of her, and cost her dearly. One stormy night, when Sunset was almost a year old she woke to find herself hearing a voice. This voice was so cool like, yet gentle to her heart, that voice beckoned her into the rough, crashing sea. No one knows what made the voice, some say it was a sea pixie, other than that, no one really knows. Sunset’s mother woke too, to the voice, but was wise and knew it’s tricks. It would caress you into going into the sea, which you would then be drowned in, never to return, except to haunt the beach where it died.
    Luckily forSunset, her mother spotted her in time, for Sunset was almost in the midst of the choppy sea. her mother called to her, which miraclury, snapped Sunset back to reality. Sunset panicked, unable to keep herself afloat. Sunset’s mother dived into the water, rushing to rescue her child.She managed to keep Sunset afloat, until a crashing wave of anger, (people think this was from the sea pixie, who didnt like losing it’s prey) swept over Sunset and her mother. After that, their was no sign of any of them.
    In the morning, their was Sunset, drenched lying on the coast of her beach, her mother no where to be seen. Finally, she woke, unsure where she was. She snapped back into reality and realised her mother was missing. frantically Sunset searched the entire beach, calling, hoping for the sound which would be her mother’s voice. She even dared to search the sea, which had taken her mother to it’s depths. For Sunset didn’t know her mother was dead.
    After a week of searching, Sunset was in a state of desperate matter. She hadnt eaten, or slept, while searching for her lost mother.
    Finally she decided she had to do one last thing, for her own sake and her mother’s. Sunset climbed the cliff that overhung the beach and waited. Waited for the night in which was perfect for what she was going to do.
    On another stormy night, a dog could be seen, stood on the cliff above a stormy sea. If you watched long enough, you would have seen it leap off into the watery depths below, never to be seen again.
    If you look out on stormy nights onto a beach with a high overhanging cliff, you will see, a hungry looking, tired, dog, walking along the beach. It howls and searches for something it never finds.
    That dog is Sunset’s ghost, searching for her long lost mother and brothers and sisters she never even knew.

  40. Ellie, age 9, from London

    One day an old old granny went to a pet shop. There were loads and loads of poshy poshy snoots buying silly lap dogs, but the one the granny wanted was a little grey faint one with black ears. “This one?” asked the Pet Woman “But, this one is so scruffy! Wouldn’t you like a little special lap dog?” “No” replied the Granny “I like this dog. I am going to call him Light” “Stupid old woman….grrr…..my good dogs…..nobody buys…” mumbled the pet shop woman under her breath, as she handed the Granny the dog.

    As soon as Granny and Light got home. Light jumped up at a beach picture. It seemed he wanted something, then the Granny heard the faint call of a man “Take good care of my Beamy, He was my friend. My only friend” said the Voice and a ghost appeared. It was an old man, And the dog jumped up and tried to lick him, and as he did, the ghost came to life “Hello, Mr…..?” Said the Granny, not even the slightest bit afraid “Mr.Macawsonan” said the Ghost, picking up the dog. “I am happy to acommodate you, Mr.Macawsonan” said the Granny. Mr.Macawsonan and th Granny got married after a time.

    And all because of Beamy! Yippee!

  41. Charley Radford, age 9, from England

    Suddenly the dog ran from around the corner and sped past me and when he got to safety of the dustbins i saw a tall man in a uniform running with a net the dog catcher! I deliberatly got in the way of him to give the dog more time I didn’t care about the man he is a idiot!

  42. Hazel, age 12, from England

    This is not just any old dog- this dog has a name. This dog has a sole. This dog has a HEART. And that is what makes her story special.
    She was sitting in a small cage, in the corner of a dark, murky shop. She had been sitting there for 7 days, watching and waiting. No one loved her. No one cared about her. She was all alone.
    Finally, on the 8th day, someone noticed her. A small boy walked into the shop, walked up up her cage, and poked her.
    “I want that one, Mummy!” he said, “I want it!”
    That is not the way to address a living sole. She could detect the cruelty in his voice.
    “Yes, yes darling,” said his mother, who went to the shop keeper.
    ” ‘Ow much i’ tha’?” she said lazily.
    “That’ll be £5-worthless bit of muck if you ask me…” replied the shop keeper.
    And the poor dog was taken and plunged into a tiny box. She was carried home as if he was a toy. And when they got to the boy’s house, she was chained up in a small room. She was rarely fed, and never given exercise.
    A few years later, the house was demolished. The dog was left, chained to the ground. The longing to go to the beach, the hopelessness that filled her. A living sole must not be treated like this.

  43. Rose Carter, age 9, from Amireca

    This is a story is about a dog named Shadow.He once lived in a beautiful home with great owners.Shadow loved his owners more than any thing he ever imagined.Till one day it happend he got stolen!He was so terrified he didn’t even defend himself.He tried to get out as soon as he could but he was to slow.Shadow was very sad because he missed his owners and they missed him too.So he waited and waited and nothing happened.Five months had past and the owners put up fliers.A whole year past.Shadow and his owners were very sad.Shadow was especially sad because he was very protective of his owners.Every time someone tried to hurt them he would bark at them.Shadows not the only one who misses someone,his owners miss him a lot to.Not only because he is protective but because every time your felling down he always comforters you.Now is a time he’s not.They wish he was here so he could comforter them.Almost a year past again.On December 31 it happened Shadow was saved!The owners were so ex sided they through a party!Shadow grew up to be a very strong dog and they lived happily ever after.


  44. courtney, age 9, from America

    This dog is a ghost dog he haunts people!Wach out u might be next.He comes to your house at night and takes a chain saw and cuts off your head!The reason he can pick up a chain saw is because he is charmed!!!!!Just be careful he could be any where!

  45. courtney, age 9, from America

    Once upon a time there was a dog named casper.This was a male dog. Every female dog wanted to be caspers friend they even wanted to date him.Well casper was very thankful that everyone liked him but it was getting kinda anoying.One day casper went to a beautiful beach.Then a female dog came up to him and he just sunk in the sand.Her eyes have a wonderful glow he thought.”hi my name is lilly”.she said.h-h-hi my name is casper he said.I know i dont know u good but will u go out with me?”Of course casper said.I was waiting for u to ask!
    Then they both had a baby together and lived happly ever after.
    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. ALLANAH, age 7, from england

    this story is about a dog called ruff once there was a dog called ruff and his oner took him for a walk and his oner did not look left and right and the dog got run over so his oner took him to the vet and the vet sied well thes nothng that we can do so his oner went home up set and the oner had avery good i dear so she went to the pet shop and got a new dog and she lived happley ever after the end

  47. anna, age 10, from Iowa

    there sat a dog white brown spots when it ran away it seemed to run faster then any dog i ever saw it came running back and i kept it but the longer i kept it the more it like it was magic because the spots would change and it would seem like it left then i asked my friend he said he had a dog like that i asked another friend she had the same dog! I finally reallised he was the dog that made everyone happy when i came home remebered something tommorow was cristmas my dog wasnt there i was so sad when i fell a sleep when i woke up I heard barking i thought my dog he is home! when i went down stairs i found my own dog he was red with white spots i loved him i was so happy thank you magic dog

  48. molly kenny, age 12, from england

    id just come back from the shop when all of a sudden i heard a noise it sounded like it was coming from my house i ran and when i opened the door i heard my dog yelping.I droped my shoping and ran in to the living room i seen dog it was on the floor dyeing i picked it up at took it to the nearest vets.Unfortuantely the dog deid on the beach next to the vets so tha was where it was burried

  49. Pip, age 18, from England

    There was a dog.

    It got it’s head stuck in a bright green hola-hoop.


