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Dexter Dalwood, Situationist Apartment May ’68, 2001

Artist Dexter Dalwood imagines what the rooms of famous people (celebrities and other important people) might look like. This room is almost empty with just a mattress and some cushions. But it is also very mysterious…who is that looking through the door? 

Who do you think lives in this room? What are they like? Is it someone famous? Who is that peeping through the door and why? Or you could think of a famous person you admire and write a story about what their room might look like…

You can see more of Dexter Dalwood’s paintings at Tate St Ives. They are on display there until May 10 2010.


332 stories about “Dexter Dalwood, Situationist Apartment May ’68, 2001”

  1. euan, age 9, from uk

    once apon a time there was a mighty dragon called Alvin. He burnt down all of the houses evry think on the planet was burnt down.One day Alvin had no fire left so he stayed at home all day

  2. Bea, age 11, from UK

    One empty room , 3 pillows lie on the floor , one materace that some one has slept in . Scribles on the walls , maybe a sine of anger , a sine of anger of an unlistend to person . A dreamer once lived in this room , now that remains of him is one word . FREEDOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bea, age 11, from UK

    3 pillows on the floor ,
    a wide open door,
    scribles on the wall,
    a messed up life because no one would play ball,
    a strong pation for this one thing ,
    a life that lives for this one thing,
    a hope that this one thing might come true ,

  4. Ellie May, age 9, from england

    This was the day i had been looking forward to for along….time. It was a class trip to a art museum. I was so exited, but i didn’t no what i had ahead of me. The paintings where just marvalous, they looked like they were going to jump out at you. There was one that just caught my eye, it was fantastic. I stared for ages, i couldnt take my eyes of this beautiful painting. The lines where as thine as a pencil lead, colours blending in toghether. It was a sunset, it made my feel warm andd as if i was looking at a real life one. My teacher called me over, i didn’t want to leave the painting, In fact i couldn’t! My eyes wouldn’t go of it, I thought i had been hipnotised!

    My teacher repeated, “come” he said.
    “I cant” i shouted, as if i was in a night mare. Tears running down my face, i didn’t no why it just happend. my legs moved, then my arms. What on ever is happening to me? My teacher came over looked at me, “dont be silly” He said to me. Unexpectedly i turned my head, what is going on i screamed! Ive been taken over! The whole class laughed at me, suddenly i shrunk, smaller and smaller. I then found my self trapped in the painting!

    “get me out!” i screached at the top of my vioce. Every body rushed over to me. The police turned up, ambulance, manager, owner, press, public. I was in the newspaper, news, live television! they smashed the painting up and i dont no how but i mannegd to come out! Yes, wierd i no but a mistery that cant be solved. Just beware, painters are creative, they tount you into looking at things. But if you find a painting you love, BE VERY CAREFULL!!

  5. sam, age 10, from banger

    This is school and you have work to do

  6. Claudia Olmi, age 8, from England

    Its a dark room, a prisoner might of lived there and the words freedom are written on the wall. The scribbles might be singed of over excitment because the peson has been set free. The pillows are all over the floor because they are so happy and the doors are wide open because the person has proberly thrown the doors open with excitment as he leaves to go back to his family.

  7. Isabella Nova, age 11, from uk

    Freedom.Thats all we needed at my classroom.I sit and gase at the blackboard of what people wrote at indoor break.Freedom.The red maths notebooks scatted in front of me.Nobody cared.They jused gased at them helplessly ,daydreaming about anything that pops into there head.The younger ones have scribbeled swirls and spirals all over the board.I`m bored but happy but no one cares about me.I`m an outsider a loser.i needed one friend to just make up my life but nobody seemed to bother.Girls gossiping about being let out of this prison of hell while boys kicking there feet at nothing.The teacher storms in giving everyone that uh oh I`m in trouble so everyone gasped in shock like they always do.She streaks her beautiful long nails down the black board so you could hear nothing but a high picted noise going right through you.Girls wimp while boys scream,and she throws her crystil daz white jacket on the desk.she pauses and laughs.
    “freedom for all go out and forget anytrhing that happened to you buy clothes have a Mcdonalds write a book, Be free!”
    Everyone gasped in amotion of joy.they came rushing through the door sreaming as loud as they could.I was too happy but kinda weird so i was last out of the door but the teacher puts her witch hand on me.
    “Excellet ……… heh heh “…

  8. bethany, age 13, from uk

    have you ever thought about moving?once upon a time there lived a little girl named ellie she was a good kid but she was selfish and didnt like any body but her self her mum was really worrid because she had know friends and all she done was sit in her room and did nothing

  9. bethany, age 13, from uk

    i was that day if i didn’t go it would have never happened but i did and it did. as soon as i even though of going i was dead but still i didn’t trust my heart. I have no heart not after what happened so i guest you are all thinking of what was so bad. well to be truthful i don’t understand it was so fast………….. all i know is that there is no going back i know there is way i can make up for what i don’t that painful day

    *i will write the hole story soon enjoy*

  10. Riannon Davies, age 11, from engaland

    once upon a time there was a little dancer with a dream to dance to follow her ambition she came from a very poor family but she was very talented can you guess who i am on about?

  11. maza, age 11, from england

    There was once an empty room in an empty house in an empty city.It had a massive blackboard with freedom written on it in capital letters. There was also three orange pillows onthe floor.

  12. Charlie, age 8, from England

    We love you

  13. chloe, age 11, from bristol

    there once lived a king he had a small bedroom . He had got arrested for climbing a chimley for the law.
    One day he stood up and got a brush he started sweeping . The servent come in to give he his food but suddenly gone he was gone . He left his room and knocked everyone out he could see. He foud out that his mother in law died so he went to find out.

  14. chloe, age 11, from bristol

    3 pillows on the floor a smelly blanket and an open door a beautiful painting behind a giant screen and flashing light a wind like a dream freedom flies higher and higher through the window i admire

  15. Zack, age 10, from UK

    If the slaves worked hard, they will get freedom!

  16. SHAUNA, age 11, from UK

    3 pillow in the empty room haunted by a man of past the door opens and a quite wishper spred the room.F.R.E.E.D.O.M

  17. Tj tall, age 11, from newcastle dudley

    I like griffitie because it is good to do in class.

  18. BEN, age 13, from UK ENGLAND


  19. Larissa, age 8, from malaysia

    I am so sick of mum bugging me to tidy up. So down I threw 3 pillows on the floor,scribbled on the walls, messed up my bed and banged my door open with a slightly bit of light coming in…

  20. ella, age 7, from england

    ons apon a time ther lived two sisters and one was verry verry bosy

    so one of them the bosy sisster told her nice sisster to to do evry thing fo her

    but she did not go strat to do it she whent in to her gaden to look fo some think
    but the thing was the father did not no .
    the end

  21. Beth Johnson, age 10, from cayman islands

    A CROW having stolen a bit of meat, perched in a tree and held it in her beak. A Fox, seeing this, longed to possess the meat himself, and by a wily stratagem succeeded. “How handsome is the Crow,” he exclaimed, in the beauty of her shape and in the fairness of her complexion! Oh, if her voice were only equal to her beauty, she would deservedly be considered the Queen of Birds!” This he said deceitfully; but the Crow, anxious to refute the reflection cast upon her voice, set up a loud caw and dropped the flesh. The Fox quickly picked it up, and thus addressed the Crow: “My good Crow, your voice is right enough, but your wit is wanting.”

  22. Keave, age 10, from England

    My name is Angel and I live in a care home. My name is so stupid my mother called me it she said it meant nice things but i looked it up and it says it means hatred. My mother and father died in a road accident when I was only 10 im now 14 and is still alone.
    all i want is to be with my mother and father. I miss them dearly and wake up every morning praying it was a dream. It was all my fault i shouldnt have rushed them into leaving just so i could have extra time on the ps3.
    I dont like to speak about them, my friends know never to ask questions about them. the carers are kind to me but are too nice i feel……………..to be continued

  23. lilla, age 8, from britan

    once a man from 1611 in london of britan a man was stading in the great frie of london

  24. christina, age 9, from england

    lets all go to sleep theres some pillows on the floor and do whatever you want lets escape from school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. christina, age 9, from england

    it says freedom so lets go out and do what ever we want

  26. evie, age 6, from scotland

    once up on a time there was a giraffe how loved pancakes he went to the pancake shop 100 times a day

  27. Holly, age 8, from uk

    once upon a time there was a nice horse and it had a baby called Rosie was having fun then a few hours later a big mighty dragon came along and got Rosie her mummy wasnt happy and was crying all day but then she saw her and was so happy and excited.

  28. Arron, age 10, from lincshire

    suddly the doar shut and i was traper

  29. Marni McFall, age 10, from Engaland

    Dear Edward Once all I cared about was freedom the cold winter air ,the beaty of living, my opinion and my life i was so self sentered and all that i wanted was to be remembered but i think thats inevitable now .I loved my life and now my dream has come true im stuck in andy warhols old house and never going to see anyone again one i hate this all i dont now what to do this is horrible.I wish i could something i dont know what to do.

    Please help

    please hel

  30. abi fox, age 12, from england

    school began 5 hours ago and only 3 minutes until the bell of freedom goes its sound is like the angels crying a sweet sound that is freedom “i can barely wait for the bell to go ” cried a old friend i thought it was a brave thing to say but my teacher mr.prat did not think so clever i new he was going to give a detention but as he let out a shout of the letter D the bell rang and childrens screams of freedom rang through the town so i simply said ” what a bloody day ” .

  31. Millie cullen, age 11, from UK

    A dark room, the crisp of wind. The hoot of an owl, playing mind games. Every thing dosen’t seem the same since I walked in ‘the room’. The three pillows, lying on the floor made me feel, well weird. I mean, you walk in to a haunted house and you see THREE ORANGE CUSHIONS! What are you meant to think ! The white cloth was well … ermm… white and fabric. It wasn’t realy that spooky. The author just wanted to put that bit at the biggining to set the sceen. She knows itwasn’t even scary. I have to admit that the drawings on the walls were REALY weird and scared me . Though I will tell you. I’ll let you in to a secret aswell, this is how it all started …

  32. true story, age 0, from unknown

    once a boy looked down at his life and whatched his parents fight every night.
    he got older and they got a divorce moving one place to another woried him so he looked at his bed as he paked his things ready to funaway to feel the life of freedom!

  33. alexs pyne, age 9, from uk

    In my bedroom there is a blackboard and in this room there is one too.On my blackboard my mum has written a school chart which tells me what I am doing at school and home.On it is when to feed the cat and the guinea pigs and when the dates of school are and how many minutes/hours I am allowed on the wii.On the artist’s board there is FREEDOM and lots of little scribbles.
    on my walls i have mirrors,they are like the ones at the funfair they make your face look funny.On my bed I have three dark blue and cream pillows, the artist has three orange cushions on the floor.He has two window-like doors and I have only one.He has a bed on the floor and mine has legs.i have a desk with a lamp on it .

  34. FATIMA ZARIF, age 10, from UK

    there was once a man trapped in a room.He had been caught by pirates.In those times everyone was slaves of pirates when one day the first man got freedom. He screamed and screamed and when the pirates came through the door he ran out and recieved !!!FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. HD TV, age 10, from england

    It started with a blood-curdling shreak. Then the silk crimson cussions flew into the room. No-one could stop it now. The chalk rose into the air,and scribbled all over the jet black board. “Look,look at those letters” screamed one of the restless children. F-R-E-E-D-O-M. “Freedom” chanted ghosts all around the room.
    It started loudly,but got softer and softer.


  36. sophie t, age 11, from england

    I walked into the room of fredom and was gob smaked. Everyone was dancing they had no one to tell them off or to do any thing. They were free to do any thing they want. Iwish i had freedom for every thing if i was doing my chors my aunt selma wouid tell me to dry the pots when i was washing them.I thought i must stay here forever but then my teather told me to ansaw a question and i notised lukily once agen i was iver i a dream or day dreaming an so i was i was day dreaming.

  37. Daniel, age 10, from nottingham

    I think that this room was a killers bedroom because on the blackboard it says ,freedom , he might of wanted to be set free .Dexter Dalwood wanted it to look modern in the sense of the chair and the door look that thay need to be in a bedroom today . The doors wide open he must of ran off early.

  38. christian bakon, age 7, from scotland

    once upon a time there lived a prince that was walking down a big river looking for a some one to marry. then he saw a big big rock a long the way. then he looked down and saw that he was at a edge of a mountain. and down the mountain he saw some trees. then he saw a big castle. he thought that he could climb to the bottom of the mountain and through the big trees so he climbed
    down and he went through the trees. then he was just 5 steps away from the castle. then a dragon came and he was trying to get the prince away from the castle. the prince took his sowrd and stabed and climbed on top of the castle and the princes and the prince lived happily ever after.

  39. Angela, age 10, from Scotland

    Long ago in a far away kingdom lived the visus and evil king neverbeat that thought he was the best best at everything but, then one day a little boy called Stephen and a little girl called Angela who came along with there father who was called John and bumped into king neverbeat and he shouted “WHO DARE WALK INTO ME !”
    The children were scared and John did not know what to do.

  40. S, age 11, from England

    Onceupon a time in the dark misty woods there was a Chocolate Milkshake called Choco. Choco was a very courages milkshake, and wasn’t afraid of anything.
    One day, Choco was out for a walk in the town when he bumped into Berries,(Strawberry Milkshake) and said,”hey berries, how are you today?”
    Berries replied,”I’m fine, do you want to go for a walk in the woods?”
    Choco shook his head and sighed, “I’ve got some chores to get through, sorry maybe another time.”
    “okay then” she said, and she walked away.


  41. software generator, age 0, from US

    What causes the sound of air swishing inside your head?

  42. kimclarke, age 10, from englend

    an almost see it
    That dream I am dreaming
    But there’s a voice inside my head saying
    “You’ll never reach it”

    Every step I’m taking
    Every move I make feels
    Lost with no direction
    My faith is shaking

    But I gotta keep trying
    Gotta keep my head held high

    There’s always gonna be another mountain
    I’m always gonna wanna make it move
    Always gonna be a uphill battle
    Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

    Ain’t about how fast I get there
    Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
    It’s the climb

    The struggles I’m facing
    The chances I’m taking
    Sometimes might knock me down
    But no, I’m not breaking

    I may not know it
    But these are the moments that
    I’m gonna remember most, yeah
    Just gotta keep going

    And I, I got to be strong
    Just keep pushing on

    ‘Cause there’s always gonna be another mountain
    I’m always gonna wanna make it move
    Always gonna be a uphill battle
    Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

    Ain’t about how fast I get there
    Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
    It’s the climb, yeah!

    There’s always gonna be another mountain
    I’m always gonna wanna make it move
    Always gonna be an uphill battle
    Somebody’s gonna have to lose

    Ain’t about how fast I get there
    Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
    It’s the climb, yeah!

