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Arshile Gorky, Waterfall, 1943

This painting may look at first like a muddle of shapes and colours, but if you look carefully you can see water gushing over rocks  into a deep, cool pool shaded by overhanging trees. The artist uses shapes, colours and scribbly marks to express how nature makes him feel.

How does the waterfall make you feel? Where is the waterfall? Could it be in a far-away or fantasy land? Look closely and you will see someone sitting watching the waterfall…who do you think she might be and why is she watching the water?

To see more of this artist, Arshile Gorky’s expressive paintings visit Tate Modern. They are on display there from 10 February  –  3 May 2010.


100 stories about “Arshile Gorky, Waterfall, 1943”

  1. maria, age 10, from england

    Amy lived in ta boathe countryside right next to a waterfall. It was a very extroirdinary waterfall as all the water wasn’t blue but it was orange,yellow,red and black. It was the only one liike it in the whole world. Amy played in it every day with her best friend Emma. And sometimes they climbed right to the top of the waterfall and slid down it in a boat.

  2. Amie, age 9, from sadsdth

    I love this .

  3. Katherine, age 8, from England

    One day collin was on his way to school when he heard a noise it was the sort of noise a dinosaur makes when its upset or something.Oh well thought collin as he ran to the school gates.He sat down in his class room as his teacher wrote down the fractions he hated fractions.After the lesson he went outside to play then he saw small rocks falling from the skyTHE INVAISION HAD BEGAN.the end.

  4. orlaith, age 10, from England

    There once was a girl wholived with her mum dad buther mum and dad got divorced and she wanted to live with both of them but she had to live with her mum but unfourtunetly her mum died from alcohol and she had to live with her dad but 2 weeks later her dad died from cancer and she had to live with her grandparents and she said to her grandparents and said “I don’t want you or grandad to die because dad and mum have died and you are the only family left that I have got and if you both died I would not have anywhere else to go so do not die.” THE END

  5. evangeline, age 127, from germany

    i think this pic was made when the artist fell over when he was holding some paint by the way love you lucinda my bffl and again i love graps and chocolate

  6. lucinda x, age 1, from 12222

    here is a song because

  7. hattie, age 8, from england

    On a cold and frostie morning there lived a baby dragon called firey, so firey that he always got into such a mischief. One day I made some biscuits, I left them to cool down but you know dragons they can eat hot fire and when I went to my friends
    house he ate them all up! !

  8. sophie t, age 11, from england

    I walked into the careless room full of mithalodical creatures spurting deadly and bright coulors at me. As i try to run they get more deadly andget closer. They come so close i spurt out my secrits and run way. A red breath of fire gets shot out at me and i start crying.Suddernly i here my mothers voise were was she was she safe and shouting me to see if i was ok or was she in danger and shouting for my help.then i here my brother shouting me to wake up, i didnt understand until i noticed i was dreaming.

  9. kayla, age 8, from fl

    Once there was a girl that wanted to play with her mom . But she was so lazy that she could, ent get up .She just wanted to sleep all day . and gess what she was the drityes mom you cold ever have . But they where rich but never cleaned. so the girl got her sis .And walk to to a clean casel . And he got his mitten . And he cleaned inside an outside . THE END

  10. JaM'eshia, age 8, from Orgen

    Once upon a time there were two little kids named Christena and Zack they wanted to go in the forest so they can find a candy house and there Mom said no do not go in the forset just to look for a candy house but they didint listen to there Mom so they went in the forest anyway looking for that cany hose and they relly went into a witches house and the witch dreesed up like a candy woman and she fixed up her house like a candy house and Christena and Zack went in the house and the witch let them in and the witch led them to the pot of soup and she cooked them and they died and there Mom found out they disobeyd her and she found out that they were out of the house so once agian the Mom was living alone in a Manchen so she didint want to live alone by her self so she killed her self so she didint have to live with anyone.

  11. Larissa, age 8, from malaysia

    Steady and cheer
    Like a beautiful deer
    shiny moments of my glorius spring
    Would make you laugh and sing
    As the children play
    They stay and stay
    And hopefully will live here forever

  12. Ellen Mckeag, age 11, from Northern Ireland

    I felt the cool water rushing over my body refreshing me.It was strange how crystal clear and clean it looked but you couldnt have any way of knowing where it has been or gone. I liked this area of the forest it made me feel safe and comfortable and it was away from the noise and smell of the tribes.I hated my life here ever scince I was little I knew i didnt belong here I was a different colour from the rest and hated hunting animals with the rest of the tribe members it was now that i heard a rustling among the trees and another girl about twenty told me my story…I was on a ship passing over to america and as we were passing this island when the ship hit a rock every one died apart from me and my sister who were rescued by the tribes before we drowned. “I am your sister the girl of the same colour as me whispered. and to this day we cannot be separted.

