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Henry Moore, King and Queen, 1952-3

A woman and man sit side-by-side on a bench. The artist hasn’t given us much information about them – but does tell us (in the title of the work) that they are a king and queen. The woman sits quietly with her hands on her lap and seems to be looking away from the man.

What is she thinking? What are they talking about? Why have they got bare feet? Perhaps they are on holiday and have taken off their shoes and socks to feel the soft sand…What do you think their story is?

Visit Tate Britain in London to see an exhibition of Henry Moore’s sculpture and find out more about the artist. His work is on display there from 24 February – 8 August 2010.


119 stories about “Henry Moore, King and Queen, 1952-3”

  1. Riannon Davies, age 11, from engaland

    There they sit proud and tall big and small full of love from above as they rule the land the king and queen of the world until they fall and die.

  2. Lily, age 8, from U.K

    Once there was a king and Queen . THe Kings name was Tom and the Queens name was Mary and those names are very short and there for easy to remember .Tom had so much power and money and spent it all on his self were as Mary had nothing because of Tom . Mary was never aloud to speak up only Tom was . Tom only wanted to have a wife because then he’ll seem more power full and he’ll get more and more money coming in .Every one thort that Tom and Mary were a very selfish but that’s not true .One day the Tom fainted!!!!!! He dreamed that he was Mary and sore himself being really bossy and cruel then suddenly he awoke. He took off his shoes and went to find Mary . when he found Mary he tryed to apolligise but Mary didn’t listen instead she looked away .

    And the rest of the story you decide

  3. Trickster, age 11, from VIC

    “Who are you?”

    “None of youre buisness.’


    “I said it’s none of your buisness.”



    another man walks up.

    “Hello none of youre buisness!” said the other man.

    “Wait, youre name is None of youre buisness?”

    “That’s what i have been telling you the entire time!”

    “then whats his name?”

    “Go away.”

    the end!

  4. chloe, age 11, from bristol

    One king and queen
    both wise and clean
    tthere they sit thinking wider and wider
    but nothing comes out apart from a little spider

  5. Evie, age 8, from London

    Once there was a king and queen. They were both totally different. The lazy king would sleep the whole morning while the queen got up early and did all the work. She swept the floor and boiled the kettle and put the bins out. One day the queen got fed up of it, so she woke the king up and hit him and told him to do all the work while she slept till lunchtime. “See how you like it!” she shouted.
    So the king got up and did … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The king just lied on the sofa and slept until midday, When the king and queen woke up, the house was absolutely filthy, the queen knew that the king had slept on the sofa the whole time, and she was very, very angry, the queen turned her back at him and looked out of the window, scanning all the men looking for a new husband! The king was very ashamed of himself and ordered him to be killed. The queen was sad but she found a new husband, and this one was very choredoing! So now the queen had to do half the work she used to!

  6. Sara, age 10, from United Kingdom

    A man and woman were sitting on a bench the man asked the woman if she wanted water the woman said ”no” but then she looked at him and said ”yes” and so he gave her more than just water he gave her gold but she just looked away she only wanted water not gold.After a while she looked at him and said lets not talk to each other and gave him a little KISS (dont fell scared kids you will all kiss one day and have girl freinds and boy feinds like me well i have a crush and way) he smiled and walked away….

  7. Larissa, age 8, from malaysia

    The king and queen sit paitiently at a tower, staring up at the walls. But no one comes for years… They suddenly grow old and die. A young gentleman came with a letter for the king. Where did he find them?
    On the floor, already dead.

  8. monkey socks, age 0, from hubble bubble

    an old kind died
    the very old queen giggled
    now shes pogo sticking.

  9. Nyah, age 8, from Australia

    Once upon a time there was a king and queen. The kings name was Henry and the queens name was Moorey. Henry Moore had sculpted these sculptures because thay were named after him . the queen was looking up because she was thinking “what a beautiful day to sit on our very own bench” . the queen
    was siting quietly because she loved listening to the birds. the king and queen had their shoes off because thay didnt want to disturb all the creatures that were in their garden. They were very gentle to animals and loved spending time on their bench with the animals in their garden.
    The end.

  10. bluberry socks, age 11, from Scotland

    They sat there on there small,brass throne thinking they were the best in all of the tate kindom,when in fact they were not important at ALL!!!!

  11. alexs pyne, age 9, from lincs uk

    ” Hello my name is Link, what’s your name?”
    The lady doesn’t want to talk because she is not listening.

  12. lucinda x, age 11, from unknown

    This is the story of my parents.
    one day when they were waiting at the bus stop for a bus funily enough.
    a car drove by.
    know i live with my bffls:

    hope you dont get frighted know
    lucinda x

  13. sara barata, age 11, from Portugal

    A woman and men to wait for their turn in a bank

  14. jamie-leigh, age 13, from Stevenage

    There onece was a younge coulpe who sat at one bench and one bench only and years and years went by they were still there and one year they turned into statues and everytone who goes past them says helloo and good afternoon.

    THE END! :)

  15. HD TV, age 10, from england

    “See,I told you,didn’t I?!” the king blurted out “I ALWAYS new I was right.”
    “Also,the best thing is,you can’t do anything about it!” “Because your just a peasents,and i’m king of the………”

    then,he dropped dead on the floor.

    “YOU!” the queen screamed.
    “You and your peasent friends killed….”


    They stuffed the king and queen,and sat them on there throne.
    They still sit there now,watching,waiting,for the next peasent to arrive.

  16. Lauren, age 10, from England

    Proudly and elegantly the King and Queen sit in their thrones in a loving matter until they fall or fly the kingdon is ruled by them not a violin plays neither piano or harp since princess Crystal died nor bird or butterfly has flew over the kingdom they just sit and wait for the queen to produce a new heir but one day they heard a scream from the Queen’s bed chamber and there in front of them……….