    Keep on moving, keep climbing
    Keep the faith, baby
    It’s all about, it’s all about the climb
    Keep the faith, keep your faith, whoa

  43. Rebecca, age 6, from Belgim

    Once there was a panter.
    He loved to paint ——mold and other things…..
    But one thing he hated……and it was ……….SCRAPING CANVASES.
    One day evrthing went well at his house. But when he arived at his
    studio ……he got a shock.
    Hims name was Daniel .HE went
    back home


  44. saskia, age 11, from england

    there was a gran whos dog died so she put it in a suitcase to keep it safe and went on the bus to bury it in the local pet cemerety. on the bus a kind man asked if he could help so he helped by carrying it onto the bus , they waited for their stop when it came the same kind man helped by carrying it off but he ran away with it he stole it he thought it was dvds goodness what he will think when he opens the suitcase !

  45. lea, age 11, from iceland

    one day i started cry on the floor like a litle child and i was unhappy the end

  46. Terra, age 12, from Iceland

    My name is Theodor Dutton. This is my room. And this is my macical door.
    I wake up every morgning, open the door and see where it takes me. It´s so exiting, open the macical door, and seeing something totally new. Maybe it takes me to Africa, Japan or Mexico, maybe to the space or in a new world that no-one have seen before.
    I feel so free. No-one can stop me, I can do whatever I want to. I always go to sleep in good mood. I dream about the place that my door is gonna take me to tomorrow.
    This is the best about being Theodor Dutton.

  47. amber, age 11, from uk

    there just one girl and one boy.they lock they’s room so they’s mother will not hurt them but the girl said i want to be free and you?. but the boy said it the same as the girl. when they brithday was here they got to go. (free out of they’s room)


  48. aiste, age 7, from england

    once upon a time there lived two childdren called Rose and Jack who where very diffrent.Rose likes to be inside reading dreaming thiking Jack like to be outside laughing shouting and playing with hes friends.One day there mum could not stand such behaivor so she send them out toughter.Jack pulled Roses hand and said why did you hafe to come Rose awnserd back it wasnt my falt a little later Jack went to explore and yelled hey look a tunnel lets see whats at the other end Rose said no there might be witches wofls or anything down thier Jack said you baby come on Rose could not gow in so she waited and waited and waited .But she couldnt waint any more longer so she went in lackily she was at the end she walked into a peaceful forest she could her the peaceful birds. But suddenly the forest began to come darker and darker so she began to run even more fater.Just then she couldnt any more further.But she came to a clearing there was a figure it was her brother she throud her arms aroud and said oh no i am to late suddely comethe figure began to come softer and warmer . Jack turrend auround and said Rose i knew you would come they ran back throught the forest throught the tunnel and back home mum was setting up the table hello is every thing alright. Rose smiled at Jack smiled back to Rose the end.

  49. bethany, age 13, from uk

    i its not what it is meant to be about but anyway…
    *you will never get away* a voice stamped though the castle but i still ran i know my father was right but i needed to be free i needed to see him again or i wound die. all the time i was running my father ran after me i stop not knowing what to do i looked around. *lilly,lilly get back here* my fathers voice stamped again more angry now as i could see him i ran again *i will never stop running for him* i said thought my teeth but i knew he could hear me

  50. Noor-fatimah, age 9, from england

    One chilly day their lived a bear who said” it is snowing!” bear was shocked he had never ever seen snow before so he dressed up warmly and went outside to play.He saw a bear without any cloths so he went up to the other bear and he said “here you can have my cloths”.The bear said “thank you”he gave the big bear a big,lovly hug and said “I will live with you” so the little bear lived with the big bear and had a great time together.They went lots of places like the beach and the highstreet also the park and the shops and went to manchester by a plane and to italy and poland they had so much fun together.So one day they bought a massive house it was as high as a girrafe it had 10 bedrooms it was the biggest house in the world.Also the little bear said “can I go to the funfair and salt hill park also the zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please” and big bear always said “a big yes”.They loved eachother so much that they always every single month,week,days and one day they died because they went to salt hill park and someone kidnapped them so what did happend do you now well read this story bye.The end by Noor-fatimah.

  51. Daniel Youd, age 12, from Liverpool, England

    in the land of kilomanopeay the kilomanopean people lived and they lived with each other in harmony and as they lived in harmony together they shared there livestock with each other, such as cattle, pigs, fish, sheep and fruits. now kilomanopeay was a very remote land in the pacific ocean castout from the other continent’s who lived as one union, this island wasn’t struck by religion, guns or murder, nor hate. you could sayit was pretty much a perfect island but a number of problems tied them down. it was the fact that they were eating so much that the livestock was scarce, they burned that much wood all the trees had died and also since they were on the most remote part of the world, the word communication didn’t exist to them. After a harsh month eating dust the first kilomanopean murder was commited. an hour later another, then another hour later another murder. the next day the first thievery was commited in the island and this pattern kept repeating with horrible consequences. the islanders in the end killed each other, burnt the bones of what they could see and left never again to be heard of in history again.

    BUT 500 years later an explorer came along and discovered the ashes of the islanders buried under the remains of their sizzled houses never before seen. the explorer thought about what had happened and found out this is what is happening to us now as we speak but on a larger scale.
    the islanders of kilomanopeay were never to be heard of again as they had left a curse behind them haunting whoever touched the ashes.

  52. angharad, age 8, from england

    Im a bed room bed rooms have feelings to whoever made a mess is going to be in SO much troble.

    p.s. i have sent a pictor to show this mess

    from bed room

  53. angharad, age 8, from england

    I have got FREEDOM see my story

    It all started when a mum bort a pack of letters she left the room and her childran put the letters on the wall so it said FREEDOM.

  54. Martha, age 9, from UK

    The person looking through the door is someone from a long time ago. Not someone famous like the kind of celebrity from nowadays. someone who would have been very well known a centuries ago. maybe from a different world where there is no freedom, and everybody is trapped in a small space, curious to be free. and that is why that particular person is looking in on us. jealous. jealous of our freedom and space, and that person, that mysterious person, will have to act soon……..

  55. niamh, age 10, from england

    Last week i (archie) went to ireland. I enjoyed it very much before I came across THE LEPRICORN. I was very happily walking through the airport when the lepricorn came out and hit me with a suitcase, it really hurt. I then went to the doctor to get the brooz looked at but the doctor was the lepricorn and he hit me with a thermometer. Then when I went back to the hotel the lepricorn followed me to my room and hit me with a luggage cart, so I decided to go back home to kempston but at the airport a giant lepricorn came and ate me all up that’s why i’m in his tummy now

  56. Genna, age 10, from England

    When I grow up, I want to be an author. It’s in my blood. I invent stories in my head all the time, and have been doinng so before I could read.
    When I saw the famous author, Tracy Beaker, on the television, she immediatley became my inspiration. We have a lot in common, Tracy and I. We both grew up in a care Home… well, i’m still IN a care home: Elm Tree. But at least I have friends like Frank, Lily, Carmen, Liam, Gus, Sapphire, Poppy, Rosie… everybody at Elm Tree is my friend really. Even Gina, the care worker. Mike is really nice to everybody. Tracy Beaker works here, too! She’s always late for work! But she makes me laugh because she wrote in Gus’ notebook and he started crying. Ha ha!

  57. Esther cornforth, age 9, from U.K

    one empty room in a grand palace, the door is wide open, and pillows are scattered over the floor. There is someone peeking in the door. It is the Queen’s
    daughter. Where is her mum?…

  58. deejay, age 7, from england

    Once in Jamaica there was a inn. In the inn there was a crowd packed with people!!!!! The announcer said DEEJAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deejay ran in! Deejay got in a huge
    fight! POW! BANG! WOLLOP! CRASH! Finally Deejay played his best music ever, the crowd applauded! The owner of the inn said that was a perfect performance Deejay so here is the best music medal that you could ever own. No one in the world has this medal. The crowd did a really big thumbs up to Deejay! Then Deejay prepared to make a speech. TO ALL THE JAMAICANS who are my fans I think you guys are the best Jamaicans ever and one day you will be like me strong and powerful and powerful with the drums too. THE END.

  59. stephanie, age 12, from England

    i woke up on monday morning,i was soo tired.i had toast for my breckfast ,but it was burnt.my mum told me to get dressed very quick,so i did. i was so tired that i left my pjama top underneath my shirt.every one was laughing at me .also my hair was a mess because i could not bebotherd to do it.

    that was my story for the day . :)

  60. daisy louise speller, age 10, from England Alderholt

    The magic apple of doom. The explorer came charging down the creepy hallows of apple orchard, he paused, the adventurous man stopped, he could just hear someone crunching into one of those delicious famous apples.The explorer just could not resist it he had to try one of those tasty apples.He ran down the creepy hallows and down the apple orchard and he had reached it ,the lovely glossy oozing apples were just crying out for help
    “help help we need to get eaten Mr.explorer man please please eat us”.The man reached out for one of the apple`s , but then he captured a little light in the corner of his eye.
    “Wow your a fairy wow wow wow I cant beli….who was that”.He had felt little tingle on his soft tender face.
    “Sorry that was me I just could`nt resit it your just gabbling on about nothing now follow me ok”
    “But but I want that apple”the explorer said
    “You cant have that one because its poisonous”said Lucy the little fairy .
    The little fairy was actually lying that wasnt the poisonous one the one she was going to tell him to eat was the poisonous one.”Eat that one ok” so the engtruguied explorer went for it hwe took one bite out of the glossy apple and fell straigh to the ground as fast as a ganet capturing a fish he was dead as a dodo
    the fairy gave a cackiling laugh hahahahahahahha” (SORRY FOR THE SPELLNG MISTAKES)

  61. chloe, age 9, from uk

    one day there was a normal cartoon girl sining along to her animal friends then there was a handsome prince comeing along trying to destroy a dragon and it could talk and then destroyed im then the girl looked out the window then the prince waved and then she waved at him back and then she fell out the window and landed on the princes horse then got to know each other and then got married and had 10 children

  62. chloe, age 9, from uk

    i know.you see.some how the world will change for me! and be so wonderful…live life breath air i know some how were gonna get there.and feel so wonderful…its all for real…im tellin you just how i feel so, wake up the members of my nation its your time to be,Theres no chance un less you take one evertime just see the brightest side of every situation somethings are ment to be.so gimme your best,and leave the rest to me leave it all to me just leave it all to me just leave it all to me…

  63. jamie, age 9, from united kingdom

    One stormy night a black figure glided across the city he is the Terminator.
    “Get him go go go” wooooooooosh blam blam blam the Terminator shot, three bullets at the police and BANG!!!!.The police ducked for cover as their cars blew up. The black figure launched ten missiles at a building it collapsed on the police. The Terminator disappers in fin air.


  64. kimberly rosie hewitt, age 10, from english

    One day a girl called Rosie was in her bedroom and she was thinking i have freedom and peace and also quietness from her two brothers called Max and Alfie.Well Alfie was a baby and babys make lots of noise and Max is a 16 year old brother wich is so annoying and verry loud an dher mum was always shouting at them to say be quiet!.So really she has hardly any quietnes at all even sometimes she doesnt get quietness in her room.By the way Rosie is an 9 year old girl who is verry pretty. Rosies mum is called sharon and her dad is called Paul. THE END !!!

  65. mia, age 8, from england

    a girl confused a pillow by saying eggs in theshe was really not willow
    “you cant shut up can you. if i knew how to make you to” said the pillow
    “hey you pillowface!” said the girl. “have you checked your shoelace?”
    when the pillow bent down the girl put him in a net
    she won the jackpot and he was the bet
    she was really not amused
    but at home she must check her fuse!


  66. sinead, age 10, from united kingdom

    midnight mystery

    in londons historic muesem martha was doing her mid night shifts when she heard a scream.there stood a shadow and wich nothing was there was no such thing as this as it has never been heard of ”HI there who is it” Martha stood there looking astonished…

  67. Cookie, age 11, from England

    Once upon a time there was a young girl called Avril. Avril loved to go and see her grandmother every Sunday, but one evening her grandmother died all of a sudden!!! The next morning Avil found Blood all on the floor and on the wall the word freedom .

    Avril never went to the house or anywhere down that street untill she became 12 and decied that she would go and collect her grandmother things to make some money. She got there and found her wardobe open and somthing black moving in there she imidetly shut the door if the wardrobe and tied the doors together but she got Zapped it a weird type of world and was never to be seen again.

    Meanwhile the wardrobe was sold to a old lady for a good £20 but the person who brought this wardrobe tuned out to be a witch.This which used the wardribe to narrow England population down by 58%

    Moral : never trust anyone

  68. millie, age 9, from america

    In dark, gloomy house with onlyone man and a scratty (well at least he thought is was) piece of art he bought at a car boot sale. One stormy night the man stupidly said night night to the piece of art when suddely right at that moment a magic person jumped out…

  69. Caitlin Rich, age 12, from England

    once upon a time… no that sounds to well, wired. ok, i’ll start again. hi i’m caitlin,and this is my story…

    i was simply walking down the street, when a MASSIVE dragon just dragged me up from the floor! As i was still swept away from the whole idea, so i completely forgot what a dragon’s personality was like. so i softly petted it’s hiant hand! i felt good but somthing else to , oh yes… CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was swinging my head round like there was no tomorrow!!!!!!! i felt a wierd sensation run through my body, like a falling feeling. i opened my eyes and hoped for the best! my feet touched somthing soft, not like concrete i’d say more like a cloud…

  70. sharmini, age 9, from woking

    3 pillows on the floor ,
    a wide open door,
    scribles on the wall,
    a messed up life because no one would play ball,
    a strong pation for this one thing ,
    a life that lives for this one thing,
    a hope that this one thing might come true ,

  71. Holly Clack, age 12, from England

    Today was a normal boring day at college and as always I was fast asleep dreaming of what the world would be like with no school. It would be fab! Oh dear Miss Smithson is walking towards me in my dream not good! i must get up quick. Phew! I am awake, but all that I can see is the word freedom written on the blackboard?! What does that mean? Miss Smithson and every in my tutor group has disappeared?! Where am I? I then woke up and I landed in an empty space in the universe. I was free.

  72. meerkat, age 11, from england

    the person that lived in the room is no more breakfest still near the door spilled on the floor the shock was unbearible the sound so quiet when it used to so noisey but now the angels have took him away up in heaven in earth he sleeps but one day he will wake then how happy we will be but now he sleeps for least a 100 years or so but do not cry nor sigh because he is at peace that is why this room is empty with only a few things the family havent taken in a few days or so they will be wearing black but one day there be joined again and never worry about growing old or sleeping for a 100 years or so but now he still sleeps so they will wait till there together forever.

  73. sadia, age 9, from GB (london)

    In the ancient times there lived 4 friends, sadia , jessica , arianita , anika. one day they were at school they were just getting there stuff after having a adventures day at school they saw there class has already left the classroom . So they were about to leave the class but they saw the gates were closed so they went down stairs to the play ground . They said oh no ….. what will happen next dan dan daaan.

  74. Peta, age 10, from Entgland

    Freedom is the thing we all want….
    Amy always wanted freedom. Her foster mum never let her out of the house. One day she sneaked off to the tate gallery. A lady was looking at a picture. !!!!! IT WAS AMY’S REAL MUM. o_O Anyway…. Amy and her mum went home together and Amy had all the freedom she wanted. :) YAY :D

  75. Amy, age 11, from Enland

    Scribbles Scribbles on the wall
    Scribbles your the best of all



  76. Shannpn, age 11, from Newcastle Upon TYNE

    A empty basement, a flickering light, a long plaster block, unused chisels, and a man named Jones, Aragon Jones, 3 pillows on the floor scattered, a door open with colourful outing, scribbles all over the wall in anger mabye i dont know, a mattress on the floor except Aragon’s dream was frredon so chisel away, away we go, Unreadable letters until after strung up the letters shown was… F.R.E.E.D.O.M … Except is that what was wanted with an open door ?