  13. millie treacy, age 9, from England

    once upon a time there was a little girl called Millie she loved animals thats why all of hear friends wear animals. One day it was Millie’s birthday the animals decided to put a party on for her, they got the cake, decorations, party hats, costumes, food and drinks and games.

  14. Nusrat, age 9, from Scotland

    one day Amy went to school then school had finished and Amy went her friends house on there way they saw some street artist’s Amy was amazed.Amy loved any kind of art but her friend Claire didn’t she likes Hip Hop. Suddenly Amy got an idea she asked the street artists to do a special background so her friend Claire and her could put on a show. Claire did a dance and every one loved the show and Amy ,Claire and street artists were happy too.

  15. Nusrat, age 9, from Scotland

    one day a little girl called Sarah got a new art set she decided to use it then after she finished her art work she let it dry.The her mum came and told her about an art competition so she took her art work and she first. As she grew older she became famous and she became famous all because of art competition she won when she was small.

  16. Angela, age 9, from Spain

    It was a very rainy day. Mike was in his room listening to music and Merry was playing with her dolls. Merry heard a strange noise and told it to Mike. Mike said she that he didn’t hear any thing but because he was listening to music he went out to the street to see if there was something strange. Mike and Merry came out to the street. In the street there was a rabbit. Mike and Merry thought the rabbit was trying to tell them something so the went after the rabbit. It was fun run after a rabbit in a rainy day. The rabbit took them to a place in wich they had never been. That place had magic lots of magic. In that magic place there were lots of fairies and magic creatures.Merry was so happy to see this… This was Merry’s dreaming place. Suddenly a big din was heard. Magically the background turned into a horrible place and the fairies that lived there turned into horrible trolls. Mike thought they had to save such a lovely place so he went to the biggest troll and he said to him: I am Mike and she is Merry and we want to maka this place the place it was before. what can we do? Well… you can… I got it! You will have bring me an object that i have never seen. Mike and Merry went running to their house and got an mp3. the showed it to the big troll and suddenly… the troll turned into the most beautiful fairy and the place into the place it was before. The fairy said: than you very much i was controlled by pockso the worst troll in the world. Now thanks of this you have helped me, this beatiful place and aswell from destroying the worst troll by doing thid you have destroyed aswell all the rest of the trolls! The all made a party in that beautiful place and then they went to their home. I have told you this but shhhhhhh it’s secret.

  17. meerkat, age 11, from england

    a woman watches the waterfall she says that it brings her closer to nature when the waterfall has stoped rarely but does happen anyway when it stops she takes a dip she also likes to watch the fish she doesnt like computers or tvs or game stations early every morning she would wake her husband up and go to the waterfall and spend 5 or more hours there ecept for saturdays and sundays they would ethier spend the whole day there or sleep in there life is peacefull and quiet ecept for the birds they live in a cabin and they have a little girl haley 7 years old and before the woman and husband go to the woods the woman gets on her bike and so does hayley and they go to school its a long way but they think a car would be horrible to nature there right so they go on there bike the only electronico thing they own is a mobile phone each and a home phone they live happily in there cabin.

  18. Amy, age 11, from United Kingdom

    It was a dark, cold night. The moon was out, I felt like the eyes of the devil were watching me, watching my every move. Then, at that presice moment, it happend, colour was every where, dazzleing in the light of the bright sun.

  19. Donna, age 7, from Engaland

    Along time ago a house stood in a scary filed.An old lady named metilda lived there.There was a curse on the filed where she lived.The curse was that gang of teenager gouls would come along a path smokeing and enter the house disguised as a human. If people were in there they would blow smoke in there face and they would say sorry.But the smoke was magic so that people would die. One day a boy named shagy and his cat Mika came to visit matilda because matilda was his granny. Then one day Shagy and Mika spotted the gouls and distroyed them and the way shagy cilled them becauser he had courage and he gad faced his fears. THE END

  20. Angel Armitage, age 11, from U.K

    Along time ago, there live a young women, she went out every morning, but one morning she woke too a beautiful and colourful water fall.

  21. sacha, age 9, from uk

    Once a man painted a waterfall.Imagine it…………………………
    Wild springs,lush leaves and plants, water gushing down from the high rocks in to the river.Mmmm.. Not quite what he was planning to do.The only waterfall in the dry congo probably.
    you would think he came from outer mongolia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe not, cause his name is Arshile Gorky! Hardly Outer Mongolian!!!!!!!!!

