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Bryan Pearce, St Ives from the cemetery, 1975

Bryan Pearce had a very special view of St Ives. He lived and worked here all his life and his paintings often depict beautiful views of the town, harbour and other special nooks and crannies that he discovered. This is a view of Barnoon Cemetery looking out over Porthmeor Bay.

Tate St Ives is just tucked in front of the cemetery now but when Bryan painted this view the Gallery wasn’t there yet! It’s a very quiet picture; there are no people in it and the sea and sky are calm. Why not try putting yourself in this picture? Where are you going – perhaps to catch that boat?

48 stories about “Bryan Pearce, St Ives from the cemetery, 1975”

  1. kirsty, age 6, from England

    once upon a time a little girl lived in here the end

  2. Emily Head, age 10, from Pennsylvvania

    A peaceful, and quite place where the dead rest in peace and harmeny. No other place touches the harts of some poeple like this one.

    I am quit lucky though that no one I love most dear all the whay to my grandparents has visited this peaceful place, but I know plenty of animals I whonse held dear which have died, including Pepper. He was my grandma Metzler’s dog, I miss him so.

    I do now hope that if you know someone how has died, to prey for them, and I’ll also prey for them to hope that they will be okay and that you don’t or I don’t experience the same fate too. But as all mortals know, sooner or later it has to happen.

  3. natalie, age 10, from England

    The church was desserted. Ben opened the creaking door and went inside. He was glad to get out of the graveyard. His hearty was pounding when suddenly a bat swooped low over him. He only just suppresed a scream. He flicked his torch on and saw all the cobwebs around him. That was when he saw a black widow crawl onto his leg. That was when he felt the searing pain in his foot…

  4. megan, age 10, from England

    bryan had an unhappy sole so he desided to exspress how he felt and he felt deadly depressed and the church was were he felt more coftable
    the end

  5. Christina monk, age 13, from USA

    O’cematary so
    Long and wide
    With your dead bodies
    Six feet under
    Thousands and
    Thousands of
    Them how do you sleep
    At night with the
    Mighty dead dancing?
    We may never know
    It must be hard
    Seeing many buried a
    Day seeing people cry
    Seeing the depressed come
    To say goodbye just remember
    Never say goodbye
    To the
    Ones that cry
    Goodbye means

  6. autumn, age 13, from United States

    This picture that i have chosen out of all the other wonderful pictures is St. Ives from the cemetery 1975, By: Bryan Pearce. In this painting i see a cemetery with a beautiful background of a sea or ocean. in the ocean i see some land and little houses on one land and a sail boat sailing from land to sea. in front of the the sea there is a church with a cemetery. i think this painting was based on something or somewhere the painter has seen or been. i think this becuase for the title of this picture at the end of it it has 1975. well what i think is maybe he either grow up next to a cemetery and this is what it looked like or sort of looked like. Or he had a family member or good firend that had a passed away and this is a way to show to that person how much he cares.

  7. Stephany, age 13, from U.S.

    This picture “st Ives from the cemetery 1975″ by “Bryan Pearce” is a very old piece. There is an ocean in the background with a little tiny boat in the ocean. There are also eleven gravestones in the yard of the painting. The gravestones have no names since there so old. There is also a church in the background with the stain glass windows.

    That is every thing about the picture.

  8. joe rappa, age 13, from unknown

    One day in a historic cemetery by the shoreline, it was about three o’clock in the morning. Well it was a misty night for joe, josh and cory. so we started walking down the shoreline. So cory says look its a girl, we start walking closer and he says dang look at the body on her. Josh says shes a hotty. as we walk closer and closer she starts to disapear, and then we here a scream. we run towards the noise, and theres a burned corps lying by our feet. Josh screams like a girl.I said calm down, he is still sceaming, cory implies. we will figure this out. Josh says maybe it was a ghost. well we will never know.
    The next day we go back to the shore and theres no trace of the corps, there is not even and imprint in the sand.so josh screams like a girl. i say whats the matter now. He says thers a hermit crab near my foot.
    theres this metal thing sticking out of the ground so josh starts screaming again. So i start laughing. cory says shut up. i kick the metal thing in the groundand it blows up. we all die.

    The end.

