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Pawel Althamer – Self-Portrait as a Businessman

Who do these clothes belong to? Someone who is apparently very messy and just dumped them on the floor here! They look like an office worker. I wonder where they work?

What do you think is in their briefcase?

If these are all their possessions, I wonder where they are now? Just how did these items get here?

Pawel Althamer Self-Portrait as a Businessman 2002, with additions 2004, © Pawel Althamer

Pawel Althamer
Self-Portrait as a Businessman 2002, with additions 2004, © Pawel Althamer

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79 stories about “Pawel Althamer – Self-Portrait as a Businessman”

  1. tammy, age 12, from astraler

    won day my dad tock evry thing he nead for work

  2. Lara R, age 12, from sorry but it is a job art teacher

    I like I it is too easy for people to see it yes lesson in the art lesson to me the great job yet it because Bethany I not have a job because I like yes I like it is yes I seen it in a long time becuase

  3. kayla, age 12, from sweetwater

    one day a man was going to go on a cruise but went to the airport instead and the lady told him to take off everything to do a security check he did and he accidently left huis stuff at the airport then he went on the cruise without anytbhing

  4. Josie M, age 14, from United States

    My day at work was absolutely awful. I got home and threw everything I had onto the floor of my home office. I thought to myself, “I’ll get it later.” I work as a real estate salesman and I hadn’t sold one house today. All I could think of is the words my boss said to me this afternoon,”Mr.Althamer, tomorrow better be different. If not, i will have to let you go for good. Go home for the day.” I looked at my briefcase that held all of my important documents. I went into my bedroom and decided it would be best to just take a nap. I knew, tomorrow will be different.

  5. Eric S, age 13, from Catalonia

    Once upon a time a men was going back home. He was tired and bored because he was working two consecutive days. One day he went to his work but he was very tired and he was going back home. The next day he had recovered and he went to his work again but he wasn’t woke up and he was so fast that he was forgot his clothes.

  6. Natalia, age 11, from toledo

    I thinck this clothes are not of any buissnes man or woman the clothes are of a secret spy that in one mission she/he has to change very quickly and doesen´t have time to pickup all the things.

  7. Ayla, age 9, from united states

    Once upon a time there lived a girl she loved to read her name was Alice but one day Alice had to stay with her grand parents. They where mean very mean. So Alice ran and ran and ran. Alice took three books with her all about survival. She ran into a boy that was running away too. They both stared love came at first sight. The boy said ” Hi I’m Nate’ are you running too”. She said”yes”. After that they travled together forever. THE END

  8. smith, age 0, from jade

    finis died and i was crieing

  9. Corin, age 11, from Endland

    lets just start by saying that tabby the elf loves colours, that is because she is the emporer of colours. she is even better at matching contrasting colours than matisse! but there is one thing that tabby just cannot stand, and that is black. she just thinks it is so dull and pointless compared to all the other beautiful colours such as pink, red or even brown. but something about black just really anoyes her. One day the evil dr. pitchblack flew down to her house in coloursville and sabotaged all of her lovely and , you guessed it, colourful land. when tabby came out of her now wreched house she was absolutely beside herself with fury when she saw what lay infront of her multicoloured eyes! for miles upon miles there was nothing but a BLACK plane of sand!!!

  10. Elle B, age 11, from United Kingdom

    My Teacher asked us who’s school stuff it was and people said Mark.
    Then I buterd in and said “no its Jake’s.”
    He said yes. He got into trouble. Oh well.

  11. Olivia E, age 16, from England

    It displays a messy and untidy suitcase . Eric has one . He doesn’t know but I’ve told him and tried to help him .

  12. Emma, age 8, from USA

    its a whole new new world to live in its a whole new way to see thats a pokemon theme

  13. shameela, age 16, from preston

    once upon a time there was a man called liam b and he was really rich but then one night he heard a noise in the hallway and thought it was just a mouse . the next morning he found out someone burglared his home , it was shameela now he was poor and she was rich!!

  14. BERTA, age 14, from THE CLOUDS

    One day, my father forgot his things of his job and i had to take that things and give it to him.