  50. Sarah, age 18, from England

    Once upon a time there was a dog called Cashew.
    He came from the planet Nut to England via an vortex between the two worlds.
    He was sent to gather peanuts from the magic tree far far in the distance.
    He decided that the only way to get there was to swim across the red river and hitch a ride from an old man in a passing car.
    Once he reached the tree, he was so happy that he blessed the old man with the power of the peanut.
    Cashew now had the power to astral project back to his world so he didn’t have to swim.
    The planet Nut crowned Cashew king because he completed his quest, and all was right in the Nut world.
    The End

  51. karla, age 11, from N.C

    francis Bacon (the Dog) was a very playfull dog…One day while his owner, george was playong catch with francis, the frisbee went on the road. A crazy 17 year old teenager Was going at an-all-i-can-go speed. So Fast that when francis went to get the freesebee she knocked him out and fancis died. Many people say that his soul still haunt everyone. carefull

  52. annie, age 8, from l

    the dog was a king

    the end

  53. hADIYA, age 8, from UK

    The ghost dog stood still and pounced.

  54. megan, age 12, from england

    Every year me and my family took a trip to Egypt. There was a popular part of the desert that had many amazing, twisting hillsides made completely of sand. It was a Honey Pot site, that attracted many visitors every year. One year we got lost. After hours of thirsty staggering towards home, we finally got a glimpse of the car park and a few trees.
    A crimpled man stood painting in the sand. He had made a red ring, and a green ring.
    ‘what are you doing?’ I asked.
    ‘making the Reggan Ring.’ he wimpered.
    Me and the rest of our group stood round the ring. The old man shuffled us around the edge. we all stood on one side. It got colder and colder. we all began to shiver. Then the old man howled a few times as though he were a dog. It seemed to get darker. When suddenly a swirling, grey mist covered the floor around our feet.
    In the spooky silence we heard a wimper much like the one the man had been making, but coming from the green ring. At first it just looked like a darker part of the mist, but then the mist began to twirl and twist until there was an unsure yet perfectly obvious image of a dog.
    In a split second the magical moment ended.
    the old man looked at us for a moment, ‘thats Reggan, the ancient Afghan Hound, who used to guard the egyptian bodies that were originally stored in ancient buildings that are now completely submerged under the sand.’
    the group and I moved away silently, in a complete trance.

  55. Vanessa, age 10, from Houston

    One day there was a man named Jerry and he had a partner,his name was spike.Spike was a police dog.So days later Spike heard glass fall and he just started barking.Jerry heard the glasss so he got out and saw men trying to break into their neighbors house.So when spike saw Jerry come out as fast as he can he did not leave the door open and that made Spike get worried.He tried everything until he opened the door he was running as fast as he can an the men ran.That day made Jerry get so happy at Spike.The End.

  56. Izzy G, age 10, from England

    The dog lay there. Was it breathing or not. Was it alive or not. The misterouis boy looked around him then bent over and picked him up. The dog moved and turned to look at the boy. He looked back and swar the dog said “help”. He took him down to the distanet beach and layed him on a soft with moss rock. Then he took a pen out of his poket and used the lid to gather some sea water in. He then took it over to the dog and carefully opened the dogs mouth and poured it in. The dog slowly moves his mouth and asks the boy,”Do you want to here my story?” The boy nods. “I had a happy life once. My owners cared for me and showed their love for me. Then one day my owners were taken away by some people dressed in army uniform. I was left all alone in the cottage. Thats were my life turned from good to bad. Every thing just seemed to go wrong. I decied to run away from the city I lived in and I ended up here. I layed down in that bush but I came tired. It suddenly was hard to breath. Then you found me and helped me. Nowones done that for me in ages.”

  57. emma, age 9, from tx

    A dog in an empty room. He’s all alone by himself sad and hungry.
    Nobody knows where he came from.

  58. lily, age 8, from uk

    He was in a gallery looking at a picture of a famous dog .Then suddenly out of the picture the dog jumped out. The dog didn’t dare to bark or whine because he was frightend sombody would find out.


  59. Grace, age 12, from N.Ireland

    I saw that dog. The same one on posters. He was the same dog only shabbier, scruffier and wilder. But what I seen him do was not what the posters said. They said he was clam would never hurt a fly. Then if he would never hurt a fly why am I here why aren’t I running about. I’ll tell you why.
    i was walking down the beach nothing out of ordinary. No one else was on the beach. and just I walked past the cave I heard a growl and I turned round. there he was standing up looking straight at me he had this horrible gleam in his eye drool hung from his mouth and his fangs were enormous. I tried to scream it came out as a whisper.then he pounced on me tearing me limb from limb. I don’t know how I survived I don’t know who rescued me. But I swear I will find that man who saved me and thank him and I swear I will kill that dog even if it kills me. Because it already has half done that.

  60. emma, age 10, from england

    There did you sees it
    “see what”
    “the dog”
    “what dog”
    “the one round the corner” I started to move
    “wait it could be dangeros”
    “dont be silly” I crepped round the corner and i saw a small black dog with a big black gash on its side
    ” Joe come here we need to get it to a vet”
    “salllyyy!!! aaaaahhhhhrrrrrggggg!!!!!! …

  61. meagan, age 10, from tx

    A dog,loking so sad & glum.All wet from the scarey storm.no food or warter.saved a little water from the rain.very skinny.

  62. Ali, age 10, from England

    The Spiritual skeleton of the dog cowered, lieing on the ground. It was thin as a stick and silent, it made no sound, not even a heartbeat. It was as black as death, as thin as a silk curtain between the worlds, and with no distinguishable features. I breathed silently, worried to scare it, frightened of what it was, yet even as I stood there, curious. I slowered my breathing, yet I was surprised that it could not here the Loud thudding erupting from my chest rhythmicly, as my heart hammered in its cage. For me, the dog was mirroring my feelings of self-doubt and loss.

  63. Ava Innes, age 8, from UK/London

    He stood, Oney, that was his unfortunate name. They called him ghost dog Oney. Ann was there in front of the palm trees. Oney pounced, Ann screamed, there was silence.

  64. yingtong=], age 12, from england

    The dog was peacful, silent yet scared. It hadn,t an owner. He ran away, along long time ago. No one knew anything about this dog. Apart from the park. The park is where the dog lived. It used to speak to the dog. It told it that it was beautiful and made the dog feel better. It was the dogs only friend until the day it died…

  65. giggles, age 10, from uk

    the ghost dog was there in the moonlight he could only see its tail peering out from behind the bushes. suddenly the dog sprang out………………………the end

  66. kirsty, age 9, from NI

    there it was the thick black dog of the century. My friends said they had saw it before but i don’t think they saw it. There i was walking home from my friends house its was pitch black when i heard a noise and there it was in the moonlight you could see its red eyes just staring at me in the dark then it made a run for me i went to the nearest wall i climbed up it in distressed saying to my self how am i going to get away from this beast. it was there jumping up and down for me but the next thing i heard a car cumming i said wait wait the car stopped and the man inside said whats wrong boy the first thing he saw was the ghost dog the car speeded away the ghost dog ran to get the car not me .when it was away i jumped down of the wall and ran home to my pit for a good night sleep for school in the morning.

  67. Aimee, age 11, from Coventry

    Grey clouds bloomed over the whimpering dog. His owner had gone. But where? The dog had lost count of how many days he had sat there and whined.Men women and children walked past and stared. The dog knew what they were thinking. “Oh look at the poor thing he must be mentally ill. I wonder where its owner is?”
    After many lonesome days one girl came up to the dog and held out a small piece of stale bread.
    “Here little one,” she said,” lets take you back to the shelter.
    And with that the ill dog and his new found owner walked off into the distance.

  68. geo, age 11, from england

    The lonley decrepive dog dragged himself along the windy beach. His head hung low as he searched for shelter, the only shelter on the beach was a cave in the cliff.Slowly and hurtfully the dog carried on to the cave.Once inside he callapsed on the floor and went into a very deep sleep.

  69. ashley, age 12, from U.S

    Im trapped in a world where nobody understands me.
    Im stack in a place where i dont wanna be.
    Help me get me out of here why does nobody understand
    hoe i feel inside,
    Please just get me out.