  9. caitlin, age 0, from unknown

    one dark and stormy night one man came back
    from the dead .boat was sailing on the sea when
    a man sore this man he fanit. so some pepole
    say he was made out of bones some said he was
    just luckly to make it alive who nos only the man who saw this khew

  10. naomi, age 27, from Scotland

    in 1975 there was an old cemetry in st ives it was said to be haunted and none of the villages people would go near the cemetry after dark only one pair of boys ventured out one night as they thought it would be a exciting orthough when they got there the two boys fought more than they were expecting at the time.

  11. Marni, age 7, from England

    There was a grave at the end of Tommys town. He always wonderd what lyed beneth the grave. Oneday he went into the church and they never saw him agin .2weeks later they fond the boudy. you could still hear his scearm.

  12. Sam Bristow, age 11, from England

    In the dark cemetary by the sea, a boat set sale. It floated on the water and passed away, leaving the view of the cemetary behind it. The Church blocked the view of the boat floating and fading away from sight.

  13. rohin, age 7, from India

    Once upon a time the Qween Died. The end

  14. Sania Joarder, age 9, from America

    you see that boat there. my love died in there because of a stupid curse. that is why never go on lake whenever…

  15. Rosa S-P, age 8, from England

    I am the person in a grave, I loved it when I lived but now I’m dead I’m lonly and sad. My friends all miss me and I’m not glad. In my sadness I hear my friends are always near. The view outside I miss to much.

  16. Tiegan, age 7, from England

    Once upon a time a very long time ago a church was built by a beautifull town by a calm steady ocean. The church over had 1000 graves, that were far from calm. The church belong to a man called jacob and his wife called sarah and there little children lucy, janet max and jake. Very soon jacob the church owner died and had his own grave and soon after his whole family died as well and joined him in the graveyard too.
    Every nite at midnite sharp their ghosts came out to play and haunt the gardens of the church. They weren’t naughty but they liked playing peek a boo and booing whoever came across their path. jacob looked after the graves at night and made sure that there was no litter on the path. all the ghosts were happy there to look out on the moonlit sea. After a while a builder came along to knock down the church and the graves. The builder wanted to build a pub. Jacob spoke to all the other ghosts and they decided to scare off the builder. Whenever he came to visit they jumped out and shouted boo really loudly until one day the builder says that’s enough and went home never to return. And as for the church and for the graves nobody ever wanted to knock down the building ever again.

  17. Emily, age 10, from England

    There once lived a handsome Prince In the wonderful building. He wished that he could marry the prinsess that he loved very much. And one day it came true. The prinsess met the Prince and they both fell in love. They lived happy forever and had the most wonderful kids. Everyone admired there beauty and loved their kid, that they all wanted to keep them for themselves. The kids grew up and started to go to School, which they loved going to. They made new friends and thats when they started to have sleepovers at each others house. It was a very happy town. And they all lived happily together as one big town.

  18. Molly, age 9, from Turkey

    There was once an old man named Brian Gregor. He was a priest and worked at Hale Stoes Church. The church was located near the mountains and right in front of the sea. Every Sunday the people from the nearby village would come and pray at the church. It was very peacful around Hale Stoes Church, yachts and little boats would pass by, and usually the children from the village would come and play in the fields next to the church. The priest would watch them and tell them story’s. A lot of the time the children would stay there the whole day, and come back the next. It was great for the children’s parents, as the parents always liked a little break from their children!

  19. kwesi, age 10, from uk

    down in the grave yard were no 1 goes theres a great big kwesi cleaning his clothes with a body here and a body there thats the way i wash my clothes

  20. leah Marshall, age 9, from England

    Once there a beautiful elagant girl .Her name was Leah M. Leah never wanted any one to know her last name. She lived in a big pretty palace. then came a handsome prince and only him who she told her name .They lived happily ever after.

  21. lara hall, age 5, from St Albans

    once upon a time there was a church, a very old church. An old man lived in the church. His family had died of old age. He lived by himself. his church was very rusty and dirty. he was a very kind man. the end.

  22. Lana, age 11, from Oxford

    The grave looked really spooky. The people inside were all ready dead. EEKK. What about if they catch me and tell me were is Dorthy. My little 5 year old sister?