  17. sophie t, age 11, from England

    What if you think some think will happen and a year passes and it still hasent happend then you give up on beleving it will happen and a day later it happens well this is what happend to me. Mum was getting married tomorrow and i was not happy and i had the perfict idia i would hire a party crasher and make them crash my mums wedding. The car was full of spiders and worms and it was horrid. I ran to my room to get ready and i felt guilty but i all ready booked it. One hour later i got a call saying the party crashing was happining now and i ran down stairs and saw the party crashers i was going to tell them to cancil it but i gave up and didnt and then five minutes later i told them and they left and my mum, here husband and me lived happily ever after.And then i found out that the party crashes had left me a present because they left me a note so i went to my room and found lods of spiders and worms all you herd for the rest of the night was me screaming.AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lucy, age 11, from australia, vic

    “Sit properly sweetie.” the queen ecsclamed.
    “No.” said the king. “I’m the King, and I can do what I want.” and so the King stretched his legs out wide.
    “Pull your legs together your being rude.” the queen slapped his leg.
    “No.” said the king. ” I’m the king and I can do as I wish.” and so the king farted. The room filled with a terrible stench and before the Queen could say anything, the king muttered, “yes dear.”

  19. Kinsey, age 9, from canada

    the king and queens son had run away . they were so sad that they promised each other that they would sit together for the rest of their life until their royal bodys rotted and blew away in the wind.only to find that the wind blew them all the way to their dead son . and the kings and queens dust stayed there until their son turned to dust and together they flew away to heaven and regained their live bodys and lived happily ever after. =)

  20. Jessica W, age 7, from England

    One day the king and queen were sitting on their palace bench it was a very hot day so they took their shoes off. The queen was called Mary and the king was called Hugo. One day the queen died and the next minute the king fell off the palace bench. SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. dadoke, age 15, from canadian

    onse apon a time ther was a girl and a boy who sat next to ech other and fall in lov

    the end

  22. Tate Landy, age 12, from England London

    This statue is no ordinary ornament is infact shrunken and painted
    bodies of two very famous people. QUEEN CAMRINA and KING DENGARD. They ruled over the huge land of vanleana which is now know as RUSSIA! It was a very peaceful place until the evil brother of Dengard came along. HE destroyed all living things even some humans. The reason the King and Queen had no protection back then is because they didn’t think they needed it and thought that their country was safe from all crime and terrors!!! The evil brother didn’t want his brother to die normally so he killed them took out their insideds and soaked themin oil he then painted them with gold and they now are forever a statue.

  23. casey, age 10, from great britain

    They are proud of their life, sitting up for their people

  24. laura, age 11, from england

    one day their was a lady called lillie and and man called tom. One day lillie was doing her normal job working at the shop down the road. Every day tom came into the shop, Lillie had a secret crush on tom so did tom on lillie but they didnt telle each other so they grew old not nowing their one true love was there right in front of them

  25. Sam D-P, age 12, from England

    A long time ago two lovers were seperated from each other. They missed one anothers company and everyday they would sit and stare out of their windows and just hope and pray that they might one day be together once more.One wet weary wednesday morning they amazingly found each other again and from that day on they treated each other like royalty and the sky filled up with sunshine!

  26. Anja Goosen, age 12, from England

    once upon a sunny day,
    there sat a king and queen in dismayy,
    the reason is that,
    they sat ‘n’ had a chat,
    when they turned they’d lost their cat,
    they searched all over town,
    without the kings crown,
    then they got sent down town,
    with the FBI they sat not having a chat,
    then at their suprise there came the cat from under the FBI’s hat…

    The Ennnnd :D

  27. donut, age 11, from england

    one sunny day a king and queen go out for a walk and an angry mob comes past and they are very poor and they nick the king and queens shoes and their keys to their house and limo. The queen tells the king to chase them but he doesn’t and they call their slave Jeeves and he gets knocked out they finally got back to their house and all their money had been stolen and their house had been wrecked so they lived in the park and they got divorced and they were no longer the king and queen ,they were tramps.

  28. Stassia, age 12, from England

    Out of the corner of her eye Emilia could see the King grinning at her. The King. Her husband. She shuddered and focussed on the wall ahead. It had been an arranged marriage, the kind where you don’t see who you’re actually getting married to until afterwards, when it’s too late to do anything. She had had to sit, with her eyes closed, while King Florian looked at her, and decided if she was pretty enough to have the honour of marrying him. Honour. She scoffed. Being a nobleman’s daughter may have had its privileges when she was younger, but now…
    Now everything had changed. Here she was, married to the King of Prussia, and expected to like it. Like it? Sure, he was good looking, but he was vain, self-centred, obnoxious, and horrid. He just expected people to love him. Well, Emilia knew she didn’t. The palace was nice enough, and the servants were hard-working, but to marry and not love the man you married, that was different. She hated it.
    She could feel Florian’s gaze on the back of her neck. He shuffled closer, and whispered in her ear.
    ‘Why don’t you turn around for once?’
    She stiffened in disgust, and shivered. She could smell his breath. It was disgusting, and went right in her face. She felt sick.
    ‘Come on, darling, look at you new husband. You know you want to.’
    He put his hand on her knee and began to twist her long, curly brown hair around his fingers. This was the last straw. In a fit of anger, she pushed him away, and hissed.
    ‘Get your filthy hands off me! I may be your wife, but I am certainly not your darling and I do not want to look at you, because I do not love you. I was forced to marry you and if you think even for a second that I would fall for a conceited swine like you then you are gravely mistaken.’
    With that, she got up and stormed out of the hall. When she was in the garden, she stole a glance at Florian. He was sitting on the bench, mouth wide open in amazment and shock. Obviously no one had ever insulted him before. She smiled to herself. That should teach him a lesson.

