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Richard Long – A Line Made by Walking

Richard Long made this artwork by walking up and down one field over and over again. Soon the grass would come up, from being pressed down by his feet, and there wouldn’t be a line any more.

I wonder where this line goes? What’s in that forest? Why make a line in this exact field?

Where else would you make a land art sculpture?

Richard Long, A Line Made by Walking, 1967 © Richard Long

Richard Long, A Line Made by Walking, 1967 © Richard Long


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54 stories about “Richard Long – A Line Made by Walking”

  1. mollie l, age 12, from uk

    once upon a time a historian Dr.d.He was into the all ritchawals and mystical creature’s.So one day he finds a ritchawal about wearwolfs being made by a white line going into the far side of the forest.So he done it once he done it he was never seen again however all rimains is the white line going into the forest.

  2. siouxsie, age 6, from usa

    a girl went to the forest and was running and running until she hit something it was a house with food drinks and furniture and she went in and fount 30 people and then she sat on the couch watched tv and had fun all day and all night and had a great life the end!

  3. Laura G, age 13, from Catalonia

    Once upon a time there was a little kid that went every day to get water in a well on foot. He always went for the same path. The path had grass so his steps made a trail after a long time.
    Today we can see the line that he made with his steps.

  4. Diego P, age 13, from Catalonia

    One day, a man talked to his friends and they asked theirselves whether the earth was flat or round. He was the only one who thought that the earth was round and told to his friends that it would demonstrate it. He picked up a camera and decided to go around the world straight ahead. After a long time, he found in his way an enchanted forest where he lost himself. Many years passed and his friends, worried, went to look for him. They followed the line he made and they arrived to the forest and they met him. Finally, his friends decided to help him and together they went around the world and found that was round.

  5. Nut G., age 13, from Catalonia

    Once upon a time a intelligent girl and amateur nature listenned a very extrange cry… And she thought:
    That’s a bird, squirrel,… I don’t know!
    The curiosity of the girl brought she went into the forest,because she love the nature, and she walked into that a very long time ,but she don’t saw anything… It’s very extrange…. But she doesn’t defeat. Every day, once or more times a day she went into the forest in a unic road.
    And two months lates she made a line by walking. One month later she doesn’t saw anything and she tired out and start crying and , suddenly, she saw a special criature. It was colourful and they appareance it same a women but she had wings, colourful wings, she was beautiful… The special criature was a fairy!
    After this day the girl and the fairy became big friends and they saw every day in the line the girl made walking.

  6. chester, age 7, from philipines

    one day there was a boy named aron he was chased by 5 wolfs in the forest so he was walking on water like a hacker the 5 wolfs can not do that so there was a news man in a helicopter so he viewing the boy so there was news paper man in the helicopter to look for things for a news paper so he decided to put on news the boy was famous he won magico’s biggest magic trick the end

  7. Teairka, age 10, from Beloch

    once it was an girl she wanted a bear and she cried until her birthday on her birthday she did not get it so she kept on crying and her mom was worrying about her so she gave it to her she lived grate and she wanted something else


  8. Perry The Platypus, age 10, from United States

    Thanks For The Stories!

  9. Keely, age 13, from W

    Once upon a time there was a guy named Ben who loved art but he could’t afford any art tools. When Ben turned sixteen he finally found away to use nature as art, he used this as an advantage. The way Ben made art was by walking on fresh grass pressing it down. When he had finally turned eighty he started a new project but had only finished one line before he had a heart attack and died. Unfortunately all that’s left of his art work is a small black and white picture of his last line.

  10. Perry The Platypus, age 10, from United States

    Remember, These Are Brand New Stories.

  11. RIHANNAH, age 9, from FLEETWOOD


  12. shelby, age 13, from diedrich

    Richard long A line by walking.1967 richard

  13. SCARLETT M, age 9, from Scotland

    Once a loch called loch Ness, was up in the highlands of Scotland. By legend a monster lives in the loch. Her/his name was Nessie. Although legends story is told that Nessie is a fearsome monster, though she/he is only a sea creature scared in the depths of the loch. Nessie longed for the day some one would show the world the true her. So she could be free and come out from the depths of the loch. But some how she had a feeling inside that her destiny was to live and die in the depths of that very loch. It was as if there was a border around her, that she was trapped and never to be set free. Will some one set her to a life that every one and everything should live. Or will she suffer the hunger, the thirst, the lonlieness of loch ness, forever.