  22. Rahim & Esi, age 8, from United Kingdom

    The Magical Waterfall
    There lived a Girl her age was 14 she lived in a pristene cottage it was so pristene it started to glisten. She had blonde her hair was medium size .
    One day her grandmother and father bought a mental donkey for her she was excited because she thought it was a horse but it was a mental donkey. Everyday she dreamed to have a beutiful mammal like a black horse with whight socks.
    Then her grandad told her that “There is a magical waterful we had it for generations we didnt tell you about it because we were scared because we thought you might go there but promise me that you wont go there because that waterful is more than a waterful because if you take a donkey that magical waterful will make your donkey evil like a devil” he said ” But how will it do that and what will it do will it turn it into a evil Dragon Donkey that breaths fire” she said.
    One day she didnt listen to her grandad she went to the glistening, pristene waterfall. When she went there her donkey had a bath then suddenly her donkey turned huge and it turned into a dragondonkey it was a mythical beast. Now it started to breath fire from its mouth i burnt everything even the fire men couldent stop the dragondonkey or the fire after it started crouching then it fell and it dozed off to bed…

  23. SIR LORENZO£££$$$, age 8, from JAMAIACA$

    One day there was a man going to chop down some threes and he fonud a river and sat there all day.He sang a song to his donky called luky and he sang and sang and sang all day and he sleeped there for the rest of his life


  24. joshua, age 9, from jamacia

    Once upon a time there was a 14 year old girl. She was sent by her father to find some of the words most espencive gold in the world.She found a butiful waterfall she looked down and there glimerd the most espencive gold she had ever seen.She lived there fore 5 more years she reterned at the agte of 20 years.Then she became one of the worlds most famous 20year old’s.

    THE END.

  25. Tarriq and JON, age 9, from UK

    There was a little girl
    She allways look’s at the water fall
    Like her eyes are glued to the water fall
    She never blinked when she looked at the water fall
    But when she look’s for about a hour she become young
    But she was allways was boreserd no matter how old or young she was

  26. Jodie and Tayla, age 8, from united kingtom

    Once apon a time in 1943 in the land of boow live a thirteen year old girl called beth.She lived with her mother and father in a small village by boow forest.In the land of boow all humans were tiny and everything else was massive , plus everything could talk.She owned a donkey called ney and a dolphin called squeek , the pets lived by the waterful.One day beth followed ney to see were she was living.With a big scream she saw a big firey waterful , her scream got ney almost to jump in the water and nealy got squeek to bang her head on a rock.”What are you doing, you nealy got me to jump in the lake and squeek to bang her head”ney said in shock “thats right” squeek squeaked.”sorry,i just wanted to follow you and see were you lived, this place looks like it is set on fire,can i stay here for a bit?”said beth “fine by me” ney neyed “fine by me ” squeek squeaked.They sleeped until the morning just in time to see that beth was on the edge and about to fall “ahh” ney yelled .Ney saved her eventually.They lived happily ever after.

  27. Laula, age 9, from England

    In a land faraway
    were nobody knows
    There’s flowing water
    that reaches your nose
    It will gracefully move
    And if you look carefully
    you will see
    A women starring up your knee
    Your eyes will stare
    Even if you don’t care
    And water will fall right to your hair
    And you will hear a song of the sea
    And you’ll have to say by by to your fantasy

  28. melissa and deisi, age 9, from uk

    The frightened girl in the park stays there while the rain is dark, licking her lolly and her name is Polly, her donkey is walking slowly and stedy when the dolphin pops up and says good fredie,the ducks are muking in the mud tucking in their mummy tum the coloures splash dolpin flaps loudly donkey taps everybody claps when mummy wraps up the x-mas dinner pork chops she’ll always belive that things are free as she works in a restarant and says would you like cheese.

  29. eleanor, age 10, from england

    she sat in her satin dress slim silk falling around her. Out of the window a lowley horse stood infront of the sparkling waterfull the waterfull was reflecting all the dreams and nightmare of the world. she stared wistfully into the waterfull of vivid colours trying to figure out the dreams of whirlwind colours, but never did.

  30. Libby, age 10, from england

    Madda looked through the trees, towards the sound of water. There, stood a colourful waterfall. But this wasn’t just any waterfall, for sparks flew out of the water and danced in the twilight. Madda stepped into the river. The water was warm and , in a way, it felt magical. Little shimmery fish jumped out, welcoming Madda to their watery wonderland. But then Madda woke up, shaking her head.
    “Time for breakfast, Madda!” Mother called.

  31. mr biggles, age 10, from australia

    one day a kid called jimmy was walking down the street when a big portal sucked him into another dimension. It was a very weird place and then a big ball of paint squashed him and he got owned. the end

  32. francis, age 10, from Australia

    The thing rose up out of the sea, it looked around then spotted something green and furry. “Golly, are you a green mushroom?!”it asked “no”replide the green furry thing”I am moss”

  33. Naomi, age 10, from england

    The land faraway
    were nobody knows
    were there’s rushing water
    that reaches your nose

    But if you look carefully
    you will see
    a women starring,taller than your knee
    and little creatures flying around
    but you have to stare
    Even if you don’t care
    And then water will fly right into your hair

    Then,suddenly,its gone.
    were has it gone you think to your self
    but it was just a dream.