  29. kassy(:, age 99, from yellowsubrine

    once their was a creep the on one the left, he was asking the girl if he could entangle her in his chest hair , she said eww no your a weird and have creepy dress on then she spit square in his eyeball and ran away.

  30. meerkat, age 11, from england

    susy loved the king but she is not royal so alas she can not marry him she thinks what is she to do she can not marry anyone else because she does not love anyone else the king the wants her to be his queen he asked if he could chang the law but he could not so because he loved her so much he gave away his crown so now he was not a king his name was now billy susy was happy and sad happy that she could now marry him sad because now he wasnt a king but he said he didnt care aslong as susy was with him as long as he lived well nobody was royalty so billy was made king again and susy made queen they gave most of the money to the needy and poor they had three kids 2 girls and a boy the girls were twins aged 6 called tweedy and marley and the boy aged 4 named john

  31. Amy, age 11, from England

    King Kamuna was a young boy, a young boy with a big dream. His dream was to change the world, turn it from an unfair world of hard labour, to a fair world, full of peace and joy. His father died when he was just 2 years old, and his mother dided when he was 10, by that time he was already king. By the time King Kamuna was 12, the war had been started, the war between his contry Egypt and China. Because King Kamuna was only 12 when the war had started, he was not allowed to fight, you had to be 16 to fight. Despite of that he still went to battle, with his head held high. 2 years on and he still fought, 3 years at battle but he still varried on. In the 4th year of battle all the Egyption warriors had given up, they all though it was all over. Just as King Kamuna was about to give up on all hope of saving his contry he looked up into the sky. As he did so he saw his mother and father, looking proudly down at him, “you can do it!” the yelled thurally, yet peacefully. “Fight for you contry, be a proud worrior!” Then the spirits disapered into the night sky. That message gave King Kamuna the courige to carry on. He carried on and that is why now, thousends of years later, we have a statue of our brave 16 year old worrior king hero!

    The End!

  32. Larissa, age 8, from malaysia

    The world sunk after the king and queen died. No laughter, no music, just sadness everywhere. Deepest shadows on the darkest side, Darkening lanterns turn to ruin. Brightest things go off at day plus April and May. No giggling, no smiling, just yelling and screaming.

  33. Anna, age 13, from England

    There they sit,
    Tall, proud, wise, mysterious
    And yet they hide,
    So afraid that they dare not move,
    As still as stone,
    But only brass.

  34. esma, age 93, from bulgria

    On the 16 of janary on a small bench they was a lady,this lady was called Wendy.Wendy was verry lony and did not have eny friend’s every day she sat down on the bench and tarlk to pepol.one day a man was walking past sor Wendy asked him to sit down and tarlk.The man asked her what her name was she ansted and said wendy. I love you siad the man i love you two siad wendy sor thay moved hosuce tow wendy mum,s and wendy’s mum moved too scotland.

  35. amy, age 10, from nottelling

    a king and queen made of brass
    they cannot move off their ass
    they sit still where theyre put
    not ablt to move as much as a foot
    there reign grown old
    but there story still told
    they live through each day
    solemly, nothing they say

  36. Libby, age 10, from England

    Once upon a time, there lived a King and Queen. The King had been born from the tribe of the Manuari and the Queen had been born from the tribe of the Omars. These two tribes competed with each other and had many wars. The King, called Deep, did not like this. Nor did the Queen, Adia. So they both ran away together. Soon, they came to find a group of people. They were poor and homeless. So Deep and Adia became King and Queen and provided fruit and land for them. This group of people soon multipled until it became a tribe, named the Ardams. The King and Queen one day sat together on a wooden bench and Queen Adia said, “Aren’t we lucky?”
    And King Jonathon replied, “Indeed we are, my dear.”
    Indeed they were.

  37. james, age 12, from UK

    they are enjoying spending time without external concerns

  38. guy, age 15, from gcse

    your it is cool

  39. makarov, age 30, from Russia

    one day there were two men sitting on a seat then suddenley the seat transformed and turned them in to clay figures. But the next day they turned into metal and then the next into fire and so on. But then one day they turned back to normal but they rememberd nothing. the end

  40. soya sauce, age 127, from england

    there was a king and queen growing older by the second and when a messenger came to give the king a letter the messenger saw that the king and queen had turned to stone, and are know sitting in tate kingdom!!!!!!!!

  41. lirik, age 0, from Guyana

    Hello. And Bye.

  42. sandy, age 8, from uk

    once upon a time we ha d some queen who were criminals then one day a girl calles Alice enterd into their house and got stuk thy were trying to get into their house but they couldn’t get in by the door or window he so a arm and called her savents one of them was called pat rhey treid to burn the house Alice called the police the police arreted them thats why they are sitting there when the police found out they are criminals they pretened to be a queen and king

  43. 6è classroom, age 11, from Lledoner Granollers Spain

    Once upon a time there was a Kng and a Queen that were sat on the castle’s garden bench, they walked through the garden and they watched a red rose. It was St. George’s rose. The king picked it up for the Queen and she gave him this story.

  44. Eve, age 8, from England

    In the country Henrymooratopia, Henry Moore made up the rules . Now this was a very, VERY, VERY strange country. One day Henry said to himself ” If I can’t rule this country then who can?” He thought hard for 10 minutes and eventually an idea built up in his head. “Thats it!” he whispered cheerfully “A King and Queen!”

    With a jig and a whistle he went down to his sculpting room. So he grabbed all his sculpting tools. “AAAAAND…HEY PRESTO!” A King and Queen! He measured them proudly… “THEY MEASURE 12…ummm ahaha centimetres…” I need to rethink this. He thought. Sooo again he built them and this time they measured 250cm! “Well I shall put them into my life infuser” He chirruped proudly. When they came out they said… “So what is our purpose in life?” “To be jocks? Street performers? Dustbin people?” Henry explained “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah King blah Queen blah blah blah blah” So the King and Queen got introduced to the country by using Henry TV.