  77. kai, age 10, from scotland

    people want freedom even me. We all love to be alone,have privisy and to have a big emty all for me that would be the very,very best.

  78. sara, age 12, from uk

    One bright sunny day there was little boy called Dexter wondering in the park he was about 5 years old.I rushed over to him anad said ” whats wrong little boy are you lost”, no he replied i am not little i am an adult but i am an adult from wizard world. What do you eman the wizard world there are no such things as wizards oh yes there is Dexter said look if you dont belive me ,he got out his wand and spoke to it his words were take me take me take me and this stranger to the wizard world . What happened next…………. i was there in the wizard world were everyone is a wizard execpt for me the little boy said to me FREEDOM go ahead and spread your wing what wing look on your back i turned and said freedom is mine AND I FLEW .

  79. Esme, age 12, from UK

    I stared into the room. the room stared back at me. there was nothing of interest, but it kept me fixated. This is his room, I thought. It’s really his! And I’m looking into it! He’s such a tortured soul. So simple, but so needy. The mattress on the floor said it all. He’s single. Totally single, I thought. No woman could bear that mess. But those cushions scattered around…why? Why are they like that. And orange? It clashes with the wall colour! Come to think of it, the wall’s fixating as well. FREEDOM. Why? Why FREEDOM? Why not BUY MY MOVIES or EAT MY DUST? Although, now I think of it, he’s always been the rebel. My rebel. My dark little rebel. I’ve got all his movies. He’s so dark. Dark but charming. A dark horse. I bet you there’s something under the bed. Something bad. Something naughty. Something his mother wouldn’t be proud of. And those scrawls, all over the wall. His mother wouldn’t like that either. She’d say it was Neanderthal. Caveman. Uncivilised. But I wouldn’t. Not to my dark rebel. And I can’t help but laugh as I leave his dark little apartment. Goodbye, dark horse.

  80. rachel, age 10, from uk

    it was a normal day at springville prmary school untill the new teacher came then it was a disaster. mr losenburg was a mean, vile and horrible teacher. he was tall, strong plus he was in the oylmpics for hammer throw also javeling. on the day he came to springville primary school all children were terrifyed of the teacher. when a child wasn’t listening he would throw somthing very hard like a very sharp pencil or something like that. the children in that class couldn’t be free when he was about.

  81. maryam, age 7, from england

    Once was a princess and she was a nasty princess.Then a woman came to her and said i will cast a spell on your tour when you get a baby and i will kill your baby. Then a moster came the next day and said why have you been nasty to people then she said no i have not but she was lying and the monster was the woman but then she had a baby and then the woman turned back to nomal and said will you be nasty she said no and thay lived happly ever after!

  82. Ellie, age 8, from England

    On top of the mountain.

  83. Ellie Clough, age 8, from England

    One stormy night a little tortoise named Jack crept out of his box.The light went flash and Jack jumped and scuried inside.” Mum Mum a monsters outside” said Jack ” Calm down dear it’s just lightning” said Mum.Then just as he was about to go out, there was a rumbling noise.

  84. Peta and Amy, age 11, from England

    Scribbles! Scribbles!
    Your better than a permanent marker
    Scribbles! Scribbles!
    If you where a fish you would be a shark!?!??! ERR!!!!!
    Scribbles! Scribbles!
    When your not around the day is darker
    Scribbles! Scribbles!
    SCRIBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OW OOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I hope u enjoyed our little song lol! :P :D CHEESE

  85. sinead, age 10, from united kindom...

    IN the momento gallery a school was loooking around sooner or later they heard a scream ”arggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh”’

    end of part 1

  86. evie, age 6, from scotland

    once up on a time there was a dinosaur he was very nice. he helped the caveman with her long neck. her name was emma one day a very not nice dinosaur came and tried to fight emma but she made him go away.

  87. dominic, age 8, from uk

    cool mate

  88. me, age 0, from pakistan

    cheese i luv cheese l am made of cheese yeh cheese woohoo cheese

  89. Tazkhi, age 6, from indonesia

    once upon atime there live a girl named Angelina.she is the famuse in u.k. sef got thousends of frein and thousends of nabers.the athors have a big space nex to there houses. sheis famouse but she is greedy.And there is another girl called lilya.She isent famous at all.But she is a goode girl.everybody i uk likes her very much.and then angelina was so disepointed she said ”why is every body likes her?”.thenlily was so proud becuase everybody likes her very much.and all of the pepole was playing about they like angelina.so then angelina is poor and lilya was famouse.THE END

  90. story teller, age 0, from tale teller

    Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess called Izzie. Princess Izzie was now getting to the age where she had to marry someone of her parents choice, so she was very unhappy. One day, when she was walkiing back from a date with Prince Ungorgesio, she met an old lady. This old lady looked like she was quite poor because she wore a long hooded tunic with a hood big enough to cover her whole face. “Why do you look so sad Princess?” asked the old lady. !Is there any thing I can do?”
    “Well, I dont think so. the Princess told the whole story. “I don’t want to get married to Prince Ungorgios, I want to choose my own knight in shining armour.”
    “Maybe I can help” said the old lady smiling. “Here have this” and with that, she handed her a bag. “Go on then, open it”. Izzie screamed! It was a frog. Once she had got ovr the shock, Izzie said thank you to the old woman and went home. Here, she tried to follow the instructions that the lady had told her while she was getting over the shock. She took the frog out and kissed it on the lips. There was a puff of smoke. The frog hand turned into a handsom prince. Unfortunately for Izzie, she had turned into the frog so there was no ‘happily ever after’. Poor Izzie.

  91. hayley, age 12, from bolton, england

    There was a tall pretty girl looking through the door, she said ‘why have you pput freedom on the black board?’
    I said ‘because it is something which i do not have.’
    She said ‘i see with only three uncomfortable cushions and no proper bed i suppose it is quit upseting, and no one to talk to either’
    i said ‘well i’ve been here for so long i dont really realise no more’
    she said ‘i’ll help you make this room more like home and i will keep you company, i’ll try and foster you as well so you can have freedom!’
    i said ‘oh thank you i long two have freedom i cant thank you enough!!!’

    Later that month i was happy and living a new life and had my one dream of which i had longed for so long, FREEDOM!!!!!

  92. georgia, age 10, from england


  93. casie, age 5, from aus

    one day a some cheeky monkeys escape from their cage and that time the grade 1 students where having a excursion.Two cheeky monkey go inside ms. lily’s bag .when they come back at their school from the zoo two cheeky monkeys went out of ms.lily’s bag annd do some triick.the started laughing until the bell rang.

  94. Eleisha, age 11, from England

    Dexter Dalwood was a strange fieirce and strong man he was the oldest in the house he sleeps on the strrets and sometimes once aday he spends the day with us as soon as he walks into the house the strong smell of urine hits us we smile and we laugh trying not to vomit at the same time immediatly my mother tells him to go and take a bath heargues for a bit and then does what he is told after he had a bath evrything was cool he smelt nice for oncein his life mum suggested that we all go out for the day i whisper in mums ear trying not to let Liam here “but i i i hate being around with Liam i get embaressed”i whispered mum replied later on “Your’e coming with us no matter what” so i ran up to my room and strated sulking i cryedand cryed through out thedaylight.

  95. jack, age 12, from algeria

    3 pillows on the floor ,
    a wide open door,
    scribles on the wall,
    a messed up life because no one would play in the hall,
    a strong pation for this one thing ,
    a life that lives for this one ting,
    a hope that this one thing might come true ,

  96. prinscilla, age 12, from Australia

    This pictuer makes me feel sad because this bird is sadly standing in the window on a cold winter day its so sad that wish it could fly in that cold winter day but as it looks so sad it is standing in the window.I but I think its cold and shivering as you can even see its tracked it wings by it sides.

  97. AAA, age 0, from ?

    i am in school (:)

  98. harriet, age 10, from uk

    i open the door and theres three pillows on the floor so i take a little nap!

  99. katie, age 14, from 8fkkgff

    i love you

  100. Naomi, age 10, from england

    I can almost see it
    That dream I’m dreaming
    But there’s a voice inside my head saying
    “you’ll never ever reach it”

    Every step I take
    Every move I make
    Its still there,Its still there in my head
    But I gotta keep trying
    Gotta keep my head held high

    The struggles I’m facing
    The chances I’m taking
    But Im still trying,to get there

    I may not know it
    But these are the moments that
    I’m gonna remember most

    Just gotta keep going
    Just gotta keep trying,
    because one day I’ll get there
    And I got to be strong.

    I’ll dream and dream it day and night.

  101. Gabrielle, age 7, from England

    Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Sofia she was fourteen and her mother and father had died and she lived all on her own and she was really sad about that.

    the end

  102. piiniike, age 19, from new york

    once in a sinky old forest live sinky xpinkyx

  103. burcu, age 8, from Turkey

    One day there was a girl called basak.And she was so nice and she was kind.

  104. burcu, age 8, from turkey

    Once apon a time there was a girl called Angela.And she was taking cake to her grama because she was ill Angela didn,t want her grama to be ill andthen her mum came in and said wats going on love her dauter said grama is not eating and grama said i want to go outside and Angela said no.AND THEY LIVED HAPPLY EVER AFTER.BUY BUY.

  105. sofiah, age 12, from united kingdom

    you see an open door and light that can blind you, you cant move towards it but in your mind the one and only thing you need is freedom, if freedom was a bird would it fly, if freedom was a train would it ride, if freedom was a flower would it bloom, if freedom was me and you would we need it, freedom is the ony thing we need but our captors wont let freedom free, if freedom was a drink would we drink it?if freedom was a spider would we run from it?
    if freedom was an emotion would we always feel it? if freedm was a painting would we like it?

  106. luca G, age 9, from united kingdom

    well there I was it was a long story so I will tell you one day I was in a small house in leeds where there was no where to go all I did realy on a weekend was get on my skates and go ice skating lots of people did nothing but talk so that night luca me myslef I am a girl went to a nice restrant and when we got back to the house it was a mess we phoned the ploice hopeing to get help…nothing realy matterd at that time so I whent into bed and read a book when the ploice came I new something whent rong . so I whent on the street to go and have a look.. nothing qwirvy hapend but I thout I saw a rober whith a painting in his/her hand I went back to my house the ploice whent to have a look.

  107. luca G, age 9, from united kingdom

    ohh hi me again it was my mums my mum s bithady so I came to the cake shop so I found a 6 lear cake then horse riding i gallop roung the ring 2

  108. Alicia, age 7, from England

    I was there,
    a place where no-one knew.
    Where there was boxes and pillows every where.
    A bed I saw,who no-one owns.
    A massive pitcher on the wall saying
    I looked slowly around but nothing was there,
    But then I knew it was just a dream,
    telling me to be free.

  109. molly, age 8, from england

    WE went to the zoo and we went on the games

  110. molly, age 8, from england

    a went on the montion and it wa\s cold sometimes it is warm it can snow but when it snows it is very cold

  111. hailey, age 10, from usa

    once upon a time there was a famous artist who designed a middium sized portrait of a city she loved. She sold the painting and got tons of money. she bought a new sofa for her tiny house and some new paint. One day she thought being a painter was hard work so she became a vet. She also got married and had kids. But she always told her story about herself longtime ago when she was a artist to her kids and that story went forever on in their family.

  112. ke ke, age 11, from england

    ther was a boy named sesame street he got teased so much and he inly had 1 friend but he like his friends girlfriend but he didnt want to lose him as a friend. one day sesame streets friend broke up with his girlfriend and sesame thought that it was time to ask her out . he went up tp her and said “claudia will you go out with me” she replied ” em yes id luvvvvvvvv to i no your names diffrent but your so amazing i like geeks there coolio” sesame told claudia not to tell any1 not a soul, but she did she told her friends word got around and sesames best friend tom found out i hate u we broke up today and u jumped at the chance and as for u claudia get out my sight. they never spoke again
    the moral here is to ask your mate if you want to go out with some1they just broke up with

  113. Alex, age 9, from America

    Young Lydia Fly once lived here,she hoped freedom was there.She had pillows on the floor,scribbles on the walls.For she knew what was right!Young Lydia Fly is grown up now, and she now is Lydia Rivers.But in her heart she hopes,her Child , Anna will someday find that little home.And one day while running,away from a dog,She found that little house Thirty years have passed since Anna found it, the house is gone now,but the grandchild of Anna has the letters that spelled out FREEDOM!

  114. Jesus christ, age 0, from bethlehem

    once apon a time , They all lived happily ever after. :L:L:L

  115. Esther Harris, age 10, from Uk


  116. emilia norman, age 10, from england

    Once apon a time therte was a little girl called charlie she was 13 young beautiful but happy too happy because she was an only child and she was given every thing she wanted , but one day she found that she was no an only child, she had a younger sister to come at this she was extremly happy.


    Charlies sister had come, and she was over joyed. A few weeks later she was quiet unhappy because she was not given all she wanted because her mum was consentrating on her 1 month year old sister. Later she was coming past the bath room and she heard her mum say ”we have got to consen trate on charlie more , she seems lonley”. By this she was overjoyed but she had to seem surprised.
    the next day every thing was resolved and time was split between both the girls.


  117. James Mole, age 12, from Scotland

    In the dark dim past there was a mighty man called barnaby. He befriended a narnian from narnia and fought with them agenist aslan he killed peter the high king man and then he WON the crown and kiled johnny depp

  118. Bob, age 9, from UK

    Once upon a time there was a magical room which was never used
    The End

  119. NatBon, age 12, from scotland

    One day the planet went Boom. The End.

  120. emily, age 127, from cheseville

    helloooo my name is cheese and guess what?? i love cheese!! :)

  121. dj, age 14, from us

    once apon a time there was a mighty dragon called waterman. He drowned all of the houses evry think on the planet was drowned.One day Alvin had no water left so he stayed at home all day

  122. Shawny, age 8, from England

    Once upon a time there was a dog he was called:zeeezeee109 he was 5 the end.

  123. benny, age 7, from morcamb

    once upon a time time ther was a mouse called Jerry and a cat called Tom.one day Jerry was going to steele some of Toms food and milk but Tom heard him.like allways he runs after him and one day Tom dide and that was so sad.THE END.

  124. emilia norman, age 10, from england

    Once apon a time there was a slice of cheese called blue cheese he lived on planet xart. he was very happy but he was the king of the planet. One day he ate a pie and exploded tyhe end

  125. katie ellie and lilly, age 31, from france

    one day……… dfjtsh fchcgfdsea 4yfdxzftdfgstedrerskv THE END!!!