  14. isabelle, age 13, from england

    a girl wandered into a lonely field all normal until she slowly glanced towards the ground peering at the strange straight line leading into the forest. the girl followed the line tracing every patch of grass with her eyes wandering along the line . it wasn’t lg before she looked up to see her eyes had wandered her more that her feet deep into the middle of the forest, there was a strong stench of dirt and waste as she lifted her head up high to find out where the stench was coming from the trees stared down at her like overpowering giants as she gasped with horror!

  15. melanie, age 24, from maryland

    this is good art work

  16. karsyn, age 9, from united states of america

    once apon a time there was a little girl who was running from a bear in the woods she kept running for what seemed like forever the finally she collapsed on the floor. she saw a spring of water near by so she crawled to it when she dipped her hands in the water a strange figure appeared it was a cat she thought. Meow, meow, meow. the cat ran away and the little girl followed her. the cat led her to a little cabin in the woods, and when the little girl saw it she went in ah yes I recognize this cabin she thought. The old man lives here we think he has a stash of gold here. she saw a cave indeed she walked in and moved the stone…… and an invisible force grabbed her and pulled her in! after this, she was never heard from again.

  17. Esmé, age 7, from UK

    It was a dark and miserable night at the forbidden tower and a British boy was looking for his sheep. He entered the tower and saw the graves of the other people who went into the tower! As soon as he got properly inside lightning flashed but the boy did not die because he was actually the wicked owner of the tower!

  18. samantha, age 13, from osborne

    There was a time when a girl lived to be a writer like her farther who had died when mary was a very young girl , she wouldent stop writing she would evan go through 20 pens writing one single story about her life events , so one day she just sat up with a new set of handwriting foutain pens to start writing the best story she will ever write. but first she had to go place , exsperiance thigs or feeling to write about, so she went for a walk ….a very long walk. when she reconised the furthest she had ever been from home she carried on to find new place for a veiw on a new story, but when it was time for the sun to vanish and the moonlight to apear she stoped to find herself glaring at the stars , laying in the poppy rose feild looking up at the swirling galexy to slowly driftin to sleep with a pen and a notepad in her arms.

  19. NOAH MATT, age 8, from UK


  20. Gabby B, age 14, from United States

    One lonely man began walking years ago wondering about how he would make a living. HIs lovely wife had died two years ago and he has suffered a heart attack. Still coping from the death of his wife, he patiently waited for a drastic change to come to his life. During this wait he walked on this old field that his grandfather once owned. It brought back many memories to him that made him feel better from all of the events he was suffering.

  21. Laura E, age 15, from indiana

    once a upon a time theirs was a man which who was richard long was walking along a path. then he saw brionch of stight lines going every were and he wounded were the com from so he looked in to and he study he asked him self if it was just him or can every on see them to. then he asked him self it was from bikes or runner or walkers. so he walked and made a new line and then he friged it out the path was magic

  22. Amy, age 10, from Astralia

    One day Amy was siting on a log she said larlia she went back home and eat some bred and she herd a NOCK it was her mum at the window she said GIVE ME BRED Amy said LOL Amy s mum was angry so she went to the shop s to by some bred she went back home a give mum bred she was HAPPY the end

  23. Lily, age 9, from Wales,i was born in England though

    In Switzerland a boy named Benjamin was 18 and had bought his own place, but next door there lived a creepy professor called Doctor Peterson. His house was tall and quite thin. No one ever visited him. Benjamin called out from down below “Hello! I am just moving in next door! Maybe you could visit once or twice!?” He saw the curtains rustling but that was all. Benjamin met another 18 year old called John. They agreed they would sneak into Dr.Peterson’s house the very next night. So Benjamin crept forward ,with John following behind. “GET OUT!!!! I SAID GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!” shouted Dr. Peterson. They ran to a door and opened it but it was a door to a bathroom. Benjamin and John felt cold hands on their backs and where pushed in. The next morning they were let out and were showed Dr.Peterson’s Office. It was full of wonderful stuff. John opened a bottle. “NO!” cried Dr.Peterson out came a ghost! “No! The ghost of Alexandra Smith!” “Who dares release me?!” croaked Alexandra Smith. Everyone kept quiet. Alexandra Smith ran outside. She ran across a field screaming” Who ever enters this wood shall be cursed for all eternity!” and she was gone. All that remains is the same line were she ran into the woods screaming.

  24. reagan, age 9, from usa

    i thank that the line is for a game like football soccer and ect. the line is white so i thank it is mostly for baseball. it looks preity blank.

  25. Ronnie, age 11, from Briggs

    He walked up to the tree it said to his face “Jeff the painter paint me as best as you can as detailed as you can please I want to be famouse I’ve never been famouse you see I want to know what it’s like being famous”so Jeff when away and painted the tree.three years later the tree was called prince tree it costs 200 pounds an our to see this wonderful tree of justice.

