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Franz Roh, Total Panic II, 1937

Franz Roh made a scene of chaos and excitement at the circus by cutting up and combining old pictures.

If you look closely, you’ll see things are even stranger than they first appear. What’s just happened to startle the elephant? Who is the bird-headed man? And what’s with the bat’s face and snail at the bottom? Maybe you can explain it all, or maybe things will get even weirder in your story…

You can see this work at Tate Modern on Level 3.

46 stories about “Franz Roh, Total Panic II, 1937”

  1. Dimitra, age 8, from england

    art is the teachings of made up things or real thing.this painting tells you about a carnival or circus its very wierd and wonderful at the same time whichis good.A lady is fainting on the elephant while people are doing tricks .Almost like one of michael jacksons conserts people fainting thrilled and astonished meeting him.

  2. Mesprit, age 0, from Sinnoh Region

    Once everybody wanted an adult Phanpy. (A Phanpy is a baby elephant) Even when they made Phanpy to level hundred it did not evolve. So this when they created a big stone. They wanted to make a shiny stone but then the shine incredibly disappeared and the stone somehow got bigger. When they gave it to Phanpy to hold, what a surprise! First a flash of lightning! Then it turned into a Donophane appeared!

  3. leann, age 12, from cardiff

    The stroy of the picture is there is a elephant in a circus and a lady falls and hurts herself and the elephant helps her

  4. daina shephrd, age 11, from uk

    i was on my way to class when i got stopped by an amazing picture i didnt know who’s it was so i took it and gave it to my art teacher .that very night i had an awful dream that i had been in this country and there had been an elephant that had a women on it that had fainted quite unpecticly i got back to my home and when i got to school the painting was gone so i went to look for it and i finally found it but where was the pictures it was a frame but not the picture

  5. sarah, age 12, from yman

    Amy mother died in the 1 November and her father was a king everyone in the village likes Amy father because he is very kind to people. one day the king hear that lady called Cole is the live in the village the king went the lady and said why did you come her to live because tow of my children died in

  6. taylor besta, age 17, from austrailia

    I was only 14 when i got my first boyfriend and his name was ADAM REECE he was acting really scary one night when i woke up from a bad dream i went 2 get some warm milk the i say my cat lieing on the floor he ws dead i saw a note and it said”because u bullyed my 12 year old brother ill be mean and bully ur family a 100 times harder i killed ur cat fluffy by the way from:ADAM REECE”. I was scared 2 death i went and showed my famiy the note we went 2 a hotel but i dident bully his brother.my family did not beleave me but we went any way.next morning when i thinked every thing was good i saw my sister dead on her bed mum was gone shes some were but were? then later on all my family was dead

    thank u for reading it .it is a real a real story im now 17 its been 3 years now i miss every one who died iv been scared ever since iv been crying 2 years ago adam shot his self in the head by

  7. Lucy, age 12, from australia

    one day there was a young boy named zazu he lived with his father and they were going to the carnival they dicided to go to a witch hut first went they had entered the witch hut there was a snail on the floor after that Zazu thought coming in wasn’t a very good idea but it was to late they were already in the witch hut they sat down on some chairs and a old women came into the room with a teapot and some cups and cake “eat eat welcome to my hut” said the old woman giving Zazu’s father a cup of tea and Zazu a peice of cake Zazu’s father took a sip of his tea and fell a sleep and Zazu took a bite of his cake fell asleep to when Zazu woke up he was a elephant and his father had a birds head Zazu also had a rope around his neck Zazu’s father grabed the rope and pulled Zazu outside and outside was a long line of people trying to get into the witch hut but a few tried to climb onto Zazu’s back for a ride Zazu started stamping his feet and sqaushed the witch killing her and as he turned back the people started getting off him and the snail from before shell started unrolling and turned into a beautiful girl and the snail a handsom boy they cancelled the carnival beacause of all the caous but Zazu knew he wouldn’t be going back anytime soon anyway

  8. kira, age 6, from england

    art is about pasion and only pasion.