  70. sasha, age 10, from louth

    He’s a sad dog, lives on the street. He mostly lives on mice or rubbish been chucked in the bin. Acts like a cat most of the time lonely, lonely. He’s on his own with no family or friends no happy times no frase. He’s tired he’s sleeping he’s about to die.

    One day a girl saw the dog and saw it’s eyes were slowly closing. The girl was 5 or 7 and she loved animals. When she saw the dog she ran to her mum screaming. Her mum ran to the dog and called the vet. It was good because the dog survived. The girl took the dog in and called it…….. SURVIVER.

  71. Yasmine Sainty, age 9, from Louth

    One day there was a dog and it was a super dog it fly’s and saves people and one day
    there was a person saying help help and he herd the person saying help help
    so he flew and saw that person there was a shark triying to eat that person
    so he flew down and saved that person the end.

  72. Megan Hain, age 10, from Wales

    The dog turned quickly, it’s tail flashed as the moonlight caught it . This was it, if he didn’t find what he was looking for this time there was no coming back. He heard a clock strike somewhere. NO, his time was running out and he hadn’t found a soul to live on. He was slipping back into the underworld yet still despratley trying to hold on to the freedom of the upperworld but no, he was Doomed to be a ghost dog forever!

  73. Fio wood, age 9, from UK

    It was 10 seconds till midnight a Study of A Dog stood where it always had…Still…
    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1…Crash!Bang…Lightning had struck The Tate Modern!The whole place had been electrified!Beeing the new night guard I froze to the spot.BARK!!!BARK!!!The dog had came to Life!!!!!!!

    One year on I was no way as scared as I was.

  74. cara, age 9, from england

    the dog just sat, wondering his purpose. he was a greyish brown mess, whom no one cared about. he did not have a name, for everyone treated him like nothing. where he came from no one will ever know. all we know is that he is not cared for.

  75. su nahmias, age 10, from turkey

    I’t was a cloudy day and the wind was blowing.A dog came near to the beach.He was waiting someone that can pick him to his or her home.
    This dog wait hours in the beach but even some peoples doesn’t look at him.
    After these hours the dog understood that he will never have a home.

    then he walked to somewhere else
    and walk
    and walked.

  76. Doggylvr, age 11, from U.S.A.

    There once was a dog named Snoopy. He was a poor little stray pup. No one really cared for him. Yet one day, he was looking in a garbage can for food, a girl named Lexi came by to throw away a cany wrapper. She saw the dog and put her hand pver her mouth so she wouldn’t scream. “Oh, poor little puppy”, she said with sorrow, “you look so hungry!” Don’t worry, I’ll take you home with me!” She grabbed him with great care and took him to her mother. Her mother almost fainted by the sight of poor little Snoopy. “WHAT IS THIS?!”, she bellowed. “I found him in a trash can,mom, he won’t do any harm, I promise!”, explained Lexi while finding a blanket to put Snoopy in. “Well…. we can’t just take it HOME! We haven’t had a dog before! What about the responsibility!? You can’t even take care of your goldfish!” said Lexi’s mother. “Can’t we at least keep him until he’s in better health? Then we could sell him to a nice owner. PLEASE MOM?!” Lexi pleaded. It was as if Snoopy was pleading right with Lexi because he started to whimper. “Oh, all right! But only until he’s in good shape!” said Lexi’s mother. “Thank you SO much!” said Lexi. Lexi found a nice, soft blanket for Snoopy when Lexi and her mother reached the car. When Snoopy got into the car in the blanket, he started to bark with joy! It seemed as if he was saying, “OH THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU TWO!” Lexi and her mother actually kept Snoopy until he passed away at the age of 20. Without Lexi’s help, Snoopy would never have been able to live that long! Well that is the story of the brave girl Lexi and her dog Snoopy!

    BTW: I liked all of the other stories here! Great job, guys!

  77. su nahmias, age 10, from turkey

    The dog walked up to the green circle.He was thinking.He was thinking;
    A world that there is no peoples to buy dogs and get their puppys from their family.
    but that was just a dream at all.

  78. Rose, age 9, from England

    once upon a time there lived a dog called Monty. Monty had a favourite carpet which was in the living room of where he and his owners lived. Monty sat on it all day and every day .monty had white fur and brown spots with a very long tail.
    One day Monty had a day dream that he was sitting on his carpet and then a motorway came on the right hand side of him with palm trees as if he was in spain,he felt like he was on holiday but then it started raining in his dream and Monty hates rain so he was having a nightmare and he was sqirling in his dream. just then, Rose his owner, woke Monty up and gave Monty a very big hug just in time for tea.

  79. joel marin fairweather, age 10, from arta-mallorca

    once upon a time there was a dog that lived in the street and in a palace lived a girl dog that was rich .the boy dog was called rocky and the girl dog princess .Rocky was in love with princess . But a big alsation dog barked every time rocky tried to get near princess. rocky did not like the alsation.”You think you rule the world just cos you are big and loud”.said rocky but the alsation just laughed and said “Go home little dog”.
    One day rocky sneaked in past the alsation when he was asleep at the door. Princess played with Rocky all day. They had a great time and went out on the street and met lots of street dogs.. They were so happy Princess decided to marry Rocky. And they all lived happily ever after, even the alsation who became famous in a francis bacon painting. The end.

  80. JULIA, age 8, from U.K


  81. Kalie Thomas, age 11, from usa

    There once was a dog. He looked starved and weak. I remembered that I had packed some food in my backpack. All i found were a few little pieces of bread. I fed it to the dog. He looked soo happy and gleeful that he sprang up at the scent of the 2 day old bread.
    I left him after he finished his last bit and let out he most loudest and stenching burb that i had ever heard. Then as I walked away, he started following me home.
    And to this day I still have that same old dog, and I am soo happy that he followed me home!!!!

  82. Chloe_The_Bookworm_, age 11, from Ludlow,England

    *Try and imagine this scene*

    An owner strokes his pet Golden Retriever, the dog’s name is Jasper. His coat is shining and glossy in the candlelight, he lies down in front of the fire, breathing slightly. His owner sits on the stiff armchair beside him and pats his head gently. Just as Jasper sighs slowly and falls into a deep,velvety sleep…

  83. Holly, age 10, from Britain

    There was a dog lying in his house he woke up, the door seemed to be locked,he couldn’t get out; then suddenly…he felt something on his head-a hand.He was relived to see his owner patting his head.

  84. Caroline, age 10, from USA

    Emily had a dog. Its name was Bacon. Weird, huh? A dog named Bacon. Where’s the pig? Emily’s family also had a pig. Its name was Hot Dog. Why didn’t they switch the names around? Well, anyways… Bacon was always acting like a pig and Hot Dog always acted like a dog. “Who let the pig in the house?!?!” Emily’s mom always said when Hot Dog snuck into the house. Emily, her brother, Max, and their dad always went into the Living Room and acted like they didn’t do anything when she asked that. The truth was, that Hot Dog and Bacon always switched places. Bacon was a bad doggie. He bit everyone, so Max always let them switch places. Bacon turned out being nice and Hot Dog actually turned out being mean. One quiet evening, a scientist named Bill came to their house and said, “I study animals… May I take this ‘Bacon’ of yours to study?” Emily’s mom answered, “YES!!!! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING YOU!!” Turns out, he actually took Bacon! Bacon was never to be seen by that family again… Only on the News Channel!!!

  85. liv, age 9, from uk

    CHAPTER 1 “A broken paw.”
    One time ago a dog walked passed my house and i called up to my mum and
    said “Mum,there is a dog with a broken paw outside.”So then Livvy’s mum looked out of the window and gasped,then rushed down the stairs and ran outside.Suddenly my mum ran inside and said to me “Livvy you need todo your first aid on the dog outside.”Oh my god!This could be my first chance to save someone life.”Livvy Loops is on the job”I whispered to myself.Quickly I raced upstairs and burst into my bedroom and ran to the first aid kit.After I had picked it up and ran back downstairs I quickly dashed out the front!