  34. maddi, age 9, from Britain

    one day there wasa little girl that knew she was a great artist but since she was poor nobody would look at her paintings. But if they did they just said she was not an artist, that made the little girl called Gemma very upset so she didn’t paint any more. But while Gemma was looking back through her old things, she saw one of her old paintings and she found that it doesn’t matter what other people say , it’s waht you think. Little did she know that there was a atr competition coming up, when she was in the village collecting the paper, she over heard someone talking about it and she knew that she was going to enter it. At Gemmas house she got out her old painting things and got to work. When she was all ready to start , she was thinking about what to paint and she couldn’t think of anything. So she got up and went to her art cupboard and picked up one of her old paintings , perfect said Gemma as she went to turn in her painting but then when she finally got in to see the judges they turned her away because of what she looked like. But art is not about the person painting it, art is about the feeling you get inside you as you look at the painting and it is not just painting thta is atrt, it can be anything. so look at my painting and really focus on it, does it do anything to the way you feel, does it make oyu happy or sad. Do you like it ,really like it? And believe it or not, Gemma actually won! i knew i had something in me said Gemma as she was walking out of the building.

  35. megan, age 8, from uk is england

    megan is a girl

  36. jesse and daddy, age 6, from England

    once a upon a time there was a beautiful princess called jesse. and
    jesses best friend was a monkey called franky who always got up to mischief.they went everywhere togeather having lots of fun.
    one day a nasty queen came to take the princess and the princess’ monkey franky away so she could live in her palace with her dad the king. the king did’nt know that the queen was nasty because when the king was around she would be really nice to every one and then turn bad when he was gone.so the queen sent the king away for a holiday so she could lock the princess up and have the palace all to herself.

  37. kitkat1234567890, age 99, from mexico

    the end

    STORY 2

    leo was wearing nothing the end

  38. LILLY, age 10, from ENGLAND

    STORY 1
    I HATE U

    STORY 2
    I LOVE U

    STORY 3

    story 4

    STORY 5

  39. wood-dene, age 3, from england

    There once was a school called wood-dene, and it was open for 24 years. Every pupil loved going to school and they all loved their teachers. Some people had been going to wood-dene since they were two. It was a very cosy school and it felt like a big family, their friends were their brothers and sisters.

    One day the school had the bad news that they had to close down. All the pupils were sad and wanted to cry. So now on this day it is no more.


  40. annie, age 5, from oak tree

    once upon a time there was a nanny called brenda the end

  41. emily, age 7, from porstmouth

    once upon a time there was a young boy called Mr.porky

  42. ciara, age 9, from united kingdom

    yellow and green. both collers in the rainbow. tells a story of a fire. cheese was dug up. back years ago. a story that we will never forget. it lies with in our memeries. we will never forget what happend that night

  43. chocoholic, age 11, from England

    This hazy, surreal painting has a deep meaning that is hidden in the walls of this dream-like picture. splashes of colours and shapes, there to show joy or to release a secret.Ignorance is bliss. Does it matter what it means? Does it matter what the name is or who has done it? There is no right answer to this code. No ephiphiny to uncover.
    The purpose of art is to emphithise with the artist. To have your own opinions and feelings. This peice of art is to resemble a waterfall. But surely it can’t be that simple? That …Shallow?!
    But maybe thats just me…

  44. leah, age 7, from england

    one day i imanged a waterfall………..leavs,pink and blue flowers but wait it was no aderdeny waterfall it was CHOCOLATE. Every time the girl lilly went there it was choclate when her friens went it was cler water. When the leaves touch the river below it rippled sliltey.Lilly never told eneyone about when the waterfall tured chocolate. One day lilly went up the water fall on her dingy ”weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” she always went down this choclate waterfall loved goin down it.Her mum and dad belived that she went for a walk when she was goin on her dingy from the beach down the chocolate waterfall.Some day someone would find out one day but who? that was all THE END XXXXXX.