  9. kieran, age 12, from england

    on the ground there is a very scary head. And there are very big snails and there is a very big elephant with dead people on the elephant and a human with a very big chickens head. And there is dead people on the floor.

  10. Me, age 21, from New York

    Hi! I am me!

  11. shaday, age 12, from london

    it all started on a windy day. The queen of york was bored. She hadn’t been out side for years. Finally she put on her coat and made her way out side, as she got out side the weather started to change. A mans head turned into a bird. The atermopher got colder and darker she had alwasys wanted to go out and she finally had and she was dreading what she had done the queens legs got tired so she hired a elephant thinking that would make her day out more better but no it made it worse.oh no the elephant started to slow down and feel sick the queen was regrating her disestion about going out side,the queen saw a lady and a man and a little girl which were obveously going to die if some one did not help them she helped them onto the horse and then as the horse started to make its way slowly forword battle started there that momment disaster stroke there where many people on different sides of the road some being vilent and some shoting but what if it gets farr more dangerous…

  12. Fraser Smith, age 12, from Scotland

    Then, suddenly, a burst of red lightning appeared, shattering the nearby windows. A crimson figure plummeted down from the sky, his eyes burning with rage. It was Do’num, the most powerful, most terrifying organism that evoloution had ever created. He landed hard on the ground, making the earth crack, and let out a mighty war cry. The elephant roared and charged. The scarlet warrior nimbly slid out of harms way, like a fly dodging a swatter. Do,num bounced off the wall and landed on the elephants back. Without mercy, he pulled out his black blade, and chopped up the people on top. Then, screaming his victory, he stabbed the elephant through the heart. The elephant tumbled to the ground, dead.
    ” Let that be a lesson to you all.” he yelled, pointing at the crowd. Later, he went back home to LA, and had the elephant for his dinner.


  13. Hollie, age 0, from England

    Art is about love and hard work for your art and this picture is about that

  14. hy89gt7, age 0, from vgtftf

    A girl called Wala Wala Googie walked into a shopping centre and collapsed cos she saw a pepper

  15. sherone, age 10, from uk

    kati loves to play. everyday she says do you want to play?The worst part was no.

  16. madison, age 6, from england

    ounce ther lived a man and elifant nelie was the eliehant the eliethant ran away becose she was going to get killde by a evil wich who lived down the street mohoso was the wichs name !

  17. ola, age 10, from united kindom

    One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed
    a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean.

    Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?”

    The youth replied, “Throwing starfish back into the ocean.
    The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.”

    “Son,” the man said, “don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish?
    You can’t make a difference!”

    After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish,
    and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said…”
    I made a difference for that one.”

  18. jessica, age 3, from poland (i live in england)

    there was once a girl who wanted a cat so she got one

  19. chelsea, age 9, from england

    There, hanging in mid air and swaying gently in the breeze, was a red velvet rope. I looked up. The rope led far up into the sky, until it disappeared from view. I prodded the rope with a finger, then grabbed it as it swung back towards me. I could not contain my curiousity any longer. I pulled hard on the rope and…

    Lenny looked up in stupefaction, as he looked up, it suddenly started raining. But it wasn’t any old kind of rain… The drops on Lenny’s tongue were like soft pelts of cool refreshing moisture laced with minerals that seep inside him and hydrate his body.

    During the rain Lenny heard a voice. The tone sounded like thunder and lighting crashing together. But somewhere in the tone Lenny heard some friendliness in the voice somewhere, but he couldn’t tell. (which made lenny less scared, of course.) The voice boomed out suddenly: “LENNY, LENNY, MAKE A WISH IN YOUR HEAD! THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE AND YOU ARE A VERY LUCKY BOY IF YOU TAKE MY WORD!”, and with that, the tone faded away slowly…until Lenny could not hear anymore. Lenny pinched himself just to make sure he was not dreaming, but after he done that, nothing happened. Lenny pulled the rope as hard as he could, then he felt the rope sliding through his hands; suddenly Lenny realised the rope was falling and falling really fast, sounding like thunder booming in the night. While the rope was falling, Lenny made a very eerie wish, which was: oh! “I wish I was at home” and “I wish I never actually came here”…this place freaks me out…cogitationed Lenny mustyliy. Abruptly, there was a flash of lightning and Lenny was back home, with his Mum and Dad waiting for him. Ontop, Lenny’s parent’s were so happy to see him, that they invited the whole neighbourhood to a party!