    Soon the King and Queen pranced slowly into the grand throne room. “Henrymoortopia is now yours.” said Henry, happy with his descision. Then soon Henry’s daughter Juliet strolled in and in a non-offensive way she chanted “I’m the Queen of the castle and your the dirty rascal!” The King thought she meant it rudely so he bashed her on the head with a frying pan.

    Julliet was whizzed of to hospital and Henry once again took over.

    The end!

  45. grace brabbs, age 11, from uk

    “oh no darling ” the king and the queen sit there nowing that there love will nether be the same ever again ather the great deed that the king did.

  46. Zoe, age 13, from UK

    She didn’t look at me, not once. She started up into the stars above, mezmerized by the night sky. All the stars seemed so bright that night. I wanted to say it was all all right, I wanted to tell her how much I loved her. I could have said many wonderful things that night, but my mouth stayed tightly shut. I knew better than that. Life was so confusing, being royal and having diginty and power and respect upon yourself. She wanted something real, something ordinary, something I could never give her. We sat there for what seemed like hours, but at that time I realised its those precious moments in life and in love that make the world seem all right again. Makes everthing better.

  47. taylor nicole clarke, age 9, from wales

    i love it so muck

  48. Aaron, age 12, from USA

    once upon a time there was this one guy that did this one thing and saved that one town that was ruled by that one evil guy who tried to take that one thing.

  49. JAZZIE WHITE, age 12, from ENGLAND


    lonly and scard sitting there all aloun but excitted four something that thay think that is going 2 happen .

    Thay find out what is going to happen but not quite sure how it is gong to work out , so thay fite there battle and find people that wont to help them .

    Thay fite there battle and at the end thay savive from the scary thing that no one will find out .


  50. Flubadub, age 100, from India

    He’s very handsome and she’s very pretty, they’ll be a perfect couple. They had children!

  51. Jessica Gomes, age 11, from England


    The King and Queen of India sat peacefully on there patio bench.
    There fine golden robes touched the gentel ground.
    As it is India they wear no shoes or socks this can lead to horrible injurys…
    The Queen had strongly disaggreed on this matter.
    The King had said”I think that we should leave the poor with nothing but rags and give the famous socks and shoes.” The Queen said” you’re so unfair I say we give every one socks and shoes. Sadley the king won and the Queen was extremly angry and frustrated.

    Many, Many, Many years later in 2010 they were arguing over something else!!

    “I say get the wii, you need some excercise!!” said the King “You saying I’m fat!” argued the Queen.

    If they’re argueing now imagine what they’ll be like in 20 years on……………….

  52. Hallie Baer, age 6, from United States

    The King and the Queen
    Once upon a time in a country there lived a king and queen. The queen said to the king,”let’s go out”. The king said, “sure”. They sat peacefully on a bench. The woman was just relaxing with her hands in her lap. She thunk about being a queen forever. She had to take care of 100 babies that she gave birth to. The king was just looking at her wondering what she was thinking about. Then they had to go home to the castle to take care of their 100 babies! The end.

  53. chocoholic, age 11, from England

    As they gaze out to the open land of their kingdom; They could feel thier bond dying.
    After 89 long years of thier rein they had began to secretly loath each other. The love they once clung onto was now a broken mess on the floor. The time they had once savoured was now a time of fighting and pain. They try to hide their secret feelings at the endless royal parties but they could not hide the distance in their eyes. As if they were in another world, somewhere far far away from each other. They could not deny nor help the glazed over cloudyness in their eyes; a look of boredom and feiry hatred in the pits of their stomaches.

  54. Mesprit, age 0, from Unown

    Arcues as the king, Cresselia as the queen.
    All stand in horror, as Giratina comes, ready for a battle.
    Dialga and Palkia are angry with Darkrai,
    Latias and Latios are watching happily
    As for me and Azelf and Uxie, sit back and enjoy the fierce battle!

  55. Jasmine, age 10, from Chenery

    The queen and king often argued. Their thrones grew further apart as deafness reached the servants’ ears. But on one freezing day, the palace melted in the imaginary sun. Many servants died,but the king and queen stayed put on their thrones of solid gold, floating lightly on the melted stone when the gold should be weighing them down! The town thought the sky had protected their queen and king. They picked up the thrones with gloved hands and carried them to a meadow of the Sky. It was covered in flowers of many a colour. And the king and queen sat upon their new palace for so long without moving,them themselves turned into the trees that stood among them. Purely made of wood.

  56. Hacker the dog, age 7, from mangle Bangle

    Once upon a time there lived a king and a queen. The king was named Angry pants whilst the queen was named Barbara. The queen was so evil and she always wanted her own way unlike the king who was as thick as a plank. One bright sunny day robin hood was having a nice lovely walk UNTIL ……
    All of a sudden robin hood saw the beautiful and wonderful princess. The princess said
    “Oh robin hood please save me from these horrible horrible people” …

    Whilst robin hood thought of a cunning plan the queen came storming down the corridor and saw the little blue robin hood.

    If u would like 2 c the nxt part of the story carry on lookin dwn. :) i hope u r enjoying ths story so far.

    Part 2:
    The next day Robin hood met to people one named Chloe and one named Annalice. Chloe had a very very bald head whilst Annalice had a very long beard.
    They both had to play music whilst robin hood practiced archery. Robin hood was practicing so then he would be able to fight against the king and queen. ( by the way the king and queen where very very very old indeed.

