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Camille Pissarro, The Pilots’ Jetty, Le Havre, Morning, Cloudy and Misty Weather, 1903

Camille Pissarro was interested in painting landscapes; this painting is of a harbour called Le Havre in France. Pissarro made the painting whilst staying in a hotel room which overlooked the harbour, he stayed at the Hotel for many months and although he might have painted the same scene many times he was able to show the different types of weather and the changing seas.

Have you ever been caught out at sea in a storm or have you been out on a bright sunny day when the sea is calm? Imagine that you are in one of the boats in the painting, look back at the harbour and imagine what you can see from your boat. What type of weather will you have? Who is on the boat with you? If you sail out of the harbour what adventure will your boat take you on?

18 stories about “Camille Pissarro, The Pilots’ Jetty, Le Havre, Morning, Cloudy and Misty Weather, 1903”

  1. Jordan, age 11, from spain

    This is Britain in 1903 on a cloudy and misty day. This story begins about a little girl that always wanted to be a artiest. She loved drawing and she drawled a picture every day she had a big collection of drawings and she was very good for a 4 year old her name was Amy. She was the best in her class of drawing .When she reached 11 she sate out side of a bar her mum and dad where in and she drawed this picture and her mum came out to see how she was and looked at the picture and she couldn’t belive Amy drawed it so she left her out side the bar with her dad that was in the bar and her mum went to show the gallery museum and they gave her 1 million pounds for it, but when she came back Amy wasn’t there she had been taken by a man that she didn’t know Amy’s mum was very worried but they never found the little girl that was the best drawer that never become famous.

  2. jessica jackso, age 13, from usa

    Stormy winds blow
    And blow
    Everyone runs
    To try to
    Get on boats
    They try to
    Get away but it
    Is to late
    When the storms stop
    Homes are
    Destroyed and
    People are sad because
    Some of
    There love
    Are gone
    So the try to
    Get over it
    But it is hard
    Stormy winds.

  3. David Ruggiero, age 14, from U.S.A

    It was a sunny and elegant morning in the Le Havre harbor in France. People waking up and start their day, unknown to them a physically powerful storm is lurking in the shadows. Abruptly dark clouds overtake the sunny sky and the diplomatic weather is turned into an antagonistic rainstorm. The people there go back in their homes to take shelter from the horrendous storm. The People that prevaricate to leave their homes do so with vigilance. Take out the umbrella’s or stay in your homes folk’s, it’s going to be a terrifying day…

  4. Ben O'Donnell, age 13, from U.S

    This is a picture of me at a boat race on saturday. There is a storm coming in. So that should make things interesing.

  5. kellen winslow, age 13, from united states

    This painting is me at a boat harbor waiting for my friends to get there so I can go on a boat trip.
    When my friends get there we are already to go on the boat trip. as we left the harbor a storm was heading right for us and when the storm got to us my boat was rolling on its side and then the boat rolled over and we were all in the water while the storm is throwing huge 20 ft waves at me and my friends. then the storm was over and we all started swimming to land and we were all safe until we found out that it was a deserted island but then a miracle happened and the coast guard was right in the air and then we all went home safe.

  6. Marni Mcfall, age 7, from England

    The sea was bloing on the rockey seashore pepol gatherd uroned qucliy . Many boats were destroyed.

  7. Marni McfallSally, age 14, from UK

    Hundreds and hundreds of people had gathered around the town center to watch one of the best boat races in the world. Le Havre was well known for its wonderful boats and boat races, and so many people came to watch the great event. Just as the Mayor was about to blow the horn for the race to start, a strange lampost-like object rose up from under the sea. It got bigger, and bigger, until finally it stopped… Suddenly the whole crowd froze exept from one man who was able to paint the whole scene… and pass the picture on for the generations to come!

  8. Sania Joarder, age 9, from America

    Every body is silent…nobody every body won’t talk about who died….that person is someone i love…..harry potter…

  9. Sania Joarder, age 9, from America

    As i was walking down the street everyone was staring at me. They knew my mother and father died and they showed they didn’t care. They thought I wasn’t a good person. They thought my parents were the bandits in love. But only one person i knew who cared was in that very croud….Gabrella. With one tear in my eye I ran to my silent home. There was no more hope in my life until….