    CHAPTER 2 “X – ray.”
    I got out the front and I saw that the dog was just lying in the middle of our street.I ran over to the dog and it didn’t have a strong pulse!I carried the dog to the hospital and then they x-rayed it!After a few hours the dog nurse came out and said “It’s bad news I’m afraid the dog died instantly we tried to bring it roung but it did’nt work.”Me and my mum was crying…Next day the dog nurse came round to our house and said we would like to reward you too as you instatly came down to the hospital!So we would like to reward you with…

    CHAPTER 3 “New dog”
    a dog.”she said!Livvy and her mum was so happy.Then suddenly at that moment a big fluffy dog walked in covered in snow.Then Livvy said to her mum and the dog nurse “I am going to call the dog snow!”

  86. emma, age 10, from GLASGOW

    the dog looked at me its eyes blue i ran away as it chain came lose

    2 days on i was in hospital my leg broken from running

    beware a KILLER DOG

  87. rebekah, age 9, from england

    in a hoarnet house were no life could be seen apart from this starving dog which was lying on the cold rug. it seemed like it was hungry but no one was there to help him not a single soal lay to help the dog carry on itwas like he was going to die any second. now this house lay on the banks of an deserted beach. suddenly the dog had a peer out of the window just then the dog seemed to be going to the ground this dog could be dead this dog could be sleeping however no one know

  88. tony, age 8, from u.s.a

    this is a story about a ghost dog

    The ghost dog was there.in the moonlight, he could only see it’s tail peering out from behind the bushes.
    Suddenly, the dog sprang out.
    and that’s pretty much
    the end…

  89. meryem, age 50, from nicolias

    I’t was a cloudy day and the wind was blowing.A dog came near to the beach.He was waiting someone that can pick him to his or her home.
    This dog wait hours in the beach but even some peoples doesn’t look at him.
    After these hours the dog understood that he will never have a home.
    then he walked to somewhere else
    and walk
    and walk and walk and walked.

  90. meryem, age 7, from nicolias

    once a pon a time there was a dog how was all alon no one could help him or hear infact because he was in a weard but wounder full place.No one could hear him eveno he could hear them.He looked up all he could see was a plane rofe.Then the dog starded to panik and his head spun rourd looking of a door.Then he coulder hear some one shouting his name all we coulder hear was “sam sam where are you.”Then sam notist it was his oner but when he barked he could only hear himself.Sam stud still for a moment and then slowly walked 50 steps to the right.Sam sore a bulding but every time Sam got clost it moved fever away.Sown sam was running then he notist that the ereayer had changed and then agin and agin.He wounder what was going on.He had got in this mess by smelling bacon and seeing the bacon in the box.All of a suden the box started to move.It shuk and agin then the lide opend he sore a big black hand coming to get him.Sam ran around and around the box meanwil sam oner was starting to get sceard.Just befor the hand cort him a light shon.after a wil he work up and he sore that he was in his owen bed and a plate of bacon was in front of him then?

  91. meryem, age 8, from vealeansa

    Sitting on a beach alone with the sunsetting in the
    sky is a dog lying there waiting for its owner. But
    they won`t come. So he sits there not eating or
    drinking and slowly fading away into the ghost dog.
    That my friends is cruelty.

  92. woxiewoo, age 12, from england

    one day there was a dog
    he was walking in the fog
    he started walking towards the light
    it was black as dark as night
    the dog was scared so they say
    as he got towards the light he saw james may
    come to sight
    he was a very very tall height
    then the dog fell down to sleep
    he got right up and went to leap
    he walked again and tripped on a stone
    now he felt all alone
    he went to a party
    he saw his friend called marty
    and was never seen again

  93. olivia, age 6, from england

    a goast dog skeced the people on the beach
    floating around and around he was fist beast
    no bodey came to the beach eney more
    because the goast dog . but on day goast dog
    rilized he was scering peopel so he stoped
    ech day more and more peole came
    to the beach and plaed with goast dog
    soon the beach was full agan the end

  94. Georgina, age 11, from UK

    The dog growled roughly at Megan.She stepped backwards slowly thinking how the werewolf’s eyes flashed in the small market square sun.Everyone knew this dog was no dog at all and that no-one would take it in.The dog was stressed,tried, tired and a bit backwards.No-one knew what was wrong with it,only that it must be very painful as the thing groaned, growled and moaned all through every 2nd night.It was waiting,but for what no-one knew.It then fortunately began to rain so the beast shrank back in the shadows before he gave a whinny and a last despairing look at the stunned girl.

  95. LOTTIE, age 9, from ENGLAND

    This painty is a very inspiering piece and kids would enjoy learnining about it. my piece is not a story its meant to tell people what i think.

  96. Rebecca N-M, age 10, from England

    Falling, falling, falling.Where was the dog going to end up? Suddenely an echoing thump covered the world. The dog barked.Without warning the dog had disappeared. The only thing you could hear was the dog barking. When he stopped,SILENCE.

  97. sophie, age 11, from england

    ‘HELP!’ screamed the butcher.’ Get that mutt away from me!’
    ‘oh, i am so sorry.’ said frank. ‘ He keeps running away, i think he’s got problems’
    ‘he’s got problems alright! keep him away!’ the butcher shouted.
    ‘come here ollie, good boy!’ Just then a brilliant, looking great dane, looked around the old oak tree. ‘come here boy ‘ the dog ran, well jumped most of the way because of how big he was and poor frank fell straight over, laughing so much he was crying. ‘oh stop ollie. now we have to go home since you’ve got slaver all over me, you silly dog.’ ollie ran off again and then tried to wee agaist someone’s leg (he does really have problems) ‘ come on lets go to the beach and have some fun!, frank and his dog went to the beach and had a great time! ollie lived for years after that, sadly having many problems and running away many many times. ollie once ran away and never came back but frank found him at last but sadly ollie was not alive! a few years after that frank saw a picture in the newspaper of ollie saying he was on sale called lucky,it was diffently ollie because it had his little birth mark of a heart like box circle thing! ollie would never die!

  98. lacy kinsey, age 9, from mecca

    mydad by lacy kinsey ganera based on fikshon one day me and my dad and went fishing i saw a dead fish on the groand.

  99. Kitty, age 13, from London

    The dog sat.
    People passed, people tried to pet him, some even tried to talk to him, but still he sat.
    He did not belong here, not like this.
    His foot was broken, the result of a fight that another dog started with him. A real dog. Not like him. He was a fake, a mere sham of a dog, the result of an experiment gone wrong.
    He looked up, they were everywhere, stuck to trees, stuck to walls, in the papers, occasionally even a person went by, that face plastered onto their shirt.
    His face.
    He couldn’t escape from himself, he was everywhere.
    Not a man, not a dog.
    He was nothing, technically he shouldn’t exist.
    Not that he wanted too.
    Someone called him.
    He looked up, seeing his mother there, that worried look he was so used to on her face.
    She didn’t stop and talk to him, that mangy looking dog on the side walk.
    She didn’t even acknowledge him.
    She passed, and the dog, yet again, lowered his head.
    And still people passed.

  100. jordan, age 9, from engaland

    There was a dog called paws ,he was tiny, that his food ball was bigger than him.his food ball was masive that when he tried to eat he always fell in. Paws was the tinyest thing that he could’nt be seen.

  101. kieran stephenson, age 13, from bristol

    Two aliens fighting each other in a ring the loser dies!

  102. katie cook, age 13, from bristol

    The dog stood, he smelt, he lived. The dog was near the beach, surprisingly he looked hurt maybe scared but why is he there?, where are his owners?, is he abandoned? Do you no?

  103. Blythe and Joe, age 12, from England

    The dog sat on the green hula hoop. It was watching me with it’s almost unseeing eyes. The dog shifted slightly towards me; still watching me. It was alost as if it wanted me too do something. What did it want? A home? Food? A friend?

    You decide, the choice is yours!

  104. Shannon, age 8, from United Kimdom

    One day a girl and a boy were in a forest exploring. Suddenly there was a howl that roamed the light delicate breeze.The girl was scared to life.The boy and the girl’s life flashed before her.Both the boy and the girl peered behind the tree.The howling was a fully grow berneeze mountain dog crying because she couldn’t find her puppy.