    And that was how parties and your nieghbours were invented.

    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hope you like it….!

  20. jonna rogers xx, age 10, from englans

    Many , many years ago there was an a kind lovely elephant who used to help people get from place to place! this elephant was called eley she was the best elephant that ever lived, but there was a illness going around town that olny humans can catch and all of eley’s onwers kept dieing but they was one little girl who could not catch the illness so she looked after eley this little girl was called lilly and 10 years old. lots and lots of people died and eley had to carry the bodys to the other side of town. a year past eley got older and sick … from the illness that the humans had and saddley she died on lilly’s knee both crying a lot lilly never had a nouther pet again and never fogot eley and how she went bye helping people and every night lilly said to eley ” dear eley i miss you lots you did the right thing bye helping all the people i wish u didn’t get the illness i and every one missis you i will be wanting for u forever and all ways…

  21. MYOB, age 0, from I\'m-not_telling-you

    We were at the circus riding the elephant and mama got mad

  22. Amy, age 11, from england

    Once upon a time there lived a girl named sinead. All she wanted to do was write story’s until the day struck!
    Every single story she wrote became true such as: When she wrote a story about monkey’s taking over the universe, when someone’s pants set on fire and much much more.

    If you would like to find more out then hopefully i will write another one :)
    This story is based on a true person who i know


  23. Molly, age 10, from Wales

    If it were to be told, Eve had never ridden an Elephant before. So when her mother and farther, who were the duchess and lord, said she was to be shipped to India to ride Elephants for shows, she almost fainted. She met a young man named Jay. Jay trained her to ride Elephants, and when the first show came, he was guiding Eve’s favourite Elephant, Fuyu, to the show. She rode with her mother, farther and brother. The bright light took her off guard. She was blinded for awhile, then she saw something big, slivering with a shell. She also saw a bats head. She heard Jay calling “Calm Fuyu! Fuyu of the winter be still!” She fell into a deep sleep. Everyone was shaking her. She woke instantly, saw the Blade in Jays hand, and screamed “No! Fuyu did no wrong! Its panic! She is panicking!” Jay dropped the blade. Fuyu stopped moving. Eves voice had quelled all Panic. Panic had become…Peace.

  24. kimberly, age 8, from from Zimbabwe

    the elephant fights the man the man dies and gets killed ,nobody likes him.

  25. Dimitria, age 8, from england

    Art is the teachings of made up things or a real thing this painting tells you about a carnival/circus.The painting is very good.On the painting a girl is fainting on a elephant and others are doeng tricks.Almost like one of michael jacksons conserts people fainting thrilled and astonished meeting him.

  26. Tamara Lewis, age 13, from Wales

    my name is tamara. im 13 years old and i love art :)

    i think to startle the elephant the man poked something on his chin. the mans face looks like a bird but it might not be. i really dont know why theres a bats face and a snail at the bottom because theyare huge and they dont go with the picture but they might represent something,
    i thik that theres a circus and that people or animals came along and ruined it whcih scared the elephant. the woman who sits on top of the elephant looks dead.
    in my story people have come and ruined the circus because i can see the men jumping over the walls and whipping the elephant and scaring the crowds.