  26. Ralfs, age 10, from Latvia

    The Great Wall Of China

    Long time ago,In China there was a line separating the two countries.They thought it would be great to have a wall separating as there is a line. People were arguing about the idea because they were going to a holiday there but with the wall they would not be able to get back. They answered that take a boat with you to get back but they carried arguing and they won for a while. After ten years the Great Wall of China was created.Now we have planes trains to travel around the world.The Great Wall of China is still holding on.

    The End

  27. Kaitlin, age 11, from Fitzgerald

    A long time ago Richard Long thought of making a project (but is was an unusual project.) He decided to make a line by walking along the grass. But then he had a thought let’s make a line throught to middle of the Forrest . On his second night of making the line he could see something small getting rid of his line. So the next night he got a couple of people to stand next to his line ,to make sore nothing happens to it. It was the next morning and his project was complete he was very proud of his self so he decided to take a picture of his unusual project . And from that day he still has the picture

  28. Thomas S, age 11, from England

    There was once a man who was extremely stressed. He was so furious, he wanted to be left alone in a field. The reason for all his stress was that people wouldn’t stop annoying him. He aggressively stomped back and forth up the field not realising he was making a line in the lush green grass. He then suddenly stopped and stared at this fascinating straight line he had created in the ground. “How did this happen?” He thought to himself

  29. Murray, age 11, from Parkes

    A mysterious line appeared. After many people walking on this path, it has created a fainted path which will now live on forever…

  30. No Body, age 6, from Canada

    I sat by the lake, sat on shore.
    This was not action, it was a bore.
    Then it happened, a break of motion!
    It looked like something from the ocean.
    It flew out of the lake!
    I could feel the air ’round me shake!
    The beast sprang into my lap.
    And then I gave it a good trap!
    The fish quivered and shook!
    This was a scene within a book!
    Then I felt a sort of pain.
    I threw back the fish, it left a stain.
    That fish taught me about life.

  31. Claire, age 13, from london

    a line with no one there but a little girl lost , she saw me and ran away into the deep forest and when she was gone, a tall man walking to me asked me if i saw John his son and Bella his sister , Bella is 5 and John is 2 years old tell me if you see then i am begging you…

  32. roser, age 14, from catalonia

    Once upon a time some hikers wanted to make a work of art. They did not know how to do it. To find ideas they went for a short walk. This walk became a long one, which turned into their work of art (A line made by walking).

  33. Rita, age 13, from Catalunya

    I looked behind and saw a line made by walking, the field I was running through was reall beautiful and the sunset lied on the trees around and created long shadows on the grass. Then I realised how tires I was, I had been runnning for much more time than I should and my body asked for water. I started to walk again trying to find a river or a lake, and in that moment I saw it. The lion stored at me for a while and I kept my position until it turned around and walked away. My heart slowed its beating and I sat down. God, what an experience.

  34. Anonamous, age 0, from mystery

    I love the stories!

  35. i, age 3, from at


  36. jknhi, age 0, from jjthu76ui7

    once aponna time I got eaten by a wolf the end

  37. Gabriella, age 9, from florida

    once upon a time pilgrims came to this grass plain it was a magic place but the spirits said if they concur this magic thy would be sorry but one day a foolish man who wanted to concur the magic the spirits warned him many many times and then….everything was grey,wight,and black the foolish man said his sorry but the spirits said ”its to late for that.”


  38. Summer D., age 9, from North America U.S.A

    There was a beast known as the GROWLING mountain lion that lived were the line ended up as the cave of terror. Not a single person wanted to go near the cave but, little did they know a small
    charming girl went to the cave years ago and returned unharmed.The girls name was Amy she had already passed away due to the following car accident soon after she visited the cave.The line was created by Amy’s footsteps which was still there due to all of the water in that area of the forest.The only problem about that was because only one person who knew about this was Amy’s best friend Jack.He tried telling the police but,they would not listen to the story Jack told. Officer Ricky even admitted that the story was a fairy tale(all of the police officers laughed at that).Jack could not do anything about the police officers neither with Jack’s parents.So,the story was left untold for the rest of Jack’s life.As for Amy she was not important.Amy was just a normal girl to everyone else but Jack.THE END!

  39. liviloo7, age 7, from England

    One day a duck called Daisy was walking in a farm called Old,Town farm. while the other ducks were sleeping she slipped though the little hole in the fence and ran off to her aunties farm.On her way she found a tree not just a ordanary tree but a magic tree.Then she spotted some writing on it and read it.When she had finshed a slide took her down into a mysterious,snow forest.Then she mett a Hair “hello”He said “would you like to be frends” yes” Daisy replyed

    THE END.