  105. lacy kinsey, age 9, from mecca

    once a pon a time a dog was walking a cross the street and a lady said your a very cute dog all take you home and feed you.

  106. Kelsey, age 11, from England

    I was asleep one night and i heard a pitter pattery sound on the floor
    I went downstairs to look around then suddenly I saw that the fridge door was open it was making ALOT of noise, i soonly realised that my dog was freaking out about the open fridge!

  107. Rosie, age 11, from London, England

    Broken, lost and ghostly,
    What are you? They crow,
    But a measly mangy mutt,
    Sitting by the hedge row,

    Can’t you see? You’re not wanted,
    Not needed, in this busy street,
    You might as well just fade away,
    For a perfect owner you won’t meet,

    Little tail no longer wags,
    Eyes no longer shine at all,
    Sniggered at by horrid cats,
    Sitting on the wall,

    Broken, lost and ghostly,
    What are you? They crow,
    But a measly mangy mutt,
    Sitting by the hedge row,

    Why don’t you go?,
    The dwellers cry,
    Sneering at this lonely dog,
    Who let’s out a long sigh,

    You’re nothing at all!,
    The posh bobs laugh,
    If you were not so poor and stupid,
    I’d put you in the bath!

    Broken, lost and ghostly,
    What are you? They crow,
    But a measly mangy mutt,
    Sitting by the hedge row.

  108. Macey, age 7, from Australia

    the dog was so skinny he could fit through a 2 center metere crack. everyone in town thought he was so ugly but… a little boy absolutly adored the dog, his name was Jack, and the dogs name was Jack too. Everyone in the town thought Jack and Jack were weird.But Jack took care of Jack most of the time.one day Jack said in a couple of weeks this dog will be perfect, and in a couple of weeks the dog was in perfect shape. THE END.

  109. sarah, age 9, from canada

    The owners where bring this dog home from the pet shop and something happend well thay where geting evry thing out of the car and the dog lomer was looking around the house suddnly the dog started barking and the owners came running in the door and thay looked at lomer and he was barking so so loud that he turned into a ghost and the owners left lomer and never came back again but somebody moved into the house and lomer was haunting the house still and a little girl named sally said look mom and dad i found a sttufed animal and the sttufed animal was lomer . lomer even scared sallys faimly away and know body ever movid in the again . THE END

  110. Ethan Jones, age 8, from ENGLAND

    The dog was standing there with the moonlight beaming down on him. His fur was as white as a ghost. He howled which made me shiver. He had drule hanging from his mouth. His teeth were as sharp as knives. He howled again and ran at me.

  111. Joseph Jauncey Moore, age 7, from England

    He’s very nice and quiet. The dog is lost. Someone dumped him on the beach. Then he was very lonely and sad. He tried to find someone but they just walked past, not noticing him at all. He barked and barked, he whined, and whined, and jiggled about, and someone chopped his leg off. Then he bit them on the bum. Someone got him and brought him to the vets, so they could look at him, and he got a new owner, and he got lots and lots of food, and got stroked, and cuddled, and he got a big big chicken to eat. Whenever that person tried to dump him he followed them everywhere so they could look after him and not leave him on his own. In the end, he got his old owner back, and the owner was very nice, and friendly. Shall I tell you why he dumped the dog? because he went on a very important course.

  112. amy, age 11, from england

    the dog was so thin i felt like taking it to the vet but obviously i was lost so i found some bread in my bag so i gave the dog all of my bread . and then my dad came past in his car and i was so relived but i didn’t want to leave the dog here so i brought him with me … …THE END…

  113. molly bradley, age 9, from england

    The spooky dog was sitting on the fluffy yellow carpet next to mrs bernett when i was not looking she grabed the dog and took it to her horrible stinky house!

  114. mia waterall, age 6, from england

    Once upon a time there was a notie little dog sitting on a blue spotty carpet when I went to the shops my little notie dog ripped all my fuinture up.

  115. lauryn, age 9, from england consett

    i have just moved house and i can here something moaning in the attic iwonder what it is so i walk up and ther and ther it is a dog so thin it looks like it could break .It is then i relise ther is no skin on the dog and i faint when i wake up im in my own bed so i think i just dreamed the dog untill i saw it again at the end of my bed “aggggggggggggggh” my dad comes runing up but the dog has disaperead ….

  116. mia waterall, age 6, from england

    This is how the story begins. In a dark dark town there was a dark dark street, in the dark dark street there was a dark dark house, in dark dark house there was a dark dark stair case, down the dark dark stair case there was a dark dark celler, in the dark dark celler some skeletons lived, there was a big skeleton, a small skeleton and a dog skeleton, they all decided to go to the park, when they all got there they decided to play on the swings and decided to throw a stick for the dog, the dog ended up as a pile of bones/////then they went home they tried and tried to put the dog back to gether agian and they finally did it then they sang a song while they was in bed the next mornig they went for a walk to the park they wanted to go on the slide they screamed when they went down the slide then they went on the swings then wanted to go on the roundabout then went on the climbing frame the end

  117. Gurleen Bnait, age 11, from England,London

    I saw the dog stare at me with its cold eyes. Just by glancing at it, you could tell it had had a hard life. It had seen things in a day, that most dogs see in a life. It had seen things that it would never forget. It was covered in cuts and bruises. Obviously it had been beaten with something sharp. I wasn’t too sure if i should pick it up, what if i hurt it even more?… what if someone thought i was stealng it?.. it wasn’t mine, so it didn’t feel right…..

  118. Leanne W, age 13, from England (Whickham)

    There was once a white dog who lived on the beachside. He couldn’t swim, because he only had 3 legs. This is because previously he was attaked by a baby bear with sharp claws. He had to get it amputated because it bled too much and all the bone showed. His friends called him ghosty, but his superdooper girlfriend pinky the poodle loved him the way he was. He wanted to go swim in the sea but he couldn’t. He was always in his garden, or on a leash, or inside the desolate caravan his owners called home. Basically, his life was a misery.
    The scrawny, underfed dog jumped up at the gate at the young, blond girl running past. She noticed he was unhappy so she decided to stop, pick him up, lift him over the barbed wire fence, and take him for a run on the beach’s golden sands. It was more of a hobble and a step too far for him though. He told her that he wanted to go in the sea but he couldn’t swim, so she gave him a life jacket and they both set out for the sea on her speedboat. But, he couldn’t balance, so he fell into the deep waters below…
    She looked over the side of the boat, but could see nothing but water. She took off her life jacket and plunged in herself. She was a good swimmer. She reached the sea bed and could see the dog tangled up in pondweed. She untangled him and she helped him to the surface. She was alive, but was he…??
    She soon referred him to the dog clinic (Westway Vets) where he was insulated with towels and was taken care of and given a place to sleep. He was generally fine and only needed a proper home with a proper owner. She could give him that but would have to ask her parents.
    Her parents gave her the all clear, so she could take him home. They bought him a prosthetic leg so they could teach him how to swim. He could have competed in the paralympics if dogs were allowed. He always loved her and her family for ever more, and they all lived happily ever after, until…
    Until the baby came. The whole family queued up to see the baby and left the dog. They gave him no attention. He sat there for days with no food or water. They forgot he was there, and he later left through the catflap. He headed for the beach. There was no one to save him this time though, so he passed on into the skies of god.

  119. Lily H (:, age 11, from Cornwall

    The dog sat. his head lowered towards the dusty earth, his eyes filled with a sorrow, one so deep and empty that the dog whimpered and yelped whenever anything passed by it.
    His head was spinning with memories, of love and betrayal from his previous owner. Why, had the spoilt rich gentleman who had owned the dog left him in such a dark, musty house, all alone, but with only his concience to think about?
    One such asked this question was of an old man, Francis bacon, who had been observing the dog through one of the houses dusty windows. He saved the dog.