  15. MACK W., age 11, from WV USA

    the old lady who swallowed a bear
    there once was a lady who swallowed a bear
    i don’t know why she swallowed a bear
    i am glad i wasn’t there

  16. Alyssa w, age 12, from U.S.A WV

    The hard times
    One day i was playing out side with my mom and friends and then I saw some smoke, so i followed it back. Then I saw it was at my house “IT WAS ON FIRE.” Oh My Gosh I never has this feeling in my life. Then my mom and I started busted up in tears. My dad was not home yet but when my mom called him he rushed home, he was there in 30 seconds. Now we are homeless AH!! This is terrible. “WE LOST EVERYTHING.”

  17. MACK W., age 11, from usa

    Once upon a time there was a frog named Todd. Todd was not just any frog. He… turned into a prince

  18. Alyssa w, age 127, from NEW LJKGDFFV

    One time, we went to the mall. I wanted to get new shoes. When we got to the mall, we found a giant standing at the entrance. He wanted to know the password. What password the WIFI.

  19. reagan and madigan, age 10, from darling and finnil

    READ A CHAPTER FROM MY BOOK ON APP EPISODE BOOK COMPLICATED IT IS ABOUT A POUPULAR GUY NAMED KENDALL U HAD A CRUSH ON KENDALL SINCE 6 GRADE BUT IN CHAPTER 12 U IN A CLASS WITH HIM FOR FINALS U FAILED AND HE GOT NUMBER 1 AND HE SAID HE WOULD TUTER U IF U DISTRACT HIS ENEMY MASON SO U SAID YES LATER U FOUND OUT U LOVED MASON AND KENDALL AND U RAN INTO a guy named coltonand u come into a love triangle wih them in the chapter 40 some u have to move to california with your mom step dad and step sis and u end up becoming a model 4 years later mason and kendall were rich and owned buinsess in chapter 50 u guys go ob a buiness trip u and kendall while u were engaged to mason and kndall was engated to a girl name illiana that hated u on buissness trip plan ride home kendall expressed his love for u and u didnt expect it but the on christmas daykendall fiance was at the table with every one and she said she was giving kendall an early christma presiend and she said she was pregnent then kendall said ainsly with that is u ainsklycan i talk to u and he said that was not his child and i am working on the other chapter so they r not out now.

  20. Nicole B, age 14, from Washington state USA

    The night was crisp and cold Dr. Stein watched Ashlynn and Wolfstar fight they were new to that school but they understood the concept of the school basically a normal school but your teacher is crazy and one of your classmates is a control freak and another tries to turn into a ninja star but turns into a chicken instead yeah patty turns into chicken and Blackstar is a control freak anyway the girls walked in as soon as Ash met kid she staggered to Wolfstar “uhhhhhhh…” “I think Kid has a crush on me” ” why? you’ve just met him” they walked to class Sky looked at Wolfstar and smiled she blushed. He blushed at her. “guys we have two new students Wolfstar and Ashlynn”” WE HATE YOU GU-” “Blackstar SIT DOWN” “Wolfstar you sit next to sky and Ash you can sit next to her.” Wolfstar turned red she gave a lovesick smile “sky!?”” uhhhhh…” he blushed ” Sky likes the new girl” Maka whispered to soul. An explosion thundered and shocked wolfstar threw her arms around sky He wrapped his arm around her “calm down” he said in a soothing voice wolfstar realized she was hugging sky uhhh she blushed ” i must admit i do love you ” he smiled

    – weeks later-

    to save time kid dates Ash and Sky dates wolfstar

  21. Ella T, age 6, from Turkey

    Onec a puna time there was a verry cute prencess who was a bit krayzy. Her name was Jade and she never thourt to sneas in a tissue. As so far she karyed on beeing krayzy and one day. She got porly she was sneasing evrywere.But she got beter one day so they celebraited.
    the end

  22. Rina, age 0, from St- Paul

    There were kids who wanted to be a artist but they needed math and they didnt know how to do it

  23. alicia, age 6, from united kindom

    onece apon a time a bussnisman w enton a plane the police said go the main way but he dident so the police areted him the end

  24. loxley, age 9, from wise

    i was walking home with my dad.but suddenly he dissapered in one second . with only the occur of smoke and his clothes. I reported it to the police . nothing was heard .I went to hospital to see if he was there . nothing. suddenly I went back home there he was I found out he was magic.