    STORY 2

    one day a girl said hi THE END

    STORY 3

    once apon a time a girl with a pink pen and said hi then ………………… dfgrzd THE END

  126. qutzicoatal, age 127, from mexico

    ONE day there was a hoover and killed the world

  127. Emilia norman, age 10, from England

    ONE day there was a apart ment. It was dark gloomy until……. a tv programme called DO YOU FEEL CRUMMY ENOUGH TO NOT TIDY YOUR ROOM???? and tidyed up the place.came the whole appartment was soo tidy you could see your face in the floor (because it was now wood). Estonished Jenifer cept her room tidy unitl she fell ill. Her boyfriend ” Jones ” had too come and look after Jenifer
    whil doing this the place turned a mess soo Jenifer hired a cleaner called “lola feching-son ” . She was a very nice person , and she really took Jones’ place in looking after Jenifer. A few weeks later Jenifer got better luckly enough it was the same day DO YOU FEEL CRUMM ENOUGH TO NOT CLEAN YOUR HOUSE came to see how well she cept her apparment. Jenifer got a 10/10 for how clean her house was.


  128. Emilia norman, age 10, from England


    I never knew what I would do in my holiday

    Today was the start of the summer holiday and the day i was free from work for 6 weeks.

    Today was saturday so as usual we whent to daisys’ house.She had two Kids
    Crystal and Byron. Byron was the cutest boy in the world but Crystal
    was still very pretty.When we got there as usual we said our hellos
    the pearents talked and w played but when we were spying on the
    pearen I heard tha bryron had a girlfriend and I was distourt
    but he dumped here and that was a relif.Straght after we heard that
    Bryron walked through the door With his new girlfriend Margretthen.Then I
    new I had no chance with him ,so I had to find someone new to like.Until
    I found out she was there cousin so there was nothing to worry
    about.Again another day came to its end and we left,but then I had to go
    see Aunt Flora ,who lived down the street because it was only
    seven,Roman was tyred and cranky.when we got there roman was asleep
    so dave put him in the car.Whisle the pearants talked me dave Nancy and
    lillyan played Twister and I fell down 12 times dave 13 Nancy 16 times and lillyan
    20times.Un fortuneatly we had to go home.We got home and our cats hadn’t been fed.
    Whitch was daves fault butdave fed the cats then we whent to bed because it was 10
    and we were exctremely tyered therefor we would be tyered tomorrow.

    Today was sunday and the harvest festival.As allways we whent to the town center
    were the mayor declared the town harvest festival open.This year I really wanted
    to go because there was going to be rides and petting stalls and all that kind of stuff.
    When we got there there were thousands of people as usual it’s allways busy in london.
    later on I started to see all my friends like Georgina,Issy,katie,henry and Ellie thats
    not every one but all I can remember.Me and every one walked around all the stalls
    until we whent home.On the way home we saw Daisy so we stoped at a local pub and
    had some coke then whent home.That evening while I was whaching T.v started thinking
    about some thing Byron said to me but soon enough I forgot and began whaching the
    nature program again.In the nature program it mensioned that some signes of affections
    are agreeing with the person even though you may want to disagre,then I rembered that Byron
    all way agred with me ????.Then I heard ,”Abigail It’s tea time “. So I whent ,sat down and ate.
    After tea we sat down to whach t.v agin and let the food go down.”Good meal”,I exclamed.
    “Thank you Abigail”,Mum kindly said,”Has every one packed their bags for tomorrow?”.
    “Yes”,Shouted every one.
    And on that note every one whent to bed.

    “YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”,Shoted Roman,”Seeing Suzie and Dick tody !!!”.
    “Yes we all Know Roman now go back to sleep it’s five in the morning and a seven hour dirve
    and a three hour ferry and after that anothe two hour drive”,Shouted mum.
    Today we are going to see aunty suzie,uncle Dick and our cousiIns leo and tom.It’s a
    very long drive but it’s worth it,we only get to see them twice a year and I
    think you can guess why. At seven every one woke up got breakfast and dressed ,got in the car
    and whent.Roman sat in the back with dave (dave has a portable dvd player and roman likes to
    whach it ).”You ok back there”,Mum shouted .
    “Tip top “,shouted Dave and Roman.
    Hours later we stoped for lunch at Buger king the chicken nuggets I had
    wearn’t very nice but the chips were. After we ate we set of again .
    It was three and we still wern’t there and I was starting to get board
    very board.In a few minutes I started a game with Dave and Roman,
    it’s called I’m thinking of a number,Roman’s number was all ways 6.
    quite silly,I think.Befor I knew it we were there all the way in
    Denmark.Now it was late and roman had to go to sleep.After roman had gone to sleep
    we started the party, it whent on for ages,but very soon every one got tyered and
    whent to sleep ….. Finally.

    Today it was tuesday and today every one else came to dennmark to have another big party
    but befor the parting started we HAD to go for a walk thankes to dad , even though
    we did not want to go for a walk we did because 1.we had tostrech the legs of the people
    in the car 2. we needed some excersize and 3. because we were going up the willstone
    the most steep hill ever that was the down side but the up side was that we could roll
    down it and get very dirty.(Much later on).We had just finished climbing the will stone
    and we were very tyered (by we I mean the pearants) so what uncle dick did was let us
    carpet surf which is having a tractor or a vhecle pull a piece of carpet round places.Luckley
    we had a pice of rope to hold on to (or we would fall off).After that we started to party again
    but tonight was the most fun because there was more people to play games with.The games we
    played were mostly man hunt,hide and seek and it.After a few hours all the games got boring
    so we had to think of antoher game we said that if we couldn’t think of a game we would play
    a board-game.The game we cuold find was tell me so we played for three hours beacause we
    were so boared.Now it was late so tried to get to sleep but we couldn’t because there was a
    flashing light out side so we stayed up all night

  129. benny, age 7, from moracambe

    once upon a time ther was a little boy called Tom.One day he went for a walk and he found a magic pebble.when he picked up the pebble it took him back in time to victorian times.He wondered what he was doing
    and took a long stare at the pebble.He looked cluelesly around the cramped village.From a distance he could hear someone shouting.
    “Get your lucky heather, get your lucky heather.”
    Tom dashed towareds the person because he thought he needed some luck at the moment.
    “hello wi boy would like some lucky heather,”said the person.
    “Yes please I need some to get of this situation,you see I don’t live in the victorian times i’m from the future,I had this pebble and when I picked it up it took me hear,”said Tom.
    “Well my boy that’s one problem alright,here’s your heather you can have it for free,”said the person.
    Tom determindly snatched the heather out of his hands and rubbed it all over his body.Suddenly,Tom was zaped back to were he belongs.In the morning he told all his freinds and family and they said it was very intresting.THE END!

  130. ELLA, age 10, from ENGLAND


  131. charlotte, age 7, from england

    On monday a littel cat went to the seaside.Then he had a ice cream.
    He did not go in the sea because he was to frightend.Why are you frightend?
    Said a girl! I will go in there with you.I will go home and he did.

  132. amie, age 11, from england

    once their was a teacher who never let the worst of children get on him.
    so he scared them so much they ran away and were never seen again.
    that night

  133. olivia, age 10, from england

    A Mouse who always lived on the land, by an unlucky chance formed an intimate acquaintance with a Frog, who lived for the most part in the water. The Frog, one day intent on mischief, bound the foot of the Mouse tightly to his own. Thus joined together, the Frog first of all led his friend the Mouse to the meadow where they were accustomed to find their food. After this, he gradually led him towards the pool in which he lived, until reaching the very brink, he suddenly jumped in, dragging the
    Mouse with him. The Frog enjoyed the water amazingly, and swam croaking about, as if he had done a good deed. The unhappy Mouse was soon suffocated by the water, and his dead body floated about on the surface, tied to the foot of the Frog. A Hawk observed it, and, pouncing upon it with his talons, carried it aloft. The Frog, being still fastened to the leg of the Mouse, was also carried off a prisoner, and was eaten by the Hawk.

  134. WERTERTRTRT, age 0, from AMERICA


  135. georgia brown, age 9, from england (u.k)

    My stories called

    Shadow Forest

    One day there was a small town. Many people lived in the town, but the town was built right next to a huge forest. Knowone ever dared to got into the forest, people in the town said that in the forest there was enchanted. Then some children from the town called Jess, Kyle and Jack, wanted to go into the forest. Kyle said “Hay you two lets go into that forest it looks cool!” but jess and jack diddn’t want to go in, so they said “I’m not going in there people say it’s filled with ogers, trowls and goblings” but Kyle diddn’t lisen and just went strait in. Jess and Jack followed him. As soon as they got in the forest they diddn’t know how to get out. “This is c..c..c..creepy I’m getting out off hear” shivered Jack. He took one step and right in front off him was a really huge…………”TROWL!!!!” Jess screamed. They ran as fast as they could but then out off the blue, came a which on a flying broom-stick holding a jack-o lantan. She swooped down and picked up Kyle and began to fly away. Jack and Jess chaced after her, but she was too fast by that time they forgot about the trowl and he forgot about them. The which’s broom-stick left a trail off black smoke in the sky, they followed the trail and suddenly they found thereself at the which’s house. The house was garded by a huge red fire breaveing dragon called Filly. Jess and Jack looked trough the window a nd they saw, Kyle tied up o a chair with a cloth over his mouth but then the which saw them and shouted “Filly get those kids!!!!!”.

    To be continued……..

  136. angharad, age 8, from

    One stomey night while evryone was sleeping a witch came in a house she was carrying a magic flute wich was very powerfull but anyway she came in to the house she was tird she had walked a long way and was in a very bad mood. Wile she climbed the stairs she sneesed so loudley that it woke a child up she jumped out of bed she was cold it was midnight so she put on her dressing gown and slippers on and cushersley she peeped out trogh a crack in the door she saw the witch but the witch didnt see her. She should have felt worryed but in sted she scattered her pillows on the floor and wrote FREEDOM on the walls

    this was part 1 see part to find out what happens next.

  137. chelsea, age 10, from luton

    one day it was summer there was a little boy named liam he wonted to play football but he didnt have a ball so he went shopping but he didnt have any money. so when he got home he said to his mum i wont a ball for christmas. but his mum said why , then he said because i wont to play footballl. then his mum said i can buy you a ball now then he said ok so then he got a ball to play football with then he was so happy

  138. Heavenly-Maria, age 11, from Greenwich,London

    As i sit here i look up and try to read the word on the wall i think spells freedom.I try to fix the creesed sheet on my matress but I end up scrapping the paint off of the wall with my key again,i looked at the three orange pillows and tried to reached for them but the fat of my stomach forced me to sit up constanctly.All of a Sudden i saw a figure peeping through my bedroom door,i tried getting up as quickly as i could but it took me over 2 minutes i ran to the door as fast as i could.The door crecked i slipped through the door with heisitation and the figure turnt around it was dexter dalwood painting me in my natural habitat.

  139. Emilia norman, age 10, from Enghland

    ONCE there was boy. He was sad because his pearants fought alll night, so one day is pearnts split up and then there was silence in the house. When he was 17 he got his own apartment, it was tidy for the first year then he got bored of tidying his room was a mess but he still felt FREEDOM. And with feeling free he wrote on the walls of his apartment and scribbled because he was free.


  140. ellen, age 8, from spain

    I think this room is cold and sad.

  141. DIAZ, age 9, from UK

    Once upon a time there was a ghost boy called ffffffffrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeedddddddyyyyyyyy!!!!!! He never had any friends because he always scared everyone. Then he shouted I WANT FREEDOM!!!

  142. natalia, age 5, from from poland

    January brings the snow,
    make our feet and fingers glow.

  143. maddison, age 9, from canada

    Once upon a time there was a apartment no one wanted to go in the apartment.I was wondering why no one wanted to go in there.So I wanted to go in there you know just for a little peek.I went in there but no one was there.I wondered again why people were so scared to go in here and then I noticed that even I got scared alittle.I mean all alone in a dark apartment.So I ran out as fast as I can and got my big sister and told her to come but she didnt.So I went back to the apartment and I heard foot steps.I started to get really creeped out.I went back to my sister and she said it was just my mind. THE END

  144. aaahhh, age 127, from mars

    one day the rain turned purple CAABOOM the world turned into a huge purple rain drop

  145. Aimee, age 12, from United States

    Once Upon A Time there were these five kids named Victoria,Chase,Nevaeh,Raheal,and Jason. When they were really little their parents died and they have no where to go. So this on king named King Henery turned them into slaves for their whole life. So finally the escaped when they were 32. They escaped to America. So they would have religous FREEDOM. The End.

    That is what this painting is about.

  146. Emilia norman, age 10, from england

    I didnt finish my story holiday because the story is made up and the purpose of the story is FREEDOM and it not finished yet bbecase i have to finish the last seven paragraphs is you have any ideas write paragraph for me to give me ideas. :) :) :) thanx

    your writer emilia

  147. Livia, age 8, from United Kingdom

    There once was a girl, poor as mouse and her bedroom had pillows all over, scribbles on the wall along with freedom all that girl wanted was freedom.

  148. KALYAN BHATTACHARYA, age 7, from UK

    box upon a time qwer asd met a blue dragon and they became friends and rode all the way home. THE END

  149. JENNY, age 13, from court end court lane alvingto glosster


  150. Phyre Rutherford-power, age 12, from england

    isolated in the dark blue room, scribble and peeling paint sarrounded the lonely orphan. Only company in the room was the messy bed with a few orange pillows
    bad company was worse than none she thought. Awkward silence was always dephaning. only thought running through head was FREEDOM witch was not supprising seeying as this very word hung above her head in big capital letters on the wall torturing her through lonely nights.

  151. bryony, age 11, from england

    one day a man went to work and left his kids at home with his wife then she went to work. the kids has a task to do and that was clean there rooms but one didnt wake up until 11:30 and her room was a mess but by the time her dad got home she still didnt finish and when her mum got home she still didnt finis by a few moment later she finish and went on the laptop

  152. faheem, age 8, from ENGLAND

    once there was a chicken called bobby he was poor

  153. coco, age 10, from england

    we need freedom from going to school

  154. harlee, age 8, from canada

    once upon a time there was apartment and some one lived there.There were 4 kids living there.There names were Max,Megan,Justin,Taylor.Once all of them played out side.Justin went to his mom and asked for some food.He went back and started to eat.When they were all done they took a nap.The mom and dad came to the apartment he stole all 4 kids and took them away from there mom.He went to this red house and woke them up and told them they would never see there mom again but the mom found out that they were in the red house.She called the cops and they took the dad and put him in jail.So they went back to the apartment and never went back to the red house again THE END

  155. Amba, age 6, from engaland


    Once upon a time there was a little gerl calld Milly she had been invitid to her frend Alyssa,s house.Alyssa was ixsitid to.Wen Milly got there she wundad if Alyssa had ene bruthas or sistas just then she saw Alyssa then Milly said to
    Alyssa do you have ene bruthas or sistas Alyssa said NO!

  156. PIETTRA, age 10, from UK

    …there was the mystrious face,it was fillled with warts,every single one of them had hair or mold growing from it . Strolling passed the smashed door. It looked like a GIANTESS with moldy slimy green skin, although she had a hairy lions tail . She stumbled out of the room.Subsequently , she arived with her prey . SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHAART. RIP. THE R.I.P OF HAMSTER is in her hands. ( let`s call her MARY) MARY gobbled up the hamster. With-in seconds she thought I was a a type of bread from Austria . So what did I do……….