  57. Elll, age 13, from uk

    Just no-one

    This might look just like two people. On a bench. The king and Queen. Just a sculpture. But this sculpture is… extra-ordinary. Not normal. Strange. Not in the way it looks. But in what it does. Because every night, these two people… come to life. Yes just as the last person leaves their room for the night, the man yawns and the lady streches. And they both get up. Yes, they stand up and walk away from their bench. The museum is theirs. They are someone.
    As the sun rises again the next day, they sit back down on the bench. And as a beam of light falls on them and their bench, they stiff. As stiff as metal. And now as the first people of the day walk into the museum… one again, they are no-one. Just a simple statue. No-one.

  58. Alex, age 9, from USA

    Sue’s diary [sue is a young servant girl age 10]
    Januaury 1st,1401
    I young sue have had enough!Queen Malinda is too too mean!King Tom is not as bad but still bad!I young sue do agree its time for my family!My family uste to rule Rome but now they are in throne!

    Jaunuary 31,1401
    I am sorry i have not talked in a while but Queen Malinda was just too too mean! She made me do more work now that Mrs.Abby Reagan Moor[died at 100]died.

    October 22,1420
    I am now thirty and I am today going to demand my kingdom back!

    how sue got her kingdom back

    Sue demanded they take their shoes off and they did she said these are shoes that are only worn by kings and queens.Then she demanded they took of their crowns she said only kins and queens were crowns.Then she demanded them to change their clothes and bring their royal were to her.Then she put all of thequeen stuff on she said now i am a queen,because i am wearing things kings queens only were.and it was exepted by the judge.


  59. Tara, age 10, from Canada

    they always say that both royal pains are the king and queens name. but no ones says that ” royal” can be “kind and softhearted” well ruling can take time to be patient with others and some days ruling is when you’ve gotta be evil and mean. so, if you become a king or a queen remember others are at your feet!

  60. Smylie Rylie, age 13, from TEXAS

    There once was a king and queen.They were wealthy and rich.Their son Paul was so very nice just like his parents,but their twin daughters Aimee and Jamie were spoiled little girls that hated every human and mother natures creations.One day a lady bug flew onto Jamie’s arm.Very quickly Jamie grabbed her sister and pulled her into a store.With the lady bug still on Jamie she said”Ok,I know we hate mother natures creations but I really like this what you mcthingy bobber.Can we please keep it?”Aimee pushed Jamie down and stomped ont he lady bug:(Until that day Jamie has always loved her parents,brother,and mother natures creations.

  61. her, age 127, from wee

    once there lived a girl called her

  62. tyne paton eaglleson, age 11, from scotland

    once apon a time ther was a lonly man called king who sat on the bench in his faverouite park everyday a buetful girl called queen. King saw Queen on day in the park and he fell in love with her but didnt know what to say to so he justed asked her to sit with him so she did .Then queen fell in love with king. Then they got marrtied and grew old together and everyday they would go back and sit on the bench and feed the pidgones

  63. Ella B., age 12, from England

    Once Upon a Time there was a King and Queen, who loved each other very much and ruled over the seas, they should’ve been very happy but they weren’t because they were both power hungry, one day the King said to the Queen “My Darling, I have a plan to make us rule for ever”
    “What is it my love?” replied the Queen with a hungry look in her eye
    “Why don’t we ask the famous sculpture, Henry Moore, to cover us with his live for-ever potion?”
    ” What a FABULOUS idea!” exclaimed the Queen “I’ll get the servants to ask him!
    Many days and Many nights came and went until, he arrived
    “Why hello your Majesty! I’m sorry I’m late, there was a…”
    “I don’t want to hear it, block head!” answered the Queen ” Just wait for us to position ourselves on that bench over there and you can cover us with the goo”
    While Henry Moore was preparing the mix he suddenly thought of something “I need to teach those evil monarchs a lesson!” he thought “But what should I do?… I know, I’ll melt down some of my Bronze jewellery and cover them with that instead!”
    So he did just that.
    The End… or is it?

  64. Queen Elizabeth, age 127, from England

    The king and queen were falling deeply into love. But there daughter, Roxanne was to become queen as soon as she found a husband. Her mother encouraged her, but she showed intrest in no men except for Ivan. He was a man with blonde hair and sea green eyes. One week later, Ivan proposed. She excepted, and the lived as queen and king with their two kids, Riannona and Nyah.

  65. bethany, age 6, from oxrfd

    this is a modn marstr pece and it is mad by an atsist but you cud mack one to good luk if you can mack one :-)

  66. jessica, age 13, from sunderland

    man and woman love eachother….

    lovelovelovelovelove :)

  67. Chloe, age 11, from Barrow inFurness

    King Mason! Yes? Your needed! Why? Because!…. Fine… Hi! What do you want? Nothing! Then why are you calling me? Because! Fine…. I want to make youa promise! Okay then..?? I will always obey you and your rules you have given me my home and my life i willalways do what any of you answestors say.. ‘Fine!’ Thankyou very much…….

    Days after the man was killed and a new king the kings brother took over…. so a the person obeyed to the king she had to obey his ancestors… The new kings wife became jealous of the the person because he seemed to do everrything for the new king and soo she was beheaded and the new king and queen ruled the land for yearsand years the person stayed up in heaven with the old king….

  68. Heather, age 10, from N.L

    The rocks. They stood there, of course, this was a statue.
    I murmured to the statue.
    “Hi statue. How does it feel to be a statue?”
    Frowning, no response.
    None at all.
    As I left the statue, a young boy with vibrant, odd, long, blue hair, stood there.
    To the front of the statue. You could tell he was alive, but his eyes were closed, and he looked paralyzed.
    I kneeled down to the boy. “How does it feel to be paralyzed?”
    He opened his eyes, frowned, and shook his head.
    I stared at him one more time. Was it correct to stare at a boy as a statue?
    Of course it wasn’t.
    My black shoes walked away.
    When I returned to say sorry, the boy wasn’t there. Only the statues. Lonely.