  120. JORDAN WILLIMS, age 10, from ENAGLAND

    The dog sat.
    People passed, people tried to pet him, some even tried to talk to him, but still he sat.
    He did not belong here, not like this.
    His foot was broken, the result of a fight that another dog started with him. A real dog. Not like him. He was a fake, a mere sham of a dog, the result of an experiment gone wrong.
    He looked up, they were everywhere, stuck to trees, stuck to walls, in the papers, occasionally even a person went by, that face plastered onto their shirt.
    His face.
    He couldn’t escape from himself, he was everywhere.
    Not a man, not a dog.
    He was nothing, technically he shouldn’t exist.
    Not that he wanted too.
    Someone called him.
    He looked up, seeing his mother there, that worried look he was so used to on her face.
    She didn’t stop and talk to him, that mangy looking dog on the side walk.
    She didn’t even acknowledge him.
    She passed, and the dog, yet again, lowered his head.
    And still people passed.The ghost dog was there. In the moonlight, he could only see it’s tail peering out from behind the bushes. Suddenly, the dog sprang out.

  121. Morgan, age 12, from US of A

    “What is wrong with this dog, Sara?” Maria asked her teenaged sister one day. “Could it be sick, or disabled?” Maria, a 7-year-old girl was always filled with questions about all the animals at the Helpers for Yelpers animal shealter on 9th street, and there was a picture of a wierd looking dog that was always by the odl blue door. “I don’t know, but people do have their theories,” Sara replied back. “Could the dog not had a lot of food?” Maria said to her sister. “Look, I don’t have time to answer a lot of questions, I have to get back to work so that I can pay for a new car. Why don’t you go pet the new puppies? Today they just got a new Rotarian Ridgeback named Rosie because of her skin and she would love to be petted.” Sara said to her, giving her a plastic bone. Then Maria took it, and then passed by the picture and then when she did, the creature winked back at her with its hazel green eyes.

  122. Esmay, age 14, from Wales

    The dog was lost, he felt as if he were trapped, constantly spinning through time.

    The dogs name was Marcus, a young miniature shnoutzer who liked to play with everybody.
    One day he came accross a patch of land, it was almost bare and had only a green circle in the middle of it that glistened beautifully in the sun.
    Marcus bounded forward looking for adventure, little did he know he was falling into a complicated yet magical trap.

    And that was it.

    Marcus the dog was treapped in time, running in circles forever, watching as his friends grew up and died. Watching how his owners looked for him day and night for almost two whole years, he could not understand how they could not see him. But he was infact invisible to everybody else.

    Marcus did not grow old, he stayed a young dog forever, just watching the world spin by.

  123. Lil.m.muffet, age 11, from L0NDON

    My heart was a torrent of darkness . Alone ,afraid and scared . What was i do do- what . ” WHOAH WHOAH ” the dog groaned . I stared at it wondering if i should go to it or cut to my yard ,blad

    wait 4 da rest

  124. Natahsa, age 9, from Australia

    Once a dog called francis bacon was walking ‘walk walk walk’ sudenly he stopped and saw before him a rash of bacon in a window of a butchers shops called Francises meat he tought ‘WOW’ there is a shop named after me.

    He started to walk again ‘walk walk walk’ then he stooped and before him he saw a man in a suit and he had a name tag on it, it said Francis, francis bacon thought ‘WOW’ he’s named after me and he started talk to the man named Franscis.

    Francis said “Hello my name is Franscis whats yours?” all of a sudden Franscis Bacon stood up and said in the most formal way possible “good day sir my name in Franscis Bancon and i would like to acompany you if you wouldnt mine my young foe” Franscis said “that would be wonderful”.

    They started to talk about the waether, their familys, where they work, while sitting on a park bench. Then Franscis Bacon said what “do you think about pilotics these days”? Franscis said ” They act like butterflys” They surtanly do my friend” Francis Bacon said.

    Suddenly they had a coversation going like this.

    Bacon: “Sir this should be a very nice day”
    Francis: “i scertanly hope so”
    Bacon: “how would you feel if you died”?
    Francis: “i wouldnt”
    Bacon: “oh ok”
    Francis: “how would you feel”
    Bacon: “i wouldnt either”
    Francis: “very well”
    Bacon: “well then all that has made us wast our time”
    Francis: “sure did”
    Bacon: “would you like a rash of bacon”
    Francis: “no sorry dont eat fat”
    Bacon: “well then i cant die”
    Francis: “but i dont like a little stink bug now and then they really are nice edeble creatures”…………………………………………………………
    Bacon: “what about stink bug shake”
    Francis: “why would i wont a stink bug shake you cant eat them they are bugs who would bethat stupid”
    Bacon: “you”
    Francis: “i beg your pardon:
    Bacon: “PARDON”
    Bacon “why i never burped”
    Fancis: ” bout you said ‘you’ ok”
    Bacon: ” yeah so”

    Then there was complete silence for 1 min…………………………………………………………….

    Then Francis suddenly spoke “well i have better things to do than sit with a dog that insults you” “i did not insult you, you just insulted me” Bacon just corrected Francis.

    They then stood up and walked away…..not looking back at each other.

    hope you enjoyed

  125. story, age 0, from a secret place

    Dog fallen to a floor and dog is ALIVE

  126. olivia, age 10, from uk

    long long ago in the desserted beach a dog lay ill and could not only live to gasp a few last pathetic breathes but worst of all no one was there to help him. No one exept himself . This dog at one time of his life ,in his early years was a champion this dog had been on more adventures than any human he had travelled the world he had summoned the great white shark and saved many peoples life.The dog had been THUNDER LIGHTING.Thunder lighting was who they call the best dog in the world. Every year the press would send out pictures and discriptions of lots of dogs and they would choose the best to lead and train and to become a champion. This dog had been first in this compotition evrey year for as long as he can remember but he started to get old and someone else was chosen as thunder lighting he was so upset he stayed in a green ring behind the beach and never moved from the very same spot there he was a nobody.There he sat and sat and was becomeing very very ill he didn’t run around and he starved himself he became so skinny he could hardly move and then came the time when his life had to be over he couldn’t take it anymore he needed heaven.

  127. emma johnston, age 10, from scotland

    one dark misty night i was out walking with my dad.mum and my wee brother we walk past a dark.dark.dark castle it was black and gray and it had cobwebs all a roynd it.It was very very very old indeed i said can we go in side to have a look we opened the door and a very loud creak came out the door it was very scary but i stayed close to my mum and dad.we looked in and there it was a dog figure my mum said it look like a francis bacon,study of a dog in 1952 it was walking down the stair and it was getting closer and closer and closer i ran in the opposite direction i ran into this weird room and it was very weird i said dad mum come in here and see this. they came in and at the same time they said woow.It was cuverd in cobwebs and spiders and the dog came in too we ran out the house and we niver walk past it agen……. THE END

  128. Hanna hughes, age 9, from England

    AWOOO! The dog lay forlornly on the street moaning for his owers.Why? he thought,Why didnt they come?The answer to that soon became clear.It began one the day of that fateful crash. The family were taking him for a walk. They were crossing the road when that car came speeding across the road. Suddenly everything went black,then he heard voices. He knew them well but did not understand them.And then it was quiet.