    LEG IT ….
    That`s the trouble with monsters soon the MANGE monster will be hear . I should hide maybe? Maybe i will use my fake doll to trick them… BON VOUGE

  157. ciara, age 8, from england

    there was 3 pillows on the floor and blood on the wall it had turned to ice what happend?.

  158. Molly Sunshine Plumb, age 10, from England

    Thick, fluffy white carpet tickled my feet as I tiptoed in to Cheryl Cole’s bedroom red velvet curtains and bedclothes looked gorgeous in the massive room. A wardrobe occupied a corner of the room opposite a giant dressing table which held £2,000,000 worth of make-up and hair products. Thats how she looks so good I thought!!! Then I saw the bed. That was a different story. Cheryl’s body was sprawled across the bed and the materess and pillows looked as soft as clouds. I peeped into her wardrobe God it wasn’t a wardrobe it was another room! A gigantic walk-in-wardrobe lay in front of me. Oh, I remember that dress! I thought

  159. selena, age 43, from al_ gordan

    …………………………..the thevs run awey oooh my god the man talk to the polise to take the thevs the thevs in the man house

    the end

  160. amy kay cooper, age 13, from stoke

    Leave your balck and white town, reach out from that sepia, let your truecoulors have there freedom,
    you only live once so live the life while you can,
    treasure your true friends, never let go.
    hold on to your family, treat them with respect.
    look after your self like your mumma would.
    hang on, this sounds boring,
    RUN AWAY TO THE FEILD OF YOUR DREAMS PICKING CHOCOLATE OF PLANTS, TALKING TO ANIMALS AND THEY TALK BACK, SWIMING IN YOUR FAVOURITE DRINK ISLAND. “WAIT IM DREAMING” and wake up in a empty room with 3 pillows from my sleep, the most inporatant thing you musnt forget is FREEDOM.

  161. India, age 10, from haiti

    Once there was a boy called scott. He came from an ever so poor family. In his tiny room their was just a pillow and some blankets. He had a little brother called Kenny he was 2 and a half .The only reason why they lived like this was because his dad hasnt got a very good job, the reason why he didnt have a good job was because his dad was missing his two front teeth they longed for freedom . :)

  162. leah, age 7, from england


    Once upon a time there was a apartment no one wanted to go in the apartment.I was wondering why no one wanted to go in there.So I wanted to go in there you know just for a little peek.I went in there but no one was there.I wondered again why people were so scared to go in here and then I noticed that even I got scared alittle.I mean all alone in a dark apartment.So I ran out as fast as I can and got my big sister and told her to come but she didnt.So I went back to the apartment and I heard foot steps.I started to get really creeped out.I went back to my sister and she said it was just my mind. THE END

  163. :), age 13, from USA

    Clara looked out on the vast lake from the soft, sandy beach. The surface sparkled, just inviting her in. But Clara could feel butterflies in her stomach. Just the thought of trying to swim in a lake put her on edge. When Clara thought of swimming in a lake, she thought of scary things brushing against her leg and of gross muck getting on her feet. She remembered what her older brother, Seth had told her about leeches: “they attach themselves to you skin and suck out your blood!” This frightened Clara. So there she stood, lonely on the cold sand, with warm water lapping up against her feet now and then. Clara decided to build a sand castle. She gathered big shells and colorful rocks. She picked pretty blue flowers and smooth driftwood sticks. She got to work, digging, molding, and polishing her beautiful sand castle. She started to get very into it. Minutes passed, then hours and it started getting dark. But Clara was not done with her castle. It was already five feet tall. It had sculpted turrets and intricate shingles. All the windows had flowers in them. She used the colorful, glistening wet rocks to build roads leading to stores and sheds. Other kids started getting out of the water and they noticed Claras giant castle. They were speechless! Spectators were coming from all over, and Clara couldn’t help but feel a bit proud. Once her castle looked done, Clara got up to look at it, but she thought it needed one more thing: a fairy garden. Clara announced this to all the boys and girls watching her build, and everyone got to work find moss and leaves, stems and grass, flowers and sticks and wood for mini fairy benches. They all added little bits, and the job got done quicker and quicker. Once they were all done, and they had stopped to look at the pretty landscaping and mini hedges and flat stone paths, koi ponds and flowers in their pretty fairy garden, they realized that it was completely dark out, and the moon was already high in the sky. They all trotted back to their beds, but no one ever forgot the day that Clara built the giant sand castle. No one knows that fairies actually live in the fairy garden that they all built. It’s a secret- shh! don’t tell!

  164. Tamara Blakey, age 11, from England

    There was once a rich man living in this room; however there was also a poor boy who would intrude upon the rich man and leave the room in a terrible. The boy could not write, just scribble. As he had no sleeping place of his own he would nap in the mans bed, unable to tidy it back up. Being excited, the boy would jump on the bed, rather excitedly, knocking the ‘freedom’ sign from a tidy angle to a quite untidy one. The rich man was so angry he decided to go searching for the boy. However the boy had fled the country, along with the jewellery stand once own by the man. The man is still searching for the boy and his asset, so the room has been left this way ever since.

  165. Tamara Blakey, age 11, from England

    There was once a beggar girl living in an isolated apartment, in the middle of Surrey. The girl did not have any family, nor any friends. There was a probability that when she was hurt or ill, the only one to care for her was herself. her main room was still tiny, perhaps no bigger than an airing cupboard. She tried to teach herself to read and write, with no success. She also tried to keep the apartment inhabitable, again with no success. however there was one thing she managed to do. Decorate the miniscule living room.

    The living room consisted of a cheap plastic table, and a more expensive wooden chair, with a rather large painting of a womans face, which she laughed at a lot. She said it had quite a few spots! Such laughter she had when an inspector came and she told him what she thought about it. The inspector simply smiled rather steely and claimed ” she looks like my wife…” and went off on a rant abut Tact and ” Where Is Your Mother And Father?” She replied even more snappily than him with ” Just because your mummy and daddy bought you your life and more!” The bedroom was less exquisite (as far as exquisite went in this tiny apartment) with a bed and three pillows. there was a sign that showed how loyal the girl was; the sign was one word and also her Mothers old favourite word when she was alive, Freedom. The girl was a religious one and always prayed to God , her Mother and her Father every night, wishing them well.

  166. Bo Red, age 6, from AFGHANISTAN

    Hi. I like my room. It has orange pillows and depressing black walls. :)

  167. Elly, age 10, from London, UK

    In the quite, secluded room, three insignificant pillows lay sprawled across the cold, hard floor. The symbolism of these pillows was not of great importance to those of which their countries had overcome the issues with children. Yes, I did say “the issues with children”. In many countries in the 20th and a half century, the whole of the world was at war with children. Children were locked up, captured and taken to camps where they would wash, cook and clean for the soldiers still trying to capture the rest of the children. It was a grave time.

    The exact description of the children’s living quarters was drab and uncomfortable. There was just one white mattress with three orange pillows, one white sheet and a one white pillow. The three orange pillows symbolized “Inprisionment.”

    Then, the day came where the children could no longer obey the evil Tyrannos (- yes, the leader of the children-captors) and broke free! They drew all over the walls, because they knew that Tyrannos loved walls. So they drew all over the walls in the white chalk that was tucked into their pockets when they first arrived at the camps. They messed up the beds and pillows and then suddenly, the FREEDOM bell rang. They ran out of the rooms and into the inviting sun. But the remains of the struggle, the solitude was left in their rooms.

  168. claire tryt, age 11, from amboinion

    he loves me he loves me not
    the little girl love a man much older than her she knew it was never meant to be life went on…

  169. claire tryt, age 127, from duyoureallybelievethatlol

    here lived the servant of lady mc smot
    he wasn’t payed much,he was beaten A LOT
    he was given three pillows no stuffing of coarse
    his room was inhabitable not even for a horse
    3 months later they found his body
    dumped in a lake it looked rather shody
    they searched his house for any clues
    they found nothing
    except the word freedom
    true story ;)

  170. Heather, age 9, from Mexico

    I stared at the room. Counting each step, I noticed a word. ‘Freedom’ on a Board. Scribbly lines filled around it. “…” My deep green eyes were wide open, as if it was impossible to blink. Pillows and a table scattered everywhere. “Ive got to clean this up…” I said. As I picked up the pillows, I stared at the words again. “Freedom…” Imumbled to myself. Then I woke up…

  171. Aamina, age 22, from Pakistan

    For many life seems simple, walking out that door and becoming free. However, freedom is shattered, a word with many meanings and different for each individual. Scrawling on the walls, deviating from a general norm would seem easy however, if you push yourself too far, freedom is diminished.


    As one day there was ghost in the
    bed.I heard a man roaring. he was
    not a tiger or a man.

    he was a man and a tiger.And every
    person in the town was scared of the
    tiger man. and in every 12.00 pm
    the tiger man will roar

    and there 8000,000,00000,000,00,000,
    people was very scared and all

    the man and family were very upset and they and
    in 500000000,00000,00000,0000
    years the crimanal police came and
    toke the mantiger in the deepest ocean

    and he was in the deepest ocean

  173. PAIGE, age 10, from ENGLAND


  174. me?, age 0, from Azerbaijan

    One day a man went to a shop called shop it was a chippy he went in and saw a gigantic burger.It was walking and talking and its name was errrrrrrgt and there was a gigantic chip with ketchup on him. it was walking and talking and its name was mr chip. so the man was so scared he called the police and the fire bragade and the ambulance and said he would have a heart attack but in the end the man got put in prison for lying because it was just his imagination. the end

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Fred, age 8, from England

    One day a little girl called Lily Alan lived in a little house with her mum and dad.
    As Lily grew up she had a dream that she really wanted to come true.
    And guess what , it came true and this is what this story is about.

    Lily wanted to be a singer all her life and she had been singing since she was a
    toddler. When Lily was about 18 she got a little apart-ment that her mum and dad payed for,

    the end

  176. MICHAEL JACKSON, age 0, from your mums house


  177. Fiona, age 6, from America

    I like my bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. peter, age 6, from uk

    in the wood there was a bear the bear was hungry

  179. lily, age 13, from america

    im bob!!!

  180. lily, age 22, from egypt

    once upon a time i was lying on the bed thinking

  181. Jamie Morris, age 10, from England

    Once their was a man called Tarek. He was bad and stole things. One day he stole some letters. They were M,O,D,E,E,F,R. But on that day he was caught and sent to prison. His cell had black walls, a bed with three cushions and a door that was mostly locked. The police didn’t know he still had the letters in his pocket. He was very cross. He scratched the walls and threw the cushions on the floor.The seconds went by,then minutes,then hours,days,weeks,months then years. But one day,when the breakfast man forgot to lock the door, Tarek spelt with the letters he stole,FREEDOM and ran out. On the wall outside his cell he picked up a pen and drew himself. He became famous for this. The rest of his fate is unknown.

  182. serafina, age 9, from uk

    Ann was board.
    Board with her teacher mostly.
    Her class was learning about freedom.
    Mr. smith had put the word FREEDOM in big white letters on the black board.
    Oliver ,the class bully, had messed with the letters and scribbled on the blackboard with chalk.

  183. Nobody, age 3, from mangle bangle

    Owwoooooooooo screamed a wolf

  184. cheesey bob, age 0, from from somewhere in the cbbc office!

    Scrribles oh lovely scrribles :)

  185. Lana, age 10, from uk

    scribbles on the wall, a matress, a quilt, 3 pillows on the floor and an open door a man must of lived here but now its no more on word to describe him for he is now not in this place, for he is out and he has is own freedom!!! FFRREEDDOOMM

  186. paige, age 7, from usa

    on a cold winter day i was watching a black history video it was about harriet tubman and i went back in time and saw that stuff happening and when i got back to class i saw myself in the video because some how i went back in time

  187. Sylvana, age 11, from london

    Hmmm it was hard to decide on that very moment so what could she do ? Nothing, almost exactly……. How was imppossible to imagine but it was that moment which changed lives…………………….

  188. Jade, age 13, from USA

    With a bottle on Tate spray the wet paint sprayed in the shapes….
    It was like using a wand…….
    Having the control…….
    It was FREEDOM………
    Pinks, Blues, Yellows, Greens and mighty reds…….
    Filled the browny brick wall…………
    With extrodinary momentum……………
    Can you believe it!!!!! :-)


    Once Apon A Time…

    The End

  190. caitlin, age 11, from uk

    I sit in the class room its dull and cold
    the teacher is shouting at me so i go off in my own little world…
    i imagine tht im rich and i go to spain
    but i see my teacher once again
    i go to the cafe
    im nice and safe
    then i see him once again
    i see a drain
    its full of rats
    the catching cats
    chase after them
    but i start to see my teacher shoutin
    so i just snort
    and start again
    off to my world
    i go
    this time i’ll go where it will snow

  191. heather, age 10, from uk

    once there was a mouse that lived outside it loved a girl and they all lived happily ever after

  192. saffron, age 14, from united kingdom

    hiya, my name is saffron and i luv horses i even have my own horse thats called triger she is 1 mounth old:) do u like my story bye bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  193. Elyse may Baker, age 13, from UK

    I never knew what freedom meant i am just in a camp in Germany trapped along side other people . then a soldire acme in and said”Only some of you will be let out of this ….urm….. …..horrible camp ” we all crossing our fingers and hoping it was us , then the genrel anounced that would be set free , and it was sadly not us …… another year or so until we get the oppertunity to be free . A year on the genrel anounced who would be leaving ……………………………………………….it……………………….was..US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we packed our stuff and ran as fast as we can when we reached 2 miles we all had a stich and could not go any further so we had to stop and get out our tent . this is the meaning of FREEDOM !!!!

  194. Hayley Truckle, age 12, from Bristol

    one time, more like yesterday it was my worst day ever because i was a laughing stock in front on my school, my dad has just died and my little sister was sick on me. So today I just want to have a really good day like my mum wins the lottery tonight or I find a ten pound note on the bottom of my shoes. I can’t wait until my Birthday tomorrow i’m going to be 13. All I really want for my birthday is a laptop a ipod touch a iphone or a trampoline, but because of the volcano in iceland and I was goingto go away for my birthday but some of the ash have come in front of my street I really wish that it would stop so I can go on my holiday. My boyfriend is stuck in france witch is were i am ment to be plezz cannnn weeeeeeeeeeeee goooooooo byyyyyyyyyy boat mummmmmmm

  195. layton potter, age 10, from united kingdom

    there was a little boy called every thing his mum said i goin to the shop she said to every thing what u whant every thing yes mum every thing no thats your name

  196. louise, age 2, from the sky

    there was once a little girl called louise one day she looked into the volcano in iceland. have you seen her she dissapeared screaming. no planes could help her because there are no flights now. poor louise thought pretty little flowers grew in the volcano. the end

  197. ella, age 4, from the sky

    There was a little girl called louise, one day she looked into the volcano in ice land … can anyone guess what happened to her? she has dissapeared. she may be in the clouds………… say hello up to the clouds see if you get a reply “helllloooo!” said ella, “hi” said louise. “ahhhhhhhhh she is up in the clouds with….. lava!!!” her reply is “emmm can you get me down??? HELP!!!!!!”