  45. jasmine, age 7, from usa

    once upon a time… there lived a beaituful princess and a handsome prince.the prince liked the princess instead he loved her,their was a ugly,mean,tricky witch.she was tricky,so she tricked the girl and gave her a weird apple.”hi little girl”,.said the witch.”want an apple”,? ”yes” she said ”thank u”,. she toke the apple,andate it.” i feel different”,. she said she passed out. ”yes”,. the end

  46. Bea, age 10, from London, England

    I watched the colourful, gushing water as it rushed down the rocks, as if in a hurry to get somewhere. The water seemed to be taking forms of different things…first a dinosaur, then a guitar, a hippo, a house, even a painting; the colours swirling into their magic shapes. Watching the water calmed my down after a hard day, even though I was not touching it. I stretched out my arms into the twirling, misty, soothing water. All of a sudden my skin felt soft with the cool, soothingness of the magical water made me realize how lucky I really was. How lucky I was to have a place to relax, to have a waterfall like this one. I was so lucky. Lucky…

  47. peppy, age 127, from play.com

    it was the fancy hats ladies club night at peppermints cafe the were having time and suddenly 40,000 gallons of water poured into the cafe it was a tsunami and all the hats were ruined

  48. Colette, age 9, from wells

    there was a little boy called Mr odd bod because he was odd why he was odd is that he was scared of a hover and loved odd numbers and hated even ones and his friend was called Mr smarty pants because he wears smart clothes he was allways smart at things he lived with miss smart Mr smart that is all about i now know.BYE BYE

  49. ava.behyari, age 9, from engiland

    this cow comes but is not a cow is a monster and just goes raaaah but then she don’t run away she sets there the hole time she not scared because shes mad come to my page is Ava.Behyari and thax.

  50. cheesey bob, age 0, from somewhere in the cbbc office

    One day nev the bear went on a trip to see a waterfall. It gave him an IDEA!!!!!! He painted a picture of waterfall. It was a little messy but it looked great. He became world famous!!!!!. I’m gonna keep writing coz I feel like it… -_- I mean typing.

    So hopefully u like nev the bear’s picture and will try a little art yourself. :D :P So um… play the secret dance game!!!!!! Its great I think…. :) Write stories about nev the bear painting the wonderful picture pls LOL. :) XD
    Paint paint on the wall
    Paint you r da best of all!!!!!
    When oh when will ya set
    I can’t beileve that ur still wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Story 2:
    One day a girl named Amy met a bear named Nev. She was delighted to have met him! Together they enterted the paint comp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They won with a picture of a waterfall. They thpught it was great but someone thought it was wonderful and was worth a million. So stole it. This person was…. CHEESEY BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was a cunning um fox? He was mostly known as basil brush. :O…. So Amy and nev set off to get the painting back. When they got to cheesey bob’s house they pinched the painting back. But sadly they ended up making war. Luckly Amy and Nev won!!!!! I dont wanna type anymore so TTFN ta ta for now :)

  51. India, age 127, from who knows

    once there was a girl &a boy

  52. amy, age 12, from usa

    This story is about a girl called amy she is 10 she like sing she love food and she love pizzer and one day pizzer was extinct she went to fide out about it and then we with home and saw me dad in the back in the grden i went out side and look in the green home and saw my dad eating pizzer I went in there and shouted at my dad and sed “why did you not tell” he side “I was going to tell you” go away and amy eat all my pizzer and they was not extinct the end

  53. Mesprit, age 0, from Sinnoh Region

    Lake Verity is a beautiful place. Faraway from Mt. Coronet, but comfy as possible could be.
    Fresh berries, free poffins, anything you want.
    Spear Pillar waterfall is where granpa lives, Cresselia, Giratina and Shaymin too. My mum and dad (Dialga and Palkia) have been living savagely on Sunyshore beach,
    I live in Lake Verity, my brother Azelf in Lake Valor, my sister Uxie in Lake Acuity, but Darkrai lives in Newmoon Island waterfall.

  54. Heather, age 10, from Mexico

    More people came to visit me each day.
    I was famous for being the only human being that could turn into a waterfall.
    Of course, I barley ever turned into a waterfall. Sometimes I wish I could, but I dont.
    Wearing 2 huge black pins, I sit down. Wondering when the next visitor would come.
    A women with droopy yellow hair entered, not letting anyone see her face.
    She grabbed my hand, and told me. “Hi.”

  55. jasmine, age 7, from usa

    once upon a time… a little elf named tiny lived in a magical forest. he had 7 more brothers. they always use to tease him because he was always hated him goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight the end

  56. jessica spencer, age 7, from tow law county durham

    Once a upon time there was a lonly girl called Ashley she had no body to play with on the beach.Then somebody came to Ashley and said please can you play with me.Ashley said yes so they went to play with the girls beach ball in the sea.then Ashley had to go home so Ashley said bye to the girl. when asley went home she played out side with her friend Ellie and Ciara Gibson.a coupleof hours later she had her dinner with Ellie and Ciara Gibson then after they had thier dinner. They played in her bed room for 2 hours. After that they had thier tea hen played agin for 4 hours then Ciara,Ellie and Ashley went to thier sweet beds.

  57. betty, age 11, from france

    one day, this work was great . How great it is splot of paint!!!!!!!!