  23. Oliver Clarke, age 12, from bangaladesh

    Life began in a village called St Ives. I was young boy i didn’t know anything about the real world I was confused until i came hear and then, i took life for granted. All you could in the day were the fisherman coming in with their catch for the day. It was like heaven to me, but sadly i was only here with my family on a vacation so i had better make the most of it whilst I was hear.
    It was the day in which my family and I were leaving and i was very sad because i had the best time in the world. I tried to express my feelings by writing this:

    I saw the grass
    I saw the trees and the boats along shore
    I saw the face of many things that i have never sensed before
    and i saw the face of man which i had never faced before
    and i saw the face of man more clearly than if I had ever blind

    My had now been reformed.

  24. Tom, age 13, from Hampshire

    This story starts in 1789 when people were holy and at war with France. one day they were praying and a ship came along. All of a sudden when the people praying in the cold cemetery they heard a bang followed by a crash as a cannon ball flew through the roof. The people fled but some were trapped inside. Horrific screams of fear struck the survivors. But they were not survivors yet they discovered as anther bomb shell screamed over their heads. It was no use going back for the others, the cemetery was a looming pile of brick. Out of the fog the people said their last words as three ships like figures of approaching people bringing bad news.

  25. George Rogers, age 12, from England

    As i was walking through the cemetery i could smell the salty sea, with the wind whistling through my ear, it was a miserable time as we were walking through the village with not many people. The building’s were very old and grey and the boats with the fisherman in, and the harbour wall based on the ground was so old and picturesque. The scene of the boat bobbing up and down, anchored or so it looks like the fisherman have been reeling the fish in and collecting them for the morning market.

  26. Lucy Mcveih, age 12, from England

    Come home to me, my Dear – By Lucy Mcveigh

    Come home to me, My Dear,
    And we shall smell the fresh, salty sea air, together, Hand in Hand.

    Why did you leave me, My Dear?
    I have been so cold, so tired, so lonely without you.

    Come home to me, My Dear,
    And we shall look out at the Shining stars above, together, Hand in Hand.

    Dig down to join me now, My Dear,
    and we shall talk for evermore.

    Come home to me, My Dear,
    And we shall hear the cry of the seagulls, and the chimes of the Church bells, together, Hand in Hand.

    Come home to me, My Dear,
    And we shall sing old Hymns and Songs, together, Hand in Hand.

    So come home to me, My Dear…

  27. William Frome, age 13, from England

    I remember the day I visited St Ives in the summer of 1928.
    I was relaxing on a mossy bench
    Like a long forgotten relative
    I watched the the waves crash against the shore
    Like white horses dancing and prancing over the rocks.

    But now when I return in the winter of 1942
    But this tranquillity is long gone,
    The church is like a twisted demon shrieking in hell
    Twisting and turning in its fiery grave
    Young widows are gathered around graves
    like football fans at a Chelsea versus Newcastle
    except they are grieving their long lost sons, husbands and friends.

    A steam leisure boat chugs past usually carrying families on a day trip
    But now contain unshaven monkeys off to Flanders fields
    to die for their country.
    Now the skies opened their eyes and cried
    For the lost children of god who past away from gun shot
    and mortar bomb. The vicar is conducting a service for a Christian soldier
    He cries ” Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust”.
    He turns his head to the sky as droplets
    splash on his face.

    I kneel before the tomb of my form a friend
    who now is playing black jack with the gods.
    Upon the coffin of stone, a cross
    with our saviour the risen Christ upon it
    I walk away towards the docks smelling
    of death and pain
    I shoulder my pack and climb aboard
    My ghostly galleon to go to where
    I will face my destiny.

  28. nikki h, age 10, from usa

    how itwas over
    there once was a time when i woke up and i was not in the real world any more i was in a place that looked like heaven and then i realized that i was in heaven i thought about grave yards and how it was the end for me

    the end

  29. rikku, age 13, from England

    a land which shows that death is not to bad a peace full place we we can rest in peace

  30. Phoebe A, age 13, from England

    An old man had lived in this house for many years and with death practically in his back garden, he was constantly wondering and fearing the day he died.
    One day he came to be so petrified of dieing he jumped off his roof and onto the jagged rocks below, killing himself. Therefore ending up outside his house, in his own back garden.

  31. martha, age 12, from England

    The pale moon glowed on the bleak graveyard. The wind was an angry wolf as Tim wove in and out of the graves. Suddenly a knarled hand crept out of the dark soil and grabbed his bony shin. The dead had awoken.