    THE END (true story)

  198. Random, age 96, from America

    Once upon a atime there lived a princess and she lived in a castle,she loved having sleepovers and inviting people around her house.
    One night, she invited her friends round for a sleepover and they bought snacks and bought diso lights and they got there duvet and every thing.
    We stayed up really late and we snuck out of bed and played knock a door run at 5.00 in the morning! In the morning we all got up for breakfast and rhen went swimming and had another pool party! it was the best sleepover i had had in years my mum and dad said that next week i will invited all my friends round and they can come and have tea with us we can order pizza! The End

  199. creep, age 0, from crapland

    i am a creep

  200. layton potter, age 10, from united kingdom

    there was a little girl in iceland she jumpt in a volcano i laft my head of i had a party

  201. KATIE, age 9, from UNITED KINGDOM



  202. KATIE, age 9, from UNIGHTED KINGDONM


  203. Amelia Gummer, age 8, from London in England

    Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lucy she was going to Brazil to go to the Amazon Rainforest. When she got to the Airport she got onto the Aeroplane and took of all the way to Brazil. At last she got there it was very hot. When she got ro the Hotel she fell asleep, the next day her and her mum where going to the Amazon Rainforest it always took about 10 mins to get there. When she got into the rainforest she was amazed about how many plants there were. They met there tour gide called Alex he was very nice, at last they went into the deepest part of the rainforest Lucy was very exited. They found a coco tree, pineapple, orage, grape, bananas and a rubber tree. They followed the trail of bannans, they werre delishous then all of a sudden Lucy got lost… It was very scary all on her own in the dark rainforest but she was happy that she was at the rainforest. She hered a nosie it sounded like a cheeta she said ‘hello’and to her surprise it said hello back it was strange. Then the Cheeta said ‘My name is Chloe and I am going to show you you way back to your mum’. ‘Thank You’ said Lucy so of they went they found her mum and they had a party.

  204. CHLOE, age 7, from MANCHESTER

    you do your work then after work it’s FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEDDDDDDDOMM!!!!

  205. Beth reynolds, age 10, from Ireland

    hi my name is beth it is 2010 4 of the 26 i have 1 dog and 1 guine pig

  206. Matthies, age 6, from Netherlands


  207. Tara, age 10, from Canada

    not in a cage or trapped in a box. not being slaved and hearing insulting talks. not living by rules or listening up. not having plans or cleaning from a shattered cup. there are so many ways to put this and one way is freedom.

  208. INDIA, age 11, from ENGLAND

    Once upon a time evangeline lived in a beautiful castle and owned fairyland!!!
    she loved her pet pixies and enjoyed spending time at the neverlands but one day the horrible screeching singing dom came along and ruined her land and everyone died!!!!

    tHE eND!!!!

  209. Alii, age 12, from England

    One Day this child woke from his strange sleep about someone breaking in and drawing all over his walls and speeling out FREEDOM !!!!!! (what do you think that might be i wonder :/ ). So this moring he woke up and looked around the wall and there it was the words “FREEDOM”, The child ran to his parents and told them about teh dream and the writing on his wall. About 5 minutes later the childs mom and dad came on to his room and it was all over the wall …

    To Be Continued ….

  210. alicia, age 10, from united kingdom

    If you want to try art come to thiss website ?

    Art is about having fun and creating your own piece of work if you look at other artists work you will see they are all diffrent.As will yours if you try so art is just about having fun so i would try it !

  211. megan, age 10, from englsnd

    Once there lived a widow….

  212. shailja, age 10, from mel

    one dark day in room there was a black bed with drawings on the walls what did they mean with orange pillows or were they seceret sheets the door was wide open did some one come in.

  213. pig, age 127, from toilet

    nobody likes me because im a pig

  214. khadega, age 11, from new york

    there was a girl who liked to play she liked to sing and she liked to sway her mother to go out to play the little girl said go away that was the little girls day

  215. ebony, age 9, from uk

    once upon a time there was a girl……………………wat kind of girl, dark or light, small or tall, brown hair or blonde,how old…………nobody knew….why this girl was invisable anything she could do any thing all you could see in her was a key hole………….but why a key hole . A couple of hours later ………wat appeared right infront of my eyes……………a key!!!!!!!!! I was still by this invisable girl so i tried it in the key hole, it had worked . This girl then came alive. Shoked i was,SHOKED!!!!!!!!! She had blonde hair,she was small, she was light .She handed me a locket,it was a bit rusty so i rubbed it,and there i was………………………………………….in the FUTUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  216. I'm not telling you, age 12, from somewhere

    The door to the emty room creeked open.A gust of wind blew into my face as i peeked in,should i go into the room or maybe not.

    I stepped in hoping thge room was emty….It wasn’t.
    There in the room lay a empty bed,the pillows lying on the floor and and on the wall one word….FREEDOM.
    Behind me the door suddenly slammed shut.I span round.

    Everything went black….

  217. Chelsea Masters, age 11, from England,Honiton

    As Sofie opened the door, to the untouched attic, she pushed and looked away. There was nothing there,so she proceeded in, she looked around she could only just see the front of her hand. She searched the wall for a light “click” the light buzzed for a bit then it emerged.Sofie soon saw a bottle in the corner of the room she slowly went over,it said something, but couldn’t make it out, she rubbed it.
    Sofie Little
    Died: 30th April 2010
    “THATS TODAY!” she said to her self,under her frightened breath. Then she felt five boney fingers on her shoulder.”Your next”…

  218. bec mcbey, age 10, from australia

    you are at school DO YOUR WORK NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. Fleur Silcock, age 12, from Manchester

    One hot summers day i was just sat on the kurb out side the print works with 3 of my friends.
    My name is Fleur , My other friends are called Billie , Lavinia and Amy.
    We were waiting for the 1:30 showing of “Lesbian Vampire Killers”
    We went for a meal in Witherspoons we saw 2 other movies we ate ice – cream we went to the pub and had a glass of J2O and talked we had lots of fun that day it was the best day in a while then we all went to Lavinias house for a sleep over we orded for tea 2 peperoni pizzas and some coke!!

    That morning we had pancakes and waffles with so orange juice and a cup or tea it was cool and we had lots of fun.
    We are all best friends each with our own unicuqe talent to share.
    Signed ::: The love bezziees xx

  220. Fleur Silcock, age 12, from Manchester

    One dark night when you fed up and blue just remember im here for you i am no angel and i cant change your fate but i do everything for you because your my best mate xx

  221. Ava Innes, age 9, from England

    A young man wandered throw a confusing world of pain and happiness, knowing that he had no point and that he was lost. All he could remember was a single painting, one of hope and comfort.It was the only thing that kept his good for nothing life going.He did not remember his name, so called himself Loyd, Loyd Nothing. He came to a city, the City of Sadness, a place were all people who lived there were sad. Loyd was confused, for there was no reason to be sad, nothing to be sad about.

    He made his confusing way through the City. Dark alley ways hiding dark secrets. People, lost, terrified, children, stranded on littered streets. Rain hurtling down from what seemed to be the Hells not Heavens. The art still captured in his inconsolable mind.

    He fell to the floor, sleeping, sleeping with unloved but loveable art, trying to remember. Nothing had a point as pointless as his.

  222. Ava, age 10, from England

    To find hope now was a task for fools, all was lost. Hapiness was gone, so sadness everywhere. There was no help, for those who helped were also in deep sorrow. It was hopless. All hapiness replaced with an evil enchantedmunt of evil, who did this?

    A man walked through a desparate city, knowing that this was his hopless doing, the world he created, for his pleasure, unknowing pleasure. His pleasure destroyed things.

    this story is explaining what developed countrys are doing to developing countrys e.g. Climate Change

  223. emma, age 8, from uk

    once there was a little girl called emma her dad passed away and her mum was nasty to her she never went out soon she was getting ill her mum didnt care so she rung the hospital and said she was very ill so the ambelence came and her mum thought she was jocking an hour later her mum came with some flowers and chocolates she said im sorry what ive done to you since your father died so her mum gave her a hug and a kiss one week later emma died her mum was so upset that she wouldnet sleep,drink,eat for 5 weeks so one year later she married a ralley nice man and she had a little girl called emma

  224. jasmine, age 9, from england

    i woke up in the middle of now were and all i could see were animals in cars and a man dress like he was in the 70’s.

  225. chantelle, age 8, from dartmouth devon

    once upon a time there was a mighty draggon called alvin he was afraied

    the end

  226. jenna elks, age 13, from England, London

    15 slaves
    no beds
    beaten to death
    no help
    told what to do
    never allowed to go anywhere
    sold to the white people
    please people show some gratitude
    all they wanted was some respect
    so people lets just free them
    and give them a life that they should have
    everyone should treated equally
    so people lets
    g-i-v-e t-h-e-m


  227. miss L, age 14, from UK

    a dseserted room and abandoned belongings, 3 pillows lay scattered evenly on the shaded floor. the bed on which they lay crooked and unslept in, the cover scrunched up like an old useless ball of paper. what was left of their memories scribbled on the roughly painted wall where broken freedom hung dreaming of what was beyond the blocked door

  228. Alice Amber, age 8, from New york

    ONE day I saw this sponser on tv is was moshi monsters i went right up stairs and ran to the computer and signed up and now I’m on level 10

  229. Alice Amber, age 8, from New york

    I love my mummy she is so scrummy she is so yummy I love my mummy

  230. Jennifer Herd, age 12, from Scotland

    I sat tired and afraid on the cold hard floor. My heart raced as I my fellow roomates being lead of by the police out of the room. I would be next. Sure enough a police officer came up to me and ruffly put me in handcuffs. Freedom. Something I would never have now. I broke the law and now I would pay the price. A terrible price…

  231. Hana, age 11, from Egypt

    Once upon a time there was a girl called Hana. She was very happy one day. she watched movie called The girl in town, this was her best movie she had ever seen. to notice on hana a thing she loved this mocie 100% on her own and after she watched this movie she explained to her self the movie then went to sleep.


  232. zubair&tracey, age 9, from england

    once apon a time there lived a little girl and her brother and they went on holiday .One day they traveled to Malta and when they got there they saw an rather unsal place in there cabbin.They looked in the room and said what are we going to do in this room?. Hmm i saw the same bedroom but better hmmm …………..

  233. amyyyy, age 4, from jamaca

    onceeee apoooonn a tiiiiiiiiimmmee theree waaas a youngg girrrl who kept all of her secrets innn a littleeee jarrrrrrr

  234. frankieee, age 13, from wails

    there was a dark night and there was a room, but that room was lit up so brightly that it looked like day…. In the room there was
    three pillows,
    a bed type thing with a pillow,
    walls full of scratches,
    two open doors,
    a picture behind it,
    and the words……………………FREEDOM,

    The real comfortable bed could be for a guard and the three pillows could be for slaves or as a punishment for someone. On the walls there are scratches, scratches of poor helpless slaves wanting FREEDOM that is what the words represent for the people trapped inside the slaves have all got out when the guard is sleeping that vis why the doors are open wide and it is quiet because knowone is in the room or there could be a whole other story like ghosts or even trapped spirits that have finally got out……

  235. eleni, age 8, from uk

    there once was a man who hated his house he had been told he couldnt move out so he was angry. he took out his spray paint and pencils and scribbled the word, that in his life was gone. freedom!!! he messed up the room and left.

  236. Helen Jarman, age 10, from England

    A dark room,empty, exepct from a moist matress and a few ragged cushions on the floor.the secret, old hideout where 25 people lived for 2 years. This is the room of 5 children who sat in the corner and looked up at the words above them…Freedom.The word to describe how they used to live before the war came, thier gardens and thier dads.

  237. reona, age 9, from uk

    My heart was beating faster and faster every minute i was scared and i had butterflies in my tummy. The creepy damp cave was enormous ,you could tell it was very old because it was very dusty and rusty.There was little drops of water dripping down from the cold hard ceiling.I wonder what will happen next…

  238. Leah Mae Battersby, age 11, from England

    Once upon a time they lived a boy called warhol she was very famous painter she paints pictures of famous actors and singers such as- marylin monroe, elvis presley But he didnt just paint pictures of actors of singers he painted flowers,camp bell soup cans there brillent but sadly he died age 58 on feburay the 22th 1987 his real name is Andy Warhola he lived in pittsbourgh that was a story on Andy Warhol


  239. Faiza Fadra, age 9, from GLOUCESTER

    ONCE upon a time there lived a little cat.The littlecat was names tommy and he was afraid of darkness. He always wished to go alone in the dark but he felt frightened.Once ,his mother told him that when the stars are out ,the moon is cold do not be frightened me dear always grow older always do .Then tommy the little cat one day went to a dark place where there was animals and creatures livivg by .He loved them creatures and animals so he forgot about the darkness remembering and told his mother mother YOU ARE THE BEST I WIIL NOT LET YOU DOWN OR HARM YOU ,I WILL ALWAYZS PROTECT YOU MUMMY AND THEY BOTH WERE very loud and able to speak as long as they wanted until daddy came back!! the END …!!!

  240. Brechin, age 12, from scotland

    There was three pillows on a floor,
    getting piled up even more,
    there sat the MAD man,
    only by himself,
    broken shelfs on the walls,
    where he had thrown tattered balls,
    if you think about him, he may be MAD,
    but also he is SAD!!!

  241. Aimee, age 11, from England UK

    “Drip drip ” went a stange oil into another. All of a sudden there was a bang it had created somthing but what was it ? A weird man coward towards the door when he heard a noise it was a monster to ugly to look at but while he was admiring himself for his amazing work this beast had headed towards the town.What did it want there?There was nothing only shop that had been closed down and people taking ther dogs for a walk, but there was somthing about the dog walkers this beast liked what was it, there smell? Bang bang somthing had happend…

  242. Darcy Hayen, age 12, from australia

    a long time ago there was a boy enjoying a normal life until the neighbors came. they were an od family but the boy just thoght it might be there religion. the next day at school he met the familys little boy and became mates, he always thought his sister looked like his mate he never told him tho because he might think it as an insult. when he was walking home he was looking at the neighbors house it looked different in some way but he didnt know when he went in the house to see if his mate could come over no one was home so he looked around in the house no one. he stumbled into a room and it seemed very cold, there was a room conecting to it, he walked over to it nearly freazing to death he opened the door and he was horrified to se the family standing there and writing on the walls saying come join us, freedom, respect, the family. he stood there in fright and looked at the family they all looked exactly the same. the boy ran but his best mate caught himand took him back to the room and closed the door. the boy was never seen again. at school the next day a new student was at school and looked exactly the same as the boys mate.

  243. Money Man, age 0, from US

    a question without an answer is a paradox or a rhetorical question, so thats just not funny…..but yea

  244. nichol, age 13, from england

    its all about me.
    thats the end of the story thank you for reading goodbye.

  245. olivia p, age 11, from england

    once upon a time there was a scary zombie who lived next to his neighbour, Mrbrownlow.one day the scary zombie was lonely and nobody played with him because he frightened everyone.but his friends had invited him to a birthday party and he had lots of fun.he played pass the parcel,musical chairs,musical statues. when he had enjoyed himself,his friends told him about a famous superhero that he liked.he read with his friends a comic book about capitain underpants and the pelrious plot of professer poopy pants.finally, the zombie and his friends watched a movie about videogames and he enjoyed it. zombie and his friends, had a big sleepover and told ghost stories and were fast asleep. the end!!!!