  27. lola rose, age 11, from london

    this picture shows a woman passed out while men doing circus tricks behind her, She probably passed out because of shock as them tricks do look a little dangerous. And there’s a man escaping/jumping over the gate. It is abit random because there is a big snail and some type of dinosaur? at the bottom.To me the elephant looks abit 3-D. I can see and have a look if you can see, the man hanging on the pole looking down makes a horses nose and run your fingers along it makes a horses face out of the curtain’s? comment back if you agree and see the horse’s face.:)

  28. katie c, age 12, from town

    The old winkle elephant stopped in the midlle of the town and shouted hi pepole eveybody hid away from him he cryed cryed. He then find a dog pic in the path way near his feet then he saw a slug as well wow bye

  29. Melody, age 11, from United States

    It was a bad time, war was every where Mary went. She was riding on her elephant to get away from all that was going on to find a nice place. Till one morning while riding on her elephant , a lion pranced in front of them. The elephant ran as fast as possible, leaving mary behind struggling to hang on. While behind them the lion ran to catch up to them. Then they came to a cliff,the elephant stopped hard,the lion didn’t stop in time and fell in the cliff. Mary fell off her elephant and fell down the cliff. Then later that day a young man and his sister found her while on a hike and found her elephant running towards her and halted to a stop.So they scooped her up and placed her on the elephant, who took her far away till they reached a palace. Five months later, the war ended and prayed for all who died through the terrible time.

  30. Lonneke, age 7, from Austria

    One-hundred years ago there was a family their names were Leila, Lilli, Willy and Wally. They went on an elephant for a really really really long time. Leila went on a journey and got shot by a man named O’Brein. This all take in the middle of the night. Lilli woke up from a noise and she said “Leila what was that noise?”. Then Lilli saw Leila dead on top of the elephant. When the family came back from the journey, everyone woke up and Lilli said ” Look Leila is dead”. “Oh NO” the family yelped! And then tried to discover who the murderer was. Lilli said ” I know who did it! It was O’Brein!”. ” Oh no, that can’t be”, then Willy said “I thought O’Brein was a really nice boy.

  31. kieran cross, age 12, from England

    there is a very big elephant and fat people dead on the elephant sitting on a plank of wood on the elephant there are four people on the plank of wood there are snails everywhere and a man with a chickens head and animals head and alot of people climbing around on the walls they look weird. there is a man escaping from the horrible men there is alot of dead people at the side were all of the people are trying to escape there is only one bird by the dead people it looks realy freeky i wouldnt like to be there. the end from kieran i hope you like the story.

  32. Marya, age 10, from wisconsin

    it is a beutiful piece of work.

  33. anonomous, age 0, from USA

    the elephant is scared

  34. ciaran caulfield, age 9, from England

    long name elephant

    this elephant… are you following? Keep reading. ok wanted a new name his name was BOB he went to another elephant and told him to just think of a name so this is what he thought of


    Obiously, he doesnt know the word!

  35. Lucy, age 11, from Australia

    My back is sore. My eyes are seeing things. A creature is whipping animals. Where am I? Who brought me here? What are these other animals doing here? I don’t know. No one will tell me. I’m scared. Very, very scared.

  36. unknown, age 127, from sid s in a wheelchair

    Franz roh The stroy of the picture is there is a elephant in a circus

    Then, suddenly, a burst of red lightning appeared, shattering the nearby windows. A crimson figure plummeted down from the sky, his eyes burning with rage. It was Do’num, the most powerful, most terrifying organism that evoloution had ever created. He landed hard on the ground, making the earth crack, and let out a mighty war cry. The elephant roared and charged. The scarlet warrior nimbly slid out of harms way, like a fly dodging a swatter. Do,num bounced off the wall and landed on the elephants back. Without mercy, he pulled out his black blade, and chopped up the people on top. Then, screaming his victory, he stabbed the elephant through the heart. The elephant tumbled to the ground, dead.
    ” Let that be a lesson to you all.” he yelled, pointing at the crowd. Later, he went back home to LA, and had the elephant for his dinner.


  37. Sobia, age 15, from UK, England

    The circus was chaotic. I had no idea what to do. I looked around and I saw a terrified young man hugging the post. I was sitting on top of the huge elephant. I was hugging my mother and I was wearing my favourite dress and hat.On the floor there was a disgusting massive snail. I woke up, terrified.