  129. aoife, age 10, from England

    One stormy dawn, I was walking alone in the dark. Suddenly, I tripped up over a large stone. CRACKLE! A flash of thunder and a rumble of thunder came along. Miraculously, a giant dog appeared right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. For a moment I thought my eyes were playing up on me! So I ran away on home. But it happened all over again!! The thunder, lightning and the giant dog!!! Finally, it all happened again. But this time I saw it was a statue and at the bottom it said Francis Bacon. All of a sudden the statue crept towards me and growled in my face. It’s giant teeth snapped and gooey,sticky, eggy saliva splat all over my face. The dog snapped his teeth at me once more then grasped me in between his mouth. “AAAAHHHH!!!” I screamed. Eventually, I woke up and realized it was a dream. Although I swear there was still saliva on my neck…

  130. Abbziez, age 12, from United Kingdom

    One dark misty night a dog was walking on the streets alone and cold. The dogs name was Joey. Joey had been thrown out of his house for no reason at all, his owners were just argueing again.
    As the nights went by Joey was getting very ill and he needed help FAST, Joey had travelled over 500 miles in just under a week. He had nothing else to do so all he did was walked.
    Joey had been weeks without food and if he’s going to stay alive he’s going to need food or theres going to be no chance of him surviving.
    A week later Joey found an abandones house, he decided to go in for some shelter. He went upstairs to see if he could find a bed to sleep on and he did. Joey hopped onto the bed and looked up, Joey had found another dog.
    The dog was asleep so Joey woke him up and asked what he was doing there. The other dog said he was thrown out too and said his name was Harry.
    Harry had said to Joey that he was thrown out about 3 weeks ago just like Joey.
    Harry hadnt eaten eather.
    Both of the dogs decided together to try and find some food, they walkes for days on end and in the end a young girl and her mum found them wondering about the streets by themselves.
    The girl and her mum picked up one dog each and saw they werent very well so they fed Joey and Harry. After they took them to the vets and in no time they felt much better.
    The young girl named Fiona and her mum named Kachina took them home and kept them both as pets as they knew they belonged to know-one.
    The dogs lives a very happy life in their new homes and they were all best friends.
    Every day they would go to the park and run around playing tug of war or fech. THE END.

  131. Samantha, age 10, from wales

    Once upon a time there was a girl called Samantha Lawrence and she was boared of going onto the CBBC website every time she was on the computer, but one day her friend Ellen Richards came around to see if Samantha was allowed to play out.
    So they went around penrhyn bay on their bikes, and then they went to a corner shop called the premier but everyone calls it John’s because there’s a man that works there and he’s really kind. After John’s they went to Samantha’s house to go on the computer.
    They went on something called Tate Kids Street Art and it was the funnest website Samantha has ever been on. And ever since that day she went on it every time she went on the computer.
    THE END! :)

  132. Jazmine Jonfrederick Lilley, age 7, from England

    Once there was a dog and he wasn’t a normal dog he could do revising and study! Somtimes he studyed loads and in the end he could fly after 8 minutes he stopped.He ran about and had walkes every day and his name was Harvey.One day somthing happend his studying stopted working what ment he couln’t fly anymore.He said to his friend wolfy what shall we do i dunno but we got to figer somthing out he said.Harvey said i bet Dr fibes did this so wolfy got his mates and set of on his jorney and found his power back.

  133. Sophie, age 10, from Scotland

    The stray dog walked poorly, dragging it’s paw along the sand. The sand was wet so it’s paw was making a never-ending trail that looked like someone had did it with a stick. The trail was long but it eventually stopped almost a mile on the beach. The dog collapsed in pain. The dog just drifted off in a deep sleep.
    The next morning there was lots of different people at the beach. The dog woke up looking up at strangers in luminous orange jackets with an SDR symbol. It stood for ‘Stray Dog Rescuers’. The dog wasn’t sure what would happen but he had a feeling it would be good.

  134. abdul, age 10, from egypt

    the creature was huge….. it towered above the highest buildings, its huge grey mass blocking out the light.
    But a wizard arrived in the little seaside village, said abracadabra pato de cabra, and shrunk the creature until they could all see that it was a dog.

  135. Orla Regan, age 10, from England but Scottish

    ”A dog is staggering across the sandy, gritty beach as the seagulls glide above him. He is staggering, his front right leg is dragging across the wet sand, streaking it. His eyes are dim and blur and suddenly he falls to the wet surface and drifts off into a deep sleep”.

    ‘Mum! Come quick! Come quick!’ I shout over the winds howls, as the sand blows in my face. ‘LOOK!’
    ‘What IS it, Orla? Come help me, I need help with our picnic equipment’, Mum says gruffly.
    ‘Who would want to have a picnic here anyway?’ my brother says, sighing.
    ‘Just LOOK!’ I say as I walk towards the car and grab the blankets and bags.
    Mum rolls her eyes and then looks to where I am pointing on the beach. The reason I am pointing is because there is a furry figure lying on the sand, not moving at all.
    ‘It’s probably a dead seal or seagull, dear. Just ignore it’. I nod but can’t help staring at it. I disagree with Mum. It ISN’T a seagull or a seal, dead or alive, it looks more like a……..Dog!! I rush down the small sand dunes, the bags banging against me legs and my hair and scarf blow behind me. I dart towards the supposedly dog and look suspiciously. I peer at the dog and his fur is covered in sand, as if he has rolled about it in it and his eyes are quite wet but I notice that his right front leg is bleading and oddly shaped.
    Mum and Dad come over wondering why I rushed off but then see the poor dog.
    ‘Where’s the owners, love?’ Dad asks, baffled. I shake my head and Dad phones a vet. 10 or 15 minutes later, they look at the dog and take him with them. They thank us and drive off.
    ‘Good job you found that dog, Orla! Wonder who the owners are!’ Dad says wistfully.
    I don’t think about the owners, I just think about the dog and now he is safe and sound.

    THE END ;)
    A short dog story, called the Beach Dog

  136. Emily, age 9, from England

    What happeneed to that dog mum is it ill .
    Why is it there mum why.
    There no owners around.
    The ties coming in .
    Take it home now mum .
    When we wore home .
    We called the vet.
    Next week the dog was fine .
    And i got to keep that dog .

  137. Megan, age 12, from England

    The dog sat there looking weak but his golden coat shone in the moonlight. As he looked up the golden colour of his fur faded to a dull grey as the shadow of his owner “George Jones” grew over him. He howled in the moonlight as he lay there in fear not knowing what George planned on doing to him. As the night came in the howl grew louder and louder throughout the night, but as the villagers woke expecting to here the loud howl from the dog on the hill, there was just complete silence. “Where Is he?” “Where did he go” People questioned as they looked up to the empty hillside. But no-one knew what happened to that poor dog on that dark evening and no-one ever will……………………..

  138. Siorsia, age 10, from Engand / Aylesbury

    The poor little ghost dog sat in the middle of the streets, he sat on a bush with his head in his paws.
    The poor little dog had died from not been fed. The little ghost dog looked up and there was a gust of wind and a figure. A plate of bacon in his hand, the bacon was put on the floor and the figure dissapered. The dog took two slow and cautious steps to the plate.
    He sniffed at it and took the bacon in his mouth.
    The figure reappered and took the plate a said one word to the dog. ‘someones watching…’

  139. James, age 14, from England

    The dog turned its hideous face towards me. Its black hollow eyes fell on me. I could feel its potent gaze on my body. I shivered as the dog began to creep closer to me.

    I could see its brown spiky teeth as it opened its mouth and screamed a terrifing growl. I turned and tried to run onto the beach but the dog chased after me. I could smell its heavy breath as it charged towards me.

    I kpet running but the demon dog was only a few metres away from me. I tripped and fell over a small stone. I knew that the stone had just taken away my chance of escaping from the advancing dog.

    The dog reached me. I held my breath. I shook as its huge jaws closed over my head. The last thing I heard was the dog howl and run into the dark December night.

  140. Charlotte, age 9, from UK

    It turned around it had yellowing teeth as sharp as needles, a growl that sent shivers up the spine of any human but this was no human or was it, no wait it was one of them.The werewolf himself……..fenrir greyback………he was back .I thought my father sent him to his grave on the night when greybacks master was strongest. His master is dead but he greyback has come back to seek revenge that many supporters of his master has never sucseeded in achieving after a hundred years he is still here ever stronger ever lasting ever liveing ever the dreaded werewolf he is today.

  141. aumrita (roo), age 13, from l\'Angleterre

    waits patiently…
    always waiting…

    sorry buddy, mum won’t let me

  142. LUCY, age 11, from AUSTRALIA

    Barney the dog (best dog in the world).