  246. jubaira binas, age 10, from philiphines

    once upon +
    a time in a place called jeremiah .jeremiah is a place that joseph lives and his army coupled joseph is the first people who live in jeremiah he he was called in a story joseph and his battlefields . there was a sneezing goat at night in their place joseph cannot sleep very and one day joseph want to fight that goat in to his sharp sword and joseph sleeps well and that night they sleep happilly and they began to fight in next day in a place called hamollin hamolli8n is a part of jeremiah .hamollin is full of food and other materials they made so perfectly the people of hamollin died and there was an earthquake in all part of jeremiah joseph died and his army the end .

  247. TERRI-LEA CLAYTON, age 8, from england

    gather friends for I have a story to tell you a story of good a story of evil and a story of brave and the wicked. it starts in a town not far from here called Nottingham. Were a castle stands, but it is owened by an evil shefe. who locked up a buitiful woman called maid marion. so robin went to save marion he got the dungeon and he so marion. suddenley robin herd a noise it souned like a voice so he guessed it was the shefe BEHIND THEM………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  248. MadameReys, age 12, from land of the cows and cheese

    For never has the man gone to rest. He tosses and turns waiting for the deep dreamless abyss of nothingness to come over him and put his mind to more happy times. But it never does. He waits and wishes but all the while he wishes for something other than sleep as well. Is this man greedy? No he is not. He scribbles on the wall tryng to think of something productive to do. Nothing. He wishes for something that many other people with for. Something that does not involve money or business. This involves purity of the heart and trueness of the soul. It involves the motive of never EVER giving up. This restless, non greedy, man wishes for freedom.

  249. Chloe M, age 11, from ENGLAND

    Meanwhile,i was walking to fredom but BANG the door shut right on me,like there was an earth quake.Suddenly, the earthquake stop so i sprinnted to the old crocked door and bang i fell but i finely opened the door and ran around out side shouting FREDOMM FREDOM and i was sooo happy since i got FREDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *I will right the whole story soon enjoy*

  250. jordan, age 9, from england

    as jordan woke up he said wow it is dark yes

  251. bethany, age 11, from bham

    A shadow wizzed past us, ahhhr what was that, hayley asked. ‘maybe a ghost wwoooooooooo’ x

  252. Maddie, age 8, from UK

    once upon a time a little girl cam to this house and hated it but had to stay there because her parents LOVED it and thought it was the best house in the world so she stayed and scribbled on the wall and said she wanted to find a new home, but could she. and a month later she got up and dressed looked out of her window and saw a removal van and her mum and dad chating to the driver! she jumped up and down and again, then her parents looked up at her and said “we’re going to live in the coutry darling. you happy now” ”oh yes i am mum im happy dad lets go” she said. and before she went outside she wrote on the wall “FREEDOM”. they all lived happily ever after, oh and her name was Amber!

  253. edge, age 7, from philipines

    one day jimmy was playing in the sun and after he play he eat egg and sandwich and 8 pm they eat and then he brush hes teeth and he sleep and he wake up at 7 am morning and he ate breakfast and he bath 10 min. and he go to school and he write on the school the be honest and hes memory is good.

  254. Jenny cruz, age 15, from california

    there once was a beautiful princess who lived in a poor country. She lived in a little house with her parents. Her parents were all out of money because the always helped the poor. One day the princess got up to drink some water. the door flew open and she saw a dragon. The dragon took her away to a faraway place. Her parents worried for days. They prayed to the gods to set there princess free. A couple days later the princess woke up in a cave. she climbed out of the cave and ran home. The dragon blew fire at her and then all she wanted to do was go home. Then the dragon got trapped in a trap and the princess went home to her mattress and slept and her parents came in her room and was proud to see her. THE END

  255. Clara, age 127, from youdon\'tneedtoknowwhereilive

    It was a time back in 1851. There was still slavery around, and I had been sitting here, in Madame Clara’s barn. I wanted to have freedom, to go to Canada. My friend Dexter Dalwood snuck me out of the barn. We made it.

  256. Ram Kumar Kirubasankar, age 9, from Australia

    “Hey look at this,” screamed Tate. “Why should I,” replied Kid. So Tate was cross with kid all day. Later on the day they became friends and scribbled the whiteboard.

  257. Lauren XXX, age 11, from England, Bolton

    I think of justice and animals running around free in the wild. The door makes me think of people standing with open arms and also that the door is always there when you know it is time to be free, live your on life. I am truely inspired by this painting and should remember the message with it also I will carry out his idea in my own paintings.

  258. ashly, age 11, from indiana

    I think Dexter Dalwood’s art is crazy and pretty and cool.

  259. Ram Kumar, age 9, from Australia

    “Hey how you doing,” called Sachin. “Nothing much really,” replied Vinu. “Hey when does May come to Insri primary school,” asked Ram? ” We’re in May Ram,” replied Sachin. So they went to class when a bunch of bullies came and wrote FREEDOM and scribbled on the blackboard. Ram went and punched the bullies and came and screamed “Whoo.”


  260. Shannon, age 10, from England

    The lost cat

  261. cari, age 127, from 5985698090856890569-96

    i love art becase that is my thing of the hole white wrold and my name is caricarranza .

  262. Darcia rose dare, age 10, from United kingdom

    once apon a time there lived a little girl her name was alesh dixon she was an awfull girl .
    she was new to her school and she used to take peoples snacks out their bags and scratch the if they didn’t want to play with her everyone hated her {wonder why}.
    this girl was a real big bully no one dared to step over the line with her or ever talk back to her if she was mean to them they just all ran away when she came near.
    one day a boy came up to her and told her ”why dont you just be nice and stop bullying everyone”.
    After that boy made a point the girl did stop bullying everyone and made some lovley new friends.

  263. christof, age 12, from manchester

    One day there was a man and he died.

  264. natalie collier, age 13, from england (uk)

    once upon a time there was a parrott and that parrot was a super hero his name was polly, polly crackers and polly crackers wanted to join up with the dog but this wasn’t just any dog like polly he was a hero to but he was the biggest strongest hero out of all the heros in the world polly never used to be a hero until the dog inspired him and the dogs name is scoobby flooo . polly used to be a normal parrott until he saw scooby fight crime then he belived in his self more became bigger and more powerful so polly went up to scooby and asked him can i team up with you but he keeps sayin no and polly flies away then he sets scooby up he knows some criminals and he tells them to grab an old laddys purse at 7 to night on lark lane so they agree because that is were scooby goes at seven so at 7 the criminals wait for pollys signal they see scooby about to walk round the corner so polly gives them a signal they snatch granny gilmores purse and run just as scoby goes to stop them polly steals back the bag and beats up the bad people and hands granny gilmore back her purse and helps her to her feet and scooby sees this so polly keeps doing this and then scooby gives in and invites polly to his team and they work well together and they carry on fighting crime.

  265. Spider-Man, age 11, from United States

    Spider-Man swings in the city.

  266. kirat braich, age 11, from england

    ”Trouble . I could smell it from a mile away ”as kendra slowly but cautiously
    walked towards the Tate Art doors she new something was not right; she walked another step forward and the rusty door haltingly creeked open”ccrrkk”…

    Know she was choking with fear, she looked forwards and there was a shadow but suddenly it disapeard; next second you know there was a uncanny laugh
    ”hah hah hah hah” she was historicly petrified ! She looked to her right and
    ”aaaagh” those were her last words …

  267. leah robertson xx, age 7, from England

    Hello said a little girl as her aparment door opened.There where her bed cover and pilows on the floor.”HELLO” she said out loud no one ansewed but the wind ”breez” is all she her from wind. She looked over at her magnet and chalk bord there were the magnet spelling…. ”FREDOM”. she wondered ”why oh why is this truth there is no one in the world well that is my fredom dream” she said. Now she looked out the window theres was one person HER! the door of the apartment opened no one was there accept the painting on the wall and a little bit of light. Was this the end had her dream come true …. THE END: To be contiued.

  268. Michael, age 16, from Norway

    What did i do?
    The life is going down, i cant say what i feel. I`m empty and cant say a word.
    So i feel like i heav to write it down, but i always heav to heav to hold my head up. And im always gone bi my selv and i am provd:)

  269. chantelle, age 12, from england

    this is about someone wanting to have freedom

  270. chloe, age 11, from england

    This story about a boy who did not want to clean his room. It all started when he mum told him to clean his room. But his mum was going on and on at him so him got all of his pillows throw them on the floor, Write FREEDOM on his wall to show his mum that he can live his live how he want’s. But would his mum take any noice of him no. He just wanted some FREEDOM!

  271. Martine, age 15, from Norway

    Once upon a time a little princess lived far, far away in a country named Norway. She had an English exam tomorrow, so had to read a lot. She had read a lot now, but she had to read more.. She did’t know what to read, so she visited this homepage and read a few of the stories and played a lot og the funny games! She had a lot of fun, and the time just flow a away! Now she is prepeard for the exam and are going to visit this page very often! Fun!

  272. spiderpig, age 127, from pig land

    spiderpig spiderpig does what ever a spiderpig does can he swing from a web no he cant cause hes a spider pig

  273. Daisie, age 11, from england

    There was once a girl called Holly and she lived with her mother,father and her sister chantelle. One day it was a nice sunny day and the two girls whent exploring through the woods and they found a small little cottage and then they whent straight in and found a little room that was all messy and had crayon drawings on the wall and the strainge thing was that there was big letters on the wall saying FREDOM and the two girls got to scared and ran home through the woods and found there way home and found there mum cooking dinner.

  274. Kristine, age 15, from Norway

    Once upon a time, or shall I say minute? Anyway, it doesen’t matter. It’s a long time ago, but the story just found place around a minute. The story is about a boy. Patrick, is his name. He was a elleven year old boy, and when he walked home from school that day, he met a girl. They went together, and just a second after they’d stepped on stone, they both were in wonderland. A minute in wonderland, and everything was gone, like someone took it. Patrick woke up, lying in his own bed, dreaming.

  275. Kristine, age 15, from Norway

    Once upon a time, or shall I say minute? Anyway, it doesen’t matter. It’s a long time ago, but the story just found place around a minute. The story is about a boy. Patrick, is his name. He was an elleven year old boy, and when he walked home from school that day, he met a girl. They went together, and just a second after they’d stepped on stone, they both were in wonderland. A minute in wonderland, and everything was gone, like someone took it. Patrick woke up, lying in his own bed, dreaming. After that dream, he found the girl. They got married, had a lot of kids, and they lived happily ever after

  276. ahella samir, age 10, from eygpt

    the skiy blue tree green

  277. ahelLA SAMIR, age 10, from EGYPT


  278. cyber hero 666, age 12, from england

    once there was a poo. he was a verry smelly poo. one day he was flushed down the loo and died

    the end

  279. Tyne winters, age 10, from grate Britten

    bring bring, I wake with my alarm clock about one inch away from my head I jumped . every night for 2 mouths now I’ve had the same dream when my door creeks open and someone call my name coming closer and closer it says why don’t you play with me billy on and on ! for about 10 minuets I was laying down all I hear is a creek yes a creek coming from my door it opens slightly and I hear why wont you play with me billy I didn’t no what to do so I went to my door and open it it was my littel sister Amy
    “you little idiot don’t you no how to knock you scared me and now ill never play with you never in my life ”
    so the next night he had the same dream and someone opened the door it was his little sister Amy “if you wont play with me billy you cant live” and behind her a kitchen knife came up and the next morning billy never woke up .

  280. Nicole lucas, age 10, from ENGLAND

    Children in the hurried playground
    bullying cause they dont recieve a pound.
    Poor old boys and poor old girls
    Dont recieve no goods no pearls.
    listen to this sad story
    about a boy with a lorie

    One day the boy had nothing to do and becuase of the bullying heard at school he was verry sad and had nothing to do.
    he jumped outside and went for a walk on the motoway with no suprise it became quite sad.
    The boy saw cars run and down passing him with such no sound, his eyes turnt black and without no doubt he jumped infront of the lorie and was dumped beside the train track laid, but was never to be seen again.

  281. kapy, age 4, from england

    Once apon a time, kapy’s bedroom was a mess, so jessy had to tidy it up! rissa was a she had lots of friends.
    One day the boys jumped on a trampoline and made rissa fly in the air, but it wasn’t any boy, it was jessy. After a while, jessy friend came round and her name was kryp and she keeps on farting on rissa’s bed, and thats why kapygets anoyed a lot!!!! THE ENDDDDDDDDDDDD! XXXXXXXX

  282. Clarissa Ward, age 11, from England

    Children In the Midnight Doom,
    Hurring to get inside
    As they walk into the empty rooms thinking theres no-one there
    They see 3 pillows on the floor and scribbles on the walls
    They are terrified
    They dont know what to do……..
    Listen to this sad story about a girl who………

    She came back from the outside midnight doom, Walking into the room, It was tidy when she left its now a mess
    As she thought she was the only one in the room……Maybe her thought was WRONG. As some-one jumped out from under the bed she screamed, she had no choice but to run, she couldnt escape UNDER the midnight doom she was never seen agen….

  283. Clarissa Ward, age 11, from england

    am i still in the dance -x- ;) _X_

  284. Juweenie, age 99, from Canada

    once there was a bannana who wanted to marry a cocunut

  285. K.O.B (KING OF BUMS), age 0, from bumland (sky)

    hi, my name is k.o.b! which stands 4 KING OF BUM! i am king of the bums, n i lives in da sky.
    Da bum rules:
    wash ur bum in da morning every day
    eat bum turkey
    fart on your bum
    change ur name 2 bummos
    Pray 2 K.O.B
    if u r intrested in doing dis, PLZ DO IT!

  286. julia, age 10, from Netherlands, hieloo

    Once upon a time when people were inventing things the world was different it was powerful and artistic. in that land there was a man he called himself mighty and strong, the people were fascinated for what he did because they did not know better than to listen. One day when the king came to the village were the man lived. Of course the man was showing of to the villagers. the king was furious that he would do such a thing. the king thought that the villagers would become crazy. So the king tossed the man onto his horse and put him in the dungeon. the next day when the king went to meat the man again, the man was sobbing in behind of the metal bars the bars were as shiny as silver. the man was then grabbed and put into an arena the king shouted,” this man has been showing off in a village, i came past to just about to shoot a stag when i saw him this is his punishment.” the king nodded to a fat peasant. the peasant got a rope that was in a sling tided to a tall wooden pole. the peasant pulled the other side of the rope and the man got choked on that very day the man died on a sling. the country was again in “freedom”. after that all the people called the man henry the pest. and the next time that there was a pest they gave the very punishment. and the all lived happily ever after.
    the end.