  38. Emma Paterson, age 11, from England

    The circus was calm so perfect so complete, but there was something that didnt meet. All of a sudden the circus blew alive people rushing and crying and going wild.

  39. Jade Moore, age 9, from England

    CRASH, a airplane fell from the sky, BANG, soilders nocked down are door. I was petrifided, they took me, mum, dad and Pj (my brother) away to this prison.Mum and dad said it was going to be fine but it wasnt. We got taken away from mum and dad. I have never seen them sinse the world war 2. I wish i could see them but they died. We found our self stranded in the middle of no where, all we could see was water and sand.Pj said “i found some water, from the mountin stream and a apple tree, pear tree, orange tree, we can live on that for the moment i’ll keep looking” he said in excitment. All i could say was “ok” i was shocked but scared at the same time, i didn’t want to upset him he could have left me, he knows his way around hes abit older than me we are twins. I hate the people that killed my parents…

  40. 1t, age 0, from lala

    The elephant was slowly walking threw the excited crowd. The circuis was coming the tumbling twins, lady mimi and the amazing magic tricks, the clowns of cardif and many more acts inclueding the special act the amazing ellie the elephant who will jump thru hoops and walk across a rope.

  41. calum, age 11, from wales

    There once was an elephant who gave rides, one day he gave a family a ride and he accidentally went the wrong way and endead up in a circus and saw a bat and got startle. evey body stared to run away. The man on the elephant nearly fell off and the woman fainted and then the elephant ran away and left the people behind.


  42. Holly Chadwick, age 13, from UK

    There once was a sweet, wild elephant named Phantana. Phantana lived in a small rainforest next to a tiny village in India. All the village knew the elephant, as she was the villages healing elephant. If you ever had a illness or injury, you would go to the rainforest with an offering for the elephant. Phantana would come and heal you but whenever you came back to the villag you could not remember anything from when you gave Phantana the offering till you arrived at the village.
    One day the message about phantanas gifts spread to the emperor. He had a severe illness and had tried everything he could to heal himself but n doctor knew what to do. So the emperor sent his trusty servant, the crow man, to fetch the elephant.
    The crow man flew to the small village with the whole of the emperors army to try and steal the elephant. The small village tried to fight them of but the army just marched on through knocking the feeble villagers from thier paths. Phantanna heard the army coming and started to run, she was so scared that she trampled trees and wildlife on her panicked struggle to escape
    The crow man swooped down and picked up the struggling elephant an flew her to the emperors palace.Phantanna was forced to heal the man and he was soon bac on his feet again. But the gredy emperor would not give her aything in retun for healing him.
    The emperor organised a parade to show of his new amazing elephant. So him and his wife got on the elephant and rde into town witth the crowman leading the elephant.
    When they arriveed ito the city center the crowd went wild, cheering for the elphant who saved thier beloved emperor. All of a sudden there was a HUGE flash in the middle of the city center. A huge bat appeared infront oof the crowd followed by a huge snail! The emperors wife fainted and the crowd screamed.
    the bat flew up and kicked everyone of the elephant. And phantanna, the bat and the snail all ran away back to the rainforest.

  43. scott, age 13, from england

    a disturbing look at how the human mind can turn around very moving picture.

  44. akram, age 7, from pepinito2003pepino2003akram2003

    Hi havia una vegada una senyora que estava morta

  45. asiya, age 10, from united kingdom

    horse fighting a man.

    the end

  46. charlotte, age 7, from england

    lola is grumpy

    Lola went to school.Her teacher Miss sears said”You are late”Then Mrs lay came in could lolly come to the office please.”lolly go to the office please”miss sears
    said.Lola went over to her friends Charlotte,Jean,mia and sally.”Lola why are you so grumpy?”asked Charlotte.”I AM NOT GRUMPY!”she said.

    The end