    Barney is our dog. he is the best dog in the world. he can be a terror sometimes, by that I mean…….. he chews socks, bites my toys, eats bird seed, sleeps on my bed, bites my toes, eats my hair when I’m sleeping but he is a great dog.

  143. et, age 67, from france

    a mentally ill dog? I Dont believe you.
    it looks like a perfectly sane dog scratching its fleas.
    Its very early morning – he’s got the beach to himself – he is happy as a cuckoo.

  144. A DOG, age 12, from engaland

    “He was cheap, i got him off an old scotsman down the pub, for only a fiver!

    Mr Lecherv looked the dog up and down. It was murky white, leaking mud onto his tan carpet ( imported from Italy, might i add).
    “Skinny little chappy,” Mr lecherv said,” needs a good meal, good brush and most of all a good home.”
    “So your keeping him?” the servant said eagerly.
    “yes” replied Mr lecherv
    “GREAT, saves me from givin’ you me wages again” He sighed

  145. CHLOE JONES, age 8, from LIVERPOOL








  147. Ramona, age 7, from England

    The dogs owner is an orphan. She is called Ruby.

  148. Ramona, age 7, from The UK

    :) The dog is called Jemima she is 5 years old. She likes playing on the beach but she is scared of water.

  149. Olivia, age 10, from USA

    On a winters day and was walking he had a brown coat and was very posh, as he was walking a long he saw the and the dog saw him and the dog charged a that him a ate him.That is now dead and live with all tha dead dogs!
    the end!

  150. zambongo, age 51, from neverland

    the mouth hole waz so tiny he couldnt get any food in so he died

  151. Beth, age 17, from UK

    Once There Was a dog calld Glitter she ran and ran about mad she ran and ran she loved to run and loved to wear there was one called star who watched tv and one called stray who was originally a stray and chip who had lots of broken bones but he was great

  152. Julia, age 12, from u.s.a

    he sits waiting, he is as quiet as air. a ghost some people say. but he is just misunderstood. poeple glance in his direction, children scream, people gasp. no one understands him. he slinks off down the dark alley. no one loves him, who could?
    he is a stray dog.

  153. katie, age 12, from usa

    one day in the sumer time family wet on to the holiday on to the beach and they had a dog .They played with him and when come time to back home because they was so excited the fogot abaut there s dog. after a whn they was hpm they saw that the dog was t there . the children start crying they could due nothing .the days went past and the dog was alone on the beach was sad and lonley because they live him he felt ill because he wasn t have anything to eat . and one day when the dog shown up some one adopet him and h live long and in hapynes.

  154. Lizzie, age 6, from UK

    Francis Bacon was a short plump man with two round blue eyes . He was a very good painter as a result of this he was very popular .

  155. Bea, age 11, from UK

    Francis Bacon was a old fat ugly man , who was rather full of him self he never said please and never said thank you.One day he was walking down to road when he saw a dog , he decided to paint this dog . Everyone though it was really good , when really he had paid a boy £3 to paint it , because he could not paint eavin if someone was about to chop his head off . So now you the truth of Francis Bacon !

  156. Tara Boyd, age 11, from England

    Today my story is about Bumpa-Cree and the mysterious pieces of cheese. Now, you may be asking yourselves, ‘who is bumpa-cree?’ Well you shall find soon that he is one very adventurous and loveable jelly bean. The pieces of cheese are not the sort of cheese we know today, but thinly sliced VIKING CHEESE!!! They bully Bumpa-Cree whenever they get the chance as they often laugh at his jellybean dreams. Bumpa-Cree’s seceret dream is that he would one daybecome a cheesy bean! (Bumpa-Cree’s seceret club. He needs another member to declare him a cheesy bean but has not yet accuired one) Ummm… This is all I discovered in Bumpa-Cree’s auto biography because after this the mysterious pieces of cheese promptly found out that Bumpa-Cree was writing an auto biography and proceeded to hunt it downand destroy it’s contents. Fortunately I found the remaining pages and wrote them down here. However if you are sad that our adventure has to end so abruptly, keep checking back as Bumpa-Cree may have decieded not to give up on his auto biography but to keep at it. (he is a determined little jelly bean)

  157. kirsten blanche, age 7, from scotland

    kirsten was asleep in her bed . Then the ghost jumped at her. She screamd as loud as she could . kirsten jumped out off bed and ran down stairs.The ghost was never seen agein.

  158. Deborah Nwankwo, age 11, from England

    Once in a far away land, there lived a poor girl called Amelia who loved to tell stories, she had short stories, long stories, adventure stories or romance stories any story you could ever imagine. Her talent of telling stories brought many people to her, unfortunately they were usually sent back because of her awful mother Ruth. She wanted her daughters talent all to herself and demanded a great amount of money for anyone who wanted to here it. She makes Amelia tell her a story every night before she can go to sleep just like a mother would do to her child. one morning a letter had come from the king saying he wanted to here her stories and he was paying a massive amount of money… £100,0000! her mother almost collapsed after seeing the money they were being offered so they went immediately. When the king heared her stories he was amazed and so was the king’s son Johnathan. Later on that evening the prince asked Amelia’s hand in marriage, he might have been stunned by her stories, but he was also amazed by her beauty . First she refused because she new her mother would not stand for it , but then she gazed into his lovely brown eyes and she was just forced to say yes. The prince asked why she had said no in the beginning and she told him why. He became so angry and made her mother work to pay all the money she had taken from people to hear Amelia’s story for the prince believed if you have a talent you should use it and thats why Amelia’s love grew more for him. They lived happily ever after and had two children Andrew and Annabell and Amelia had finally got the dream she always wanted, a loving family.

  159. terrence duren, age 10, from South Carlina

    Once upon a time there was a superhero name statick renzo. One day there was a brack in at the mall there where twenty police officer’s. Statick renzo flew over the mall ow. but statick renzo came up. He flew to the back and took one out he droped kicked him and statick him to the wall. The next one he threw into the wall he bounce off and fell on the ground. Last but not least he came to the captain there where five people on the ground he you’s all his power and turn him to a pot of gumbo. Lastley the whole city of chesnee was save from statick renzo.

  160. demi, age 11, from wales

    there was a dog who lived with a man called harry but harry had past away frew the years and eversince the dog would sit on his grave and that dog would not let any one near that grave because harry was like a dad to the dog and that dog would sit there even know if it was raining or snowing he would not leave that grave welll anyway the man who owned the graveyard fead the dog the owner of the graveyard would go and seee the dog every day and he would give the dog bread , water but one day some strange people climbed over the gates and hit the dog well the next day the man who owned the graveyard saw the dog laying there with its eyes closed the man fort the dog was dog but it turned out that the dog wasnt dead it was just in pain from where they hit it soooo the man picked the dog up and took in to the fet the fet said that is strange the dog would of been dead if he got hit by glass but it turns out the man said i know why he’s still here his owner is looking down on the dog sooo the dog and the person that owned the graveyard went back to the graveyard and the man let the dog stay with him and everyday the graveyard owner and the dog would goooo and see harry’s grave and plant some flowers by the side of harrys grave sooo the man that owns the grave yard has a new dog name after the dogs old owner harry and they both live a happy life together …………
    :D THE END :D

  161. Stevie-Lee, age 13, from England

    The dog was so still, just sitting there. No-one cared for the dog, no-one saw the dog. In an accient village in the sharah desert. Miles away from the rushly and busly of ciro. The dog just sat there. He didnt not move and for no thought the dog was there. No-one bothered about the dog. So the dog drifted into a deep sleep and was not to wake again.

  162. Tayszea, age 10, from UK

    A Girl somewhere in the world is begging for her lost dog. She waits now as an adult still waiting for her lost dog to be found. She let her brother take her dog as a child for a walk around the beach he was old enough. He never returned and neither did the dog who really knows what happened after that sunny day at the beach?

  163. Lily rose, age 8, from england

    The study of the dog

    Dogs are quite bright.In this story I think this dog is learning to be smart.

    a little sentence
    by Lily rose