  287. julia, age 10, from Netherlands, hieloo

    Once upon a time when people were inventing things the world was different it was powerful and artistic. in that land there was a man he called himself mighty and strong, the people were fascinated for what he did because they did not know better than to listen. One day when the king came to the village were the man lived. Of course the man was showing of to the villagers. the king was furious that he would do such a thing. the king thought that the villagers would become crazy. So the king tossed the man onto his horse and put him in the dungeon. the next day when the king went to meat the man again, the man was sobbing in behind of the metal bars the bars were as shiny as silver. the man was then grabbed and put into an arena the king shouted,” this man has been showing off in a village, i came past to just about to shoot a stag when i saw him this is his punishment.” the king nodded to a fat peasant. the peasant got a rope that was in a sling tided to a tall wooden pole. the peasant pulled the other side of the rope and the man got choked on that very day the man died on a sling. the country was again in “freedom”. after that all the people called the man dexter dalwood the pest. and the next time that there was a pest they gave the very punishment. and the all lived happily ever after.
    the end.

  288. Katyy, age 12, from England

    This was the day i had been looking forward to for along….time. It was a class trip to a art museum. I was so exited, but i didn’t no what i had ahead of me. The paintings where just marvalous, they looked like they were going to jump out at you. There was one that just caught my eye, it was fantastic. I stared for ages, i couldnt take my eyes of this beautiful painting. The lines where as thine as a pencil lead, colours blending in toghether. It was a sunset, it made my feel warm andd as if i was looking at a real life one. My teacher called me over, i didn’t want to leave the painting, In fact i couldn’t! My eyes wouldn’t go of it, I thought i had been hipnotised!

    My teacher repeated, “come” he said.
    “I cant” i shouted, as if i was in a night mare. Tears running down my face, i didn’t no why it just happend. my legs moved, then my arms. What on ever is happening to me? My teacher came over looked at me, “dont be silly” He said to me. Unexpectedly i turned my head, what is going on i screamed! Ive been taken over! The whole class laughed at me, suddenly i shrunk, smaller and smaller. I then found my self trapped in the painting!

    “get me out!” i screached at the top of my vioce. Every body rushed over to me. The police turned up, ambulance, manager, owner, press, public. I was in the newspaper, news, live television! they smashed the painting up and i dont no how but i mannegd to come out! Yes, wierd i no but a mistery that cant be solved. Just beware, painters are creative, they tount you into looking at things. But if you find a painting you love, BE VERY CAREFULL

  289. Amy, age 12, from England

    once apon a time there was ……… FREEDOM

  290. Katyy, age 12, from England

    An open door,
    Pillows on the floor,
    Scribbles on the walls,
    Be careful or you may fall,
    Duvet hanging off the bed,
    Scared ’cause someone might be dead,
    In the distance hear a shout,
    FREEDOMS here let it out.

  291. ty, age 8, from cananda

    one day dan and ace was going to
    battle spetra gus but had to do dirty work
    when they got finsh they
    were to tiered to battle
    gus and spetra so the next moring they
    went to battle andn won

    the end

  292. Rosie, age 12, from england

    Once upon their was a duck, he was always misserable so he got run over by a lorry and died. The end

  293. Katie, age 10, from UK

    Dexter sat at his easel. What should he paint? The public were so demanding these days, expecting him to come up with a fabulous piece of artwork every other day. Sometimes, he just wished for a bit of a release from the angry demands the public pressed upon him, from the decision that he had made, that bond him to his job, he just wanted a bit of freedom…
    That was it! Freedom. The word hung in the air. He started painting. How he felt, all his dreams, and wishes, they came flowing out of him. Pillows, strewn haphazardly around the room, the blanket on the bed, all ruffled. Doors hanging open, scribbles on the walls. And that one word. That one magical word. Freedom.

  294. reyhan, age 18, from turkey

    once upon a time there was a girl called h and a boy called j

  295. Grace, age 10, from Northen Ireland

    I heard some frightening news. I screamed and ran for my life.

  296. karen, age 8, from Oxford

    once there was a open freedom apon this day

  297. karen, age 8, from Oxford

    once apon a time there was a mighty and strong dragon a Alvin. He burnt down all of the houses every thing on the planet was burnt down. One day Alvinhad no fire left so he stayed at home all day and never come out until 2019

  298. billi, age 7, from uk

    working down the street all i can see is art street art it looks wikied i wiched i could do art like that. but suddenly i sore some one with a strange looking michine, the person was some how getting read of all of the street art why i don’t no ?

  299. gabi, age 7, from omaha

    once ther was a dragon named popcorn he liked to make popcorn but he had one problem he had no firnds .

  300. earth, age 127, from everywhere

    There was a very famous person. They had lived in their loft for 40 years, not realising the war had finished ages ago. They loved their new found freedom so much that they wanted it everywhere they looked. They had to settle for it being wrote on their wall. Some one took a photo.

  301. christie, age 8, from hereford

    Once there lived a christie alien and invaed the city so evry humun died and evry alien lived . Aliens lived happiley ever after!!!

  302. mariac, age 9, from 66666

    un dia de monstruose de diablo came si came un dia and destroyed thotose

  303. abbie, age 9, from united kingdom

    one day i opened my grans room and a pig standing there

  304. CHLOE, age 12, from uk

    one day when the trees were burn
    there was houses full of pillows burn
    the ships were old with just sails
    it was when there was burned sails
    then there was a dragon with horns
    and old people who died in 1809 with horns
    then there were a viken ship with a dead persons body
    a really old body
    and then there was people waiting for … FREEDOM…

  305. olivia, age 9, from london

    once their was a man that had lose of chess so he said maybe I will give some for the rabbit and he sore the rabbit was to fat.

  306. olivia, age 9, from london


  307. christie, age 8, from hereford

    Once there lived a girl called christie and she whent on the laptop .
    so she whent on art games and cliked on tatekids it is the bestever!!!

  308. olivia rani, age 10, from london

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool its so best storeys

  309. Sarah, age 9, from ENGLAND

    Freedom at last 6years being in a crambed school. My own room not sharing with my sister anymore. I could be as messy as I want as loud as I want.FREDOM FINALLY! Sciibling on the walls throwing mattress and pillows all over the place.

    F R E D O M

  310. Rayanne, age 12, from England

    O NO!!!! what has happened here. I’ve been burgled, im such a fool i left the window open they took the tv, xbox and my DAUGHTER & SON. WHY!! why, why did they have to take my children they have taken my most loved the people i care about. They also have taken my childrens FREEDOM. WILL SHE EVER FIND HER CHILDREN. TO BE CONTINURED

  311. Rayanne, age 12, from England

    Fly away we wish we could do said the children away from this horried place Run run back into mums arms and say we will never write on the walls again Earn good marks when we go to school Earn the freedom to go back home
    Dont have to be sad when we get to go home
    On the way home we can cry for joy because mum has fould us
    Mum will hug us till shes happy but till then we have to wait and wait and wait

  312. christie, age 8, from hereford

    i love art games so i went on tatekids i love it

  313. Shannon and Charlie Reece, age 12, from England all the way!

    Once upon a time,there lived an extroadinary young boy,named Ben Tennyson.
    He was 15,years old when he first discovered his mental powers.He could actually transform into 10 different aliens.

    Him and his grandpa had always shared many memories,and worked together as a team alongside Ben’s cousins Gwen and his friend Kevin Levin,but one day Ben had been playing football for his team at school.

    He loved football it was a great hobby of his,he recieved a medal and biked to his Grandpa’s to brag and tell the story.When suddenly..

    Oh no grandpa wasnt there where was he…

  314. Apee, age 11, from england

    i am a dog called marley i hade a great life at first but when i got my owner it all went wronge he shoved in the boot of his car a drove i got to this place i was sure it was his but when he slammed the door of the car he didnt come and get me i was so upset but then i thought that he was getting alll the stuff ready for me to come in . it had been about an hour and i was getting angry so i started howling and howling until he came to me and finally he did phew but then he chuck me out and for nearly my hole life i had to live in a garden until somone else lived in the huse and look after me for the rest of my life it was great they fed washed me and even took me out with them where ever they went i felt like the happyiest dog in the world. The people were devastated when i siad good bye but they knew i was alway there for them

  315. christie, age 8, from hereford

    once a alien invaed england and went on tatekids he loved it so he took it and showed his family

  316. Qamra, age 9, from Oman

    Once upon atime there lived 2 girls, one called Hollie and the other Isebelle. they lived in a very huge nice house. one day they went to the beach to swim,they took their smimming kit,gogles,flipers and and cap. they had alot of fun.they stayed 1 minute. then they went home very tired. one day a little girl went to their house they knew her when they were small, they played and played until they slept together then they lived hapily ever after.

  317. daina shephrd, age 11, from united kingdom

    it was the most important day of my life i was going to a art museam in glasgow
    i was really excited it was my birthday so my mum had an idea of going somewhere i had always wanted to go in my life .walking down the long corridor
    paintings every where i looked i had seen this painting i had never seen before it had colours that had been created by one of the best artist i had lost track looking at this painting that had lines like thin strng shining in glitter and colours that overlapped in a distincted way now all i could see was this painting nothing else just this painting and me then i had heard a shout a sort of shout that was coming from the painting it had said..look in to this painting clearly and find the clue but what had it meant i had lost my balanced and landed with a thump on the floor

    ”hello darling” i had heard my mum say in a shocking voice i opend my eyes to every one looking down on me ”wwwhhhatt had happend ” i stummerd ” you fainted i thought you would never wake up you were there for a minuit” she cried ”im just happy you woke up” she cried even more i stood up and shook my self of and i looked to the space where the painting was but where was it it had dissappeard turns out noting was there i was justt imaginningg or was i

  318. emily-mariee, age 14, from leigh

    in land far away many slaves had been capurted and sent away to different familys they had no chance of escaping as they had to work all day and one day they did it they got freedom(:

  319. olivia, age 10, from london

    looooooooooooool nice story

  320. josh w, age 13, from england

    they die, they cry, thats what they are.

  321. ffion, age 9, from uk

    the day when i was at the pool true story

    one fine morning i was playing with my dsi when i was at my house but my mother said coz its so sunny lets go to the pool today i dressed so qwick i ran to get my swiming stuff and we ran to the car my mother father sister sister2 and my brother daniel when we got there we put our swimming kit on i jump in the swimming pool and i loved it i was with my mother but the was a floting swimmig thing i went on it but i fell of and i fell i was drowning i couldent swim my arm bands slipped of i was a lttle bit dead my mother gripped my hand and was saved but i went to hospital i was dead 2 days later i woke up my mother was bye me and i sorvived i had to have a x ray to see if the water broke my hart or bones but nothing was snapped glad i wassent dead but i had to go home from the hospital
    i lived glad i was fine at home but my nose smelled somthing lol it was the cake for my friends birthday but i was ok

  322. christie, age 8, from hereford

    oneday there lived two girls , so they
    went to the sea with there body bords
    and there swimming kits.
    they went really , really deep . one of the girls got bit
    by shark and they both got eaten.

    THE END!!!

  323. Kaiya Nicholson Hall, age 10, from England

    Asleep in my hut
    White men came

    Put chains on my arm
    Change my name

    Take me away
    Over sea I went

    I felt like a bird in a cage
    My childhood flowed away

  324. Abigail Hilton, age 11, from England

    I was walking in and out of all the rooms at the crime scene,looking for something that would help us with our murder investigation.I was alone.I could feel the cold wind blowing on the back of my neck.There was a door.A door that no one had spotted before.I walked cautiously towards it.I opened the door slowly.My heart was thudding.I decided not to be scared and I opened it fully.There was one word that I saw and I can’t get it out of my head,FREEDOM.I wandered round the long forgotten room,brushing all the cobwebs out of my way.Then I saw it.The necklace that I had when I was a teenager.It was hanging on a hook. My boyfriend gave it to me but he lost his place in my heart.I threw it at him,trying to keep my anger under control.I never saw him again.It took me a long time to get to it because I was shaking so much.I stood there for a a few seconds,just a couple of centimetres away from it.I reached out to it and stroked the smooth silver.I was remembering all the good times I had with it.My eyes were closed,trying to picture us on the beach,having ice-creams,sunbathing,putting suncream on each other’s backs.Then a hand grabbed my wrist.I screamed.I saw that it was a man about my age.He pulled me close while I was still screaming.He whispered to me, “Shh,shh.” I stopped screaming.He pulled me close and said softly into my ear,”Remember me?” I stayed still,wondering if it was really him.He must of taken my reaction the wrong way and asked,”You are Abigail,aren’t you?” I nodded,then asked in a whisper,”Are you Jack?” He nodded.I hugged him,savouring this moment.We stood a few centimetres away from each other.Abigail and Jack reunited.It seemed like a dream,so much like a dream that I fell into his arms.I must have been out for a while because when I came round I was lying on the floor with Jack beside me.He said, “I still love you.” And I said to him,”I still love you.”

  325. Sabrina, age 10, from USA

    This art work saids freedom on it .I think everyone in the world should have something callled freedom.
    This is my story…
    Amy woke up and asked her self what freedom is.So she asked her parents when she could not get an answer.”what is freedom?”Amy asked her mom.”Well sweetheart it is when people have the right to do anything but not break the laws.”Amy’s mom said to her.
    So that is my short story.
    Do you think everyone in the whole world should have freedom?
    Do you think you should have freedom?
    How do you thing people are treted with out any freedom?
    Help the people in need.

  326. Olly, age 8, from The world

    This class looks weerd.

  327. lucy, age 12, from uk

    i walked into class “right boys” i cleared my throat loudly then i looked up just the one word chalked upon the bord.FREEDOM! then turning my head i saw the head master in the door way pointing to the empty window it was oviouse what would happen next

  328. Romey, age 10, from London

    I think this picture is free to think what you want I THINK its a picture you go into when you just to be by your self and show that you show that are angry.

  329. Dodge,Hacker and Sue Barker, age 127, from Somewhere in the cbbc office

    Once upon a time there was a place called Toontown. Toontown was a place of freedom. Nothing could take away the toon’s happiness! Until one day…..

    Penny the duck awoke to a loud sound. It was the sound of a helicopter. Penny looked out the window. Millions of strange robots were flying down. They looked like a huge black cloud. Hundread maybe thousands MAYBE even millons of toons were outside staring at the cogs. Penny rushed outside to join them.
    “We are the cogs!” Said the Robots.
    The toons groaned THE COGS WERE BACK!

    See you in part 2 when the toons fight for thir freedom! :D :) Enjoy

  330. dj enpoion, age 9, from england

    The graffiti apartment…
    once this martion beamed down from space and , well landed in an apartment. he had graffiti spray and wrote his name witch was sushi mushi cushi. so the martion film crew came down and began filming him the martion said my name is sushi mushi cushi and the owner of the aprtment came in and said my name is bob. so to cut a long story short the were best freinds

  331. THE AUTHUR, age 10, from ENGLAND

    the person looking through the door, walked in and sat down on the mattress. he picked up a pillow and threw it at the wall the wall cracked and the wall fell down he ran out and shouted “the wall just fell down “every one turned around and stared at him “really its true i threw a pillow at it and then it fell down!!” everyone started to laugh,
    “oh you laugh if you dont believe me , just watch next time the roof will fall down!”
    he walked back to the room to sit down on the pillow and when he got back the roof had fallen down !!

  332. brandon sykes, age 11, from wales

    One empty room , 3 pillows lie on the floor , one materace that some one has slept in . Scribles on the walls , maybe a sine of anger , a sine of anger of an unlistend to person . A dreamer once lived in this room , now that remains of him is one word . FREEDOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!