  25. kadi, age 8, from england

    I found a pile of clothes with assesories including,waiting at the receptonies for someone to pick it up.but nowone came for it so I took it outside for someone to come but know one came either.so I went home with the things,took a camera and it took a clear photo of it and turned it into a poster and stook it out side every were I knew.the next day a person banged on my door and said have you seen my stuf because ive seen a poster of lost things so yeah.i was over joyed and scurried down the sairs with the things and gave him

  26. zuzanna, age 7, from urtnowska


  27. Hannah B, age 16, from Washington State USA

    Before we begin yes i change my name!~ It used to be Ash but not any more~

    Kellin Q x Hannah x Andy B (sixx)
    it was a cold morning. my friend tiffany was playing in the snow. the ground was white as i saw my sister Ash was smiling.

  28. Ching, age 9, from united states

    one day someone left for work but he forgot his lunch and turned his car around to get it. Then when he turned around he saw one thing only one thing. He saw himself he screamed then he realized that he was looking in a mirror suddenly thousands and thousands of mirrors appeared out of no where then he felt like he was a lab rat trying to get out of a maze. Then he fell asleep and woke up to knowing that it was a dream. He told everyone then painted it millions of times soon his house were filled with them. He did not know what to do with them. One day his friend came over and saw the paintings he loved them he bought the paintings for a million dollars. Then the guy who painted it started selling them and was now rich.


  29. Gina, age 5, from Peru

    One day there was a very ugly dude. He wore a bow and acted like a girl. Then one day he started to act like a boy again and gotted married. Then he live happily ever after. The End

  30. Daniel Gómez, age 13, from CATALUNYA

    Once upon a time, two boys were in an oficine working.
    They allways talked, and the boss got fed up, and he fired them.
    They said him:
    -We will create a new business company.
    Next day they went on television since they had made ​​a work of art.
    They became rich for ever.
    The boss needed money, and he asked they for some.
    They accepted and gave him some of their money.

  31. Miquel F., age 13, from CATALONIA

    Once upon a time a businessman was going back home after a bad day. That day his children are colonies and he slept alone at home. When he was about to open the door, he saw he didn’t find the keys. He took the clothes and slept in the street, when he awoke he found many journalists making pictures of the mountain of clothes for many people saying it was a work of art.

  32. schian, age 9, from United States of America

    One day someone came home from work and had a blot of laundry and couldn’t do it because they were tired the next day they found out that they had to set up a birthday party! they shrugged when they hered it.Not only did have laundry they also had to plan a birthday party not to menchin it but this was written in 2016 may 11th

  33. carson, age 10, from ramirez

    I am writtig adout my art work I love it it lookes really good to me

  34. emma, age 9, from Florida

    one day there was a family going on vacation to the beach for a few weeks. So they went to the beach and forgot to book a hotel. So they booked a hotel. Its a good thing that they were all packed up and ready to go. They were all having a blast. Then they went home and ate dinner. Then they went to bed. When they woke up, they ate breakfast and went out to have some fun. Then they went back home to eat some lunch. Then they took a nap. A looooooooooooooooooong nap. then one woke up and got everyone up to go outside to play in the pool. 20 minutes later, they went fishing together. It was so much fun. After that, they went home and ate dinner. After dinner they went to bed.

  35. Charlie, age 3, from England

    My name is Bobby. I am a businessman! I work every day, it is very fun!

  36. olivia, age 9, from christmas

    I love kids.tate because it lets kids learn to draw and have fun at the same time.It also lets kids of all ages come and have fun.

  37. mad, age 9, from mad land

    now every one knows something but no body knows every thing

  38. sydney, age 10, from AZ


  39. jimmy, age 21, from japan

    someone was a vampire and turned to dust

  40. orpa, age 8, from London

    there was once a man named Gilbert.One day,an evil,unstoppable witch did a spell.POOF! Gilbert disappeared!then,there was only his work things on the floor.

  41. Leia, age 8, from England

    Tate modern is the best

  42. Milly, age 9, from England

    One night, in the cold of the hurling wind, and the howls and squeaks, there lay a shiny black suitcase, deeply hidden in the old bramble branches of an old oak tree, situated in the middle of a normal family garden.

    The next morning, with an early breakfast, the father of the family rushed off to work, and spotted the suitcase lying on the grass beneath him.Who could this suitcase belong to with clothes of a business man inside? And that mystery is yet to be solved.