  69. not telling?, age 0, from ?

    you think this is a king and queen well the kings head looks like a tea pot an iron or an old boot theres one thing i wont to say this does not look like a king or queenb

    buy? not telling

  70. Emily O'Connell, age 12, from England

    On the the throne they sat, with a regal stance. They could hear the waves as they sa on the beach, with the hot sand between their toes. They were calm and peaceful, their royal duties relived for the day. They sat hand in hand. The Queen look away to the waves, dreaming of her home over the seas . The king followed her gaze, feeling cruel and heartless for dragging her away from where she belonged.

  71. Cookie, age 11, from Billybob street

    Once upon a time there was two little mice called Daniel and spongebob that sat on a bench but were rudly interrupted by old lady saying if you sit on this bench for more than half an hour you will turn into stone,but because they fell in love with each other and forgot where the time went sooner or later they were stone


  72. Issi Spencer, age 10, from England, Sudbury

    Stars were shining above a lake with a bench made of wood. Next to it a man and woman stood. The man sat down and started to sing. A tune which made a good ring. This noise was beautiful and caught the woman’s ear. She started to sing along with a small cheer. This went on for a while and they started to smile. Next to a lake where a bench stood and the bench was made of wood. Then they started to chat and walk past a cat. The talked for a while with bigger smiles next to a lake where a bench stood and the bench was made of wood. One was a king of a far away land the other a queen which was slightly grand. Next she said “it is time to go to bed.” She looked away at her place and wanted to go to space. So the man said “lets go together, fly like a feather.” She smiled, He smiled next to a lake stood a bench and the bench was made of wood. The morning came and the opened there wings after they had packed there things. Off they flew like bird in the sky up to space which was high. Off from a lake where a bench stood and the bench was made of wood.

  73. MadameReys, age 12, from land of the cows and cheese

    Marriage. Who knows what its like unless you are actually in it. I bet its worse for royalty. Always pish posh this nib bag that. I bet thats why they made these royals so bored looking.

  74. Jesus, age 127, from Heaven close

    well.. a husband and a wife are thinking about thier life as they wonder shall we have a baby daddy shouts NO!!! wat on earth are u thinking and they wonder in the thinking of life


    lots of love JESUS XOXOXOOOXXXOoexoxoxoxotyuop

  75. Jenny cruz, age 15, from california

    There once was a king and a queen. They both sat silent and not a sound came out. The king and the queen were waiting for there new shoes that have been made.The queen and the king begin to talk. The king asked the queen how her day was. She did not answer she looked at him and turned away. There was more silence. the king looked at her and she still looked away. The king tried to apologies to her about letting there son go off to war, but she just sat there silently looking away.so they sat there waiting for there shoes and no one said a word.

  76. Anonamist, age 0, from ?


  77. Elinor, age 8, from Scotland

    Long ago there was a king called Harold and a queen called Margarette. One day Harold asked Henry Moore to create a sculpture of him and Margarette so Henry did. The King and Queen liked it so much that they gave Henry a medal and let him create another sculpture and put the copy in an art gallery.

    The End.

  78. niamh, age 10, from England

    The day the king and queen first sat on that bench was their aniversary. the sun shone the birds cheaped and the sweet smell of spring was there.the queen was sat tall in her gown the king was sat their in his suit. this is an aniversary never to forget.

  79. eeeeeeyyyy, age 1, from lolo world

    They Once ruled the world but then they passed away so this art work is to remember the how power full they were and to remember them for ever

  80. amber, age 8, from london

    ones a pon a time im in the woods i was wered the end

  81. edge, age 7, from philipines

    one day………… the little boy is happy and the girl is happy and they are friends and say the girl to the the boy you have a toy and say the boy………….. yes i have a many toys! and say the girl oh……… i have too many toys!

  82. Phoebe, age 12, from Great Britain

    There once was a land so beautiful and scenic. It had birds singing and flowers blossoming. But there was one thing that wasn’t lovely- the king and queen. They were cruel to their people and didn’t care about anyone. The people of the land were sick of people mis-treated and knew something had to be done about it, but no one would put a stop to it as they were very afraid of the king and queen. But there was one man, an under cover magician, was brave enough to go forwards.

    On a stormy night, he knocked on the door to the towering castle. The queen let him in and saw him. He lied “please give me food, I am hungry and weak.”, but the queen just laughed. “no, it’s your problem! If you want food, get it yourself you peasant!” and she was closing the door. So the magician smiled. “then beware, for I shall curse you and the king. At that, the king came over and closed the door on the magician, for he was getting cold. But the magician was determined he would keep to his word…

    It was a Sunday night, when the magician stopped outside the castle. He took a piece of metal and warmed it so he was able to mould it into shape. he shaped it into… the king and queen, and at that moment, the real king and queen turned into metal. And to this day, the king and queen are a statue, in the middle of the land. But who became the next monarch? The magician of course!

  83. Elizabeth, age 8, from England

    one day their lived a king and queen. They were so rich that they asked henry moore to do a scuptor of them in bronze. It was so fantastic that they could not leave it so they sleapt with it nicly. THE END

  84. nayajames, age 9, from auburn,al

    One day there was to people who went on a date. They told jokes. They both liked each other. one day it was a great day for a wedding. The man didn’t marry. The man intredused hiself to her parents. He said: My name is Norton. The womans parents liked the man. One day they got married. They had a beautiful baby girl and a hamdsome boy. They became the ruler of INDIANNA.

  85. Katie, age 10, from UK

    She sat down. Facing away from the King, she removed her shoes and socks. Her husband had already done the same. The bench was old, and worn, but still strong. She folded her hands in her lap. The King faced her, yet she did not look at him. She had been crying, and she did not yet want him to know. But maybe he would know; maybe a servant had told him. His crown rested on his head. It was gold, and silver, and light as a feather. The Queen had removed her crown, she wore it only on special occasions, and sitting on a bench was certainly not a special occasion! The King smiled at her. Eventually, she could face away from him no longer. She turned to look at him. Her face, too, broke into a smile, as, a thousand miles away, a glass broke, a child cried, yet it was unimported. Just then, the King and Queen faced each other, a thousand miles away from the bench, and the busy surroundings.