  58. bethany, age 12, from northanmptonshire

    Bethany lives in the deep jungle of waterfall ally. She was all alone but she didnt care because for copany she would play with the sea creatures. She would feed them food every day. So her life was easy but on day an adventurer came to the forest and found bethany in the water. The adventurer thought she was drowning so she pull her out of the water. Bethany was never alone again.

  59. amnliana, age 12, from italy

    one day i eas sitting down and looking at the clouds whene i loked down a saw a love hart i tought it and then it said you are very good girl but you have to walk to the park so we know if you can play and share then………..

  60. amnliana, age 6, from italy

    one day i sat down i the clouds and sand a song called the end

    thank you

  61. sophie rudge, age 9, from uk

    One day a girl called sophie went on a school trip to a waterfool she was partners with courtney her best friend when the class arived they looked at all sorts of plants but sophie had a better idea she whisperd to courtney that she was going to explore so sophie set of courtney followed her as she wonderd if they would see eny thing good soon later sophie and courtney could hear a noise so they followed the noise and they came to a waterfall it was the most beutifull thing you can imagin it was light blue with hints of pink,and dark blue.so every day sophie and courtney went to the waterfall to play it was there owne little place and to make sure that no one finds there little place they spreadid a lot of roomours around that there little place is cursed and now every day they are happy and cheerfull playing by the waterfall. THE END

  62. amy reed, age 19, from engaland

    One sunny moning i was playing cach, but sudnly i disapead and saw a mesterers chaeter it looket like a cat but it wasernt do you know what it was ?

    anser: a unacorn

  63. Charlotte, age 11, from England

    A blur of color whizzed past there eyes as they entered. Neither of them knew it but they were inside a waterfall and it was slowly guiding them to a watery grave…

  64. Ashille Borky, age 72, from Phagocytosis

    Katrine lived near a watterfall called The falls of paint. It was called that because it looked like paint instead of water. Katrine didn’t have any friends, she was home schooled and her mom went shopping. Her only friend was Massie, her dog and Boots, her cat. She was playing with Massie when there was a knock at the door. She was too tired to yell for her dad so she opened it. There was a 11 year old girl, Katrine’s age with a scout uniform. She said ” Would you like to buy some chocolate?” ” Wow, This looks good. And I’m so lonely that I think I will!” ” I’ll be your friend” said the girl ” My name’s Lindsay.” And Katrine and Lindsay became best friends. They played at The falls of paint every day.

  65. bella, age 4, from england

    amy was small not big but she saw a butterfly

  66. jessica, age 13, from sunderland


    ^ matters.matters.matters.matters.matters.matters.matters.matters.matters.

  67. tate, age 99, from 99999999999999

    tate is the coolst

  68. Erin, age 11, from australia

    i think it is very colourful and bright and i wonder where Arshile Gorky got the idear from.

  69. Teah101 cla0002, age 12, from Australia

    one morning a girl named anna was takeing the bus to school she was cheking her home work like all way untill she herd two girls talking”i cant wait till playlunch there doing the drow for the home work”the girls were in Annas class.Anna had forgot about the drow .at school she handid in the homework at playlunch they done the drow “and the winer is ???Anna” Anna cant boleve it she had won.she went home and told her mom”mom mom i won the drow “fantastic what did you win.an art set can i please play with it.so Anna drow this picher and till 1998 she went missing and till this day they cant find her.

  70. MITCH, age 11, from australia

    one day a boy lived in a forest were there was a water fall it was blue not any other colour it had lots of fungi it was green very green it smelt a little pongy it didint worry the boy he went swimming there every day one day he even slept there in a tent wonder how scary it was he done a scech of it he didnt do very well

    the end

  71. edge rejidy rabino, age 7, from philiphines

    one day the litlle boy playing to the sky! and the boy is so happy……… to play in the sun. and he buy 1 lolipop and he he back on hes house and his mom tell the boy where he go and boy said mom i am go to the park oh…….. why do you not say to me. and he going to the playground and he is so many friends!!!!!!!!!!! and then hes strong.

  72. nicole, age 10, from canada

    I think there is many different tales about this art work.This was made in 1943 by a girl on a boat and was taken away from her life because she was Jewish it was not her falt because she was. So she had to hide from the towns people so she won`t get caught but one stormy night the police found her had was in jail for life but the other people who where hiding from them found her art work gave it to someone to put it in the gallrey.

  73. megan, age 8, from uk

    Amy lived in a land that time forgot, all there was is a old people home and a shop and a post office. there was no villeins or crimes. its a lovey village and little cottages with straw rooths she love it there.

  74. hollie marsh, age 8, from Engaland

    Evie lived next to a powerful waterfall by the rivers.She lived with her mum and dad in Thailand.They went out to the sea and saw her mums friends.Then they went home.