  43. Joseph, age 12, from Helsby

    The thieves had got away. Where had they put my stuff.

    I was alone at the train station a 5 years old. My parents had left me and my suit case had been stolen. I was terrified. What if someone saw me. They might take me away. My parents said it would only be 15 minutes it had been days

  44. nathania, age 9, from nininini

    every where where I’m looking now its

  45. Bobbi, age 10, from ENGLAND

    Once there lived a very forgetful man . He left his briefcase when he went to the shop.This is how our story starts.One day he went to the shop to buy some bread and milk.He was buying them at the till and he left his briefcase there. Inside his briefcase was some valuable things he did not want people to know about.In there there was his keys to his house and his wallet with all of his money and in there was his credit card.He was very strict to his family and children. One day he took his family for an outing the wife left the keys at their house presuming that her husband had his keys to get back. When they got back the man asked his wife if she had the keys to get back in to the house but she said unsuprisingly no.The man tried to remember where he had his set of keys ,unfortunately he could not ,suddenly it started raining

  46. Eden, age 9, from ALBURTA

    The briefcase. It all started on a cold day.I had to go to work but I forgot to grab my briefcase it had my sell phone, glasses,news paper and the secrit files oh I am a spy named ops I can’t tell you my name.But I can tell you my work place it is called ssa it stands for Supper Spy Acadomy.I gota go till the next time.

  47. Master of Derp, age 127, from That CounteWX

    LOVE LIFE AND Don’t WASTE Your tIME LOOKING AT YOUR WORK STUFF AND Go out there and do something

  48. millli, age 11, from UK

    Work. Something that everybody hates, but who knew job was the main element in life.

  49. Ellie, age 10, from England

    One day, I was getting ready for work. Where is my tie, my shoes and my briefcase? I really need to find it because today is the big INSPECTION and we all need to look smart.

  50. Megan, age 9, from England

    He was funny and very silly. But we all should praise because he got a self portrait as a businessman in 2002,he got additions in 2004. He was a fan of the news paper. THE END.

  51. Megan, age 9, from England

    He is like my dad only my dad took everything he worked for and spent it all. We nearly were homeless but we got everything back together.

  52. Megan, age 9, from england


  53. pearl, age 8, from england

    long ago there lived a young girl called pearl.She lived with a brother,mother and a father.One day she went to the shopping mall and saw her two best friends.All of them were 12 and were most beautiful and loved their family.Pearl went to buy some clothes for her beautiful and handsome family.But then she saw this beautiful cake that she really wanted but she only had 50$ to buy some clothes for her mates and family.She knew she could only buy one thing at a time so she bought the clothes .But that’s not all after that she got some money but the cash machine acidentally swalloed her card but she knew that her family would buy her a magnifacient cake and she was right!her family were trust worthy enough to buy the most asomest cake ever THE END!

  54. dera, age 6, from england

    Once upon a time there lived a boy with his family they were rich and they gave money to the poor.One day he went to the shops he wanted a pet he didn’t buy a pet because he needed to buy food but when he got home his family bought a pet and an amazing phone and they lived happy ever after THE END!

  55. brooke, age 8, from hamilton

    once a pon a time i got a black cute dog and to it on holiday with me and went for a walk and i hat to hold her and she pulled me over so we went home and we got a delicious hot chocolate with mushmelos and had dinner then went to bed wouk up the next morning and try to hold her again but she pulled me over agin so i try angin and agin and fainly could hold her because i cap on tring not giving up so i could hold her. when i tock her out for a walk and then ever other day i had lots and lots of happy nouse with my cute little puppy. i played with her in the garden at the park in side in the forest she was the dog that briton my life since i was six i mist when i went to school even when i wast in the same room of her i mist her if she did not go on holiday with me i did not what to go even if it was only tow days

  56. Jamie Oliver W, age 11, from USA

    One day a dude called Larry Larson went to work. Larry wasnt very good at this job though. :-( . so therfore Larry got fired by his boss who was called fatface. Larry went home feeling sad and upset. he actually cried. then fatface felt bad and offered Larry his job back. so therfore Larry and fatface and everybody else in the world live happily ever after.