  32. Kelly clark, age 8, from England

    There once was an old lady the lady was very very very old Christine was very very very very very FAT.
    She was 100 that was how old she was.
    She had 2 kids a they were twins they were girls
    There names are ellie and kelly clark.
    They were 80 when there mum got killed.

  33. stephanie, age 9, from England

    his bedroom window looked out upon the graveyard, behind it led to the ocean, every morning when he woke up he would paint the view, each time he would add one more small tiny detail. monday it had been the letters on one of the gravestones, tuesday it had been the path leading up to the church, wednesday it was the island, which to him looked very much like some sort of creatures face. the two buildings looked like eyes and the brown rocks beneath the grass looked like a mouth, a very BIG mouth at that. and today, thursday he drew the church windows. windows were always tough to draw, if you wanted to do them just right. he studied the windows and finaly made a start. when he looked up again he could have sworn hed seen something looking back at him beyond the window of the church. but then again, imagination was a big part of him, something he couldn’t let go of. imagination was the excuse for everything.

  34. Rachel Hadenby, age 11, from United Kingdom

    Long ago, in the land of Sherbrona, there lived a king. He was called King Terebron and lived with his daughter Kira, in his castle by a large harbour. Every day boats would come in full of stored goods, the bells would chime and every day, Kira would climb up the cliff top to the church and watch the boats.
    One day, as the moon rose and the last boat left the harbour, Kira decided to visit her grandmother’s grave.
    The wind whipped her face as she started her walk up the cliff top. It may have been late, but Kira did not care. The church yard was her favourite place to be. Peaceful, silent; a place to pray and talk.
    She lay her bunch of tulips on the old stone slab before slipping into the church.
    Kira sat for hours, praying, thinking wishing, dreaming.
    A voice sounded from the doorway.
    The shocked girl spun round. There, standing only 2 metres away was a woman. She wore a long white gown and had long grey hair straggling behind her. It was blowing as if caught by the wind, only there was none. She was a ghost- the ghost of Kira’s grandmother.
    Kira’s voice was no more than a whisper. She was standing face to face with the ghost of her Grandmother who had been dead for the last fifteen years. Never had she felt so frightened.
    “Yes, it is I Kira. I am a ghost, a spirit, a ghoul, a dead person. I’ve watched you every day, knowing you would come, but this hour I did not expect.
    How are you my dear?”
    Kira stood speechless. How was her Grandma so calm? Did she not expect Kira to scream or faint?
    Kira left the church that night, feeling amazed. No one would believe her. Everyone who thought they had seen ghosts were thought crazy.
    After that evening, Kira saw much more of her Grandmother. They would talk together, pick flowers together, and laugh together.
    It was a secret. Her secret.
    When at last it was Kira’s time to join her Grandmother, she too was buried in that churchyard. People still say to this day as the boats come to the harbour and the bells chime, to figures stand, hand in hand on top of the cliff in the churchyard, watching the boats sail into the harbour. Watching their childhood.

  35. Gerry Grattan, age 52, from uk

    So Bobby Makes was burried, just left of the path. I can rember it because in the distance you could just about see a ship going out to sea. I thought if i know bobby he’ll try and haunt it. After all he just loved being around. | miss you Bobby. Ps never quite got you films

  36. betty, age 6, from England

    There once was a house, it looked like a mouse because it was a very small house. Then one creepy night, the house got a fright, because there was a lightning strike. A chimmeny fell down, down on Dracular’s grave- an woke him up for another day.

  37. Drue, age 9, from Pennslyvania

    Once in a land that looked like it was a happy cheerful well it wasn’t it was the worst land that could ever be known the government didn’t care about anyone so he would get guards and tell them to kill evberyone they saw around town so if you took a trip to the cemetary you’d find alot of sad graves with sayings like” Has been murrded with happiness” no one ever would want to hear that sad sad stuff but thats just how that country is and will always be.