  75. KAYLEIGH BASS, age 7, from Southend on sea

    On a peacefull city in the land gracfull was the lashings of grass and rivers of waterfulls. Amy who lived next to the hevan dream waterfull in a cosey log caben comes to swim in it every day.
    She went to school on tuesday to be suprised she saw that a tinkle went through her fingers.
    All a sudden thourght she heard a CSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
    She had a pencile in her hands even she was 20cm away from the pencile pot.
    Amy relised she had powers.
    Was it a dream from the hevan dream waterfull?
    she went back home with her friend Isabella and she saw she was a mermaid in the water full.

  76. Pig Temmme Ham Bum, age 3, from Blonnndie

    Time is wasted.

  77. anniebr, age 15, from norge

    and then i sayd LOL

  78. holly, age 11, from england

    this is about a deal princess names chantelle. she was very popular, with every one including the boys.

  79. holly, age 11, from england deal :)

    Life for the smitts had started of a brilliant life. They had a big house, lots of money, many friends and had there family beside them. Until one day hitler became leader of Germany. The smitt family was jewish so they had to leave their home to another part of amsterdam. They managed to keep safe in hiding until one day, things began to change. There was less people in the village now, so the family started to worry. All of there friends had gone!. They had to leave this part of amsterdam. So as they packed there things and locked the house up, Mrs smitt had left her peral necklace, her mother had once given to her whilst she was a child. She had to go and get it otherwise, she wouldnt have any thing to remind her of her mother……. to be continued :P

  80. Leonard, age 8, from United Kingdon

    The water fell down on my head and I couldnt see anything. It was red and yellow and orange. When it stopped the sun was shining and i was standing in a puddle.

  81. Jess, age 10, from England

    From this waterfull, dimond water spouts out.Flouresent colours flom from this.Children from near by villages, sip from here.Thexed emotio colours make me feel mixed emotions. My moods change while looking at the picture.

  82. leah robertson xx, age 55, from 5555

    hi an voice (hehe)!! :D

  83. leah robertson xx, age 7, from England

    =) :O :) :( :P :D :O :( :) :P :D

  84. Emily Smith, age 12, from United Kingdom

    ‘Dont laugh it took me ages!’ Tally snapped.
    ‘What is it?’ Sniggered Mike
    ‘Its abstract it doesnt have to be anything in paticular, or it could be loads of things merged together!’ Tally defended looking down at the painting, ‘Well I was proud of it,’ She whispered a tear rolling down her cheek.
    ‘Your crying over a tiny comment?’ Mike rolled his eyes. Tally quickly wiped it away. She got up and moved to a different table leaving Mike frowning in confusion.

    Later on that day Tally took her favourite paints and her pad to the water fall looking at the painting, by Arshile Gorky , that was the inspiration of her work. She loved how the colours stood out against the green and greys, one day she would be as good as that! One day she would be in art gallery’s and people like Mike would be taking back what they said and would be paying good money to have her artwork. Tally snapped out of her daydream and started to paint…

    Twenty years later Tally sat at the book signing table, where she signed book after book. She read the title again and again trying to let it sink in that she had just made a picture book of all her children paintings. Suddenly she looked up to find a young man with a cheeky smile, she would know anywhere!
    ‘Why hello Mike, come to get your book signed?’ She teased. Mike lay the book down on the desk it was opened on a painting of a sheep grazing in a river, the very painting he had made fun of! There eyes met and they burst out laughing.

  85. olivia rani, age 9, from london

    ones their was a army the cars pace the boss of the army said theirs no car place and all the army left and the boss of the army said where are the people gone its not fair the dragon is gone every body is gone mmmmmmmmmm now what shall I do with now body with me I will just plat my7 football and see what shall I do next

  86. Tata, age 9, from England

    I think he was showing his feelings in his panting by panting rocks with water splashing to the rocks. I like this panting

  87. anne mccoy, age 9, from ireland

    i think this piece of artwork is about a boy in a forest with a dragon or some type of monster and they become friends with each other.

  88. jack, age 8, from uk

    i think this is a grate pic wonderful :)