  40. Maryam, age 9, from Uk

    One day there was a girl who was running in the deep dark forest, and all of a sudden she bumped into a house. She looked inside, and guess what she saw? The house was full of yummy food and drinks! She asked some people in there what was this? And they replied with an awesome reply, it was a party for ever!:) So i’m sure you know what she did, she stayed there forever! She had so much fun and made friends with everyone she saw!

  41. hailey, age 9, from canada

    this river was a long walk from home for John.John lived in an unknown place where light and hope were scarce.he was constantly being abused by his nieghbors.John was very sad and wished he were rich like tom sauyer.Wahtever is left of his money is kept by his mother as there family was very poor and sad.They needed love and hope and happiness.but then tom was sad he did not know what to do with all his money he gave it to John and he was happy. The end

  42. Sadie, age 8, from Canada

    One Day Thare was two girls they were vary happy together thare names were Skyler and Alex they ment at a camp called kiwanis one day trhey found a line outside it was white.

  43. Rosie, age 12, from uk

    one day ,along time ago there was a young girl could Victoria. she was a princess soon to be an unexpected queen but any way when she was 9 she decide to go for a stroll near the the palace .she took a book with her and sat down in the middle of the dewy field. she started to to read one of her favorite book all about mythical encounters when all of a sudden she thought she had seen somebody run behind her but for the rest of the field she could see nothing but a white misty line going straight in to the trees .she new she wasn’t aloud that far but she didn’t care she wanted to know what had startled her .she ran and ran on the exact line but for some reason the field was everlasting she could not make it to the the trees but when she looked around her all she could see was new things to her but to you and me it was the world growing older she ran as far back as she could to go home and once she got back to her own era she ran back to the palace and had the land made illegal to walk on.no one ever found out why .so if you are ever walking in a park remember this story .you might be safe for a while…

  44. ZOE G, age 11, from WILKESBORO


  45. Rachel L, age 10, from Australia

    Mike walks up and down the field, saying to himself
    ” Why doesn’t any one like me? Why does everyone like to tease me?” Then he hears a rustling in the forest bushes. “Hello?” a voice says “Why are you making a line on the ground?” it says. Mike looks at the ground and sees a line. “Did you hear me? I said why are you making a line in the ground?” it said again.
    Mike looks at the ground, but this time there is no line. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Mike says. This time he doesn’t here a voice. Mike decides to walk home.

  46. cuitypie, age 4, from england

    once there was a boy and he had a power but he could not control it. any where he went a line of ice followed him. one day he ran away from his home but his mum found him by looking at the ice he had left behind….

  47. Lois, age 13, from England, London

    I was walking through the warm summer sun when I noticed there was a white chalk line on the green grass leading to the misty forest. Out of my curiosity I decided to follow the line into the forest. However just as I was about to enter the deserted forest, I saw two gloomy eyes, two really sharp teeth which looked it hadn’t been cleaned in decades and one blood thirsty mouth which looked like it wanted to eat.
    My heart was filled in fear as this creature or thing came out of the forest and unto the grass. And before I could think twice I started running and then it started chasing after me as well.

  48. luka, age 5, from usa

    walking man made line

  49. evita, age 10, from uk

    I was very influenced by Richard Long, for this project. The idea of him walking up and down in a straight line, then the final image, being a record of his journey, but no actual proof of him making the journey.

  50. evita, age 10, from uk

    i love his work

  51. Mollie I, age 12, from UK

    Once upon a time a historian Dr.d.He was into the all rituals and mystical creature’s.So one day he finds a ritual about wear wolfs being made by a white line going into the far side of the forest.So he done it once he done it he was never seen again however all remains is the white line going into the forest.

  52. Kika -Rose, age 10, from south africa

    up up ,down down.and we start again .up up down down.once more,up up up down down down around.Good,that’s been long but worth it!see , these footprints make a line. a simple line but now it is a story line , how great ! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 . it is wonderfully great.now we wait……….
    who is gonna write about me, let me guess ,you?i thought so ….
    wow it is boring waiting,hurry up !write about me , i am such a cool line.i am a story line …….hey , you…yes you, reading my story ,write about the line .up up up up up up up up up up ,maybe i am too long ….hmm let me see,i am very long .perfect! la de da ,sing a song.la la de daaaa. yay ! what a great day . i must be off , line is tired of me !
    bye line, oh , a moment please
    what a nice line

  53. derpy, age 127, from ukraine

    one day a thing happened

  54. derpy, age 0, from ponyville

    this is art?