  10. Melissa, age 8, from US

    Once upon a time there was a town. It was called Uglene. It was a weird name but it was a very piceful town. It was always sunny and fun, Until there was a big storm The wind blew very hard and the storm was very strong. The boats were running away, Away from are land! All of the people on the land were in there houses, Some were not. After a little while the storm was getting a little better it was now misting and not raining so hard. All the people came outside in a circle. They were all so suprised at how hard it rained. But they were all very glad that it was just over.

  11. Dan, age 7, from England

    I lived in a boat near the harbour on my own watching the waves swish around everywhere. They were very calm. I saw a dolphin junping out of the water, sparkling fishes in the water and a blue whale. I watch them every day.
    One day they weren’t there. I went in the water in my diving suit. I saw a sunken car. They were there. I took them back up to the harbour.

  12. Emily, age 7, from England

    Three years ago I lived by the harbour. My only friend was a dolphin. Every day at sunset I go to see my friend dolphin. Each and every day I give her fresh tuna to snack on. One day there was a big boat and the dolphin got bumped and bashed against the boat. When the boat had gone the dolphin was all bruised. I quickly put on my coat and boots and ran onto the beach. The dolphin was badly hurt. I called the vet but …. they don’t serve dolphins. So I called a coastguard, they did serve dolphins.
    A lorry that said ‘coastguard’ on it came. It had a tank of water on the back. The coastguards carried the dolphin into the lorry. The dolphin can’t come back for a week. I am very sad.
    A week later the lorry came back. The dolphin was dead. I started to cry, the dolphin came back to life! I’d never been happier in my life. I put on my scuba diving suit and dived into the water. I didn’t know what to say. I gave the dolphin extra tuna then I said “goodnight Leaona”.

  13. marita, age 12, from georgea

    long long time ago our country was like that, there were many poor people. and little children were working until they were 8 years old. perhaps you are a happy man .Have children a big house and beautiful life. But you must know that people in georgea were not like you.i am georgean and i know history well so i will tell you one story. Our country was very rich place with nature. here are lakes, seas,forests…. we have cold winter and hot summer. snow sun and rain. a long time ago we were rich people too. russians wanted our country from us. we were old people. if you don’t know that i will tell you. We are old like greeks. but nobody know that. there are only 5 000 000 people in georgea. but we were 25 000 000. we were strong. in didgori war we won- we were 7 000. and russians whith 75 000 people lost. SO I CAN SAY ; I AM GEORGEAN! DID YOU KNOW THAT?????? if you like my start of story i will continue

  14. Olivia, age 12, from England

    My Boat

    Deserted, Lonely, Stranded
    in a
    while I am
    in this
    Confused, Sick, Bored
    of the
    while it waits
    with me
    in my
    Tired, Absent-Minded, Careless
    about the
    who watch
    my Boat
    in the weather.
    Dim, Dull, Dirty
    are the
    which shine upon
    my Boat
    in the
    with the
    watching people.
    Vulgar, Soggy, Opaque
    is the harbour
    which surrounds
    my Boat
    in the weather
    with the
    watching people.
    Eroding, Slimy, Moss-covered
    are the boards
    which contain
    the harbour
    my Boat
    in the weather
    with the watching people.

  15. wilfred, age 8, from England

    It was a cold windy night and everybody was sleeping the n there was one of the biggest storms that there ever could possibly be.

  16. QOUPER, age 59, from ENGLAND

    once apon a time there was a man called albert and he owned a dog called clive. they lived in a town called nashville. albert had yellow hair that grew all over his face. his eyes were black and they looked like shiny buttons. clive was very ugly, he had very little hair and he looked like a human man. clive and albert were walking down the street one day when they bumped into a group of old people. they were clive and albert’s enemies. clive growled at them. their were four people in the group they were called julien clary, peter purvis, judge annie and judge kay. judge annie said, “Hello!

  17. Sara, age 15, from Australia

    it was simple oh so simple. I didn’t know what inspired me but however it happened the painting began to grow. As ship entered the bay people gathered to the shorelines waving and cheering. Tears of joy and many more of sorrow

  18. AH KIT, age 10, from MALAYSIA