  86. dsdddd, age 127, from rtrgrbtgbtb

    Even though they were old, they ruled the kingdom like no-one ever did.Their eyes were still full of love towards each other aswell as anger. They knew everything and heard everything, the old king and queen.But one day, sitting there quietly, the queen died. But no one cared because this was just a movie

  87. cleo burton10, age 10, from uk

    There was once a king and a queen. The king was evil and he beat the queen very badly. This caused her to become quiet and reserved, and she always did as he asked. However, she soon tired of being his servant (well, slave would be more appropiate) so she decided to get her own back. When they went on holiday the next year, she put her plan into action. They were sunbathing, bare feet warming up on the hot sand, when the king fell asleep. The queen then did it. She decided not to put sun cream on him (even though he had ordered her to)
    and placed a donut on his chest. When the king woke up, he wasnt very happy. His whole front was burnt apart from a round ring where the donut had been. The queen and the rest of the people in his palace never let him forget it. He soon learned how cruel he had been, and cheered up. THE END.

  88. olivia rani, age 9, from london


  89. kelbie, age 8, from aberdeen

    once i had a Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ and her name was amy she was realy good she never tryed to eskap from her cage she never tryed to fly away the end Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷƷƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  90. Ryan Cabrera, age 15, from United States

    Once upon a time there were two cool people. They loved peaunut butter and jelly sandwhiches for breakfest. All they did though was fight and make up, fight and make up, fight and make up. So one day the doorbell of their house rang. When they opened the door to see who appeared it was a man with rags as clothes. He said you should be appreciative of what you have and stop fighting. So the king and queen(cool people) started being friends again. Then there came another ring from the doorbell the following day. There were two men who were both very skinny and boney. They said you should be more appreciative. The cool people said we are though. Then the cool people learned their lesson. You can never be to appreciative. AND COOL

  91. julia, age 13, from usa

    hello sally
    how are you today?
    you don’t seem very happy
    havn’t you noticed?
    i was crowned queen
    aren’t you happy?
    no, being queen meens years of sadness and listening to others troubles
    oh, who is king?
    …you are.

  92. alexa, age 10, from USA

    “why do you turn away my queen of kindness?”
    “because an angel came to me from above,”
    “what did you see?”
    “my brother ,an angel, kept smiling at me,”
    “And who might this angel be?”
    “A special someone,who will praise with me.”
    “please don’t turn away from this life,”
    “iwill because in his heart was no knife like in yours,instesad another life.”
    “fine go, oh Queen,”
    “i will, to go sore in the skys,that angel and me,to praise god in heaven for i always were an angel-
    “but while you and your greedy heart starve,iwill be in a place were you cannot sell a life,nor die,but will be singing with bells high in the sky with Jesus”

  93. kryssie, age 13, from UK

    When a king and queen rule a land, they sit upon a throne. This king a queen, as fine as can be, just live together forver.

    3 words

    Diamonds are forever ♥

  94. tinky winky, age 3, from telleytubby land

    thats my mommy thats my daddy we live in a onion my mommy says that i shouldnt talkabout picles she says there bad i am friends witha cucumber but the tomatoe bullies me i think its nasty cuz he took my cookie NOT FAIR HES A BUM ITHINKSO……

  95. Lilly, age 10, from America

    When will she stop? thought the king?
    My poor wife, she never is like this .
    What is wrong?
    Dreams , I suppose,
    But what is she dreaming about?
    A better husband?
    A bettter kingdom?
    A better king?
    More enemys?
    But what?
    I need to find out.
    I shall go into the same world as her.
    And he killed himself.

  96. Yasmin, age 6, from Londen

    there once was a queen and a king thay olways sat to gever the queen sat down one day and sed to her self werst then ever WERSE THE KING the king had tricket the queen the QUEEN WAS FURIOUS arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre .THE END

  97. dylan, age 12, from newcastle

    old people feeding pigens

  98. Laurenn Scott, age 12, from Glasgow

    They Sit Proud And Fall In Love a little bit more every second <3 And Eventally they will die together x

  99. Emma, age 7, from Australia

    Once there was a prince and a princess who did not know how to ask each other for a date. They were both too shy to ask each other. One day, a little girl heard about the prince and princess, so she pretended to be the prince and wrote a letter to the Princess. This is what it said :Dear princess Molly,would you like to come to the park with me to night? from prince Andrew. P.S at 6:00. The next day the little girl wrote the same letter to the Prince. On Tuesday night they both went to the park. Then they told each other why they were too shy to tell each other. The next week they decided they could have a wedding. They became king and queen and they lived happily ever after. The End.

  100. jessica roberts, age 12, from england

    the king and queen use to live in a furius city called londen in englan where every one hated the king and queen . so one day a witch from germany came to sort things out but her spell when verey wrong and the queen was not happy . as u can see the witch turned them in to sculpture and the queen will never see her husbands face agen .

  101. jessica roberts, age 12, from the U.K

    very one hated the queen ecsept her husban but what he didnt know was that she hated him so on one day a hansom stranger came to the castle and the queen fell in love with him and the king wasnt happy so he orded for a witch to come and turne them both to stone so the could be to gether forever but the queen found out and when the witch came she looked away frome the king and the where inprissened for ever .

  102. olivia green, age 11, from england.

    There once was a wealthy king and queen. They were very rich and never thought about other people apart from themselfs. One day a servent needlessly died because he was ill and the king and queen wouldnt pay for the vacine.