  38. QUAH, age 12, from MALAYSIA


  39. Joao Victor, age 7, from England

    I went to St Ives. I played on the golden beach and made a four metre sandcastle. Then I swam in the shiny blue sea and met a dolphin. We played with a bright red and green ball. Then we met a seal. The seal said, “Can I play too please?” I said, “Yes you can if you want Mr Seal.” The seal said, “Thank You”. I said, “You’re welcome.” Then we went down down, down deeper to the bottom of the sea. We found 3,286 crabs in 12 minutes. We ate 86 and played with the rest. Then I went to a train station and went home. It took three hours and two minutes to get home. I loved St Ives and I liked my adventure with the seal, dolphin and three thousand two hundred and eighty six crabs.

  40. Maddie, age 6, from England

    I went to St Ives. I went to see the art gallery where there were lots of pictures which were really colourful. At the gallery I painted a picture of a dolphin in the sea diving. I rode a beautiful horse. It was brown and went galloping. It was fun. I went to the church and saw the wonderful view. I built a massive sandcastle. It was great fun.

  41. Keeva, age 6, from England

    I went to St. Ives I took a boat to the middle of the sea to get some fish for my tea it was yummy. I bought some chips to go with it and ate it by the sea. The next day we went surfing in the shining blue sea. The next day I went horse riding and Michael went surfing for two hours. It was fun. At night time I played in the sea and had dinner. We took our dinner from our room to the sea, it was lovely!

  42. Navya, age 7, from England

    If I went to St Ives I would learn how to surf on really big waves! I would also build lots of sandcastles then I would go for a horse ride! I would buy lots of things from the shop and I would take a walk on the on the cliffs. Next I would go and see some paintings. I wish I was in St Ives!

  43. Amehlina, age 13, from Neverland

    Once Upon A Time …
    there was a graveyard near the sea. People were scared of going there because the random dude kimmykins haunted it! Kimmykins was a strange girl who had lived a life of hyperness, happyness and crazyness. She died aged 13655500000000 and she was old and wrinkly. She tattooed eyeliner round her eyes cause she was too tired and lazy to do it herself anymore. Her pals Joseldorf the Elf and Amehlina died on the same day, very mysteriously *shifty eye look* they both died on the 11th May 2007 at 12.53pm from the same causes *shifty eye look* everyone thought it was Kimmykins so she went into hiding in the house, near the Graveyard by the sea. And they all lived happily ever after

  44. Courtney Gwynn, age 9, from United Kingdom

    The Massive brick house stood on the side of a cliff overlooking the beautiful crystal sea. There lived a man who was rich, richer than a fine wooden chest that holded all the gold in the world. But on day this man recived a letter, the letter told the man that all his money had gone. The man was devistated he didn’t know how to take the .but they didn’t care because he never helped them. One day a stranger walked by he helped the man and soon he could afford a house of his own. But his house would never be like the house he had before but this man learned a lesson this man he had never knew before helpd him, had he seen him before but this man was special.

  45. kiah, age 10, from ingland/cotmanh

    one day a little girl caled jemma went on a walk with her mum and dad they walked past this buildin and said this is nice the next day she sneaked out the house and looked throu the window god seen her and she seen him she was sceard but god took her up to heaven and her family and nothing bad never happend to them again they lived hapely evey after!!

  46. angel yoder, age 10, from usa

    me and my brother bryce and me were outside and seen my dad’s new lawn moewer so we asked if we could ride it and he said yes but it started to rain and then the lawn mower tipped over and i ran my brother over.
    the end

  47. felicity, age 8, from England

    One day, an old woman was sitting by the salty sea. She was a brilliant drawer! so one day she decided to go to watch the beautiful ocean swish and swash. Then she suddenly got a phone call…..ring ring went the noisy phone, she picked it up and with a shouting voice her brother said “come home quick!” . so she ran home as fast as she could and she swung open the door and she ran up the creeking stairs . She leaped into her brothers room and there she saw her grandad lieing on his bed . “What happened ? Grandad are you alright ?” screamed the old woman!!! “i have one thing to say !” whispered her grandad, “what what you can tell me quick!” sobbed the old woman…….”Goodbye you know I love you dont you ?”
    “of course i do , dont go!” screamed the old woman
    but by that stage he had already gone !
    now from that day on she went to the cemetery and remembered her grandad!
    so she drew a picture to remind her of her peace loving ………GRANDAD

  48. xavi, age 11, from england

    there once was a church called biscuitville.
    it was quite desrted, only a couple of people went threr a month