  57. FunCalls, age 10, from Pandan Jaya

    Once a upon a time….a man was having a late party, Then he sleep until 12:00, Then he said, ‘OH NO! IM LATE’, He rush to his office..then he realized…..he did not wear his suit and forgot his bag!

  58. luka, age 5, from usa

    like painting so good

  59. Kika -Rose, age 10, from south africa

    a businessman was at work , he was going home soon but as he fetched his bag ,he started to melt, the dark is scary to him so he sank to his knees and wakes up in his office ready for his next day!

  60. lids, age 9, from england

    one windy day pawel was sketching a self portrait, but suddenly he could here somthing, “help me” it was his son up a tall tree and couldn’t get down so he got a ladder and … fell down! and broke his leg

  61. caprice, age 9, from Goborone

    art is thing of life and I love it.You see a beauty in art ist like saying I amazed.

  62. Aoife, age 8, from England

    smile for daddy Pete he wants to take a photo before work

  63. luka, age 5, from usa

    cool painting

  64. Grace, age 7, from britain

    I had lost my baseball cap. I had to home. the lost property pile was way to BIG! when I got home my mum asked where is your cap dear? IT IS TO BE A CLIFF HANGER

  65. Monika, age 13, from Slovakia

    Once I went in a work. While I get back home , my garderobe was all on floor!

  66. tori, age 14, from ESSEX MD


  67. Aoife, age 8, from England swindon

    one day Mr Parker came home from work in London and took of his clothes to have a nap

  68. Aoife, age 8, from England swindon

    Mr Parker got ready to go somewhere and found them lying
    on the floor

  69. Aoife, age 127, from jjuiasuiiewiwqbnjukeqw

    silly billy you cant put you’re clothes on the floor

  70. Aoife, age 8, from England swindon

    happy halloween !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. florence, age 8, from uk

    I like this art work beucase its like it was real

  72. carlie JW, age 9, from england

    I like hard work at school it helps you if your learning and it is good to learn.

  73. carlie JW, age 9, from england

    ths man is messy

  74. Martha and Florence, age 7, from UK

    Once upon a time there were 4 girls called martha,maylee,lilly and Florence.They lived in Geneva,Switzerland.One day they went to the famous flower clock and the J’dome.Then they went to old city then they got some food. Then they went home. THE END

  75. Hannah, age 9, from North America

    This November I’m going to Disney world. My family is so exciting that we’re going. There’s one problem my daddy works over night from 5:00 pm to 5:00am. My dad is going to be tired.

  76. Archie W, age 12, from Arkansas

    The story about me by: ARCHIE

    I woke up at 6:00 AM and it’s the first day of November! Thanksgiving is at 24 and we had 23 days till Thanksgiving.

    When it the 24 we had a Thanksgiving dinner with all the people. Once I know that I can make cards to let everyone know it’s Thanksgiving! Then, my dad came over from work and for Thanksgiving! One thing I learned that I knew that it was nice for people to give some love. The End.

  77. Samuel, age 0, from Thornton

    these clothes belongs to ms muffler

  78. Archie W, age 11, from Arkansas

    Thanksgiving By: ARCHIE It was the 24th and today is Thanksgiving! Me and my family went to a place where people can eat and get cupcakes and pies. Me my sisters and my Dad took us to a place where people cook many different types of thanksgiving foods. We ate many different types of foods in Little Rock. While my mom is at the hotel eating with people we go to Little Rock.
    One thing I learned that we say thanks to the people we love and the lots of the food in Thanksgiving that we enjoyed the best when my dad came home from and came for Thanksgiving party at Benton. And I knew that we can give some love for thanksgiving is a special holiday. The End.

  79. Izi, age 12, from England

    Work was all Dan needed – he was a very successful man in the eyes of business. He worked in the marketing industry for a company called “Tader’. The company shipped parcels, stocked shops, manufactured products and ran a small chain of coffee shops. It was a very wealthy company!

    Dan was on a business trip that could possibly give him the chance to have a promotion to Manager. When he arrived in his room his stress level slowly increased as the time ticked by. In just 1 hour he was going to be at a table with some of the best Business People around the world. He still hadn’t unpacked and he stared at the suitcase. Swiftly he stood up and grabbed it as he realised that his notes were in there. Dan quickly unzipped it and shook all of his possessions onto the floor.