  103. chloe davies, age 9, from winterbourn 33 crosman ave

    they look like a robot off of the film robots they look like they bare made out of lots of different metals combined together!!! HA HA!!!!!!!

  104. jacquline, age 9, from ohio

    theres two people seating in a bench it is a women and a men

  105. Erel, age 11, from England

    One Day in 1952 there was the king and queen of Canterbury. Henry moore Age 29 and Amy Moore Hated each other so much they were fighting other a young boy to be both there servants Henry had gotten the boy in egypt but Amy wasn’t going to stand for it anymore. He’s mine said Amy, No He’s mine said Henry can i choose who I want said the Boy NO they both said. THATS IT said the boy I Have Up to here with you too Until you have sort out this silly quarrel I will not go to any of you so He Ran Away From Amy and Henry Michael said Henry, Michael dont go said Amy
    So you carry on the story

  106. Marika, age 11, from England

    One day there used to be a man and a women,they used tomeet on the bench every single day talking about normal things (for example; news weather) but one day the woman asked: ”Why do we always meet here?”


  107. lia, age 8, from united kingdom

    ther was a lady who sat on a bench reading her newspaper along came a man who pulled her hair & annoyed her till 10 hours later.

  108. /kkhbex, age 4, from mdkfu.gtio/;h bnl/u i

    there once was a man and a lade who lived together thay loved life

  109. yana pineda, age 15, from philippines

    maybe the man tells his true feelings..
    that he love the girl..but unfortunately the woman does not like him.
    so she just looked away, for her not to see the man hurting..

  110. kayla, age 16, from melbourne

    well this looks like my mum and dad ya know kinda looks like them alot and well really my dad made this out of my old bed frame hahaha

  111. lydia fagan, age 8, from england/liverpool

    This reminds me of two people sitting on a bench in a park, they look like a happy couple.

  112. Daisy kyriakides, age 8, from united kingdom

    Once in a kingdom called Royal Rose,there was a king and queen called Ruby and Felix.One day a big storm hit the land the king and queen(Ruby and Felix) got separated,all there houses were damaged but noththing was damaged more than the kings love.The king sent guards out every were but no sign of the queen.The king looked at the only spot left,his heart was pounding fast.He looked behind the bush he saw the queen about to kiss a boy called Max.He was evil he once tryed to destroy
    Royal Rose,the king walked away almost crying.He said “I thought you new better”
    then he stopped then he ran far far away.That was the last ever heared of the king,
    10 years later the king returned the king was horrified the hole kingdom were slaves,
    the king rushed to th castel and demanded to see the queen.Max said go on but you will have to risk your life think about it and he pushed the old king into to the prison.The king and queen sat on the prison bench but they did not look at each
    other but no one knows why…………..

    Could it be…….

    Couldn’t express there emotions?
    Broken hearted?

    How about you decide………

  113. Rebecca, age 13, from Britain

    Royal and regal they sit and rule
    Unlike me slouching at school
    Their heads held high they look mysterious
    Unlike me im just delirious
    They are royal, they are proud
    And im just one of their crowd
    They dont look down or even glance
    Look at me?Not a chance!

  114. Rafael Novaes de Magahaes, age 11, from Brasil

    Essa escultura era de de uma época dos reinos dos famosos, o rei Moore ERA BOM MAS CHATO, tinha o poder de distruir, reconstroir e outras coisas á esposa raina Moore era gentil e rica , até de mais . Esse é a escultura relacionamento do casal por um é chatoe á outa não gostava da de conversa com seu esposo

  115. Migaloo, age 23, from America

    It was a fine summer day, Tuesday to be exact, as the young lady sat within the comfort of the park bench. The blue birds sang and the tree’s swayed back and forth creating a luscious summer breeze. She would sit at this bench almost everyday to escape the suffocation of the noisy, inpatient people in the City. It was her get away. A place where she would sit and enjoy the peacefulness and freshness that lingered in the air. Until this day, Tuesday. As she sat in peace, a fine young man accompanied her on the bench. At first he sat on the end, but minute by minute he would slide himself across until they were almost touching. That’s when he turned to her, and suddenly began to sing. “HEY, I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my number so call me maybe?” As he passed her his number she was ambushed, more and more men came scrambling out from behind the tree’s all singing the same tune. She was horrified, she didn’t know what to do with all these men and their numbers, she obviously wasn’t going to call them. She jumped up of the bench and hurried out of the park, only to be greeted with the awful singing yet again. It was like she was in a nightmare and couldn’t escape. She stood their in disbelief as she thought as hard as she could to arrange a plan to escape this nonsense. Finally it came to her, she had watched in movie’s before; if you kill the leader of a group the group itself will stand down and leave. All she had to do was find the person of which the song was entitled to, and she did and she locked her in some mythical dungeon with dragons and all the men who couldn’t sing stopped singing and she lived happily ever after, until this one day, Wednesday to be exact, as she sat in the park, that same young man began singing to her yet again. “Baby baby baby oh, like baby baby baby no, I thought you’d always be mine, mine”. Now a new mission began and she was ready to nail it.

  116. Megan, age 12, from WHOOO England

    King:what’s the matter?
    Queen:nothing to do with you ok leave me alone and go away
    King:alright I shall go and leave you to it

  117. Katie prise, age 127, from America

    The queen was upset and didn’t want a boy so the long exacted her

  118. carly, age 7, from ddd

    ones a bon a time ther wer tow pople how wer lowny and hoo got lost in a fithe and wer nifer been seen ifer a gem the end

  119. Purple Socks, age 2, from Where the wild things are

    I watch as my Lord and Lady as they shout and scream at each other; they are having another argument, and I can do nothing but watch. Sitting down at a bench, they courteously ignore each other. Suddenly, they are struck by a bolt of lightning, which freezes them to stone. I am the walking man, and I knew these people before they were frozen, forever.