  89. Katie handley, age 11, from England

    Once upon a time there was an beutiful island-my island, i called it teribithia.On teribithia there was a huge waterfall witchs water was so magical that if you even glimsed at it your eyes will loose sight or if you touched it you would turn to stone in seconds.Even some of the stone statues were created there including venus demilo.Also the water of the waterfall was very colourful it was red orange yellow and black.Teribithia was unkown on any map.It was so secretive that even teribithians were very rarely seen. I have only seen 1 terith [person]and i live there.Ive been on this island for 5 years since i was 6yrs old my mother and father are dead they died when i was 2 and i still love them both much.alover the island there are lots of trees though it is small it holds over 100 palm tree’s.The only terebithian ive seen is kensuke he is my bestest freind though he is 67yrs old he acts like a father to me.I paint with him.He comes from Japan but he got shiprecked when he was 17 he says “there was very bad storm ,rain come,me get no sleep,next thing i know i was on teribithia covered in washed up shrub.”i now see him everyday.I go fishing with him every morning he always catches big ones[and i mean big].But later in life i am on my own with no-one to help me or comunicate with me.Kensuke is long gone.He died many years ago.He was very angry because i wanted to see the other part of the island he said “no you do not go there demeda is there” i did not understand him so i went to the other side next to the waterfall not knowing what danger was ahead of me.I was hit in the head by a huge coconut.I looked up. there was a small little creature- suddenly it jumped at me…I was hauled onto the floor.This creature pinned me down.Its black eyes were squeesed tight.Then out off knowhere kensuke ripped the creature off me and threw him into the waterfall with himself…The next thing i knew he was a stone statue.i ran back to our cave with kensuke on my shoulder.When we got back i couldnt sleep 1 bit.I stayed up half the night dreading the next day.Once i fell asleep even in my dreams the terrorizing catastrophe hounted me.The next morning i woke up with a bang the cave mouth had been blocked?oh no something much worse i had been trapped in with a very scary creature the molopoliante….i survived though easy peasy!but i was still so very sad that i lost not only my best freind but my supposdly dad.I am still alone this day on my island.I drew a picture of kensuke sitting next to the waterfall watchin the water flow symphathetically down the rigged rocks. End of entry date:3.1.1956

  90. Kuthee Furee, age 10, from kent

    Long ago, in Blend Valley the watefall the there started to blend in with the cresence of the maroon moon!
    It looked like someone vomiting but closer somthing delightfully wonderful!
    Suddenly, a wolf came and ate it and had diearrohea her name was Mensance.

  91. china, age 10, from england

    one day a little was at school he was told to make a painting anything he wanted. what people didn’t know was that he was a fantastic artist,however he didn’t want anyone to know. when he got home, he started to work on his painting he callled Waterfall’.the next day when he went to school he showed he painting to everyone “What is it Arshile?” “Well i have mixed lots of thing together but from what i see there is water gushing over rock into the deep, cool pool shaded by overhanging trees,i have used shapes,colours and scribbly mark to express how nature makes me fell!” everyone started to clap.


  92. Monique Bennett, age 9, from WA Austraila

    this is a very good piece of art work i bet you that the artis took a long time to paint the picture
    but on the other hand i think is a very good picture.

  93. amy, age 3, from bob land

    one day sum guy what to the shop and frow up then he ran home got a bore a was sick agen he died the end

  94. Hannah, age 12, from Brechin

    Hiya this story is about art picture that was back in the 1800 hundreds

  95. Emma, age 10, from Holmes

    Its a secret place with a twist to get through it one way or a another. And thats why this painting has won a place in my heart.

  96. Dodge,Hacker and Sue Barker, age 23, from bobby land ate you

    There was once a hill. It was very dull so the people of the village got to work gathering water. They started to dig a hole at the top of the hill and at the bottom. So when it rained water filled up the holes… IT MADE….. A WATERFALL! :P

  97. Holly White, age 8, from England

    The big dragons
    Waterfall as blue as the sky as Amy slides down with her best mate Emma.Amy relizis that a mist as grey as a bull and , a big dragon came down and tried to eat her but she turned into a big dragon as well and there was a big dragon fight.Then a big eagle came and ate them and they where never seen again.

  98. Charley West, age 12, from Norfolk

    im a simple girl. worrring about things that girls worry about. hair…boyfriends…make up…
    no!no!no! thats not me! i’m not a ordinary girl.im one of a kind! I can see things which no body else can see.
    its my own little world.
    colours every where like theyve been splashed about un – willingly.
    swirls ans objects absorbing into eachother.
    then one day something very strange happened.
    i was sucked into my own world.
    the power pulling me into there was unbelievably strong!
    the shere force ripped all of the colours away from my body. just leaving a white and black me.
    then all of a sudden, i was sucked back into my own world.
    i was dazed.
    not knowing i looked around puzzled.
    then i searched for my world telephathically.
    and found it. but this time it had colour. all of my colours mixed together. absorbing and creating new blobs and wierd shapes as i speak.
    it isnt just a world anymore…
    its MY world!
    and i’m keeping it like this forever!
    The End!

  99. Elinor Warwick, age 8, from Australia

    Someone covered in a blanket next to a waterfall. Families of lizards came down to the water’s edge. She jumped up … It was when she heard a weird sound. A Kingfisher zoomed down beside her, splashing into the lake catching a fish and coming up into the blue. Frogs came one by one out from the edges. Frogs were croaking from every direction like a chorus in a song. She blocked her ears, ran away and has never been seen again.

  100. fionn, age 8, from ni

    It Is a wundfil sit.She is looking her desny.